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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> isil suicide attacks in iraq target a football stadium and one of the country's largest military bases. hello there, i'm felicity barr. you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, brussels continues to mourn its dead. belgium police charge three suspects with terror offenses. the battle for palmyra, forces have taken control of three parts of the city. [ music ] and rocking havana, the rolling
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stones play a historic free concert to record crowds in cuba. >> fighters for the islamic state in iraq and the levant have killed 18 iraqi soldiers in an attack on one of the country's largest military bas bases. ten suicide bombers storms in anbar province northwest of baghdad. the attackers were reportedly killed and the other two blue themselves up. well, here's what we know. it's located in an march province 120 kilometers from ramadi. hundreds of military advisers use the base to train iraqi troops. iraqi forces launched an offensive last week to retake anbar province 60% to 70% of the
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province is currently controlled by isil. for more now on this story i'm joined by walid ibrahim in baghdad. give us an update on the situation. what more do we know about what happened? >> the latest development is what the iraqi defense minister has declared hours ago. the head of the media department said around eight to ten fighters are from isil and they succeeded in their military base. some of them blue themselves up and some were killed. some fighters, some soldiers from the iraqi forces killed in clashes before iraqi forces killed all of those people. but he didn't say exactly how many iraqi soldiers have been killed in this operation. the source did not talk about whether those fighters used
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their facilities. but another source from the area said that those fighters to the offices under the control of american forces. it is known that around 300 or 400 advisers and american forces are based at this base, but still this moment the clashes happened inside the base. the people who have been killed inside the base are on the iraqis, and they did not wish the americans officers. they said that those isil fighters have taken mourn offices in the base. one of them the telecommunication office. anyway, according to the iraqi defense ministry, the base is
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now under the whole situation, i'm sorry, of the military base is under the control of the iraqi army and the attack is almost finished. >> the army might nobody control right now, but there will be big concerns, huge concerns that isil fighters were able to breach security at that air base. >> not at all. it is very well-known that this is expected that this attack could not be the last one, and it is not only the first one. and jus they're using spot shelling and sometimes they're inside the base. the whole area surrounding this military base is under the control of isil fighters.
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it is true that the iraqi army, the iraqi security forces have succeeded in retaking some areas in recent weeks upon isil, but still the majority of this area, most of this area still under the control of isil. specifically the area surrounding the military base, and iraqi forces have secured the whole area surrounding this base, it means that such attack may happen in the future. >> thank you, walid. well, that attack on the air base happened less than 24 hours after a suicide-bomber targeted a football stadium south of baghdad and killed 30 people. >> the end of the friday
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football game. it's time to present the trophy, but among the crowd a suicide-bomber. the explosion killed dozens of people and injured more than a hundred. it happened 50 kilometers south of baghdad. isil has claimed responsibility for the attack. iraqi government officials believe that it could be isil's losses on the battlefield that may be provoking an increase in attacks like these. less than 24 hours after the bombing, the u.s. secretary general arrived in baghdad. ban ki-moon said that isil is exploiting sectarian divisions. again he called on iraq's government to encourage reconciliation between sunni and shia communities. in northern iraq it started clearing the city in mosul in preparation for an offensive to retake the city sometime this year. mosul is already cut off on
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three sides by kurdish peshmerga forces. the u.s. defense department said that it's looking to increase the number of american troops in iraq to support the country's ground fight against isil. bernard smith, al jazeera. >> belgium prosecutors have charged three suspects arrested in connection with the attacks in brussels. thousands of people have continued to lay tribute in the heart of belgium's capital. but one belgium minister has called for the solidarity rally to be postponed for security reasons. live now to jacky rowland who is in central brussels for us. bring us the latest on the allegations and suspects being charged. >> the suspects being charged were those who were arrested in
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raids in different parts of the capital on thursday and on friday. in pick one who has been named is understood that police are looking at the possibility that he may be the third man in that cctv image released from the airport. if you recall there were two men on the left of the shot. we know that they were bombers who blew themselves up and died on tuesday. a third man wearing a light jacket and dark hat had the belgium media reporting now that man may be that person that the police have been looking for j jackie, we know that the threat level has been downgraded on friday. but there was still huge concern about public safety, isn't there? >> there is, i can deed. we have to remember that despite the fact that we come down from level four to level three, that is still a raised and heightened
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security level, still obviously the fear of the threat of attack is still something that the authorities are concerned about. there have been plans to hold a big rally here in the class level where people have been playing flowers and lighting candles in memory of the victims. but at that rally now the authorities have spoken with the organizers, and there were arguments about holding the rally saying that it would be a huge security risk. imagine thousands of people in a relatively small space. if there are still suspects out there, if there are still explosives, weapons, that kind of target could cause a huge number of casualties if anyone decided to attack. the organizers have listened to the arguments by the authorities and they understand the arguments and circumstances and
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they've agreed to delay that march. >> jackie, thank you. syrian state media said that government forces have taken control of three areas inside the ancient city of palmyra. state media showed images of government forces clearing a building formerly held by isil which still claims to control areas of palmyra. we have this update from the turkey syrian border. >> activists inside pal my have a have told al jazeera that the government forces are now in control of the ancient city, and it is only one kilometer from the city center. so whoever controls that citadel gives them the vantage point. also probably means military terms they will be in control of the city itself. we have reports that isil still putting a number of areas, but
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we also know that the government forces are also clearing a number of areas. now the entire city offal myra is quite buying big and it connects palmyra to the strong old to the east. >> the survival rates of afghan soldiers have dropped sharply since u.s. has scaled back their forces there 18 months ago. the number of casualties have rose 30% and now it's feared that the taliban could hit the government forces even harder. we report now from northeastern a. >> when the americans were here this was called camp bright. now the afghan forces call it brigade. >> if these suppliers had paid
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attention to our air force, we could show the world that we're brave and defend our country independently. >> nestled in behind the hills where americans suffered some of the heaviest casualties but afghan soldiers are suffering more with over 100 killed this year and many more injured. they're up against the taliban, experts in guerrilla warfare. the taliban now control more territory than at any time in the last 14 years. the afghanistan army can no longer completely rely on the use of american firepower. that had a made a difference in its ability to take and hold territory. that air sport is no longer there to help remove the wounded from the conflict zone. that means chances of survival are often considerably reduced.
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>> and i.e.d. bomb exploded, and we were ambushed. a soldier standing next to me was wounded. if we have air support we could have immediately have evacuated him. but we had to drag him for 14 kilometers. with air support he would have survived. >> there is a 40% unemployment rate and many young men opt to enlist because there is no other options. corruption is strong in the military and leaves many without equipment and incentive. >> a soldier should have strong faith and physical power that this enemy is armed to the teeth and has support from neighboring countries, including pakistan and iran. we need a powerful force with heavy artillery, tanks, and air force. >> the afghan security forces are suffering rates of casualties the americans say are unsustainable. it's effected morale and the official line is positive.
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>> our oranges are from this country, and they're muslim, and they know what they're doing is the right thing. to defend our people and defend our homeland, and we have to fight with everything that we have. >> no one is strong enough to win the war, but it believes if it was still here in force it would be a different story. >> constitutional to cock on the program. >> the destination that has earned a reputation for being one of the most violent places on earth.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is.
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>> hello again. a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. isil fighters have killed 18 iraqi soldiers in an attack on one of the country's largest military bases. ten suicide-bombers have storm the base northwest of baghdad. belgium prosecutors have charged three suspects in connection with tuesday's bombings in brussels. and syrian state media said government forces have retaken control of three areas inside the ancient city of palmyra from isil fighters. the former yemeni president ali abdullah saleh has called for an end in the conflict in sanaa. he blamed the saudi arabian government for the suffering of
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the citizens. it's been one year since it began airstrikes in the country. >> killing innocent civilians, targeting our women and children. destroying civilian households and closing down schools, universities, and factories. >> well, six months has been a wave of violence in israel and occupied east jerusalem. more security measures have been introduced in the damascus area that has been a hot spot for the violence. >> damascus gate, an integral part of life in occupied east jerusalem, and known to be the busiest entrance into the old city. not any more.
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there is now an eerie silence here. >> if your hands on in your pocket their hands are on the trig for shoot. the situation is difficult. >> it has been a hot spot for attempted stabbings and shootings. they now stand behind bar years they didn't before. there are more security cameras and trees have been cut for a clear view. we have been told we can no longer film as freely as we used to. these steps used to be full of people sitting around and enjoying their day. now that is no longer allowed. there is security all around the area. and there are sniper positions on either side. >> palestinians say that this amounts to collective punishment. many we speak to tell us they're scared that any wrong move could get you shot. walk inside the old city. this is another street that has seen multiple attacks. and again security has been
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increased. this man has owned his shop for 40 years and said it has never been this bad. >> you have no future for us, no future for the children. everything--nobody--look at jerusalem. every day it is worse than the day before. >> israeli officials say that the security situation is difficult to control considering the nature of the attacks often by palestinians acting alone. various units have been deployed in the area to maintain the safety of the residents and tourists. the palestinians and human rights groups blame the attacks on homelessness and th
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the--hopelessness. >> easter is mexico's biggest holiday, and many head to acapulco. but it has become one of the most violent places. >> the crime scene in mexico's most violent city. this time armed men shot up a strip club. as the bodies are carried out, residents have grown used to these scenes. but this is just a block away from the beach in acapulco. the resort was once famous for hollywood glamour. now it's struggling with a new reputation: gang warfare. the army has been called in to
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protect tourists during high season. even the arch bishop has appealed to the gang for a truce. >> i've been asking all of those who cause violence and fear in the population to stop killing during easter. >> alabama copull co's hotels and restaurant are praying for the same. but 12 people were murdered just during our 48-hour visit. gangs have been fighting for years in acapulco. first for drug routes and then over extortion and kidnapping acts. the results ar results are scenes like this one, they've become so commonplace that when it happens the city really didn't miss a beat. you can hear the music next door. >> officials have refused to speak with us but they've sent in police to deal with each outbreak of violence. but the gangs always come back leaving francisco desperate for
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a solution that works. his restaurant should be full now. but losing clients is just part of the problem for business owners in town. >> they are arrive and tell you that you have to pay protection money or they burn your business or they kill you and your family, and the majority of the people just run for it and leave town. >> extortion is affecting beach vendors, too. eight have been killed in the last three months. this one next to a group of canadian visitors. the violence greating ever closer to tourist who is are the lifeblood of this struggling town. acapulco. >> now the oroma people may be one of ethiopia i can''s largest ethnic groups but they say they've been ignored and often persecuted by their own
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government. the government closed their school three months ago at the start of the crackdown on protests. we were here in january when the chirp's mother had been shot through the neck during a demonstration. despite receiving medical treatment she decide a couple of weeks ago. the little girl cries and keeps asking where her mother is. we feel her pain the older one seems to understand that she's gone. >> the oromo is ethiopia's largest ethnic group. it has a degree of self rule, but the oromo opposition, some of whose numbers have been arrested and detained said that the system has been corrupted by the ruling party. the protest was sparked by the
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integrated development plan, a plan that the government said aims at spreading and increasing development and infrastructure into the surrounding oromo region. but the oromo people have had long standing issues with the government, cultural, political, economic, and it's these issues that are not being addressed. >> this man said that his community deserves equal opportunity. >> in terms of politics, high marginalized issues. i don't think it's going to work. part of the problem is that the government wants to rule in the old way. people are resisting rule in the
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old way. >> it comes at a time when ethiopia has sustained stability and economic growth. the analysts say that government is afraid that civil unrest migh supported by by al-shabab in neighboring sow masomalia. >> there is a need for for, um,s to express different views. >> the government said it's listening. >> we will address the master plan and the underlying problems. >> for this family their daughter and mother was a victim of a government that had broken many promises before.
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charles stratford, al jazeera, ethiopia. >> myanmar's first-ever stock exchange is open for business. [ bell ringing ] >> the bell rang rang but only one company was listed and it rose 19% in one hour. they hope to boost economic development. activists have released 15,000 balloons. the message is to include condemnation of kim jong-un's hereditary succession and pyongyang's missile program. >> the rolling stones performed a concert on the cuban island.
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>> it was a concert that many had waited for for almost half a century. the rolling stones in a performance that almost none in this country had ever seen. entire families, three generations even four enjoyed a free concert compliments of the british band, which has been around almost as long as the cuban revolution. >> i love it. they're an epic band and i couldn't miss this said 13-year-old jean-michelle. from early afternoon people began pouring into havana's open air sports center. >> news of this concert has been spreading like wildfire. people have been coming not only all over cuba but from the americas and beyond. fans say they want be to be here when history is made with rolling stones in cuba. >> it's a changing time for cuba. it's a mark of that change.
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>> they say that it makes him feel proud. >> when i was young, listening to the beatles, the rolling stones and led zeppelin was banned. we had to listen to them in secret. >> this show follows the obama visit by a couple of days, this is significant, and very exciting. >> and so it was that this historic week was wrapped up by an once banned rock band. and ther leaving millions here with a sense that cuba is no longer off the circuit. no longer so isolated. lucia newman. al jazeera, havana. >> a massive cargo ship has docked at the international space station. >> crew members used a robotic arm to grab the ship and bring
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the goods on board. there is 400 kell lo 400 kilos of food and a 3d printer. for more information go to our website >> i'm sylvia rowley in the south of england where support for small scale sustainable fishing is catching on. >> and i'm russell beard in bangkok to meat a team innovative urban farmers turning air polution into protein.


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