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tv   Arising From The Rouble  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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can we do this is too hard let's go find a unicorn equal rights before the law regardless of one's religion should never be presented as a unicorn from. iran you very cleverly deflect river. at this time. do you see the double standard. hello there barbara starr in london are these at the top stories on al-jazeera the united nations is describing the treatment of the range of minority myanmar as nothing short of ethnic cleansing bangladesh's government says three thousand have been killed in recent weeks prompting an exodus of refugees across the border
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meanwhile their villages are either burned to the ground or are still in flames if you go palin reports sorry we seem to have an issue with that report we'll try and bring it to you now apologies let me just bring you some of the day's other news cuba says at least ten people have been killed by hurrican after it battered the country over the weekend at least thirty eight people are now know that have died across the caribbean cuban authorities say that some were killed after ignoring evacuation orders in several provinces erm eyes now crossing into the u.s. state of georgia from florida and has been downgraded to a tropical storm. the u.n. security council is preparing to vote on new sanctions against north korea the u.s.
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had to water down its draft resolution with measures to try to win support from russia and china the sanctions are in response to last week's nuclear test the sixth and largest carried out by north korea jong un has warned that it is quote ready and willing to respond with measures of its own james bays has more now on the draft resolution from the u.n. headquarters in new york it's not the same as was that in the version that they were circulating last week which was clearly a much tougher resolution which has been watered down in order to try and get support from the chinese and the russians the regime has shown in the past that it is prepared to ignore sanctions we used to have a pattern in the security council go about a couple of years where the security council take action it would pass new sanctions and north korea would go pretty quiet for a few months that's not how it's played out since president trump took office every
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time the security council the u.s. do something then the north koreans don't fire the reply very quickly so i don't think this is necessarily going to stop the north koreans and they're only going missile tests and nuclear tests i think the u.s. had to think very carefully here yes they did much preferred a tougher resolution but if they push that through they may well have got a veto from the russians and the chinese and one of the things they do have going for them at this stage is the unity of security of the security council if they're going to veto they have lost that and it would look like the international community was no longer united on this issue. kum body is leader is threatening to dissolve the main opposition party if it continues to support its leader who is under arrest cam saka faces treason charges over an alleged plot to take over power with american help he's the only serious election rival to prime minister who insane somalia's army says at least ten of its soldiers have been killed by the
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armed group al-shabaab in a gunfight on the border with kenya the early morning attack in the town of balad how it started with a suicide car bombing the army says its forces briefly retreated across the border to kenya before returning to retake the town emergency services in mexico are struggling to deal with the aftermath of last week's earthquake which killed at least ninety six people two and a half million people are in need of humanitarian supplies and heavy rain is hampering aid efforts it's forced mexico to withdraw its aid offer to hurricane victims in the u.s. state of texas. u.k. government says it's confident a major piece of brakes a legislation will pass in parliament on monday and pieces usually vote on the e.u. withdrawal bill which would convert european union laws into u.k. law breaks it minister david davis says the bill is essential to ensure an orderly exit from the e.u. opposition those criticized the bill as
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a power grab by the executive those are the headlines coming up next it's in search of putin's russia i'll have more news at half an hour thanks thanks. thanks .
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i'm on training cross a russian filmmaker and journalist for the past year i've been traveling my country trying to understand. once more the russian economy is in crisis sanctions unstable oil prices a fluctuating currency half of the country struggles to make ends meet. capitalism especially at the time of high oil prices did make many russians wealthy and it did modernize part of the country. but a lot of capital and it up abroad. where it's of no use to the majority. who is to blame is it put in imperial ambitions the crimea the eastern ukraine and now syria is at the kremlin's economic policies the infamous corruption the soviet
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past. about war i want to hear from ordinary russians how this crisis affects the way they live and work. walking the streets of russia's major cities on a sunny day you might ask yourself what crisis. russians do talk a lot about sanctions the punishment for their countries intervention in the ukraine but how does sanctions really affect ordinary people. what they notice ironically are the. come to sanction putin's ban on foreign food in the television to the west a ban on sales of technology to russia. yet as far as i can see the food
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import ban has not affected the quantity or quality of food at least as far as the tastes of the majority are concerned. while shopping in st petersburg i look at the range of available products and take stock of shoppers mood. she says he defaults a biggie come on bag and sting. they're not supposed to be here under these sanctions. still there so your post on the sort of jewels to loan us is to know all those. iraqis is going to stop also the movie but this book will pull. a traditional russian drink cross. but it's not our call. as this is something very russian pickle carrots well actually it's korean but for some reason russians love
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it. or you know who part of the bargain hunters name part of cheerful look i love i'm not used to show some of them will not bore you further into already than usual but you were able to get in your jeep to get my hair which it does i put down my arms it was uplifted and yeah you know i want to fit the mold you don't need to do it's good when you have what you want to put out of the door when you want to. do as you did there or they draw more than your article. by say about. fifty seven rubles which is on the one us dollar. came up to both books a different kind of book. i'm betting. fifty eight who will sixty nine of those one u.s. dollar and then. of course western sanctions are
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not supposed to target teachers but the companies and individuals implicated in infringing ukrainian sovereignty. in addition to military related to knowledge of the european union has predicted exports of equipment that is used in the exploration of natural resources for example in the arctic. this gives the west a serious economic advantage in the competition with russia i wonder what punishing russia for its actions in the ukraine has to do with the scramble for arctic oil. as for the immediate future the sanctions may even be beneficial to some russian industrial companies. i found one in the ural region bordering on siberian.
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paranoia to mushroom on produces machinery for sophisticated modern drilling methods suited to difficult russian conditions are hard to access oil fields. what sergei sylvana the company's boss told me was a mix of a success story and a tale of struggle which seems typical of doing business here. for the for the large or would you shouldn't but. still be programmable just when your body is a vision but the most fearful of wisdom a good teacher through the thought of only to this is jim with us from the google and i visit him a bit but i should. go for food because i was on the budget pressures at the choosing privileges putting up with little problem i muttered which is crucial i'm almost done with you and then you get the good news then you could gather will decrease here loosely on this because people. are going to add to that your
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son story said the bottom of the walk and you should know that your sunset or she is going to show up at the most traditional bhushan lookup of yours just going to be problems that doesn't make a good idea what your show bores you it does programme the bitchiness way to take him some of the stringy initially bush reported but emotion or mood you and nifty new three which is the cleanest the prettiest you could use bush probably is that he appeared to get the usual it wish you didn't cookie because to banter doesn't belong says really why do you my answer is yes when fisher me a little bit of the do it up a business you have to get a bit come to me out of the. least bit of barnacle he took off to come in the room and sure you thought it was new computer which not a problem would be for you if you showed them the bush who put the wishful in those recently particularly what they are doing for the truth you must get what you are the issue of a global issue most of history just for the problem of the ocean. is
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pretty good especially this quarter. the new group bush may hold you with the force in the back. who. last ten years not. he's not also just lost. by waltham is not going to get a minute just the. minute the story will go with the must know the it's. not coached what was going on but i did see it the some of us when you would hear. of movies think you can you choose you should the most likely boom is that i simply wish to stay home you should give it the means to grace the b.g. unusual pollution is the beauty mutual aloof source of national news and the question. would be what couple of years of this tour would the current notable devices we're about to see are some of the comes from comedies you're going to
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start every border cutting the pylea on you much you were going to destroy the movement across the board no way. because it was a lesson that the v.c. in the school. community full of kind of over the system this is the. music companies maybe no it's the former not minding your business is your. i that's. just an alarm on this situation. this company has no end of order it's a perfect example of a company that conforms to the government's vision of ridding russia of its dependence of imports yet the firm struggles without bank loans or the help that the state has pledged for made in russia businesses. for better or worse many
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companies are now being forced to end their dependence on imports. in kaliningrad a slice of russian territory situated outside the main russian federation borders surrounded by poland and lithuania a food company is cutting off its trade with europe. productive be tiny and makes various products chicken nuggets for example out of poultry meat it used to import from europe. the import of real meat has been bad. a friend of mine such a guy is a manager at this company in charge of development. his building in new integrated poultry farm that will provide the food processing factory with raw materials most of. what we're. looking. for. is for food if you build up the. governor. of iowa you. just.
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i have. sasha and his wife nellie invited me to their home where they painted a revealing and witty picture of how russian business functions. you see the reasons you are going to work you know what i see you see that you do business militant and i was into politics and sneering at you. does this mean the. whole world does this mean this lonely. what does mean you're after if europe and the you go together to this is all the cattle in your country in the state. you could have to begin with that you don't have much of that i would read them to a subsidy most of the morning and they get home. threatening that's what. this might help some of us here because suppose would form in the bodies mind there
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would shoot at the need here but in the body that make gears and some measure of man's question and there are a lot done by suicides in buttress won t. an attitude to go into the. war on stone i would probably agree and attitude toward it so bush and bush that he supports have a couple of business rescue mission landscapes on the system in a ship. on the east they used to board that has got water it was more senses that i would prefer to be with given what we got today you know i gesture that krypton is here your thought isn't a level it isn't i love isn't north dakota what america does and your stomach at the very insane he figures are corny but you have it what i think he can buy new crackdown probably be ten years but he's preaching thank you the thought was. i do not want what is coming to these times parents international used to have no more adult system listens in the months the. ship the crew are going to bus us cops
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that the kids tommy probably plans to merge when i've no cops on europe morrow is this is just an eager book you write you can sign your design to the atmosphere to local time you repeatedly will buy only because i think i suppose that i but i thought i was conservationist missing leash. is just in the mobile phone the way it starts could. he's just in the bottom and you want. that look that's just a good thing to hear that you. don't look. for that post it's not a post or a prop a multi-party system may be beneficial for russia as such a says but even before it's in place business that corruption leads to inefficiency . and the little just in the way i was. leaving your guests the bill is a pick up tory you. still struggle with those top of his meals there's no such city
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was there but he's eighty there's a musician you will. be there. was a neighbor back so before and usually knew of the beer if you really had well maybe the mirrors to get out so well that he studied you know there's no place that he said he was mr wood says jim there's millions i think shippey with his stories for showing literacy the first choice for the. substance of the business at the. years here for the better. even if business has adapted to the system that certainly can the set of all citizens. tens of thousands of middle class fully employed people have found themselves in total financial ruin because of the kind of mortgages they've taken out. they say they were fooled by the banks poorly
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regulated by the government. the trick was that mortgages were denominated in foreign currency. when the russian ruble which had been stable for many years of pushing through fell sharply people who earned rubles ended up owing fortunes to the banks with that with him. for coming in. just insist that this is one of who we are but i would love enormous resources these are yeah but there was some of that was a real they were put in the bush group everyone. simply doing it. not because i was the book sam i said i'm going to vote. for a group of borrowers have gathered in front of the president's office to seek protection against their banks. and you don't just meet someone. you thought you.
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would know. larisa a construction engineer is delivering a letter to putin asking for help in dealing with what she sees as how banks financial scams. were superseded will be ok. but you. don't need to hold a. national bank of the king it. is the good news at the end of the world but the most of. them with. you give me a clue you don't know what. love is it has come says look i'm going to when i'm giving i'm going to getting off of your piece and i don't have the disk and you'll
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end up like he was to give it up that's so much a book. of the good of the whole thing is not. supposed to demean you the hazards of the cost was not the more it. is not a new thing it's not watching but you're going to build. a new thank you because it gives get this one. here you know. because it. was. so like dance. well you get them to come in. if it's on the course and asked on their window to publishing you know not students that does come will cost it's a good to get it's wasn't that big you know. even though it's a bit you need behaved around you when you are seven if they want to be sitting down. on the beach and.
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we can do much about this a. little bit but you. failed mortgages they're not a uniquely russian problem of course are a widespread calamity in this country. i've heard of a family friend ending in a situation similar to that of larissa's. i visited tinier and her temporary residence in the country where she moved with her daughter from the mortgage free to flash she committed longer for. the rest of the work that's not my fault. i don't. have.
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more. than one yes. and i was. but you know. with. the get on the system there isn't as mitchell said as what. the general was even doing here this is just. some of the moment it's a cultural production a book. that says above come. by the minute video with the. notion that. you don't know what's going to get us that the moment has more than a good. deal. to do with thank you and this. is now my turn a blind you know. mr b. team and does business from me i will look at you know what i. understood you
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think you don't want to school. when you question you how should perspective or any statements to be taken seriously and see what you look you can use nice when you're supposed to do the first. do is just too much to believe. that bill is. that serious that bought the impression. that the plea deal. then there was a national force where you could get them i give me for you in with the final question the way one must believe life. is these if you're a man. with our son and father in this nation must if. not to speak to or keep this rebel to persuade. that's the reason that.
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people. who use this method if they just go. through their plot the book you know screw this. i mean you know my. god when you're just. sitting there oh that's big that's it you're the most advanced i'm getting of that not just those that get in the big knots in the box it's goes without a doubt that. your thoughts that go with your was just crashed on your back you could not resist the downwash because i'm used to but it told you to really think about it nor. try to just go study to show you. well they should just for. the roots of which you know. the law. you know. when you. get in that. up to thank.
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you. thank.
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you our. thanks. a clan the style and world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to auction houses and private collectors dying for selling an artifact is worth finances to be
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headaches and must use in the middle east don't sell don't buy the next one quick solution. trafficking at this time on al-jazeera. a victim. being his pasta as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for ron says reveals there are often two sides to even the dacosta stories witness the color of the chameleon at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you are. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them to end their
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suffering but i didn't have the heart to do who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. you know in the here is the door. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because you need to if i could just find a finger i could bury him bone hunta at this time on al-jazeera. hello there i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the u.n. human rights chief says violence faced by me and mars are a hinge of minority is a textbook example of ethnic cleansing on monday alone a witness reported seeing hundreds of ranger running from village after security forces fired guns and set fire to homes more than three hundred thirteen thousand
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have now fled the military crackdown in northern rakhine state to seek safety in bangladesh situation remains or seems a textbook textbook example of ethnic cleansing. the myanmar government should stop pretending that a certain fire to their own homes and laying waste to their own villages this completely non of reality is doing great damage to the international standing of a government which until recently benefited from immense good room i call on the government to end its current crew a military operation with accountability for all violations that have occurred and to reverse the pattern of severe and widespread discrimination against the range of population cuba says at least ten people have been killed by hurrican after a battered the country over the weekend at least thirty eight people are now known
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to have died across the caribbean cuban authorities say that some were killed after ignoring evacuation orders and several provinces erma is now crossing into the u.s. state of georgia from florida and has been downgraded to a tropical storm the u.n. security council is preparing to vote on a new sanctions against north korea the u.s. has had to water down its draft resolution on the measures to win support from russia and china the sanctions are in response to last week's nuclear test the sixth and largest carried out by north korea young young has warned that it is quote ready and willing to respond with measures of its own. cambodia's leader is threatening to dissolve the main opposition party if it continues to support its leader who is under arrest himself to face as treason charges over an alleged plot to take over power with american help he is the only serious election rival the prime minister said well those were the headlines i'm going to have the al-jazeera
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news hour for you in less than half an hour but coming up before that it's in search of putin's russia i. understand contradictions in the russian economy and finances and i see card victor get out and got. he was once a member of the communist elite and head of the soviet central bank then in one thousand nine thousand president yeltsin resurrected him and the same role after capitalist reforms ended in a financial crash. moves that i'm as good as my new people in the media source and was number one that no one asked. me who had old computer room really young you probably mean you know when you stuff them one can be disturbed in a computer has to be and therefore be amelia but i was wrong and i is pretty really
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going is absolutely adorable israeli would be a certain. sport of evolution in each other but a doctor or a dog that he has a bone disturbed included the resort would only get on a really good amount of the germany of that style but a brilliant doohickey you juiced usually loosely that flows through to resupply georgian bones presumably the red go boom for you would issue a bargain. i call it you did it. i called it a real life and to realize he is up to no every now and i doubt any are now i mr not a gamble as bill and c o n e well now if you would call was there as you are doing now which are awards of the company montney deal it's gotten on the show accumulation the collaboration eighty city it's certainly booming he says sure but
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bill died of a bad temper you know and she had to do field city for the jewels in the balance and he builds it in him sound financiers where unitless would. be a pretty stony wish love that is a good deal and we love him at the store but i only know about it indeed yankee is in out of the village sure you don't teach i'm going to go because it is a team is great grand central where you wouldn't know where to teach but you're almost over leg where you lead you expect your a story here is great bread gentle word now you're not a long all day when misty for your banking ill after a moment legion so to remission it's come out of the boys who adores lorna where. no no no not the one you dug me neil and bring me nearly our days. go whistle to lose each beads of good because we're stored in war with new fuel there bro in
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the talk of these boys would surely be skated could be telling us what quite old to add to the equivalent. so as a result of massive corruption and poor investment of public funds but also low oil prices and western sanctions banks don't have enough money to lend to productive businesses and when credit is available it's too expensive. an extraordinary court case has caught my attention the russian central bank has charged a farmer with the illegal introduction of a substitute cards. named after his village apparently it's a threat to the russian ruble. everything the guy starts or was doing was wrong or when there are going to. get in the way protesters so one misses the venue
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because the first is the birth of so broke or was the only one i've been there so i've got that. you know about a villainous fellows like one somewhere in this world that going to go for gold or news where most of them in the guise of work over was will it come or make a new cd in your lives so you're good with us is good for. the both of us loads the other day and i don't know i want space when you think you're over no matter how difficult or even geimer that might seem and not could we have found the way. to get the best pitching your heart cannot salerno the only one need not such bitching on methods bitching about the door we should move her out in cahoots they're clear when i miss it would just be good to do one of the look i'm going to find out by the summer is that because i must have been a relative much. you
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know a little while you know addition. the cult hearing is inconclusive the case is adjourned. we'll go on fighting for the right to use his currency. we've taken the local minivan shuttle to his village. some hundred miles east of moscow. where you know it was a job where you have five years of liberal gore aboard a blue or even a monument but you're not old legend i was serious but you're more who was black at the middle of the bridge when i'm there with the double border but you wouldn't be able to look within your book to know when your use of it all is there you could
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have. what you thought you mean yeah what do you have fulfilled my book. george the previous life as you know that you died or will. go to the. movies will get the good old us what the hell little blood was up of overdo it. not a good look at is the word yes or the vehicle if you have a look for a book who would yell at you and you wish the guy would you knew is that. you don't like them. because as. i said seeing. the. cartoon in eugene oregon for the girls are just a different story and what is with. them come march. wow. for the fun.
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at the blueshirts a. level to overthrow human. nobody does give me the who put together money to give her the questionable taste of gus obviously not a robot so the article was not that it was. by the government just what the. bottom of the don't want to call for more. mia. as i said your resume. yeah you should play as it really is ability to drift that'll be what you do this because of the young adult who was preschool by midday groups can find you. as i look you are reading your duty a little bit so you can really get a gentle breeze was appropriate idea yes a person just bits of the could. have come to of course. look at it one of the more it must seem like
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a good dog would go. yeah it's similar to that would you want to look when he was a young couple who do want to. just get a gun but just get bank of. the day you do a budget. to do per cent of. people just don't commute but you have to do. you just need to deal with the need to get your dozen i didn't but since you don't i will do what you tell. us and you've got to deal. with it but. because you're. here.
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to view monium. you can i mean. more than just other compensable or. is that more story or what do you mean. combust i don't know what the. he'll is he will. be. more. i want. three misoprostol. would. have his with me sort of a little we should give you. some . the book that i've ever played you'll do so. again you.
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thought for glue on. your preview with. i would not say that in a moment. with love to the make you move but it could mean that i'm through with him out there well you know your boys feel. if you're in with. them. for the rest of those and you just don't feel you have thirty three history. this is a beautiful vehicle they're beautiful give. what did you show them your stores and just call. most ordinary feeling with the emotional sort of instance it was from trees you thought of the vocal you. really biggest killer you're using because you give it your cool but. the symbols tools the
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superstore and the. congress are serious because you told us earlier. filmmakers you know. you know it would be the. most of the. twenty thirty years of me with a given use of. the unassuming beauty of the central russian plane fills me with taking no income. there are fewer and fewer people here. and those who are still around feel completely abandoned by their state. their creative attempts to tackle russia's economic problems get no support and even meet resistance.
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to healthy economy protect those who contributed to it in the past but can't work anymore the problem is especially acute in a country where people work for token pay under communism and therefore have no savings. dr vishnu called from their wrath region and sent to russia is struggling to balance the books in a hospital where there are not enough beds for former workers of collective farms. in the. city.
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to take here to stay on here before you think a war started here are the false wars world tour it's a sort of the longer i want more of going in the world will go i won't go i fall down if you don't have on the. floor. well i think more will be more. visible versus the sun not the spheres for just a couple studies instead of course. so you screwed it up we did a new do believe it she. caught it is part or is as though it's just punishment there are crime in the washington instance and usually you cannot mr cattanach answer should turn national should to escort exploited to berlusconi story but he already shuts quick story. it's just that someone who is quite good school smart did not get this just notice the best and i'm sure that's going to continue those who did not rise to shoot him want you to see it is different but i should not a mutant conditioning at a time that i believe in the long in the idea. is must make your mother i don't
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there's a good many doing it by mark let me go on the bus a little bit i says if the money can burn your great it over to put it but i'll start your t.v. discussion. which is yet another number back of the pencil going to continue to do it with just. this one dealing of course but in the next and so for all the rest but it's that simple chance that there's a i don't buy into that but i think that seemed to. be tricky to get because frankly i was relieved when you are. here to come and we'll give you a free and just put it would sure. to put forward the good point of discussion it's a good. question anyone a good serious community is going to get the tough work to keep going through the times of kilometers or think about me at the time is critical to pay for the.
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first. couple of what i thought was a pretty good deal it still i was calling my share. of. the year some i got a culture because of that i wanted to do it i decided sports editor afterwards is here look at me when you get use for me shipboard to put in my it's go other just to get my it's some. some other words if i did that it was. pushing more doorstep if. i'd like to just. put a notice to work that's true for some. football. close engine is just the start up was really that it was from below the. bradleys it was a poor buggers are with the line you put a weapon in it's just a mess of words i think and i think you know i think. there's been
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a little you know people to speak or a kid. i just did a google search see of what you did equal zero was a good. many bombers think if you want that lump in your look up yes is that so not a second thought dork sure you can you post on your spam or. there's a little chilly look on your mobile first incident just because it sort of susie's to reduce his usage of course cause a well you did it it's really physically difficult so you give it even i knew my going to produce reds when i should burn its. busy. and you. just. knew you presumably did so just to serve. us you were storyboard you're doing with the operation which will make you most disgusted usually got his. start the dog on the woman's story.
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is going to be the death of realization here are the statues three of. these are wanted show your. doctor vishnu coffs beat is equal in size to the touch of luxemburg and he is alive . i can only call his word he read but in that is not alone in russian. rescue from. russia somewhere what he did you keep the ship question from. the book. history grandson of a famous writer and himself a successful photographer. has chosen to try and tackle some of russia's problems through philanthropy. is the web site but just what skills do other didn't sit on
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them but doesn't want to but most of them. were still so i didn't. you know as they should was this the by this is the full of it's going to be the work of the most of the. media doesn't like his organization to be called a charity it raises funds but it also invest he says information and human resources. didn't. exhibit. pollution you don't. break it. presumably the stations me producing the station mediaplex missile cut off which to me need don't put my game you don't see what i'm doing in the platform that issue problem doesn't or licinius his temper my security must do those
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digital put something. before the market can clear them all at number two local so reading in the issue of. the mainstream missteps that me bro missed those two sort of the new knowledge in you but no it don't come spending in place the but it's your not lot of ranchi for the bit of a change the mob which in your fantasy wished me to post most of the stars comes from the book of the sort of thing initially i don't want much about as they would so it is this much questioning as it got me tell me what the doctor would do it is pretty crazy this is me shed nuclear from cigs that's not because in fact ver sternness rise with a system that well for a dozen resi move up sheen is there was a possible starts to push monetary deal with the by me to become way. though it's a process of my heart much less doesn't but that's what not to move near my
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political my gramps is the same i supposedly did mr adams i should be proud of but it was not the bootylicious before my eyes that is new myself but in unity it was the thought of me as they were close to a motor motor doesn't damage meter we heard a shot is nice to run is not me. could you nine o'clock as each ear still has a job so it would look with pleasure to hold it would hold the whole with a cheater who are here if he needs to know what list of them they were meant not just that i mean this literally it. can we formed a movie cook. book twenty first he. care because it's. more sixteen year. old. was the little thing that you might.
11:54 pm
be able to tell me i don't think for a minute little bit of interaction the best any second they had shows to understand still if i have to hit that i'm going to get some. of the most from gives one i didn't know then the following summer mining to tell you so did the. symbol of. you know if you were that it was a job that is not. going to prison but it's a process a minute and you have mislaid you see the list of the number of people going to want you to come and do something so you know the. cheers story of which some of the stuff to be at the store. with the beach where you should get a peek with dinner. or more of the will have been brought something seemed.
11:55 pm
to bring you. void just you don't want us to want to see you what you post about a mostly useless deal of course because it's something you stink. do not going to who. is not the most or not to be. if there isn't too much at the. most. people there's the plus to look like the. millionaire. then beat. them. up just a bit of a pit mix of course most of the new stuff does it up if you were. going to put them in but if you lose your shirt on down here in here would throw.
11:56 pm
down all of the modern. cars because was used up in a muse moment as some has and there's a misunderstanding now did you hear all the words rush flop hard you. got to be shouting got to shout about it to that. i see about.
11:57 pm
it was good leadership was the place to come of the day he took the teacher didn't think is the best so one just a group of was do you get the stick with this do it to the easy. to get would be the way to the best use of this or your joy your first. home. watch dog. fish seems to be a lot of goodwill and some money around. but is this the best way to pay for a hospital building wealth that projects and even doctors salary lawyers to use. john. good to makes me wonder whether russia's quest for influence outside the borders is the right focus for our end choose when to so much to do at home.
11:58 pm
hello i think we're going to see some rather unsettled weather making its way back across southern parts of australia bands of cloud and right now in the process of piling through the far south of the country just through the bite adelaide you know
11:59 pm
the gray side we've seen temperatures here getting up to around one thousand soldiers on tuesday make the most of that melbourne getting up to around fifteen degrees but you can see that cloud and at times of rain making its way across the far south of the i region then support various things and wet weather that well by the state to run through want to go all the way to melbourne tasmania still seeing some rather lively outbreaks of rain here as well further west it does look generally dry it will brighten up a little area of high pressure coming into per cent pleasant as we go into the middle part of the week twenty degrees celsius here but there is that cold air waves coming in from the southwest so it's thirteen degrees there for adelaide and also for melbourne on the down side to across new zealand over the next few days more blustery streaming in we'll see temperatures struggling to get around twelve celsius in christchurch maybe a forty maybe a fifteen or sixteen there for all to the i think north island will see the best of any sunshine places say the sunshine will return to the korean peninsula as we go through the next couple days particularly into south korea but turning very wet
12:00 am
with the risk of flooding for japan. the philippines is asia's largest catholic nation priests are treated like gods but the church has a dark secret when used investigate sexual misconduct inside the most powerful institution in the philippines at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello there i'm barbara sarah this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes north korea threatens we cally ation as the security counts
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