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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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tell your stories. ♪ a new dawn in myanmar as the country's first elected civilian government takes charge. hello. this is the world news from al jazeera. also ahead: home safe, the passengers from the hijacked egypt air flight arrive in cairo. brazil's political crisis deepens until a walkout of the government. >> another italian student dismisses the government's explanation for his death.
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big day in myanmar today after more than 50 years of military rule, the reigns of power are being pass today a civilian government. sworn in as president and the leader of the ruling party will be sworn in as the minister of foreign affairs live to myanmar. reporting. what's the feeling today? >> reporter: well, definitely it's a big day in myanmar has a new president. just a few minutes ago, the new president was sworn in here at parliament in a very short and subdued ceremony. i have to say it only lasted a couple of minutes. now parliament was awe journed for a little bit. now they will come back together again to swear in the rest of the cabinet. 21 ministers, 18 ministers
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elected. three appointed, assigned to the military and that's where there will be a major role because children have foreign passports but she will be some kind of super minister. she will have four minister's posts, crucial minister's posts. that's why many here will regard her as the actual president. but of course, the ceremony was all very subdued. there is no celebration so far because the military is here necessary building. they have 25% of the seats in parliament, three ministers are assigned to them. the president is a hard-line military person. so, it's still a big question how much power the military is willing to share and how much this new government can be able to change in myanmar that's the hope many people here have. >> to that earned, what is the expectation of the people
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because they will obviously feel that this is a huge moment for them. there is a civilian government. if you are saying we don't really know how much power the military is going to hold, then they've got to have some pretty mixed expectations, i would think. >> reporter: the expectations are really, really high because a lot of people are not really aware of how the situation exactly is here in parliament. they really have high hopes. i have been speaking to people. they really have high expectations that there will be this change finally. they say we are basically coming out of a dark era. people have suffered tremendously under military rule. they are saying they have suffered from intimidation. the expectations are high. the reality on the ground is still that this is a long road to democracy. this is just one big step and many big steps will still have to follow. one of them is, of course, constitutional change and that can only be done with the help of the military and that's, of course, is going to be a big
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question how much the military is willing to be able to help with that. >> thank you, steph. we move to other news. the passengers and crew on board the hijacked egypt air flight have been welcomed to cairo by the egyptian prime minister. onlookers stood and applauded as
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>> an egyptian taken into custody. around his stomach, something white, possibly his supposed suicide bomb belt that will authorities now say was a fake. >> from the search of the aircraft, no explosives were found on the 59-year-old suspect or the aircraft, itself. the moebdz do not appear to be related to terrorism. he job description authorities released this video showing the suspect going through security at alexandria air poverty. his belt made from reportedly mobile phone covers. during a 30 minute the, he demanded the plane be diverted to sicypress. for hours, a crisis team negotiated with the hijacker, securing the release of dozens of hostages. as for motive, the investigation seems focused on the personal rather than the political.
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police here in cyprus are saying this is being treated not as an active terrorism but as a criminal act and the man involved is likely to be indicted on criminal charges on wednesday. they say part of their investigation will focus on the contents of the letter that he threw from the plane and was recovered on the tarmac at the airport. >> letter apparently to his est tra trained wife. when asked if this was all over a woman, "there is always a woman," he said. other reports suggested that the hi hijacker asked for certain female egyptian prisoners to be released. at some point, the hijacker demanded to meet with an eu representative. at others, he demanded to depart from the airport and from another location. >> egypt airplane trying to take the free passengers at last to
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cairo. their ordeal is over. investigation into this incident now well underway as are renewed questions about egypt's airline security. the fake belt went undetected. the captain and crew had to assume a real one had got throu through. >> we have heard from some on board the flight. spoke to lauren taylor. >> it was the moment when i knew it had been hijacked, above the sea, you know, i feel like he will either bomb the plane or he will just demand that we land in the sea or women just keep on flying and theres no fuel. so, i just had several scenarios on my mind trying to figure out what can happen and was trying to make peace with it. i was horrified. and we took off normally from alex and dia to cairo. nothing was weird. maybe after awhile, everyone
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noticed we should have landed and we haven't landed yet. and then i was looking out of the window and i saw the sea. so it was a bit weird to see the sea. usually when you go to cairo, you don't pass that. then we noticed there was something wrong, but we didn't -- nobody imagined that it could be that kind of thing. so then, one of the cabin crew collected all of the passports without saying any reason. he just said they had a problem and that they cannot say anything more. just need the passports. i think about an hour, 45 minutes later, one of the cabin crew members just told us that we had been hijacked and that was it. they didn't say anything else. they didn't say by whom or what the demands are or where we are hutting. we are just flying and that was it. >> what did you think at that point when they said that you had been hijacked? what went through your mind? >> it was a horrifying moment. i couldn't believe it at first.
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i thought it was like an aapril's fools joke or whatever. it cannot be real and i think like most of the passengers, everyone felt that it was like no end. there is no hope for this plane to land because we were above the sea and with these people, you can never know when or how they can proceed with this, with this act. >> and so then, by that i stage, they knew the plane had been hijacked. how long was it after that that you then came in to land? what more did the crew or captain tell you during that time? >> the captain dent tell us anything. it was always through the cabinet. but i think we stayed like an hour and a half above the sea knowing we had been hijacked. and then, then we knew that we were going to land in cyprus which was a bit of a relief for many people but it was still not safe because you never know what he wants to do there or what his intentions are. so, it took us
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a couple of hours. >> the country's largest party, the centrist pmbd is quitting the coalition government. there have been nationwide protests against her over impeachment allegations. more in brazilia. >> party bosses from the pndb, brazil's largest political party, and historically the strongest ally for many years to the worker's party. but on tuesday, in a vote that lasted all of three minutes, pndb leaders decided to take a starkly different path that thrust brazil deeper into political crisis. >> from today, onwards, in this historic meeting for the pmdb, the pmdb is braying from president dilma rousseff's government. >> many saw the move as perhaps
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a fatal political bowl to rousseff who now very likely won't survive mounting pressure in congress for her impeachment and comes up for a vote at least two weeks from now. but she and her alleys say she won't resign, reminding brazilians that 54 million people voted her in to office less than two years ago, and she has not been convicted of in crime. but the political mudslinging on all sides continues. >> with their country's politicians fighting for power, many are watching it all unfold wandering what's become of their country. >> politicians are destroying brazil. no one cares about anything. all prices are going up. no one does anything about it. i am telling you it's difficult. >> all of this corruption. politicians hide money in underwear and socks and the poor suffer. >> as for the opposition, they have more marches planned to
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call for rousseff to step down and no doubt are energy jooidz by the news of her coalition from and around her. the president, they sense s running out of time to save herself. gabriel alzondo. >> in the news ahead, a filipino business a string of casinos and $81 million missing. we will tell you how they are linked to one of the biggest cyber heists in history. >> a dispropportion atly large number of ballet stars. we will tell you about that in a moment.
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why did the egyptian state deny the truth? because it's an inconvenient truth. they managed to have an italian citizen disappear and deliver him back in those conditions. all the more, he was discovered in a place which seems very much controlled like the place of the disappearance on january 25th. the truth is for the regime, it is very inconvenient. >> we have heard from sandra harris part of democracy for egypt. she said she was not surprised given egypt's track records of human rights management. >> egypt was known as the center of torture. we were hired. he script was hired to do all of
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the dirty work for the u.s. and europe because it's against the law to torture anybody in the free world. he script, they have such an experience in the ugly work of soliding and they have had a lock history with that for about 60 years now. it's swraer much parallel with the military ruling of egypt. they are good at this. they do it and nobody has held them according to the world international human rights standard before. so maybe juv maybe mrs. paula rugimi will be able to to do that. i hope hell. it's not just regini. it's thousands of people who are in jail, who have been jailed recently, at least 3,200 and some without a warrant, without a cause, without trial and that
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they stay to rot in jail. >> syrian officials say they have removed 150 bombs planted by isil in palmieri's ancient ruins. syria's head of an tickquities said a technical team has ruined to. he indicated they couldn't reach some areas because hundreds left. government troops captured the town from isil on sunday. in iraq, more than 200 people fled to mosul to escape isil. they areloo living in a youth center. for safety, iraqi forces moved toward mosul to confront the armed group which controls the city. >> donald trump's campaign manager has been charged with battery. cory lowendowski is accused of grabbing and bruising the arm of a journalist. the republican frontrunner has defended lewendowski is innocent
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and will plead not guilty. donald trump has been speaking in the last few hours saying he truly supports his campaign manager, that he is not the sort of person that would commit that sort of offense and he has no intentions of getting rid of him from his campaign. this goes back to events at the beginning of the month. the reporter said she was trying to ask a few more questions as reporters do when she felt herself being pulled back. if you look at the video. you can see her move back some distance, almost as much as half a meter. she said she felt as if she was almost being pulled down. she yudded lewandoski as the person who was pulling her. she posted pictures of bruises on her arm and the police to the police. they invited her to the police station in florida at 8:00 o'clock on tuesday morning. he adenied and was charged with
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misdemeanora assault. in florida, the bar for that is low indeed. if you lay your hands on someone and that contact is uninvited, you can face this charge and it carries with it up to one year in prison or a 5 of up to $1,000. cory landowski has never been in trouble with the police. he says he is innocent and is looking forward to his day in court in may. immediately after the incident, he actually said he had never met the reporter in question and accused her of being delusional. domed trump said it is so important he stay in place. the man who needs his reputation on a reality show is no intentions of uttering the famous words "you're fired" as the man he sees as important to his bid for the white house. >> families of u.s. personnel have been ordered to leave parts of turkey. pentagon spokesmen said it was given out of caution and not in
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relation to a specific threat. 7 people killed after their plane crashed in canada. the victims report include the former cabinet smin ter on his way to attend his father's funeral. investigators say it was caused by bad weather. in greece clashes at the idomini camp near macedonia. scuffles started when police were clearing people from the railw right arm tracks. conditions there are poor. there are about 50,000 refugees in agrees. most hoping to travel to germany. in belgium, the government has revierd the number down to 32 or 35. they are saying some are counted twice. however, 94 people still in hospital after that attack. united nations children firm
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said 6 children are killed in yemen affair day. saying in the past year, 934 children have died, more than 1300 have been wounded. there were 848 documented cases of child soldiers as well. children as young as 10 forced to fit. 10 million required humanitarian aid. the cases of severe acute malnutrition where the body starts to waste away have risen from 160,000 a year. i'm sorry. a year ago, to 320,000. police in pakistan arrested more than 200 people in question and requested 5,000 others. more than sent people were killed in that attack when a faction of the taliban says it carried out the children's play area. he said they were toorthing christians but movie of the victims were mustlims. >> given to wednesday to end their sit-in.
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constitution average. t the world health organization has announced west africa symbols outbreak no longer constitutes a threat to public health t has killed more than 11,000 people in late 2013. while original chaunz of virus transmission have ended, new occur. the who alleges caution. >> what's happening is a new cluster or little outbreak related to a reintroduction from the survivor population. so this in some ways is distinct and is one of the ongoing risks that have to be managed as the outbreak is brought to its completion conclusion. >> investigators are trying to work out how million dollars of dollars stolen from the u.s. federal reserve ended up in the philippines. it was taken from the bangladesh'si's account earlier
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this month. a report from man ill a. >> philippine senators belief this man has all of the answers. >> i have been accused of many things recently. i am here to tell the truth. >> king 1 is a chinese national. he has been bringing gamblers. he sat in front of politicians n front of politicians himself.
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>> philippines. it was transferred to various local casinos. the case has revealed how a weak financial system may have left the banking industry open to money laundering. bianco is head of a large remittance companies. he said they are not at liberty to addition close details without without a court order. >> relax the bankruptcy law to allow the central bank and anti-money laundering council to be able to look into the funds. >> the state bank of bangladesh has launched an inquiry in how execute failed its governor. the rcbc bank has changed internal procedures and fired two of its senior staff. senators know this is at that complicated financial scandal
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that covers three continents and say they don't have all of the answers yet. the philippines is not the biggest economy in asia pacific but it has seen steady growth and increasedphon investments and the authorities say they would like that to accuse. couldn't trees accused of money lau laundering, so cases like this could damage the reputation of the philippines and give cause to potential investors to reconsider their future plans. the editor of a prominent chinese newspaper has resigned. the two protests against media sensor ship. he worked for the southern metropolis daily. he posted his resignation on line. we are going to talk about unicorns now because for many of us, a single-horned is something from childhood fairy tables and bedside stories.
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>> a creature extinct did once r roam the earth. scientists believe he became ex tick about 350,000 years ago. but according to the journal of applied science, they may have survived until 29,000 years ago meaning he would havelaw lived a long time. >> cuba is a small country with a disproportionately number of outstanding athletes thanks largely to government support. looking at that from havan a. >> reporter: you can tell by the way they walk and carry themselves that these are no ordinary students and that this is no ordinary school. ♪ >> down the hall, some of the older peoples are putting on a special performance in honor of their visiting british patron, sir david pang. >> when i first came here, it was 20 years ago. i wanted to do everything i can to help.
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>> every year, more than 50,000 cuban boys and girls from all over the country aspire to study here but only the 300 best are admitted. >> we do not let a single person with talent slip flew our fingers. >> that's the truth. >> rajona has been the director of the school since it's inception in 1962, a protege of the grand dame of valballet. as was the case in the former soviet union, the school combines acdeptic studies and dance under one roof, an integrated teaching system financed by the state, of which they are very few in the world. >> our school has its own unique style. you can always distinguish a cuban dancer, the woman by her f femininity and grace. the male by his verity, powerful
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leaps and spins and the way ne move around the stage. >> 15-year-old alejandro is dreaming big? >> i would like to dance at the royal ballet or at the american theatre. i don't want my career to be only here ♪ >> some of my instinct, i want to be a great balrina. for me, it is something glorious. >> in recent years, it has become ease yooef for dancers to join anotherform foreign country. today, a start of the royal balet. he, too, started here at the age of 9. there are no luxuries here, not even air conditioning. yet these students know that if they have the talent by the time they leave here, they will have the tools necessary to join the ranks of the very best in one of the world's most competitive professions.
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♪ >> a profession that requires discipline and vac face but which, as the ballet school's been factor likes to say: lifts the human spirit. lucia newman, havan a. . thanks for joining us on "america tonight." i'm joie chen. we have heard so much about the epidemic that hit america's streets, heroin. communities, even places you wouldn't expect are being forced now to battle it, but now baltimore is testing out a radical plan to combat heroin addiction.