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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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russia says one of its attack helicopters like this one crashed in syria killing two pilots. hello you are with al jazeera live from doha. also al-qaeda has claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb near a football stadium in aiden and elsewhere in yemen people are getting much needed truce that largely holds for a second day between saudi-led coalition and houthi rebels and
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saudi arabia king salmon is in turkey with syria and i.s.i.l. topping the agenda. a year after a devastating cyclone hid the island nation we look at how people are rebuilding their lives. ♪ but first al-qaeda claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing and detonated explosive belt near a football stadium in the port city of aiden killing five people, ate others were wounded in this attack which appeared to target young men who were cueing to register to join the military and a ceasefire for the second day in yemen with the saudi backed government and in war since march last year and civilians suffered the most and we report. >> reporter: a rare quite it in
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yemen's capitol for more than a year bombs have fallen on sanaa and houthi rebels control the city making it the target of saudi-led coalition air strikes trying to push them out, a break in the fighting is allowing some here to hope the bombs will stop for good. >> translator: i hope all sides will observe the ceasefire and i wish for common order to be restored without any violations from either side. it's the people who are paying the price for this war. >> reporter: the truce is holding across much but not all of yemen, this is the providence east of sanaa and there were reports of shelling in the southwest city of thai where houthi rebels laid siege for about a year. >> translator: we won't negotiate with killers, what truce are they talking about while rockets fall down on the city of thai only a few hours after this apparent truce. >> reporter: but the sporadic fighting has not stopped the war from honoring the ceasefire and in a deeply device conflict they
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say that in itself is significant. they hold 22 provinces and spread out from sanaa in the north to thai in the south, this includes the capitol sanaa. they are backed by forces loyal to former president sal la and have the support of iran. the houthis are fighting troops loyal to yemen's president abd rabbuh mansur hadi and said up a temporary capital here in the southern port city of aiden and is present in most of yemen and has backing of tries and air strikes of a saudi-led coalition and al-qaeda and the peninsula and they are anti-houthi but not in line with the government and competing in the south they have i.s.i.l. and decision groups and mostly secular and long been pushing to break away from the north.
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the u.n. says the number of people without reliable access to enough food has doubled since the conflict began to around 14 million people, that is well over half the population and most of them are women and children. the truce calls for unhindered access to aid across yemen. the ceasefire is to build confidence between the warring parties, u.n. sponsored talks in kuwait in a week and inability to win this war militarily is likely forcing them to resolve it by diplomacy, al jazeera. we are with the yemen post and says the suicide attack will not effect the ceasefire. >> each side the trying to get control and the government is recruiting more troops, more soldiers and this was as a result of suspected i.s.i.s. fighters or suicide bomber attack or targeted, a recruiting
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point or office where the government would recruit more soldiers to fight or to regain more control of territory in aiden so this is part of ongoing crisis between government and i.s.i.s. and i don't expect it to calm down and this has been the case for the last nine mo h months and doesn't have to do with the ceasefire and is not involved in the ceasefire and they are not part of it and not involved and will not involve the ceasefire anyway. conflict in syria and i.s.i.l. will top agenda when the saudi king meets turkish firms and king solomon arrived on monday and recommended by president erdogan and he will also attend a conference for the organization of islamic cooperation in istanbul and live to our correspondent who is in ankara and it's not always the
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king comes to town and comes with a large entourage. >> much made of the large entourage and learned after the saudi arrived and got caught between some of the 500 mercedes that the turkish government has made available to the saudi and his people as they drive around ankara and sister tan bull, lots to be talked about when the king arrives here, at the presidential palace and see the white building above the trees behind me and in an hour and a half the counter terrorism measures that were talked about also in egypt where the king has come from. also the position in syria both turkey and syria have always held the same position they believe the conflict would only come to an end when president assad is removed but the one other sticking point that will be talked about is the question of egypt, relations with turkey and egypt on a wicket and didn't
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realize president sisi and i think that will be the message the saudi king will come with is they have to hand really united in this fight against terrorism and the turkish and egyptian relations must improve. >> so this is a thorn if you like in their relationship they hope will be carried on at the meeting of the organization of islamic cooperation. >> it's quite significant really that the saudi king has really come to ankara just on the eve of the summit just to show they are a sort of joint power force going in the summit and was clear really how grateful maybe is too strong of a word but pleased that president erdogan is pleased to see the saudi come here and even went to the airport to greet him yesterday with protocol to meet him on the
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protocol and very much to say an lavish arrival here and the king is said to stay in a 450 square meter room with bomb concrete and bulletproof windows. >> live in ankara, thank you. russia says one of its attack helicopters crashed in syria, according to defense ministry mi28 helicopter went down in homs on tuesday and pilots killed and taken to russia air base and the helicopter was not shot down, let's get more on this now talking to our correspondent who is in the capitol moscow and defense ministry rather keen to point out this was not brought down by enemy fire but actually crashed. >> yeah, that is what they are saying at least and for the moment that is all we really have to go on unless further
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information comes out of syria itself, the russian defense ministry is quite tight lipped about these sorts of things, the latest information they have put out is that actually this helicopter went down on monday night rather than tuesday morning, 2230gmt is what the defense ministry is now saying, it went down somewhere near the city of homs, there was a search and rescue operation that was put into place and as a result of in the bodies of two crew members were recovered and taken back to the russian airforce base in syria. beyond this we are still i think waiting for any more information that the defense ministry cares to put out but as i say they are generally quite tight lipped about this sort of thing and try to control the message as much as they can. >> indeed so we are in the realms of speculation then if we point out that the russian
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airforce is supporting the syrian government as it makes its move on aleppo further north. >> yeah, well the defense ministry held a briefing yesterday, on monday, in which they said that there were some 10,000 al-nusra front terrorist in and around aleppo and the intention of these el nusra front fighters is cutoff the link between aleppo and damascus the highway link. it's obviously speculative to say exactly why the defense ministry was telling us this sort of information but it does seem as if they are trying to prepare the ground for some sort of campaign operation around aleppo itself now they say they are not going to be planning a
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full on assault on aleppo but anything they do is going to be defensive but it's interesting that they are putting this kind of information out at the moment and also interesting they are putting this kind of information out not too long after the russian president announced that effectively the objectives that the russian military had in syria had been achieved and that the military campaign there was going to be wound down. >> all right for now reportry thank you very much live in moscow. meanwhile i.s.i.s. is advancing in the providence of aleppo. these are pictures that are thought to be from the town of al-ried in the northern countryside providence and claims to have the town under its control and various anti-government groups fighting to control the entire providence, the syrian regime and its russian allies are planning a major operation to
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retake the area. and as the syrian conflict continues to the sixth year they are holding parliamentary elections on wednesday and the vote is in areas that are krooled by president assad, thousands of candidates competing and nearly all of them favor assad's party and the international and opposition criticized the election saying it will be biased and delivering more food packaged to the besieged city and u.n. is sending enough beans and rice to feed 2500 people for a month, parts of the city have been under i.s.i.l. control since march 2014, around 200,000 people face severe shortages of food and medicine. the committee of brazil, lower house is voted to recommend the impeachment of dilma rousseff for breaking budget laws to
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support reelection in 2014 and latin america editor reports from the capitol brazilia. >> reporter: after hours of heated debate the commission vote brings the president one crucial step closer to facing impeachment, the next installment of the political drama only days away. the house must vote on admissibility of impeachment charges as they try to desperately try to block the move. >> what they are trying to do is vote against impeachment or be absent or abstain. >> reporter: this amid claims of government operatives are offering ministerial positions and money to maintain loyalty of members of the rapidly disintegrating coalition and behind the scenes negotiations on both sides of the divide intensify supporters and op
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opponents are moving in to pressure politicians and the vote is between friday and sunday and they are so concerned they have put up this huge 80 meter long barrier to try to separate protesters who are in favor and against the government and expecting 150,000 pro-government demonstrators here and another 150,000 anti-government demonstrators on this side, all of them gathered in front of the congress building. brazil's vice president michelle seen here on the left is next in line should the president be forced to step asaid and hadding more drama to the crisis a leaked audio recording of the vice president addressing the nation as if dilma rousseff were already impeached. >> translator: we need to unite all the parties and all the parties should be ready to collaborate to pull out of this crisis. >> reporter: this is the latest twist in a bitter political soap
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opera that not only paralyzed them deeply divided the brasilia people, newman with al jazeera, brazalia. high tech balloons could she shell -- help them be the first in the world and help an indigenous community after a rise in suicide attempts.
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hello again you are with al jazeera and let's look at the top stories russia says one of its attack helicopters has crashed in syria killing two pilots and it crashed in homs province on monday evening. the russian defense ministry says it was not shot down. al-qaeda claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in the south of yemen and five killed in the attack near a football stadium in the port city of aiden. committee in the house of congress voted to recommend the impeachment of dilma rousseff and she faces charges of breaking budget laws to support her reelection in 2014. a court in india holding a special session to decide if fireworks should be banned at itemels, more than 100 people were killed during a fireworks display on sunday, at least 300 more were injured and we report
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from a hospital in the southern state of karala. >> reporter: this was set up for those injured in the fireworks display early sunday morning, many of the patients here had for years been taking part in the local temple celebrations to mark the hindu new year and one of 10,000 people watching the display in the india state when the explosion happened. >> translator: i will never forget the blast, the smoke, the darkness, the sound and chaos, i saw it all and will never forget it. >> reporter: and like many others here it is followed by hours of anguish for his family. some of the people here were not even near the temple and were watching the fireworks from a kilometer away and hit by flying concrete from the explosion. >> translator: i think the fireworks should be stopped. this happened and who knows where it should happen again and should be band, there are many
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other ways to celebrate. >> reporter: the blast area around the temple has known by quartered off and an expert has been inspecting the site to have an investigation of what happened. this pile of concrete is where a shed once stood where reserve fireworks were kept and set off by a spark leading to a series of blasts. the indian medical association filed a petition before the high court seeking restrictions on the use of fireworks. fireworks have cause been part of festivals here but have become more powerful and sophisticated and the number of accidents have gone up, despite this government and courts refused to ban our youth saying they are integral part of the local culture. the chief minister has already refused the idea of a blanket ban and the government will look into tightening safety rules but some in this community say it's
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not enough. >> translator: we never again go to see the fireworks. i can bear it. i'm afraid now we stay at home, it's goed grace and children's luck we didn't go, my husband survived and many more are injured than him. >> reporter: many patients will spend the rest of the new year at this ward. but for many others in the state the fire work displays are expected to continue. al jazeera, karala. >> reporter: more than 400 arrested with a demonstration in the capitol washington d.c. and detained in a sit in with the negative influence of business money in politics and part of the week of civil disobedience being called democracy spring. the state of emergency declared in canada after a suicide attempt in the same area. 11 members of an indigenous community tried to kill
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themselves in a single day last month and kimberly reports. >> reporter: for decades the isolated indigenous community located in canada ontario plagued by economic hardship and hopelessness for many and few in the canadian government took notice but now mental health counselors being dispatched after a state of emergency declared by the chief of the first nation community. >> they will meet with local staff and the people and sort out what the needs are and primarily it's like a social help. >> reporter: over the weekend 11 people attempted suicide, since september more than 100 people tried to take their lives in a community of just 2000. indigenous leaders say despite the high numbers they don't have a single mental health worker to serve its community. >> it was like a time bomb waiting to explode and we are in
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the crisis situation right now and we need to get people into the ground. >> reporter: in january the canadian human rights tribunal said they discriminated against 10s of thousands of children living on reserve for decades and tribunal found there had been unequal funding for water, education, healthcare and housing compared with children living elsewhere in the country. >> shouldn't take a state of emergency to fly in a region with 700 plus suicide attempts and no money in the budget for mental health services for indigenous children, what is it going to take to end the cycle of crisis and death among young people. >> includes $8.4 billion for funding for indigenous community, these funds will restore hope to communities. >> first nation activists says
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the money won't help those hurting now. >> the vast majority of this money they have announced will not be paid until the next federal election in 2019, the quality for every other person is not the idea, they cannot give the children less. >> reporter: calling on prime minister's liberal government to eradicate the history of racial discrimination and inequality, and driving so many indigenous young people to take their own lives, kimberly with al jazeera. over a year ago pacific island hit by a huge cyclone that killed 11 people despite tens of millions in aid much of the country roads and facilities are still in ruins and andrew thomas reports. >> reporter: across the classrooms they look largely as they did a year ago after the biggest cyclone in the country's history, immediately after the storm they briefly m dominated
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worldwide and national organizations and charities promised tens of millions in help and on the island it's not clear where that went. >> i feel like they forgot us and i don't know what they do with big money, they should have helped the schools and the hospitals. >> reporter: the island's one police car still hasn't been repaired. children are still learning in what was supposed to be very temporary tents. it is hot in the tents, after midday often too hot and school days end and the shortened hours are having a big impact on the children's education. a few classrooms were rebuilt here in the weeks immediately after the cyclone, that was between march and july when about $40 million spent largely by charities and the australian government acting independently but then a mentor was lost.
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>> i feel disappointed and i'm frustrated about what they left out after the cyclone. >> reporter: it's half an hour bi-plane to the capitol and that is where money has got bogged down, why, first not all money promised was delivered and countries made commitments they have not kept and $70 million in grants and loans is still being negotiated. political instability has not helped and have been three different governments since the storm, that slowed the spending of what has been received too, australia won't let its gift of $26 million for recovery be spent without accountability and the small government has struggled to put that in place. >> there were some capacity issues within the government. we -- this was just too much. >> reporter: the result has been the recovery effort led by
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the government ground to a halt. have any schools been rebuilt at all as of yet? >> no. >> none? >> none. >> reporter: the government says it is now putting in place the system's donors need to see but they are also calling on those who promised money to deliver it. teachers meanwhile say they just don't want another year in tents. looks like sri-lanka may be the first place in the world with 4g internet coverage and we explain how. >> reporter: showing off its balloons in sri-lanka and google at a recent youth festival displayed the technology for the project it calls balloon network. >> we are trying to bring internet to two out of three people on the planet who don't have internet coverage and the reason of the two balloons 60,000 feet above the ground
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that can send a signal to the cell phone you have in your pocket. >> reporter: they have internet connections and 6,000 line subscribers and means one-fifth of the population is already connected. the google balloons will have 40 kilometers radius range and 13 is needed to cover the island and the first countries in south asia to introduce mobile phones, 3 and 4g networks, the country has impressive band width but the balloon network would mean the entire island and promote places would be covered. google says lower costs are the main advantage over current internet operations. >> the balloons can be very inexpensive and the plastic in the balloons is the same plastic you get with a shopping bag at the store and electronics in a balloon are similar to tell electronics in the cell phone
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and brought the gps chips and the small circuits down enormously. >> reporter: head of information and technology communication agency says the project will bring innovation. >> we are after a war and 30 years of war and need to leapfrogging and we understand we will be leaders and not followers in this particular area. >> reporter: the minister of telecommunication and digital infrastructure introduced the project to young people at the festival. the minister was asked about some concerns over all lowing google, a u.s. tech geent -- giant to run in the air space. >> it's a pure technology that connects people and that is about it. >> reporter: it has not been smooth sailing in february the first test balloon came down with a bump and google denied it crashed and said it was a controlled landing and then the
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balloon was punctured by scaffolding and in high winds and meant it cannot be fully inflated and it's a year after the project that the country hopes another technology first merely to get off the ground. al jazeera, columbo. i'll bring you their stories, and what's being done to help americans, including veterans who have no place to call home. all weeklong, aljazeera america is showcasing a selection of your stories. some of the most important issues that we covered on this channel for you, and that