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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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al jazeera america. >> a sharp rise as isil steps up its attacks on civilians. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up the turks protest and sending asylum seekers. >> deadly flash floods in kabul asking where 15 years of
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infrastructure aid money went. and why cherry blossoms are big business in japan. hello there. a warm welcome to the program. the united nations has released disturbing figure showing a sharp spike in the number of iraqis killed by violence in march. the u.n. mission to iraq said that 1,100 and 19 people were killed last month. compared to the 670 killed in february. that is a spike of 67%. iraqi forces backed by success-led airstrikes say it has responded by wrapping up large scale bombings. worst effected is the capital of baghdad where 259 civilians have been killed.
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another 1500 iraqis were injured in march. around a third of them were civilians. the rest were government-affiliated fighters. we have the latest now from baghdad. >> there are many reasons behind their increasing of the death toll by the united nations mission in iraq. first of all, the clashes and the fighting in isil is still going on. and recently it has increased highly. one iraqi forces announced that they will launch or did launch more than an operation and more than one area. also we have to take into consideration that the very bad circumstances earlier especially
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when we talk about this issue. we talk about fallujah down. it is an area in all directions. people inside fallujah are talking about situations who witness coming through. now everybody is saying that the coming battle inside mosul or going on operation close to mo mosul could increase the death toll in the future. >> government fight verse been killed in aleppo in heavy fighting between al nusra front. the army launched missiles and
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other ammunition. there have been demonstrations in greece and turkey over the deal that sends refugees back to turkey. residents held a protest demanding the government remove thousands of refugees who with being blocked from going forward in western union. half of the residents in the village blocked the road that leads to the makeshift tent ci city. some 300 protesters have demonstrated in the building of refugee camps. the camps have rejected asylum seekers that will be sent back from europe. the protest comes two days before the european deal comes into place. >> first of all, we don't know who these people are. they are people in zimbabwe.
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nobody knows who they are. how can i sure that they're not terrorists. >> we feel sorry for the migrants but we all know that the policies are wrong. there is no need to say more. >> well, the mayor is concerned about the effect that the up nugget of refugees will have on them at the time from the infrastructure is not injure for this. nobody asked the before making a decision. first of all there was concern, and where the chirp would listen and where they would be--where they would live. >> president erdogan is inaugurating the center in america that has a large turkish-style mosque. it has been funned by the
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turkish government. for more on this visit by president erdogan, let's move to john hedron. who is live in washington, d.c. what is erdogan doing at the islamic center? >> they're fighting members of other religious to come and use the facilities. here it's a way to give an outreach for turkish culture and gives a place for people to come here to play who are muslims in the washington, d.c. area where 45 minutes drive north of washington. and there are a number of muslim who is live in this area. you can see the people behind me, there are hundreds there. what you don't see there are
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thousands more just who have come to see erdogan speak. he has engenerated some enthusiasm on what otherwise would be a controversial trip in washington, d.c. >> he sought to meet obama, but that isn't did happen. is that being read as a snub? >> it is, indeed. obama was intended to be here. that's what the church wanted to happen. erdogan wanted him to be on this stage behind me with erdogan himself. and when had a wasn't going to happen the turkish people--the turkish government has asked for a bilateral meeting at the newell summit in washington. the white house cited a conflict of schedules. that generally means that the white house is not interested in doing that. as all of this has happen obama has. very critical of a crackdown
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erdogan has carried out on the press, and the u.s. military has evacuated hundreds of people, families, from the air base in southeastern turkey at the same time because of the deteriorat deteriorating security situation there. the fact that they're not setting up a private meeting, that is not an accident. >> john hedron live for us. thank you. >> azzur guy january said that 12 of its social have been killed in heavy fighter with armenian forces in the disputed enclave. both sides accuse each other of violating a cease-fire that ended a conflict in thes. otherwise the defense ministry said that they have kill at least 4 soldiers in the fighting.
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and azerbaijan used tanks and aircraft to shell the up to. a self declared ethnic boards with the jury giving an estimated 30,000 people were killed in that conflict before a choice was agreed in 1994. and in effect creating a de facto state under the control of the armenian separatists, but they have been called on to return the territory and there has been no framework for some peace agreement. if she says these types of. >> for the past 20 months azerbaijan has been escalating
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violations and defense against armenian violations. we know now that hoons as the giuliani we see this offensive, the worst since 1994. they have vie dated continuously. the minks group has been trying to tease and derail that piece process. by launching such a large skill offensive it only goes to continuing the, the latest news is that they have called for at meet. >> in terms of russia we have no idea what russia will do. this part of the country has
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long been ignored, and i think the happen as i said it will have a charge influence on the greater region if this surgeon is no contest peacefully. >> belgium police have arrested around 200 at the bus else industry. the protest announcing islam moab i can't with pa mont--32 people were killed. the opening was delayed as the government treat to reach a deal for passengers entering the
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airport terminals. >> we have three passengers. it is a sign of hope that shows our shared will and strength to resurface and not to let them down. >> still to come this half hour. >> in cambodia where the united nations said that thousands of children and orphanages are, in fact, not orphaned. >> and georgia's fashion designers seek international attention as they showcase their work.
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>> welcome back. a quick reminder of our top stories. more than 1100 iraqis were killed in violence in the country in march. half of those killed were civilians. the u.n. said isil was partly to blame. protesters in greece and turkey are rallying between the e.u. and ankara on the resettlement. they're against the setting up of facilities to house and transfer the refugees. >> kenya is marking the first anniversary of the garissa
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university attack. al-shabab gunmen stormed in the country's east and killed 148 people and injuring 79 more in a 15-hour siege targeting christian students. >> some politicians, government officials. university staff, residents ofgaries is a town and a handful of students gathered here for a memorial ceremony. some recounted testimonies of what happens. this memorial is unveiled it's being constructed and lists the names of people who were killed that day. there were certainly a lot of unanswered questions for survives and people in this community about what happened, and why it was allowed to happ happen. the event today are certainly helping people to lay those painful memories to rest.
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>> they said that president zuma should go so they can recover from the crisis of confidence. the call came in an open letter published after a court ruled that zuma failed to uphold the constitution. zuma apologized and said he would pay back some of the funds that he spent on his private residence. >> 11 people have been kill while clearing landmines from afghanistan. they said that military operation to recover them is under way and tribal elders have tried negotiating for their release. >> in afghanistan four days of heavy rain combined with a lack of proper drainage has led to parts of the capital being submerged under 50 centimeters of water. half of the international aid over the past 15 years has been earmarked for infrastructure development. but in the report many are
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asking where all that money has gone. >> it said the best way to get to know a city is to walk it. but that's a tall order for the nearly 6 million residents of kabul. the afghan capital seems to always be soaking in rainwater, mud, and even sewage. up in editorial suggests that residents who want to go anywhere use a boat. >> our children are stranded inside the school, and there is no one to help them out. it's difficult for sick people to access hospitals, and many people are having lots of trouble trying to go anywhere. >> whenever it rains, damaged roads during streets into rivers. most cars can't navigate through the streets and puddles. many are often abandoned. >> there is no water drainage
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system. all we see is water floating in the city. there is no one to do the work properly. this problem has to be solved. >> billions of dollars of international aid has poured into post-war afghanistan. most residents think that the money has been misspent by ministers and greedy politicians. they say government officials hire their own businesses for construction projects or get kickbacks when awarding contracts. if the money was spent the right way then there would not be a situation like this. >> millions of dollars of aid money came to afghanistan. >> some residents even say that the construction materials used in public works projects are often substandard. residents say that most roads and infrastructure only last a few years and then need repairs or rebuild.
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>> as we all know that kabul city is not a regular city. much of the areas was built without open planning. >> international assistance in the past two decades was a rare opportunity for afghanistan to reinvent itself. and become a 21st century city. now, with little chance there will be any more outpouring of assistance. afghans say they'll have to address the crisis themselves, take responsibility and rely on their own resources and resourcefulness. >> about 12,000 children in cambodia live in orphanages. but the government study has found 70% of them have found one living parent. now efforts are under way to reunite these children as part of our families. karisha visited an orphanage.
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>> it's the night before exams, and this young boy is studying hard. home work is a privilege, he says. he didn't start going to school until age 12. but he is not an orphan, and neither are many of the children here. >> my parents send me to this senato center seven years ago because they had problems earning a living. >> a recent study found that almost 12,000 children currently live in orphanages in cambodia, but three out of four of them have a living parent. cases of abuse and neglect in some orphanages, the government and the u.n. are pushing to return these children to their families. >> some of these institutions are not carefully monitored,
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they're not giving a minimum standard of care. what is important there are mechanisms in place to inspect those institutions regularly. >> but sam's parents say he's better off where he is. they say they can't afford to look after him. they earn less than $5 a day selling balloons on the street. >> if he stays with us, he'll have to work hard. my son will not end up as a construction worker. >> down at the orphanage, he has a better chance for a better future if he stay with them. >> we accept children who are at risk of abuse and violence. in this situation if we send him back i don't agree with that. >> both the u.n. and orphanages say that the welfare fair of these children must come first.
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but the question is who can offer better care. >> the government has regula regulate the situation. >> the world's biggest contract and electronics manufacturer has taken over the company sharp. they will invest $5.9 billion in the struggling home appliance. >> it is clear. we were forced to transform in a doss comparative way with high
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quality. >> it's cherry blossom season in japan, which once again means a boost in tourist numbers and parties under the trees for the local. rob mcbride looks at the fun and big business for the blossoms. >> it happens every year, so people should not be amazed. but it is still amazing. across japan the cherry blossom is blooming, and the whole country someone gripped by hanai. quite literally looking at flowers. the verdict for this hanami season is it's as good as it gets. >> it looks like its snowing. >> i'm glad i was born japanese. >> it makes you happy and you forget all your troubles. >> pulling in the crowds is the knowledge that one bad storm could blow it all away. it is all the more beautiful for
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being so fleeting. >> and this could be the source of much of that beauty. it's one of a number of hybrids here in this park in northern tokyo that is more than 100 years old, and has been the subject of a recent university study. they believe that grass taken from this one tree could be the origin of the marachino, the most common variety in full bloom right now. sharing a common genetic background would help explain why th it comes with so much certain point and invaluable for the tourism industry. tokyo district plans a festival around it. promoting it's own cherry trees and merchant dieing everything to do with the blossom.
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>> at nighttime promises are created where they don't exist. with a weaker yen, the government sees tourism as vital for the economy. it had planned 20 million visitors per year by twenty2 2020, but it is already achieving that so now it's doubling the target at 40 million. better get planted. >> indonesia has threatened to ban le leo leo that ar leo that are dodie cap preio.
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>> the magazine hello has apologized for george clooney for publishing an article that clooney said was fabricated. he said he has not done any of the interviews with the magazine and none of the quotes were accurate. it has since apologized to mr. clooney and his wife. now georgia's economy may be struggling, but it's fashion industry is thriving. >> this is tbilisi fashion week. one of two fashion week compet competing for homegrown
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designers. a sign of a healthy sector. >> that this means that it is developing. tbilisi is the fashion sector of the georgia world. this is a celebration of georgia fashion. some of it is internationally recognized. but it is not the cat walk that is keeping it alive. take a troll through tbilisi streets and it's easy to find georgian girls wearing georgian fashions. it's a small town so designers and buyers enjoy a close relationship.
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>> we really think in the same way. we create something that they like. they like that we create. because i think georgians have one taste. >> a taste intriguing foreign fashionistas who see potential here. >> today tbilisi, tomorrow may be the world. al jazeera. tbilisi. >> well, international pillow fighting, indeed that is a thing has been celebrated across the world with huge pillow fights in hong kong and taiwan.
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hundreds have turned out to battle one another. now in its seventh year they have said it's a good excuse to act like a kid again. you can check out our website in the meantime. it's at >> a new business is rising in america's rocky mountain west. and sales promise to be brisk. >> i want to get $100 bucks dj shorts and $100 bucks of the tahoe. >> this past january, licensed shops in colorado began selling recreational marijuana to anyone 21 years of age or older. >> whoo that smells nice >> prices range from $14 to $25 a gram. >> what's the difference between the ultimate.
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