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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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these were emotions i had been dreaming about for so long. thank you. >> techknow, proud to tell your stories on al jazeera america. the pressure is mounting on another president. protesters demand president macri step down in the wake of the panama scandal. you're watch, al jazeera america live from doha. coming up, kidnapped by isil fighters. 300 construction workers go missing in syria. belgium police release pictures of a man wanted in connection with the brussels bombing. >> and russ waters, china's
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luxury boat industry changes strategy in the face of a sliding economy there's growing anner at argentina's president amid the fall out from the panama papers scandal. hundreds protested demanding macri resign. some held banners accusing macri of corruption, others attacked a fence outside the palace. thursday, a public posterior sought permission to vet the president's role in offshore accounts, after he was named in deep panama papers. with more on the trouble facing macri we have this report from venezuela. >> reporter: argentina's president won the election promising to crack down on corruption. now he's at the center of a
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probe on that. and it's over his connection with an offshore company in the bahamas, the details released in the panama papers. president macri swore he had done nothing illegal. >> i'm at he is, i reported the law, i have nothing to hide. i'm going in front of a suj so the judge can verify it's the truth many in argentina think differently. >> why do people have offshore companies in general to eyed something, and what we want to know is why the president was trying to hide something from the state. that's why macri needs to be investigated. the state prosecutor agreed. after the judge to open the investigation into the offshore dealings. macri's name appeared in a company owned by his father. he said the company was owned in 2008 and he was not a shareholder and never received
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money from it. now it is up to the judge to decide if there's enough evidence to open an investigation. >> this is happening at a special time in argentina, when businessmen and politicians appear in this courthouse every day. in fact, the former president is expected to appear in court. to call for an investigation. it's viewed as a political site happening in argentina. the party and the government - questions are raised about the independence of the judiciary. >> translation: they are investigating everyone, some judges are taking sides between those that support the government and those that oppose it. >> macri is facing other problems. rampant inflation is not makes
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his job easy. >> his appearance is adding to the matter david cameron's father also had an offshore fund. he benefited, he said, before he took office. four months before entering downing street. cameron insists he had nothing to hide. >> we owned 5,000 units in the investment trust which was sold in january 2010. that was worth something like £30,000. >> is there a profit on it. >> i paid tax on the dividends. there was a profit on it, it was less than the capital tax side. it was subject to all the taxes in all the normal ways. i want to be as clear as i can about the promise and the
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future. i don't have anything to hide. >> in iceland, protests, demonstrators are demanding key figures. a prime minister has resigned as many as 300 people have been kidnapped by isil fighters. those abducted were workers from a cement company. >> they have been following developments from lebanon, and has this update. >> there are conflicting reports with regards to the news from the factory workers. state television saying isil kidnapped 300 workers. sources told al jazeera the
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numbers are far less and the armed group fighting the regime. saying isil managed to secure the release of most. initially they killed or beheaded 10 of those they took captive. and that legs than 100 in the hands of isil. what this shows is not only the lack of clarity with regards to what is taking place on the ground because of the dangerous natures of the unfortunate fact that there is difficulty in finding din dependent verification of things. it shows everyone was a target. even those that haven't aligned themselves with any one side. going about making things meet. what was a horrid situation, for people that find themselves in the midst of the conflict.
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>> half a million people in fallujah face isolation. they have been forced to make fruit. few supplies entered fallujah since last year. a few pictures have been released in the airport bombing. the man escaped after his explosives failed to detonate. >> walking away from an attack that caused carnage, the video has been released. showing the third suspect. the man in the hat that fled the airport when his bomb failed to explode. c c.t.v. footage showed him in a nearby town. police are keen to recover the item, his jacket. >> the authorities hope someone at street level may have spotted
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him. >> especially it appeals to people that may have taken a photograph, or they can provide information on the issue. they are requested to call the telephone number that will be shown on the site. self-evidently all information will be handled. >> three attackers are believed to have targeted last month. the man on the left worked as a cleaner. in 2009 and 2010. he is suspected of being a bomb-maker for the attacks that killed 130 people. meanwhile the only surviving member of the group that carried out the bombings had the latest court hearings in brussels. he will not be extradited. officials can investigate him.
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accord to information, the belgium arrest warrant needed to be lifted before. this will happen in a few weeks. as the hunt goes on. allies in europe were accused of ignoring tools. >> for the belgians, the priority is to use the c c.t.v. images. >> italian and egyptian prosecutors met in rome discussing the investigation into torture and murder of a student. he disappeared and his body found in a ditch nine days later. we have the latest from rome. >> reporter: it's a meeting that is closely watched by italian public opinion. egypt's general prosecutor, and the general, a senior police official arrive in roams for talks. they could expect some tough
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questions from italian officials on the investigations into the killing. the 28-year-old post-graduate student disappeared in cairo. among the italian officials, there has been skepticism as to how well the crime was vected. they were told the student was killed in a car accident. >> it's a rising issue. it's putting pressure on the government to ensure that justice is done. >> some suggest that the egyptian government has been giving misinformation to italian prosecutors. it's a test between regulations, the north african country's biggest training company in europe.
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they've been asked for data and surveillance video. they told the senate in rome on tuesday that the authorities failed to hand over those two sets of information. >> if there is not a change in fact, the government is ready to react, adopting measures that are immediate and proportionate. authorities insist they are transparent. visiting officials reported large amounts of data, to discussion with their counterparts. all the while the family is agonising over why their second was killed, and who was behind it hundreds of students have taken part in protests, demanding justice for a blogger that was hacked to death. >> the latest victim in targeted
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attacks against bloggers and activists. four men attacked him as he walked home from an evening class. >> ali is a professor saying democracy is key to overcome divisions in society. >> if you have an environment where you can speak. that needs to be ensured, and over the years, as i mentioned democratic space shrunk. freedom of expression has come under threat from the militant group and from the government. in those kinds of environments. what we see is a cultural theatre. at the sfoot same time we are seeing dison tent. that doesn't help. you cannot simply think that one thing would go right even though others are going wrong.
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at this point my understanding is addressing the issue, it's important to take the issues together. create a democratics environment where opinions are expressed freely and they are criticizing the government. we have to see who benefits. can those forces benefit. it is the responsibility of the government to address the issue, and the social movement, people are trying to express themselves by stifling the freedom of expression. >> still ahead - some of zimbabwe's veterans unite to challenge mugabe. and why venezuelans are getting an extra day off at the weekend. weekend.
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you're watch, al jazeera, a reminder of the top stories this hour. hundreds of protesters demanding the resignation of argentina's president. implicated in the pan appa paper scandal. some held papers accusing macri of corruption. a public prosecutor will investigate macri's world in offshore accounts as many as 300 people were kidnapped. state media says those are workers close to damascus.
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new pictures released of a man wanted by belgium police in connection with the airport bombing. believed to have escape the as explosive detonated. >> a truce is into a third day. both side accused each other of veil i suggests. rory challands reports from baku. >> reporter: a flurry of diplomacy. following a meeting foreign ministers discussed the violence. azerbaijan sees a start to a comprehensive settlement process. >> everyone recognises the
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status quo is unsustainable, unacceptable. the schooner there are ideas, then it will be more outrageous of the clashes and so on. >> what cesar azpilicueta wants is for pressure to be put on armenia. the best position to apply the pressure is moscow. they lobbied hard and they have strong relations. we are more idea. more than any other partners. those that suffer are displaced people. people that live in the region, and the region itself.
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it's a region under mined. russia's prime minister is in the van on thursday, to meet the ar thennian counter -- armenian counterpart. they warn of a hot face. russia has been unable or unwilling to push as hard as they want. armenia shows little signs of protecting them in the regions. the guns are mostly silent now. renewed violence could pull russia and azerbaijan into the fighting with more destructive prospects for the region. >> for a settlement to have a chance of success. they'll have to put goodnight them years of bad blood, and
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take on the risks of compromise. thousands of greek public sector workers held a 24 hour protest against austerity measures. schools from closed, and hospitals only taking emergency cases. >> reporter: civil servants are leading the march against austerity. creditors say the government has to cut the equivalent of 1% of g.d.p. and raise another percentage. if they passed the pensions bill we'll bring everything to a halt. there aren't enough doctors and nurses. greeks lose half the salary to taxes, and consumer taxes were the highest in europe. the average greek pension fell
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by half. the government wants to restrict the new cuts to 2.5% of that. it's imposing $2 billion of consumer tax rights. the impact on pensioners is greater. some retirees. those that can use their pensions to use the wider family. i hope to got it doesn't happen. >> reporter: the government made the most of a leaked conversation. one of its creditors. according to a version published on wikileaks, they said the threat of bankruptcy would move the government to reform. a former greek representative to the i.m.f. thicks it's likely
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the government leaked the information. >> mr alexis tsipras is trying to manufacture the crisis in the hopes of pushing the i.m.f. out of negotiations, and negotiating with a commission, that appears more willing to accept the conditions. and pushing for measures of high quality. many thing they'll be dancing to the statement steps. this looks like a well-rehearsed gripe. others have lived short lives, only to be replaced by other governments. >> the israeli mincery tripled its ownership of palestinian owned documents. 165 dem police stations a month,
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human rights groups say the move is a deliberate form of discrimination, and the israeli government defended the actions as lawful. war veterans say they've been ignored despite having helped the career. >> zimbabwe's war veterans have a list of demands. they say they were poor and neglected, providing a trouble. trench shall access. education. they want a stake in the mining sector. mugabe says they want it all.
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zimbabwe's 92-year-old leader is under pressure to deliver. war veterans helped him to stay in power for 36 years. last time they were paid out by the government. the economy crashed. perhaps the government should talk again and convince them that the country is in dire economic circumstances. we are looking at 6 million people in need of food aid. >> jean-baptiste mugiraneza refuses to name a successor. his supporters want them to stay in power. some are concerned about his health, and they have no clear succession plan. the president is telling
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zimbabweans not to worry. >> look ahead. we have enemies trying to destroy us. let's unite. >> the leader says the war veterans are his spirtry, for now they great to wait and see if he delivers. for the next two months venezuela begin their weekend on fridays, a decision to curve power consumption. >> it's hard to imagine that curving one's grooming habits might help to solve venezuela's problems. >> this is a problem that that is been foretold for years, and for which measures were not taken.
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blow drivewaying the hair is not going to help. the problem is worse than thought. >> announcements show that that bay be the case. wednesday. the government cut short of the working peek and the president asked women to stop using their hair. use hair driers for special i canses. >> this reservoir provides 665" of the country's electricity. it is 200 meters away from a level forcing it to shut down information. unless it rains soon, and a lot. the levels will drop. back in caracas people are taking small measures. in the tiny shots.
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candles were bought by catholics to unite. candles are hard to come by. they have become two expensive or hard to find. people by them in case of black outs. they are talking about an address in price that is hard to keep up with. this is banking on a crisis. the situation has been called a crisis. if black outs take place, the country could be faced with a major collapse. embattled president julianark ruhfus is calling for
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unity and change. dilma rousseff failed to provide details to what she proposes. the head of a congressional group recommended impeachment go ahead. >> an annual boat show is's to attract many. boat owners. >> reporter: the china-shanghai international boat show billed as the largest. this year the number of exhibitors has found. manufacturers say there are two agreements for this. the crackdown led the ultra risk to say void spending. the slowing economy has only made things worse. yacht makers shifted their strategy, and are eyeing a
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segment of customers. today we are centered and focused on taking it under see. we try to get people together to go out, sail, compete and have fun, and we can grow a small community and develop the flavour. in line with a shift in buyers, is a shift in product. >> this is what yacht makers role on. this goes for $200,000. >> the market in china is relatively small. compared to europe and the u.s. the private sector has the government behind if. with an emphasis on support. >> the state council issued tourism sidelines.
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we'll see strong smor. built in the next few years. the last couple of years have not been smooth sailing. >> things may pick up. >> of course you can head to the website for the latest news. >> you're not the person to tell me who i am. >> i kept trying to make him not be a boy. >> we tried to force her to wear more masculine clothes. >> when they people come to see us, they are desperate. >> who will love my child? >> who will protect my child? >> i asked for something and now i'm a happy little boy. >> being a woman it's more than a physical body. it's all about your essence. >> i get to blossom into the