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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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>> good morning world leaders meet to discuss how to keep the world safe from attacks with nuclear weapons hello, you're watching al jazeera live are from loind. -- london. also, uncertain future, united nations issues a stark warning to refugees - that could be sent from greece to turkey. >> aung san suy kyi and a new post. what it involves. >> and to the column by an
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kitchen that has army veterans and rebels fighters working side by said. -- by side. 102 nations ratified a treaty on the protection. of nuclear material. the u.s. president made the announcement as the leaders gathered in washington b.c. for a nuclear summit. aimed at safeguarding the threat of nuclear weapons. part of the discussions are whether the islamic state of iraq and levant fighters could target nuclear energy infrastructure, and use the fuel to make so-called dirty bombs. >> president obama is poushing for a reduction of stockpiles. russia and the u.s. sufg of
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using more than 95%, there's concerns their absence will hinder process. moscow refused to take part because of tensions with the u.s. roslyn jordan joins us from washington d.c. russia is not present. tell us more about what they have been discussing about dirty bombs, which seems to be the key. >> people should understand that the risk of being injured or killed by a so-called dirty bomb is a low risk. from the prospect of striking fear into people's hearts, dirty bombs are effective in doing so. one of the ways that they work and they include some radioactive material.
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the idea that something could be exploded near you, and injure you or make you develop cancer is something that he'd try to commit. to bring fear. that is the focus of the summit. the president talked about a little earlier during the opening plenary. >> we know that al-qaeda sought nuclear missiles. individuals in france and brussels video taped a man that worked at nuclear facilities. floes doubt that if the bad -- there's no doubt if the mad men got their hands on a nuclear
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bomb, they'd use it to kill as many as possible. >> reporter: the president focussing on al-qaeda and isil, but it comes as north korea shot another bomb. >> this is focused on nuclear material, and ways that people or organizations or countries get their hands on them. when you have a summit of this scope, with korea, china and other leaders, you'll want to take the unity to discuss north korea with the leaders. president barack obama did that. in separate meetings with the japanese leaders and in a meeting with the chinese
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president. they confirmed that north korea not be a state that has nuclear weapons in its areas na. the ongoing weapons testing is enough to restart the six party talks, a process that could lead to a nuclear free peninsula. the u.s.'s belief is that until they see that the north koreans are stopping what they are doing, they don't see anything productive to come out of the talks. support is growing. as mentioned north korea fired a short-range missile off the coast. south korea's community is monitoring the situation and is maintaining its readiness.
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a north korean official said it would not tolerate the ships. a political affairs analyst says pyongyang's behaviour is a sign of worsening relations with china. >> this is part of the play book that he inherited from his father in terms of creating controversy. this is different to those times. right now, this is a slap in the face to xi jinping, as he's meeting with obama about nuclear issues. he issued an ultimatum. china was active drafting submissions, and they said they'll enforce them. it is bewildering why they choose these times. the chinese public is not fond
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of kim jong un. he is derided. this will be seen as a slap in the face of china, and a piece of paper supposedly saying that north korea is seeing china as an enemy and this was supposedly broadcast. >> if it is true, and the rhettor wick in north korea goes against china -- rotoric in north korea goes against china, there could be sharp reactions days before it's due to be implemented the united nations and human rights group criticized european policies aimed at stopping the flow of refugees to europe. an agreement was reached between the turkish government and the e.u. to send refugees back to turkey. the unhcl wants ashunss that
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safeguards will be put in place. amnesty international accused turkey of illegalry returning shos aned the -- thousands of refugees to their homeland. asylum seekers on greek islands in were include in clashes in a holding center. two people were stabbed. 300 broke through a fence and fled, saying they feared for air safety and did not want to return to turkey. zeina khodr sends us this update. >> reporter: the u.n. expressing concern about the e.u. turkish deal three days before it's implemented. hundreds of thousands since 20 march are held in detention facilities. the misty upham is concerned about conditions inside the
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utilities, which are basically prisons. they are overcrowded, lack of sanitation. it's not just that. the world health organisation is worried that these people are not properly processed because of the lack of time. they are concerned international law has been violated. >> today we are urging the parties to e.u. and the turkish agreement, to ensures that all safeguards are in place before any returns begins. this is in light of continued gaps in both countries. >> reporter: the u.n. is concerned about 50,000 migrants and refugees stranded in greece. they are not part of the deal. they have been trapped since europe closed borders. tensions been on the rise, yes, in fact, we have heard of fights
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between the different communities on the ground. many of those standed have not been able to flyor asylum seekers. the misty upham is worried that -- u.n. is worried that greece does not have the capacity to deal with the request. >> the capacity of the greek asylum service to register asylum claims will create more problems. there are limited hours of registration, daily feelings, lack of access to the skype system for registration whereby people receive their appointments and interviews via skype. this is adding to the anxiety. >> the e.u. is intent on implementing the deal. it's an important show of force to show they are serious since the deal came in effect on
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march 20th. the matter continued. teel continued to -- people continued to land on the shores. deportation could be seen as a deterrent. >> in syria, 31 killed, dozens injured. the only hospital in the town was hit. a school and two civil defense buildings were damaged. france reacted saying it violates the a truce in syria the trial of two turkish journalists charged with revealing state secrets resumed. the two are accused of spying and trying to overthrow the government and face life in prison. they published a story alleging turkey's government was arming fighters in syria. the president denied the
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allegations, the case is seen as a test of the turkish media freedom the kurdistan workers party, known as the p.k.k. claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack in turkey's far eastern city. the blast killed seven police officers and injured 27 others. >> reporter: the explosion shattered the couple of this residential neighbourhood. a car packed with explosives detonated. the darge is clear the family is shocked. they survived the attack. with a powerful explosion we felt the storm and felt something strong. it was like app apocko lips we'll take you to pretoria.
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south africa's president zouma is speaking since a court ruled against him to use tax payer funding to upgrade his private residence, let's listen in. >> fellow south africans, i address you during an important year, when the country celebrates 20 years signed the constitution of the republic into law. which took place on 10th of december 1996. our constitution commits us
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individually and effectively to build a nation based on the democratic values of human dignity,quality and freedom. through constitutionalism. and the rule of law. we have well-established institutions that support democracy. and which protect the rights of our citizens. these include chapter in my opinion, the office of the public offender, the south african human rights commission.
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the office of the auditor-general. the commission for the protection and the rise of cultural religious and linguistic communities and the commission for gender equality. our constitution also establishes a democratic parliament. i request the role of parliament to hold the executive to account as true representatives of our people. representing, as it does different voices, views and
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constituencies. guided by the constitution we have an independent judiciary which is a trusted final arbiter in all disputes in society. yesterday the constitutional court of the republic, playing this crucial role issued a judgment on the matter of security upgrades at my private residence. i welcome the judgment of the constitutional court unreserv
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unreservedly the judgment has underscored values that underpin our hard-won freedom and democracy. such is the rule of law, and the accountability of public office bearers while also respecting the rights of public office beariers facing scrutiny. the judgment has further strengthened the constitutional democracy. and should make south africans proud of the country's constitution, and be strong and
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effective. this is a ground-breaking judgment with regards to the powers of the public protector. i wish to thank the court for providing clarity which will have a positive impact on other chapter 9 institutions as well, with regards to their work the constitutional court ruled that the remedial actions of the public protector are binding. and that anyone wishing to challenge the remedial action
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can only do so through a review by a court of law. the court has also ruled that remedial actions with regards to six features of the proent, must be carried out -- project, must be carried out. this entails the national treasury establishing a reasonable proportion of the reasonable costs of each item to be paid by the president. i respect the judgment and will
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a bide by it. i have consistently stated that i will pay an amount towards the known security upgrades, once this had been determined by the correct authority. the court has ruled on the matter and has devised a mechanism for such determination by the national treasure. as alluded to buy the court. we participated in the resolution of this matter voluntarily.
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through the proposal we made before the matter was heard by the court. we also consulted with other parties to the dispute as directed by the court. in the proposal i stated my willingness to pay and to abide by other measures. i like like to emphasise that it was never my intention not to comply with the remedial action taken by me against the public prerktor, or to -- protector or to respect her office.
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it is for this reason that on receiving the report, i submitted it and my initial response to it - to the national assembly within 14 days as required by the public protector. the court has welcomed this compliance, and stated in the judgment that i also followed up with another response five months later. i then allowed another arm of the state, the national assembly, to go through its own processes in dealing with the report. i welcome the finding of the
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court that it was illegally permissible. it was legally permissible for me to inquire into the sworn 27 march of the aspects ever the report that i may disagree are. i also welcome the clarity provided by the constitutional court, that i should have then taken the matter on review by a court of law, in the event of any queries or disagreements this interpretation would be
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followed by the executive in the future. in light of this judgment, it puts an end to any other interpretation of this matter. i also report the finding that failure to comply with remedial action taken against me by the public protector is inconsistent with the constitution of the republic i wish to emphasise that i never knowingly or deliberately set out to violate
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the constitution, which is the supreme law of the republic. the finding by the court that my failure to comply with the remedial action taken against me by the public protector is inconsistent with the constitution, and therefore invalid. it flows from the fact that i initially followed a different approach while correct in law at the time, the approach was subsequently demonstrated to be contrary to the constitution.
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as stated by the constitutional court yesterday, and earlier adopted a different approach based on the judgment of the western cape high court. this ruling was subsequently overturned on appeal, and i immediately set out to eye bide by the ruling of the supreme court on this matter. i wish to confirm in line with the findings both and the public protector, that i didn't act dishonestly.
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or with any personnel knowledge of the ir rec u latteries by the development of public works with hards to the project. the intention was not in pursuit of corrupt ends, or, to use state resources to unduly benefit me and my family. hence, i have agreed to pay for the identified its once a determination is made. the judgment has been very helpful.
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there are lessons to be learnt for all of us in governments that go well, for governments in the future. the project brought sharply into focus the problems within the government's supply chain mechanisms. the gross inflation of prices in the project is totally unacceptable, and should never have been allowed. hence government is improving procurement measures to prevent any future occurrence. the office of the chief procurement officer has been
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stashed at the national pressure rue. for this purpose of ensuring that strict supply chain procedures of followed by government departments. government also took a conscious decision to clean up the department of public works, to ensure that flouting of supply chain procedures is eradicated ... we have been listening to the south african president jacob zouma speaking publicly for the first time since the constitutional court ruled against them for using taxpayer funding. he pretty much defended himself saying he did not act dishonestly and never knowingly or deliberaty set out to violate
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the constitution. let's speak to our correspondent tania page. what did you name of jacob zuma's words. >> i think i completely agree with you. he's been at pain over what sa lengthy address for the president. at short notice for the public, broadcast live to south africans. at pains to emphasise his defensiveness on the case, which it has to be said over the last couch of years in which the reports came out, in which findings were that the president was liable for a portion of millions of dollars spent on non-security upgrades. he'd been dismiss if of that and was accused of using the african congress massive major city in parliament as a womb, having to abide buy her rulings, things
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like a report that what looks like a swimming pool was a fire reservoir in case there was a flame. excuses upon excuses. a parliamentary committee exonerated him. these are things that the constitutional court was damning of. richard found the president and the national assembly was guilty of violating the constitution. briefly, if you can, are we to hear a reaction to president zouma's words. >> there has been a lot of reaction since the court ruling came out. the president is not finished speaking. i am sure there'll be reaction. there has been vociferous anger broadcast on local media. people pleased that their
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constitutional court came out and appeared to be independent and tough on the president, and the top political leaders, and people saying that was the kind of address they may want to see from the president. a sign that the highest office is taking it as seriously as the public believes it should have done. >> tania page with the latest from johannesburg. a reminder of the top story. we have heard from jacob zuma, who said he will pay an amount to the upgrades to his home. it's still to be established. that will be the top story in the al jazeera coming up next. next, "inside story", thanks for being with us. bye-bye.
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testing the world's resolve. north korea reportedly fires a ballistic missile as u.s. prepares allies to further isolate the communist nation. damage in the south, high winds and tornados, and the threat is not over. tesla rolls out his car, but you'll have to get in a long line to get one. >> this is al jazeera live from new york city. we are following developments out of north korea for you. a fop north korean envoy told reuters they are continuing a nuclear and ballistic mission programme. there's a state of semiwar on the korean peninsula. south korea says the north fired
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another missile into the water. it comes as president obama hosts its fourth and final summit in washington. dozens of world leaders are gathered. president obama and the president of south korea and japan vowed to ramp up pressure. jamie mcintyre is live at the summit in washington. north korea customarily issues threats. what is different now? >> not a lot here. we don't know a lot about the latest ballistic missile launch. it's consistent with the short-range missiles that north korea fires into the sea of japan and they fall to no effect, and they are more about making a statement. the statement that north korea is developing nuclear and missile programs is something that officials at the united states call a blinding flash of the obvious. the u.s. watches with concern over the last months especially,
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as north korea tested additional nuclear weapons, and test fired missile technology and appears to have developed a road mobile technology. there's no doubt that north korea is attempting to become a nuclear power and the assessment among the officials is that this is largely about what they call regime preservation, that kim jong un wants to hold on to power and he feels the easiest way to do that is develop nuclear capability. that is something that the united states, china, japan and south korea pow wowed about yesterday at the preliminary parts of the session, to figure out what is the best way to get north korea out of the course.
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>> today all the talk is about preventing an act. nuclear terrorism and which groups may get their onwards on to create a dirty bomb that would spread raid logical materials, and president obama said in his opening remarks that the best way to present that is to make sure those nuclear materials is secure. >> the threat of nuclear terror exists and evolves, because of the efforts, no terrorist group succeeded in obtaining a nuclear weapon or a dirty bomb maid of radioactive materials. there's no doubt if the mad ben not their hands on a nuclear bomb, they'd use it to kill as
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many minutes people as possible. >> president obama cited hundreds of commitment. a good 75% have been implemented. the big missing element is russia. president vladimir putin boycotted the meeting and the largest stockpile of material to make a bomb or a dirty bomb is in russia. for years the united states funded programs to get nuclear materials, particularly out of the states of the form ear soviet union, to shut down the project. that is one big missing almost as they discussion the issue here. >> pentagon correspondent jamie mcintyre. thank you. china is criticizing the u.s. over its stance on the disputed islands in in the south china sea. white house is concerned they will create an air defense
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between pending the outcome of a case brought by the philippines. taiwan and vietnam with a stakes in the island chain. indian police officials say they have detained five people in connection with the collapse. they want to know what caused the bridge to fall on a busy street. workers clearing the rubble do not expect to find survivors. the sole surviving suspect could be extradited to france. salah abdeslam was arrested in brussels. his lawyer says he's willing to cooperate with the french authorities. the transfer could take place in 10 games. 130 people were called to the front-runner, caught on camera having a heated exchange with the green piece activists.
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the issue is they have taken money from the fossil fuel industry. >> were you tackling climate change... so the activist - she wrote this: line loan bernie sanders signed bernie sanders signed a pledge to reject fossil fuel money. >> hillary clinton's campaign and pacts supporting here have more than $4 million. former senator client's home turf senator held a rally after
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24 hours. david shuster reports. >> in the last contest bernie sanders hopes to replicate in new york what poms suggest he has done in wisconsin. after a string of large rallies, the poll ahead of the primary is leading oint 479-45 -- clinton 49" to 45. >> when we stand together, there's nothing we cannot accomplish. >> gaining for clinton may not be so easy. >> you are meeting the next president of the united states. there's a large number of powerful allies. in a harlem coffee shop. at the famous theatre. the senator, and at a rally
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where she lives, clinton pledged that new york is hers. >> serving as your senator for eight years was one of the greatest honours of my life. >> in a sign of heightened tensions and important of the new york race, supporters protested and interrupted at the clinton event. >> i know the bernie people came to say that we are very sorry you're leaving. >> you want to vote democratic and are a department. you should vote bernie. >> in the republican contest donald trump appears to be losing a defend, anne coulter lashed out on a radio show. >> you realise our candidate is mental. it's like constantly having to bail out your 16-year-old son from prison. >> reporter: that was before trump's comments wednesday on abortion. >> the answer is there has to be
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some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes. donald trump's campaign called it a misspeak and hoo would only punish doctors donald trump is hoping to bury the hatchet. trump met with r.m.c.p. chair on thursday and on his twitter page trump called the 30 minute meeting nice. r.m.c.p. called it productive. it followed a town hall. there is ab violent storm system pushing across the south and tornados hit bam re, louisiana -- alabama, louisiana and mississippi. 34 million people across 13 states could be impacted by the severe weather. >> the strongest storm hit oklahoma, where there were reports of tornados. thousands in the tulsa area had
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power knocked out. trees uprooted and homes and vehicles destroyed. other tornados were reported in mississippi and alabama. heavy rain caused widespread rain. in the town of purvis high winds toppled trees and powerlines. further north a dozen homes were damaged. >> we were at the shop messing with the car. all of a sudden my wife said "you need to come in, the sirens are going off", i didn't hear them. when we came out of the shop, tin was flying off the top of the shot. nothing i have ever seen or been in. >> crews rescued a 16-year-old after he and his truck was stuck in a ditch. in alabama two hit, leaving thousands without power. no one in the state was high
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court. that risk of weather continues. let's bring in nicole mitchell. >> we had so many severe storm reports, there were well over 100 extending to high winds. in addition to the tornado reports we saw yesterday and a few more the day before into places like oklahoma. with a front lingering through the south we have concerns and rain that we'll add to the programme. even though the threat is winding down. anywhere from the gold coast. watch for the potential, as we finish doing forward, still a couple of days of rain. the rain up and down the coastline. there was also a system.
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that will merge in, the north-east will be active? there was a chance for snow. yes, i did say snow. we had warm temperatures ahead of the system. some of the temperatures dop off back to you. >> nicole mitchell there, a bitter dispute leaves 400,000 students wowed teachers. they are back in the past room. employees keeping strong. a break down of the latest jobs reports.
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>> al jazeera america - proud to tell critical and timely stories of race in america. >> i think since he was a person of color, the police department won't care. >> i'm more scared of the police than a burglar. >> this is really really unfair how we're being treated. >> i think what's important is that we're having a discussion about it. >> what took place here 60 years ago...the murder of emmett till is to this day an unsolved crime. >> i wanted people to hear the true story of till. >> never thought that he would be killed for that. >> that was the first step in the modern civil rights movement. >> ferguson has a...asking for assistance with crowd control... >> we're live in ferguson, missouri. >> these young people deserve justice. >> this is a target you can't get rid of.
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>> they were so angry, because it could've been them. >> there's clearly an issue and we have to focus on how we bridge that. >> they say they did it because they were trying to protect my children. they didn't protect my children, they traumatized them. >> we're just the average person, trying to go to work, provide for our families, and do what we can in this world. >> don't get lost in a sea of despair. >> i'm interested in getting us to a place where we're feeling something that looks more like freedom and justice. >> check which ethnicity - i check multiple boxes. >> this is who i am. >> were you here 50 years ago? >> yes to support the cause for voter's rights. >> we've come a long way. we've got a long ways to go. >> al jazeera america - proud to tell your stories. snoop chicago teachers are walking off the job. they have been working without a contract since last summer. the walk out is illegal and diane eastabrook reports some chicago teachers are asking if
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the union is doing the right thing. >> reporter: this fifth agreed facher says she doesn't want to walk a picket line but things it's necessary. the latest battle involves a crack. the old one expired last string. by law the teachers can't night until may when a fact-finding mission is completed. last week, unfair labour practices was cited. the city wants to stop raises based on teachers experience and educational level. many delegates wanted a full-blown strike. >> they feel like why don't we do it now.
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do a real strike now and be done with it. >> reporter: chicago public c.e.o. says if there is a strike, teachers will be breaking the law. . >> when we get through this we'll look at legal options. we'll talk to lawyers about how to pursue legal actions. >> teachers that don't show up to work or have legitimate excuse will be docked a day's pay. if they want to come to school and cross a picket line they could get in trouble with the union. this teacher things the union is putting the teachers in a difficult situation. >> the legality is the number one reason most teachers feel appresensive about doing it. >> the illinois educational labour relations board could decide if the strike is illegal, and what actions if any could be brought against the teachers.
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all 27,000 of them new york is the latest state to push for a higher minimum wage. governor cuomo and leaders reached a deal to increase wages to $15. it will happen by 2018. increases will be slow across the rest of the state. some countries will not reach $15. in california, a plan to raise the minimum wage is heading to the governor's desk. for $2 million workers, they are affected by the raise. the raise is about fairness and economic equality. >> california's minimum living wage must be a living wage. anyone that thinks $15 is way to much should try living on it. >> reporter: under the plan wages goes up to $10.50 and
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gradually will increase to $15 by 2022. the latest jobs numbers show a solid $215 were created. the unemployment rate adds a tip to 5%. patricia puts it in context. >> the name of this report is spoled. we got solid job gains last night. let's put up the head number. the economy added 215,000 jobs. anything over 200,000 means the job machine is going at pace. unemployment ticked up slightly. but ticked up for a good and positive reason, namely that the number of people in work or actively looking for a job, labour force participation rate went up. when you see the unemployment rate going up because more people are looking for a job. it means the discouraged workers are coming back into the work
1:53 pm
force. this is the sixth consecutive month that the labour force participation increased and construction added 37,000 jobs in march. on a down note manufacturing lost 29,000. chalk it up to a strong u.s. dollar, making u.s. goods les competitive to other nation's goods. average hourly wages after losing ground went up. it's not a raise to write home about, but it's a wage. speaking of this $15 minimum happening in new york, other states have been doing this, does it get wages up across the board. >> economists feel when you lift the minimum wages, it lift it across the board. when you raise the minimum wage, employers will higher fewer
1:54 pm
workers. we have seen employers cut to the bone. so. that it cuts into productivity. it helps to pick up wages across the board. >> thank you, have a good weekend. >> car enthusiasts are buzzing over tesla's new car. a look at their latest adventure and expanding field.
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>> al jazeera america - proud of telling your stories. >> somebody to care about us man... >> we're live in ferguson, missouri. >> brick by brick, i will open it. it will take more than a few rocks to stop me from doin' what i have to do. >> suddenly heroin seems to be
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everywhere. >> there's no way i am willing to give up my family for a drug ever again. >> getting to the heart of the matter. proud to tell your stories. al jazeera america. leading daily fantasy sports operators are suspending contests on college supports indefinitely in all states, as part of a deal with the n.c.a.a. all college basketball games and tournaments - that is the last significant event for daily fantasy football season andened with the championship game. nw wants to use the cloud making it clear for drivers. b.m.w. users can use an app
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telling people about traffic. it is powered by microsoft's asewer crowd and works with the 2014 or newer b.m.w.s, and an android version is due later this year. if you wanted a tesla, but the price tag wigged you out now you can. tesla has unveiled the model three. it costs about $35,000 and can go 215 miles before charge. elon musk says excitement is building. >> i learnt that total number of orders for the model three in the past 24 hours is now past 115,000. [ cheering and applause ] >> this is tesla's first car aimed at main stream auto buyers, production will not get under way until late next year. the science correspondent has a closer look. >> the people lining behind me are not just fans here to see
1:58 pm
the car, here here to put down 1,000 dollars in cash. to reserve a car. the tesla model three makes sense to allow the folks, it's not a luxury car. it completes with others. at a starting price of 35,000, plus the incentives and rebates, and the government bonuses that you get, it's affordable. here in california, it gets you into the hov lane. it's an enormous boon. from consumers it makes sense. for tesla as a company, it represents a challenge. the company goes through tesla models. the roadster, the model s and x and each was a life or death proposition. tesla has been getting by on a luxury segment of the market. it's trying to compete with auto makers. automakers is that price the car in the $20,000-$30,000. unlike the other automakers that
1:59 pm
kan sell boatloads of cars. to fund research into electrical vehicles, tesla does not have that luxury. this is a definite turning point trying to be - trying to earn its place, ranked among the highest value auto makers. josep guardiola reporting. tesla says the base model car will do 0 to 60 inless than 60 seconds it's april fool's. among the pranks. lexus with telco seats to hold drivers in place. during aggressive manoeuvring. there's a crazy suit. google's joke is a same-day delivery service, and restaurants announced a new app allowing people to get a taste of the food by licking it on the
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phone - do not try this at hotel. i'm richelle carey, keep it here for more live from london. this is al jazeera. i'm barbara. and this is the news hour live from london. thank you for joining us. in the next 60 minutes, south africa president said he did not act dishonest over spending on his private residence as calls for his resignation grow. waving good-bye to the threat of attacks by armed groups using nuclear weapons. world leaders meet in washington. uncertain futures. the united nations issues a stark