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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2016 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> al jazeera america - proud to tell your stories. >> pakistan will launch a par paramilitary crackdown on the attack that targeted christians. hello again from doha. this is the world news from al jazeera. belgium police released cctv footage as a judge frees a man charged over the attacks. the u.s. government said that it has retrieved data from an iphone and has done it without apple's help. and new laws allow japanese to
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fight overseas for the first time since world war ii. >> in explosions in pakistan in lahore in which 70 people were killed. we have more now from gerald tan. >> lahore is the political power base of pakistan's prime minister sharif. after the sunday attack he traveled to the city and spoke with the people. >> i have a very idea that these terrorists are making these innocent people soft targets. my brothers and sisters, i promise that every ounce of blood that was lost will be accounted for. >> pakistan is in mourning.
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funerals are being head for the dead. many of those killed were women and children. sommany injured, some critically. >> i was standing there when the blast went off. it was very loud. as we rushed over we saw a pool of blood and people lying everywhere. >> the park was packed with families celebrating easter sunday. a splinter group from the pakistani taliban said it was targeting christians. >> no part of pakistan is safe from the taliban. they chose to target, the softest of the soft targets are the minorities. >> the military has launched a series of raids. unfortunately, attacks like this
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are not new in pakistan. the government has been battling armed groups for more than a decade. but they have largely escaped the violence. this latest bombing sends us sole reminder that the fight is far from over. >> reaction from the head of the catholic church who wants pakistan to protect its religious minorities. they describe the attack in lahore as violent. >> i repeat once again the violence and murderous hatred only lead to pain and destruction, respect and fraternity are the only way to achieve peace. may the pass over of the lord inspire us even more to pray god to stop the hands of the violent ones who is saw terror and death. and for love, justice and reconciliation to reign in the world.
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let's pray for those who have died in, and the minorities who are in that region. >> that's the situation in lahore. in the capital thousands are protesting and are angry over last month's execution of a police officer who was hanged. >> a police officer killed a man who was sent to protect the outspoken politicians. he had taken up the cause of a christian woman, who was accused of blasphemy. his support on her behalf, he was executed for that crime on february 29th of this year. since then pakistan's hard line religious have rallied against
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that support they rally against those who are against islam. >> the people in your ranks will kill you. your servants will kill you. he is in the hearts and minds and the people will rise up. no one is safe. no one is safe, even the prime minister. god has put hope in their hearts. >> the protesters have brought the centrist islamabad to a standstill. the army is out on the streets trying to contain the protesters. they were put there to stop people from coming in and it just goes to show take a look at the damage around you. the demands are clear. they want him to be declared a national hero. they want all those in jail on
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blasphemy charges to face the same fate. it is unlikely that the government will accept their demand, but their voices are being heard across the nation nonetheless. >> kamal hyder is live. with the latest. are we just looking at something open ended potentially? >> well, first of all you have to understand that the crowd in tens of thousands are making tall demands in the government. almost impossible for the government to negotiate with them. they have refused to negotiate with the city. they want a member of the senate to come and talk to them and the prime minister has already spoken saying he will not allow something like this so happen. we expect at some stage the
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police and security forces will disperse the crowd because they're holding the government hostage by staging a sit in right in front of parliament, and then with their impossible demands of bringing sharia law and making kadri a martyr. >> they have not moved already just the fact that they have gotten into the red zone. and they would hold parliament under siege. it's quite ex-earth in itself. >> absolutely. it showed the total favor of the punjab police. they say the intelligence bureau has given warnings that the
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suicide-bombers would strike somewhere in lahore. they don't just let them walk by now the military is now out on the streets. the supreme court and diplomatic enclave so the government will have to move fast it appears there will be no other way but to disperse the crowd. >> thank you, live in islamabad. belgium authorities have released a man thought to be connected to last week's brussels bombings. they're stepping up the hunt for another suspect as well. >> nearly a week after the attack on brussels airport and
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metro stations. it was thought that faycal cheffeu was one of the bombers but there is no evidence, who is a freelance reporter, was part of the blasts. consequently, he has been freed by the investigative charge. as belgium authorities let cheffou go, they stepped up the hunt for the man they thought he was, seen in a white jacket and hat calmly walking next to two of the bombers just before the blasts. the police need the help of the public to identify him. a special mass was held tuesday in the cathedral in the belgium capital. >> to all the victims. to all those who suffer around the world, dear god, offer them the patience to overcome sorrow
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and painful moments. >> the mass was held in memory of the victims including a more man missionary who is in hospital cuddling a toy bunny. >> this moment i didn't feel because of the adrenaline then i found i couldn't walk any more, afeel the burn so bad. >> brussels airport has been closed since the attack last week, but officials are planning dry runs to make sure everything functions properly again before reopening they hope later this week. john terrett, al jazeera al jazeera. >> the fbi wanted apple to crack open the iphone of one of the attackers in san bernardino. we heard from the policy council
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at access now. it's an organization that bridges human rights and technology. he says that the case has exposed a potential risk to people's personal information. >> with this vulnerability in existence, people who have the same version of iphone are under attack from malicious people who could use the same vulnerability. there is an obligation on the fbi to close the vulnerability. if you look at using digital technology people often sense that they're being surveilled by the government. if they do have that sense it limits their ability to express themselves. if you're talking about the international human rights freedom of expression. digitcal security enables that expression. thbeyond this, a lot of other countries who have similar desire to access information
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with broad sweep will be looking at the outcome of the case. if the united states has set a standard in which they intend to gain access to information, maybe others can do so. there is a large reverberation to the sense of how much government has access to personal information. >> right, u.s. police have shot and injured a man who brought a gun to the capitol hill visitor center in washington, d.c. an officer open fired after a man pointed a gun at him and has been arrested. female bystanders has been taken to hospital with minor injuries. the police say the shooting is an isolated incident. >> no officers were injured. it has not been determined as to how many officers fired their weapons. the u.s. capital police investigation division, capital police officer professional responsibility and metro poll tan police are conducting of
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investigation into this matter. we believe this is the act of a single person who has frequented grounds before, and there is no reason to believe that this is anything more than a criminal act. >> in the news ahead a rare court case in israel where a soldier is being investigated for the murder of a palestinian man seemingly caught on camera. plus donald trump u.s. presidential frontrunner for the republican party revealing some of his details about foreign policy. we'll take a look at that and some of the headlines next. >> people loved him. teachers loved him. >> we were walking the river looking for him. i knew something was really really wrong. >> all hell broke lose. >> people were saying that we were terrorists. >> how are you providing a cover for your brother to do this?
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>> we saw the evil side of the social media take off.
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>> we have a look at your headlines. the paramilitary is given special powers to conduct rains in punjab after explosions in lahore where 70 were killed. the police in brussels are asking for help in identifying another suspect at brussels airport. the fbi has managed to crack into a iphone belonging to the san bernardino shooter despite asking apple for help. 14 were killed in december. japanese soldiers will be allowed to fight overseas. new laws have come into effect months after the conservative government suspectly put them through parliament. we have that report from tokyo. >> it is an issue that has provoked demonstrations on the
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streets and fierce debates in the japanese parliament. changes that will allow japanese soldiers to fight overseas under minal undermine al 29. >> it is the same article that has banned japan exercising it's right for collective self defense for decades in the post-war period. all of a sudden reaching the opposite conclusion. >> the new laws give interpretation to collective self defense allowing japanese soldiers a more robust role to peacekeeping missions and working closely with troops from its ally the united states. opponents fear that could draw japan into foreign wars.
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prime minister shinzo abe said that it is long overdue especially after the missile tests in north korea at the start of this year. >> i think there has been an understanding among the japanese people about the futility and effectiveness of this law. >> the change of the constitution itself, which was adopted after world war ii and renounces the path of militarism , but in order to do that they must-win enough seats in the upper house this summer. >> something that opponents promised to fight. >> if we succeed in the ruling parties and it's allies from obtaining two-thirds majority in either of the two houses, that means that abe will not be able to move ahead with his
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revisionist agenda. >> japan struggled to define its role in the world is far from over. >> let's talk to rob about this. what has been the reaction as news has come out today? >> both sides for and against have had their chance to have their say. we've seen demonstrations across 30 cities across japan today. there were protests last night and we're expecting another one again tonight. also within the parliament the opposition parties promise to thwart these measures. it'sifficult to see how far those will get. perhaps more of a concern for
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abe are legal challenges. there are a number of legal scholar experts who are planning measures in the courts because they say this is illegal. it's a twist out of shape japan's constitution. for its part the government will be reaffirming while it believes it has to take these measures in the daily cabinet's briefing. we heard that this reflects a changing world that japan lives in. it has to have more control over defense forces and reminding japan just about north korea and missile tests. >> rob, just behind the headline can you tell us how in reality these new rules will reflect the way japan's forces operate or are allowed to operate? >> that is the next big question. when can forces be used, and when can't they be used for shinzo abe, he has been using,
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for example, the scenario of japan's oil imports, it's oil supplies. japan relies totally on oil being imported, and if those are threatened in the persian gulf, then forces could therefore be used because that threatens japan's economic security. there are other questions about rules of engagement when forces can be used, when they can't be used. all of this comes in the background of the conflict of a generation and a half. there will be a lot of soul searching if these laws lead to any casualties. >> thank you for that update. on wednesday democratically elected new government will come to power in myanmar for the
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first time in 56 years. and despite the sweeping victories in last november's election. >> a big step. for the first time in half a century the civilian will be inaugurated as president of the new country. but this civilian will not be aung san suu kyi. she is barred from running from the highest office because of her children's foreign past post. >> while myanmar is celebrating democracy there are concerns about the democratic way the
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national league for democracy is being governed and there are serious questions about how much power the military is willing to chair. this headline sums it up nicely. here to stay in the military stand with 25% of the seat in parliament still assigned to the ministry, the new government's hands are tied if it counts the constitutional change. but as they put it, this is a leap into democracy. now she has to prove she can fulfill the dreams of millions of per mis burmese. >> a case involving an palestinian man, they were both shot and one of them killed incident stanley. what happened next was caught on camera and has caused
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condemnation around the world. >> we are taken through a sequence of events. it starts moments after two palestinians were shot after stabbing an israeli soldier. one is killed instantly. the 21-year-old is injured, and is laying on the ground. fast forward, and he appears to be talking with a settler in the back of the frame. he makes his way to a colleague, and they appear to have a conversation. the soldier then cox his weapon. five seconds later he shoots him in the head instantly killing him. >> i'm still taken by surprise by the shooting. i've taken hundreds of videos documenting incidences and this is the most violent. >> he lives in hebron surrounded by settlers. his home has been fire bombed, and his front door has been shut at. ever member of his family has
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been hurt or harassed in an attempt to get him to leave his home now there are new threats because of this scenario. hebron is what this struggle is about. >> i hope that the israeli peace prevail and do wisely. >> his daughter comes running in that the army is here. she wants her younger brothers to get out of here. he tells us that if we don't leave we will be arrested. it seems the army doesn't want anybody here. it has led to an outcry for
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those who hold the army in high regard. many have been calling this immoral and unjust. >> in brazil tourism minister is leaving government. several other ministers from the brazilian democratic movement party are expected to follow. that party is a crucial partner in the ruling coalition with president dilma rousseff's workers party. she's facing impeachment proceedings over allegations she falsified budget numbers. the moves to remove rousseff are an attack on brazil's democracy and da silva is facing allegations himself. >> did they serve to be judged
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she did not commit the crime. what they're trying to do is rob her and the brazilian people who voted for her based on the respect for thos voters on election today. >> donald trump said he would cut oil purchases from saudi arabia and may scrap a long-standing security pact with japan. alan fisher takes a closer look. >> from the very first moments of his campaign. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. >> donald trump has talked about how he would change u.s. relations with the rest of the world. several months in he started to give more detail how his foreign policy would look under president trump. in an interview he has revealed
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he would renegotiate a long-standing security pact with japan saying the u.s. needs better terms. he would cut oil purchases from saudi arabia to force it to do more to combat isil even though the u.s. still needs the middle east. and he would be open to allowing japan and south carolina to develop nuclear weapons and withdraw u.s. troops from both countries unless they pay more for deployment. the first step he would take, he has not thought about step two or three. >> he seems to have not even a cost-benefit analysis which many people would applaud. he seems to have a win-lose approach to foreign policy. that is to say if america wins, somebody else has to lose. and if someone else wins, then america by definition is losing. that's concerning when we talk about foreign policy on any issue. >> trump sees unpredictability as a strength and hi.
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>> the united nations is not a friends of democracy. it is not a friend to freedom. it is not a friend even to the united states of america. whereas you know it has its own. >> he has tapped in to the emotions of the american public. >> he has been skillful tapping into emotions and sentiment when it comes to the american foreign policy. how many average voters are going to know the nuances of the islamic state. but they're afraid of terrorism. we've seen anxiety in levels we haven't seen since post 9/11. when it comes to tapping in to that emotion he's very smart. >> when asked who his stop adviser is, he has said several times, well, it's me.
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alan fisher, al jazeera. >> for more go to blogs, pieces writtenly alan fisher as well on the campaign trail. ail fight more on that and all the breaking news whenever you want it at patients can't get it fast enough to save their lives. much of the recent outrage orover rising rice rising pricer prescription drugs is martin screlling.