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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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♪ about 2,000 from l.a., highway 4 down here to georgia, don't you see ♪ plenty more for you at anytime on our website. the address is and you with watch us live by clicking on the watch now icon. ♪ this is an immigrant community, ted cruz. you are not welcome here! >> reporter: a chilly vep shun in new york for ted cruz. and the democrats clash over who is qualified to be in the white house. and finding justice, residents of flint sue the governor, alleging the state put their lives in danger to save
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money. ♪ this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm richelle carey. the democratic presidential candidates continue to trade bashes this morning as they fight for votes in new york. hillary clinton questioned bernie sanders's loyalty to the democratic party. she said she is not sure he is even a dc. sanders said he thinks clinton is not qualified to be president. and this morning sanders vowed not to back down. >> if secretary clinton thinks because i'm from a small state in vermont and we're going to come here to new york and they are going to beat us up and go after us, in some kind of really uncalled for way, that we're not going to fight back, well, they can guess again. this campaign will fight back.
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>> clinton responded to sanders refuting his claims she called him unqualified to be president. >> i didn't -- i don't know why he is saying that. but i will take bernie sanders overdonald trump or ted cruz any time. so let's keep our eye on what is really at stake in this election. donald trump's team is taking its own step to try to handle a possible convention fight. it is said to be hiring experienced operatives to join the campaign. trump took aim at cruz reminding new yorkers of his negative comments about new york. >> i have this guy looking at me with hate red of new york. [ booing ] >> so folks, i think you can forget about him. >> meanwhile ted cruz is having
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a hard time drumming up support in new york city. on wednesday immigration activists interrupted him at a rally in the bronx. >> this is an immigrant community, ted cruz! it's an immigrant community! if you are not an imgrant, you are not welcome here! >> lincoln mitchell joins us. there is a lot to talk about. >> yes. >> let's back up to the democrats first. >> yes. >> hillary clinton did you catch that comment we just played where she said no matter what about bernie sanders, he is better than donald trump. where is she going with that? >> one thing she is trying to do is highlight the extent that bernie sanders is comfortable saying the same thing to her. and hillary clinton is a world better than donald trump if you are starting out from a bernie sanders's position.
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and this goes back to her point that she is not sure if he is really a democrat. i think if you said that to bernie sanders, part of his campaign has been i'm not really a democrat. but now we're moving towards closed primaries. so only democrats are voting, and that's why you see her pushing on this theme. party unity, more than in the open primary states and caucuses. >> why that choice of words about secretary clinton. >> in terms of qualified? >> yeah. >> it was a poor choice of words. if you read the longer point, he has been hitting her on points he has been hitting her on for months. all of it is fair game, and if he said and therefore she is not right for us, but when he used the word qualified.
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first of all it is absurd to suggest that hillary clinton isn't qualified to be president. >> she has had pretty much every job. >> yes, in the past 44 men many have not been as qualified as hillary clinton. and it sounds kind of sexist. hillary clinton is more qualified than anybody in this race, so to say she is not qualified, if you are bernie sanders, you don't want to debate who is more qualified. >> apparently now the trump campaign is hiring experienced operatives. what does that mean? >> not too many people are
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experienced in this field. they are hiring the operatives to figure out how do we win that floor fight. the last time that happened was 1976. so there's not a lot of people -- if you were 20 then, you are 60 now, so there are a not a lot of people who have that experience. but this is about understanding the rules, not about throwing your money around, although that will help. there are people who have experience on the state level and both he and ted cruz and whoever else think they have a shot are going to need people like that. so you need that expertise to be certain. >> how does ted cruz campaign in new york when he said so many not nice things about new york? >> well, bare in mind this is the republican primary, if ted
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cruz were to win the nomination, and bernie sanders or hillary clinton would be the democrat, they would beat him 4-1 in this city. so you are talking about a small group of the electorate. new york values is code for a number of things, pro-choice, tolera tolerant, extremely liberal, but it is also code for jewish. when you say new york values, you mean jew, full stop. just like in the '80s when you said san francisco democrat meant gay. there are some jewish republicans. new york state there are not a lot of anti-semitic voters out there, but those voters are not pro-choice, or lbgt rights, and when you go up state, new york
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values is read as new york city values, so i don't think this will hurt him much. what will hurt him is donald trump is from new york and has a style that will fly here in new york. >> yeah, it does. thank you very much. >> thank you. the fallout over the panama papers leak has claimed its first bank executive, he resigned today. the news comes as the leaks show hundreds of clients are based here in the u.s. ste stephanie sy has more. >> reporter: we're learning more about the law firm and its connection to the united states. hundreds of corporations are from wyoming and nevada. wyoming allows corporations to be formed without an individual named in records. >> i think they are not really doing anything illegal, so i think there's only onus on the
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government to close down some of the loopholes if they don't believe this is something that should be happening. >> reporter: as far as the american clients, so far more than 200 people have been identified. a handful have been accused or con addicted. this man, a wall street finance sooer was charged with securities fraud, wire fraud, con spir aresy and money laundering. in 2007 this man, a russian-born billionaire who is a commercial real estate mogel in california was sentenced. this man was sentenced to 13 years in prison for mail fraud and tax evasion for his part in a $65 million ponzi scheme. this man was sentenced to eight years in prison, also for tax
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evasion. and a former massachusetts executive was sentenced to five years of probation for accept g accepting -- kickbacks from a jordanian company. >> translator: panama wants to make it clear, this situation is not a problem of our country, but of many countries of the world, who's legal and financial structures are still vulnerable to be used in ways that do not represent the well-being of the citizens. >> stephanie sy, al jazeera. belgian police have released new video of the man still wanted in the attacks in brussels. authorities hope the video may jog season's memory. the man was seen with two suicide bombers who died in the attacks on the brussels airport. he wore a khaki jacket that at
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some point he got rid of. the u.s. has placed absalom on his world terrorist watch. lawyers for the other pair of suspects are also under a gag order. john kerry is now the most traveled secretary of state in u.s. history. he capped more than a million miles of travel since he took the job. he is the first diplomat to dishave it bar -- bahrain since 2011. kerry says bahrain reached out to offer support in the battle against isil. >> bahrain has been backing up that statement by providing valuable logistics, and
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operational support to the counter daesh coalition. >> kerry is also rising human rights concerns. the sunni kingdom has suppressed uprising by the shiite population. dennis hastert's lawyers have requested probation instead of prison time. a court filing has kert said he is profoundly sorry. that money was used to pay hush money for alleged misconduct committed decades ago. he faces up to six months in prison when he is sentenced on april 27th. a teacher in new toufrn, connecticut is on administrative leave after bringing a gun to school. he has a psi toll permit, but connecticut law bans firearms on school grounds. newtown is where a gunman opened
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fire, and 20 students and six teachers were killed leading to new gun laws in that state. michigan's governor being named in a new lawsuit stemming from the flint water crisis. we'll take a look at that. and anger in the south, protesters demand change in mississippi as one more state considers a bill many call discriminatory. company to use this? >> al jazeera is always pushing the boundaries of reporting and techknow really falls into that perfectly. >> this is the biggest question out there.
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>> we always get perfect plants every time. >> this opens up whole new possibilities. >> we have 300,000 kids that are in collapse prone schools. >> katrina was really a wake up call. >> we can design and engineer a system to not fight nature but kind of work alongside it. >> new orleans is on a good track towards sustainability but the job is not done here. >> it's a revolutionary approach to science reporting. >> this is some of the best driving i've ever done, even though i can't see. >> i really feel my life changing. >> this is the first time anybody's done this. >> i'm walking you guys! >> all i wanted to see was her walk, it was amazing. >> probably the most profound moment was when i stood up. these were emotions i had been dreaming about for so long. thank you. >> techknow, proud to tell your stories on al jazeera america.
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♪ a texas school police officer is on paid leave after video apparently shows him slamming a middle schoolgirl to the ground. >> oh! vanessa, are you okay? >> wow, that video, the officer is seen lifting the sixth grader into the air right there and throwing her down. the officer responded last month after two students were arguing outside of school. except for a bump on the head, she is physically okay.
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investigations are underway. lawyers for a former new york city police officer are asking for a new trial. the attorneys say that a juror did not disclose his father was convicted of manslaughter. a new lawsuit alleges racketeering by the government in flint's water crisis. so far 400 people have joined the suit. it names the governor and members of his administration. lawyers say the water crisis was an intentional scheme that involved cutting corners to solve the water problems. >> it's beyond tragic, it's a catastrophe, beyond, i think anybody in this room's comprehension. i'm dumbfounded. i'm numbed by the facts that i hear in what is the suffering for the citizens of flint. >> the lawsuit says switching to
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the flint river as a water source was a danger created by the state, one that effects future generations by exposing unborn children to lead. another thing affected by the cry so is, property values. bisi onile-ere has more on that. >> reporter: rick is a retired flint auto worker. he has owned his home here for more than 20 years. how much did you pay when you bought the house? >> just under 60 grand. >> reporter: what is it north now? >> according to the taxes about 30, a little over 30. >> reporter: and he fears that the city's ongoing water crisis will send his property value sinking even further. >> if you look at the flint river water it's a -- >> reporter: in 2014, flint's water supply became tainted with lead. the governor didn't declare a state of emergency until january of this year. >> i'm in a position where i can
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sell it, the problem is no one else is in the position to come and buy it. >> reporter: >> when this initially happened it was a problem, because the lenders were running a little bit afraid. >> reporter: chris is a real estate agent and president of a local realtors association. he says that loans are available, but they don't come easily. >> that is what scares us the most, but we have found that the lenders are working with us. you just can't sell anything in the city of flint without that water test. >> reporter: once a bustling auto town, today vacant houses fill the landscape. in the first three months of 2015 the average price for a home was more than $17,000. in that figure increased during the same three months this year, to more than $28,000. long-time realtor says that
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despite the city's water problems, the housing market is improving. >> if you look at it, it's actually -- worked out to our advantage, other than the human -- you know, people getting the lead in their bodies and things like that. and you can't equate money to that. but we certainly -- the housing portion of it hasn't been negatively affected by it. >> reporter: but some local leaders estimate property values could drop more than 20% this year. although there is no end in sight to the city's water crisis, roaner says for now his home is worth holding on to. >> the best thing i could do is be a generous soul and give it at it way. if i wanted to go. but right now i'm here. bisi onile-ere, al jazeera, flint, michigan. a group of eight students remains at a sit-in outside of the office of duke's president. they are demanding better working conditions for workers
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of color. students said concessions weren't enough. they have been protesting since friday. the building has been shut down for classes and visitors during that time. another southern state is debating a law called anti-gay. >> reporter: this tennessee governor may have to face the decision whether or not to sign a bill critics say restricts the rights of gay and transgender people. the tennessee house passed a measure allowing mental health providers to deny service to lgbt people. the bill allows businesses and
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state workers to refuse services to gay or transgender people. >> i think it protexts the religious freedoms. >> honest people who have a legitimate objection to what is going on, a religious objection, have a course of action now. >> reporter: this billboard has popped up in jackson, just one example of the opposition. itdy pickets a christ-like figure, who proclaims i hate figs and love thy neighbor. >> i heard in the news that mississippi just passed a similar law that was worse than north carolina. and my fist reaction is how can it be worse? >> reporter: in north carolina backlash is also growing. paypal announced it will not bring a $3.6 million project
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there, along with 400 jobs, and more than 80 companies and organizations have expressed their concern about the laws in both states. >> i'm glad that corporate leaders are opposing the bill, and using the force of their economic impact to make a difference. >> minnesota has joined vermont and new york in banning state employees from traveling to their state. >> this is an egregious violation of people's constitutional rights. life in transition, the new place people are going when life costs them a home. ♪ >> somebody to care about us man... >> we're live in ferguson, missouri. >> brick by brick, i will open it. it will take more than a few rocks to stop me from doin' what i have to do. >> suddenly heroin seems to be
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everywhere. >> there's no way i am willing to give up my family for a drug ever again. >> i know you all have strong opinions about the border. >> i don't believe in borders. >> our government is allowing an invasion. >> i don't really know as much as i thought i did. >> people don't just need protection, they need assistance. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> oh my god... the town's out of water. >> we came up here to talk to some people who are selling fresh water... fresh water for fracking. >> we are a town that greed destroyed. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i wanted to dance, and eventually i started leaving the gangs in the street alone. >> we're pushing the envelope with out science every day, we can save species. >> i'm walking you guys! >> all i wanted to see was her walk. it was amazing. >> these were emotions that i
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had been dreaming about for so long. >> getting to the heart of the matter. proud to tell your stories. al jazeera america. >> pushing the boundaries of science. >> we are on the tipping point. >> we can save species. >> it's the biggest question out there. >> it's a revolutionary approach. >> we are pushing the boundaries. >> techknow is going to blow your mind. >> our experts go inside the
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innovations, impacting you. >> this is the first time anybody's done this. >> i really feel my life changing. >> techknow, where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. >> al jazeera america - proud of telling your stories. >> i wanted to dance, and eventually i started leaving the gangs in the street alone. >> we're pushing the envelope with out science every day, we can save species. >> i'm walking you guys! >> all i wanted to see was her walk. it was amazing. >> these were emotions that i had been dreaming about for so long. >> getting to the heart of the matter. proud to tell your stories. al jazeera america. a new start up in l.a. is offering a unique way to work and sleep for cheap.
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it's called pod share. ines ferre reports. >> reporter: waking up to the smell of pancakes, and the sound of brushing teeth. this may look like a youth hostile, but don't call it that. >> pods not bunks. pod-estrians not guests. co-living not hostile. we're trying to recreate the solo traveler experience. >> this 31 year old created pod share in los angeles three years ago. >> my friends will tell me, you live in a pod? yes, i live in a pod. >> reporter: a group of mostly millennials eating, working, and sleeping in an open space. >> this is dhelsy. sarah. >> reporter: hey, guys. >> and their names are written on their pods, so it's super easy. >> reporter: hanging out with a
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memory foam mattress, a light, and a video for streaming. the shared living space is used by travelers and people in transition. beck's motto is rent it, don't own it. just about everything here is shared from food to shampoos. >> if you just want your own things to yourself, just put your name on it. >> reporter: this ohio native says she hood to come out of her shell after living here three months. >> it's not very private, so i was just forced to hang out and kind of get comfortable with everybody. >> reporter: what about little curtains? >> no, that is the biggest, no-no. other than pod sex. there is no privacy. >> reporter: you heard right, there is also no sex here. >> i totally understand the like urge to want to like hook up, but this is not the place. it's kind of a crazy
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exhibitionists role if you did want to have sex. >> reporter: a night here costs 40 to $50, food included. beck is working on her third location. she just raised $30,000 due to crowd funding. have you had to kick people out? >> no, we have a die saur list. >> reporter: christian is perfecting his comedy routine. >> it's homey, it's comforting to know that there are other people around me. that i'm not alone. >> reporter: beck says the average person stays three nights. pod share has sparked a marriage, a proposal and too many friends for beck to count. even tattoos to remember the experience. >> 16 people have chosen to put this icon on their bodies. we go back to identifying what
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is home. >> reporter: sharing an experience as they go along. ines ferre, al jazeera, los angeles. >> pod-estrecession and economic ian. gary player became the oldest golfer in america to make a hole in one. it was sixth ace in a day. there is your money shot. 80 years old. they are pumped. the hole in one was the 31st of his career. the thrill of a lifetime for a 105 year old in texas. she through out the first pitch at the texas rangers home opener, and then she held her own postgame news conference when asked if she was nervous, she said at 105, you don't get nervous anymore. she is ah request. thank you for joining us.
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keep it here. ♪ major offensive against as ♪ . >> i am lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. >> also coming up. protests in bangladesh after another is murdered for posting secular views online. one of the main suspects in the brussells attacks, and the philippines presidential candidate who is vowing to take on a major super power.