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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. this is the news hours live from london. coming up. i.s.i.l. loses a key town on the syrian border with turkey after an offensive with rebel fighters. protests in bangladesh after another blogger is murdered for posting secular views on line. david cam ran said he did have a
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stake in his father's offshore trust until he became prime minister. >> reporter: we have a new record set. this is the man who currently leads the way. the latest from the masters is coming up good to have your company. we start our news hour in syria where fighting has broken out on several fronts. rebel fighters have sieged a town on the border. further side the syrian army are continuing an offensive. syrian state television is reporting that i.s.i.l. has abducted as many as 300 workers
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and contractors from the cement factory north-east of damascus. >> reporter: technical problems there, apologies. the chair of contemporary middle east studies says opposition aring trying to gain ground ahead of next week agency talks in geneva >> what we have witness episode is qualitative escalation of battles, particularly in aleppo, in damascus suburbs. what is happening in aleppo is the most alarming because the government claims that the opposition along with al-nusra
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front have taken one of the most strategic hills in north aleppo. what the government has been doing in the last two days is recapture these territories. there is also major fighting between the free syrian army and the kurds in aleppo as well. there is a great deal of eskalation. my takes on is that as the geneva talks get closer, both sides are trying to maximise their interest and have the upper hand in the diplomatic talks in the next few days the chairman of the u.s. says he hopes there will be a shift in the next week. there could be 500 people moved and he is push is for aid to be led in besieged areas >> we need top see progress
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again very soon. it is very dangerous to lose the momentum with humanitarian work because if the humanitarian situation began rapidly deteriorates in many areas at the same time, it will also affect the political process. we cannot fail. we must regain the momentum and i'm hopeful that that will happen in the next week or two the fighting continues in many areas. civil defense force tz are trying hard to help civilians. our correspondent reports from the near the turkey-syria border. >> reporter: this man works for the serbia civil defense also known as the white helmets i aleppo. he is not just a driver but also a wes cue worker. when there are no-- rescue
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worker. he helps to clean up the city >> translation: we try to happy people in more than one way. we also clean the streets, the debris, open the roads, contain the rubble from destroyed buildings >> reporter: around 3,000 volunteers work for the group around eight provinces. they are ordinary people from ordinary walks of life but they are paying a high price. always on the front line, always the first to help. many times they become the target. the syria civil defense say at least 109 of their staff have been killed since the group was founded in 2013. in neighboring turkey we met with the group's regional office. honoring a long list of the casualties, celebrating the unknown heroes.
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against all the oodz they have rescued at least 50,000 people. relying on donations from non-governmentsal organizations, second-hand vehicles and equipment. >> translation: we have 519 vehicles. not all of them are operational. half of them are second and that but we fix and use them especially medical be siege manied areas like damascus and homs. our teams tlm put transaction on trucks to use as fire engines. >> reporter: the group has relied on turkey for help with training and equipment. around 1,000 defense workers have received training in turkey and jordan. they have four centers inside syria. these men continue to work
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despite the threats or hardship. 40 of them were killed in 2015. there are no gashts that this year will be better. the truce has brought relative peace and calm but it won't be too bloveng they are hilt agai . -- long before they are hit again a man is believed to have escaped after his device failed to escape and this shows the man. >> reporter: this video has just been released by belgian police. it shows the third suspect. the so-called man in the hat who fled the airport when his bomb failed to explode. he was shown without his jacket. police are keen to recover that
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item. surveillance images have been identified for two hours after the attack. >> people who might have filmed or taken april photograph of the suspe suspect-- a photograph of the suspect are questioned to contact the phone number. >> reporter: three attackers are believed to have targeted at the time airport last month with two of them blowing themselves up. it has emerged that the man on the left worked as a cleaner in the european parliament inner 2009 and 10. he is suspected of being the bomb maker for the paris attacks which killed 130 people last november. meanwhile. salah abdeslam has had his latest court hearing in
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brussels. he won't be extradited to breath analysis for a few weeks. >> translation: the belgian arrest warrant needs to be lifted before me can handed over to france. he needs to be heard in another case. >> reporter: as the hunt goes on for the third airport bomber, a senior f.b.i. official has accused officials in europe for not using information given to them protesters have taken to the streets of bangladesh's capital after a blogger was hacked to death with machetes. hundreds of students from the university demanded justice after the latest killing of bloggers and activists.
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the law student had expressed secular views on line and showed support for the punishment of war crimes committed during the 1971 war with pakistan. there was this update. >> we know that he was intercepted in the city by a motorcycle. the first is they hilt him with machetes. they shot him to make sure that he was dead. the stalls all around shut their doors because they were scared of what was going on. the police have tom confirm the full daylight. he is the 7th blogger to be killed in the last three years. there was a famous american whose case hasn't been resolved yet.
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there is criticism against the government tom crackdown on the people behind thm. no-one knows what is going on, but the student wrote in his facebook there is concern for the safety and law and order in bangladesh and this morning around 8.30 local time he was attacked and killed. it is a great concern. government keep promising that they will resolve all this, but there is a lack of inertia > he was the sixth to be killed in a year. this man was kanld his wife injured in an attack in dakha. a month later, another one was killed in a similar attack. two men were arrested. many this man was a contributor
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to a site and he was hacked to death in may by four masked men. in this man was attack in august in 2015. he had told police that he feared for his life t the fifth victim of 2015 was the publisher refu of an article. to discuss this latest in the skiers of killings, we're joined by a commentator. a very warm welcome to the program. tell me first of all your reaction to this latest killing >> i was shocked and horrified. any death is saddening, but death of this kind is troubling. i wasn't surprised. as you said, this was the sixth one in just over a year.
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murder is farlt of a reality of life in bangladesh. - parliament of a reality of life in bangladesh. i wasn't totally-- part of a reality of life in bangladesh. i'm not really surprised. they were known for their views and the risks posed to them were known. almost all of them, with the exception of one, were killed in dhaka where there were lots of important departments does the government have the will? >> that is a big question. that is where i feel that often the way we frame these news is very important. we presented as if they are killed forl their secular views. we have a government who claimed to be the custody of safety of
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these in bangladesh. but seven people were carefuled by law enforcement agencies or due to government due top government reasons. they go and kill others in the name of secularism as a threat against the state. yet we see the government is not doing the minimum to ensure security of a relatively small group of people is the problem here for this relatively small group of people, because the majority of people, i'm sure, want to live peacefully and don't want to face this violence on their doorstep, is pure and simply intolerance? advertisement yes. the issue in bangladesh is in terms of the big problem, but often weep hear intolerance in secular bloggers. if you're a religious person today and do not toe the government line, you are in danger. if you are a liberal blogger or
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international, you don't toe the government line, again you are in danger. tlp isn't aim tolerant space and there isn't - the country is so polarized that there isn't a group, a common spals, where people company sdree-- people can disagree if people are so polls apart, can progress be made? >> i am an optimist. i believe progress can be made. i think we are not subject episode to the government restrictions in media and the way we company make progress is on in the coverage. there are hundreds of other people,ed tor eed editors, kil
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daily basis because of their as a rules. we need to give equal spals to-- space to people. you can respect each other. one issue is often in bangladesh if you speak to people who are nationalists or islamics, they will say the media is not interested in our right, but if you begin to cover from a relatively equal basis, suddenly you will create the sways where people will come together and start talking about it there is plenty more still to come on the news hour, including more turmoil in libya r one government appears to have reversed its decision to stand aside. the latest from roam ar the information into the killing of an italian student in cairo is
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ramped up. we hear a manager hoping no upset his employers. that is in sporlt later sport later a u.n. security council have been briefed to bring about a peaceful situation in libya. one of the country's rival administrations back tracked on its decision to support a ewe unity government in tripoli. >> reporter: since the fall of long time leader in libya, various entities have competed to exploit and fill the political vacuum. there is a government headed been be this man and supported by powerful militias. the justice ministry announced on wednesday that this government was stepping down. shortly after he threatened to
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prosecutor kult any of his ministers who support the u.n. back unity government. that's the second body, the government of national accord. the prime minister, this man, arrived in tripoli under escort last week and has moved to consolidate power by winning the back of the central bank and i will and investment authorities. there is not the support of the third administrative decision, the house of representatives. that was pushed out of trip leap two years ago it claims legitima legitimacy. it was recognised by the u.n. until last year. the support for the new government will be crucial vment >> the house of representatives has to continue to arrange a meeting with all members of the parliament in order to endorse
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the government. it is very clear that the legitimacy for the government of national accord comes from tobruk and the parliament >> reporter: then there's the newly formed state council. on wednesday it elected this man as its president. the state council is made up of former members of the gnc. it was agreed that this body would service an upper chamber of parliament with the government of national accord and that together they would hopefully unite libya and end five years of conflict our caravan has been following this. >> reporter: from the leaks we're getting from the closed briefing it seems that they were correct, there wasn't much information here. the u.n. envoy staffan de mistura said he was optimistic that the government on could get
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off the ground, with but he stated the instability, the division between the factions and heap said they will try and those. the u.n. security council concerned because since the bombardment of libya, the islamic state has been able to establish a presence in the country. here is what the french ambassador had to say >> let's be clear about it. libya has the opportunity to a certain extent to kreet the conditions for stability for the benefit of all libyan people and to roll back on which d.a.e.s.h. has thrived. >> reporter: twhas view shared about by u.s. command. they had a briefing in washington. in their view the islamic state has doubled its presence in libya over the past six months about between four and six thousand fighters.
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they want the factions to come together and get the unity government off the ground. we know nato wants to get more involved argentinian prosecutions have opened an investigation into the president's offshore dealings aft panama papers. -- after the papers. >> reporter: a prosecutor says there is enough evidence to launch an investigation into whether the president committed a crime by participating in an offshore company that was registered in the bahamas. the president has said that he committed a wrongdoing, that he was not a shareholder in that company and he never received any dividends.
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that's yp that company was not declared in front of authorities. many here are saying that they would like to see the president investigated. we will see whether a judge will consider there is enough evidence to continue with this whole issue. we are seeing that former politicians and businessmen close to kirchner are appearing in court. the former presidential herself is expected to appear in court next week. investigating for several cases, including corruption among other issues. many are saying that this investigation requests for macri is revenge by the front for victory party, and that's kirchner's party. they're saying that the justice system has become polarized just as argentinian society is divided david cameron has responded to accusations about his late
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father's offshore fund. he said he did benefit from a fund but it was before he took office. he sold a stake for more than $40,000 in 2010, just four months before entering downing street. cameron insists he has nothing to hide. >> we owned 5,000 unit in the investment trust which we sold in january 2010. that was worth something like 30,000 pounds. >> reporter: was there a profit on it? >> i paid income tax on the dividends, but there was a profit on it but it was less than capital gains tax allowance so i didn't pay capital gains tax. but it was subject to talks. i want to be clear about the past future and present because i don't have anything to hide for more on this we have our guest. i guess the pressure and the
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spotlight is on cameron right now, but looking ahead to this summit that's happening next month >> definitely. this is one of the biggest leaks in history in terms of the amount of information that we're getting. it really shows what has been investigated about tax investigation, criminality, all going through these tax be havenss. this is the anti corruption next summit is a key opportunity, once in a generation opportunity for david cameron to show leadership and really open up the tax havens to be more transparent he has been vocal about corruption and there is this bump in the road. we have multiple offshore territories. they do play a big parliament t >> exactly. this leak has shown that more than half the companies implicated actually are based in
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u.k. tax havens and more than 50% are based in the british virgin islands. it is an issue for the u.k. government to tackle. it is an issue in our backyard. while next month there will be 40 different states from all over the world, there is an argument to say that the u.k. government has a role to force tail light overseas territories and crown depen residencies to be trance patterns-- dependencies-- to identify these companies the u.k. is a big problem and he is if he doesn't get it right >> that's right. he has shown greater leadership on this issue. the mainland is introducing this register as of july this year, which is a great step forward. we need to clear up the rest of our backyard and it's within our
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power. in the past the u.k. has taken action in terms of decriminalizing homosexuality, abolishing the death penalties. we would argue that are why not now, take action when this leak has given him the momentum tom really take actioning do you think people will tuft him to be the man that continues to lead this fight given what happen has happened and also how easy is it to ask for transparency in these issues. >> u.k. is the heart of the london. if we can do it here we can do it in the dvi. it is possible. there is a precedent for the u.k. government acting for and this is a test of david cameros global leadership. we have very important heads of state coming next month to
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london and if he can't be seen to be acting in terms of cleaning up our own pack yard, then how can other leaders take him seriously thanks very much for joining us. egyptian prosecutors are in the italian capital to update authorities on the investigation into the killing of the student in cairo. he went missing on january 25 and his tortured body was found in a ditch nine days later. >> reporter: it's a meeting that is bowing closely watched by italian public. there are talks no rome. they could expect some tough questions from italian officials on egypt's investigation into the killing of this student. the 28-year-old post-graunt student disappeared in cairo.
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hills mult lated body was found on the outskirts of cairo. there has been scepticism as to how well the crime has been investigated. he was originally said to be killed in a car accident. it has been a big issue here. the anger over his murder is putting pressure on the government to ensure that justice is being done. some italian media suggested that the egyptian government has been deliberately giving misinformation to italian prosecutors. the case is a real test of relations between egypt and italy which is the northern aftern country's biggest trading partner in europe. ee at all i don't know authorities asked for data, including details of calls to and from his phone, as well as surveillance video from cairo's metro. the foreign minister told the sen eight in roam that the egyptian authorities hrp failed to hand over those two sets of
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information-- had failed. >> translation: there is not a change in tack. the government is ready to react, adopting immediate measures >> reporter: authorities insist their investigation is transparent. the visiting officials are reported to have brought large amounts of data with them to roam to discuss with anywhere italian kourn parts. all the while the family are agonising over why their son was killed and who was behind it more to come on the program. we look at the fallout of a major strike against anti austerity measures in greece. why thousands of sex workers have taken to the streets in france. in sport, how this man hopes winning this belt can help him in a political election. lection.
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>> there's no way i am willing to give up my family for a drug ever again. >> i know you all have strong opinions about the border. >> i don't believe in borders. >> our government is allowing an invasion. >> i don't really know as much as i thought i did. >> people don't just need protection, they need assistance. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> oh my god... the town's out of water. >> we came up here to talk to some people who are selling fresh water... fresh water for fracking. >> we are a town that greed destroyed. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> these people have decided that today they will be arrested.
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>> i wanted to dance, and eventually i started leaving the gangs in the street alone. >> we're pushing the envelope with out science every day, we can save species. >> i'm walking you guys! >> all i wanted to see was her walk. it was amazing. >> these were emotions that i had been dreaming about for so long. >> getting to the heart of the matter. proud to tell your stories. al jazeera america.
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a reminder of our top
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stories here. syrian rebel forces have targeted i.s.i.l. fighters in the found in northern aleppo. it is a stronghold for the armed group. hundreds of students have protested in the bangladeshi capital after a blogger was killed. british prime minister has responded to accusations about issues of a fund. thousands of public sector workers have walked out in a 24 hour strike to protest against austerity measures. schools are closed as is athens international airport and hospitals are running on emergency staff only. >> reporter: civil servants are leading the march against further austerity. the institutions which are the country's creditors say the government has to cut the equivalent of 1% of gdp from
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what it pace out in pensions and raise another 2% of gdp through higher taxes. >> translation: if they pass the pensions bill, we're going to bring everything to a halt. we need more staff. there are not enough dock force and nurses in the national selth system >> reporter: they lose about half their salary to taxes and consumer taxes are the highest in europe. it's the cuts in pensions that worry people most. the average greek pension has fallen by half during the crisis to $837. the government wants to restrict the new cuts to 2.5% of that. it is also impose f-ing 2 billion dollars of consumer tax hike so the impact on pensioner will be greater. some retirpes depend on a soup kitchen. those who can use their pensions to help their wider family. >> translation: i hope to god it doesn't happen, but if my
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pension is cut i have to stop paying for my grandchildren's activities. >> reporter: according to a document, it says only the threat of bankruptcy would move the government to reform. the i mf doesn't refute the leak but it has eroded trust. it is likely the government leaked the dialogue >> he is trying to manufacture a crisis in the hope of pushing the i mf out of the negotiations. negotiating just with the commission which appears more willing to sem the greek positions. it is not pushing as hard as the i mf for measures of high quality with the permanent lasting impact many here think they will be dancing to the same steps until better greek leadership comes along.
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this looks increasingly like a well-rehearsed groups, austerity attempts have lived short lives only to be replaced by others. the greeks wonder when if will all end a diplomatic measure is being stepped up in relation to the forces in a disputed province of nagorno-karabakh. the truce is into its third day. both sides accuse each other of violations. >> reporter: a flurry of diplomacy has followed fighting in napg. foreign ministers discuss the violence. -- in nagorno-karabakh. foreign ministers discuss the violence. >> it is a must for everyone.
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it is recognised that it is not unsustainable the situation is unacceptable. soon there will be ideas that somebody has that they can keep it as it is forever or long period of time. then it will be more outbreaks of the clashes. >> reporter: what azerbaijan wants is for pressure to be put on armenia to withdraw its army from occupied azerbaijani territory. the company to apply that pressure is russia. moscow has lob eeld for both sides to step back from the brink of all-out war. it has strong relations with armenia. >> translation: we are more interested, perhaps more than any other foreign partners of the two countries, that this conflict is resolved as soon as possible. those that suffer are displaced people, people who live in the
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region and the region itself. its integrity as a transit region is undermined. >> reporter: russian prime minister was meeting his armenian counterpart. he warned allowing the conflict to slump into what he called a hot phase. armenia shows little sign of abandoning its protection of azerbaijan's ethnic armenians in the breakaway region of nagorno-karabakh. the guns are mostly silent now, but they can be pulled into the fighting with even more destructive prospects for the region. for any final settlement to have a chance of success, arz, armenia and nagorno-karabakh will have to put behind them years of bad block p blood and take on the risks of a
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commitment to compromise. it is not clear that moment has been reached yet families affected by ut recent surge in violence in nagorno-karabakh have fled to the capital. >> reporter: this is one of two hotels where people who have been forced to flee the fighting on the front line have come. there are 65 people staying here and i've come to speak to some of them. can you tell me about your situation and your family here. >> translation: we came from when the bombing started. we took the family and run. we are doing okay. we are being looked after. we're grateful for this.
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i've spoken to someone who said maybe it's okay for us adults to go home, but not the children. >> reporter: today is mother's day, april 7, for armenians, for the mothers of children caught up in the conflict it is also april sell brapgs of the virgin marry for the armenian church. -- celebration of the virgin m asha mary of the armenian church. it is a pray for these who have been killed and for peace >> translation: we all want peace. i think other mothers also want peace. >> translation: mothers don't have a nationality. mothers have children.
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any mother is for peace prostitutes in france are protesting against the new law that makes it illegal to pay for sex. they say the legislation passed on wednesday will threaten their livelihood. they say paying for section will face a $1700 fine. it is to put pay stop to human trafficking. 90% of the prostitutes are victims of trafficking rings. there has been fighting between venezuelan government and opposition supporters in the capital. opposition activists were at the council calling for changes to referendum rules that could force a presidential election. government and opposition supporters threw rocks near the headquarters in the city. venezuela's president as imposed a four day working week to ease the energy crisis. drought is crippling the electricity supply in the hydro
5:42 pm
power dependent nation causing frequent black outs. our correspondent joins us live. what effect are these energy-saving measures having on everybody? >> reporter: it's still unclear what the new measures will - what effect they will have. as of tomorrow the president has said that every friendship plb a national holiday for the next 60 days. he has called on people to ration their personal use of energy. this clues limiting your use of hair dryers and clothes dryers and also asked for companies to kerb their use the power. already some of the business chambers have said that this will only contribute to the further erosion of a productive sector that has been hit so hard by a lot of the policies that they also blame ex-as paid this
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crisis. the government has insisted it is the result of el nino and a prolonged drought, but critics say that although this definitely affecting the levels of water at the main reservoir, there's also decades of neglect and lack of investment. so, again, this is a complex problem. it is likely that people will be suffering from rolling black outs in the next couple of details. it is not so bihar hit by these blackouts, but a-- so hard hit by these block outs. this is a massive crisis what about this latest dispute between the government and the opposition. what's behind it? >> reporter: the government and the opposition are basically at odds about every single aspect
5:44 pm
imaginable. lately there has been two main problems between them that have escalated tensions even more so. one is that the opposition is pushing for a recall referendum in order to oust maduro before his term is over. this is what we saw today with the clashes in front of the national electoral council. on the other hand, the opposition-led assembly mass passed a bill that could see a lot of political prisoners that are currently behind bars freed. but the government says that this bim which they refuse to pass and the president just announced that he would actually take it to the supreme court and veto this bill, argues that this amnesty bill is rather an attempt tomb pardon leaders that were actually responsible for the delth of over 43 peoe but also trying to destabilize the
5:45 pm
government. political polarization and no negotiation in sight and the exacerbation of a lot of these tensions, both politically and with the electricity crisis at that level as well thank you. a president is hoping to extend his term of voters at the polls on friday. he is expected to win, but opposition parties say the campaigning has been unfair, coup accusing their rallies of being blocked. >> reporter: it is a last minute for voters campaigning the presidential elections draw to a close. the president is campaigning for a fourth term. his widely expected to continue his hold on four.
5:46 pm
>> translation: i will continue to fight unemployment. we will establish an industrial zone. we want to take our share of the employment opportunities in africa and beyond >> reporter: this show of support in the final hours of campaigning is a reminder of the president's dominance of politics here for the past 17 years. his supporters are confident he will win another five years. six candidates are running for president. this man, an independent hero, is one of them. >> translation: we won't allow him in this time t the people are ready to defend. >> reporter: across the capital, there are huge portraits of the president and his campaign slogans are visible everywhere. portraits of the opposition are
5:47 pm
absent. opposition leaders complain of lack of fair media coverage for their campaigns. some of them are boycotting the elections. >> the immense amount of elections is poor. 43% of the population, are not so many, only 80,000. >> reporter: the opposition are also angry that the president rescinded his position not to seek a fourth term t i asked the president why he chose to stay on >> translation: the decision belongs to the people. i'm not here by force but by the will of the people. i cannot ignore their wishes. >> reporter: as they dances towards election day, they understand this too well shlgs that these elections may not bring about a change of guard zimbabwe allegation president has been turning on
5:48 pm
the charm for war veterans, once key supporters that have been growing increasingly unhappy and calling for more politics after having helped his political career >> reporter: the war veterans have a list of demands for the president. they say they are poor, old and neglected and they want more compensation for fighting in the struggle 30 years ago. they want education for their children and strategic positions in companies and government. they want april stake in the mining sector. the president says he can take it all. >> the mining area is opend. start your own mining companies. >> reporter: zimbabwe's 92 year old leader is under pressure to deliver. war veterans have helped him stay in power to so long.
5:49 pm
when the economy crashed the opposition parties are concerned. >> they should talk to them again and try to reengage them to convince them that the company is in dire economic circumstances. we're looking at about six million people in need of food apriled. >> reporter: war veterans are also putting pressure on him to layout a plan for who will fake over from him. he refuses to name april successor. he says his supporters want him to stay in power. some people are concerned about his health and that there's no clear succession plan >> reporter: he is telling the people not to worry. >> let's not worry about succession matters. look ahead. we have enemies who are trying
5:50 pm
to destroy us. let's pursue that >> reporter: the leader says these war veterans are his priority. for now they have agreed to wait and see if he delivers in the u.s. officials have been fighting a fire. it jumped the river into california on wednesday. firefighters from bodies states are battling to contain the blaze which has burned 2200 acres of bush. still ahead here on al jazeera. in sport, find out if this female snooker player can make history. history.
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with all the day's sports news it's over to robin in doha. >> reporter: thank you very much. one place to start at a augusta with golf. the two time champion making back to back bodies landing in the water on the 16th. world number one is five under the australian. second at the moment. this is the man who leads the way at the moment. he finished his round on six under par. a win for the 22-year-old would make this his second successive title. it will be his third major out
5:53 pm
of five. els had a disastrous start to his. he had three shots to get onto the green and then seven puts to hole out. liverpool is turning to their old stomping ground. a crucial away goal. there was an opening for school. his first goal since february. the down side step back. one-to-one the final score. it was the night's only draw. two one wins everywhere else. this is the table.
5:54 pm
the world anti-doping agency have given kenya an additional month to prove they are meeting the requirements. another nation facing concern is ethiopia. they've been told they need to test from 200 to 250 athletes. >> translation: we learned that private clinics and hospitals are giving glucose to athletes which is forbidden. they have been prescribed another forbidden medicine. >> reporter: to tennis. a big step towards another title for the top said who is into the quarter finals. the world number two was up against near 142nd. she won six two and six three. a fight to enhance political
5:55 pm
situation. this was the third meeting of the pair. the highl rated has beaten 12 world champions. he says it will be his last fight. >> i have experienced having no food, grew up with water to survive. that's high my life. how god transformed he, it is exciting and i'm thankful to god for everything that he give to me. >> reporter: wednesday saw one of hockey's most famous team play their last game. it was here that he want four cups in the 1980s. they were ahead of a move to a new arena. they beat their opponents six
5:56 pm
two. we have been following the progress of female snooker player who was hoping to qualify for the men's world championships. she is the first non-british female champion. she famed in a bid. she has been knocked out of the qualifiers, loses ten to one in her first match >> i would love to end in a more different tournament. i just want to play with more people, men or ladies, or different tournament in different areas. so i just love to play snoom snooker. i have a slogan. if you believe it, you can achieve it. so i believed it. still more for me to learn. i will keep going on. >> reporter: that's all from me a four centuries old copy of william shakespeare's collector's game has been found in a stately home in a scottish
5:57 pm
island. it contains his 36 plays including several which would otherwise not have been published. the discovery brings the number of known surviving copies of first folio to 234. a professor of shakespeare studies authenticated the book >> the first folio is the most important book in the english language besides the bible. it is the first collected edition of his plays and it preserves half of those place that we would have lost. we wouldn't have many. that is really important you can find out much more on our web site. why not have a look. the address is s
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>> we can save species. >> macaw are at risk of dissappearing in the wild. >> we are on the tipping point of an ecological disaster. >> radiocarbon dating method can tell us if trade of ivory is legal. >> gold, we have come at the price of human rights, pristine forests, and clean water. >> the future of fracking is about the water. >> how do you convince a big oil company to use this? >> al jazeera is always pushing the boundaries of reporting and techknow really falls into that perfectly. >> this is the biggest question out there. >> we always get perfect plants every time. >> this opens up whole new possibilities. >> we have 300,000 kids that are in collapse prone schools.
5:59 pm
>> katrina was really a wake up call. >> we can design and engineer a system to not fight nature but kind of work alongside it. >> new orleans is on a good track towards sustainability but the job is not done here. >> it's a revolutionary approach to science reporting. >> this is some of the best driving i've ever done, even though i can't see. >> i really feel my life changing. >> this is the first time anybody's done this. >> i'm walking you guys! >> all i wanted to see was her walk, it was amazing. >> probably the most profound moment was when i stood up. these were emotions i had been dreaming about for so long. thank you. >> techknow, proud to tell your stories on al jazeera america.
6:00 pm
[ ♪ ] this week on "talk to al jazeera", legendry music composer david foster . >> so mid '070, i guess i seriously. david foster has been nicknamed the hitman, a violent for many records, collaborating with many big names in the industry. there's one