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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2016 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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keep it here. ♪ major offensive against as ♪ . >> i am lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. >> also coming up. protests in bangladesh after another is murdered for posting secular views online. one of the main suspects in the brussells attacks, and the philippines presidential candidate who is vowing to take on a major super power.
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syrian state t.v. is claiming. it says those kidnapped were cement workers and contractors from the cement company. al jazeera is unclear exactly what happened, but several of those taken have now been released. there are conflicting reports with regards to the news of the abduction of these workers, these cement workers. state television saying that isil kidnapped roughly 300 workers, however, sources on the ground have told al jazeera that the number was far less than that, one of the armed opposition groups that were fighting as well as fighting isil managed to secure the release of most of them. they say that isil initially killed or beheaded ten of those that they took captives
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and that less than 100 remain in the hands of isil, however, what this goes to show is the lack of clarity with regards to what is taken place on the ground because of the dangerous nature and the unfortunate fact that there is a difficulty in finding independent verification of things as they develop, but what it also shows is that everybody in syria is a target even those who haven't aligned themselves with any one side, and sides are numerous, just thoughs going about their daily lives trying to make ends meet, and what is a horrid situation so people that got up to go to work find themselves in the midst of this conflict. south of aleppo, it is the biggest government operation in the area, since a partial cease fire in late february. the fighting continues to derail the agreement, which has reduced overall violence many syria, the u.n. special
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envoy just announced new talks to end the conflict have been pushed back by two days to next wednesday. in h the north of the country side, rebel fighters have taken over the town. they launched an offensive against isil fighters there, they have been an important strong hold for the group. says he is hoping there will be a major evacuation of the wounded and sick from four towns within the next week. all together it could be up to 500 people who are moved. >> we do not have much time. we need to see progress again very soon. it is very dangerous to lose the momentum, with humanitarian work, because if the humanitarian situation begins rapidly deteriorating in many areas at the same time, it will also effect the
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political system and will take effect of hostilities and so on. so we cannot fail. the civil defense forces are still managing to make a difference, reports near the turkey syria border. >> they work with the syria civil defense. also known as the white helmet. he is not just a driver, he is also a rescue worker. we try to help the people in more than one way, not only recovering people, but we also clean the streets, the debris, open the roads, contain the rubble from destroys buildings. >> around 3,000 volunteers works in rebel held areas across eight syrian provinces.
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there are people from all notes of life, but they are paying a heavy price. always on the front line, always the first to help. many times they become the target. the syria civil defense say at least 109 of their stars have been killed since the group buzz founded in 2013. honoring the tough casualties celebrating the unknown heros, against all the adds, they have rescued at least 50,000 people. relying on the makes' from nongovernmental organizations and some western countries, second hand vehicles and equipment. we have 519 vehicles. not all of them are
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operational, half of them are second half, but we fix and use them. our teams there put tanks on pickup trucks using as fire engines or a motor bike as an ambulance, all of our martyrs were directly targeted and the russians we don't know who is teaching who the way of targeting and bombing of ambulances and civil defense crews. the white helmets also have four training centers inside syria. >> thesement continue to work despite the threats or hardship. 40 of them were killed in the 2015. there are no guarantees that this year will be better the truce has brought relative peace and calm, but it won't be too long before they are hit again. al jazeera.
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>> meanwhile members of the main opposition group are in saudi arabia. they are there to discuss their concerns to try to end the war next week, the agency was formed in saudi arabia in december. the player of contemporary middle east studies he says the upsurge in fighting is because the army and opposition are traying to gain ground ahead of the upcoming talks. what we have witness misdemeanor the last one week, is really a state of escalation of battles in particular in aleppo. in h the damascus suburbs, what is happening in aleppo is the most alarming because the government claims that the opposition have taken one of the most strategic hills. in aleppo, and north aleppo. and now what the government
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has been doing in the last two days is to recapture these territories. there is also major fighting between the curds as well, so there is a great deal of escalation, might take on it is that as the geneva talks basically those sides are trying to maximize their interests, those sides are trying to basic clay have the upper hand in the diplomatic talks in the next few days. the new tactics are revealed in the a member by the groups former military leader, jennifer glass has the latest. this should represent a significant shift for the taliban that said it would mott negotiate, would not come to the table unless all
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western forces have left afghanistan. they also have said it would not negotiate with what they call a puppet government, this letter contradicts that, it says that it represents a new shift, a new strategy by the taliban, it says that any divide in leadership, was because of miss understandings over the last few months. and poor ports to put forward this whole new system. we don't know if this is a guidance moving forward not only talking about negotiating with the united states, and also the afghan government but also reinstating it's military reorganizing it's military systems. a whole new set of 12 points of really a different organizational way of moving forward the real question is here does sit the backing of the taliban leadership. particularly the successor, masoor, now he had pronounced
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his allegiance, just in the last couple of months. and just over the last week or so, two members of mull la omar's family, his brother and son, were brought into the leadership, apparently trying to close those rifts a division has erupted when he was named the successor last summer, the real question is how much the taliban is behind this new plan. and whether it can be implemented, the president's office knows nothing about this leader, neither did the spokesperson, so still very mercury, if true, represent a real turn around by the taliban and maybe even a step further towards peace talks one of libya's rifle administrations has backtrack misdemeanor the decision to step down just hours after making the initial announcement. the u-turn has left those inside and outside confused. so who is in charge now. >> since the fall of long
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time leader in libya, various entities have competed to exploit and fill the vacuum, here is where we stand now. the coalition is headed by and supported by powerful militias, the justice ministry announced that this government was stepping down, but shortly after, they threatened to prosecute any of the ministers for support the new u.n. backed unity government. the prime minister designate fires, he arrived in tripoli under escort last week, and has moved to consolidate power by winning the backing of the central bank and the oil and investment authorities, but the g.n.a. does not have the support of the third administration. the house of representatives. that's a parliament, pushed out of tripoli two years ago, it continues to claim
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legitimacy because it was created following elections. the u.n. envoy says it's support for the new government of national accord will be crucial. >> is the house of representatives has to continue to arrange a meeting with all members of the parliament in order to endorse the government. it is very clear, the legitimacy finding the legitimacy of the government comes from that brook. it comes from the parliament. >> then there's the newly formed state council. the state council is made up primarily of former members of the general national congress, all parliament in tripoli, it wasn't agreed in the deal that this body would serve as an upper ever chamber with the government of national accord. and that together hopefully they would unite. libya and end five years of
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conflict. >> still to come the later from rome, as the torture and killing of an italian student is ramped up, plus, to the courts from a group of pakistani film producers.
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of the top stories.reminder isil fighters have captured at least 300 people. the media says the workers are from the cement company near the town of dumer.
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the afghan taliban says it will negotiate with other western governments as well as improve it's relations the ever the government in kabul. and one of libya's private governments appeared to have reevessed an earlier position to step down, it is a severe blow to another administration in tripoli which is trying to assert it's power. prosecutors have opened an investigation into offer shore dealings following the panama papers leak. the latest on this, live al jazeera -- the president will be investigated what comes next? committed a crime by appearing in what was called the panama acres, let's not forget he was one of the five acting heads of state that appears in this tape in a company that apparently belonged to his father that was also created in the
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bahamas, the president and the government have said that this -- the president has done nothing illegal. that he was not a shareholder that he never received any dividends and that's why this company was not declared to argentine authorities. there are many here that are saying that should be investigated whether the judge will say whether there's enough grounds to continue with this investigation, of course, they are facing some difficult situations here, and there's rampant inflation, and many are saying that of course, this would definitely hurt his image here. >> how significant is this investigation? >> well, all of this is happening at a very interesting time, and that's what we are seeing the politician that were very close to the president, appearing in court, even former president chris mean that kerr,ner is expected to appear in court in a week. so many are saying this is in a way a revenge by the
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victory party that's kristina's. launched by a congressman very polarized. 40 the support the president and thank you very much indeed. at his tortured body was found in a ditch nine days later. in rome with the latest. behind me in rome many h the police academy p delegation has been meeting with italian prosecutor to discuss details surrounding the murder of at the italian student who was found murdered in a ditch
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just outside of cairo. know in that meeting there has been 2,000 pages presented that contains testimonies from some 200 witnesses. and it is a case which has aroused a lot of emotion here in italy. the case in the italian student, who was just conducting his stubbeddies and found murdered there, and the italian people have been exerting more pressure on the italian government to do something about finding out the truth behind this murder. italians have been extremely angered about how the egyptian authorities have dealt with the investigation when they conducted their own investigations they discovered their own very
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different sides to the story. but, what is happening here, is that due to that pressure, the italian government now seems to be now exerting -- the egyptian government saying they would be repercussions if there wasn't an attempt to try and find out the truth behind this case. in the prime minister ramsey said that the italian people. >> the public appeal for any information on the person known as the man many the hat. they have put out c.t. t.v. in several areas around the capitol. reporting to see the man with the two suicide bombers at the city's airport the concerns the third person present on the scene during the attacks at the airport,
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the so called man with the hat. as well as investigators at the time. we appeal to people that may have taken photograph of the suspect, or can provide information on this issue. >> lawyers for the prime surviving suspect have told a brussells court their client wants to be extradited to france within a few weeks. he wasn't at the court hearing, he is alleged to be instrumental in the shooting and bombing attacks last november where 130 people were killed. protestors have taken to the streets after a blogger was hacked to death with machetes. humps of students have demanded justice.
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who was attacked by up to four men as he walked home after attending an evening class. the law student had expressed secular views online and shows support for the punishment of war crimes committed during the war with pakistan. families effected by the recent surge in violence in the disputed back region have fled to the areas capitols. fierce fighting between forces broke out on saturday, over the ethnic arming that lies inside of the borders. despite a reported truce, there have been several allegations of violations it is one of two hotels where people have been forced to three the fighting to find safety, there are 65 people staying here. i have come to speak to some of them.
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how do you do, i am robin, nice to meet you, can you tell me about your situation, and your family here? >> we came when the bombing started we took the family and ran. with are doing okay, we are being looked after. i have spoke ton someone that said maybe it is okay for us to go home, but not the children. today is mother's day. caught up in the conflict for it is of mothers on soldiers on the front, it is a celebration of the virgin mary. today is a religious holiday for church goers, you can see it is a full congregation,
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maybe they come here today to pray for those who have been killed and to pray for peace. >> we all want peace, and i think that others also want peace. mothers have children they don't have a nationality, any mother should be for peace. in the south china sea, straight talking on the issue seem to be labeled of the donald trump of the philippines. >> ridrigo has never been known to play nice. the seth one-year-old mayor who loves his big bikes is notorious for allegedly using death squads to take out criminals in his city. >> and now as a top contender
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as president, he is vowing to take on one of the world's super powers. china. i was sent to china alone. i will bring the flag of the philippines, and i will work at the airport and plant the flag. do it. it would be happy to go with the banner. >> china and the philippines have been at heavy adds over who owns this string of islands. >> it is our right, it has always been politic clay. >> if elected president, they say he will first try to negotiation with the asian private, if talks break down, he vows to reclaim the islands himself. >> i will not sacrifice the lives of the soldiers and the armed forces.
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and they can waste to no one. >> he is the most colorful and most interesting character in this upcoming. political water that such talks will only escalate with china. >> we like to compare him to trump, because he likes to shock with his statements. he can be very the national seat, they have amass at huge problem. what do you think? >> he is a good fighter, a good city. >> he performed well, he acts well.
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>> al jazeera, the philippines. >> and you can see more about the donald trump of the philippines in 101 east, and the presidency first airs at 20-30 gmt here on al jazeera on thursday. pakistan cinema industry is undergoing a boom, after being given the go ahead to screen the film from neighboring india, a group of producers is now calling for them to be panned saying they are hurting pakistan's film industry. >> in recent years going to the cinema has become more popular. now there are 32. >> one of the reasons for the expansion is pakistan
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allowing films from india to be screened. the director of cinema, he says the popularity of films better quality films and an enhancerred movie watching experience. >> there is a need for these films if you want to save the cinema history. they will go back to being a niche industry. >> but a group wants to change all of that, it has asked the high court to ban indian films. >> the sing ma is growing but the industry is only growing in middle class, and the middle class don't watch pakistani cinema, they watch foreign films that's why we want the films bans. >> distributors say foreign fans are a threat to local productions, the studios and cinema houses are often owned by the same company he used the money from ticket to fund new films. >> if they continue the trend towards becoming a middle class activity, then the
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cinemas like these some of the oldest that will suffer, they will simply close down because they don't have enough money to make the films that the people here want to watch. once again as with so much it is a question of the traditional verses the modern. >> traditionally the film industry has specialized in making local film with low budgets and themes that resonate. they have gotten bigger in tickets more expensive. >> defense here are better for family and big city. those cinemas are too far away and expensive. >> but across town in one of the more affluent areas it is another story. >> indian films are necessary, because they are entertaining, they have stories, technology, sound effects, pakistani films don't have that. >> it is clear that the pakistani film i have is changing, but producers and cinemagoers alike are divided
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on whether that's a good thing, al jazeera. a quick reminder you can always catch up with all the news we are covering by checking out our website, you can watch us by clicking on the watch now icon. a chilly reception for ted cruz as they gear up for a convention fight. and the clash over who is qualified to be in the white house. americans implicated hundreds of u.s. nationals and two states linked to the so called panama papers.