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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2017 1:00am-1:33am AST

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with its economy stagnant mexico's president implemented drastic and controversial energy reforms mexico's oil opened by the mexican people for seventy five years is being sold to private international companies. and as with the country's agricultural sector it's exposed to exploitation by profit driven multinational corporations crude harvest at this time on al-jazeera. north korea threatens retaliation as the u.n. prepares to vote on new sanctions which have already been watered down. below there and arbus are you watching out for a live from london also coming up on the program the u.n.
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human rights chief says myanmar's crackdown on the regime just seems like a textbook example of ethnic cleansing the victims of irma cuba says at least ten people were killed as the horrific and tore through the. work with matthew barnes. new york remembers the victims of the nine eleven attacks sixteen years ago. the u.n. security council is about to vote on a new sanctions over north korea's largest ever a nuclear bomb test the u.s. has been forced to water down its original draft resolution to win the support of pyongyang's allies that's russia and crucially china last week's test was the sixth and largest carried out by north korea young is warning that it is ready and
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willing to respond with measures of its own let's go live now to james bases of the u.n. headquarters in new york it is obviously now twenty two g.m.t. james that's roughly when we thought we were going to see a vote what's actually going on. well you are going to see a vote pretty soon but as ever at the u.n. things tend to get delayed a little what had been arranged before this vote was a final briefing of the security council members by closed doors by the architect of this new resolution and that is the u.s. ambassador nikki haley's she'll be going through the text of the resolution line by line trying to make sure that everyone is on board of course this resolution that she's putting to the security council is not as tough as she originally proposed in fact now it is or is obtained the original draft resolution that showed security council members and some key elements of come out of this resolution for example
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a total ban on north korean workers raising money for the north korean regime and also a total ban on oil and petroleum sales to north korea the original version also had the north korean leader designated for an asset freeze and a travel ban those will come out of the new draft the aim is to get the russians and chinese on board so it is a weaker resolution and i put to the british ambassador was arriving to the meeting matthew ryecroft the fact that you've added some new sanction areas here particularly on textiles but north korea hasn't taken any notice of sanctions in the past first of all these are significantly tougher sanctions secondly you're right that's actually take time to have an impact but it's only over the last year also that the security council has been sanctioning sectors of the economy and the textile sector is the final sector of the economy that is not until tonight subject
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to a battle on exports so this is a very significant tightening up still further of the constraints on the north korean regime. the big question is how russia and the chinese are going to vote they clearly didn't like the tougher version of the resolution what are they going to do now i can tell you that the russian ambassador actually sneaked into the security council meeting while the british ambassador who you just heard was speaking one of my colleagues did follow him up the corridor or asking how he was going to vote he wouldn't say anything the colleague asked well is it thumbs up or thumbs down how are you going to vote and the russian ambassador burns is response was i'm not showing you my hands short time later the chinese ambassador came into the meeting i asked him whether he was going to support the resolution and he simply said you will see in the meeting i guess we will indeed there is see if china and russia do for behind the u.s.
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and the other permanent members of the security council but isn't there a risk james that if you watered down the resolution so much you want in on the sanctions so much yes you get a unanimous security council which you need but ultimately you don't get sanctions that do enough to really bite north korea and get it to change its policy. well certainly the u.s. and some of its allies the u.k. and france are saying that's not the case they say that these new sanctions on top of all the other sorry actions in the past are the toughest package of sanctions ever placed on north korea and they will in the end bite but of course there is a problem here north korea has had so many sanctions placed on it in the past and it really has had no effect on the north korean leadership the diplomats now gathering in the security council chamber for this meeting and i think ahead of this meeting the u.s. decided that yes they're going to have to weaken this resolution not have quite as
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tough as they wanted because one of the things they do have almost side is the unity of the international community and just imagine around the horse shoes table of the security council there is the chinese ambassador talking to the u.k. ambassador if china or russia had vetoed this resolution that would have ended the international unity on this issue and that's i think something that the u.s. the trumpet ministration really wanted to avoid james will be checking in with you obviously throughout the next hour as we get developments from the u.n. security council we can see all the ambassadors gathering in the chamber an hour before that let's go to weigh in hey he is in seoul and joins us live now way in south korea obviously not on the security council right now but what do you think that they want to see come out of that resolution of the sanctions. yes well obviously south korea as you say is not a member of the moment of the security council but it will have been heavily
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involved with the united states and its attempts to get these new sanctions through obviously watered down as james bays mentioned but there's no doubt the south koreans will have been involved as will japan which is a member of the united nations security council but we had a very strong statement on monday coming from the south korean foreign minister warning that both korea will will face the price of instability and economic hardship for its continued provocations so therefore he is indicating exactly what the chinese and the russians have beared that if these sanctions get tough on north korea that she is warning that it will ultimately affect the economy of north korea and therefore affect stability within the country and therefore potentially affect the regime in pyongyang itself so it was a direct warning really to kim jong un that if you do not start to come to the table start to tone down the rhetoric and the missile program suspend your nuclear
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program and start to talk again then your very existence is going to be threatened because the economy is going to be strangled to such an extent igs now we of course we wait and see what north korea's response will be if indeed these sanctions put through the security council in the next hour or so yeah it was said or had comments from north korea you know when people started talking about these potential new sanctions saying it's ready and willing with its own response obviously you know that the sort of strong language coming out of north korea continues how are those kinds of words welcomed in south korea what kind of reaction are they taken seriously or is it just what south korea now expects from its northern neighbor. yes you're right we did see another strongly worded statement coming from north korea on monday warning of all sorts of consequences if the united states is successful in pushing these sanctions through the security
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council south koreans are certainly used to hearing that rhetoric there is no change there have become accustomed to it certainly things have been happening with greater frequency particularly over the last couple of months not just in their strong rhetoric coming from pyongyang but also in the actions themselves far more missile tests and of course their strongest or largest nuclear test that they've ever conducted which happened just over a week ago and i think what south koreans are worried about at the moment is not necessarily what the seeing from north korea but just the fact that there could be a miscalculation no one really expects there to be any sort of military action taking place against the regime in pyongyang any time soon but it's the possibility of a miscalculation that could lead to some sort of military confrontation north korea will follow through there is no doubt of its threat to conduct another missile test south korean intelligence has picked up. indications that there is some movement at one of the missile launch sites in fact they thought that they might conduct
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a missile on saturday which was foundation day in north korea that didn't happen so it's clear they will carry on and conduct another missile test as i say that is something south koreans used to as well but given that there is such strong language flowing from the united states and other countries as well the chance of something going wrong with one of those missile tests and perhaps landing in the united states territory or in the territory of one of its allies could result in something that nobody wants to see absolutely wayne hay life for us and so we will of course cross live to you when we get that vote of the u.n. security council for now that's it wayne. and we are joined actually let's take you straight now to the security council and the president of the security council there let's listen to what is being said here. is adopted.
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you know accordance with rule thirty seven of the council's provision of rules of procedure they invite the representative of the republic of korea to participate in this meeting it is so decided. the security council will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda. members of the council have before them document is suresh twenty seventeen salacious seven hundred sixty nine the text of her drafters aleutian submitted by the united states of america the council is ready to proceed to the vote on the draft resolution before it they shall put the draft resolution to the votes now would have those in favor of the drive to the solution contained in document s.
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slash twenty seven thousand slice seven hundred sixty nine please raise their hand . the result of the voting is as follows the draft resolution. received fifteen votes in favor of the draft resolution has been adopted unanimously as a result there's aleutian twenty three seventy five of twenty seventeen. i now give the floor to those members of the council who want to make statement after the vote. i give the floor to the president to do the u.s. . thank you mr president and thank you for calling this meeting and allowing us to
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have this vote. the images from the from space of north east asia at night show brightness and prosperity surrounding a dark lonely space that is north korea those images are a good illustration of where the north korean regime is today it is alone it is dark and it's getting darker north korea's neighbors its trading partners and the entire international community are united against its dangerous and illegal actions today's resolution builds on what were already the deepest cutting sanctions ever leveled against north korea we've been down this road before the security council has expressed its condemnation we've leveled sanctions but today is different we are acting in response to a dangerous new development north korea's september third test of
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a claimed hydrogen bomb today we are saying the world will never accept a nuclear armed north korea and today the security council is saying that if the north korean regime does not halt its nuclear program we will act to stop it ourselves over the years we have learned many things about the north korean regime we have learned that it does not care about being a part of the community of decent law abiding nations it has violated every united nations resolution against it we have learned that the north korean regime doesn't care about its own people it has denied them the most basic necessities to finance its weapons program and we have learned that half measures against the regime have not worked. previous efforts to bring north korea to the negotiating table have failed they have repeatedly walked back every commitment they have made today the
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security council has acted in a different way today we are attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime we are done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing we are now acting to stop it from having the ability to continue doing the wrong thing. we are doing that by hitting north korea's ability to fuel and fund its weapons program oil is the lifeblood of north korea's effort to build and deliver a nuclear weapon today's resolution reduces almost thirty percent of oil provided to north korea by cutting off over fifty five percent of its gas diesel and heavy fuel oil further today's resolution completely bans natural gas and other oil by products that could be used as substitutes for the reduced petroleum this
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will cut deep further a large portion of north korea's revenues come from exports revenues they used to fund their nuclear program last month we passed a resolution banning its coal and iron exports today's resolution bans all text aleck sports that's an almost eight hundred million dollar hit to its revenue when these new stronger sanctions are added to those passed last month over ninety percent of north korea's publicly reported exports are now fully banned moreover this resolution also puts an end to the regime making money from the ninety three thousand north korean citizens it sends overseas to work and heavily taxes. this ban will eventually starve the regime of an additional five hundred million or more and new revenues. beyond the one point three billion in annual revenues we will cut
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from north korea new maritime authorities will help us stop them from obtaining funds by smuggling coal and other prohibited materials around the world by ship furthermore this resolution prohibits all joint ventures with the regime resulting in significantly in a significant amount of lost revenue but more importantly the regime can no longer obtain critically needed foreign investments technology and know how needed for its commercial industries finally this resolution imposes asset freezes on the most central north korean regime entities affecting both the military and the government itself in short these are by far the strongest measures ever imposed on north korea they give us a much better chance to halt the regime's ability to fuel and finance its nuclear and missile programs but we all know these steps only work if all nations implement
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them completely and aggressively today's resolution would not have happened without the strong relationship that has developed between president trump and chinese president xi and we greatly appreciate both teams working with us we have seen additional encouraging signs that other nations in asia have stepped up to the plate the philippines has cut off all trade with pyongyang talland has drastically cut its economic ties with north korea and states much farther away are also doing their part mexico recently declared the north korean ambassador to its country for sona non-grata. along with strictly enforcing sanctions these are important steps toward complete international unity they make clear that all nations can act to deny north korea the funds to build its nuclear arsenal today
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is a solemn day in the united states it is the sixteenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks that killed nearly three thousand innocent people most of them in this very city it hurts as much today as it did sixteen years ago we will never forget the victims of september eleventh and we will never forget the lesson that those who have evil intentions must be confronted that day the united states saw that mass murder can come from a clear blue sky on a beautiful tuesday morning but today the threat to the united states in the world is not coming out of the blue the north korean regime has demonstrated that it will not act on its own to end its nuclear program the civilized world must do what the regime refuses to do we must stop its march toward a nuclear arsenal with the ability to deliver it anywhere in the world we must do
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that by cutting off the fuel and the funding that supports it we don't take pleasure and further strengthening sanctions today we are not looking for a war the north korean regime has not yet passed the point of no return if it agrees to stop its nuclear program it can reclaim its future if it proves it can live in peace the world will live in peace with it on the other hand if north korea continues its dangerous path we will continue with further pressure the choice is theirs thank you. i thank the representative of the related estates for her statement i give the floor to the representative of japan. thank you mr president japan welcomes the unanimous adoption of resolution twenty three seventy five we would like to express our great appreciation to the leadership of the united
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states. which has made it possible for us to adopt this resolution today. we also thank all other members of the council for their support by swiftly adopting resolution twenty three seventy five today after north korea's ballistic missile launch on the twenty ninth of august that flew over japan as well as six nuclear test on third of september the security council sends a clear signal to north korea and the international community as a whole that north korea's continuation of their nuclear and missile development can never be accepted we recently adopted resolution twenty three seventy one unanimously on august fifth in response to the two ballistic missile launches of international intercontinental range in july the resolution was
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intended to be very impactful with the expected effect of reducing the revenue of the north korean regime by ruskin really one billion dollars a year the resolution we just of the op did today will strengthen sanctions against north korea to an unprecedented level further reducing the resources that north korean regime uses to continue its illicit programs. the ban on textile exports from north korea is expected to reduce its revenue by around eight hundred million dollars the resolution also requires countries not to provide work authorizations for north korean workers who have been an important source of revenue for the north korean regime in addition the all supply that flows into north korea is expected to be cut by approximately thirty percent this is intended
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to make great impact on north korea's continuation of its w m d programs today's resolution is an urgent call for the north korean regime to change its behavior the security council will not back off in the face of north korea's persistent provocations which challenge its repeated resolutions. it is the collective will on the international community that we will continue to put maximum pressure against north korea so that it shows seriousness and takes concrete action towards the goal of the nuclear eyes ation. we should bear in mind that the security can hustle has repeatedly expressed its determination to take further significant measures in the event of
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a further launch or nuclear test by north korea this is again clearly stated in paragraph thirty one of this resolution a piece o. diplomatic solution which we all want is in the hands of north korean regime if north korea wants peace and security it needs to demonstrate concrete measures for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. comply fully with the relevant security council resolutions and joint statement of the six party talks and thus come back to the dialogue table in the meantime all members of the united nations must show their renewed commitment to rigorously and farley implement the existing security council resolutions including twenty three seventy one and twenty three seventy five that we just are not that japan will continue to work very closely
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with the constant security council members and all other member states to reach a comprehensive solution to the problems related to north korea thank you mr president. the representatives of japan for his statement give the floor to the representative of flags mr president mr president. while the resolution has passed unanimously we have just been hearing from cora beso the japanese ambassador to the u.n. and before him nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. both those countries of course pushing for this resolution to be passed and probably pushing ideally for tougher sanctions than the ones that are actually in this resolution as it has passed we are still waiting to hear from the u.n. ambassadors from china and russia will be interesting to see what they have to say before though let's go to james bases at u.n.
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headquarters in new york i guess it passed it passed unanimously crucially and then of the five permanent members vetoed their resolution i guess they all must be relieved james what did you hear and what either nikki haley or cora beso say that caught your interest. well nikki haley hailing this as the toughest sanctions package ever against north korea but of course she originally wanted this to be tougher she talks about a reduction of thirty percent of the oil going to north korea the u.s. in the original draft of the resolution had a total ban on all or oil and petroleum products going to north korea so they have had to back down in order to get the support of china and russia who i don't think would have supported the original tougher draft yes it would have been supported now speaking and bastard the larger his country france would have supported it the u.k. would have supported it but i don't think they've got the rest of the security council
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on board for that very tough resolution and clearly they'd like the tough sanctions but the same time they do not want to see the international unity on this on this issue splinter also interesting to see that at the end of ambassadors haley's speech again there was a sort of what diplomats would call an off ramp for north korea saying they have not passed the point of no return and they can come back to the table of international diplomacy now that's very much what china and russia want they'd like there to be some sort of talks to take place with all the parties involved not just sanctions not the punitive measures on north korea not just the threat of military action which is obviously very difficult for anyone to contemplate but the idea of actually getting diplomacy going of course the model for any sort of talks with north korea if you look at recent history probably would be the iran talks something that president trump is very unhappy about that iran deal one little
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point here i think worth raising with you and i think it just shows that you have a state department that carries on working whether it's in a bomb or administration or a trumpet ministration one of the key architects of these latest sanctions against north korea is one of those key architects of that important bit of the iran deal we called it snap back the. sanctions would come back into place if iran didn't didn't comply that's the very same diplomat who worked on that he's working on that iran deal that president trump certainly doesn't like so a common thread after all i mean i guess as you say that it does still leave the door open to some kind of diplomatic and they go see ation but from everything we know about north korea that the seem unlikely right now so what are the chances that these sanctions as they are will actually achieve what the u.n. ambassador is there a want them to achieve. well publicly they say that these are the toughest and
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sanctions take a bit of time to bite and they've been getting tougher and tougher and they will still buy but they know that north korea in the past every time there's been sanctions it's not changed their behavior and that's a point i put to the u.k. ambassador he simply said well it will take some time but there are many other options on the table at this stage for the international community tightening sanctions is one thing everyone can agree on russia and the chinese and you'll hear it when they speak a little later on or saying fine sanctions but at the same time we have to open the door to negotiations because that now is the only way forward it's worth saying though north korea's behavior all of this has changed a lot from a couple of years ago when i was covering it then you would have north korea with a test some sort of provocation and then the security council respond with sanctions and north korea would be quiet get back into line bow down that's not
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happening anymore every time the security council does something north korea defiantly comes back and does something else so there is the possibility and i know you'll speak to worry in the short period we might have his views from closer to north korea there is of course the possibility that north korea might respond to this with the yet another missile test. james that we will check in with you again we are expecting to hear from china quite soon so it will be interesting to get your opinion of what they are going to say for the moment james bays of the u.n. james thank you. and as jamie james mentioned we are going to speak now is a way in hell years in seoul in south korea and joins us now so i guess i'm going to put that question to you now a way in the resolution passed the unanimous lee but sometimes it seemed that these resolutions just kind of make things worse it's almost like the tension is ratcheting up so what do people in south korea do you think almost expect from
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north korea right now. yes well i think james is exactly right we've seen certainly things change under the current north korean leader kim jong un in that he seems to be absolutely determined regardless of what is going on outside of north korea to continue his pursuit to become a nuclear weapons country and to continue with his missile testing program regardless of what is going on in the united states having said that they have always said that they will keep a very close eye on how the united states in particular behaves and what it says what it does before it decides on its next course of action but that doesn't really affect its desire to continue to become a nuclear nation and yes there is an expectation in south korea that north korea will respond to this latest round of u.n. security council sanctions it has already already threatened to do that on monday
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we saw another strongly worded statement released coming from its korean central news agency threatening that it will inflict the greatest pain and suffering on the u.s. if it continues to call for fresh u.n. sanctions and for the last few days there has been an expectation that north korea will conduct another missile launch perhaps an intercontinental ballistic missile launch a few days ago we saw reports emerging from the defense ministry here in seoul citing its intelligence officers that they had picked up some movement at one of the missile launch sites in north korea that indicated they were readying for another launch to be aimed somewhere towards the north pacific and that is something that north korea itself has threatened to do after its last missile launch the intermediate range missile that flew over northern japan it said that that was just the beginning of a wider campaign in the pacific and it's threatening to target the waters.


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