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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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searching for survivors, rescue workers dig through the rubble after a flyover collapse kills 21 in the indian city of kolkata i'm darren jordan in doha. bombers target a bus carrying turkish workers. tens of thousands march in brazil in support of embattled president. and behind the scenes at the recording studio where zack bowman made his time album ahead
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of it closing down after an exhausting night emergency crews in india are continuing effort to find survivors trapped underneath a collapsed flyover. 21 people are confirmed dead in calcutta, but the final death toll could be higher. it's feared as many as 150 could be trapped. a 100 meter section collapsed and fell on to a busy road. we were at the scene overnight. >> what's happening behind me is that heavy machinery - diggers, are trying to break through a slap of the fly over that fell on to the ground. rescue workers believe there are several vehicles trapped under the ground.
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it is a very congested area. the flyover is built in between building, and the end touches the walls or the windows of residential blocks, and it slowed down the rescue effort. >> before the ambulance arrived we were here at the location, and we were the ones that rescued the people. the government didn't pay attention. >> construction was delayed. they were under pressure to complete it. that was the deadline. many thought.
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they used the campaign for safe elections this month. >> seven policemen were killed and 17 civil can injured. this bus terminal crashed. now it's the scene of bloodshed on the streets. a car full of explosives detonated. the force of the blast so strong, it blew out the windows of nearby buildings, a passing bus reduced to a burnt-out threat. >> suddenly we heard a loud noise. the building shook. i thought it was thunder and lightening hitting the house. i ran outside and was told a bomb exploded. >> i was sitting at the till in my shop when the window exploded on my head. it took me by surprise, i didn't know it was a boom, which
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destroyed the building. i saw my sister bleeding. the target doesn't appear to be civilians, but the bus carried forces. reports suggested that it was travelling past the terminal, killing many on board. >> the president who was say way was quick to point out that turkey is doing what it can to stop attacks. despite the frequency of bombings in recent months. >> these attacks will never keep us from fighting terrorists. we are cornering terrorist organizations, it is show egg its heinous face. we were determined to make sure terrorism is no long an object in the country. >> it's designed to flush out
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terrorist fighters. the attack could be a planned warning before the prime minister is due to visit. in syria, 37 have been killed and dozens injured in air strikes. the regime strikes targeted the only hospital in the town. other strikes in the same area hit a school. britain rejected a proposal for a unity government in syria. the foreign secretary said it will not solve the conflict. >> bashar al-assad talks about a unity government by which he means bringing one or two hand-picked regime friendly oppositionists into minor posts in the government. that is not sufficient. there has to be a change of direction, the creation of a government that represents all
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the people, communities in syria. and it has to be a government that is seen in the future. >> one of iraq's prominent shia leaders urged the follower to urge the protest. supporters saged a sit in. around the capital. the prime minister met their demands for reform by announcing a new cabinet. we have more. >> end your sit in beforthe gates of green zone, with thanks and appreciation to you. with those words moouk tadder al-sadr called on the protesters to stand down. >> mr muqtada took a step, announcing a positive step. a new cabinet was announce the received as a result of sitting in. justice has been achieved. the new government should be approved by the parliament.
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>> baghdad's fortified green zone is where the elite lives and works. barricades separatelies them from the thousands camped out here. they want the prime minister top tackle corruption. chief of their commoned. replace the cabinet with ministers not affiliated to political parties these blocks caused iraq and iraqis much trouble. we here are followers of evidence of moouk tarreder, a symbol of reform. we'll setting for nothing left. it's not that easy, appointing ministers unaffiliated, risking losing the support of the powerful block. if he sunday. he'll be seep of failing to deliver on promises that he can't afford. he is saying that the political deadlock had afforded attention and resources. >> the state of emergency is protecting the war against
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i.s.i.l. troops have to be reinforced by troops in baghdad as a precaution against attacks and breaches. we call on our people and forces to take this into consideration. >> this week the iraqi army launched an offensive to retake the province from isil. >> that campaign alone made thousands homeless. >> back in baghdad the pressure is on. isil is flagging the economy and people will not let the prime minister ignore. >> residents came out in force to show support for the new unity government. they are calling on the u.n. backed government to help end years of turmoil. the delegation arrived defying threats of violence. >> tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets
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in brazil to show support for embattled president. they believe impeachment procedures against her are unjust and amounts to a coup. >> they will not let the president go down without a fight. tens of thousands of julianark ruhfus odds ardent supporters took to the streets all over the country to embolden a president fighting for political survive am, surviving off impeachment. >> it's a delegate situation, there's nothing against the president to just gi impeachment -- justify impeachment. >> reporter: they say the impeachment is a coup orchestrated by those to thwart elections. >> translation: i'm here against a coup. it's absurd that a
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democratically elected president by the majority would be removed like this. >> many of the people are poor or working class. the ones that benefitted from social and economic policies of rusev's workers party for the past decade. today they are on the streets for a reason. thursday is the anniversary of the military coup supported by congress ousting the president from power and led to two decades of dictatorship. dilma rousseff's supporters see parallels, believing democracy is at risk. a constitutional lawyer says the impeachment is going through correct channels. is it a coup? >> in, no. i do not consider this a coup. constitutions are working. this is a legitimate legal process in the constitution. >> if the impeachment process is a legal process and
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constitutional. why is the president calling it a coup. >> maybe calling it a coup is part of the id crisis of the workers party. i have no doubt there's corruption and stealing of funds going on. >> the opposition has protests planned in the coming days as well. today it was dilma rousseff's supporters helping a% to healed on to a job that is more tenuous by the day. >> a belgium court approved the extradition of paris attack suspect to france. the two countries will discuss how to proceed with the transfer. and he faces an arrest warrant. he was arrested in brussels this month. 130 people were killed in the paris attacks in november. >> time for a short break on al jazeera.
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when we come back. anger in france as the government seeks to end a 35 hour working week. >> and could japan's efforts to boost the economy backfire. we spoke to the people affected by a tax height. more on that. stay with us.
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welcome back, a reminder of the top stories, rescue teams in india searching for survivors trapped under the rubble of a
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collapse said bridge. several dilled -- killed. a car tum of explosives detonated. thousands in the streets to show support for embattled president dilma rousseff. they believe impeachment proceedings are unjust. thousands marched across france in anger at reforms, part of a strict that could alter the working week. >> it was planned as the climax to weeks of protests against the new labour law. tradeunions and students joined forces to rejected a conspiracy between politicians and business. thousands turned out in paris. the rain may have ke derred
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others. >> the law is not on. i'm here protesting to demand that the law be withdrawn. i was u i say flexibility benefits bosses, not the workers. >> students have been vocal and vented anger against the police. they do not buy the idea that greater flexibility will encourage job creation. >> reporter: the reason many young people have been out protesting is they want the same kind of job security as their parents and grandparents had. >> french labour law is complicated climate changes have been watered down. >> it is important to listen.
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we had high unemployment levels for the past 30 years. it's necessary people express their worries. francois holland fromized not to stand if he cannot reduce unemployment. elections are a year away and figures are high. >> the international criminal tribunal acquitted a serbian leader of war crimes. he was accused of stoking hatred during the wars in bosnia and croatia. he was not in court to hear the judgment. he returned to belgrade. in venezuela. people are protesting over shortages of medicines and wants the government to declare a health emergency. 90% of drugs and supplies are in short supply. in peru, the remains of 40
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farmers have been returned to families. relatives if a gathered for a mass. it was believed they were buried in a mass grave between 1993 and 1991. >> the campaign for the next president of the united states is rolling through to mork. democratic rivals -- to new york r. democratic rivals hillary clinton and bernie sanders are holding events. kristen saloomey sent this report. polls show hillary clinton has a strong lead. her home state. we are seeing a lot of enthusiasm for bernie sanders. thousands showing up. hillary clinton has a lot of support abank black voters, we are seeing a lot of minorities
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and young people. for me, it's assertion, how they speak and sean question. that says a lot. >> the more people find out about sanders, the more they find he was marching. more penal get educated, i feel confident the community will do that. bernie sanders may be behind the poll. he just won the states. he is expected to win wisconsin, and needs to win big there and in new york on the 19th, if he has hope of catching up to hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. >> hundreds of women protested against donald trump's remarks on abortion. if it became illegal, women who underwent the procedure should
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face punish the. the campaign backtracked. opposition parties are calling nor the president to be impeached. to pay back a part of $15 million to refurbish the residents. 11 constitutional judges deliver a ruling against the highest political leaders. >> the president failed to uphold, defend and respect the constitution of the land. >> president zouma and the national assembly violated the constitutional obligations by failing to implement the famings of the public protector. the public protector said zouma should re pay a portion of money, spend on projects like a swimming ball and chicken coup on a sprawling home. the opposition parties launch action, and want zuma impeached.
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>> zouma is wrong when he says that he's above the law, above the constitution. he was always wrong. and today we say the constitution rained supreme. >> the president is under pressure. a month ago allegations emerged that he was goesy with a wealthy family, the guptas who offered ministerial jobs on his behalf. he's been under fire, facing the effectively of a downgrade by credit rating agencies. >> the court ruling on puma and the national assembly is damming. it's too soon to know how it will translate. the question is whether this will be enough to push discontent express said behind closed doors outside into the open. the a.n.c. and the president say they report the constitutional judgment and will study it before acting. the opposition is hoping to capitalize on the momentum, but
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it's unlikely to succeed getting an impeachment through parliament. some say the a.n.c. will not abandon their leader until it sees what voters do. many who for years, for decades, for a century believed in and supported the a.n.c., are going to be second-guessing themselves. >> the political uncertainty is hurting the economy, and that affects the abilitiry of millions of families to put food on the table. with the opposition's hunger for change is matched by voters will be known in a few months, what is search is the president has rarely been more vulnerable. >> pakistan is seeking iran's help to check on the activities of the inti wing. isis accuses india's research and analysis wing of research.
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an fore was arrested in ball usees tan a tax height on goods and services. in efforts to reduce public debt. rob mcbride reports from tokyo, experts say the move could do more harm than good. >> running his basement noodle shop, sometimes working 20 hours a day. they feel every percentage point of every tax height. >> and the increase in the rate of tax charged on goods and services, from 5-8" reduces his margin. >> they observed the difference. if the tax is increasing again to 10%. you'll have no choice but to pass it on in higher prices, even though the business will suffer. upscale the problems to the size
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of the third biggest economy, and you have japan's dilemma. >> raising the amount of tax everyone pays is meant to tackle japan's balloons debt. if the rise has the effect of slowing the economy and reducing revenue received. it defeats the turp. many analysts believe the last tax rise pushes japan into recession last year. all of this casts doubt on his arbonomics strategy of revitalizing the economy. with wages rising, economists believe the economy can't bear another tax rise and abe's government will be looking for reasons to postpone it. >> they cannot say they are going to postpone, because of weakness of domestic economy. that is why they have to prove
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the economy. >> for the reasons to postpone the height. it's a tricky thing for the government. >> trickery too as this man tries to set needsle prices to keep the business going. >> i wish abe would do something for the ordinarily people. it seems abe's sting louse measures intended to have a trickle down effect have yet to reach the basement business. tributes have been paid to one of the world's acclaimed architect. baghdad born queen of the curve died of a heart attack at the age of 55. her buildings included the london olympics aquatic center. we have this report. >> reporter: buildings designed by the dame can be seen around the world from moscow to miami.
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at home she's known for the aquatic center, built for the 2012 london olympics. her futuristic science characterised by curving forms and structures are designed as having multiple points and fragmented geometry, as een here in the maxie in rome. born in baghdad. he studied maths at beirut, before embarking on a career at the architectural association in london. by 1979 she'd established her own london practice, fast becoming a revolutionary force in an industry heavily dominated by men. in 2004 she became the first woman to win a prize, and earlier this near, she collected the gold medal from the royal institute of british architects. >> it's fantastic that i'm
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acknowledged for work that was not mainstream, was very deliberately trying to question things that people took for granted and weaving through an urban life in the city. it was said that the designs prove oged the chaos of her life. a statement from her company said she contrcted pronk itis in the week and suffered a heart attack. she was 65 finally musicians performed a concert in new york to pay tribute to david bowie. an iconic studio, a favourite of
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the rock legend is closing down. the magic shop is falling victim. what it was like to work with one of music's biggest stars. >> hi, i'm sieve, the own of magic shop recording studio. how is it going? >> great. making noise. when i started, and i built the studio in '87, the whole concept was the idea that people would play in a resume, and what comes out of the (action -- interaction is the record. >> wow. this was representative of what was happening. two vega records. two ramones. it's been very eclectic and
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really, really fun. having david bowie at the shop was amazing. he wanted to work without being bothered and wanted to be here. none of us said boo about it. it's something i'm proud of to keep the secret, to deal with mortality and create art out of it. i think the music industry is troubled. the decline of the music business impacted said seriously my studio business. budgets declined and the way technology allowed people to make music in the house. >> how is it going? >> my pleasure.
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coming in to work now. i have to be out of here in march. >> i have to deal with it. i've been coming here for 28 years, it's a long time all the news on the website. there it is on your screen. >> thanks for joining us. as the dialogue changes for the lgbt community in america, the nation's largest christian denomination, american catholics