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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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>> good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. more raids, more gunfire, more clues, where authorities stand in the manhunt for several killers involved in the brussels attack. >> i was covered in a fair amount of blood. >> remembering the moment of terror, one american in his own words. >> we are systematically isolating i.s.i.l.'s cabinet. >> top man killed, believed to be siefl's number 2. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders, the fight to win be
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democratic caucuses. we begin in belgium where police keep hunting for those responsible for tuesday's last akerrs. three people were arrested in a series of raids across brussels. two of the suspects were shot in the legs. al jazeera's dominic cain reports. >> police move in to apprehend the suspect, the man refused to comply with their request to remove his rucksack so they shot him. plan wounded and arrested. those who witnessed the incident gave their reactions. >> we heard a boom, we thought it might be a car accident. we then heard a second boom and saw loads of heavily around police. when we tried to get close, they told us to get out of the way. >> translator: we were asked to stay indoors all day long,
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they thought it would be another shooter. >> reporter: reducing the threat level suggesting the danger had abatesomewhat but as these events show tension in this city is still very high. the incident in schaerbeek was not the only one on friday. others were picked up elsewhere in the city. the investigation into the boaments now shows that one of the airport bombers was najim laachraoui, his brother has now spoken to the media. >> why did you stop contact with him? >> because he was in syria. >> did you try get hold of him? >> he was in syria. it is difficult to get a phone number. >> was it his choice or your families? >> it was a technical choice, our families or i have no idea. there were no contacts. >> while the search goes on the third and final day of mourning has been observed.
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the be secretary of state john kerry expresshis sympathy to the people of brussels at the zaventem airport. >> after 9/11 you showed your solidarity with the victims of new york and washington and pennsylvania and then voices ought croodeclared je suis amer. and now we declare, je suis brusselsaine. >> the search for more perpetrators gs goe goes on. dominic cain, al jazeera.
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tribute to dead and almost 300 wounded. a choir and be brussels fill harmonic, letting the attackers know they will not be intimidated. two dutch siblings who lived in new york died in the brussels attack this week, their families and friends confirmed today. roxana saberi has the story. >> sasha and alexander were on their way back to the u.s. for a visit. the brother and sister were standing in a ticket line at the brussels airport o on tuesday, n the phone with their mother. still held on to hope on thursday. but on friday, he confirmed the siblings' death, saying in a statement on behalf of their
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family, we are grateful to have closure on this tragic situation and thank ful for thoughts and prayers for pall. sasha answer linked in page shows she spoke five languages, interned at the u.n. and interned at a company in new york. on friday, the company posted this page on new york, calling sasha warm and lively, we will miss her tremendously. mason wells the 19-year-old from utah spoke from his hospital bed in brussels, bandaged but feeling lucky to be alive. >> the the blast was very loud, it even lifted my body a little bit. i remember feeling a lot of really hot and really cold feelings ton whole right side of my body. i was covered in a fair amount of blood.
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>> reporter: on friday secretary of state john kerry paid tribute to the victims in belgium and vowed to work with belgian authorities to prevent more attacks and more deaths. >> it is with irreplaceable loss in mind that we will renew our vow to come together against a common enemy in order to keep our people safe. >> reporter: a state department spokesman confirmed to us that two u.s. citizens are among the dead but their names have not yet been released. antonio. >> roxana saberi, thank you. france has been under a state of emergency since the november 13 attacks and now authorities say they have foiled another imminent attack. during an overnight raid police found explosives and weapons at an apartment. security forces poofd in on thursday night to secure an apartment here they found both
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explosives and weapons. they were still there when france's interior minister addressed the nation. >> translator: this operation follows an important arrest this morning made by the general directorate for internal security which has enabled us to defeat a prospective terrorist attack in the advance stage. >> this photograph shows a suspected oarg of the paris attacks last november, inevitably many people in europe are wondering how many such suspects can be be and president hollande called for better information sharing between eu states. >> if we have this shared intelligence strategy knowing where they might be, knowing how they can use their, quote,
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skills, learned in syria, learned in yemen, better we have the capability of preventing these attacks. >> reporter: in belgium this week's events led to the justice and interior ministers offering to resign, a gesture turned down by the prime minister. >> we did not do enough and did not act quickly enough. there have been a number of measures that have been planned for some time and need the european parliament's approval. especially the system to record air passengers movements. >> there was an outpouring of anger in paris this demonstration requiring a heavy police presence. the issues bringing the people onto the streets of paris, many
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people in france are very worried about security and more and more are asking about what politicians can do to make them safer. and that's a question echoing around europe right now nadim baba, al jazeera, paris. >> i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibilities for a suicide bombing in a soccer stadium in iraq. 29 killed and 60 injured in a soccer field south of baghdad. the bombing came after iraqi military officials flounced they were making gains in anbar province. also preparing for a push against i.s.i.l. in mosul. another i.s.i.l.'s senior leaders is dead, widely considered to be second in command. the minister of war was killed in an air strike earlier this month. al jazeera's jamie mcintire reports from the pennington. in announcing the death of i.s.i.l.'s reputed second in command, defense secretary ash
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carter says this underscores the need in his words to hasten the defeat of i.s.i.l. wherever it exists in the world and the success in iraq and syria shows the momentum has shifted in favor of the united states and its allies. defense secretary ash carter says the war against i.s.i.l. is becoming more personal every day. >> we are systematically eliminating i.s.i.l.'s cabinet. >> man number 2, hajji imam, responsible for attacks outside iraq and syria, although officials could not connect him to paris or brussels attacks. so-called minister of war, omar the chechen, died in an air strike. and killed abu sirah, said to be
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responsible for paying the i.s.i.l. fighters in iraq. >> these people have been around for a long time, they are senior, they are experienced, so eliminating them is an important orvet and achieveobjective and n important result. >> iraqi forces say i.s.i.l. forces are no longer fighting to the death but instead retreat under and retrenching. >> i think momentum is in our favor, i think there are reasons for us to be optimistic in the next several months but by no means are we about to break the back of i.s.i.l. and the fight is over. >> reporter: general dunnford confirms that u.s. marines are assisting, but not a fundamental policy, arguing shells from the
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ground are not that different than e-than bombs from the air. but legislation on the president's desk may be used to speed up the pace of battle. >> the secretary and i both believe there will be an increase to the u.s. forces in iraq fp in the coming weeks but that decision hasn't been made. >> in the past the perngh pentas always disclosed whether i.s.i.l. forces have been killed by air or ground raids but that is is being withheld. i.s.i.l.'s number 2 was killed in syria by u.s. special operations forces although they had hoped to capture him alive. in order to get intelligence to get to i.s.i.l.'s elusive number 1, abu bakr al-baghdadi. fest jamie mcintire, al jazeera, pentagon. the be be primary fight moofts to washingtomoves towash.
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and the personal attacks between ted cruz and donald trump fall further into tabloid territory.
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>> from rural midwest to war-torn mideast. she went for the money and found a greater calling...
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>> while the republican presidential candidates get a breather this weekend there is no rest for the democrats. there will be three caucuses tomorrow, alaska, hawaii and washington state. but the drama persists between the two top republican candidates, ted cruz and donald trump about trump denies he is the source of the tabloid report that cruz has had multiple extra marital air force. >> let me be clear, this national enquirer story is garbage, complete and utter lies, a tabloid smear and a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders held a huge rally this
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afternoon in portland. he could not resist taking a swipe at the republican front runner. >> the thought of trump in the white house brings forth rather strange reaction he in our stomach leading to nausea and other symptoms. but here's the good news. donald trump is not going to become president of the united states. >> another large sanders rally is going on right now in seattle. al jazeera's be katherine barrett joins us from seafng sao field. >> this time, it's a bigger venue, the crowd is estimated between 15 and 20,000. a young very fervent crowd, long long lines for sanders, only started about an hour ago, an
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hour late. so everyone got in. his rhetoric about political revolution really resonates here, it is a very progressive political culture here and his support is really all the more remarkable given that on one big economic issue, the issue of trade on which this area really depends in large part, he's actually taken a position that is at odds with some of the union jobs and export oriented jobs in this region. and the clinton campaign has taken pains this week to point out the differences. between sanders and clinton on that. jumbo jets, tall timber, crops like wheat and apples, washington state ships its products across the pacific and around the world. no state exports more on a per capita basis, that includes smaller exporters like seattle microbrewer ryan hilliard.
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he is thirsting for more. be. >> you're looking for more markets? >> yes absolutely. i like the opportunity to sell big containers at a time instead of one case here one case there. . >> export import bank, a money make facility that helps americans. >> that helps us to secure payments from our overseas partners. >> but he and thousands of others exim users, where be congress suspended the bank's business. >> it was really difficult. we were facing our creditors. the people whe we had bought raw materials from. demanding payment. we're like well we don't have that yet, we are working on that with exim bank.
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like can you pay us early which is a pretty awkward conversation to have. >> bernie sanders was the lone democrat to vote to shutter the bank. >> you know what the other name of the export import bank is what it's called in washington? it's called the bank of boeing because boeing itself gets 40% of the money charged by the export import bank. >> the exim bank supports purchases of americans abroad. >> foreign countries do this kind of financing all the time for the products manufactured in those countries. and we need to be sure that our industries have the same ability. >> and here in a state where one out of every three jobs derives from international trade that export financing is critical.
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>> for the people of the pacific northwest it's a very good thing. you have to remember, boeing last, in the northwest, 80,000 jobs, engineers, aerospace machinists, these are jobs that pay very well. >> hillary clinton supports the export import bank. she in turn has been endorsed by the powerful boeing machinist union where she spoke last week. >> here in washington this is the life blood that makes it possible to export. >> despite sanders opposition to the export import bank he is expected to be the victor in washington's caucuses. >> i think it is because we have a very progressive world view. everything is not tied necessarily to economic issues entirely. there's a very strong -- there's a strong amount of support for
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social issues. >> washington democrats will weigh in on those issues saturday. trading among themselves in caucuses to apportion the state's delegates. >> we've got to make public colleges and universities -- >> the sanders campaign hopes that this kind of energy will turn into votes at tomorrow morning's caucuses. party leaders expect record turnouts at those caucuses. back to you. >> katherine barrett in seattle, thank you. the department of education is offering debt relieve for the thousands of students who studied at the now defunct corinthian colleges. corinthian operated 91 schools, went bankrupt last year after being accused of fraud. this week, the california attorney general won a billion dollar judgment against the
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company. some activists are trying to break the cycle of poverty and violence in chicago. how they are trying to and monuments battle violence and death threats.
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>> a federal appeals court has stopped new orleans from moving
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confederate monuments. along with the court challenge, the city is facing another problem with moving the monuments. the contractor first select by the city backed identity of the job after receiving death threats. 2016 is shaping up to be one of the most dangerous years on record for chicago. just today nine people were wounded in four separate shootings. more than 400 people have been shot in the city so far this year, that's twice as many as last year at this time. many young black men find themselves trapped in a world of guns, gangs and little economic opportunity. al jazeera's diane estabrook takingtakes us to a neighborhooe residents are trying to stop that. >> reporter: 22-year-old jamal thinks he has a way out of poverty. he boards a bus, then a cross-town train, the hour long
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commute takes him downtown to a minimum wage job at the bowling alley and restaurant. that is a long way to go for a job. >> uh-huh but you know determination, that's what i have you know. >> is it worth it? >> yes, it's definitely worth it. >> in inglewood young men are unemployed largely because jobs are so scarce here. inglewood is littered with closed businesses like this one. race riots in the 1960s drove many mom and pop shops out of the neighborhood. in recent years manufacturers like nabisco sent good paying factory jobs across the border to mexico. the lack of opportunity has helped turn inglewood into a hot bet of gangs drugs and druk drug
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trafficking. >> glen fulton heads the greater inglewood trait association. helped bring whole foods to the neighborhood. fulton is also hoping to open a call center for this bank. he admits it won't happen if the people here are not on board. >> it's going to be based on the individual efforts, the sons and fathers and mothers that are out there they really have to want to be a part of the change that's going on in this community. >> reporter: derrick pouncey wants to be part of this change. he got out of prison a couple of months ago for dealing heroin. he says the prospect of more jobs will help his life and his neighborhood.
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>> help slow down the violence. help kids with a better understanding about life. keep people off the streets. >> reporter: and help make ing m wood thinglewood the neighbort once was. diane estabrook, al jazeera. >> pandas are are doing well. they caught a red panda having fun with the camera and their cubs. this video from the smithsonian will likely go viral, it shows tien tien one of the pandas at the washington zoo taking a bath. sometimes tien tien likes to play in water during breeding
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season. i'm antonio mora, thanks for joining us, swrawz i ray suarezp next with "inside story." have a great weekend. >> today, a fascinating poll of american muslims was alsod, asking about religious identity. american identity, political identity, civil engagement, and it found that muslim americans answered those questions like americans. during the hotly contested primary season, a look at a small and fascinating group of american voters. muslim and american. it's the "inside story".