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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2016 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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governments that it is not just about protecting the environment, but also the people these ecosystems support. >> you can find much more on the website. the address on the screen right now, >> god bless the great state of wisconsin. [ cheering ] >> let me take this opportunity to thank the people of wiscons wisconsin. >> underdog upset. >> backlash for nolos in the south. rules that many say discriminate
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against the lgbt community. taking the lead. cars taking the charge over their gas-powered counter parts. >> i'm richelle carey. ted cruz defeated donald trump in the primary. david shuster has more. >> we won in wisconsin. >> for democrat bernie sanders and ted cruz, it was the nomination that challenger had
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been hoping for. >> god bless the great state of wisconsin. [ cheering ] >> the outcome means trump's path to the nomination will be more difficult because his odds of winning enough delegates before the summer convention are now slim. trump did "z" not speak tuesday night. but cruz was banking on a contested convention celebrated in milwaukee loudly. >> three weeks ago the media said wisconsin was a perfect state. for donald trump. [ booing ]
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>> bernie sanders with seven victories in the las eight contests. >> change never takes place from the top on down. it always takes place from the bottom on up. >> sanders' victory was fueled by younger voters and white working democrats, many of them angry over free trade. wisconsin's manufacturing trade over the past few decades has been hollowed out. and he made sure they knew that he had blocked free trade deals that hillary clinton supported. over to close the lead. >> when we stand together there
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is nothing that we cannot accomplish. >> in the end wisconsin was a rough state for the party front runners raising questions about campaign strengths and keeping challenger hopes alive. david shuster, al jazeera. >> after wisconsin lost, trump lashed out to ted cruz saying this, ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he is a trojan horse being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. this is trump's first primary or caucus night without a win since iowa. the underdog victories means the gap with the front runners is getting tighter with the over all delegate count, but for republicans, donald trump still leads but ted cruz is behind. bernie sanders is getting close to hillary clinton. he now trails by less than 250 delegates. if you add had a superdelegate, her lead is larger.
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bill, thank you for joining us. what was different in wisconsin for donald trump to lose the way that he did? when he has been winning all along. >> there is a bigger anti-trump vote, and it consolidated around ted cruz. there were votes for john kasich, but he didn't do very well. we're seeing an anti-trump movement to resist donald trump. a lot of republicans think he is a loser, they don't like him, and it is creating a search of support for ted cruz. >> what can or should ted cruz's strategy be going forward? >> well, he has to run as the untrump. he has to make it clear that treasure is an unacceptable nominee princel principlesbly
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it will be difficult. both front runners are unpopular figures. people don't like them. they're less popular than the nominees of the major parties going back many decades. >> it is an usual election for another reason as well. john kasich does not seem to be giving him the support he would like. is it unusual that he's hanging in there, or is he hanging this there because of those polls. >> certainly he can make the argument, and trust me he will that he is the one republican who could beat hillary clinton if she's the democratic nominee. that, he believes, will give him an advantage at the republican convention where the party professionals want to make sure that they win the election.
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he looks like a winner. trump and cruz do not. that's one reason why he's hanging on. he also believes that he has a right to hang on. he's the hope of moderate republicans and could do well in eastern states like pennsylvania and new york as well as in california. where his brand of republicanism is more popular. >> let's head to the democrats now, bernie sanders a really big win for him. are there other states that you see on the horizon that he could win? >> well, he aims to win new york. he's from new york. of course, hillary clinton represented new york. it will be tough for sanders in new york. because new york has a large presentation of minority voters, african-americans, latino americans, they've been voting very heavily for hillary clinton, who was the senator for new york. but sanders thinks he has a chance there because he's very progressive, and new york democrats are extremely democrat con sit wentcy. hillary clinton is not a popular
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figure. she's seen a as a candidate of calculation, and sanders is seen as a candidate of condition. >> okay, bill great to talk with you as always. >> alabama's governor is facing etc impeachment against robert bentley, who is accused of having an affair with a staffer. >> we're looking at the governor who has essentially betrayed the trust of the people of alabama. the only course the people of alabama has to address this issue is through the impeachment process. >> he did apologize for making
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inappropriate remarks to a married ex-staffer. he will fight the move to impeachment. the lieutenant governor said that she's ready to step in if she has to. >> new york state has banned all none essential state travel from mississippi. it comes after mississippi refuse service to those who conflict with their principles: a wildfire in oklahoma. watch. >> he needs to get out of it. >> come on, guy, get out. come on. >> the man was attempting to drive his truck from the fire and got stuck. he was spotted by a television crew, and just as he ran for safety the truck was engulfed in flames. that fire is still raging and 300 residents have been told to evacuate. it is a different story in
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michigan. snow and freezing rain are falling there today. it as to the snow that is piled up over the last couple of days. up to a foot in some places. it has led to schools to close and there have been accidents. nicole mitchell has more. >> meteorologist: it's all part of the same system that causes snow through the great lakes through high winds through the plains, the highest winds are in the northern plains. we've had wind gusts over 40 mph. the southern plains still gusting with low humidity, and that's what leading to the fire danger. but the snow is more significant in other places. some place also go over six inches total and some places have done that and then it continues to move its way through the northern parts of new england. they get this snow. the southern portions get the rain south of the ohio river valley, looking at that. not very liky will there be a
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severe weather with this system, and a very wet day for portions of the northeast as this storm continues to move. there are still chances for that snow to continue. with all of that, the system goes through ahead of this. phoenix is at 96, that goes down because of this moisture coming in. finally for thursday and friday, good chances for rain in the southwest where it is desperately needed. back to you. >> a huge pharmaceutical merger is off. fieser is scrapping it's deal with alergen after the treasury department rolled out new rules
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to crackdown on tax inversions. on tuesday, president obama championed the move calling tax avoidance a huge problem. pfizer will pay alergen up to $400 million as a result of terminating the deal. puerto rico is putting paying off all its debt on hold. the governor has decided an emergency law allowing the financially troubled island to halt debt payment. the move throws into doubt broader restructuring plans to stave off the collapse of the u.s. territory. the island's governor said that it's priority is paying for essential services. creditors say that the move violates prior agreements. a group of syrian refugees is on its way to the u.s. under a renewed resettlement push. the family is moving to kansas city. for the first syrian family moved as part of a three-month, resettlement surge.
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1300 syrian families have already been resettled. more bad news for residents, that california town that has been home for a massive gas leak, how thousands of people around los angeles could be impacted. and the have a hanna connection, now the city of nuclear hopes to rebuild a trading partnership with cuba.
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>> baltimore's prosecutors are trying to force a police officer to testify against his colleagues. he wants garrett miller to take the witness stand. last month the state's highest court ruled that william porter could be compelled to testify. gray died while being injured in applies custody. the next trial is set to begin in may. a new development on that rolling stone article about an alleged gang rape.
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the central figure called jackie has been ordered to to be questioned in a defamation law enforcement. >> there is new trouble in the aftermath of a huge gas leak in southern california. officials say that the leak at porter ranch could lead to summertime blackouts. johjohn henry smith explains why. >> the leak is permanently sealed. >> that february announcement trumpeted the end of four months of methane gas leaking into the porter ranch community. but now there is a new worry, for the millions of people in and around los angeles, while only one of the canyon sites' 115 wrestle was leaking, they were all ordered shut down to be tested, and state commission said that the loss of one fifth of the areas natural gas compass pit.
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severing 11 million customers, they will face a shortage of gas. that will mean up to 14 days of blackouts in the hot summer months. also residents schuster expect 18 days of additional outages late later in the year. it's already a problem for a community that has suffered health problems from the methane gas cloud. >> this is the medicine my son takes for migrant migraines. my due has missed schools at horrible costs. >> one executive is saying plenty of national gas from main to serve the region typical summer needs and reports hinting at plaque outside can irresponsible. john henry smith, al jazeera. >> the panama paper scandal threatsens the new leader of international soccer. giani infantino eye signed a
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contract with an offshore marketing agency implicated in last year's bribe scandal. today the police raided the offices in zurich, and he's dismayed by the report and that his integrity is now in doubt. the obama administration will transfer left over money from ebola to fight zika. it will go towards research and combating the motor vehicles that it spreading and be used to treat those in facted in the virus. the rest will go to foreign aid to fight the virus overseas. congressmen in arkansas head to cuba today. they're hoping for the return of the good ol' days. that's where cuba's imports and
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exports pass for new orleans. >> american businesses have been cut off from trade with cuba for of a a century. many still see the castro regime as an enemy. but others are hoping to capitalize on a new market. for this fourth generation louisiana farmer it is promisi promising. before the trade embargo in the 60s, cuba was the largest importer of louisiana's rice. >> they import a lot of rice almost the size of louisiana's whole crop. it would be significant if we could get back to what we were doing before. >> with louisiana ports, the commissioner said they are in a prime spot to trade with cuba. on the hills to the historic tribhistoric nation, states are
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visiting cuba in hopes of being trade. >> we want to see increase in sales of louisiana products. louisiana products going into cuba. >> opening trade with cuba could add millions to the state's economy and create jobs. but critics say as long as fidel castro maintains influence, opportunities will be few. >> he will block trade with the united states. so the day after president obama left cuba, he said cuba doesn't need anything from the empire. he considers the united states the empire. >> george left cuba in 1960 when he was nine years old. under castro's regime, opening trade does nothing for the
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people of cuba. >> they don't have the money to buy. they have buy rice. >> they are, sensitive to the needs of those in cuba but feel that decades of trade restrictions have put u.s. farmers at a disadvantage. >> we are the ones in my opinion that are getting hurt from not being able to trade with cuba. rice formerrers, they get their rice from somewhere else. >> charged up and ready to go, the race cars that are fulfilling the need for speed without gas.
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>> every monday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. no topic off limits. >> 'cause i'm like, "dad, there are hookers in this house". >> exclusive conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> these are very vivid, human stories. >> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth.
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>> "talk to al jazeera". monday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> coming up tonight, we'll have the latest... >> does the government give you refugee status? >> they've marched to the border. >> thousands have taken to the streets here in protest. >> this is where gangs bury their members. >> they're tracking climate change. >> if you're one of more than a billion people who use apps. any message you sent for now on will be encrypted. the world's most popular messaging app announced the move tuesday. what it means is that the only
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person who can read it is the person you sent it to. electric cars have always been considered a bit of a joke to the racing community. but now they're outbeating gas-fueled vehicles. >> it's all the muscle and excitement of auto racing except one thing. >> here are the lights. >> at the green light all you hear is tires. the 2016 formula e race in long beach, california, is the world's premiere electric vehicle competition. winning this race can be the ticket to formula one. the big time. so formula e attracts real drivers. the difficulty is teaching them to be fast but efficient, a new way to drive.
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>> i'm used to the sound. i missed sound. i always listed the engine, i can't do that any more. i really do look at this. >> they trade out tires like any good pit crew would, but at this point the battery won't last as long as the tires do. if all goes well they won't have to do this during the race. >> driven hard the battery lasts 20 minutes. it defines everything about this roughly 45-minute race. >> most of what i'm looking at here is battery. >> yes, this black box, this huge box here it goes up in the
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cockpit. >> is it possible to take the battery out? you can't refuel it. >> you replace the battery pack. the driver hops out of car number one and gets into car number two. each driver will have two vehicles. >> in convention races the driver never gets out of the car. >> it's quite exciting to jump from one car to another. it's different from what i'm used to. around 32 seconds to change the one war to the other and be completed with the bells and everything and so sometimes quite nice. but knowledgely you would do it around 76, 27 seconds. >> racing is at a turning point. at the pike peak event, an electric vehicle beat all the internal combustible challengers. now even the drivers can be replaced.
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in stand ford university sent an autonomous vehicle to the pikes peak course. and it's clear that an atow an autonomous race car with beat the other cars but can it avoid other cars on the track. >> i think they could get back to a fairly quickly. what happens when the bloke in front of you finishes, which way does the car go? do they go for the gas? do they aim for the other cars. season one, turn one, 20 cars all firing to the same corner. that's the moment where the questions are answered. >> in a few decades it's unlikely any professional race also involve gasoline, and they may not even involve a human at the wheel. jacob ward, al jazeera, long beach, california.
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>> historic front on the basketball court. university of connecticut is once again champions of women's college basketball. >> the national championship goes to connecticut for the fourth year in a row! >> an undefeated season by easily beating syracuse 82-51, and only players in college basketball, men or women, to win four titles in a row. >> they've left an imprint on this game that will last a really long time. and i think it's a blueprint for kids coming in after them that if you want to know how to do it, they showed everybody how to do it. and they did it the right way. >> their unbeaten season is uconn's sixth in program history. they extended their winning streak to 75 straight games and the coach, who you just saw there, moved past the most won
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college championships of all time. we have more to come. >> hello, i'm barbara sierra. this is the news hour live from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes. continuing to risk it all. the refugees determined to go to greece even though many will be sent back. while the $160 billion merger has been dropped between two of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. >> good news for bernie sanders and ted cruz in wisconsin, but will it be enough tous