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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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1970s character from chps. >> no refuge in europe. first refugees, arrive in turkey. under the european deal. hello everyone i'm felicity barr and this is al jazeera live from london. also, coming up: follow the money. leaked information on accounts in pa panama puts the spotlightn figures around the world. suicide bombers kill and wound dozens. and the battle to block donald trump's path to the white house
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heats up with a series of attack ads launched against him. hello, greece has begun sending refugees and migrants back to turkey and a controversial deal with the european union. first boats from greece arrived in the coastal town of dicalee carrying 202 people. harry fawcett has the latest. >> reporter: with the arrival of this first boat from greece, this vast experiment began in earnest. authorities said these had not claimed asylum in greece and had agreed to go back to turkey. turkey says the majority of pakistanis and afghans will be
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sent to their home countries unless they ask to have asylum. he reassured locals that no permanent refugee camp would be set up here. these men said they were from pakistan and blrved bangladesh. they called the police for rescue when their boat began to sink. >> translator: we are heapg we are saved now. happy. we are saved now. >> reporter: at the eu the key question about this deal is, will it work? will it act as a deterrent? certainly the number have declined in recent days, but the motivation remains for many and some say it will even spark further motivation to return. syrian returnees will be put to
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the end of the line ever legal entry into europe. >> what are the chances to make it even if they nowto that they are at the end of the line? it is maybe close to zero. but now they know thattis that s zero. in that case, what's your next best option? you're going to try again. >> thousands of kilometers away, germany did start accepting the first legal refugees sent on a one to one exchange. if this was the first test of the system it was designed to be as trouble-free as possible with returnees carefully selected. there will be sterner tests as these voyages become more regular, the test of the method's way. harry fawcett, al jazeera.
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continuing to travel from turkey to greece. zeina khodr has more from the greek island of lesbos. >> reporter: europe clearly sending a message that the doors are finally closed. what the uefa wants to ask is open legal borders. those who really need protection will be given a place in europe. but even while more than 200 people were deported to turkey, sent back to turkey, what we understand is that there have been new arrivals, we do not have the exact figures because greek authorities released that in the morning. at least 200. the majority of the people who made it to greece's islands are syrian families. and these people said that they had no idea about the deal, had no idea that they could be deported. true are not, we do know that many syrians are hopeful that they will be exempted and they will be qualified as refugees. but there are a few thousand
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people now locked up in detention centers, they would have definitely heard about the deportations. they have a lot of anxiety, a lot of uncertainty. and what we understand from the spokesperson of frontex the eu external border agency she made it very clear to us this morning that syrians won't be exempted and just because they are coming from a war zone if their asylum request are rejected they will be deported back to turkey. >> a huge data leak from a panamanian law firm has revealed how the super-rich hide their money. offshore companies being set up on a massive sale, many used for money laundering and tax avoidance. barnaby phillips reports. are. >> reporter: headquarters of a company that traded on secrecy
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and confidentiality. under unbelievable scrutiny. monthsack fonseca denies any wrongdoing. the millions of leaked documents suggest some clients were money-laundering, many were not breaking the law. the document shows leaders or former leaders of ten countries use tax havens. argentina, georgia, iceland, ukraine, qatar, saudi arabia, uae and sudan. but other countries held their wealth, tamp avoidance i tamp aa global issue. >> vital thrarch they need to
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invest in schools and hospital he, in helping ordinary people. >> about half the countries mentioned in the panama papers were incorporated in british overseas territories. in london i asked one expert why britain isn't doing more to ensure its companies are transparent? >> now there's a real opportunity in a month's time there's an anticrungs summit thaanticription summitfirstanti. >> although for david cameron there is some embarrassment in the panama papers which say his late father helped set up an offshore fund in the bahamas to avoid paying tax in the u.k. an investigative journalist will be releasing more, showing how
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corrupt companies hide their money, backspace, al jazeera, london. >> iceland's prime minister has angrily denied any wrongdoing. he stormed out of a tv interview saying he never hid any of his assets. he now face is a no confidence vote in parliament. a spokesman in russia say the be papers hold nothing new. ukraine's general prosecutor says there's no evidence that president petro poroshenko committed any crime. head of the populace radical party call him to be impeached. and a folks woman for the british prime minister refused to.comment, describing it as a private matter. argentina's president mauricio macri was also named.
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teresa vo has his reaction. >> reporter: mauricio macri appears in the panama papers. also the secretary of the form he president nestor kirsh. nestor cristina kirchner. nestor kirchner. the owner company was dissolved 2009, exactly two years after macri was elected as mayor ever buenos aires. there is a public outcry because the public is saying macri should give an explanation why this company wasn't disclosed. macri wasn't oshareholder from this company they declare, and that's why this company was not
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declared. macri is the son of a very wealthy businessman in argentina. the public has always seen him as a man who will resume to benefit the rich. during this campaign he promised he was going to fight against corruption, he was going to allow the justice system to investigate the corruption that allegedly happened during the administration of former president cristina kirchner about this situation complicates his situation even more and now the opposition is demanding that he publicly explain his involvement in these papers. >> three azari soldiers have been killed in the fighting between azerbaijan and armenia. footage taken on sunday shows
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armenian backed troops firing on azaris. if cause of the renewed flare up isn't known and both sides have blamed each other. at least 62 people have been killed in a wave suicide bombings across iraq. in the worst of monday's attacks at least 26 were killed. there were attacks in nazarea baghdad and damaged as many as 30 cars. another suicide bomber struck at another army checkpoint. islamic state of iraq and the levant has said it is behind several of those attacks. now in the u.s., negative advertising has reached new lows in the battle to become presidential nominee for republican party. the key battleground of
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wisconsin with every effort being made to block the front runner donald trump about due to wall to wall negative ads have a negative impact? allen fisher has this story. >> it's hard to turn on your tv without seeing negative be ads. >> can you tell them go (bleep) themselves. >> reporter: this state seen as the last best chance to stop donald trump. a win are here would be unstoppable in the republican convention in july. >> trump is just a fraud. >> reporter: the antitrump ads are bigger, meaner and there's a lot more of them. >> start cruz up in the polls and it makes sense that the stop trump effort is working at full steam because they know if they
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can kind of bring a serious loss to donald trump here, it sets a stage for a much more competitive battle in both new york and pennsylvania later this month. >> reporter: trump campaign is spending around $427,000 in wisconsin. his opponents, $3.8 million. he's faced an onslaught of negative advertising before and won. >> no one has ever ever received the kind of negative advertising that i have. record record record. >> reporter: negative advertising is nothing new in american politics. it's been around in some form for more than 150 years. >> he wants to go on testing more bombs, his name is barry goldwater. >> reporter: sunlight foundation say they hate negative ads but they do work. >> the rhetoric is very hot but unfortunately people do react to
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them. that's why candidates use them. the reaction can be very immediate. whether you want them to vote for or against, either way you are trying to influence the way a thinks. >> reporter: trump is getting the help of a superpac. he has called them corrupt but he hasn't asked them to stop. if he has any chance of winning wisconsin and convincing the others in the field this is all over. >> i think we're going to win in november. >> allen fisher al jazeera washington. >> kimberly halkett joins us, for once kimberly trump not the hot favorite to win this state. >> reporter: indeed, the lates poll numbers fell isity shows he's behind at least 10
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percentage points according to some polls. ted cruz is really the favorite in this state. it's not just the ads that are a problem for donald trump, it is also very strong antantimobilization front. all working very hard to support ted cruz and really stop donald trump. at the same time, donald trump has been crisscrossing the state just like all the other candidates and he has been sounding he rather confident. >> i really believe tomorrow we're going to have a very, very big victory, very, very big. you know, i've been up here a lot. and i love it. and the people, i love, i have many friends from wisconsin. but they told me this is going to happen. they said now donald you're going to win wisconsin but you have to come here. i said what do you mean come here, i've been here many times. they said no no, be here.
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i'm here so much you're starting to get sick of me i hope right? i hope. >> kimberly, where are we at when it comes to the democrats nomination? >> reporter: well, like donald trump, the front runner of the republican side, the front runner on the be democratic side hillary clinton is also facing a challenge. the poll numbers aren't as severe in her case. she is polling just narrowly behind bernie sanders, by two percentage points according to this poll. what happens to be behind bernie sanders is not an antimobilization effort but just the opposite, the demographics are working in bernie sanders favor. this is a mid western state that is predominantly made up of white voters. also too, are hillary clinton hs to win in areas that are african
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american. bernie sanders says he is really looking to try and pick up the momentum he experienced in recent contests in alaska as well as washington state. he also is looking at some of the poll numbers and spreading the neafnlg when it comes to national polls, he scores higher than hillary clinton and urs surmtd. as a result, he can position himself as the democratic nominee. >> kimberly halkett, thanks kimberly. next, we're going to hear from one of the dozens of women freed from a sex trafficking ring. lust. don't stop the music, why a lahor festival went lady in
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spite of a deadly bombing.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts,
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beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> welcome back and reminder of the top stories. greece has started sending refugees back to turkey following a controversial deal struck with the european union, the first arrivals were in the coastal town of dikile on monday morning. panama papers, and at least 62 people have been killed in a series of attacks across iraq including ba basra baghdad and
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fallujah. lebanese police say they have dismantled the largest of the country's sex rings, al jazeera jamalel shael reports from beirut. >> to protect her identity we cannot reveal her name. eve was forced to work as a prostitute. >> we were never allowed to sleep, if a customer came in and asked for us we were forced to wake up. >> came to lebanon where a friend told her she would get her a job at a restaurant. >> we arrive around 10:00 a.m., we slept for about two hours when the boss told me they want you to wear short and revealing clothes. i had to put on makeup and do my
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hair. i asked them why. the man in charge says you need to go down and work, you're with us now. it's was new year's eve. >> eve was held captive less than an hour's drive from beirut. >> the next day as i put on my clothes to leave he smacked me across the face so hard i fell onto the bed. he shouted get me the whip. they dragged me to the living room, started swearing and said you're mine now, you'll do what i tell you. >> high domestic demand and the town serves as a sex tourism destination. allows for people like eve to be preyed upon and abused. >> they would prevent us from asking the client to wear a condom. if the customer was allowed to,
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then we were all forced to have abortions. >> on friday, lebanon police revealed they uncovered the largest sex rings. according to the police, many had been tortured and drugged. the police themselves have been accused of miss treating the victims. >> when the police first detained us the treatment was horrific. if we fell asleep they'd hit us, if we asked for water they'd hit us. they would hold a bottle of water in front of us, to taunt us. one girl needed to be go to the bathroom, they wouldn't let her. she urinated on the floor and they forced her to clean it up and put the be paper under her shirt. >> more importantly to be preventive and here again, i'd
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like the highlight the importance of tackling the demand, the demand side. where we should ask the buyers to refrain from buying sex. >> for two and a half years eve says she's experienced hell on earth. as though she's now free she remains captive to the memories that continue to haunt her. jamal el shael, al jazeera, beirut. israelis have demolished the homes of palestinians who killed. shortly after the attack in february. demolishing their homes they say could deter other palestinians to carry out similar attacks. israel has expand he the area they allow gaza fishermen to fish in. up to 16 kilometers off the coast.
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the decision has been welcomed by some but others say it is not enough. >> reporter: these guards of fishermen now have a wider area to drop their fishing nets. israel has expanded the area they're allowed to go into from 11 to 16 kilometers. israel authorities say it should result in a bigger catch and in deeper waters. but for these men that wasn't the case. the captain of this boat couldn't hide his frustration >> translator: the israelis have chosen the worst time. the results were shocking. >> reporter: not all were left with an empty net, some were able to catch soul fish and sea bass. >> translator: we hope israel will expand the fishing area another five kilometers but not only in the southern part.
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>> reporter: gaza's fisherman union says the latest expansion is not enough. under the 1993 oslo accords palestinians were supposed to have access to a 37 kilometer zone in the mediterranean, israeli officials say the latest decision to expand the fishing zone could add $100,000 a year to gaza's economy, more than half fishermen live on a poverty line. even with the zone expand he it will be difficult to earn a decent living. >> we expect it to be full of fish but as you can see, they're so few they don't even cover our expenses. >> reporter: they face arrest every time they board their boats. difficult to improve their
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lives. brandys alexander, al jazeera. government owes $350 million to suppliers. yvonne ndege reports. >> reporter: he relies on fertilizer which is subsidized by the government and deliveries have stopped because the government owes suppliers $350 million. he grows maize and other crops on his farm. >> the impact is so great that without proper fertilizer we can't make more than a marginal improvement. we don't have any other access. >> reporter: another problem for farmers, 4700 tons of
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fertilizer has been impounded. they believe it is going to be paid into bombs by boko haram. some farmers say it could soon lead to food shortages, it also means the price of some basic food is increasing. the government properly blames >> it is found that these boko haram people are adding you a . >> needs to be overhauled to stop corruption. >> just giving subsidy and not knowing exactly, to help the
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overall population, really not -- it's really not helping at all. so farmers increase their output, they need to be able to increase their revenues. >> farmers such as paez says government leaders need to rox resolve the problem quickly. >> a farmer is not going to farm to manufacture anything that would destroy life. >> it seems unlikely truckloads of fertilizer will be reaching farmers soon. oil production is the main source of government income and falling price he have hit the government hard, there's no money to pay for fertilizer for be the suppliers. yvonne ndege, al jazeera. volcano gave out 40 short
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bursts of ash and gas on sunday, throwing ash up to 2,000 meters into the sky. officials have set up a zone of safety around the area. you'll find more on our website, >> battle for the badger state. wisconsin, hoping to pick up a majority of the critical 42 delegates. president obama sits down with the secretary-general of nato to discuss the battle with i.s.i.l. world leaders are be implicated in a data ling of hidden bank accounts. new deal takes effect in controlling a crisis in european
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union. this is al jazeera america, live from new york city, i'm richelle carey. republicans are making the rounds in wisconsin, ahead of tomorrow's primary, at stake 42 delegates. senator ted cruz labeling it a battleground and looking at recent polls he seems to be winning this battle. in the latest cbs news poll, cruz is ahead of donald trump, highway governor john kasich is trailing behind 18%. hoping a win in the blue collar state is changing the outlook. hillary clinton agreed to attend an april 14th sedate, a date not yet agreed to by the sanders
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examine. last week, bernie sanders call for another debate before the april 18th primary. the two have not agreed on a date. recent polling shows bernie sanders may be gaining on hillary clinton in her home state. sanders ahead by two points in the latest cbs news wisconsin pom. randall pinkston has the story. >> bernie sanders hammered home his themes. >> the reality is we have a handful of billionaires, people like the koch brothers and others, who are prepared to spend hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars on
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elections. >> reporter: the latest poll of likely democratic voters in wisconsin shows the vermont senator and hillary clinton neck and neck. on friday clinton was in syracuse, trying to make sure she didn't lose her home state of new york. >> i'm also a democrat and a proud democrat all my adult life, and i think that's kind of important if we're sleking somebody to be the democratic nominee of the democratic party. >> reporter: meanwhile, the likely poll of republican voters shows trump losing ground. ted cruz has a double digit lead over trump, john kasich, a smaller percentage. the previous poll had trump at 30% and cruz at 18%.
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>> god bless the sait of north h dakota. >> but he took a detour to north dakota. >> people are waking up and help is on the way! >> reporter: all of north dakota delegates are officially uncommitted so who gets chosen to fill the spots could make a big difference both on the convention floor and in rules meetings leading up to the july gathering. >> so wisconsin are you ready to make the state great again? >> former alaska governor sarah palin warmed up the crowd after a rocky week on the campaign trail. >> who has ever created private sector jobs and help americans actually read the american dream, who is it? >> trump. >> john kasich who just won one primary, also campaigned hard in
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wisconsin trying to court younger voters. kasich worked to maintain expectations, saying he is focusing often new york be aand pennsylvania. >> we are running first or second in virtually all the campaigns, we'll see how we do here, never intended to win here. >> milwaukee sent them endorsed kasich. >> 33% of people in wisconsin don't know enough about me, they don't even have an opinion of me. i'm still bamentin battling to e recognition. >> voting rules in texas, a unanimous decision, the high court said, conservators had chawlgd the rules but the justices disagreed. donald trump going often the
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offensive against nato over the weekend calling the group obsolete. he says he'd down grade the united states role in the alliance, meanwhile nato secretary-general is in the white house now, for talks with president obama. and they plan to discuss i.s.i.l. and its relationship across europe. mike viqueria is with me. good afternoon, mike. >> good afternoon, richelle, in 1989, and 1990, the warsaw pact that opposed nato disbanded and sidgesince then many have caller the winding down of nato. the secretary-general of faight says it's time for a renewed focus be spectacularly since the
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attack of brussels, which happens to be home of nato. these two leaders met for about an hour in the oval office in washington, also talked about stabilizing the middle east. countries like rahm iraq and libya, ultimately out offed the leader there mow maw mar gadha r gadhafi, mainly as a result of that. the two leaders calling for a humane solution to the refugee crisis that's now besieging urine. president obama in response to some of the criticism that's coming from donald trump most recently, going on for sometime as we've just talked about says now is the time to beef up the u.s. presence in eastern european in particular and bolstering nato as it heads is into its seventh decade.
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>> make sure that they have not just reassurance in words but that we have actually deployed concrete assets that let them no that article 5 means something and that we stand by our commitments to our allies. and i have in my budget put forward a quadrupling of the resources we spend. >> president obama talking about an additionalling brigade in face of continued aggression in russia and ukraine and mu moldo, called it the biggest collective defense since the end of the cold war. >> mike viqueria thank you. the fallout from the largest document leak in history is
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growing. 11.5 million pages are now public. they show the world's most wealthy and powerful people are hiding their money off shore to avoid paying taxes. investigations are in australia and nl new zealand and calling r iceland's prime minister to resign. what's now called the panama papers. >> reporter: panama city is a booming financial hub and a reputation of money laundering by the world's rich. a release of documents from mossack fonseca. hundreds of journalists from more than 70 countries have analyzed more than 11 million leaked files from the database. the documents appear to show links to 143 politicians. among the current leaders famed are the president of argentina,
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mauricio macri, iceland's prime minister, gunnlaunessgsson and veupt. his best friend ser gay ro roldugin, is implemented. others, include the son of malaysia's prime minister. >> i think it raises further questions for the political class as a whole. because european countries, the u.s., the oecd have been talking about greater transparency, swiss is trying to clean up its act in terms of banking, there have inten better than a serief scandals. >> one of the companies mentioned in the document,
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supplied fuel to syrians government. and a company owned by the football star lionel messi and his father. officials are investigating messi for tax evasion. mexico marsh who has received hundreds of millions of dollars much state contracts, instructed his aides to offshore much of his fortunate, and mauricio macri failed to disclose he is a director along with his father and his brother, in a company offshore brazil. five members of the law firm mossack fonseca have been charged. adam rainey, al jazeera, mexico city. allegation is are based on
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speculation, al jazeera's rory challands has more from moscow. >> the officials knew this was coming. briefed on it, basically saying there was a piece of what he called paid journalism down the track. antismear campaign generated from the west, russian state tv channels, the few remaining independent outlets have picked this up, the pengtd is goin peng to breathe a sigh of relief, because there's a putin-shaped hole, and naij of people around the president but no smoking gun that really hit the presidents in the face, doesn't look good but gives putin a degree of
1:43 pm
deniability. they'll be surprised by the sheer size of this leak. petro poroshenko, the icelandic premier, the name of the former emir of qatar, the georgian prime minister, many of the most powerful and richest men in the world, their names are contained on this paper. this is not just governmental but global that needs to be addressed. >> rory challands there in moscow. 16 refugees landed in the central germa german area.
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on the other side greek officials say more than 100 people mostly from pakistan and bangladesh have arrived in turkey today. they were transported from lesbos and chios. this is meant to stem the number of refugees coming from turkey. >> here trying to deal with the refugee crisis is take taking pe for 202 people returned this first day of operation. they are mainly we're told from be pakistan and afghanistan. what happens to them is not entirely clear but we're told unless they apply for asylum here in turkey the system for deporting them back to their home countries will kick into place. as for the question of whether there are any syrians on board, there are differing reports of
1:45 pm
that. if. >> reporter: , this deal is designed to swap those who have entered illegally into greece, for those who will be sent on a one to one basis to europe. first they called the police and the coast guard brought them back. mainly pakistanis and bangladeshis. for the all the signals being sent from here, don't come to greece don't come to europe, there is a great motivation for these people to still make the journey. >> harry fawcett there, the brussels airport operating again still not at 100%. passengers being screened on the
1:46 pm
road approaching the airport. that means three hour check in time. only three flights left brussels on sunday, part of the airport reopen, officials called the first flight a intotti symbolicf hope. >> we haven't fully done that but we hope so. >> they hope to have the airport back by late summer season. now in the wake of the attacks armed security guards will soofn be patrolling trains in france. officials made the announcement on sunday. the marshals will chrome, filers will waich 40,000 cameras for just behavior and april showerse
1:47 pm
supposed to bring may flowers but what happens when it snows? details on a spring storm next.
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>> people out here are struggling and just trying to get by with whatever they can. >> al jazeera america - proud of telling your stories. >> somebody to care about us man... >> we're live in ferguson, missouri. >> brick by brick, i will open
1:49 pm
it. it will take more than a few rocks to stop me from doin' what i have to do. >> suddenly heroin seems to be everywhere. >> there's no way i am willing to give up my family for a drug ever again. >> i know you all have strong opinions about the border. >> i don't believe in borders. >> our government is allowing an invasion. >> i don't really know as much as i thought i did. >> people don't just need protection, they need assistance. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> oh my god... the town's out of water. >> we came up here to talk to some people who are selling fresh water... fresh water for fracking. >> we are a town that greed destroyed. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i wanted to dance, and eventually i started leaving the gangs in the street alone. >> we're pushing the envelope with out science every day, we can save species. >> i'm walking you guys!
1:50 pm
>> all i wanted to see was her walk. it was amazing. >> these were emotions that i had been dreaming about for so long. >> getting to the heart of the matter. proud to tell your stories. al jazeera america. >> amtrak's neecht corridoramtrr trains are back running. a.m. strak crashed sush knight, officials said the train headed from new york to georgia hit a backhoe that was on the tracks. this happened about 20 miles south of the spot where a train derailed last may, killing 8 and injuring many more. two evacuation overnight because of a fire. the fire at newark's airport terminal b broke out, in a boiler room ceiling.
1:51 pm
that prompted an evacuation, once the fire was out the terminal reopened. a few hours later the fire rekindled and forced another evacuation. no reports of any injuries. a big airline merger, alaska airlines, has won the bid to acquire virgin. santa claralaska air beat out b. the deal will allow alaska to are expand its presence on the west coast. it is spring, but the storm over the weekend left over a foot of snow in some places and temperatures plunged from the 70s to the 20s. let's bring in nicole mitchell. >> one storm heading out, another one coming in. now into the afternoon hours
1:52 pm
we'll see notice including new york, massachusetts, massachusetts by the time everybody is said and done could get two to six inches in a couple of places. through rest of the day this will kind of clear out west to east. a couple of places could still have lingering moisture, and south of all of this it has been the areas of rain. that's one system. that will clear out. but another one already impacting the northwest. snow like places in snoqualmie pass. areas of snow including minnesota or the dakotas. south of that there could be rain, thunderstorms, less likely to have severe weather with all of this. and wednesday it starts to pull through great lakes, snow on the northern edge. wednesday night northern parts of new england could get some snow, and temperatures are going to be go up and down, slight
1:53 pm
warmth or the the he east coast today. and ahead of the two systems, both of those areas have significant temperature drops as the front actually pulls through. back to you. >> in california a plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour was signed today by governor jerry brown, more than 2 million workers in the state will be affected. law americas there say the raise is about fairness and -- lawmakers there say the raise is about fairness and equality. the raise will gradually increase to $15 by 2022. there is anger in mississippi, governor phil bryant signs a proclamation that makes no mention of slavery, comes as activists push to have the state pull the confederate sign off the flag.
1:54 pm
south carolina removed the sign last year. black student group at the ivy league university, demanded the name be removed because of wilson's support of graition. segregation. going gray? you pay some day be able to shut off the gene that causes hair to change color. plus an unusual police chase across san francisco's bay bridge.
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>> a new documentary features rare insider interviewers and includes one with the president itself. >> you and i we're going to change this country and we will change the world. >> for millions, the election of barack obama to the oval office marks a new era of hope.
1:57 pm
the energetic young president is poised to take on the great challenges of his time. >> our combat mission in iraq will end. quoam will bguantanamo will be e year there now. now is the time to keep the hope of affordable health care for this country. >> he was so happy, i don't think other than hi marriage there was anything. >> the change would be hard he than he predicted. >> am i frustrated that we're not taking bolder steps? absolutely. >> he said i am president of the united states and i can't make anything happen. >> he stood up in place and he said that's it, i'm.finished. >> he said you know i don't sleep at night very much. >> he called me name i hadn't heard before or since and
1:58 pm
stormed out of the room. >> with unique access to the president and his inner circle, this is a story of the obama years. battles, the decisions, the key moments that reshaped america stand world. >> i am ste am temperamentally optimistic and tend to take the long view. >> amazing grace ♪ ♪ how sweet the sound >> can you watch the limits of hope, thursday at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here often al jazeera america. scientists have identified the gene behind gray hair and it could mean the end of growing gray as you age. >> switching off the gene is of
1:59 pm
course feasible. the issue is whether it will have the desired effect and whether it's the right thing to do, yes. but in terms of, for instance, trying to develop a therapy to delay or prevent hair-graying, i mean that is something that is potentially feasible, yeah. >> to find gene scientists took dna from 6,000 people, but identifying it is just the first step. they say it will take years to figure out how to switch the gene off. let's hope they do. hairy chase in trance. california highway patrol going after a chihuahua. this little cutie was running fiercely on the bay bridge. the dog was wearing a tag but no i.d. on it. humans we've got to do better. now renamed pet paunch after
2:00 pm
eric estraza, the star of chips. keep it here. >> this is al jazeera. >> hello everyone i'm felicity barr, and this is the news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. no refuge in europe, the first rfqs and migrants returned under a deal with the eu arrived in turkey. follow the money. leaked information on accounts in panama puts the spotlight on figures around the world. azerbaijan says three