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tv   Fairy Tales  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2017 6:32am-7:01am AST

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been downgraded to a tropical storm cuba has confirmed that ten people have been killed there by the weekend it takes the death toll in the caribbean to thirty eight rescuers say some of died after ignoring evacuation orders british m.p.'s have given their first approval to a bill that would give ministers power to bypass parliament and create new rules the government says it's essential to allow the u.k. to lead the european union smoothly but critics want it will undermine democracy. as congress has protected president jimmy more dollars from facing trial for irregular finances from his election campaign voted to keep his immunity from prosecution despite a congressional committee arguing against it the committee found evidence that at least eight hundred thousand dollars he received wasn't registered and immoral services have been held in the united states to mark sixteen years since the september eleventh attacks. victims' relatives survivors and rescuers gathered at the former world trade center in new york those were the headlines the news
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continues here on al-jazeera after witness station thanks a lot. on counting the cost this week north korea's economic strategy to withstand international pressure up the importance of a few deep for support to casaus plans for economic security plus how china's crackdown on initial coital for example acts digital currency is counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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just whatever he will with your money with nothing. to do you have. a look might look larry flynt out. of the what you're doing. really rallying around me. was. going to. come up here a minute show you do you believe you just thank you for your latest cd. this is where the fairies. website called china's largest social media site. one day last year i was checking the training topics. and i saw this very fashion
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designer i didn't doubt it was actually a way volkow is a fairy tale my girl calls herself the next. except the girl is a farmer living in a rural area that had never heard of in all the materials for her fashion designs are foreign objects that tickles farm tools umbrellas boy stuff girl stuff with one hundred thousand followers she was an internet celebrity and i was very interested in her like many chinese my age i don't wake up too and long but to wait for these facebook twitter and you tube or banning china. with one hundred forty character limit is the best platform for people in china to share information and be heard so it has gradually become a manufacturer of various internet celebrities one day i messaged her and she replied. do you want to feel my first fashion show in my hometown in be one of my models. well but not.
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really so it's a shock. to. i saw you could say that some looked really funny that you know i have to accept. that you are male we are watching it without your. own
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it's. time to. show. that you. should consult. the ones on the show. yes.
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i say they wish they would put you on your. toes but i don't know how the bottle to deal with the deadly. i mean to me it would ruin your initial joy of. knowing that you can say you didn't will not having the job to tell. me what you want to charge and. you'll git that you have to do new deal on. the side to shield on the oh and. what.
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ha ha ha. that's a routine you post the picture every day. are pictures went viral overnight. the out . that we're doing right now we're out of. the hospital. we could hear from. sudan on the one in the south. rising to open the hatch and you do this i actually didn't know you could do that to the hour.
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they don't. get on the phone but it says on this bill you are. from the from. the sea which would put even the lady gaga. to share. for me coming. back. in the yes show me i can hide then put on and how do you know we were happy that you know what you know. how you want to down the feeling of not doing.
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your day to come to a. song not do it through the need to know how to go. home to play a song from. down time when. you go out to dinner your dad. has a. son who. do too. much he's little odd to you he's up to what. he. did to you what you want. it would show. some thoughts
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ha ha . you know awards are short your trees. come in the form of the two though you try them. so you carry it the way i don't see it has a girl who would do it in your intuition and then i knew that then no insulin has additional water back to it in the sun you often do you get your pen and pad on you don't have that much time and you will hold so much to do you when you're trying to appeal. to the you know nash of the new now sat each a whole fight you know repressed one hundred have not now do you with how. do you what a laugh. the sound will sound for and then you see and they all you'll hear the. voices the heart had had all those assume with you you some where did you carlos you hold that how do the sounds of it deal was such
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a hard time on the. amazon a job with holly sax and montana sosa now how so my audition time about sallie mae and we do the math and the banning of poor that ca actually choose that will allow you to pull you all. right so you tell the whole my last question told. you you all mark you don't know you're down the road you'll get around to some kind of a shot at n.p.r. which we. call our mutual friendship bob
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a huge chunk of. the you want to someone yearly and where on the floor do i go to the cloud so. you hope would like to have it in. for your company down one jot isn't about what john. go to when. i should go sit down in own thoughts. about. that i mean the yearly crowd i didn't draw going to the. moon is we're not going to. do did you tried out i was about to turn into a different hundred to one. project you so passionate about yeah we'll show you how do you. do you sam i know you and. i hold all drama.
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go is that how you how barry how. do you says john t. says how silly washington who john still will quit you on that. no matter. what i can. coming to the not usual to do no wrong way to.
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dash and cement his phone. how did i know it's a cia aha that he lives. in. may you. know you go quote go go go look. tisha which is a. new. bin when i. was on. the ocean i. was in that gulf war don't try to how do you for. a hit an actual financial mill shore.
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financial you couldn't. just on the show he enjoyed what was she just. wanted to go to our home was a candle to blow one. hand while to see how much of. all this attention i'm getting now has nothing to do with luck is that. good i just know you'll watch it all those that hold for. i learned on the years i'm. sure trying to.
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get the time that they are. now not. in the war notions wish to hold what she wants who don't know. the arabs were ok let's go now until the end. a leg a low
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a low end. the ok the ok you know any. good. going to. the loo. you know ok you.
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know ok low end. ok the old. the old. the old. the be ok again. you know. no. i was going to the use.
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of the law. and i thought i had finally come out of the. mayo i. was what. so you should be with us we should be doing. she actually told her when she got even was legal was still going i said just finishing the job the results
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on the front of us going to school it may seem you cannot have done so what's the old time talent to go to a job additions. to do you good so do i see that man right right. right right right doesn't. sound like you are a person we. could. see this was not. that. he told. one. was good let's. see how much was.
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told. minus one to the. first question do you want me to give you an example graham romney. for example you know john mccain probably should come up with. what you did you didn't see the. week our. coming out. good times with the guys. on the. cushion now. ok
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so that person will come up and was you know the. charges that the judge in the past was something to look at and also that natural to push on should now be giving to the dealer who actually i myself see here. to look at it. was feeling a little. bit it was a bad. situation you see here and this is. what he says it wasn't it you know you will come out with you know that we would love. to. see. you doing was was.
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on. then how do you know she has. her with her. hand over to each. hand jane who. do she. only charged you.
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with i collaborated with vice china on the shorter version of this bill in publishing the largest media site in china it got over one hundred thousand hits on the first day. to very surprise the commons in response to the video were nothing like the cyber bullying she was used to. so in a chinese clothing brand reach out to theory and wanted to collaborate with crayon is new collection. imitations to appear on more t.v. shows follow soon after very jarring. this time or wanted to talk about her persistence in pursuing her dreams.
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are filling us in hand all made how. woman reality on the show. the guy who was your favorite bond the show. that i shall fire. because i was here to hire you when you couldn't fish you honey maid how those where it's always easy when they go for you when i want me how was she for you to go when you tell you your mr allison gets hot pepper isn't so sure i see how you fall for treasure as you have in the books of the stanky he's. with you as i don't give up where you thought the odds offered by the way the thief yourself doesn't know me well you realize i was raised in a very high. thank .
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you. sports betting is on the rise around the world with gambling runs in my blood but the odds are always stacked against those who take the risks how much money did you lose gambling millions billions yeah i'll just see real world follows the downward spiral of two lives like to buy betting on horses. i dream about gambling in numbers i don't feel comfortable with out that i'll gamble until i die bosses of misfortune but this time when i'll just say or a world. in this life the most incredible stories are
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often true. and sharing don't experiences. makes the on from you or for me or. in this life diversity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater than ourselves in this life what i want to use is freedom of expression. the right to mortgage. sean and a lot into the darkness. because you're destroying the desire to understand that. makes us human. and the human condition is universal. one. along europe's baltic borders tensions are increasing as nato
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strengthens us defenses and russia gears up for war games of its own of course we'll weren't worried about unpredictability of russia we have to be prepared and we have to react if needed but will the conflict rehearsals ever translate into the real thing as they say if you don't want a war prepare for war and people in power reports as tony are going on a bear hunt at this time on a. these are by far the strongest measures ever imposed on north korea the united nations security council approves new sanctions targeting north korea and its nuclear program. hello i'm down jonas al jazeera.


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