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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2017 1:58am-3:01am AST

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ignoring them means a direct violation of consensus agreements reached in the council one of those for them or use a lot of them via unwillingness into the resolution the idea of using the good offices and the mediation potential of the secretary general had the same. as well as the denial to require firm this statement made by tellers on the four knew the lack of plans to start the war regime change that forced reintegration of the two careers in violation of the third perilous all of this gives rise to very serious questions and as we have not yet received answers to those. russian as was underscored by president putin on the fifth remember in going to china firmly denounces they probably the recent publication of staff by penny on the test on the third of september with convinced that diverting the gathering menace from the
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korean peninsula could be done not there when you are newer sanctions sanctions but exclusively through political means. that is their approach that's a sack lee their approach which was proposed by russia in july not in the joint statement on the one dated fourth of july the joint roadmap on step by step moving to the settlements starting with deescalation steps and bilateral lowering tensions and then implementing confidence building measures and creating the conditions for the resumption of negotiations. with think it's a big mistake to underestimate to this russian china initiative for you it remains on the table at the security council you must and we will insist on it being considered. we did support the resolution twenty three seventy five today because while we're of a income commences that there is no huge churn for us if we only try to compel the leadership will go with the move away from the dialogue whilst we exist we agree
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with that we think that. leaving nuclear tests without a firm reaction would be wrong but to them was bought at the same time we underscored immediately that the reaction of the security council need to be thought through news to take into account the human. you're watching al-jazeera and in the last hour the united nations security council has approved a new set of sanctions aimed at north korea's nuclear program the sanctions include a ban on all countries hiring north korean workers and importing textiles from the country as two major sources of foreign currency but the u.s. has had to water down its draft resolution to win support from russia and china wanted to ban all natural gas exports to north korea but it's had to settle for a reduction in the fuel supplies original draft included
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a freeze on all foreign financial assets of the government and its leader kim jong un as well as travel ban let's go back to what's happening at the united nations security council this is the president of the u.n. security council summing up. from a russia has been speaking let's listen in. as unanimous to the fifteen members of the security council resolution twenty three. on nonproliferation. where he's going to be joining us from seoul with the south korean perspective adrian brown is in dandong china's border with north korea first let's go to our diplomatic editor james bays the united nations james the u.s. ambassador nikki haley was speaking after the unanimous vote earlier on and she said the security council had been there before with sanctions but this time it was
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different in what way is it different this time james. well certainly there are tighter sanctions they certainly have increased sanctions for example on north korea's textile exports they've increased sanctions on the oil that north korea can buy but it's nothing as tough as the original version of this resolution that they tried to get through they do negotiations behind the scene over the last week and it was clear that russia and china were not going to have the tougher version of this resolution and so they have watered it down because in the end the u.s. decided it was worth getting some extra sanctions and it certainly wasn't worth getting a division among the u.n. security council because one of the few things they've got going for them in a very difficult situation is international unity particularly here in new york around that horseshoe table and that's i think why the u.s.
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ambassador to the united nations decided to proceed with not quite the resolution she originally wanted james it's been interesting amongst the speakers that we have heard since that unanimous vote both china and russia have agreed that of course they have supported these sanctions but are still very anxious that there should be no attempt at regime change in north korea and also there should be a return to dialogue with or the sanctions are not the way to solve this. no you heard the chinese ambassador and then a moment ago the russian ambassador i have to say of the two the russians sound a little bit more angry than the chinese yes they support this they say the extra pressure because they both condemn the nuclear test by north korea and the other missile launches but they say this is only part of it the pressure on north korea there are other things that need to be considered they're concerned about military exercises by south korea and by the u.s.
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they're concerned about their third missile defense system they're concerned about the idea of regime change coming from the united states which is consistently come from the ninety united states for many years so i think those are the concerns coming from the russians and the chinese and they want talks to start again right now previous efforts to bring north korea to the negotiating table have failed they have repeatedly walked back every commitment they have made today the security council has acted in a different way today we are attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime we're done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing we are now acting to stop that from having the ability to continue doing the wrong thing with this resolution we have shown that we are
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united in condemning this illegal and reckless act and that we are determined that the north korean regime change course the unanimous agreement today of the states around this table is a powerful step that we now call on all states to redouble their sanctions implementation taking note of the decisions that we have made today under international law. and of course the big consideration is how china is going to react to this it seems as though it's going to be playing a significant part in these sanctions and it's responses key isn't it. china is absolutely key i have to tell you there was a meeting that took place earlier on before this open meeting of the u.n. security council of what's known as the seventeen eighteen committee of the security council that's very detailed stuff but very important stuff because that's actually the committee that looks at the existing sanctions and whether they're
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being implemented and i can tell you several ambassadors told me that they don't believe that these sanctions are being properly implemented the existing sanctions now we have new sanctions so i think will be pressure on china on that because of course china is key it is the country that is neighbor to north korea it has more dealings with north korea it has more influence over north korea but clearly it doesn't have total control over north korea it doesn't want these nuclear tests it doesn't want these missile launches and the north koreans defiantly are doing it they're defying china they're defying the whole international community and i think we have to watch very closely what north korea does next because a few years ago when we had north korea taking action the security council would then come up with some sort of response and north korea would back down it would go away for weeks months that's changed in the last year the tempo of all of this has increased and recently when we've had since the start really of the trumpet
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ministration north korea doing something the security council has responded and those responses have got quicker and quicker and then north korea has responded itself. the speed of this is is speeding up james very sly for us in the united nations thanks very much indeed let's talk to adrian brown he's in dandong on china's border with north korea adrian is there any sense there about how china is going to handle this the implications of these sanctions. well certainly on monday the day which is the day of course this vote was taken at the united nations it was very much business as usual here in dandong there was a steady flow of empty lorries coming from north korea into china but those lorries were returning fully laden and that tells us two things it says that china is no longer buying what it once did for north korea because of existing u.n. sanctions but it's continuing to sell to north korea now even though north korea is
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pretty hard up at the moment short of hard currency how is north korea able to pay for what it's getting from china well some analysts say that basically china is extending generous credit terms to north korea and basically saying you know pay us back when you can my colleague james bays there talking just a short time ago was absolutely correct china is key to resolving this crisis because of course the burden of sanctions once more falls on china's shoulders it's up to china to enforce these new and existing sanctions against north korea the problem you have very close to me rob from here is the main customs yard where you know basically everything that goes across the border or comes into china is inspected but those inspections are pretty cursory you know chinese customs to be doesn't have the personnel to basically inspect every single truck that goes across the border into north korea they simply do not have the manpower also on sunday we
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went to an area some twenty kilometers outside dun dong which is where the refinery that pumps oil into or into north korea is situated it's a very very sensitive area we were actually detained for two hours by soldiers that's a reflection of just how sensitive that facility years but for now of course china will continue pumping in the oil to north korea pretty much the rate it has done for the last twelve months all that's really changed is that china's go. and reduce the export it's going to cut by ten percent the amount of refined petroleum products it sends across the border to north korea china of course i think will see what happened to the united nations as in many ways a a diplomatic victory they did not want to have tougher sanctions against north korea they have argued consistently that sanctions in themselves will not work what they are proposing continuing to push for is a negotiation and also their idea of you know perhaps north korea ending its
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nuclear and ballistic missile tests in exchange for the united states and south korea suspending their military exercises but for the moment the trumpet ministration says that is simply something they cannot go along with adrian for now thanks very much indeed now let's go to wayne he's got the latest south korean reaction from seoul when it was interesting that when the chinese ambassador was speaking he was voicing a concern about the deployment of. in the region particularly of course which has been happening in south korea. yes and that is something that china has been strongly opposed to from day one when the first pieces of the u.s. missile defense system were installed in april and then the remaining pieces of equipment went in on thursday we saw strong protests here in south korea as well
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people are worried about the environmental and health impacts of that system and also the fact that they could become a targets now that their systems effectively been installed in their backyard in the event of any war with north korea but china believes that this system is really not about defending south korea from an attack from north korea it is a u.s. offensive weapon that can be used to spy on china so it's really did not want this piece of equipment installed and it said all along that if we had to move forward with solving the problem on the korean peninsula then that system needs to be stood down so we'll wait and see now what comes out in the wash over the next few days and weeks in terms of what was worked out behind closed doors between the united states and south korea of course which isn't a member of the u.n. security council and at the moment and china it seems unlikely that the u.s. and south korea at this stage will agree to that system being stood down but the
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chinese ambassador to the u.n. also mentioned in his statement they're following the vote about joint military exercises in south korea between the south korean military and the united states and that is also something that china has been opposed to as adrian mentioned that if we are to move forward with any form of negotiations between north korea and the united states and its allies then those joint military exercises need to be stopped again as adrian said there is no sign that the united states or south korea is willing to do that at this stage i mean we're in north korea of course has warned of repercussions as a result of the sanctions being put into place how is that being interpreted in south korea. yes well i think at the moment they're taking everything that comes out of north korea very seriously indeed just because those missile launches happening with greater frequency than we've ever seen before and also the fact that they conducted their largest nuclear test just over
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a week ago which experts now conclude outside north korea that this was indeed a hydrogen bomb test which is what north korea claimed from the start and we saw a very strong statement again coming from the north korean central news agency on monday ahead of the u.n. security council vote saying that north korea will inflict the greatest pain and suffering on the u.s. if it continues to call for fresh united nations sanctions well that's happened now so it's clear that there will be some sort of action we expect from north korea the south korean intelligence agencies are reporting that in the last few days that they have seen movement at one of the north korean missile launch sites and everyone was expecting there could be some sort of provocation from north korea on saturday which was foundation day a very important public holiday in north korea where that didn't happen but they have certainly threatened over the past few weeks since that intermediate range missile launch that flew over northern japan that they will do it again that that
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was the start of a wider campaign in the pacific. we're in thanks very much and we're still waiting to hear from the. forgive me the south korea's ambassador to the u.n. . on that this is a unanimous vote that is being the on the sanctions on north korea as soon as they come up we're going to cross live to them but for now body pavel is the director of the brant scowcroft center on international security he was also a former national security council official under u.s. presidents george w. bush and barack obama he's joining us now from washington d.c. we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed nikki haley said these were the strongest sanctions ever do you think they're going to work. i'm pessimistic about them work i mean there's a long track record of them not working i think there's a lot of reasons why this might not work yet number one china and i don't think
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china yet has decided on a strategic basis to really go after north korea's nuclear program in a way that they prefer compared to the status quo i think number two sanctions are all about implementation and i think as your reporting suggested china has not been strict on implementing existing sanctions number three i think we can never underestimate the tolerance of the north korean leadership for the suffering of its own people as the sanctions ratchet up as long as they have a cushy lifestyle they're pretty happy and then number four i think nuclear weapons are just completely wrapped up in the identity of this regime i mean without nuclear weapons there's almost no north korean leadership so i don't see them stopping their program any time soon almost no matter how much more we ratchet these sanctions up so if the sanctions don't have any effect what leverage is there left for the u.n. security council. for the u.n.
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security council i think there is a chance if you do what i would call precision sanctions which is targeting the comfort and livelihood and enjoyment that the north korean leadership itself enjoys i think that might have an effect and we've seen other examples in history of that type of effect but absent that i think until you get china to make a really different decision and that might involve many more deployments of u.s. military assets in the region and south korean and japanese which need to be really upped in order to deal with this new military challenge of a nuclear i.c.b.m. sometime in the next few years until that happens i don't think china's going to move going to move when that happens i think the chinese army will go to the chinese president say this is way too much this makes tad look like a little pinprick how do you think china is actually going to react to all of this
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both russia and china we've heard very anxious that although they've signed the agreement on the sanctions that there should be dialogue is there actually room for dialogue in these sanctions i mean the purpose really of all of these sanctions of all of the pressure is to get north korea back mr talfourd you forgive me i need to interrupt you there because we're getting a live coverage now from the united nations security council south korea's ambassador speaking let's listen in this resolution we know how difficult it is to seek you such a significant negotiated outcome with you with within a week's time frame. to the other members of the cons to this mystery china and russia for their cooperation with which the adoption of this resolution today would not. unanimous adoption of this resolution in such a swift a manner reflects not only the sense of urgency on the part of the security council
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in addressing the north korean nuclear program program but also the true gravity of the situation on the korean peninsula caused by this unjustified in flagrant violation of international norms and obligations the adopted resolution contains the strongest measures ever against north korea not only with the always apply to north korea be substantially reduced but north korea will also lose two of its largest income sources namely textile exports and overseas labor as we believe that these measures if will be implemented will significantly undercard north korea's capability to pursue further nuclear weapons development the resolution also sends a clear message to that in our feet is enough continuing on the wrong path will only deepen its isolation seriously in dangerous part political stability and hinder its economic development this is surely not what north korea desires desires
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but it is what it would certainly face if it does not change its course immediately mr president by introducing the most biting and robust measures in this new resolution the international community has reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to remain united in stopping north korea's further pursuit of nuclear weapons our goal is not to bring north korea to its knees but to achieve a peaceful solution to the north korean nuclear issue. on the the current circumstances where north korea categorically rejects any kind of dialogue with any country in the world there are simply no viable options other than scaling up. to make pm young come to the negotiating table for dinner chlorination strong economic sanctions are undoubtedly the only diplomatic means available to descend on the present circumstances in order to make north korea all we can from its delusion to
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become a nuclear weapon state i call upon all the members of the international community to fully and thoroughly implement the measures in all relevant security council resolutions including resolution twenty three seventy five adopted today. i feel the real pains of sanctions this time around thank you very much. i think that you're going to chortle your he's the south korean ambassador to the united nations let's go back to our gas about a powerful the director of the brant scowcroft center on international security and i apologize for interrupting you there i'm sure you appreciate we wanted to hear from the south korean ambassador when he was speaking at the security council he was making the point of course that you were addressing just before he started speaking that north korea has to be brought back to the negotiating table but north korea up until this point has not been willing to negotiate and really talks and dialogue are key to all of this it seems like finding
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a way forward does seem to be difficult as you were saying. yes i mean the whole point is to get them to a bargaining table of some size and shape with whatever parties are appropriate and to start discussing what would they like most and what and under what conditions would they do nuclear eyes and get rid of their nuclear weapons program which is now much more significant than it was even a few years ago which is why i'm very very pessimistic about the ability of of any sort of deal. being agreed to by north korea as well as the other parties which want to complete the nuclearization of the korean peninsula the u.s. had called for the strongest possible sanctions at the u.n. security council but it as we know has had to weaken the sanctions that it is put before the council in order to get the. deal if you like from china and russia at
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least to get them to sign up to it what does not tell us to think about the influence that the u.s. now has the united nations security council well i think this has always been the case regarding north korea its main benefactor is china its secondary benefactor is russia and even with syria resolutions we consistently saw russia watering the u.s. proposals down the most and then china usually ultimately agreeing in this case it's probably the reverse but i think i do agree that the sanctions that were agreed on seem to be the highest ever but i think there's a long way to go before they really start to have some impact on the north korean regime leadership's decision making which is ultimately the focal point and should be the main pressure point that we are looking to affect. barry pavel thank you very much indeed for your time we very much appreciate hearing your opinion on this in the last hour the united nations security council has approved a new set of sanctions aimed at north korea's nuclear program these are live
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pictures from the united nations security council the delegates they are all beginning to despair and hold press conferences after that unanimous decision to bring more sanctions against north korea. already one of the most powerful atlantic hurricane on record has weakened to a tropical storm number of deaths is constantly changing but people in florida i'd just beginning to assess the damage allan fisher is in miami he's joining us live give us an update on what the circumstances are like there. well if you take a look just down the street here this is the main financial district in miami and you can see that the traffic is moving quite well
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a number of buildings are still boarded up but we're told that will change probably tomorrow there's some debris around on the street as you would expect. but that will be cleared up pretty soon as well if we move back round to where i'm standing we were here exactly twenty four hours ago and donut street there was a tree which had fallen down the road no one could walk past and we've at that point either because there was a storm surge which brought the water up probably about half a kilometer from where the water is from where the sea is into the financial district and the water where i'm standing was probably at my knees so this whole area was flooded at that point there's still some localized flooding around some debris as you can see but on the whole this is an idea that miami is getting back to normal no there are still some three million people without power a lot of them in the southern part of the state the power company says they're working hard to get people back on the grid there's nine hundred thousand postal workers trying to do that they are being supplemented with poll workers from other
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states who are arriving know to try and help them but still it could be anything up to three or four weeks before the grid is fully reestablished simply because cause so much damage to the infrastructure that will need extra time and extra work to get things as far as tricity supply back to normal. miami about twenty five years ago and i know you were telling us earlier that there were changes to building regulations after that is there a sense and miami of course as we're just only a few hours after the has has hit but is there a sense that those building regulation changes have paid off. well this was a real test for those regulations from a hundred twenty five years ago it's been about ten years since florida had to deal with a major hurricane and what you have to remember is that exactly a week ago the forecasters were seeing was headed straight from miami this is words
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with the center of the storm was going to be and it was going to be the head of that category five the strongest hurricane ever to make landfall in the united states know in the end it moved to the west miami didn't get it quite so badly although it did pound the city for a very long time and it was probably about a category four now there are trees down there are houses damaged there are people still in shelters and they will probably be in shelters for a number of days because their homes are either underwater or certainly have storm damage could even have been hit by trees so take a long while to recover but many of the buildings that were built after andrew really did stand up. there are very few that have damage to the outside these are the strictest big building regulations anywhere in the united states and so people will be thinking that miami dodged one really by putting those building regulations in place a lot of people are saying that rick scott the republican governor of florida did a great job by pushing the button on american state plans exactly
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a week ago many people thought is he gone too early or we'll be getting things too soon but in the end it seems that all that planning actually did work out but opponents of rick scott will also point to the fact that this is a governor who said that he didn't want to see the phrase climate change anywhere in official florida documents he didn't want to discuss the issue no after the damage has been done particularly to the florida keys and to miami and elsewhere in the state that there will be others who are saying that this is the time to start discussing climate change it's all very well putting big building regulations in place but florida need something more if a vent like armor to become regular alan fresh alive for us in miami thanks very much indeed well before he. florida cut a path of devastation across the caribbean john holmes on the island of antigay he joins us now live so allan was telling us that looks as though miami seems to have escaped much of the damage but i'm in and t. get the situation has been very different hasn't it.
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exactly that antigua and barbuda to give the country its full name and barbecue the is the island right next to you go that was just really leveled by this hurricane the prime minister said over ninety percent of the infrastructure the buildings on that island were just completely destroyed and right now we're in the whole of the university here in antigua and you can see the people behind me they are from the island of cuba and they just are registering this is the first chance really after all of the chaos for these people for the government really to find out who these people are that have in many cases lost everything on the island and then after that there's going to be a long meeting here with the prime minister and other people to decide what they do next through talking to people in the shelters temporary shelters have been set up here in antigua and that question is very much on their mind we spoke to fifty one year old lady she's a mother and a grandmother she said. both my house and my daughter's house got this troy we've
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got nothing left to go back with another man was telling us about his boat that was destroyed people's livelihoods are also gone in this lots of people on the island of probably you to live the fishing and if their boats went and it's not just where they live that has been destroyed it's also their livelihood and that is key isn't it john because one of the key industry in that as well as the fishing as as you were talking about is also tourism of course and this is going to have a long term effect on the economy of these islands. yeah you're exactly right and teagan luckily didn't get hit badly a tall by the hurricane it really seemed to get to get saved in a way so the hotels and the infrastructure here on this island even now actually functioning regularly but not all island above you there obviously the hotels are there are going to be functioning for a long time and several of the different islands of the caribbean equally and now
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there's been a figure that's put it been put on it by the disaster service here in antigua they say that to get things back to normal in bob uter it's going to take about two hundred million dollars they also say that it's going to take several months i was talking to the governor general of antiguan bob view this today and he said we're talking between three to six months before people can start going back before we get the power back all of the power seem to be completely knocked out on the on the island and people can start to resume their lives obviously people the children in schools and things like that they're now trying to search for ways to keep the children in schools in antigo so it's a quite a complicated long term picture now for the country john orman live for us in and t. get thanks very much indeed. mexico's withdrawn its offer to aid hurricane victims in the u.s. state of texas because its emergency services are too busy dealing with the aftermath of its own earthquake mexico's government had offered to send food beds generators and doctors to hussan to help deal with the aftermath of hurricane
2:31 am
harvey but then an eight point one magnitude earthquake struck off its southern coast late last week killing at least ninety six people at least two point five million people have now been left in need of aid. still ahead on al-jazeera a smooth transition or blatant power grab u.k. politicians are divided over the government's latest brags its legislation. david michael barclay matthew barnes. of the. new york remembers the victims of the nine eleven attacks sixteen years ago. and in sports we'll hear from the heavyweight champion hoping to usher in a more polite era in professional boxing.
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well how has now been downgraded to a tropical storm we are still seeing some very heavy rain making its way across the far south east of the u.s. the stillest massive amounts of clouds streaming in through much of florida across the panhandle into alabama into georgia pushing right up into a good part of the carolinas north of that is not too bad it's all some warm sunshine in new york at around twenty six hours or so although it will cloud over into the mid twenty's there to four so we're getting up to around twenty three celsius on the other side of the country seattle at around twenty three degrees but you can see what those numbers around when he picked that's the hot spot temperatures here are thirty two degrees celsius and on tuesday afternoon it will be noticeably colder base in places of cloud maybe wanted to showers there when he paid to stay twenty four celsius colder two for seattle it's ninety degrees and i only had eleven there for calgary meanwhile well let's see how this doing breaking
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out nicely still some other heavy rain pushing up towards kentucky towards tennessee we'll see some wet weather a possibility as well just making its way down towards mississippi so down into the caribbean here we go we can see them making its way away clear skies gradually coming in behind tuesday looks like a dry. the sky why should be no borders up here why only horizons. as an airline don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to feel . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies were providing you with everything we can one treating everyone how they deserve to be
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treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice all the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for all remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part of. cats are always going places together. and watching al-jazeera in mind of our top stories this hour the united nations security council has agreed to impose new sanctions on north korea the new
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resolution severely restricts fuel supplies and blocks north korean textile exports it also bans foreign countries from hiring north korean workers. has weakened to a tropical storm after it violates through the florida keys cities in northeastern florida are now facing flash floods as the storm heads out of the state towards georgia some residents in jacksonville have been rescued from waist deep water. coopers confirmed that ten people were killed by hurricane i'm all over the weekend it takes the total death toll from his destruction in the caribbean to thirty eight cuban authorities say someone killed after ignoring evacuation orders in the several provinces. britain's parliament is up late tonight debating and just a few minutes ago voting on a key bill designed to move the braggs it process forward. joining us live now from westminster lawrence i'm just looking at some pictures on the feeds here that looks
2:36 am
as though the the chamber now is pretty empty with the m.p.'s having moved out of there what's the tone of being the tone of the debate and what's the result. the results that litter just in the last few minutes the governments both defeated an amendment from the opposition labor party which said it had no faith in this process because it was an affront sovereignty and democracy and that in a subsequent vote the government one. sue allow government ministers power to alter a you rules and turn them into u.k. law without the scrutiny of parliament they didn't win by very much they were three to six to two ninety but it took not just every single console even those who are passionate supporters of the european union being ordered to vote with the government against their express wishes but it also took a rebellion by some labor opposition m.p.'s not to vote with their party but to actually are that abstain or support the government position so you wouldn't call
2:37 am
it comfortable because the parliament here is clearly very badly split between those on the pro bricks its side who say that the government must have. executive powers to push through all these legal changes in the interests of making bret's it happen because it's supposed to be the democratic will of the people and others who say it's undermines the very notion of parliamentary democracy by allowing ministers to do things changing laws without parliaments having any say over what happens now is that it goes to what's called the committee stage when it is expected that the government will have to make a lot of concessions but some concession peace who are very much in support of the european union are already saying immediately after the votes they will threaten to resume a the prime minister and her leadership if she doesn't give way to some extent to them so it but part of anything else is put the prime minister in an even more
2:38 am
vulnerable potentially than she was before lawrence i'm just reading on the wires as you were talking that the vote is apparently thirty three hundred twenty six to two hundred ninety in favor of that e.u. withdrawal ninety that's a very very close as you were talking about but this doesn't mean that everything is done and dusted there is a long way to go in this brags that process and time is running out isn't it. well yes i mean clearly it's about fifteen months since the vote actually happened and there's about the same again perhaps a bit more until march twenty ninth seen when the u.k. will it seems now leave the european union because there are enough m.p.'s apparently who support that position but there are any number of things going on on tuesday will be yet another debate in parliament about the rights of e.u. citizens living in the u.k. and by extension the rights of u.k. citizens living in the european union there's a whole thing about how much money the u.k. should pay the european union as compensation for leaving stuff to do with the
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european court of human rights the future of. ireland and where's the border in the customs union and all these things the labor party the opposition still doesn't have a clear position on what it says it believes around lots of these things the conservatives are very badly splits the negotiations with the european union have been absolutely awful so far that m.p.'s say they're being held to ransom by the e.u. in the e.u. says that the u.k. has no clear position on lots of different things so everything is is really a mess and as it is at the moments no policy inside there is given any sort of play a vision a kind of overarching vision statement on what they believe the u.k. should look like after march one thousand nine hundred when it leaves the european union and they can't at the moment because so many of these things haven't been decided lawrence thanks very much indeed for britain and sweden are requesting a un security council meeting on the deteriorating situation in myanmar the united
2:40 am
nations is describing the treatment of the minority in their arcane state as nothing short of ethnic cleansing the bangladeshi government says three thousand rohingya have been killed in recent weeks prompting an exodus of refugees across the border reports from. where there are large number of refugees arriving dany is putting a strain on resources. the un human rights chief has condemned the violence against their will hinge on muslims. as hussein is demanding an end to me and mars military operation situation remains or seen as a textbook textbook example of ethnic cleansing the myanmar government should stop pretending that setting fire to their own homes and laying waste to their own villages this complete denial of reality is doing great damage to the international standing of a government which until recently benefited from goodwill i call on the
2:41 am
government to end its current cruel military operation with accountability for violations that have occurred and to reverse the pattern of severe and widespread discrimination against the population. the un says more than three hundred thousand people have fled to bangladesh in the past three weeks joining the four hundred thousand that are already in the country. almost everyone at this makeshift camp has a story of how they survived an attack or how they lost a member of the family. what it was like yeah in front of my paddy field the military shot my uncle and killed him. both her sons were also shot by security forces but she says they made it across the border alive you know. like this man but the military came to my village and burned down my house they shot me when i
2:42 am
was running away he tells us it's a miracle he's standing here his relatives carried him throughout the twelve day journey to bangladesh. muhammad ali arrived here nearly a year ago after his village was attacked his family rely on food and supplies from international aid agencies and local n.g.o.s but that help has now dried up since the new bangor carry mace being very hard to get supplies some of my relatives of all survived but even we can't survive as we have nothing so i can't help them the camp set up last year after a military crackdown and me and maher sent hundreds of thousands across the border . on the edge of a camp a new settlement is forming the workers here tell us they're building homes for the new arrivals who managed to escape with some valuables refugees pay around one hundred twenty five dollars to secure a piece of land and have a shelter like this builds it's all part of a new economy that's forming around the hundreds of thousands of run in just that
2:43 am
are in the area. with demand for building materials and basic necessities growing daily prices have nearly doubled in the past two weeks. as the number grows daily it is now a fight for food water and other necessities and the relief of having made it to safety wears off and the refugees say they now have to face a new reality and struggle to get through each day if you go palin. camp. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in argentina it's the first visit by an israeli leader to the country is expected to meet president. to pay homage to victims of attacks on the israeli embassy at a jewish community center in the one nine hundred ninety s. tenuous wire reports from going to service. there was tight security in some disruption for the visit to argentina by benjamin netanyahu the first by a sitting israeli prime minister it was welcomed by argentina's jewish community
2:44 am
the largest in latin america. many israeli diplomats and ministers have visited argentina during the best worst moments of the jewish community that's why we have such strong ties with israel they've always been there to help. but they will also be protests including from within argentina's jewish community against. government which we believe racists is. supporting the. it's a government that. ok it's. it's very close to be government. who is also in the early word and they are a little conservative government and they are very good friends they are going to make very good business i think. netanyahu is also criticized at
2:45 am
home for escaping corruption investigations into himself and his family. the prime minister traveling with a delegation of thirty business leaders will meet arjun time president machree and pay homage to the victims of two attacks in one of cyrus on israeli and jewish sites in the one nine hundred ninety is the jewish communities relationship with argentina has been a long and sometimes troubled one it was at this site in one thousand nine hundred two that the bomb exploded in what was then the israeli embassy killing twenty nine two years later a similar attack at the jewish community center in one of cyrus killed eighty five the perpetrators have still not been found and tried. the political repercussions of that failure a still being felt here more than twenty years later the visit also marks the return of the israeli airline el-al which last touched down in one osiris in may nine hundred sixty that's when israeli agents angered the argentine north or it is by bundling aboard an el al flight the fugitive nazi out of eichmann who had sought
2:46 am
refuge in argentina they took him to israel where he was tried and hanged for war crimes netanyahu flies on to colombia or mexico on route to the united nations general assembly in new york and. one of cyrus. guatemala's congress has protected president jimmy moore alice from facing criminal proceedings over campaign finance allegations congress voted for marlice to keep immunity from prosecution despite a congressional committee arguing the immunity should be lifted the committee found evidence of under-educated money in campaign funds last month got him out of began a corruption trial against the brother and son of president and wellness a court in turkey has ordered five staff members from an opposition newspaper to remain in custody while on trial for terror offenses that among seventeen journalists executives and lawyers from the computer newspaper accused of targeting
2:47 am
president won the case alleges come how it was affectively taken over by supporters of u.s. based cleric effect to legoland who is blamed for the failed coup last july prosecutors are seeking up to forty three years in jail. there are more than one hundred eighty journalists imprisoned in turkey today tens of opposition magazines newspapers t.v. channels print houses and news agencies have been closed thousands of journalists have lost their jobs there are numerous prosecutions in court cases against journalists and they are being jailed opposition journalists are being prosecuted and tried because of the news articles criticizing the actions of the government they are trying to silence one of turkey's oldest newspapers with fabricated indictment by writers and workers are still in jail. the number of refugees and migrants arriving in europe through spain has more than doubled this year the head
2:48 am
of the european union's border agency says it's registered almost fourteen thousand arrivals in spain from morocco it's not clear if the rise is due to tougher controls around libya and forcing refugees to take alternative routes. hundreds of thousands of people in spain's catalonia region have celebrated their national day it comes less than a month before the regional government is due to hold a referendum on independence from spain the central government says it's illegal catalonia as national day commemorates the fall of barcelona in the spanish war of succession is seventeen and fourteen car panel haul has been at the rally in barcelona. hundreds of thousands of wrong on the streets of boston london or in an event to mark the national die of the catalonia region but also in a massive show of support ahead of a planned referendum on october the first to vote whether this northeastern region should break away from the rest of spain and set up an independent republic now the
2:49 am
national government has said that such a referendum would be illegal and non-democratic and the constitutional court has brought the referendum by any means necessary a cadillac government however says that it will press ahead regardless set the stage for what political analysts are saying could be spain's worst political crisis since the end of the dictatorship of general franco in one nine hundred seventy five now those are on the streets abbas alone let it die you say that catalonia has every right to go it alone it is the wealthiest region of spain it's an area larger than belgium with an economy larger than the likes of greece portugal scotland. the national government however sees it very differently and already public security forces have been raiding news paper offices and also printing works looking for the ballot papers that will be used for the october first referendum egypt says at least eighteen policemen have been killed when i saw
2:50 am
fighters ambushed a police convoy in the sinai peninsula it's happened near the city of seven people three policemen and four i'm going to workers were also injured in the attack egyptian police and military say roadside bombs were used to destroy for vehicles before gunmen opened fire him. memorial services have been held in the u.s. to mock sixteen years since the september the eleventh attacks. victims' relatives the survivors and rescue was gathered at the fall more world trade center in new york almost three thousand people were killed in the worst attack on u.s. soil president donald trump a tribute at the pentagon one hundred twenty five people died here on the west side of the pentagon terrorists tried to break our resolve it's not going to happen
2:51 am
but where they left a mark with fire and rubble americans defiantly raised the stars and stripes our beautiful flag still ahead in sports the champions league group stages a back they get underway with a contest between two of europe's biggest sides. yes
2:52 am
time for the sport and here is andy thank you very much will some of the world's best cricketers have arrived in pakistan for what could be a pivotal event in the country's sporting history
2:53 am
a world eleven say is set to take on pakistan in a three match t twenty series the games are seen as a crucial step in bringing international cricket back to pakistan the visiting team is made up of players from sevens has nations no major side has told the country since a gunman attacked sri lanka's team bus in lahore back in six thousand and nine well that incident happened as the sri lankan team were arriving at the gadhafi stadium in lahore eight years ago six members of the side were injured while six pakistan policemen and two civilians were killed subsequently pakistan have been forced to play how much she's in neutral countries with the united arab emirates hosting the majority of their games in twenty fifteen zimbabwe played games in pakistan and earlier this year the final of the pakistan super league was held in the hole that was the first time high profile cricketers from outside pakistan applied in the country and now this world eleven is getting ready for to state series up and each one of them knows that this trip is not just about cricket it's about something
2:54 am
more something more historic. and therefore. they have learnt their short go to this effort. and i'm very grateful to all of them for making this trip. the people of pakistan welcome them these cricketers i get to play their part in the safe and steady return of international cricket in pakistan. so that the enthusiastic and diehard fans and followers of pakistan cricket can once again start watching the stars and their heroes and. now the champions league group stages get underway on tuesday was a huge game between two of europe's biggest sides in the opening round of matches barcelona face last season's run as an event to see actually not pass or out in the quarterfinals barcelona going to the match having won three straight games in the spanish league you they have the same record in syria. we did that without any doubt you venters is
2:55 am
a powerful team and also last season's defeat is still quite recent we know they are very good when they have the ball and they also try to play with pressure in our area they put our team on the real difficulties last year and we must take that into account and try to overcome them the new look perry sound your man also in action they play scottish champions celtic while manchester united return to the competition having won last season's europa league. what division is value is very high. as sink. in the champions the. four or five teams weeds an incredible level of quality of experience of know how. and that's what makes the difference west ham have picked up their first points of the english premier league season to ease some of the pressure on their manager slaven bilic had a field conceding their first goals of the season in that sunni defeat the boy has
2:56 am
become the first premier league manager to be sacked this season crystal palace in the league of recorded nine points and no goals the club have now got to hire a six manager since november twenty thirty. saudi arabia's into the semifinals of the asian champions league. the united arab emirates was poised at no no going into the second like. but hattrick from brazilian carla said wardo ensured a relatively free night for al hillah. two time champions progressing in the last fall here with a three male aggregate. olympic leaders are gathering in peru is they mapped out the next decade of summer games later this week i see president thomas back set to confirm that paris will host the twenty twenty four games with l.a. taking on the twenty twenty eight event costs concerns so all other bidding cities drop parents but paris insists the games can provide a chance to build
2:57 am
a worthwhile legacy. many times that every city is working so hard to the end. infrastructure they can think about the environment they can think about the economy they can think about the health of the people so in the last six weeks i've been excited about a decade ten years to think about that to reimagine that and to deliver that. gormley build what you need all the you know do with the existing or the temporary and that's exactly what we did ninety five percent of all venues are existing or temporary and what we're building is actually very useful for the people. there is a sense of purpose and world heavyweight champion anthony joshua's how things are sure in a more polite era in professional boxing he's getting ready to defend his belts against book areas of that fight coming up in october that britain says he doesn't believe in the sort of trash talk there was evidence out of the recent concerts between qana mcgregor and floyd mayweather the trash talking isn't so much trash talking it's more river. character and you can be just so
2:58 am
but then it comes to a stage where someone the disrespect this person then that person starts this respect and no one back it into the comes a bit more of a fight before the row and we don't need to get into all that ok looking for now more later. and that's it for me rob matheson for this news i'll be back in a moment with more live. let's talk about now. right now. right now it's happening so fast. you can barely keep up with it. right now we've
2:59 am
got clouds protecting rhino. and mobile technology finding clean water not tomorrow not five years in the future. now. in a disaster the internet can be restored by a truck. you know mind this truck can drive itself and right now this child is being treated by a doctor from six thousand miles away this is science not fiction and cisco networks are making it happen now. because when everything is securely connected anything is possible and there's never been a better time to change the world. the
3:00 am
strength of al jazeera is that because we have such a extensive network people would come to us and actually shared information with the al-jazeera team into that. these are by far the strongest measures ever imposed on north korea you know as a nation security council approves a new sanctions targeting north korea and its nuclear program. about this and this is.


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