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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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for a better life, but people say i don't belong here... i'm an american too. >> al jazeera america - proud to tell your stories. hello, everyone.zeera. and welcome to this news hour. live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. the u.s. president hosts his last nuclear security summit in washington. setting greater cooperation with china in the fight against nuclear proliferation. security forced are targeted by a car bomb. at least seven are confirmed dead. iran leader calls off a sit in after the prime minister names new ministers to his
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cabinet. >> and indian rescue teams continue searching for people trap misdemeanor the rubble of a collapsed bridge. 21 are known to have died. i'm robin adams. into the miami open final, else want to show you pictures of the fifa president playing football, but also ahead, the world 2020 india is now complete. slapped up the last available spot for sunday's final, later in the program. ♪ six years ago the u.s. police department delivered a speech many which he planned to rid the world of nuclear weapons. now as he hosts his final summit in washington, barack obama is facing the growing threat from north korea. and this summit is without
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one major nuclear power, russia notable for it's absence at a time of increased tensions between washington and moscow. live now to al jazeera correspondent in washington, d.c., i am guessing that north korea is once again will be high on the agenda? >> it is, before we get to that, i want to tell you what is happening right now, we are getting ready what will be an ecoughny of police sirens. so the motorcades in this town are plenty, and they will be headed here shortly, where the president will be hosting what and called a working dinner. obviously north korea is a big issue, and that's why we saw the president really focused on that. he did what they they called a brief meeting. finishing up with that right now with president holland of france. the president starting with meetings, and then the big meeting was with the
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president of china, and they put out a statement says they have made some progress. there's a way of changes reactors so they don't have to use highly enriched uranium that's this thing that can be used in weapons they can change it so they can use low reactive uranium. they have agreed to work together to reduce smuggling of uranium. in fact, some analysts say it has gotten worse. the president wants china to use it's leverage to tamp down the missle tests we are seeing from north korea, what kind of leverage could have the u.s. have on that. in recent weeks they have been talking more about putting missiles in south korea, they say they are defensive, the chinese do not want to see that happening so
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behind the scenes we expect the discussion to focus mostly on that, the u.s. trying to push north korea to do more, push china to do more, china said it is doing all it's can, but let's listen to what the president had to say about that. >> of great importance to both of us is north korea's nuclear weapons which threatens the security and stability of the region. president xi and i are both committed and full implementation of the u.n. sanctions so we will discuss how we can discourage action like nuclear tests that escalate tensions and violate international obligations. >> the u.s. and chinese presidents, of course, two of the 50 leaders at this summit, but no russia, why isn't russia represented? >> yes, it's been seen as quite as slight. he made the speech in
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progress, and the visions have been at these in the past, so it goes to show you how tense the relationship is, there is a spokesperson saying they didn't feel they were included enough in setting up the agenda, so a noticeable absence, that president obama highlighted in an opinion that he put in a local newspaper, he said look at the state of affairs. if you look at nuclear weapons in the world, more than 90% of those are held by russia and the united states. so it is an open question how much progress can you make when the two -- when one of the two biggest keepers of nuclear weapons is not at the table. the white house is rability aing says it will serve to isolate russia more. the president is says he wants to reduce both of their stock piles but they also admit since president putin took over they haven't been able to have those kinds of discussions. so they are trying to highlighted that they hope to make progress with the
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orinases that are hoar but the commitments will come from the second largest holder of nuclear weapons. >> as that nuclear summit got underway, dozens of supporters and critics of turkey's president gathered to protect. prepared to address the u.s., his critics were chanting accusing the president of supporting armed groups a group of nationals tries to drown out that and waving turkish flags. he has con determined a car bomb attack in south eastern turkey that killed seven police officers at least 27 others were left injury misdemeanor the blast in the mainly kurdish city. these attacks will never keep us from fighting terrorisms, we are corners organizations,
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terrorism is showing it's face through such acts we are determined to make sure that terror 7 no longer an obstacle to the progress in our country. terrorists are being protected in one way or another, and unfortunately, keep attacking our country. we can't top rate this any more. the explosion took place during rush hour and people were returning home, the explosion happened near a bus terminal and the apparent target was a minibus carrying turkish police officers. now, the president is speaking from washington, d.c., did not directly say who is behind the attack, but he indirectly referred to the kurdistan workers party, the p.k.k., he said that terrorism will not deter or
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end turkey's effort to confront terrorism. now, a dominately kurdish area, and over the last few months the security forces have been carries out attacks on a number of areas including the district of sul where many of the kurdistan workers party the pkk is government says are taking refuge. emergency workers are trying to rescue dozens of people still trapped after a bridge collapsed. at least 21 people are killed and almost 100 injuries when a 100-meter section was under construction. came down. rescue teams believe more many people are trapped beneath the rubble, they have been using sniffer dogs and special cameras to try to find the survivors. al jazeera joins us now on the phone line. she has been at the scene for the us, what have you been seeing?
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well, what we are seeing is rescue work going very very slowly. a lot of heavy machinery there trying to use huge slaps of concrete, moving it away from vehicles that have been crushed. they believe many are still under the rubble with people stuck inside, the problem at hand this is a very congested dense area, and the size nearly touching the sides of the building on either side, so the work has to be done very very carefully, they tried to bring in a big crane to move the slab, but that didn't work, so now they are using smaller machinery, and diggers to try to cut through the concrete and iron, in chunks and pull it out. they are expecting to work overnight, there are rescue teams there and many on lookers, of course, and many volunteer whose are helping out with the mission. >> how optimistic are they
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they might find survivors? >> well, they say they are working as hard as ey can, but we have to remember that these people have been under the rubble, or under the debris for more than 12 hours now. as we were walking through we saw some of the cars and they were just crushed cars and vehicles just crushed right down, it is hard to believe how people can survive that, many people have been injured they are saying at least seven are being treated for their injuries some more serious than others people are trying to keep optimism up redses are staying up all night. many of them on lookers passing on water and food to the rescue workers, so there is hope. but it is once again the progress is going very slow any thoughts about why the
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bridge collapsed in the first place? >> and that is the question that people are asking. the thing is this bridge started construction in 2009, it has been delayed time and time again due to all kind of issues, the builders say they were under pressure trying to finish it by the end of this year. but the builders also say that the fault is not there, it is not a technical issue on their part, and it is basically what they are saying which is offending a lot of people, is saying that it is an act of god. politicians the chief minister has come to the sight, saying stringent action will be taken against the owners of the company, she says there will be a huge investigation into it, people are worries that right now there is momentum, but that can tail off, many politician here are talking about what has been happening but it is also election time, so people
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think that right now the momentum and anger they are feel willing soon be ignored after the elections pass. >> with the latest there live at the scene, thank you. >> the prominent iraqi shia cleric has angers his city at the fortified green zone. it comes after the prime minister presented a list of candidated for his revamped cabinet. you are sitting before the thanks of the green zone, with those words he called o. protestors to stand down. >> demonstrations he took a positive step, he announced a new government cabinet today, accept the interior of the defense ministry, and this is what we with have achieved.
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justice has been achieved, this new government should be approved in the next ten days. >> baghdad heavily fortified is where the elite live and work. barricades separate them from the thousands of demonstrators camped out here. they want prime minister to tackle corruption. chief of their demands replace the cabinet with ministers not affiliated to political parties. >> these blocks have caused iraq much trouble, we here are followers who is a symbol of reform we will settle for nothing less. by appointing new ministers and the political parties he risked losing the support of these powerful blocks. if he doesn't, he will be seen as failing to deliver on promises. he can't afford either. he has tried to reframe the debate, saying it has diverted attention and resources from a much bigger
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threat. >> the emergency is effecting the war against isil, troops have to be reinforced. as a precaution against attacks and security breeches. we call on all our people and our political forces to take this into consideration this week the army larged a new offensetive try to retake the province. that campaign alone has made thousands homeless. the economy and political rifts while challenges to the stability that the people vote at the prime minister ignored. al jazeera. >> at least 37 people have been killed and dozens injuries in air strikes on a hospital in syria. the strikes hit the only hospital in the eastern country side some medical staff are among the injuries.
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more than 100 new allegations of sexual abuse by u.n. peace keepers have come to light the u.n. says the vast majority are minors and they date from 2013 to as recently as three days ago. his focus is on the victims and their families we are talking about women, young children, who have been traumatized in the worst imaginable way. yesterday a new domically elected president, marking the end of the transition period. the interventions of the international community helped save the central african republic from an unspeakable fate. yet, we must fate the fact that a number of troops that are sent to protect people instead acting with hearts of
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darkness. these crimes fester in silence, that's why the secretary general is shining a spotlight on these deeply disturbing allegations p p he has been unrelenting in facing this scourge. this constant and loud advocacy must be matched be i the action of member state whose alone have the power to discipline their forces with real consequences. this is essential in resoaring trust, and even more importantly to provide full measures of justice, and healing to the effected communities. all right still to come, donald trump sparks controversial once again. find out why. in a few minutes. and in sport, the world champion women accused their governing soccer body of discrimination. robin will have the details.
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but first, a serbian ultra nationalist who is accused of war crimes in the balkins conflict has been found not guilty by the international tribunal. he was allegedly part of a group that tried to expel nonserbs from the group. paul brennen reports. >> the prosecution described a stand call master, whose ultra nationalist rhetoric whipped up serbian hatred. they alleged he immobilized the militia, to terrorize, ransack, rival groups. after a marathon trial spanning 13 years, the verdict not guilty. >> he was calling for ethnic cleansing of bosnia's nonserbs the majority of the court believes that the prosecution evidence is not
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enough to bring about the possibility in the context in making that appeal, he was just participating in the war effort, by motivated the forces. >> at his political headquarters in belgrade, the supporters cheered the outcome. he himself had expected a 25 year sentence. in any case, having been released from the hague for medical treatment, he had no intention of ever returning to the netherlands. >> from the moment i went to the hague, i knew they couldn't prove the crimes i was accused of. to tell you honestly, after i finished my job and won, i wasn't mush interested in the delivered verdict. >> but in the croatian town, the view is very different. and the verdict in h the hague shocking.
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this verdict is shameful, a failure by the prosecutors. the man who we all know today, has done this oval, and has shown no remorse. >> the verdict leaves the international criminal tribunal in a difficult position. the judge's verdict accused prosecutors of at beth hiding and at worse distorting the evidence presented to court. >> we will review carefully the arguments put forward by the chamber, in order to determine if we are appealing this decision. >> he himself is campaigning for next month's elections in h serbia. his refusal to recognize the authority bolsters his standing. the effect may now catapult him even higher. paul brennen, al jazeera. >> let's get more on this story, a former chief prosecutor in the former
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president, and has also worked at the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia, and he joins us now live, thank you for being with us on the program. how surprised were you by this not guilty verdict? >> not necessarily surprised by the verdict, but pretty surprised by the overall decision of the three judges. a majority of two judges including one thats hadn't heard a word of the evidence. who left the tribunal following a letter he wrote to 60 of his best friends explain nag the judges in particular presiding judge had placed improper pressure on the judges. so he had to be replaced. and that judge along with judge ant nettie was a majority whose findings were acquittal on all counts. the minority judge that has been there throughout give as judgement, astonishing in it's criticism of the majority just to give you an
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idea of how different the two conclusions are. he says that the majority sets aside all the rules of international humanitarian law that existed before the creation of the tribunal and all the applicable law established since the inception of the tribunal in order to acquit. now to have judges this much at adds with each other, is inevitably will bring it into disrepute. i can't express where the right lies because i haven't attended to all the evidence. i can say one with thing about the aspect of the judgement. but does the court have any recognition, do these judges not have any recognition of how little this kind of overall performance over decade and more, will be -- will have for victims. victims expect to get decent quality judgements and what they get is complete disagreement, one of whom
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didn't heard a would have of the evidence, does that mean that the prosecutors may now appeal, which they can do? >> they may well appeal, but he is apparently very ill. appeals take years and it must be more than possible that he would survive long enough for any apeople to be determined. that will mean that this judgement, which to a large extent seems to excuse the serbs for what they did, will stand. and that may have a very very harmful eeffect generally. >> i have to say, i am not lawyer, obviously, i haven't sat through the entire process, but he calls for ethnic cleansing and that call for ethnic cleansing is apparently not enough according to the judgement to prove that he was with guilty of war crimes. does that seem extraordinary? >> it does. to many people seem extraordinary, i can't express an opinion, it is only a been of the majority. i can say this, they make
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some comments on the case, and on the theory of the case about something calls greater serbia, to which he ascribed and they give a completely false analysis of what happened many the trial. leading me to think they simply cannot have read carefully, if at all, sufficiently the transcripts of what was said in that trial. they seem to think that the prosecution changed their view on the view of greater serbia, not at all. he was very careful in explaining that there was a difference in between how he and others approached greater serbia, and how he never used the words had a similar but distinct approach to the problem facing them. his desire to have all serbs living in one state, may be something that can be supported by those that
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believe many the broader political platform of greater serbia, but the majority shows themselves, at least by the summary judgement, because the full judgement is not yet, and the full dissenting judgement of the statement of the judge that supported the majority, of whom the summary it is very hard to think that the majority had done anything like an adequate job. >> right. good to talk to you, thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> . >> his comments have seen criticism from both sides of the debate. as al jazeera reports. >> it is not been a key issue in this election, but donald trump just made it one. this was his response when asked what to do if abortions were made illegal in the u.s.
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>> do you believe in punishment for abortion. >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman. >> yeah, there has to be some form. >> he never apologizes but within 20 minutes they -- the doctor or any other person performing this act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. the woman is a victim in this case, as is the life in her womb. >> there was the predictable condemnation. >> what he said today is just among the most outrageous and dangerous statements that i have heard anybody running for president say in a really long time. the idea of punishing a woman, that is beyond comprehension. >> and from his rivals. >> donald trump will figure out a way to say he didn't say it, or miss quoted or whatever, i don't think so i don't think that's an appropriate response. >> there was even criticism from march for life. >> often a woman make as choice out of desperation, and the last thing that she
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needs is a threat of punishment. >> hillary is a disaster. >> he has come under sustained criticism on his. >> nobody respects more than donald trump. >> on the day before the florida primary, which he won. >> real quotes from donald trump. >> this advert started airing across the state. >> bimbo, dog. >> one analyst says the front runner is creating massive problems for himself. >> it is a problem for him among women, it is a problem for him among pro-life women it is a problem for him because of his kind of lack of understanding on and issue, but also his sort of continuing this narrative that he doesn't see women in a poz t light donald trump has managed to overcome other issues like this, this time the damage may be longer lasting and have a bigger impact if he wins the
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republican nomination allen fisher al jazeera all eyes will now be turning to new york. joining us live from there, kristen let's start off with the democratic side of things how important is this primary to bernie sanders? >> well, it is going to be crucial for bernie sanders and i am standing outside of a rally that is scheduled to get underway in an hour and a half, if you notice there's people lines up around the block. new york is going to be crucial for bernie, but there's actually a primary in wisconsin this weekend that he is expected to win and he needs to win big in wisconsin, and then win with big here in new york if he has any hope of catching up to the front runner hillary clinton. but she is extremely popular in this state. this is her home state. she is about 12 points ahead in the latest polls, she also
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extremely popular with minority voters here in the state. her lead with black voters is even larger than that. if you look at the crowd here, it is a very young crowd, and bernie sanders chose the bronx to hold this event, which is a very minority strong area there's a lot of hissen paics and asians in this crowd, they are very excited about him and his message. as i said, they will have to really come out and show support on the 19th when the new york primary takes place if he is going to have any hope of narrowing the huge lead that hillary clinton has in delegates heading to the national convention. >> what can we with expect on the republican side? is. >> well, republicans surprisingly are also campaigning in new york. john kasich is here. he and donald trump are expected to be here, again,
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next week, trump, of course, is also in new york native. and it is really unusual to see republicans in new york because this is such a democratic state. and because usually by the time the primary comes around, a front runner has already been desited, typically by now, so the fact that these candidates are coming here, trump is actually way ahead among republicans in new york state. but because of recent miss steps and surges by cruz, and kassich trying to make up for the loss ground they are hoping to pull out and narrow the lead here, just for a little bit of context, to show you how rare it is for republicans to be campaigning here at this stage, the last time a republican won an election in new york state in general election was ronald reagan and that was the last time that the republican primary in new york was contested, so it's been decades since we have seen
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this kind of activity here. >> in new york, thank you. >> still to come, south africa's president found guilty of using money to renovate his home. the celebrad architect who has died at the age of 65. plus, the crash that has derailed alonzo's plans in bahrain. that and the rest of sports later.
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>> welcome back and a reminder of the top stories here. the u.s. and chinese presidents have promised to cooperate and fund a nuclear threat. the pledge comes as barack obama hosts his final nuclear security summit in washington. at least seven turkish police officers have been killed in a car bomb attack. the target is believed to have been a vehicle carrying special forces. >> people need to demand
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has ended his sit in ateric baghdad's heavily fortified green zone. south africa's after the highest court found he violated the constitution. he has been ordered to repay some of the $60 million of money he spent upgrading his private home. tonya page, reports. deliver as unanimous warning against the highest political leaders. >> the president has failed to uphold, defend, and respect the constitution and and supreme law of the land. >> they said president jacob zuma and the national assembly violated their obligations by failing to implement the findings of the public protector. the public protector has said
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he should repay a portion of the taxpayer money that was spent on projects like a swimming pool and a chicken coup on his sprawling rural home. they now warm zuma impeached. >> he was wrong when he said he is above the law, he is above the constitution. he was always wrong, and today we say the constitution reigns supreme. >> the president is under mounting pressure, a month ago allegations emerged he was cozy who allegedly offered people jobs on his behalf. and he has been under fire over his handling of the economy, which is now facing the possibility of a downgrade by credit rating agencies. the court ruling on president zuma ends the national assembly is damming but it is too soon to know how it will translate politically. he enjoys the full support so the question is whether this will be enough to push discontent expressed behind
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closer doors out into the open. the anc and the president say they respect the constitutional court judgement, and will study it before acting, the opposition is hoping to capitalize on the momentum, but it is unlikely to succeed with getting an impeachment through, the african national congress, some say the anc won't abandon their leader until it sees what voters do in this year's elections. >> many people have even for a century believed in and supported the anc will be second guessing themselves. >> the political uncertainty is hurting the economy, and that effects the ability of millions of families to put food on the table, whether the opposition hunger per change is matched by voters will be known in a few months, but what seems certain is that the the president has rarely been more vulnerable. al jazeera, johannesburg. >> a soldier accused of
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killing a wounded palestinian has been investigated for manslaughter. he died after being shot in the head last thursday. he had already been wounded after allegedly attacking an israeli. the u.n. human rights chief says he is extremely concerned about what he called an apparent execution. >> al jazeera sent this update from west jerusalem. the session opened with down grading the charge from murder to manslaughter, another few things we heard from the prosecutor saying that the soldier told his commander after the shooting that he killed the terrorist because he deserved to die, another account we heard that the soldier told another on the spot that he stabbed my friend, tried to kill him, and he deserved to die. we also heard that he told his commander that he was weary of the explosive, and the commander didn't believe him. this will go against his defense that he believed that
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this is a 21-year-old palestinian that was already shot and wounded posed a threat to the soldier and his colleagues by potentially having explosives on him, we have gone through the video with the man that filmed it, he said it is clear that no one thought that the 21-year-old had any explosives on him, you can see it soldiers ambulance workers all milling around in close proximity. so certainly dramatic video in a case that is very closely watched here. >> a belgium court has cleared the way for a suspect in the paris attacks to be extradited to france. the federal prosecutors office says both countries will now have to decide on how to transfer him. he was the sole surviving person in the attacks. he was arrested in brussells after four months on the run. amnesty international has
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released a report an a world cup construction site. there has been international scrutiny into the treatment of migrant workers. work is progressing on the world cup venues, but amnesty international says improves to rights are not progressing fast enough. amnesty details abusive concerns for peoples on projections for the football world cup. amnesty interviewed construcon workers rebuilding the stadium, due to be the first world cup venue to open. >> very common ones are delayed pay or nonpayment, for very long periods we have seen some workers going for many many months would be being paid, having worked extremely long hours in very harsh conditions. >> with holding pay is against labor law, an amendment in november 2015
5:40 pm
requires that businesses pay workers on time, and by direct bank deposits. >> you might wonder why workers don't just leave but it isn't that similar. >> you can't work if you don't have a sponsor, and a sponsor has complete control. you can't change a job without the approval, you can't leave the country without the sponsors approval. >> one with man asked his manager if he could leave and was stoled to keep working or he would never with able to leave. that's forced law as the labor organization. >> sponsor shock laws are being updated workers will be allowed to appeal and head of the company says they are making progress with with those that break the law. >> we will set backs in applying our standards. it won't be an immediate solution, never the less, our standards did success, in
5:41 pm
2015, and through our standards we have been able to capture many of these abuses and resolve them. >> also in 2014 report commissioned by the government into migrant labor, says laws need to be better enforced. it isn't just a case of passing new legislation, there is a lot of legislation already in force, and it is a question of also stepping up and enforcement. >> hundreds of thousands of workers, 36,000 are expected to be on world cup projects in the next few years. the haw moon rights groups says more needs to be done to make sure they can make a fair living. without the threat of abuse. >> the renowned actor text has died at the age of 65. she designed only of the most iconic buildings and was the first woman rewarded the prize. jona hull reports.
5:42 pm
>> buildings designed have been seen around the world. for moscow to miami, hong kong. >> the futuristic designs characterized by elongated structures are described as having multiple perspective points and fragmented gee johm tri, as seen here in the moo seem of arts in rome. >> he studied maps of beirut university, before embarking on a career at the association in london. >> by 1979, she established her own london practice, fast becoming a revolutionary force in an industry heavily dominated. the prize earlier this year
5:43 pm
she committed the gold medal from very deliberately trying to question all the things that take for grants and taken away through a new urban life, in the city which was to deal with connectivity, & accessibility. it was said that her deeds often jagged aingeular designs invoked the chaos of modern life. her own life came to an end in the early hours of thursday morning a statement from her company says she contracted bronchitis earlier in the week, and suffered a fatal heart attack while being treated in hospital in miami. she was 65.
5:44 pm
jane duncan the royal institute joins me right now, she was an extraordinary lady, and very much a renowned style, wasn't there, what was it? >> i think she was a brand, actually, by the time she developed this wonderful flowing style i think it is when technology caught up with her imagination. she just was able to do so many things that many architects wouldn't even dream of doing, so she was very unique. it sounds like she pushed the boundaries no question. it is -- it is amazing to be a woman and do that women to be such a stelar architect. it is always difficult being a woman actor text, you are in a man's world most of the time, but she certainly held her end up against the men that were in such a stelar
5:45 pm
position. she was astar among stars. >> you knew her, obviously. >> i did. >> but pictures of you with her, what kind of a person was she, kind of away from the cacameras if you like? >> she was charming. she was whitty, and chatty, very generous. she was a lovely person, i think a lot of people will miss her her character, as well as her architecture. >> was she aware of the fact that she was used or held up as an inspiration for young women with coming into the industry? did she not want to be regarded. that sometimes the a difficulty. >> i am certain she knew she was a role model. she was a role model for architectural, and she was a terrific businesswoman. to create a business of the size that she created in a world brand from her
5:46 pm
creativity is inspirational. >> how easy for her, was it to do that? is. >> very very difficult. it took a long time, in fact, for people in the u.k. to recognize this amazing skill, and i don't think the u.k. was ready for her, probably, until 2010, or maybe before that. when she was commissioned to do this wonderful olympic park swimming pool. >> which was extraordinary. >> of course the wonderful thing now it is open to the public, and you can go and swim under this wonderful sweeping roof. it is like swimming under a whale. it is fantastic, and she has really built the most exciting buildings in the world. and been praised for it. >> will they stand the test of time? the trouble with architectural things go in and out. >> her buildings were not fashionable. they weren't designed to
5:47 pm
match the post modern era, or any era. they used space, they created flowing light and space of people to enjoy being in walking through and past. that sort of creative -- it never goes out of style, her buildings will last forever. >> really good to get your thoughts. >> thank you. >> time for another shot break, but still to come, the final line-up for the women's t 20 world cup in india. full details coming up in sport. p
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it was once a favorite for favorites such as david bowie and louie reed. >> we spoke to the owner. >> i am steve rosenthal and i am the owner of the magic shop. >> chris, how is it going? >> great. >> good. >> making noise. >> when i started and i built the studio in '87, the whole sort of concept was the idea is that people would play in a room. and what comes out of the interaction is the record. >> wow. >> this was with kind of
5:50 pm
representatives of the kind of records that have gotten made here. one of the highlights is doing a james bond song here that was a blast. two louis reed records, two natalie merchant errors two ramons records. it's been very eclectic and fun. >> ♪ having david bowie at the magic shop was an amazing experience. >> the thing was he wanted to work without being bothered and he wanted to be able to be here and concentrate. none of us said boo about it. and it is something i am very proud of that we were able to keep the secret. to be able to deal with your own mortality and create art out of it is extraordinary. >> the music industry itself is very troubled. the decline of the music business has impacted very
5:51 pm
seriously my studio business. and the budgets have declined. also the way technology allows people to make music in their house and all that stuff how are you doing. >> nice to see you, good to see you too. >> thank you for having us. >> my pleasure, they are coming in to work now, well i have to be out at the end of march, but i have to learn to deal with it. i have been coming here for 28 years that's a long time. the end of an era there, time for all the sport now with robin. >> thank you very much. the west indies have upstated host to book their spot in the final of the correct world 2020 there are few sun porters of indian cricket fan as the host nation their kayryed intense pressure into
5:52 pm
the clash. who many are ranking as the world's best. he should have been run out on one, but the chance made them pay. he ended up with an unbeaten 89 of 47 in the 192 for 2 of their 20 overs. the west indies number one with danger man was balled out in the second over. but similar mondays and russell let lose. the pair without put on a partnership of 80. now there's moments with the final over, but they got there with three balls left. it is going to be a double header on sunday, the women's
5:53 pm
team also advances to the final, but for the first time in their history. they bet new zealand by six runs to progress, and will take on three time defending champions australia. elise holeman al jazeera. >> players obviously still coming to terms what the is semifinal loss. he continues on after this tournament. he can continue playing on after this tournament. >> let's have some fun. come. come. >> yeah. >> [laughter] >> i was hoping it was -- do
5:54 pm
you think i am unfit? >> no. >> very fast. >> you think i can make my way to the world cup? is. >> yes, sure. >> thank you, sir. you are forgetting something. i would have said okay maybe a brother he can play, and keep up. >> formula 1 drivers for this weekend's grand prix, one man that won't be taking part, this is why the former double world champion was involved in a huge clash at the last race earlier this month, the second race in h the gulf state, but following an examination it esa been decided he should pull out. last season he missed the opening race, having pre-season testing in spain.
5:55 pm
five members of the women somer team in a federal complaint which is being filed. involved in the team co captain colleague. >> the agency forces laws against workplace discrimination. this is how the earns compare, for taking part in the international against the team in the top 10 women will earn 13 -- $1,350 for a win, while the men will pocket more than 17.5000. while winning the world cup, the u.s. women receive 75,000 per player, and unlikely as a team, if the men had won the fifa event, they would pocket more than $9 million for the
5:56 pm
women do now seem to have the backing of their male counter parts. >> well, they are certainly successful as a team, what i would say is any time there's a labor dispute, athletes should fight for their rights, men or women. gender aside, they should fight for what is fair so i have no problem with that, none of the mens players have a problem with that at all. >> been in charge of fifa for just over a month. last week he celebrated his birthday in south sudan while watching the cup there, now he has touchdown in the bo livian city, it is the third step on his south american tour. he met with the beliefian president who presented him with one of the nation's highest honors. there was even time for an
5:57 pm
exhibition match of course no stranger to football, the professional club that was back in 2014, but as you will see here, going on to win 1-nil in a penalty shoot out. >> the most decorated olympian is swapping his cycling kit for a drivers outfit and a helmet. the olympic gold medalist and world champion will be competed in the world's most famous endurance race, he is fulfilling a childhood dream will line-up for the pro racing team. that's it. >> robin, thank you very much. and there is time to remind you you can always find out much more on many of the stories we are covering on our website. that is what the front panel looks like at the moment. and that's about it for me. and the news hour team, stay with us i am back with more in a couple of minutes, bye
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> ...and on the streets. >> there's been another teenager shot and killed by the police. >> a fault lines special investigation. >> there's a general distrust of this prosecutor. >> this is a target you can't get rid of. >> the untold story of what's really going on in ferguson. >> they were so angry, because it could've been them. >> one hour special, only on al jazeera america. >> al jazeera america - proud of telling your stories. >> somebody to care about us man... >> we're live in ferguson, missouri. >> brick by brick, i will open it. it will take more than a few rocks to stop me from doin' what i have to do. >> suddenly heroin seems to be everywhere. >> there's no way i am willing to give up my family for a drug ever again. >> getting to the heart of the matter. proud to tell your stories. al jazeera america.
6:00 pm
>> slavery in nepal has been abolished, by law. but behind the high walls of many city homes here, young girls continue to serve as slaves. known as kamlari, they are the daughters of indebted farmers, sold to landlords for little to no money. i lived in a big famil