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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. >> we are united in the effort to deter and defend against north korean provocations. president obama hosts a global summit on nuclear weapons against a backdrop of threats against north korea and i.s.i.l. >> gaining ground on donald trump and clinton, is it too late for the challenges - the numbers and issues. >> every day we play like men the equal pay debate. a claim by the u.s. women's soccer team saying they make a fraction of what the men do. >> if we teach wha is not sound
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fill os fees or facts. we are setting them up for failures. >> the fight over school textbooks. the debate about what is in or what is out could impact much of the nation. president obama's fourth and final summit got under way in washington. the gathering is aimed at ensuring nuclear materials do not fall into the hands of groups like isil. on day one north korea's arsenal dominated the talk. jamie mcintyre reports from the white house the north korean problem grows more complicated and vexing by the day. north korea continues to test bombs and missile technology and is getting to the point where it may credibly threaten neighbours
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and the united states with a nuclear attack. pyongyang has been known for the rhetoric. its latest propaganda was an over the top video posted on a north korean website. threatening the united states with an attack. bet threatening with a missile attack on the mall. >> a decade ago such war talk could be dismissed as bluster. now the claims of north korea's leader, of developing a miniaturized war head and a noble intercontinental missile, though unverified must be taken seriously. before the summit opened president obama held talks with the leaders of south korea and japan, the two allies closer to the north. >> it's not surprising one of the topics op our mind is the
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issue of north korea. and we are united in our efforts to deter and defend against north korean provocations. later, obama administration met with xi jinping, the president of the china, thought to have the most influence with north korea. both countries are committed to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. even though the north boasts an underground test. it was teemed as an unsuccessful attempt.
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america's top general said it's contemplating you have to factor in capabilities, and others. in addition for the splat confronted on the ray tensing. >> the united states hopes that the sanctions would convince north korea to give up nuclear ambitions. the leader seems to be unmoved by the plight of the people and convinced the only way to guarantee it will not topple the regime would be to have a the nuclear sabre to rattle. >> the soul suspect in the paris attacks could be extradited to france. salah abdeslam was arrested. his lawyer says he's will to cooperate with french authorities, the transfer could take place in the next 10 days.
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isil fighters killed 130 in the paris attacks. a virmgian state trooper and a gunman has been arrested. investigators don't know what sparked the shooting. two gunman. bernie sanders. out doing rallies. both have tied to the state. >> it's in the senate. it made for a race. >> thank you. >> fresh off the victories: after a string of large rallies. the latest fall out is now
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leading. taking it to 45. when we stand together. clinton in his own backyard. a large number of allies. >> i have been to the house. in a rally, they pledge that new york is yours. >> serving as your senator for eight years was one of the greatest honours of my life. >> in a sign of the heightened tensions and importance of the new york race, sanders supporters protested and interrupted at the clinton
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event. >> i know the bernie people dame to say that. we are sorry you are leaving. >> you want to vote democratic and you are a true democrat. you should vote bernie. >> in the republican contest donald trump appears to be losing a high profile defender. an-coulter lashed out on a radio show. >> do you realise our candidate is mental. it's like constantly having to bail out your 16-year-old son from prison that was before trump's comments on wednesday before abortion. >> the answer is that there has to be a form of punishment. >> for the woman. >> trump campaigned and called it a misspeak and said he would only punish doctors. none of had it likely to help trump. where the latest voters indicates ted cruz jumped ahead 40-30. john kasich welcomed 21.
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for his part, crews seems to have found his timing. wednesday night. cruz joked about jump and drought down the house. >> if they were in the car, getting ready to reverse. >> i'm not confident which pedal. >> the antiestablishment strump met with the head of the republican establishment. trump talked with the chairman of the international committee. they called the 30 minute meeting very mice. there's no talks of trump's recent controversies over abortion or supporting other candidates. it routinely meets with all the presidential candidates. californian lawmakers approved a high state minimum wage. it would go up to $10.50, and
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would increase to $15 an hour by 2022. more than 2 million workers are affected. los angeles and other cities approved $15 minimum wages. >> five members of the u.s. soccer team filed a complaint against the governing body in the u.s. the team's stars say despite generating profit and interest, they are paid less than ournt parts. the numbers seem to support their claim. >> the in my view players is sports. earning less than mail counterparts from everything from appearance fees to bonuses. >> after a world cup win against japan in 2015, u.s. women's team was honoured with a ticker tape parade in new york city. more than 23 million watched the game.
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making it the highest rated match. that win, is a record for a women's soccer team. unmatched by any team. the success is generally revenue. according to a discrimination complaint, it is not translating to equal pay for the women's team. >> we stock just as much as the men, and endure as much physically and emotionally. >> the complaint failed with the mission, say players are on 72,000, for a minimum of 20,000. they are paid a bonus of 1,350. even though they have been les success: they made $100,000. they are paid for more against
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higher ranked teams and make more than 11 7,000. it women say is violates disparity laws. >> the women were cold it was irrational. it may be a good answer in 1816. >> the u.s. soccer federation expressed disappointment and is committed to negotiating an agreement when the contract expires. getting pay equity, the women in the pass agreed and signed the offer from u.s. soccer that paid them. that's for the next agreement. they are taking the stands. they do not want to be paid differently. but it is the result.
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the soccer union considers going on trike. the soccer federation warns it would hurt them. >> a programme that was supposed to shorten security lines and airports have not worked out as planned. next, travel headaches this summer el nino bringing rain and snow to california. it may not be enough to end the long draught.
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chicago police union has hired the police officer charged with shooting ley canned mcdonald. jason van dyk will work as a jan iter whilst fighting first degree murder. it is the union's way of providing the suspended officer with financial assistance. the the 2013 shooting was captured on video, causing protests when released last year on the day van dyk was charged. >> an election for the texas state board of education is making headlines because of what a can't dade has been saying. as jesus castillo reports, the
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results could affect what children across the country read in their textbooks. >> she's outspoken. she's one step away from shaping what children in texas and potentially around the country learn in public cools for years to -- schools for years to come. >> if you are teaching... >> reporter: she is running for a spot on the texas state board of education. she received the most votes in the texas republican primary, coming in under 50%. now the race is headed to a run off. if she wins, she'll join the board and have a voice guiding the consent of texas textbooks. >> we have 5 million kids and if we teach things that are not
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sound facts. >> due to the outside purchasing power, the same textbooks may be sold and used in other states. >> some of the things she said are right fully frightening to think of someone having a microphone and the status of an elected official in texas. >> thomas is the state board vice chair. he options the candidacy. she has views out there that are not mainstream. notably, she believes that the counter president was a male prostitute. to pay for his drug habit. >> brunner posted the comment. she did not respond to a request for interview. >> if she nose what the parents want. she'll be able to speak to the values and concerns. she said that school shootings in the united states began after school taut evolution, in the
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classroom. >> tooling the two things created -- to lioning those two things created controversy. >> what needs to be said and the further we get away from the founders ideal for education in our state, and their ideal for the very government judeo christian values, the further we get away, the more we'll have things not like throwing spit wads and chewing guns, as was the biggest trouble many years ago. today we have shooting the texas state board is not knew to controversy, in 200950 organizations criticized the board for an attempt to weaken the board. since then voters elected board members. >> the circus there prior to my arrival is nothing like what she brought to the board. now it's feared that as essential is putting believe
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over fact get ready for long lines at airports. we told you about this last nights. airlines are warning passengers that security can be worse than usual as the travel season ramps up. that's because the t.s.a.'s precheck programme has not caught on as the agency hoped it would. it was supposed to leave lines by allowing prescreened flyers to get through. the agency cut staff by 10% thinking workload would decrease. not enough people have enrolled meaning the t.s.a. is short staffed. joining us from washington d.c. is andrewa. it scenes like government bureaucracy christmas yeaness. it's a self-inflict wound cutting staffing, amenting something that didn't happen. >> i think they had high hopes
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for the programme and thought people would plonk down the $85. a lot of people were through the arbitrary nature of it. i was in it several times without doing anything. you thing why do i pay for it if i'm going to be selected. >> the t.s.a. faces a double whammy, fewer employees, is it stuck because it can't higher people fast enough? >> they are trying to get more people in there. they have done several stories, they did away with the arbitrary nature of the precheck. they'll decide if you can go into precheck. that way you may alleviate the other lines by getting some. >> the pretech side. i see how the lines got worse.
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what should travellers do. >> i found the same thing. i thought i could blow through it and that i would miss my flight. they are saying show up two times ahead of domestic. three hours for international and make it simply for the carry on. don't bring tonnes of things, make it easier for the scanner to find the simple articles. you get to the security line quicker. i head 68 hundred travellers missed their flights. the airlines can't be happy about it. >> not at all. another in a way powerless. i know they are adding pressure, they don't want to see the passengers miss the flights.
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they are putting pressure on them saying we support you. >> it has been a god send, i think. i thank the t.s.a. for it every week. for people that are frequent travellers. is it for everybody? >> for precheck? >> yes. >> is it? >> is it something that most travellers should do or is it for people that travel a lot? it's great for people that travel a lot. for people, maybe not. but for people that travel several times a month. it makes a difference. >> appreciate you joins us. >> el nino was not enough to pull california out of its drought. that's what they were saying as the snow pack reached an observing depth.
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it's about a third of the municipal water needs. it will not be sufficient to serve the cities and farms this spring and summer, the state is expected to keep orders in place for residents to consume 20% less water. the tesla model three will not be on the market for more than a year. people are lining up to reserve a chance to buy one. the buzz behind the next generation of cars next. days after announcing it hacked into an iphone of a san bernardino attacker. the federal bureau of investigation is offering to help others do the same thing in a murder case.
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the federal bureau of investigation says it's getting requests from prosecutors to unlock iphones, and agreed to help with one case. the agency said it will help prosecutors in a murder case unlock an ifeep. it comes days after the agency awaited for her to unlock the phone. apple refused to help the fbi access the information. in los angeles, tesla is unfeeling the model three. it is tesla's first car. production will not get under way until next year.
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eager buyers are lining up. josep guardiola went for a preview. >> the people in line behind me are not just fans, and are not here to see the cars. they are here to put done 1,000 in cash. they are not allowed to get another car for a year at least. it makes sense. it combeets with others at a starting price of $35,000. all of incentives and rebates, it is affordable. it guess you into the carpool lane. which is an enormous boom. >> for consumers, it's making sense. it represents the big challenge for this company. >> it marches through several models, and each one of those was a life or death proposition.
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this raises the states. getting by on a luxury segment of the market. and is trying to compete with regular automakers, and unlike the automakers that can sell boatload of cars. to fund the it. they do not have the luxury. basically it's trying to earn its place ranked among the highest valued automakers in the world. the state department has apologised for what critical a tone deaf attempt at social media. it sent out a tweet on wednesday saying was meant to be a travel warning, many found it offensive or silly. it read:
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the state department deleted the tweet. finally, mother and baby afia are going fine. they are western low-land guerillas, it is the first guerilla born by c section in the u.k. this week a keeper took the little one into the guerilla enclosure. several are taking turns as care takers, and they are doing everything from feeding the critically endangered animal. >> luis suarez is up next for "inside story". have a great night. night.
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it was announced with grapt fan fair earlier this year that researchers had identified one of the markers that signalled a pre-disposition to series mental illness, schizophrenia. if you know you've got that marker, there's not much you can do about it, but it holds promise for future therapies. if you do know, do you want anyone else to know? are there people or institutions you do not want with that information?