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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. >> this is the news hour live from london, coming up. the hijacking of an egypt airplane ends with hostages escaping faces another blow with brazil's biggest party looking set to quit the coalition. and donald trump campaign manager is charged with assaulting a journalist.
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the world cup qualifying qualifiers in africa, international in europe, including france who will be returning to the national stadium for the first time since the attacks in november. a man wearing a fake explosive belt is now under arrest. he gave himself up to police after all 81 were released. it was on rout to the egyptian capitol on tuesday morning. the fight usually takes about 30 minutes.
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and could be linked to his ex-wife. it raises more questions about security at egyptian airports. months after a russian plane was blown up soon after it left one had to escape through the cockpit, everyone else used the mobile stairs. they were escorted by police, the hijacker is believed to be among them. all facts are now being analyzed. he is now in police custody. >> egypt air flight 181 was
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flying to cairo when it was diverted many cypress. oh had given a letter demanding the release of female prisoners in egypt, and also calling for a meeting with us h former wife. but his motivation is still in depuyt. at some point he demanded to meet with an e.u. representative, at other points he demanded to depart and head to another destination, he raised no specific demands. he had claimed that he was wearing a belt, but the plains crew had to treat it as a credible threat. from the search of the aircraft, no explosives were found. not on the suspect, nor on the aircraft itself.
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>> this evening the airports it is all quiet at the end of the runway, the aircraft itself just a few hundred meters away there has been cleared. and the authorities here in cypress are saying that no explosives where are found on the hijacker or on the aircraft itself. the airport is approaching normal operations of course,
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those who began their journey. there are some that have been waiting here to finally complete that journey, and make their way to cairo. as for the investigation itself, police say this was a criminal act, it doesn't appear to have been act of terror, and the man involved will face court and likely charge on wednesday, they say the authorities here that they did everything by the book, putting the safety of those 81 people onboard this aircraft as their highest priority, simply the crew had to act, will they believed this was a genuine suicide belt or not, as if it were a real clear threat to the safety of the people onboard that aircraft. it was a terrifying few hours for all of them but now it was over and the investigation gets underway, much of will it be about the motives they will exam exactly the contents of the
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letter that was thrown out, apparently for this suspect's estranged wife to see if that may have been key to his decision to do what he did on board the flight at the time of the hijacking i spoke to her earlier and asked her about the most worrying moment. >> it was the moment when i knew we had been hijacked and we were the sea. i felt like he either bombs the plane or he just demand that woe land on the sea, or keep flying until there is no more fuel, so i had several scenarios on my mind, trying to make peace with it yeah,ives horrified. >> and we took off northerly everything was normal, nothing was weird maybe after a while everyone notices that we should have handed and haven't landed yet, and then i was looking out the window and i saw the sea, so it was a bit weird to see the sea.
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usually when you go to cairo you don't pass by the sea. nobody imagines that it could be that kind of thing. so then one of the cabin crew passed be i the passengers and collected all the passports without saying any reason, just that they have a problem and that they cannot say anything more, they just need pass ports i think about 45 minutes later the cabin crew just told us that we have been hijacked and that was it, they didn't say anything else, they didn't say by whom, or what demands are owhere we are heading we are just flying. >> the mediterranean sea and that was it. >> what did you think at that ? what went through your mind? >> it was a horrifying moment, i couldn't believe it i thought it was like a april's fool joke or something. it could not be real. and i think like most of the passengers everyone thought it was like no end.
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that reese no hope for this plane to land pause we were. >> the sea, and with these people you never know when and how they can proceed with this act. >> and so by that stage you knew the plane has been hi jacks how long after that was it that you landed? well, the captain department tell us anything, it was always through the cabin crew. but i think we stays like an hour and a half above the sea, knowing that we had been hijacks. and then we knew that we were going to land in cypress, which was a release for many, but still not safe because you didn't know what he wanted to do there, or what his intentions were, so it took a couple of hours to know that we might be safe. >> who is the consulting editor of flight global.
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so it still all ended safely in this case, but it is worries that this can be hijacks in this case. >> it is very worries because that has broken the mold of the security system that was set up after 9/11. these two events in egypt, over the last six months the first one was the sabotage of a metro jet at the end of october the airplane was blown up because a bomb somehow got onboard that aircraft. and everybody dies. now we have this one this is entirely different, but it is still a failure of security, now we are going find out soon why this occurred, but the drill since 9/11, is that the security is so much better now than it used to be, that there have been a
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lot of hijack attempts but this is the first one that has been completely successful in h terms of they just demanded something, made a threat and got taken to where they wanted to go. >> i was talking to the passenger, and he said the chap never left the back of the plane. it was all relayed through the crew. >> yes. >> is it fair enough that they believed that this guy might have had explosives on him. >> that is the issue i don't think they had a choice. because what happened is that everybody's confidence, and i think including egypt air crews confidence, in the egyptian airport security had been broken. and therefore when he heard this threat, he thought well, look, security should stop somebody with ad is vest getting through, they would be detected by even lax security, you can't get one of those through, but i don't
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think he has enough or had enough faith in the security system which was blown apart by the sheikh event, and therefore he felt that he had to believe the hijacker, he had no -- so i am not criticizing the captain for this, i think he did what he felt he had to do. >> in general terms aviation security has been back in the spotlight, after the brussells attack, and now obviously this, do you think there are any measures that may be brought in that may make a difference the brussells airport thing, that was not beyond security, that was in the public area of the airport, where you go to see your ofriends off, everybody is allowed in there without a security check, so that could have been if you go back to the paris event, that was just another public space they used an airport, so the airport was almost coincidental. what we have to do is bring back faith so that the captain can say when somebody makes a threat and says i have a gun, i have a bomb,
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the captain can say you couldn't have, no i will not do what you are demanding, that is -- that has worked since 9/11, and now it is failing. >> thank you very much indeed for coming to talk to us. >> thank you. >> coming up in this news hour, israeli soldier in court over the killing of a palestinian man that layed injured on the ground. china is urged to tighten vaccine security after tens of millions of dollars went mittsing and still ahead in sport, the football nations continue their bid to reach the 2018 world cup in rush are sha the round up of the action coming up. only to pakistan where the government has given protestors to leave a staged
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sit in. several thousand demonstrators have been camped at and main avenue, close to key government buildings since sunday. their supporters have executed an assassin who was hung after his call for blasphemy reform. to remove the protestors and will move in if the area isn't cleared by the dead lean. the latest on this developing story. joining us live, so what is happening with those protestors now. >> well, a few hours ago, the government has given the government an ultimate up the, and then they sent two to try to talk to them, but after that, the country interior minister came with a prez conference, and he said that he wanted the media to be present when these people
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are removed he said they had mobilized thousands and they said that the police had been given strict instructions that no weapons will be used. so most probably if this issue is not resolved by morning the law enforcement agencies will go there overpower this crowd because we are told there's roughly about 800 to 1,000 people at the maximum and the police forces are about 7,000, so it will be seven to one, however, the interior minister did say that they are using human shields they had brought old people with them, some women as well so that being the allegation from the government, for now at least we know that nothing is going to happen tonight despite that fact that it seems imminent that a show down was going to happen so we will have to wait to see what kind of steps the
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government will take, however the interior minister will say that they will pack up the show by tomorrow morning. >> live for us, thank you. >> police in pakistan have arrested more than 200 people and questioned more than 5,000 since a park bombing that kills 73 people the bryan minister now promising to stand out suck attacks a faction u.p.s. pros that it carries out the attacks but most of the victims were muslims. people have been calling for security to be improved something must be done for this, some solid steps must be taken like toasts should be caught, we are being terrorized. our government should beef up security and look after people. this was a sad incident, how awful sit that many people that came here were killed.
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tell us about the people were on their radar if you like i think any incident taking place the suspects to say the at least, and so what has happened here, around 200 people have be formally questioned by the large number of people, 4,000, or 5,000, without being questioned and investigated.
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this effect dent taking place, so this is what is happening. some have said there wasn't any security provided. there was some brought in at churches and so on but nothing in the public, is that something that should have happened? and will that change? >> i think this is the wrong perception, for the reason this with the easter congregation as well. for the community here, in pakistan. there were 11 policeman, specifically in this park, along with 40 security guards which this park already had on it's own. so there wasn't any -- i think -- there's a misconception that there was no security.
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a lot of police force was deployed. fur thousand people were deployed. this for interception needs to. >> i was going to say the one thing that seems to have changed now is that the military has been called in, how will the response go down? in the past i understand that they were reluctant to have rangers proud in, has that changed and how will the military work on the ground? >> obviously, there was a reluctance on the part of the government to bring in the pro vince, but certainly after what has happened or is happening across the country,
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and there was a need felt, because after the patient, the terrorists or the suspect would fan out and they are in possibly be going to all parts of the country, and certainly in a bigger city, in a state. so the government has overcome that, situation, and has now involved the pair military and military forces. and this is not going to be a large scale military operation in that sense as it is underscores. it would be an information based and zell jens let operation, which would be against the targets really under the radar of either the local police or of the intelligence agencies. so i think there's going to be a great making of success,
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in this area, and the coming days and weeks and months. >> okay, thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> a syrian official say they have removed 150 bombs planted be i the imislamic state. syria's head of ant tick witties say aztecny call team has returned after spending two days in the town. so they couldn't reach some areas because there were hundreds of minds. a number of foreign tourists fell 10%. comes after a suicide bomber killed 12 german tourists in the her storyic part in germany.
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the government has been dealt a big blow, the uncan's largest party, the leftist workers party has just decided to quit her coalition, earlier the tourism minister resigned becoming the first prominent member of the coalition party to step down. he is embroiled in corruption allegations and claimed she manipulated economic information, all of which she denied. gabriel who is in brazil, what are the ramifications? >> the democratic movement party, they decided they are going to break from the government coalition. this is so big because this party is one of the strongest allies or at least was until a few minutes ago.
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now it means the chance to garner enough votes to push back against this impeachment against her, seems very very unlikely at this stage. in about two weeks after the impeachment hears have concluded the congress will vote on if the hearing old should go further, right now before this party pulled away it was a very tight vote. it was going to be very close. now with the biggest party in brazil, breaking from her, it means that she could essentially lose 69 votes in the itch peoplement vote. it can mean that her chances of keeping off impeachment
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will be very very difficult. >> and gabriel there have also been called to step down, what is her response to that? >> yes? one word no. she says she won't step down, even though there have been calls best internationally hoo z here in brazil, and t no even let this process go any further, the reason she and her advisors and supporters say she isn't going to step down are a couple of things. she says number one she has not been convicted of any crime. so she says she doesn't feel the need to step down because she hasn't been convicted. also she says she was democratically elected and free and fair elections here, and also the itch peachment process hasn't even reached the final steam, so her advisors are saying this is nothing more in her words a coup, she says the opposition is just pushing for
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impeachment, and trying to figure out what the motives are. so she feels she is on strong footing she says she will fight this all the way to the end, but i have to tell you in congress, at least with this major party pulling away, she is now facing a more uphill battle today than she was yesterday, trying to save off this impeachment process. but she says she will fight it until the end. >> gabriel reporting live for us, thank you. >> the campaign manager of republican presidential hopeful donald trump has been charged over an incident where he grabbed a female reporter. the incident took place as he left an event in early march. he is charged with similar battery, for intentionally grabbing the bruising the arm of michelle fields. trump has defended his manager says he is completely innocent and will plead not guilty.
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allen fisher joins us live, how big of a deal is this? >> well, the video isn't very clear, because it stop going it all remits to an alleged incident in early march. the reporter claimed she tried to ask a couple of questions after he was leaving and she was moving along, she felt herself being jerked backwards in the video you can see her moving quite significantly backwards, now under florida law, he has been charged p trumps campaign manager has been charged with a misdemeanor. essentially if you lay your hands on someone, and that is unwanted then you can be charged with this offense. he was asked to appear just after 8:00 this morning he was told he would be facing a court appearance at some point. now he has said that he is completely innocent, and that he looks forward to his day
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in court. a view that has been backed up by his boss that tweeted out if you look at the video you can't see why these charges have even been brought about. this is didn't first time that he has been the center of a story, other reporters have alleged that he has called them late at night, and asked if they wanted a briefing, these were all women that made that allegation. he is a former new hampshire police officer, but he believes that he will be proven innocent if this goes to court. in h the days and hours after the incident, he actually called the reporter who made the allegation, delusional. so now she will get her chance to put her case to court in florida he has tried to sketch in some of the details. to the washington post and the new york times. he has ideas of what he would
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do, and we all know what he wants to do with mexico, but the problem is while he is talking about foreign policy, he is not actually giving very much detail. from the first moments of the campaign. >> i will build a great great wall, and i will have mexico pay for that wall. >> mark my words. >> donald trump has talked about how he will change u.s. relations with the rest of the world, several months in he started to give a little more detail, how foreign policy would look under president trump. in an interview with the, no times he revealed he would renegotiate saying the u.s. needs better terms. he would cut oil to force it into doing more to combat isil, even though the u.s. still needs middle rece energy. and he would be open to allowing japan and south korea develop weapons trump
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knows the first step it would take but hasn't thought about step two or three. >> he very much seemed to not even a cost benefit analysis, which i think many people would applaud. he seems to have a win-lose approach. that is to say if america is to lose, i think that's concerning when etalk about international cooperation on any issue. >> he says he won't give many details into what he would do in office. he thinks unpredicterble is a strength, he is not into spreading democracy, or respecting international alliances. >> the united nations is not a friend of democracy. it is not a friend to freedom. it is not a fresh even to the united states of america, where as you know, it has it's home. >> but he has tapped into the raw emotions of the american public. >> he has been skillful into tapping into certain emotions
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and sentiments when it comes to the american public and foreign policy, how many average american voters are really going to know in the nuances of the islamic state but they are very afraid. we have seen levels of anxiety spike to levels we haven't seen. so when it comes into tapping into that emotion, he is smart. >> he will be forced to give more details if he wins the nomination. it is a large part of the job of president. when asked who his top advisor is, he has said several times well it is me. >> still to come this hour. japan's military gets the legal right to fight overseas for the first time since world war ii. and pakistan's cricket coach becks for forgive franz the uncan's fans after it seems a world exit, details coming up in sport
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>> [chanting] yes we can! >> an historic election. >> you and i, we're going to change this county, and we will change the world. >> monumental decisions. >> mr. president, there's a one and three chance of a second great depression. >> first-hand accounts from the people who were there. >> their opinion was shocking. >> the challenges. >> he said, "i am president of the united states and i can't make anything happen." >> the realities. >> he stood up and said, "that's it, i'm finished."
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reminder of the top stories. a belt worn by an egyptian man who hijacked an airplane did not contain explosives. all passengers and crew were freed unharmed. less have arrested more than 200 people and questioned more than 5,000. and in brazil, the government is dealt a major plow with the country's largest party. an israeli soldier who was filmed apparently shooting a wounded palestinian many the head has appeared in military court. stephanie decker spoke to the man who recorded the attack in the west bank. he takes us through the sequence of events. it starts moments after two palestinians have been shot after stabbing an israeli soldier. one is killed instantly, the
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21-year-old is injuried and is laying on the ground. fast forward and a second soldier appears to be talking to a settler here. the soldier then cooked his weapon, and about five seconds later he shoots him many the head, instantly killing him. >> i am still taken by surprise, i have taken hundreds of videos documented incidents and this unwith is the most violent. >> he lives in hebron surrounded by settlers. and his front door has been shot at. he says every member of his family has been harassed in an attempt to get them to leave their home. now new threats after the publication of his video. blue he says documented life is what his struggle is about. we hope this will reduce the
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scope of violence his daughter comes running in saying the army is here. she wants her younger brothers to get out of the living room. the soldiers are asking about our car outside. he doesn't want us to be here. >> he tells us if we don't leave we will be arrests. it seems since the video was published the army doesn't want anyone here. the israeli soldier who is being investigated for murder, which in itself is rare. the u. n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process has condemned what he called an execution, calling it immoral and injust. in the occupied west bank. >> the u.n. children fund saying children are bearing the brunt of the war in yemen
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in h the past year 934 children have been killed and more than 1300 injuries. there were 848 documented cases with children as young as ten forced to fight. and norly 10 million kids require humanitarian aid. said the problem won't be solved unless the conflict ends. >> the challenge is not delivering the assistance, the challenge is that the amounts of people that need assistance is so big that it isn't possible for any organization to solve that. children are suffering because they are because they have been blown up and killed and injuries in bombing, they are terrified as a result of the conflict, they are suffering because of the
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impact on the health system, we estimate 10,000 children have died because of thatless have clashed at the greek border where macedonia. groups through rocks at riot police as protests intensified after thundershowers ignores instructions to move to organized shelters. to prominent chinese test ever toes have blocks rail tracks while demanding that the border reopened. the trial of seven pirates has started in paris. the men are accused of taking control of the yacht after et left the port city in september 20/07/11, they allegedly killed the skipper and kept his wife captive for 48 hours. the defense will argue that the leaders were killed in a gun fight of the spanish
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military who then rescues his wife at sea. tunisia is holding a conference in bringing down unemployment rates. are attending the summit, and concerns there could be further unrest if the issue isn't tackled. alley is happy to be home, he spent a week in prison after being arrested at a protest over jobs that turned violent hi parents investing their savings paying for his education, he is a qualified engineer, but he complained the employment system is bent against people like him. >> before two or three people were corrupt, now everybody is the same, if you are paid you get in, if you don't pay you don't get in, if you don't have any connections nobody even looks at you. >> u.n. secretary general is
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attending a conference. he says he is worried about the wider impact looking for work. young men and women who are excluded from decent work find themselves in great difficulties disdisoriented and vulnerable to extremism. >> harsh economic reforms can lead to more unrest, in january 000s came to the streets a poor region in central tunisia, demanding jobs. the government doesn't have a massic wand to satisfy all these demands. but the future is urn certain tunisia has struggled with economic growth. the government says the problem lies in tunisia's
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education system. there is disparity between what people are studying and the kind of jobs available, but some people also blame years of corruption, and an economy closed to competition. corruption isn't on the agenda at the conference, it solved the political problems through dialog, it hoped involving civil society and the trade unions again, can help solve unemployment. >> does this mean that the government is not fighting corruption, of course it is, does this mean that the government is not fighting terror, of course it is, but the issues that are coming too big to tackle at the same time. >> ali has lost hope in ever finding work here, he wants to leave tunisia and never come back, he says it is the only way he can pay back his parents. al jazeera, the world health organization has announced the ebola virus is now longer
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a public health emergency. the organization had urged all countries to lift immediately any restrictions on travel and trade, a police officer has been stabbed in the head at a subway station, leaving him seriously injured. it comes a day after a three-year-old girl was decapitated in a random attack. mourners have been gathering where she was murdered to pray and lay flowers and toyed. an editor at a prominent chinese newspaper has resigned in protest against media censorship. he posts his resinates letter on line criticizing the tight control of the press, last month the president toured media outlets demanding absolutely loyalty from staid media orb china correspondent has more details. >> his parts words which were
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publicked on his account the equivalent of twitter says i can't stand it any more, he said no i can no longer follow the communist party and go down on my knees well that is very very specific, very blunt, and it is a measure of the push back you are seeing by a certain number of brave your honor olist whose are are not prepares to tolerate the current crack down on the media, but of course this is china, there's only so much they can do we have so tee this in the overall context, that has been happening over the past few weeks we have had 20 people who have disappeared as the my continue hair hunt for the author of an anonymous letter appeared on the chinese wavo media portal calling on the country's president to resign the hunt for the author is intensified, regarding the media as a tool of the
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government, it is very important that he controls the media the world health organization has urged china to strengthen it's van seen security. it comes after $48 million worth of illegal vaccines were sold to medical centers raising fears about the satiety of patients. >> when news of a scandal involving the illegal sales of vaccines in h china first broke, people here were worried and angry. the case revived concerns over food and drug safety. something that has long been an issue in china. police say that the vaccines were all made by licensed producers but because they were not stored effectively the effectiveness could have been compromised. health officials in china and even the world health organization issued statements saying that the vaccines are unlikely to cause adverse toxic effects. the world health organization says the greater danger is in
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parents using confidence in immunization schemes and there by declining to have their children vaccinated. it also says this case has exposed weaknesses in the supply system in the vaccines. >> there are vaccines in the private sector need to be managed scored distributed and used in accordance with recognized standards. >> it says vaccines in china are inherently safe, but the regulations on the sales of vaccines in the private market, need to be tightened. new laws allow. japanese soldiers to fight overseas for the first time since world war ii have come into force, but there's been widespread opposition to the changes. they have been protesting outside the japanese parliament every month, since the new laws were passed last september the protestorsing with back again to witness
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the laws coming into force. japan they say is turning it's back on the pacifisms hat followed for 70 years since the end of world war ii. >> japan took pride in not waging war, now we have lost our cause and have become a nation that will fight wars. >> i cannot forgive this, this has been forced through by unjust means and there is no way i am accept it. >> these are seen as a victory as the ruling coalition, and the prime minister, he wants to see japan soldiers have a more assertive role in overseas peace keeping missions and to be allowed to fight alongside their american allies in the operations. he may have won this battle but the opponents are promising to fight it. >> new challenges are plans in the parliament and in the courts his critics say the reinterpretation of the japan constitution which renounced
2:46 pm
militarism is illegal and they believe he intends to change the constitution itself. >> he got the order wrong, he undermined the constitution, and he nows trying to change it to make new laws constitutional. that's not what a politician of a law abiding nation would do, that's the behavior of an autocrat with the nub laws in place comes the problem of when and how japanese troops should now be uses overseas. and what the reaction will be from japan's neighbors given the increase tenses that already exist with north korea's weapon testing and china's own military expansion for many the real problem will come if the lives of japanese soldiers are lost on foreign soil. as a result of this change. and national trauma only previous generations endured. al jazeera, tokyo.
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still ahead this news hour. how the branch of islam is returning to somalia as al-shabaab losing power. a five star performance against syria as they compete for 2018 world cup, details are coming up.
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>> hem low again. as the government logsens al al
2:49 pm
killing leaders.rines and reports. they are raising they voices once again, and want to be heard. they have been driven underground, their leaders either killed or chased out of the country, their shrined destroyed. even the dead were not spared, more than 1,000 were desecrated many southern somalia. there has been a seryed of bomb attacks but in general, there is agreement that the security situation is improving. the mystics are increasingly been seen in public. the war in somalia effected us. there are men that everybody knows who they are, they killed the people and desecrated the graves of dead ones. but thanks to god's mercy they are not here today. we will remain here.
2:50 pm
al-shabaab who is fighting to overthrow the government considering as nonbelievers in islam, and deems them a legitimate targets for attacks. they remain empty. now the call for the followers to return is loud and clear the youth mouth work hard to follow this path, the correct path, they should make time to return to their mosques and support their religions. >> it might take more than a call to fill up this mosque they have once the majority, now they are in the left, and three kind of prayers are rarely seen in public. >> religious crews are also slowly filling up, this one has more than 100 students.
2:51 pm
they say they can't accept any more students because it is so popular. >> we teach only the koran. we teach them the traditional way most parents were taught by teachers growing up and want their children brought up the same way. >> the feeling here now is that somalia's black days are now a thing of the past, they say all they want now is to be left in pane and return to their own ways of practicing islam. al jazeera. somalia. >> here is robin with sport. football first, the french national team will play it's first game at the start of france since the paris attacks last november they kick off against russia. the across the stir, which killed 130 people extra security measures have been
2:52 pm
put in place for the team's run, they hope to show they can protect football fans the french players are also eager to return to put the events of last year behind them yet, it is important because it is our stadium, but i will not forget, nobody will forget. before i had only happy memories. but once had to remember the positive things that hoping what happened will never happen again pack in november, he said it took quite some time for people inside the stadium to realize the hear error of whats with going on outside it took until the second blast for people to realize that something outside the stadium was perhapping awry. but it wasn't really until half time, that the news started to filter through to news the stadium that
2:53 pm
something more sinister was happening and as the second half got underway, more and more people, certainly in the journalist area, started to find out more details about what was happened but it was clear, eses specially toward the end of the game, that quite a few people many the stadium didn't know what was happening in the city. and also that the players on the pitch didn't know either. so the second half was played in a very eerie atmosphere by the end of the game, people weren't focused on the football, it is more what was happening earl where, on the day of the game against germany back in november, there was a bomb threat called in on theger mall national team and because the security levels were already raised before the game, against the germans so i think that we will see a similar level of security tonight to the one that we saw on november the 13th. ranked number one in the world a friendly where porchal moves from brussells. following the.
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booing last week in the belgium capitol, that game undergone right now, it is still nil-nil there, swede listen be key to bounce back from the recent lost. they are still goalless against the czech republic. germany in action against italy at the moment. in the next few minutes but the come back win, still a hot stoppic. as your champions of australia. the 2018 finals still well and truly on track. taking on jordan on tuesday, jordan now touched be i the former. jordan thrashed bangladesh 8-nil, but this game proved a bit of a reality check for the team. two goals from the captain captain cahill, hoping them win 5-1, although jordan can get the goal of the match now progressing to the third and final faze of the asian
2:55 pm
qualifying. fantastic goal that was. the first was a freak goal in h which the city managed to punch the ball into the face of one of his own defenders. also got a couple. japan scores in three goals in the final four minutes. they could still go through as the best runners up. the teams are also continuing their push for qualification for next year's cup. a crucial qualifier against egypt, and algeria is the headline after this tuesday. the egyptian government allowing 40,000 fans to attend the match, the matches in the country are usually played behind closed doors pause of the trouble that has plagued football over the last four years. that group coming to a close shortly, egypt with a 1-nil advantage. elsewhere a wonder 5-nil and a six goal thriller. the 3-3 algeria
2:56 pm
qualification, liberia hosting matches home again being cleared of ebola, have given the fans something to smile about. they have taken the top spot in group a. the champions between 1-1 with sudan at the moment. no goals where south africa is hosting cameroon. the first semifinal of crickets world 20 takes place with the unbeaten new zealand taking on england. one team that diseasen't make it to the last four, they have begged forgiveness from the country's fans after the early exit from this competition. the champions won just one game, but last three others, crucially one of those defeat come against the origin rivals in the other. >> i apologize to the whole nation and to those who were at the airport of the time of our arrival. literally, i crossed my hands and begged for forgiveness, the way we performed it should no not have been like this, but unfortunately it
2:57 pm
happened. i apologize to the nation's mother, and also to my own mother after these bad results. >> the los angeles clippers have won their third game after beating the celtics scored 15 points got 13 rebounds for the clippers on the night. when fort piece fell, he hurt his arrangele and his knee. the former celtics forward didn't return to the game. he also got a double-double with 14 assists here. and over four game winning streak for the celtics, the clippers had already for the playoffs. >> that is your sport for now, it is back to lauren in london. >> robin, thank you very much. you can always catch up by checking out our website, the address for that is, details of that report on the plight of children in yemen's conflict. that's it for me, but barbara sara will be here in a moment with more news, bye for now.
2:58 pm
>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target.
2:59 pm
>> ...and on the streets. >> there's been another teenager shot and killed by the police. >> a fault lines special investigation. >> there's a general distrust of this prosecutor. >> this is a target you can't get rid of. >> the untold story of what's really going on in ferguson. >> they were so angry, because it could've been them. >> one hour special, only on al jazeera america. >> this is al jazeera america live from new york. >> at 7:00 - "news roundup". tony harris gives you a fast-paced recap of the day's events. >> this is the first line of defense. >> we have an exclusive story tonight. >> then at 8:00 - john seigenthaler brings you the top stories from across america. >> the question is, will these dams hold? >> and at 9:00 - >> i'm ali velshi, on target tonight... >> ali velshi on target. digging deeper into the issues that matter. >> i'm trying to get a sense for what iranians are feeling.
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>> dilma rousseff's survival in doubt. hello there i'm barbara serra, you're watching al jazeera live from london. hijacked code tro paris, the hijacker gave himself up. sieges of government for three da