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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2017 10:00pm-10:33pm AST

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same for if you join us on sat i was never put a file ben look at differently because i'm dr going all the people that i'm watching this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make a connection join the global conversation. this time on al-jazeera. the un human rights chief says me and maurice cracked that on their own hinge on looks like a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program
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north korea threatens retaliation as the u.n. prepares to vote on sanctions which have already been watered down huber says at least ten people were killed as hurricane earl tore across the island. david michael barclay matthew barnes. other. new york remembers the victims of the nine eleven attacks six years ago. thank you for joining us the united nations is describing the treatment of the range of minority in myanmar as nothing short of ethnic cleansing the bangladesh government says at least three thousand been killed in recent weeks from thing an exodus of refugees across the border their villages of either burned to the ground or are still on fire and as the figure pollen reports now from camp large number of
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refugees arriving daily is putting a major strain on resources the un human rights chief has condemned the violence against the range of muslims. hussein is demanding an end to me and mars' military operation situation remains or seems a textbook textbook example of ethnic cleansing. the myanmar government should stop pretending that the wrong setting fire to their own homes and laying waste to their own villages this completely non of reality is doing great damage to the international standing of a government which until recently benefited from immense good will. i call on the government to its current crew a military operation with accountability for violations that have occurred and to reverse the pattern of severe and widespread discrimination against the population . the u.n.
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says more than three hundred thousand people have fled to bangladesh in the past three weeks joining the four hundred thousand that are already in the country. almost everyone at this makeshift camp has a story of how they survived an attack on how they lost a member of the family. in front of my paddy field the military shot my uncle and killed him. both her sons were also shot by security forces but she says they made it across the border alive you know. like this man but the military came to my village and burned down my house they shot me when i was running away he tells us it's a miracle he's standing here his relatives carried him throughout the twelve day journey to bangladesh. mohammed ali arrived here nearly a year ago after his village was attacked his family rely on food and supplies from international aid agencies and local n.g.o.s but that help has now dried up since
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the new carry mace being very hard to get supplies some of my relatives of all survived but even we can't survive as we have nothing so i can't help. the camp set up last year after military crackdown and me and maher sent hundreds of thousands across the border. on the edge of a camp a new settlement is forming the workers here tell us they're building homes for the new arrivals who managed to escape with some valuables refugees pay around one hundred twenty five dollars to secure a piece of land and have a shelter like this built it's all part of a new economy that's forming around the hundreds of thousands of broken into that are in the area. with demand for building materials and basic necessities growing daily prices have nearly doubled in the past two weeks. as the number of grows daily it is now a fight for food water and other necessities and the relief of having made it to
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safety wears off and the refugees say they now have to face a new reality the struggle to get through each day if you go palin. camp and live there. for bangladesh has agreed to free two thousand acres of land so a new camp can be built to shelter some of the people fleeing me a lot tougher choudhry is at the border district of cox's bazaar and sent us this update. i'm in. southeastern bangladesh thousands of rowing a refuges have taken shelter in this area and by the main road these are temporary shelters built by them some of them were donated by local n.g.o.s by of those government is also accounting under intense pressure from opposition party as well as from the mainstream public to do something about it and excite pressure on me on my to stop their crackdown on their own on our contravenes by with us foreign minister yesterday had it mating with all the diplomats he was highly critical of
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me on my government the human rights commission chairman was also very critically threatening to take those who are populated the crime to international war crime tribunals unless things don't improve with us needs to persuade the international community to pressure on me and not to stop the crackdown and stop the flow of refugees because bangladesh is simply unable to cope it doesn't have that red food supply infrastructure to feed these people in such a short time it's all kind of diplomatic how to solve this problem. on the wheel in the u.s. has been forced to water down its resolution to impose further sanctions on north korea which the u.n. security council vote on a little later and that's in response to last week's nuclear test at the sixth and largest carried out by north korea john young meanwhile has warned that it's ready and willing to respond to the future sanctions with measures of its own. well the
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sanctions are thought to include a ballot all countries hiring north korean workers and then porting textiles from the country which are two of its key sources a foreign currency but the u.s. has had to remove other tougher sanctions to win support from russia and china it had wanted to ban all natural gas exports to north korea but both those countries supply pyongyang with its oil lords' well the original draft also involved the freeze on all foreign financial assets of the government and its leader kim jong un as well as a travel ban james bays has more now on the draft resolution from the u.n. headquarters in new york it's not the same as was that in the version that they were circulating last week which was clearly a much tougher resolution which has been watered down in order to try and get support from the chinese and the russians the regime has shown in the past that it is prepared to ignore sanctions we used to have
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a pattern in the security council go about a couple of years where the security council take action it would pass new sanctions and north korea would go pretty quiet for a few months that's not how it's played out since president trump took office every time the security council the u.s. do something then the north koreans don't fire the reply very quickly so i don't think this is necessarily going to stop the north koreans and they're only going missile tests and nuclear tests i think the u.s. had to think very carefully here yes they'd a much preferred a tougher resolution but if they push that through they may well have got a veto from the russians and the chinese and one of the things they do have going for them at this stage is the unity of security of the security council if they're going to veto they have lost that and it would look like the international community was no longer united on this issue. cuba says at least ten people were killed by hurrican army over the weekend at takes the total death toll from armas
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destruction in the caribbean to thirty eight cuban authorities a say that some were killed after ignoring evacuation orders in several provinces state media is also reporting significant damage to the country's sugar industry. well nearly six million homes and businesses have been left without power in florida after hurricane irma battered its way through the u.s. state first hit the florida keys in the early hours of sunday morning as a category four storm with sustained winds of up to two hundred fifteen kilometers an hour it gradually lost strength as it moved inland weakening to a category one hurricane by monday morning as it passed through tampa erma was downgraded once again this time to a tropical storm or forecasters predict the eye of the storm will stay over florida and then move into georgia alabama tennessee and south carolina with warnings of storm surges people in georgia say that they're already feeling the effects of
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zeros heidi as you castro has more now from tampa in florida. people in the city of tampa on florida's west coast are breathing a huge sigh of relief it had been thought the region of four million wasn't irma's direct path but the hurricane that's come founded forecasters already feared east the reported damage in tampa so far minor orlando sheltering many of the more than five million who evacuated from other parts of the state was pummeled by wind and rain but the real destruction is in south florida after leveling parts of the caribbean are made to florida landfalls first hitting the keil islands with two hundred kilometer an hour winds with bridges still inaccessible the number of people who defied evacuation orders and died is still unknown then irma took aim at marco island where it made a second landfall her path of destruction scars florida from
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a storm surge that inundated downtown miami to tornadoes that destroyed mobile homes on the east coast police rescued this couple from their sailboat it's my home it's everything i own so i was doing everything i could to save it millions in florida are without power and hundreds of thousands are in emergency shelters now as people begin to return to what's left of their homes in florida irma continues to churn north toward georgia where she's expected to inflict more damage heidi joe castro al-jazeera tampa florida from tampa let's go to miami and speak to others there is alan fisher who is there for us now so the storm has now been downgraded and i guess it's at this point that people can really assess the damage and it does look remarkable just looking behind you allan tell us a little bit about what you're seeing where you are. exactly what a difference twenty four hours makes at this time yesterday we were looking at
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sheets of rain being driven in by hurricane force winds causing all sorts of damage and you can see just some of the damage here in historic north miami number of all the trees have been pulled down in fact this tree has survived two previous hurricanes wasn't quite so lucky this time around came down and broke the front of the house will come back to that in the second but as we move the camera in there are people doing their best to tidy up here and this scene repeated all over miami but it's not just a case of going out and dragging away some of the the trees these are very heavy it's going to take a lot of work to get these out of the way we were also in the financial district twenty four hours ago it had flooded the water coming from the sea probably somewhere in the region of half a kilometer i was back there a few hours ago and most of that water has receded and the are doing their cleanup operation there as well but it is going to take several days before things get back to normal no this house here is owned by a doctor is name is louis freeman he was called in to the hospital as part of the
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emergency response that was implemented statewide because of the hurricane he went and at seven o'clock on saturday morning was there for forty eight hours came back seven o'clock this morning and phoned the damage to his house caused by the tree speaking term and i said the one thing it's really awful what has happened here there's damage to the roof there's water damage inside but the one thing he was glad about is that his family wasn't there when the hurricane struck. the most important thing is the my my the human lives they are fine my wife and my kids are fine and all this is replaceable you know rocking we have insurance and well private insurance and take it from there if you know you know. reveal where we can buy you know everybody saying. and allan obviously a lot of people had left their homes when they knew that the hurrican was going to
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strike there have a lot of people started coming back. well there were more than three hundred seventy shelters across florida that were open for people who were evacuating their homes but didn't want to leave the state or couldn't afford to leave the state many of those shelters will remain open at least for the next twenty four hours but most of the people inside them have decided that they want to go back and check the state of the house to see if they have electricity to see if he can get into their homes if it's blocked by trees and it may well be that they may need these shelters for a few more days quite simply because with no power a lot of people are fragile and move be able to cook for themselves look after elderly relatives of the children and so those shelters will be an important lifeline there are more than three million people in florida without power that's a huge number and the power company says it will do its best to get people on the grid as quickly as possible they will work through methodically there's obviously going to be difficulty with the likes of trees on power lines but they say that the
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damage caused by armor to the basic infrastructure is a huge problem as well and so while some people can look forward to being back with power in the next twenty four forty eight seventy two hours for others it could take anything between three and four weeks because that important infrastructure will have to be rebuilt throw the day across miami people have been assessing the damage caused by armor you'll remember this time last week we were looking at a forecast model that said it was heading straight for miami it was going to be a category five perhaps the strongest hurricane ever to make landfall in the united states in the end it was a category four that skirted past miami and went up the west coast and for that even though there's a lot of damage a lot of heartache a lot of upset people are glad they seem to have skipped the worst of what could have thrown at them perhaps alan fischer with the latest from aurora. still ahead on the program transition or blatant power grab you keep politicians divided over
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the government. which votes in the coming hours plus we'll tell you why the tensions over north korea are not chinese tourists come to the border. how the weather really does look autumnal across a good part of europe now we've got bands of cloud and rain streaming in from the west still a big mass of storms thunderstorms just banging away across central parts of the med for the adriatic into the balkans and just sliding up into that western side of russia still some pretty heavy downpours to come here then as we go on through the next couple of days ahead of that still warm and dry will see temps in book arrested twenty nine thirty five in anchoress and very warm sunshine here either
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side of that will twenty i saw some betrayed not further north. quite a wind blowing across london and paris had around seventeen or eighteen degrees over the next couple days perhaps a touch warmer for paris on wednesday but you can see the bands of cloud and right never really too far away from that northwestern corner through the british isles and into france germany and the low countries further south it looks fine and dry once again ankara thirty two celsius and thirty two will be the top temperature for a good pass of greece as well all the parts of africa financial are more hot sunshine the. temperatures here but around thirty eight thirty nine degrees over the next couple of days not quite as warm as that's across the northwest but warm enough for a bat with a high of twenty eight. russian filmmaker andrew travels across his homeland to discover what life is like under
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putin the russian economy is in question tank unstable oil prices a fluctuation kurds half of the country struggles to make ends meet in soviet times . everything we don't want to think what will happen when the bank takes and we are . in search of putin's russia at this time. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera villagers say security forces have set fire to more homes and me and my eyes right kind state as the un human rights chief
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accuses the government of ethnic cleansing the un security council is preparing to vote on a new sanctions against north korea but the u.s. had to water down an earlier draft resolution to guarantee russia and china as a support and cuba says at least ten people have been killed by hurricane after it battered the country over the weekend is now in the u.s. state of georgia and is weakened to a tropical storm. the u.k. government says it's confident a major piece of bricks that legislation will pass in parliament on monday m.p.'s are due to vote on the e.u. withdrawal bill which would convert european union rules into u.k. laws breaks it minister david davis says the bill is essential to ensure an orderly exit from the e.u. but the opposition has criticized the bill as a power grab by the executive well for more on this lawrence lee joins us live now from westminster so this obviously proving quite controversial is the government
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going to survive this vote. yes i think it is. explain why in a second the but there's a curious contradiction barbara the hearts of all this which is that essentially those in favor of brecht's it say it's very important to make the u.k. more democratic so give parliament solvency are not subject to european union law and so in doing that they want to transfer lots of e.u. law into u.k. law instead but they're accused of a caucus ie because ministers say they want the power to be able to do that without asking parliament permission and so they're then accused by opponents of undermining democracy in the interests of getting what they describe as a more democratic future and so it's a bit complicated but it's very important because people who are worried about this say even if the current government has the u.k.'s best interests at heart what happens if someone becomes prime minister in future who is for example really really right wing might want to take the u.k.
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down some awful path and has executive power to change laws without asking parliament and so consequently inside parliament you've got a majority of m.p.'s more or less who are going to support the government because many labor m.p.'s in the opposition say they'll back it as well or abstain but many on both sides are saying they want to know further down the line what the government's going to do to ensure that when laws are actually drafted parliament gets a say as well and not just ministers so they want this to be just a procedural thing rather than the end of the road in the end it just shows you how enormously complicated and messy the whole sort of birth of an independent u.k. free from the european union is proving to be just of the moment absolutely and says exactly what's going to what i was going to pick up on even something that should be sort of obvious what an easy thing to do is actually very controversial and all the while of course the clock is ticking because that what's what eighteen months or so before one way or another the u.k. should exit the e.u. so what's going to happen after this vote to make sure that you know when we get to
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that eighteen month deadline the u.k. is ready. just loads more procedure to go through all of these things if it's a great and i have to go to various committees which in that given more scrutiny all these different conversations still going on between the u.k. and the european union on how much money might the u.k. give the e.u. in compensation for leaving what happens to e.u. citizens living here and u.k. citizens living living in abroad and immigration levels in this country is the u.k. in the customs union all these things are. subject to enormous arguments which have been promised will happen and no doubt will but haven't happened yet and are all going to have to happen in the very short short future but we haven't got from anybody in there is what is the u.k. going to look like up to twenty nineteen what's the big picture to the citizens of the u.k. what kind of picture can they paint as to what is going to look like and the thing is they can't really answer those questions until they've gone through all this
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stuff in the meantime and clearly the clock is ticking and as you say time is very short. with the latest from westminster lawrence thank you. more than a million people have taken to the streets across catalonia to celebrate its national day and it comes less than a month before the regional government is you to hold a referendum on independence from spain which the central government says is illegal let alone his national day commemorates the fall of barcelona in the spanish war of succession in seven hundred forty anniversaries often used by activists to voice their demands for an independent state. mexico has withdrawn its offer to send aid to hurricane victims in the u.s. state of texas because its emergency services are too busy dealing with the aftermath of its own earthquake mexico's government had offered to send food beds generators and doctors to houston to help deal with the aftermath of hurricane harvey but then an eight point one magnitude earthquake struck off its southern
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coast late last week killing at least ninety six people at least two and a half million people have now been left in need of aid while heavy rains have severely stretched emergency services somalia's army says at least ten of its soldiers have been killed by the armed group al-shabaab in a gunfight on the border with kenya the early morning attack in the town of balad our war started with a suicide car bombing the army says its forces briefly retreated across the border to kenya before returning to retake the town syria's army has sent massive reinforcements to territory it controls in there as or ahead of a final push for the i saw held the eastern half of the city syrian forces have scored major advances in recent days breaking the ice or siege on their resort and capturing territory around it but i so still holds much of their as or province and half of the city itself as well as a pocket of territory near homs and hama further to the west. qatar's foreign
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minister has told the u.n. human rights council the three month blockade on his country is violating civil social and economic rights mohamed been around then sunny says the diplomatic and trade sanctions imposed by four arab states are hurting individual qatari he says though has filed a twenty six thousand cases of violations with the u.n. human rights council there are certain violations for the international declaration for the human rights without its about. the families of the unions or education freedom of education freedom of transportation and freedom of ownership and freedom of expression and freedom of speech so all the. rights i think that the best for our forests is human rights council so. our role today is to engage with with the community here and to engage with with the presidency of the human
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rights council in order to encourage them to stand up to their responsibilities and . rich countries that look at the countries to the three from the actions they have taken against them. or meanwhile cat has in me or has visited the elevated air base the largest u.s. space in the middle east the combined the air operations a center for the u.s. central command coordinates military strikes against i saw in both iraq and syria emir shaikh i mean been tiny discussed us scattered the fence cooperation and efforts to combat terrorism. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has arrived in argentina for the first leg of an historic visit he is the first serving israeli leader to visit south america the trip comes as both netanyahu and his wife sara face an investigation for alleged corruption back home he's going on to colombia
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and mexico before heading to new york to address the u.n. general assembly and speak to them and. memorial services have been held in the u.s. to mark the sixteenth anniversary of the september eleventh attacks. thousands of people gathered at the site of what was the world trade center in new york including victims' relatives survivors and rescuers almost three thousand people were killed in the worst ever attack on u.s. soil president donald trump paid tribute at the pentagon one of the sites attack here on the west side of the pentagon terrorists tried to break our resolve it's not going to happen but where they left their mark with fire and rubble americans defiantly raise the stars and stripes our beautiful flag despite the crisis on the korean peninsula and the threat of more sanctions affecting trade
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many chinese tourists can't see what all the fuss is about they're still flocking to the border city of dandong to peek at their neighbors and buy cheap cigarettes are china correspondent adrian brown went there for a day trip. it is an unlikely but increasingly popular destination for chinese tourists posing in traditional korean costumes is part of the experience. most visitors come to dandong because they're curious about their neighbor while others appear unaware about the north's latest test was real one to come to the border to take a look i've never heard of any news on missile launches or nuclear tests those who are better informed know are losing patience yet somewhere someone like china is angry at north korea it's like a crying baby but you can't throw away this baby even though it keeps growing sanctions of calls the volume of chinese trade with north korea to fall but tourism
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officials say it's growing now accounting for around half of down dongs g.d.p. so i had a nice watch so it's on it's hard to say if north korea's behavior is stimulating tourism or the opposite but we are expecting a increasing demands during the golden week holiday in early october. less than ten percent of chinese people have a passport boat tours along the yellow river that separates the two neighbors mean those without one can feel they're abroad without actually leaving home. it offers a chance to indulge in some illicit trade such as buying judy free north korean cigarettes. the border between china and north korea stretches for more than fourteen hundred kilometers but here the north is literally just a jump away unlike the demilitarized zone that separates north and south korea the
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atmosphere here is very relaxed. so relaxing in fact that some chinese swimmers seem unfazed about getting so close to north korea. and this newly wed north korean couple were inhibited even a few times a year north korea interest come this close to china's border mostly on public holidays and they make the most of it adrian brown al jazeera in downtown more on that and all our other stories on our website al-jazeera. now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the un human rights chief says violence faced by myanmar's minority is a textbook example of ethnic cleansing on monday alone a witness for imported seeing hundreds of ranger running from the village after
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security forces fired guns and set fire to homes more than three hundred thirteen thousand have now fled the military crackdown in northern rakhine state to seek safety in bangladesh the situation remains or seamless a textbook textbook example of ethnic cleansing. the myanmar government should stop pretending that setting fire to their own homes and laying waste to their own villages this complete non of reality is doing great damage to the international standing of a government which until recently benefited from immense goodwill i call on the government to end its current crew a military operation with accountability for all violations that have occurred and to reverse the pattern of severe and widespread discrimination against the range of population the un security council is preparing to vote on new sanctions against
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north korea the us has had to water down its draft resolution on the measures to get support from russia and china the sanctions are in response to last week's nuclear test the sixth and the largest carried out by north korea john young has warned it's ready to respond with measures of its own cuba says at least ten people have been killed by hurrican or after a battered the country over the weekend at least thirty eight people are now known to have died across the caribbean erma is now crossing into the u.s. state of georgia from florida and has been downgraded to a tropical storm the u.k. government says it's confident that a major piece of brakes at least legislation will pass in parliament on monday it was a parliament are due to vote on the e.u. withdrawal bill which would convert european union laws into u.k. law breaks it minister david davis says the bill is essential to ensure an orderly exit from the.


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