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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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hello. you are watching al jazeera live from london. last minute preparations a day before greece is due to start sending refugees back to turkey. tight security controls as brussel's airport reopens. >> representatives from 50 states expressing unity one week
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after the lahore bombing. plus: ♪ >> a version of figaro sang in english and spanglish. >> armenia, is accusing azerbijain, ending the worst flare-up of violence in more than two decades. this area in brown lies inside the borders it was set up as a de facto state after a six-year war. a truce tension lingers on. fighting began again in the region on saturday. they say soldiers were killed
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and 18 dead and both sides say that there has been civilian casualties. the connell conflict also threatens to pull in major regional powers. russia has several military basis in armenia which it considers a strategic allie while turkey backs azeberjan. despite claims of a cease-fire by, armeninan forces report that there have been more attacks by the military. both sides are accusing each other of firing the first shots on saturday. they blame each other for violating a 1994 cease-fire that ended a six-year war. >> it was a violation of the cease-fire regime linked to national law, humanitarian law and the commissions. >> reporter: some have called it the frozen conflict. it began with a decision soviet
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leader joseph stalin made in 1922. he place did the mountainous enclave inside the newly created area, soviet socialist republic. christian armenians and muttslim azaris lived in peace for nearly a century. them in the late 1980 did, when the ussr was breaking up, armenians held a national referendum, independence from azerbjain and self rule. but they said they did not have the legal right and sent in the military to retake the area. thousands of mupslims from the area were forced to flee, and after years of fighting in nomo than 30,000 deaths, the karabak region and others reached a truce in 1994. >> we are fighting on our own territory.
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if an armenian soldier doesn't want to die, then let them get off of the territory. >> reporter: the republic is not recognized by the u.n. analysts believe the renewed skirmishes could lead to a greater regional war. >> the big question mark people worry about is: it probably wouldn't stay confined to those two countries. there is a good possibility of turkish intervention and even more serious, a good popsibility of russian intervention if the fighting becomes an all-out war. >> the osc men's group chaired by am bats dors from the u.s., russia and france has been trying to negotiate a peace deal for years now. the group will meet again on tuesday in vienna. robin forest year walker, al jazeera. >> a huge fire has broken out at a shanelle defense men industry building. cism several hundred fire fighters and several cranes are battles near the criminallenlin.
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the flames destroyed part of the roof which was allowed to collapse to try to contain the flame. seven people were reportedly rescued and 40 others evacuated. an armed group in syria says its taken control of two areas around allepo. al-nusra front said it killed 50 government soldiers during the offensive. the fighting is the most serious in the area until a u.n.-backed truce deal came into effect months ago. >> on the offensive f al-nusra front fighters fight to gain control of the town from pro-syrian government forces who have captured it four months ago with the help of the shanelle air force. al-nusra's tanks began to shell their enemy's positions from a distance. the battle has started. but it only takes a few hours for fighters to declare a victory after they managed to take control of the highest points.
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it in an area that over looks the town. the syrian army and fighting malitians cluck hezbollah suffered heavy losses. >> we plugged to seize control to force the regime's fighters to pull out of the town. we killed a number of shia militia fighters from lebanon and around. unexploded shells dropped by ba bashar's a.m. everywhere. they indicate is from an iraqi is he shia group. capturing the air force started bombing the area. the frequent exchange of territory between rebels and the government has been a defendant signature of this war. atsad's army doesn't have enough troops on the ground to maintain gains and the rebels lack the air cover needed to protect their ad vansz. so five years after this
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conflict began, the fighting continues. jamal, al jazeera. >> government troops have captured a town in central homs prove i knew from isil fighters. the area has been held by isil fighters since last august. what's considered to be its main stronghold in the prove i knew? it's 100 kilometers west of palmeri. the u.k. based organization, the syrian observatory for human rights says more than 40 russian and syrian airstrikes hit the area on sunday. now, hours before a deal to send rejected asylum seekers back to turkey takes force. boatloads of refugees have been rescued off of the coast. many children are among those making the journal. on march 20th, more than 5,600 people have been registered. greek media says more than 700
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will be sent back to turkey monday morning. >> less bos, one of the islands where refugees have been coming to for years now. they still keep on coming. tell us a little bit about what's going on there. >> reporter: we seem to be having some problem with the audio the we will try to cross life to her. in the turkish town. refugee did are expected to be sent back. in the seaside town, they have been creating a reception center here at the doc made of tents. we understand this is where the first batch of several hundred
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refugees, migrants coming back from le sp os will be processed. there have been protests in the town those who said they want refugees setting up a permanent camp k they are worried about the effects on tourism. they say they have no plans here and some camps you in land. we don't know where that will be. article irin sunday. he says the deal is having to some extent desired effect in ruling the numbers of people trying to get in to greets from the coastline here presenting them from crossing. certainly what we are hearing from smugglers along here is that it's becoming more difficult. the security has been tightened.
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hole country trades. from one academic who says by putting anyone in a long line for legal way it could spur them to try once again
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>> it's not clear why we have spoken to some people who arrived after the march 20th deadline. what they told us was at the end of the day, we are refugees. we will qualify this. maybe this is why the european union is rushing to implement this deal because once they see deportation happen people will not be relying on hope but will be seeing for themselves that your updates have been shut at least for illegal migration. certainly all of this will act as a deterrent. we talked about illegal migration a lot of that depends upon where people come from according to the eu.
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i don't know whether you have been able to get a sentence of where the people in the most recent boat load have been coming from. how many of them are from elsewhere. we do not have the idea statistics, but i can say that the majority at least as of late have been syrians, particularly women and children. we have to remember there were a lot of men trying to reach europe and now their families are trying to follow them. they are all being heard in detention facilitieses in prisons actually. one of them behind me, the detention facility and we are not allowed to film inside. we are not allowed to go inside. we did manage to speak to some people close to the fence, and there is a lot of anxiety and people are asking a lot of questions. they are not really certain about what's going to happen next. they had more questions than answers. they were asking us what's going to happen if we go to turkney?
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will they send us back to syria? a lot of anxiety. greek authorities and the eu authorities have made it clear to them that their choices now are to apply for asylum in greece, not to apply at all or to voluntarily return to turkey. for some people, it's choices that they do not want because some of them want to reach northern europe to join their families and others want a better life in northern europe and do not want to stay in a country like greece which has its only economic policies. a lot of anxiety. deportations are going ahead t presence in plates. we saw dozens of officers deployed: there is a fear that people may not go quietly. >> the latest from le sp os. thank you for that. brussels airport is partly operating again following the
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attack there 12 days ago. the first flight through the port ge portuguese society. passengers arriving damaged by the sued side bombing attack. the metro station was attacked on the same day. 32 people were killed. >> it's a very emotionally moment for all of us, for me, personally, of course. worked dit really day and night to make this moment possible. it's very important. only three flights today. symbolic flights. tomorrow, we will have more flights. in the next few days, we will go up to 20% of our normal capacity and the maxi mum we can have in the temporary structure we have built. >> still to come in this half hour on al jazeera, turkey promises to rebuild yabakur
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after clashes with kurdish rebels leave parts of the city in ruins.
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live from london. >> welcome back. here is a reminder the top stories on al jazeera. armenia is disputing reports of a cease-fire by azerbajaini forces in the contested region. dozens of people including civilians died on saturday in some of the worst fighting the region has seen in over 20 years. turkey is rushing to build facilities on the free
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settlement of asylum seekers is said to come into force. stayed media is not from greece on monday. >> some flights are now departing from brussels airport, 12 days after an attack by suicide bombers which killed 16 people there. air force staff observed a moment of silence at the reopening. turkey's prime minister has promised to rebuild the city after the pkk abandoned the seats fire in july, fighting destroyed the historic part of the city. they have pledged after a pkk bombing killed 7 people in the city. this report. fight with security foorz and the pkk he is not happy.
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the people had nothing. they were hungry. there was no work, nothing. i am relying on my credit card. i don't know how i will pay back the bank. the government has to help us. he is not alone. many people many have been affected. the district of sewell is the hardest hit. the curfew was put in place and launched a military operation targeting pkk groups. the fighting we want on for months, house to house. local aid groups say between 40,000 to 50,000 were forced to leave. tennessee of million dollars of dollars. over two weeks ago, the curfew was lifted and life is returning to normal. tensions remain t police in
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plain clothes are everywhere. the police say some areas here remain dangerous. some areas within the district remain under curfew. the government isn't allowing anyone to go back. >> the prime minister says i will trust him when i see everything is revealed. turkey's kurdish issue is like a
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bleeding wound. the pkk has been fighting for autonomy for over 30 years. a fragile peace process collapsed last year restoring trust will take much more than rebuilding homes and likelihoods t assada, al jazeera. the head of the penal parliament has criticized the turkey's president for protesting against a sat issuecal song mocking his treatment of journalists. erdouan's response to the two-minute song has warnede morphed into a diplomatic awkward for the jrman chal s seller. it's understood that airstrikes for the saudi-led coalition have hit an al-qaeda camp. several fighters from al-qaeda
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a in the arabian peninsula were killed near mokula. saudi coalition officials have not yet commented on the incident. members of the flight crew of egypt air 181 have spoken about the hijacking of their plane last tuesday. it's turned out that the hijacke hijackers' explosive did were fake and motivations were motivated by a feud with his ex-wife. at the time the crew was responding to a credible threat to blow up their plane. >> the hijacker came to the back of the plane and threatened me and opened his shirt to show me the belt. he showed me a button and said if at the pushes it, everything will be exploded. something was going on whether i walked to give him the dmanldz. the crew gave me strengths as well as the passengers. you have to think of every possibility when you are flying. i didn't want to make myself into a hero, but our training which was given to us by egypt
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air through the international aviation authority is what we were able to apply to a great extent during the situation. >> dozens of pakistani have held a christian in karachi for the victim's of last week's victims in law hor. they prayed for the 72 people killed in the attack on a public park on easter sunday. meanwhile, representatives of different face have met in lahore to express soerity. the families, some of the families of the victims of easter sunday's bombing in lahore said a climate of fear looms over the city now despite government efforts to beef up security. some say they will never go to the popular public park again where the blast hit. imran khan has visited some of the victim's families. >> they gather at the graves of those they loved. this family lost three children, two sons and one daughter. they were among 70 people killed
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in lahar last week. most of whom were children. their mother tells us how the family was looking forward to a holiday weekend at the popular park. >> the weekend is a holiday for the children and the next day, they had school. so their father says the house is small. so let's go to the park and they can be a little free. we got to the park and they played. i watched as they ran. then there was this laud noise and smoke. i couldn't hear anything. people were on fire and others were lying dead. i found my children underneath the bodies of others. my husband lost a leg and is in hospital. i will never go back to that park again. i am too scared. >> that home, through their grief, they talk about the short lives of their
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this this this this >> there is a very similar dialogue. >> an important conversation that can be sung as well as spoken. kristin saloomey, al jazeera, new york. >> nasa and the european space agency have released a new series of high definition images of the center of our milky way galaxy. astronmembers used the capability did of the hubble space telescope to pier through
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the dust t the images reveal more than half a million starts and the densest and biggest cluster in the galaxy. it's hoped this discovery will help scientists better undon th way to understand how the milky weigh is evolving. more on the website. >> i'm russell beard in barbados meeting the islanders who are buiding a green ecomomy.


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