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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2017 6:00am-6:33am AST

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a diagnosis that used to be little room for home for terrorist cells and a means test them are battling what we're trying to do is really energize them insist that it's like a rocket that can recognize the cell says like a heat seeking missile finding the cancer problem that's exactly you've had some pretty amazing results on this you know they're making it look you know you know techno this time. these are by far the strongest measures ever imposed on north korea the united nations security council approves new sanctions targeting north korea and its nuclear program. hello i'm down jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up britain and
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sweden seek a u.n. meeting on the wrecking the crisis a day after its human rights chief denounced me in. the aftermath of hurricane cuba counts the cost of one of the worst storms in its recent history. and britain's parliament now only votes in favor of key legislation to start its exit from the european union. the united nations security council has agreed to impose new sanctions on north korea they severely restrict fuel supplies and block north korean textile exports the sanctions also ban foreign countries from hiring north korean workers diplomatic editor james bass has more from the united nations. this was the result the u.s. ambassador nikki haley wanted even though she had to weaken her resolution to get it a unanimous vote by the security council to punish north korea for its latest nuclear
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test today the security council has acted in a different way today we're attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime china and russia may have voted for the resolution but both said it was only part of the solution the u.s. and south korea they said should stop military exercises and remove the threat missile the for. system and there should be new talks he knew that so it's a big mistake to underestimate this russia china initiative it remains on the table at the security council and we will insist on it the inconsiderate as well that it's pretty clear that the us had wanted to push through a much tougher resolution this is the text that was voted on by the security council but out as zeros obtained an earlier version that was circulated last week by comparing the two you can see the items that the u.s. had to drop to get russian and chinese support the original draft included
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a total ban of sale of oil petroleum and gas to north korea that was changed to some restrictions on sales it also had included a total ban on hiring and paying workers from north korea the original version also called for a travel ban and assets freeze on the north korean leader and freezing the finances of north korea's national airline. or one of the us is closest allies says despite the changes this was a strong resolution ambassador you say it's a robust resolution yet it's watered down from the earlier draft and key elements be taken out of what's called negotiation and that's what we do here in the security council there is a significant prize in keeping the whole of the security council united and that is without doubt why the u.s. decided to withdraw items from its original draft the trumpet ministration has very
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few good options when it comes to north korea but a veto by russia and or china would have divided the international community making things even more difficult james pays out zero of the united nations al-jazeera as kathy novak joins us live now from the south korean capital seoul cathy so north korea has said it will respond to any further sanctions from the u.n. has there been any response from south korea. yes the south korean government has welcomed this resolution at the united nations the president's press secretary says that it sends a message to north korea that these continued provocations will result in action from the international community in the form of added pressure added sanctions that put pressure on north korea's economy as you mentioned through the north korean state news agency there was a warning that there would be more action from north korea more reaction if there
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were sanctions passed at the united nations north korea was warning of the permanent extinction of the united states so the south korean government has said that it remains alert as in effect to the possibility of further actions from north korea said that it expects there could be a possibility of another ballistic missile launch at any time and south korea's foreign minister yesterday was saying that south korea has in effect had to reassess its policy when it comes to north korea in view of the latest nuclear test which was the most powerful yet and kathy of course sunshines only part of the equation so the south korea considering other measures in response to the north korea threat. well there has been some debate here in south korea about a possible return it to technical tactical nuclear weapons here in south korea south korea hasn't had those for quite some time as part of its commitment to denuclearization on the korean peninsula and what the foreign minister has said is
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that that remains the government's policy not to have tactical nuclear weapons that the government is not considering those at this time and that it intends to be a model citizen that it wants to lead by example it is calling on north korea to denuclearize and to step back from its nuclear program so that south korea should in turn set an example and not have nuclear weapons of its own but as i say the foreign minister says that south korea has had to reassess the situation it remains open in theory to dialogue but acknowledges that the circumstances right now do not present a situation where we might see a return to the negotiating table so it hopes that the sanctions at the u.n. will put further pressure on the north korean government to come back to the negotiating table and talk about steps forward but it seems that we are still away from that yet aaron all right kathy novak in the south korean capital seoul kathy
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thank you let's cross over to a german brownies and done dong on china's border with north korea a dream so once again the burden of enforcing these latest sanctions will fall on chinese customs officials there on the border with the north. and there aren't that many of them on monday from a vantage point we were able to look into the main customs yard and the inspections that the lorries leaving china for north korea receives are of the best cursory essentially customs officers don't have the time to search every single vehicle going across the friendship bridge behind me into north korea what we did notice on monday was the plenty of vehicles coming over this bridge from north korea that were. mc but the ones all returning full now according to china's own customs department trade with north korea actually rose during the first six months of this year. but traded from north korea say what china imports from north korea has
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declined by one of the reasons why analysts say china is able to continue selling so much to north korea is there is still much that is not on the sanctions list things like electrical equipment building materials food medical supplies and those are continuing to flow across the border also say analysts china is making it possible for the north to buy from china because it's extending generous credit terms to north korea because of course the north korean government is essentially broke so once more dandong remains the flourishing on propose that it's always been . hours before the u.n. vote it was business as usual in dandong a steady flow of empty lorries to north korea cross the single lane friendship bridge a vital economic conduit for the north. nearby other trucks enter a customs yard before heading the other way there covered cargoes offering few
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clues of what might be inside. but some trucks appeared to be carrying building materials. experts say because north korea's government is now so hard up china is selling on credit. so the north needs hard cash from wherever it can get it the stirring patrick songs are a feature of one of dandong most popular north korean restaurants inferi new sanctions mean these performers can't be replaced by new musicians from the north the wages of the performers waitresses and cooks are collected directly by the regime a very lucrative source of hard currency what happens as with these restaurants is the people work there. basically all the money is going back or only a pittance is going to the people who are actually doing the business these are i would i don't say france because they offer real services analysts say that kim
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jong un knows that china's leaders will not allow his regime to collapse because of what could follow hundreds of thousands of refugees pouring across the border into china swimming across this very river and the prospect of a united and democratic south korea with the possibility of u.s. military bases right on china's doorstep in spite of that risk some chinese people think their government needs to be tougher with their neighbor and should all united together and punish them otherwise they would just do more damage to us not of course north korea should be punished it has a great impact on china north korea is right next door if there is radiation cost by a nuclear test or even a war breaks out it will have tremendous impact on china cutting off the oil that china pumps underground to north korea from this refinery would have had a big impact but that was a step too far for china's leaders for now they'll continue their push for
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a diplomatic solution to reign in their old ally adrian brown al jazeera dandong. britain and sweden are requesting a u.n. security council meeting on violence against the muslims in myanmar united nations is describing their treatment in rakhine state as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing more than three hundred thirteen thousand rangers have escaped a military crackdown to seek safety in neighboring bangladesh the government there says three thousand have been killed by me and most security forces while difficult holland is in cox's bazaar that's on the me and bangladesh border device so we understand the bangladeshi prime minister sheikh hasina is going to visit the border area what are we expecting from this trip and if you like to do you think to ramp up any kind of relief effort for the ranger. that's right rob and ahead of this trip i want to mention the huge diplomatic push that bangladesh is making that try to meetings with the foreign minister that tried
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to enlist the help of the in march giant neighbors india and china they want to put pressure on me and mark to take back the refugees there are asking me in march to create a safe zone for them and give them back their refugees their saying that their injuries do not belong in myanmar they belong in bangladesh now saying that sheikh hasina is going to be arriving at this very can possibly in the next hour to assess the situation herself this is the first time a high level minister or a high level government official will be coming to this can see the kind of conditions people live in i don't know if you can see behind me but they are in makeshift tents they have absolutely no facilities there's no clean water food or any kind of supplies given to them unless charities offer them so she says she will announce an aids aid package for them she will set aside two thousand acres of land where they can set up whether this includes any kind of facilities is still unclear
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david despite all these promises i mean people are still flooding across the border into bangladesh but will they continue to accept the refugees and bangladesh has already said it can't cope with any more. that's right but that is the one thing they say they will do they will carry on keeping their doors open border guards say they are allowing thousands to come in to the country every day now despite the fact that they are straining any kind of resource bangladesh has at the moment what we have here are mostly aid agencies trying to fill that void but there is a need for some kind of a more concentrated effort or maybe a systematic effort to try and help the people here that come with absolutely nothing a lot of them are injured there are a lot of sick people there's no medical assistance so the bangladeshi government say they will assess and they will assess that and try and respond they also want to create a register so that they can keep track of who's coming in not only at the latest
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arrivals but also the people who arrived a year ago they still don't have a database of that so they say they will make a concerted effort but whether or how adequate that will be given the numbers we're seeing coming in daily is still a question that needs to be answered by the divide the pollen there on the myanmar bangladesh border debate thank you. tom for a short break here now just when we come back assessing the damage in florida where officials fear a humanitarian crisis in the off the mouth of hurrican. hundreds of thousands of cattle and celebrate their national day just weeks before a crucial referendum or nothing. well how has now been downgraded to a tropical storm we are still seeing some very heavy rain making its way across the
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far south east of the u.s. the stillest massive amounts of clouds streaming in through much of florida across the panhandle into into georgia pushing right up into a good part of the carolinas north of that is not so bad it's all some warm sunshine in new york around twenty six hours just although it will cloud over into the mid twenty's there to four so we're getting up to around twenty three celsius on the other side of the country seattle at around twenty three degrees but you can swap those numbers around for when he pegged that's the hot spot temperatures here are thirty two degrees celsius and on tuesday afternoon it will be noticeably colder basin places of cloud maybe wanted to showers there when he paid to stay twenty four celsius colder two for seattle it's ninety degrees and i only had eleven there for calgary meanwhile well let's see how this doing breaking out nicely still some other heavy rain pushing up towards kentucky towards tennessee we'll see some wet weather a possibility as well just making its way down towards mississippi so down into the
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caribbean here we go we can see them making its way away clear skies gradually coming in behind tuesday looks like a dry. with . documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back of mind to other top stories here this hour the united nations security council has agreed to impose new sanctions on north korea a severely restrict fuel supplies and block north korean textile exports also a ban on foreign countries in hiring north korean workers. requesting a un security council meeting on violence against range of muslims in. the un is describing the treatment in rakhine state as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. has weakened to a tropical storm as it made landfall in the u.s. mainland at least nine people have died in the u.s. and dozens more in the caribbean along its destructive path reports from tampa. the search for survivors begins in the florida keys where officials fear a humanitarian crisis and untold number of people defied evacuation orders ahead of
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him as a rival despite warnings that staying would be suicide. was lifted by the storm surge and carried across the highway one and positive about one hundred meters from where the ridge line came from as the florida death toll rises in other parts of the state have begun to clean up the storm a category four hurricane at its first u.s. landfall left a trail of destruction from miami to naples further to the north the city of tampa is breathing a huge sigh of relief the extent of irma's damage here some downed walls some trees and power lines now this was the best case scenario for this vulnerable region of bays and more drainage that had originally been forecast to be in the bull's eye of the storm but instead east. but the sheer mass of the storm meant no florida city was safe police in orlando had to quickly evacuate some neighborhoods and life
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threatening flooding continues in jacksonville a disaster declaration covers the entire state of florida are you so you that everybody is going to work hard think about it is we got to keep everybody safe we've got to get we've got to get our hospitals back open we got to get our fuel back here we've got to get our roads open. their electricity back and i can't work . with the majority of the state still without power life in florida may not return to normal for days or weeks meanwhile still a powerful tropical storm continues to churn north causing flooding in south carolina and beyond i do castro al-jazeera tampa florida meanwhile cuba has confirmed that hurricane killed ten people over the weekend take the storms total death toll in the caribbean to thirty eight rescuers say some died off ignoring evacuation orders. in the capital of ana. for residents of old
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havana this was always the greatest concern with the passage of hurricane collapsing buildings. when it barreled through the north of cuba it was a category five storm with winds of around two hundred kilometers per hour. when the policeman came he said there's a foot then all the other people like the emergency rescue workers and the firemen arrived and began operations they had to use a crane to lift the wall in spite of meticulous disaster planning it's the deadliest hurricane to hit the country in years they're still cleaning up hundreds of trees and electricity poles were down by the wind much of the capital is still without power or running water cuba's tourist facilities one of the country's main sources of income took a direct hit hotels and cuba's most popular resort were. damaged and further north several keys along the northern coastline are reported largely destroyed our
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knowledge but we are now in a position to start quantifying the devastation as we do that will be making decisions on prioritizing. in an official statement cuba's president raul castro earch cubans to unite in the face of this disaster for cubans impacted by hurricane in the ordeal doesn't necessarily and here in a country with an already stagnant economy recovery comes very slow with the prospect of months of shortages of basic goods and unreliable services. i'll just have an i.q. . british m.p.'s have given their first approval to a bill that would give ministers power to bypass paul and create new laws the government says it's essential to allow the u.k. to leave the e.u. smoothly the critics warn it will undermine democracy lawrence lee reports from london oh. there are still those who demand the u.k. remains in the european union but judging by this tiny protests outside parliament
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increasingly few believe it's actually possible. for the basin votes were just one stage of an enormous process albeit an extremely important one the government wants to hand power to ministers to be able to change e.u. laws into british ones without consulting parliaments many opposition politicians say that is a threat to democracy but a notable number who support breck's it voted not with their party but with the governments they said must be made to happen i knew it would become precocious and i knew it would be difficult so i knew we would say something of what we're saying now which is a real reaction from those people who prefer the european union to make of those roles than the people of the united kingdom will be i. am sure. the ruling conservatives ordered every single m.p. to toe the line. even the most passionate pro europeans for me there's no two more fundamental british values than democracy and the rule of law and this bill strikes
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at the heart of both democracy and the rule of law because it prevents parliament from scrutinizing laws and it prevents the courts from ensuring that ministers only use their powers. to question is how the government lost the vote it probably would have collapsed it didn't so the process moves on it's all enormously difficult. for supporters of the whole point is to make the country more democratic to increase parliamentary sovereignty and yet the complaints is they're doing something profoundly anti-democratic to get there and that's very uncomfortable for many m.p.'s it's also procedural as of yet there is nobody in there offering any clear vision as to what britain is supposed to look like after bret's it in twenty nineteen. the al-jazeera in london more than a million people have taken to the streets across catalonia to celebrate its national day it's a commemoration of the fall of barcelona in the war spanish succession in seventeen
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fourteen but this year demonstrators were looking to the future not the past the event comes less than three weeks before a controversial referendum on independence called temple reports from barcelona. from the sky. on the ground. to the drumbeat of independence to catalonia. we want independence for catalonia so we can separate from the spanish government. did not agree. that this is a coup d'etat this is a red. catalonia national day began here the general government leaders paid tribute to the defenders of barcelona in a battle over three hundred years ago they've called a referendum for october the first to vote on breaking away from spain that set the
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stage for a new battle perhaps the biggest political crisis since the end of general franco's dictatorship. central government says the referendum is undemocratic and illegal and is even threatening to fine and jailed regional authorities. that lets enjoy the freedom to express. the hope of a better future. on a podium a few streets away. a former guerrilla fighter is firing up support for independence in the seventy's and. attacks in the name of a separatist catalonian state. there will be a clash between the central and regional governments over the referendum but this will be democratic or perhaps there will be protests. down to barcelona port one of the political parties opposed to independence prepared its own rally volunteers laid out cattle and spanish and european flags to call for more integration not
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a split in the balance for a while what else do you want to manage. i honestly don't see you worried me i just think. it's more of an emotional. movement and you know what. just a feeling. for independence is hard to. tell over is the wealthiest you know it's a little bit like the belgian its economy is larger than life support. some language so. these demonstrators know they'll have to struggle hard for independence but even the smallest seem ready to play their part. whole al-jazeera spain watch them all as congress has protected president jimmy maraniss from facing trial for irregular finances from his election campaign and voted to keep his immunity from prosecution despite taken committee arguing against it the
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committee found evidence that at least eight hundred thousand dollars he received wasn't registered last month got a corruption trial against the brother and son of president. now in sixteen years the day since the september eleventh attacks memorial services have been held across the united states to mark the anniversary and remember the thousands that died in the worst ever attack on u.s. soil but as the reports from new york this year's commemorations come at a time of new allegations about who was responsible of the events in two thousand and one. it will always be much more than a date on the calendar at ground zero another annual solemn day of remembrance for those killed on september eleventh for more than four hours the names of the victims were read aloud every year a reminder of the human toll of that morning two thousand nine hundred seventy seven killed in new york city alone but sixteen years after the largest act of
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terrorism in u.s. history a lawsuit continues to raise accusations that saudi arabia was involved do you have any doubt in your mind who provided material and financial support for nine eleven no who was it among others again. kingdom of what. documents based on f.b.i. reports alleged diplomats at the saudi embassy in washington paid to saudis living undercover in the u.s. to fly from phoenix to washington in a dry run of the nine eleven attacks the f.b.i. claims that two men were on the saudi government payrolls and had links to some of the nine eleven hijackers last year congress approved a bill that allows u.s. citizens to bring lawsuits against foreign governments in u.s. courts for their involvement in acts of terror segments of the saudi government and
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the other defendants provided the support to al qaeda that allowed three thousand people to be murdered and billions of dollars of destruction of property and lives. the lawyer tells us that this lawsuit is a culmination of years of investigation and hundreds of thousands of documents from u.s. and foreign government agencies but saudi arabian government continues to deny volved meant in the september eleventh attacks. and attorney who represents two saudi non-governmental organizations also says the claims are unfounded the government has asked the lawsuit be dropped the allegation that the government itself simply because many of the hijackers were saudi that the government itself had a direct agenda against the united states and helped commit a tax there has been no evidence that has done that and. that.
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a judge is expected to rule next year if the case will go forward until then friends and family commemorate the days so many people lost their lives gabriel sandow new york. and always right wing government has claimed a victory in a close election with ninety five percent of vote counted prime minister and a sole byrd's ruling coalition with the progress party set to win one thousand nine hundred sixty nine seats soledad wants to cut taxes in a bid to boost growth while the opposition labor party seeking tax hikes to better fund public services. for the top stories here this hour the united nations security council has agreed to impose new sanctions on north korea they severely restrict fuel supplies and blocked textile exports they also banned foreign countries from hiring north korean
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workers previous efforts to bring north korea to the negotiating table have failed they have repeatedly walked back every commitment they have made today the security council has acted in a different way today we are attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime we're done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing we are now acting to stop that from having the ability to continue doing the wrong thing. britain and sweden are requesting a united nations security council meeting on violence against range of muslims in me and. the un is describing their treatment in rakhine state as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing more than three hundred thirteen thousand rangers have escaped a military crackdown to seek safety and they've been bangladesh. at least nine people have been killed after a hurricane made landfall in the us name it's now been downgraded to
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a tropical storm cuba has confirmed that ten people have been killed there by the weekend it takes the death toll in the caribbean to thirty eight rescuers say some of died after ignoring evacuation orders. british m.p.'s have given their first approval to a bill that would give ministers power to bypass parliament and create new rules the government says it's essential to allow the u.k. to leave the european union smoothly but critics want it will undermine democracy. as congress has protected president jimmy more dollars from facing trial for irregular finances from his election campaign voted to keep his immunity from prosecution despite a congressional committee arguing against it the committee found evidence that at least eight hundred thousand dollars he received wasn't registered and immoral services have been held in the united states to mark sixteen years since the september eleventh attacks. victims' relatives survivors and rescuers gathered at
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