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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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solidarity in brussels. as the city mourns those killed in tuesday's attacks, more suspects are taken into custody. hello, i'm darren jordan with the world news in doha. also, an i.s.i.l. attacker blows himself up killing others at a soccer match. and the rolling stones appear in havana.
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a concert decades in the making. the rolling stones rock havana. he be thousands of people have gathered in the belgian capital to remember those who lost their lives in tuesday's terrorist attacks. police arrested three more people on friday. dominic cain reports from brussels. >> reporter: police move in to apprehend a suspect. he failed to comply to remove his rucksack so they shot him. after a robot was sent in to investigate. the man was wounded and arrested. those who witnessed the incident gave their reactions. >> translator: we heard a boom we thought it might be a car accident. we then heard a second boom and saw loads of heavily armed police. when we tried to get close they
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told us to get out of the way. >> translator: we were asked to stay indoors all the time it was going on because the police were worried there might be another shooter. >> reporter: on thursday acknowledge the belgian authorities had reduced the threat level suggesting that the danger had abated somewhat but as these incidents show the tension is very high. the other incident in schaerbeek, the investigation into the bombings now show that one of the airport bombers was najim laachraoui. his brother has now spoken to the media. moorad laachraoui told authorities he had no contact with his brother since 2013. >> why did you stop contact with him? >> he was in seniors. >> did you try to get hold of him? >> he was in syria. it was difficult to get a phone.
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>> was it his choice or your choice? >> it was a technical choice, his choice, i have no idea. >> condole sans coming to an end. the official search for answers goes on. dominic cain, al jazeera, brussels. >> fronlfrancois hollande is wag that other groups still threaten european cities. nadim baba reports from paris. >> the day after the dramatic raid in paris suburb. security forces moved in on thursday night to secure an apartment here, they found both explosives and weapons. >> translator: we know there are other networks because even though one that carried out the attacks in paris and brussels is in the process of being wild out
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with a number of its members being arrested there is a threat looming. >> this is the suspect. 34-year-old reda cricket, jailed in a absentia by a belgian cour. as with the suspected attacker of the paris suburbs abd hamid abaod. after the brussels bombings president hollande called for better information sharing between eu states. >> if we know where they might be, where they could lose their skills learned in syria learned if yemen, better we have the capability of preventing these attacks. >> in belgium this week' week'ss
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led to the justice and interior ministers' offering to resign. which was rejectby the prime minister. >> there are a number of measures that have been planned for some time than need the european parliament's approval, especially the npr systems to record passengers details. >> that was before thursday's raid. there was an outpouring of anger from demonstrators. >> many people in france are very worried about security. and more and more are asking what politicians can do to make them safer. and that's a question echoing around europe right now. nadim baba, al jazeera, paris. >> in yemen at least 22 people
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have been killed when three suicide bombers attacked the southern city of aden. one car bomb went off near a military checkpoint. the other two explosions hit check boints ocheckpoints on a o coalition. suicide bomber blew himself up it happened as trophies were being presented afte after a fol match in iskandamia. hajji imam died in a ride in syria. u.s. be secretary of defense ash carter refused to be pulled in.
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we are systematically elimination i.s.i.l.'s cabinet. indeed the u.s. military killed several key i.s.i.l. terrorists this week. including we believe hajji imam who was an i.s.i.l. senior leader, serving as a finance minister and also responsible for external affairs and plots. he was a well nonterrorist within i.s.i.l.'s ranks. >> this is hajji imam. this is the second time he's been declared dead. the iraqis believed they killed him last year. the americans couldn't confirm that then. in the days after the attacks on brussels they believe this is an important victory. >> that is what we're doing eliminating the people who are directing them but even if it's just inspiration, it still takes you back to iraq and syria and
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the need to eliminate the sources of that inspiration. >> one official says i.s.i.l. is under growing pressure. >> what we're seeing the last couple of months with its offensive attacks these are the signs of a group in retreat and strategic change. for that end eliminating more of the leadership become increasingly important as the group rethinks its targets and strategy going forward. >> it has been revealed that the pentagon will ask the president for increased numbers of troops in iraq. it is unclear where the intelligence came from that allowed the authorities to target hajji imam but he had $7 million bounty on his head. >> 12,000 refugees have been living in a makeshift tent city at the idomeni border crossing where they've been stuck for
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weeks. zeina khodr reports. >> this time the government in greece has been able to convince migrants and refugees to move from idomeni. explained to them that the evacuation is voluntary and the conditions in government run camps are better but the majority of people are still refusing to go. they prefer to stay hire where they have been for weeks. for now they are blocking the railway traction leadin tracks s the border. they hope to persuade authorities toet them about in. >> people have come here to cross not to stay in camps. i have two people in germany, what if the relocation program sends me somewhere else? what do i do? >> the refugees are losing patience, they feel the relocation program will take
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months. we are human beings they say, as they make an appeal to the world to end their suffering. >> there are some challenges in the relocation program. they are due to logistic issues. the progress of the procession is not rapid. we know they are recruiting more people and so we know for sure in the next days the capacity will increase. >> greece is now home to 50,000 migrants and revolution would say they feel trapped. people are confused here and the crns are only getting worse. according to the united nations among a population of 12 thousand people 4,000 are children, and the tents have done little to protect them from the rain and the cold. >> hussein and his family say they are so desperate they want to go back to syria, even
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controlled by raqqa, now they find themselves sharing a tent with dozens of others. >> going back to syria is better than staying here even though our house has been destroyed and we sold everything to pay for our journey. we escaped death there but here we are dying. send us back. >> idomeni is the latest flash point in the european refugee crisis, more and more losing hope, zeina khodr acknowledge al jazeera, idomeni. meanwhile, estonia latvia and lithuania, these pictures show latvia's new fence with russia. it says it needs $80 million to deal with the incoming migrants. time for an official break here
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ot al jazeera. when we come back, we'll look at a project that will destroy part of a pakistani city. plus. >> a dying generation of traditional musicians are working dispriment to preserve their art. art.
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>> welcome back, a quick reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. in what's being called a major set back for i.s.i.l, the u.s. says it killed the man in charge of its finances.
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refugees on the greek macedonia border are refusing offers to move to better conditions, despite the makeshift camps there. police have arrested three more people in brustles brussels in connection with thbrusselsco. jacky rowland reports on a muslim school paying tribute to their teacher who was one of the victims. >> reporter: a solemn moment of commemoration. students at this islamic school in brussels have just learned that their gym teacher was one who was killed in the brussels bombing. they are still digesting the news, angry and shocked.
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>> we can't be anything but angry, these people who claim to be muslims. there's no religion in the world that advocates killing people. >> lubna at school was popular with students and teachers alike. several people we spoke to said she was like a sister. lubna's students have been encouraged to express themselves. hope to help the children come to grips with their loss. muslims have been thinking about their place in belgian society and they're worried about the future. >> translator: it's hardly natural that we are afraid of what is happening. we are part of this society. >> my son asked me dad, these things that are happening, does
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islam permit that. i said no, religion forbids that. >> actions of a few radicalized young men have overshadowed her whole community. >> i hear that of my own children it is like can we still say that we are muslim? shouldn't we be like secret about it or can we say allah akbar? everything that has to do with religion has become contaminated. >> events of last week show that muslims are just as likely to be victims of attack as other members of society. they also know that the perpetrators have hijacked their religion. jacky rowland, al jazeera al ja.
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>> last may newspaper released video claiming that turkey was helping to smuggle arms to enemy. >> they tried and did everything to cover up that situation and today at the trial we said we come here to judge not to be judged. and they didn't want this judgment to be seen and they decide to make it a closed session. >> the decision of the constitutional court is clear and obvious. this is an act of journalism. we are on trial for life imprisonment because we were doing our job but we will come here on the 1st of april and defend the constitutional court together, turkey's highest court, we will defend our
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freedoms. >> the people are being ignored and targeted by their own government. activists say at least 200 people were killed during recent protests fest. >> 6-year-old abby and nine-year-old daraje have not been attending school. we were here in january days after the you are girls' mother was shot through neck. despite receiving medical treatment she decide a couple of weeks ago. >> translator: the little girl cries and keeps asking where her mother is, we feel her pain. the older one, now it understands she's govern. >> reporter: the aroma,
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ethiopia's largest ethnic group. the rope oppositioned, some of with whom have been arrested and detained, so-called integrated development plan a plan that it said aims at spreading a culture out of addis to the aroma region. but the aroma people have had long term issues with the government and these issues are not being drafted fm. >> reporter: says his communities deserves equal opportunity. >> in terms of politics, high marginalization. in terms of the economy, again against, land wait, high, must
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are get their proper place in this couple, i don' yowngist god morning to work. people are rizzing to be rolled on to it. >> protesters have come at a time when ethiopia has sustained reasonable growth in recent years, but the government fierce that the groups will be, excused the eritrean government of stirring the unrest. the two companies have still not signed an agreement-k. >> there are need for public forums for concentration on public policy issues. >> the government says it's listening. >> consultations are being made and will be made with the people to address not only the issue of
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marm which is only smoke screen but to focus on the underlying problems. >> for candace and her brother, they're a victim of pope francis has led good friday ceremonies, ahead of easter sunday comoins. ceremonies. pope francis condemned anyone he said used tactics. fest woirmers will grims an, we are tracing what i believe to be the final stems of jesus before
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his crucifixion and burial. expanding in those settlements. well good friday is the end of the holy period of lent for roman catholics and belgian councilmember makercandy makeer. prime minister had promised a cabinet reshuffle but ne yet o have listed his appointees. gls both leaders will hold talks focusing on trade as well as none syria deals.
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talks on a stalled gats pipeline project. >> if you are dealing with one that's 4,000 years old theafs a completely different matter. that's whethekamal hyder. >> this is lahor. home to monuments dating back hundreds of years. there you will find remnants of monumental mobile architecture, the city's skyline silhouetted by the large mosque. it is a project that has angered many what has happened to a great city.
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>> they are listed under law, including the shal ma shalimar . >> in a city with bumper to bu bumper traffic. >> it has been caters for 250,000 people on a thraibs. tdaily basis. and facilitating about 5000,000 people in two days. >> it's not the heritage but the human cost of this project which would affect tedges of thousands
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much people. independence in 1947, where she and her family had moved to pakistan. she has already seen her home demolished. she has been impend because they were forced to fefs receive a compensation. the money they have offered us can e-is not enough to buy a house. >> reporter: the feeling across the 61 is that the government has to prioritize before embarking on such annal beneficiaries and unbe stable andability projects. kamal hydar, ffnl e. fest. >> nick and the rest of the band
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kicked owf the show, certainly weren't disappointed as they kept the hit of coming. barned for many years on the communist site. cambodia's khmer rouge regime, music was banned and large number of performing artists, 30 years on, surviving musicians are still trying the revive their art. is. >> master.wen, for more than half a century. and he expects nothing less than perfection from his students.
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>> translator: this traditional wedding music is my life. i won't stop playing it until i die. and i'll continue to teach the younger generation. >> reporter: but his love of music almost cost him his life. musicians like master men were hundedden ant killed by the kaymer rougkmerreuj. >> because the kmer rouge wanted to have no form of expression, 80% of cam bodians were killed during that period. so no religion, no music, no art, no expression. >> reporter: within just one
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generation cambodia's rich heritage was decimated. cultural organization for cambodian living art is now working with old musicians and distancers to teach a new generation. they are facing some new challenges. increasingly, young cam bodians are turnincambodiansare turningm traditional music. without input these artists will struggle to survive. >> translator: not many people understand the tradition of my music, it's disappearing. >> reporter: for now it's tourists who are helping to keep traditional art forms alive. these performing artists admit it won't be easy competing
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against influx of western music but yet again what they have well worth saving. al jazeera, are cambodia. >> all the news on our website, that's >> good evening and thanks for journeying us on "america tonight." i'm joie chen. where as we've seen, the fingerprint of i.s.i.l. has ben easy to identify.


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