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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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. >> six arrested during counterterrorism raids in brussels, french police say they failed a planned attack in paris. hello, i'm darren jordon in doha with the world news. also ahead - pushing into palmyra. syrian forces say they have entered a city held by isil an outcry against the prison inside given to mel -- radovan
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mladovic belgium police arrested six people in brussels during raids in response to tuesday's attacks. the operation took place in and around city neighbourhoods. two suspects on the run after bombings killed 31 people and hundreds more. paul brennan has more from brussels. >> there has been a series of raids throughout the weeks. obviously the brussels bomb attacks intensifies the pressure on security and the police and this thursday we had a series of raids. there have been several argument operations conducted in brussels. sky skyabic and yetta.
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we were not sure whether they were outside and apprehended by law enforcement. or whether they'd been tain to the prosecutor's office and then arrested. and one at a house search in brussels. these are armed searchers. remember, we are looking for two suspects understanding from the brussels bomb attacks. one person known to have fled when his case bomb did not detonate. the belief is there may have been an accomplice to the person that blew himself up at the metro station. two people hunted for. the justice military will
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confirm the arrest. after that, there'll be an extra press communique. certainly a development worth noting a man has been arrested in france, expected to be involved in an attack. the suspect has been custody. the interior minister said preparations for the attack were in the final stages. >> it followed important information allowing us to conduct an advanced mission. this individual is a french national, suspected of being an accomplice. it's believed not to have a link to previous attacks. investigation will close in on the organization. >> londoners gathered at traval
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ga square. they lit candles and laid candles. the leader of the catholic church said those that make and sell weapons are partly responsible for brussels. >> the pope made the comments, washing the feet of asylum seekers, and a worker to highlight the plight of refugees. >> three days ago there was a gesture of war and destruction in the city of europe. behind there were arms traffickers who want blood, not peace, war, not brotherhood. >> syrian government forces entered palmyra. the ancient city fell to fighters in may, and the recapture would be a victory for the forces. the operations backed by russian and syrian air strikes.
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>> the pictures broadcast on syrian state television showing an advance. syrian government troops fighting to ley take palmyra from isil. state media showed war planes and helicopters as soldiers approached on the ground. there has been no independent confirmation, the syrian observatory for human rights reported fighting continued outside the city after the army moved to the city outskirts on wednesday. isil captured the city, including a u.n.e.s.c.o. world heritage site and began a campaign of mass executions. strategically situated between damascus and bell azar, it is important for the armed forces and allies. russia withdraw most of its forces, the government of syrian
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president bashar al-assad made advances in rebel-held territory. the offensive coinciding with talks in good afternoon as the u.n. attempts to negotiate a solution to the war. a ceasefire between government forces and rebel factors reduced violence, the sessionation of hostilities excludes both. isil that has taken over wide swaths of territory is under attack on two fronts, as both countries commit more troops to a fight each voweded to win as mohammed said, palmyra is strategically important. let's look at the map to see why. it's clocted along a desert highway and lies between the government-held damascus and
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deir az zor. joshua walker is an expert on security policies, and says it is a big setback for isil. >> given all the bad news coming out of europe and the focus of isis as a territory organization, this focus it as being a failed state. russia and the u.s. seem to be working together and diplomatic channels in geneva. this is a sfep back for isis. it appears to be the beginning. end. if you read the reports in the papers, the "the washington post" had an article about this. what we here from the front line, the fact that palmyra is within grasp of the runways, it seems that they are melting away in the same way as when isis came on to the scene.
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>> as the developments unfold inside syria. the u.s. and russia have been hailing better cooperation to end the war. the u.s. secretary of state met in moscow, and discussed what a political transition could look like in syria. >> if russia is fully engaged in the efrt, and all of us try to get bashar al-assad to make the right decision, to engage in a political process, that results in a transition and peace for syria al jazeera's hoda abdel-hamid has been following the talks in moscow. >> it was a long meeting between danielle derry and vladimir putin, lasting about four hours. coming out of that, john kerry said they discussed ways to make sure that the ceasefire holds. they said that they had decided that a new constitution should
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we written by next august, and the issue of detainees is one that is important, to be resolved as soon as possible. this is something that the opposition has been asking for. those in the hands of the syrian government and opposition. it was said that he found that vladimir putin was committed to the process, and how vladimir putin pulled his weight on bashar al-assad to make him dick to his part of the deal. probably we had an answer to that. he said tackling the issue of the political transition should be the immediate priority in the talks. and the interest in sirnian dialogue is mourned.
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there has been no direct talks between the government dell gainings and the -- delegation and the opposition the u.n.'s special envoy to syria wrapped up the latest round of talks. stefan de-mistura says there'll be talks on the process. u.n. special envoy steph j demoisturo briefing the press after talks that were bogged down because the syrian government delegation wanted to discussion principles rather than the transition of a government. soefing the problem, mr demoisture apublished his own documents, and when the talks started from april 9th, the government side must move on. >> the next round of talks will
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not focus pon principles. they are valid common points. but to start focussing on the political process, to us, political focus, adopted by everyone, is political transition. the main opposition block, the high negotiations committee produced detailed proposals for the future of syria, which they submitted to mr de-mistura. with a sensation of hostilities holding, this chance to bring peace to the country must not be lost. >> this is a unique moment, a precious moment and we hope russia will seize the moment and use its leverage. >> russian president may be the only way to force the syrian delegation do discuss political transition. then they'll get to the difficult issue, and the
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government's chief negotiators made it clear his boss's position is no upt for discussion. >> -- not up for discussion. >> president bashar al-assad has nothing to do with the syrian indirect talks. the references of our talks do not indicate anything or give indication whatsoever with regards to the issue of the president of the syrian allids republic, this is something that is already excluded from the scene. >> reporter: it's clear the talks made little progress on the key issue of political transition, but the negotiations are part of a process that is making a difference on the ground in syria. the cessation of host its has been in effect for a month. the u.n. statements as many as 3,000 lives have been saved lots more to come on al
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jazeera. we'll find out why north korea spent millions for a mus in cambodia. pakistan goes big on marking the festival of colours. more on that. stay with us.
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six people have been arrested in police raids in brussels following the tuesday bomb yings, two suspects are still being sought for attacks
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at the airport and metro station. a man suspected in being involved in planning a major attack in the city. the interior minister said preparations are in the final stages. and the syrian government said its forces entered palmyra known for its heritage sites. it's considered a link of pride. the iraqi army said it began a major offensive, part of a plan to retake the province, they have been gathering in a village trying to cut the supply lines. it's an operation to make mosul the former bosnian serb leader said he'll appeal against his 40 year prison sentence. the tribunal found him guilty of
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committing genocide. >> radovan karadovic showed no signs as the judge explained how he was critically responsible. where civilians were shot at and how he was culpable where thousands of muslim men and boys were rounded up. crimes have been committed by the subordinates in the after math and fayle to take necessary measures. >> many of the victims families travelled to the hague to hear
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the verdict, the horrors of a war etched on the faces of those that survived it. >> translation: every time i see the picture it's not easy for me. he reminds me of a crime. >> reporter: radovan, president of the serbs, was commander of its forces, after the war, he disappeared. n.a.t.o. forces looked for him. not hiding in secret, but disguised as a mystic healer. he pard defiant in a high profile trial. it's been called a humiliation. for some, the 40 year sentence falls shore. >> there's a sense of frustration that radovan was
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convicted of 10. there's anger at the lengths of his sentence with some take it's too shore. short. outside the court cara ditch's advisor was confronted. the doctor was disappointed and astonished. the conviction closes a chanter in the darkest period of bosnia's history. reckon sailation between the sides is still a did not hope several thousands serbian ultra nationalists gathered to protest an instance. far right supporters believe he was convicted because he's a serb. and described the verdict as against all this man's family was held in concentration camps and said
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if anything it was too short. >> you can't say we are excited about this. is another step to a bigger change. it's about time to discuss what has been changed. d threatens lives. people should learn about it. i want the next step to see what has been created. countries are divided in 2-3. no one is sure. we have two entities, three presidents. it makes no sense, it didn't work for 21 years. it will never work for bossy innocence, if they are -- bosnians, if they are given a chance, remove the national people. i guaranteed it they'll live together.
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and there's a few around the country now, where the catholic church and the mosque is next to each other. people rebuilt the churches because they were bare, and they'll live together friends and relatives of those killed in a plane cash gathered at the site a year after the tragedy. 150 on board to killed when the co-pilot flew the plane into the side of a mountain an israeli army soldiers has been questioned after a palestinian shot dead a 21-year-old palestinian man was shot and injured on the ground. the israeli army said he and another attempted to stab a soldiers. others stand around.
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one take aim and appears to shoot the injured palestinian in the head. video recorded - they'd do little. it is a reminder of tense conflict israeli army has a strong presence and harassment is a claim by the settlers. many incidents in the last six months have taken place in hebron. around 40 palestinians have been shot dead. videos such as this will strengthen the believe of the palestinians that israeli soldiers shoot it kill. the incident is viewed as a breach of army values, conduct. the soldiers has been detained, an investigation is under way
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myanmar's new parliament approved aung san suy kyi and 17 pro-democracy colleagues to cabinet position. aung san suy kyi will take up to four posts. they'll be warn in on march 30th during a ceremony. parts of muslim majority pakistan are celebrating the holly. >> reporter: the hindu community celebrates the festival of life and colour across pakistan, the mood is jub land and a few dozen people come to this temple. entire families are here and know that their children do not
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have to go to school during this time and can take part in the festivities. >> the government afoundationed a holiday, the minor cities teel like it can be tested. >> reporter: it coincides with a winter of winter to bring. this man is happy he can feel part of his country, after the government gave us a public halliday. >> by announces the public hall day, pakistan is sending a message of tolerance in the
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country, whether they feel left out. >> many are celebrating hollow with i hindu community on of the east of religious harmony. the festival is aimed at knowing people that there's strength in unity. rich diversity. >> egypt's released images of personal its beopening longing to murdered students. a bag, i.d. and passport was found during a raid on a gang posing as officers. he'd rein articles critical of
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the government. the world bang says lebanon add bank is holding up the release of aid. the president warning the situation is hurting the ability to cope are refugees, and parliament hasn't met in months firms and individuals have been accused of fraudulently using nigerians mun your. the office has been sfifonned off there overpaid defense contracts and army officers are also accused museum featuring works of
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art and artefacts opened in cam bode why, it cost 24 million. it wasn't cambodia that funded it. it cam from north korea. there are reports on why pyongyang is doing this. >> with 45,000 figurines, the painting is the attraction. through art and artefacts the center pays homage to the zilitionation that builds the famous complex. the most remarkable thing about the 24 million museum is it's built and funded by north korea. the museum has interesting features, the question is why would the north korean government spend billions building a museum in cambodia about cambodia.
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>> the management affects theitying between the two countries, north korea spent 60 of its artists. >> i think they spend 24 million to show god will. >> couldn'tly culture and history. >> reporter: some analysts have a different theory. for the next decade revenue will go to north korea. observers believe it's a way for pyongyang to circumvent sanctions and bring in muned. >> this is a business ventsure. it's one thing where they are experimenting. they are in need of hard currency. this is a way of doing it. >> reporter: the museum is not advertising its north korea
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connection to visitors. when we told tourists where the dollars were going, they weren't impressed. it's on cambodian. >> in terms of developing our country. wouldn't be a government that we are supporting, really. that may be the question. >> it's unclear how lucrative the museum will be. business is slow. at this rate the north korean government would have to wait a long time to get a return on their investment finally, legendary rockers arrived in cuba to perform on the island, hoping to bring satisfaction to thousands of fans. the free show comes decades after the island banned music from artists like the beatles,
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elpolice pressly. they added the concert to the tack after letting it loose to become the first artist to perform in cuba. keep up to date with the website. thanks for joining us for america tonight. tonight a closer look at the impact we make on our earth and the consequences. we see some of the clearest evidence of climate change in some of the world's most remote places, like the small island nations st