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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2016 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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tutankhamun's 3,000-year-old tomb. the whereabouts of her final resting place has long been a mystery for egyptologists. that is it for this half hour of news. don't forget the website, all the news covered there. a path of destruction. tornados tear across the south-east. and more severe weather is not over the fight for 15, lawmakers on the brink of implementing the highest minimum wage, and tesla rolls out a new affordable car, you'll have to get in a long line to get one.
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this is al jazeera america. a violent storm system is pushing i can't say the south. tornados hitting alabama, louisiana and mississippi, as many as 34 million people could be impacted by severe weather. we have more. dismoo the strongest storm hit oklahoma. thousands had their power knocked out. trees uprooted. others were reported in parts of mississippi and alabama. heavy rain caused flooding and prompted evacuations. further fourth, a dozen homes
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were damaged. >> we were messing with my car. all of a sudden my wife called and said you need to come in. i doesn't here the sirens. when we came out. it was flying off the top of the shop. >> crews rescued a 16-year-old. in alabama two swifters hit no one in the state was hurt. >> the risk of severe weather conditions. nicole mitchell has more. >> we had reports of well over 100, all the way to the great lakes. that was a different problem, high wind in addition to the
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reports from yesterday of the the problem today we have concerns, and rain adds to the problem. even though the thread is winding down, we have it. a lesser risk, anywhere from the golf hosed to the hied atlantic. watch for the swangs. a couple of days of rain. up and down the coastline. by the time we get to tomorrow, there's a system across the great lakes, it merges in. the north-east is active. other areas will clear out. and there's a chance for snow on the day on sunday. we say snow. we have warm temperatures ahead. a lot of temperatures into the '70s. behind that, as the system goes through. they drop off 20-30 degrees
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the latest jobs numbers from the federal government shows promise, a solid 215,000 jobs. there has been over 200,000 jobs created. not all sectors are benefitting. manufacturers loft 29,000. the unemployment rate up a small tick, 5%. workers in new york and california will be among the highest min muj wage workers. in new york, it will be raised by 2018. in the rest of the state it will happen by 2022. chicago teachers are off the job. these are demonstrations from a short time ago. they have been working without a contract. the disprict says it's illegal.
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chicago teachers are asking if the union is doing the right thing. >> this fifth grade teacher doesn't want to walk the line. we are showing that it's an urgent matter. >> the planned walk out is parts of a few over funding between rahm emanuel and the teachers union that started when the city closed 50 public schools. the old contract expired last spring. the teachers can't trying until may when a fact-finding mission is completed. the city wants to stop it based on teachers experience and educational level. many delegates wanted a
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full-blown strike. >> they feel like why don't we do it now. >> reporter: chicago public c.e.o. says if there is a strike, teachers will be breaking the law. >> we'll talk to lawyers about how to pursue legal actions. >> teachers that don't show up to work or have legitimate excuse will be docked a day's pay. if they want to come to school and cross a picket line they could get in trouble with the union. it's believed the teachers are put in a difficult situation. >> the legality is the number one reason most teachers feel presencible about doing it. >> the illinois educational labour relations board could decide if the strike is illegal,
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and what actions if any could be brought against the teachers. >> turning to politics. the issue was over allegations. it has taken campaigns to the fossil fuel industry. the activist hit back saying i do not work for the campaign. it proves to people that they need to stop taking that number today. >> clinton and republican candidates have nout. the super-pact supporting her
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have received numbers. >> sanders is trying to make inroads. the home down and home turf - the vermont senator held the nominations. fresh off victories, bernie sanders hopes to replicate in new york who polls suggest. >> it indicates sanders is leading hillary clintonon 49% to 45. >> when we stand together. there's nothing we cannot accomplish. gaining on clinton in new york, it is not so easy. >> you are meeting the next
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president. it is a large until of political allies. in a coffee shop. >> at a rally in the county, where it is hers. >> it is one of the greatest honour of my life. >> in the sign of intentions, bernie sanders supporters protested and interrupted. >> i know the people will say that we are sorry you are leaving. in the republican contest. donald trump is losing a high profile defender. conservative commentators lashed out on a radio show.
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>> our candidate - it's like bailing out your 16-year-old son. >> the answer is it is some form of punishment. the campaign called it a misspeak. >> trump is hoping the bury the catched has he inches closely. they met with the chair. trump called the meeting very nice. r.n.c. called is productive. it followed trump's declaration that he is taking bac the pledge to support the republican nominee, if it is not him. >> the equal pay debate waged in soccer say they made a fraction of what their counterparts do.
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they are suing. using modified mosquitos to fight zika and other diseases.
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the government is preparing for a passengers outbreak of the zika virus in rt u.s. the c.d.c. is holding a summit to coordinate a response. there there has been 273 travel-related viruses. scientists are using mosquitos as a secret weapon to fight the virus. nick betz reports. >> reporter: in the fight against cos keetos soon talls will not be needed. florida could be the first in the nation not with chem balls.
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>> it's a hist that kills lots of things. experts turn to a controversial idea to change. >> this mosquito is hard to kill. we need new ways to gral the population. one way to control the population is to remove it. there was an 80% drop in the
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population. key west will be the first number. we don't feel like it's necessary. home owners worry they'll beginy pigs. this is something oit not have a choice about. i don't get the opportunity to say i don't want it. the fear is i have no idea. nobody has. it only intends to release males. they do not tuesday it.
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it's a positive was. crit opening a new frontier. >> the doctor is an invexous disease physician. see said the zika response. >> it's coming from and half is coming from state and local munize balties. in fighting an infectious disease. in within area that departments will be talking about is education of the public. to give you an example.
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40% of americans thing if a woman gets zika, any pregnancy after would be affected. it's wrong. we have to remember who is the group, which is the group that is at risk. women that might have uninstincteded pregnancies. if you live in an area. those are most likely to be florida. text awes and hawaii. if you have been exposed, that should be a signal. drsz are almost positive of a
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causal link between the virus and anastasija sevastova, a disease causing birth deflects. >> 8,000 tenth raiders found out why teachers had negative innocence. they pound white teachers were likely. black teachers had similar estimations of black and white students. and they thought blackmail students were likely. a veteran is black. the department is mostly white. as john henry smith report, he is had his work cut out. >> he decided there to become an
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officer himself. >> after a the miami police sent has been chosen. as the first ever full-time african-american police chief. >> after the fatal shooting by michael brown to ferguson officer. here is what moss had to say about the rest. the a lot of players are from the community they protect. in march.
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last year, following the it's routinely using force. and traffic stops to generate revenue for the city. change does not come easily. it will be tasked with changing the culture to one that is adversarial, and one that the community trusts. if we are transparent and listening. we think that we stand a chance of getting forward. >> chicago activists are furious after the police union hired the another charged with shooting la kwon mcdonald. officials say his job, as a janitor, is a way of giving the suspended officer final assistance. the shooting was cap toured on
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camera. >> the stars of u.s. women's soccer are speaking out against income inequality. five members say dispute generating revenue they are learning less. after a thrilling world cup win, the u.s. women's team was honoured with a ticker tape parade in new york city. more than 23 million viewers watched the game. making it the highest rated soccer match. that win, along with four olympic medals is a record for the soccer team. unmatched by the face their unprecedented success. according to a discrimination
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complaint. >> it is not translating to quul way. we endure as much physically and emotionally. >> the complaint says players on the women's team earn 7 #,000. for every match. they are paid a bonus. even though they have been les successful. >> they make 17,000 if they win. the disparity violates when they were asked the tame treatment. it may be a goods answer.
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in 1816. dispntment was expressed. it's committed to negotiate. getting pay committee. >> the women are paid less than the men. they do not want to be paid differently from the men. the reaction is the result of we will not pay you in the future. >> the u.s. soccer federation says female players get benefits are not available. if injured, the pay product tour is based on an agreement struck 10 years ago.
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tesla's take on an affordable car, the new model 3.
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. >> b.m.w. wants to use cloud technology to make life easier. drivers can get smartphone and apple watch alerts telling them to leave early and get walking directions after they get the cars. the new app is powered by microsoft. it works with newer b.m.w.s, and an android version is due later this year. the price tag makes it impossible. tesla has unsoiled the model three. it costs about $35,000 and can go $215 miles. elon musk says excitement is building. >> i learnt that total number of orders for the model three in the past 24 hours is now past 115,000. >> this is tesla's first car
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aimed at main stream autobuyers, production will not get under way. the signs correspondent has a closer look. >> the people laying behind me are not just fans here to see the car, here here to put down 1,000 dollars in cash. to reserve a car. the tesla model three makes sense to allow the folks, it's not a luxury car. at a starting price of 35,000, plus the incentives and rebates, it's affordable. here in california, it gets you into the hov lane. it's an enormous boon. from consumers it makes sense. for tesla as a company. it represents a challenge. the company goes through tesla
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models. the model s and x and each was a life or death prop tigs. this raises the -- proposition. tesla has been getting by on a luxury segment of the market. it's trying to compete with auto makers. it prices the carsn the range. unlike the automakers, that can sell boatloads of cars. tesla does not have that luxury. this is a definite turning point trying to be - trying to earn its place, ranked among the highest value auto makers. tesla says the base model car will do 0 to 60. it's april fool's. among the pranks. lexus with telco seats to hold
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drivers in place. thanks for watching, more news next from doha. >> and a very welcome to the news hour much i'm nick clark, live from the headquarters in doha. coming up in a few minutes, worsening conditions in refugee camps. the panic is real. an israeli soldier accused of the killing of a palestinian released in a military camp. myanmar's parliament votes to