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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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al jazeera america. ♪ >> i did not act dishonestly. >> south africa's president apologizes for confusion over upgrades to his home, but defends his actions. >> hello, i'm maryam nemazee. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, warnings turkey has illegally returned thousands of syrians in recent months including children without their parents. turkey's prime minister visits a day after a car bomb targeted
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police. indian police home a homicide case over the company that created a flight ove. an >> south africa's president jacob zuma has apologized for what he calls confusion and frustration over the millions of public money he spent upgrading his private residence. in a sell vied address zuma claims he did not act dishonestly and >> zuma spent $16 million on his private mansion. >> the intention was not.
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>> once a determination is made. >> the ruling anc parties says it accepts jacob zuma's explanation. >> there was no intention on the part of the president as he himself have said, and they deliberately act. the president apologized to the
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nation. >> well, for more on this, let's go to taunya paige in johannesburg. quite surprising and defiant in histone, he's not going down without a fight, is he? >> no, absolutely not. i don't think anyone at least in south africa really thought he was going to resign because this has been the tone, the rhetoric from the president all along. this came off the back of an emergency meeting in the africa congress top six. including the leader of the secretary general of the party, treasury. the six most powerful people in government, if you like. i think at that meeting he was probably told look, you need to say something because all the time since this ruling was delivered there has been--the momentum has been on the opposition side. although they only have a small number in this parliament, they have been scoring political
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points left, right, and center. >> of course, we do have reaction from the president's party, the anc, which dominates the parliament. he seems to have their whole hearted backing for now. >> yes, absolutely. and they came out only a couple of weeks ago from a national executive committee meeting when allegations emerged that business leaders the guptas, they had offered a offered position. they would offer support. i don't it's much of a surprise that the anc is towing that line. they're seeing it, if you like. they found it necessary to make this statement. this statement could have been made yesterday on thursday when the constitutional court adjustment came out, so
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damningly and so clear to everyone else. it could have been made there. i think the delay may cost them in the eyes of some south africans. but what it is going to come down to potentially is how people vote in the coming local elections. the anc is going to be pushed very hard, and the opposition feels emboldened now and key metros where they'll be digging their claws in to hold on. if the voters punish them, then the anc may see that the voters feel as if this move tonight, this live broadcast of the nation by the president humbling himself that perhaps that wasn't enough. >> all right, thank you very much, tanya page live for news johannesburg. >> now, days before it's due to be implemented in the united
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nations and human rights groups have strongly create sized the european union's plan of reaching europe through greece. the agency wants assurances that safeguards will be put in place before refugees are returned to turkey from greece. that was the condition of the deal agreed between ankara and the e.u. last month. the unhcr said that it is concerned about indefinite refugees while their asylum applications are being processed. it said it won't support detention centers, and it will stop helping greek features to the facilities. meanwhile, amnesty international has accused turkey of illegally returning syrian refugees to their war-torn land. it highlights situations they might face if they're deported back to turkey under this new deal. at least ten people were injured overnight in clashes between migrants inside of a holding center. the police say that two people
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were stabbed in that incident afterwards 300 broke through a fence and fled telling officials that they feared for their safety and didn't want to return to turkey. we have this update on the greece-macedonia border. >> they're expressing concern about the e.u. turkey deal just three days before it is to be implemented. hundreds of migrants and refugees who landed on greece's shores since the 20th of march are now being held in detention facilities. the u.n. is concerned about the conditions inside those detention facilities, which are basically prisons. the u.n. said that they're overcrowded, lack of sanitation, but it's not just that. the world organization is worried that these people, their asylum are requests are not being properly processed because of the lack of time, and they're also concerned that international law could be violated. >> today we're urging the
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parties to the recent e.u. and turkey agreement on refugees an migrants to insure that all safeguards are in place before any returns begin. this is in light of continued serious gaps in both countries. >> the u.n. is also concerned about the 50,000 migrants and refugee who is are now stranded in greece. these people are not part of the e.u.-turkey deal. they've been trapped since europe closes borders. the u.n. saying anxiety and frustration is growing and tensions have been on the rise. yet in fact, we have heard of fights between the different communities on the ground. >> and many of those stranded in greece say they have not been able to apply for asylum. no one picks up their calls. they're worried that greece does not have the capacity to process all the asylum requests. >> without urgent further e.u. support the limited capacity of the greek asylums services to
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register and process asylum claims will create more problems. there are very limited hours of registration deally. steelings on registration. lack of access to the systems for registration whereby people receive their appointments and interviews via skype. this is adding to the anxiety. >> the u.n. seems serious about implementing the system. they are delivering a lower number than in the past, but people continue to land on greece's shores. deportations could be seen as a deterrent. >> ratifying the protection of nuclear problem. president barack obama expected
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the deal to be implemented soon. securing the atomic material is the agenda for leaders attending the summit. concerns that russia's absence from these talks over recent tensions with the u.s. will hinder any real progress. up more we're joined by roslind jordan in washington, d.c. roslind, there is a great deal of focus on the nuclear material landing in the wrong hands. >> it's not so much the weapons being stolen but the raw they were "r" material that makes up these weapons, and it is used to inspect building seems, construction sites, and it's that raw material that u.s. president barack obama has said he's very concerned about in
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terms of its safety, keepin keepinkeeping it under control and out of the hands of people who would use it for nefarious ends. this is what he had to say earlier on friday. >> but we know that al-qaeda has long sought nuclear materials. individuals involved in the attacks of paris, brussels, videotaped a senior manager who works at a belgium nuclear facility. isil has already used chemical weapons including mustard gas in syria and iraq. there is no doubt that if these madmen ever got their hands on a nuclear bomb or nuclear material they would most certainly use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. >> no surprises, ros, that the brussels attacks are very fresh in the minds of many of the participants here hearing barack obama speak about nuclear material falling into the hands of groups like isil. what was said about countries,
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particularly the likes of north korea. there is a great deal of concern around nation states as well. >> that's right. even though the summit was to focus on the raw materials they're also looking at the question of a country that would very much like to become known as one that has nuclear weapons. north korea. president obama made a point of holding separate meetings with xi jinping, the chinese president on thursday. he held a meeting with the south korea and japanese leaders to talk about what all these countries can do to try to keep north korea from developing a nuclear weapons arsenal. they did not make any big announcements after the meetings, but they did stress that it was very important that the koreanen peninsula be a country that did not have nuclear weapons on it. they discussed time frames for
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the negotiations, and they do know see why those talks should not be restarted. it should not be seen as kowto kowtowing to north korea as it continues its discussions on the sanctions regime. >> there is more to come for you on the program. israeli soldier accused of shooting dead a palestinian is released causing tension in the military camp. also myanmar votes on a powerful vote, and aung san suu kyi. we'll tell you what it involves.
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>> hello, welcome back. let's take you through the top stories. south africa's president jacob zuma said that he would respect a statement judgment to pay back some of the state funds used to upgrade his private residence. they say they stand behind their president who said that he did not act dishonestly. barack obama meets and warns against isil. >> now, in other stories we're following, the curd stance workers party known as the pkk has claimed responsibility for the car bomb which killed seven
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police officers in southeast turkey. but the attack did not stop the tourish administer to go ahead with the city. >> a car packed with ex-plo explosivexplosives. >> my parents were cooking in the kitchen. the kids were in the bathroom. we felt the powerful explosion. we saw something very strong coming on to us. it was like an apocalypse. >> many onlookers stood in disbelief. many more scared. >> we heard the explosions. we thought it was an earthquake. we were worried and scared. >> the car was parked here and detonated bay remote control.
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the explosion was so powerful it shattered the windows of the surrounding buildings. security officials say they have identified the man in this cctv footage as the main suspect. turkey's prime minister didn't want to disrupt his visit. part of the government's plan is to rebuild the historic part of the city. for months they have been hit by security forces and the outlawed kurdish workers party the pkk. there have been attacks and violence. >> your brothers have come here for the turkish flag would continue to wave. they gave their lives in order for it not to fall into ruin like damascus, like aleppo. >> turkey is increasingly being targeted. last month a suicide attack carried out by isil
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suicide-bomber killed several tourists in istanbul. both ankara and istanbul have seen spike attacks since last year. the security and the economy are the targets. several consolidates have closed their missions, and many western states have warned their citizens from visiting the country, especially southeastern turkey. thursday's car bomb attack will only increase fears of more attacks. al jazeera. >> syrian state media said state officials have uncovered a mass grave in palmyra. the remains of 40 people were found, 23 of them were women and children. the syrian troops continue to comb the city for landmines left by isil fighters. drops recaptured the city from isil last month. a military court has ruled
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that an israeli soldier accused of killing a palestinian man can be moved to open security until charges against the soldier has been reduced from murder to manslaughter. stephanie dekker has more from west jerusalem. >> israel's chief military prosecutor appeared in court to try and fight the decision by the judge that was to release the soldier into open arrests when it's called this is a military base unconfined but unarmed. his appeal failed. just to read you some of the quotes that we heard from him inside the session, the chief military prosecutor said that the videos and testimony indicate the neutralized terrorist posed no threat. this is military words. also he said however many movements the terrorist made at the scene, none of the people including the commanders were
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standing next to him were not alarmed, and this speaks volume. this is in defense of the soldier who said that he felt threatened and his colleagues were threatened by the palestinian man who was lying on the ground. he had been shot but was incapacitated. they felt that he could carry out attacks, but the prosecution making it clear that they were not buying this and they believe that he should remain in custody. but that has not opened. he's in open arrest in the military base and will appear in court again on thursday. >> a woman in liberia has tied from ebola--died from ebola. the outbreak began in 2013. the health organization said that while ebola--died is no longer an emergency, it expects that it will still occasionally
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appear. now indian police have opened a case against a company that created a fly over in calcutta. at least 24 people were killed, and more than 90 injured when 100-meter stretch of the bridge fell on to midday traffic. construction companies are denying responsibility. >> these treats once under the shadow of a fly over are now being cleared of concrete slabs and mangled metal. >> it is over. there were people under the debris yesterday. now the second part of the operation, the fly over is still leaning in one direction. that will be done in a systemic manner. >> workers say that it will take up to three days to remove a precarious slap that is hanging over the bridge held together by pieces of concrete and twisted iron rods.
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residents look on with the bird's-eye view. their buildings once nearly touched the edge of the fly over. the two kilometers bridge took up all the space of the main thoroughfare, which meant that vehicles had no choice but to pass under the building. and that's how two members of this family lost their lives. concrete fell on the rickshaw in a was taking this man's son and daughter in law to the market when they killed. >> i don't know what to do without my son. >> the search for vehicles trapped under the debris continued on to the night but no one was pulled out alive. the chief minister canceled all her campaigning for state elections to survey the scene
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vowing those who will b are responsible will be punished. but in the light of day people are skeptical. they're worried that they're the focus of politicians right now. two years ago a similar fly over collapsed in the city. although there were no casualties, the government would create policies and checks and balances for construction a tragedy that this tale may not have happened. >> but memories are short. despite that this area is warned unsafe people gather to watch the gathering of the crumbling edge. meanwhile vehicles pass through and vehicles are parked under the bridge. >> myanmar's upper house has approved a new government pose for aung san suu kyi. officially her title will be
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state counselor, one ruling party legislature said that it will make her in effect the president's boss. the lower house is expected to vote on the bill on tuesday. aung san suu kyi is barred from becoming president because her children hold foreign passports. we have more now from myanmar's capital. >> a majority here in the upper house have accepted a crucial bill that will give extended powers to aung san suu kyi. she was barred from running for president because of the constitution says her children have foreign nationalities, now she has created a very powerful position for herself which seems to be on similar level as the president, that's exactly why the military has 25% of the seats here in parliament was very much against it. the majority of the upper house has voted in favor. >> it's important because the whole country, they give votes,
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and then we rely--not we, me, not i, the whole country would like to see her as leader of the country. >> because it's a very new position especially created for aung san suu kyi, nobody knows exactly how it will look like, but it seems she will have not only an advisory role to the government but also to parliament, which gives her position as head of state. but no one here from the national league of democracy has voted for the bill who wants to say why her power is higher than even that of the president. >> the conflict with colombia winds down, one up market restaurant helps to bridge the divide between army soldiers and farc rebel fighters. it is a scheme meant to integrate both groups into society. >> it is still latin america's
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top 50 restaurant. it offers fancy food, training and employment to wounded army veterans and now to rebel fighters. >> a perspective employer wants t to know your experience. but here i didn't have to lie. >> she left her hometown after threats and could not find a job to feed her children. when the government agency connected her with the restaurant she worried about not being able to work in a food restaurant and feared working shoulder to shoulder with her former enemy. >> when i saw him for the first time i had the shivers. i didn't know what his reaction could be. but that same day we talked and i cried and since then he has been my support. >> her colleague ruben lost his left eye and right leg to a farc
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rebel. >> at first it was harsh, it was hard for me to accept their ideas you but we shared our stories and it was not simple for them as well. >> before they were only hire soldiers but now this is a bigger leap. >> there were fears about security, political opinion. we said if we don't do it, no one will do it. >> the kitchen has become a symbol of colombia's efforts toss overcome its conflict, and many are participating in programs like this one but it's still an uphill battle. they said that businesses would never hire a former fighter. >> we have an issue of a stigma. it's not enough if they leave
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the program and step out into society that is not ready to receive them. >> it is not likely to reverse fears o and mistrust but it is key to begin reconciliation. >> archaeologists say more analysis is needed to see if the too man tomb of king tutankhamen. egyptologists believe there could be a burial train with the remains of queen testifier at this anefertiti 37. >> the scan will measure the thickness of the northern wall of king tut's chamber. we'll discover if there is
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another chamber that exists behind it. >> there is more on our website there you'll find the latest comment, analysis and video and blogs as well from our correspondents on the ground. do check it out. genetic modification, incredible science in the lab usually means this. it can be controversial, it can also be extremely beneficial. >> just like that, i'm genetically modified the mosquitos that carry two