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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2017 11:00am-11:33am AST

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this and russia gears up for workings of its own of course we don't want worried about unpredictability of russia we have to be prepared and we have to react to it but will the conflict rehearsals ever translate into the real thing as they say if you don't want a war prepare for war people in power reports is tonia going on a bear hunt at this time on a. south korea welcomes the u.n. security council vote to impose more sanctions on north korea and calls on pyongyang to stop challenging international peace. whether you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also
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ahead the prime minister of bangladesh visits range of muslims who fled the country promising not to tolerate any injustice against them. assessing the damage in florida where officials fear a humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of hurricane. and on sea and land al-jazeera goes on a clandestine mission with one of the most elite units in the philippines military . south korea and japan have praised the u.n. security council's decision to impose new sanctions on the north the u.s. wanted tougher measures but they were eventually watered down diplomatic editor james bays has more now from the united nations. this was the result the u.s. ambassador nikki haley wanted even though she had to weaken her resolution to get
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it a unanimous vote by the security council to punish north korea for its latest nuclear test today the security council has acted in a different way today we're attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime china and russia may have voted for the resolution but both said it was only part of the solution the u.s. and south korea they said should stop military exercises and remove the fired missile defense system and there should be new talks new that so it's a big mistake to underestimate this russia china initiative it remains on the table at the security council and we will insist on it being considered you know as well that it's pretty clear that the u.s. had wanted to push through a much tougher resolution this is the text that was voted on by the security council but out zeros obtained an earlier version that was circulated last week by
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comparing the two you can see the items that the u.s. had to drop to get russian and chinese support the original draft included a total ban of sale of oil petroleum and gas to north korea that was changed to some restrictions on sales it also had included a total ban on hiring and paying workers from north korea the original version also called for a travel ban and assets freeze on the north korean leader and freezing the finances of north korea's national airline one of the u.s. is closest allies says despite the changes this was a strong resolution ambassador you say it's a robust resolution yes it's watered down from the earlier draft and key elements be taken out of what's called negotiation and that's what we do here in the security council there is a sick. if you can prize in keeping the whole of the security council united and that is without doubt why the u.s.
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decided to withdraw items from its original draft the trumpet ministration has very few good options when it comes to north korea but a veto by russia and china would have divided the international community making things even more difficult james pays out of the united nations all the japanese prime minister shinzo abi says the u.n. vote was the right thing to do. you see. we highly appreciate a swift unanimous vote on the resolution on sanctions against north korea at a significantly tough. it is important that we put the strongest pressure on north korea so that it changes its policy for this in the international community showed a clear will showing cooperation and solidarity with will join us live on skype from tokyo is michael pan michael paine is the president of the soon news agency michael penn we know what she thinks about this what do the people of japan think about this. when the people of japan of course are most concerned about the
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prospect of missiles raining down on the country especially if their nuclear tipped missiles so but i don't think that they have an exact idea of what the policy should be the japanese government tends to be very very hawkish and they supported the tougher draft what you're what your report talked about but the japanese people in general they think that this might be justified but they're not sure there's a lot of uncertainty among the public what the best way forward is. is there a sense perhaps in which this tranche of sanctions is the best possible outcome so far because whilst japan wanted a full oil embargo they have left something in reserve and as much as if they want to up the ante at any point for any reason they still have some place to go with this well left to its own devices the ave administration would have gone for the
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very toughest sanctions right now but in terms of the achievable outcomes considering the positions of china and russia this is the best outcome because you know having had no agreement among the five powers would have been a worst case situation so they were able to get these sanctions which are pretty tough they're not their toughest that have been done today and they do include oil sanctions of some kind for the first time but you know the japanese government's way of thinking is that they want to push these sanctions to be as tough as possible but they can live with what they've got so long as it preserves unanimous vote on the u.n. security council to prepare for the worst but wish for the best i guess would be what everyone wants out of this is there an expectation however on the part of the japanese government that north korea will still do something mecurio something unpredictable. oh well i think that almost everybody doesn't think that there is
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any solution here and they did they mean i would be shocked if anybody actually thought that the sanctions were going to change north korea's behavior or that north korea would give up its missile and nuclear development as a result of these sanctions so yeah i mean it in some sense is just going through the motions nobody really expects this to have a serious. impact on changing north korea's policies how does mr mann get to a situation where this is not a political issue where his handling of it is not a political issue for him in terms of his political survival well i mean from obvious point of view domestically this is all good stuff because he had been very under attack for a number of domestic scandals and this kind of plays to what his strength is which is you know a management of foreign policy and in a competent and reasonable way so he's seen his own approval going up as
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a result of the crisis with north korea so obvious point of view the tensions with north korea are politically good thing for him michael parent will leave it there thank you very much michael penn there in tokyo the bangladeshi prime minister sheikh hasina is promising to help the thousands of range of muslims who fled to her country camps are struggling to cope with more than three hundred thousand ranger who arrive since fighting began in me in moscow rakhine state two weeks ago a senior went to one of the camps and said she would not tolerate any injustice against them the military accuses range of fighters of attacking police posts triggering quotes clearing operations the u.k. and sweden are requesting an un security council meeting on the violence against the range in the slums well for more on that let's take you live now to cox's bazaar and our correspondent tom via child free time via that's what she has seen it is saying what is she prepared to do. well she's going to attend the
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u.n. and she's going to raise this issue in the u.n. in the general assembly in coming days she has been far more sympathetic and conciliatory towards the refugees this was not a stand maybe a year back she was much more hard or she wouldn't want to actually accept any of the record just crossing over here just change that under public pressure opposition prep by a lot of critics who are saying that she needs to be more concealer the allow these people in and not push them back also she was very critical of the me and my regimen a speech today she said that been you know barbaric and there are atrocities what they're doing however she stopped short of directly criticizing on trying to t. she said she's helpless because she's under the military dictator behind the scenes so she has not much to do with that at the same time she expressed her. saying that the bangladesh during the one nine hundred seventy one liberation was faced a similar predicament when millions of refugees took shelter in india during the wires so she equates that with what's going on now i actually question in the end
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of the space what she thinks about the insurgency she said they don't support any kind of extremists and extremism or insurgency or terrorism and she won't tolerate that in her country and she will cooperate with me on mark to cut out any kind of insurgency she also handed out really packages to some of the rowing guys who just recently arrived she was very kind to them there are lots of people gathered there a lot of them were refugees and others were just common people from around the founding heavy security was there however she visited one of the registered camp official registered camp not those nuances that recently been built are the ones there are temporary shelter but the fact that she's taking this into a different level she is increasing the diplomatic activity is now arguing india and china to exert pressure on me and mark to resolve this problem shows that she is serious about getting this resolved one way or another by diplomatic means. we
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have yet to see india china united reactor of man mad because that really excited some pressure on me on my bike bangladesh cannot really influence it doesn't have the leverage our kind of leverage that in needs to pressure the way the p.r.'s ma'am are cracking down every day every nightly hear from people who've been shot at the mine explosion. on one of the systematic way of driving out all the rowing from dock on province and the situation on the ground for the common people i mean the common rowing guys were taking. it seriously critical just within the last three days two hundred kids were admitted to the hospital which was an overflow that situation also need to be tackled because things could really go out of hand if more rights are coming inside bangladesh within next few weeks. thank you. still to come here on al-jazeera. the.
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british legislation. the european union has passed its first big hurdle in the house of commons the parliament in london plus. i was so upset i was so humiliated . and award winning lebanese film director summoned to a military court. in israel. by the springtime flowering of a mountain late. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello and welcome to international weather forecasts now we've seen some really quite vicious weather affecting central parts of europe particularly through northern parts of italy or in the adriatic and into the balkans croatia in particular we've had some really big rainfall totals some nasty storms being reported here strong winds across more north western areas also looking pretty
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unsettled definitely autumnal moments and really strong winds to get down across the u.k. and through up into scandinavia over the next couple of days fine across here and there still a big risk of significant storm activity during choose day heading on through into wednesday more low pressure systems pushing in and very strong winds through into denmark and norway and sweden central parts here or southeastern parts of europe still looking pretty warm bucharest there looking at highs of twenty eight degrees celsius on the other side of the matter trainers pretty warm for karo temperatures there thirty eight otherwise temperatures much as you would expect just right about the thirty mark into central parts of africa for so sudan central african republic and towards cameroon that's where the most potent showers are and likely to continue as well lagos may just about stay dry for the west we've got some unsettled weather across parts of west africa but dry and bamako in mali the weather sponsored by qatar race. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on
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the same when they're on line one to the u.s. citizens here and what puts people of iraq by one in the same if you join us on sat i was never. differently because i'm darker than all the people this is a dialogue so it has a stream and one of their pitches might make the next shot join the global conversation. this time. welcome back here with al-jazeera live from doha your headlines the u.n. security council has agreed to impose new sanctions on north korea but they're not
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as tough as the u.s. had been hoping the sanctions restrict fuel supplies and block pyongyang's textile exports. the bangladeshi prime minister sheikh hasina has promised to help her engine muslims who fled to her country from me and has seen a visit in one of the camps housing refugees and said she would not tolerate any violence against them. it's a crucial moment in the process of brics it british m.p.'s have given their first approval to a bill that would give ministers power to bypass parliament and create new laws the government says it's essential to allow the u.k. to leave the european union smoothly however as lawrence lee explains critics warn it might undermine democracy. there are still those who demand the u.k. remains in the european union but judging by these tiny protests outside parliament increasingly few believe it's actually possible. for the basin votes were just one
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stage of an enormous process albeit an extremely important one the government's supposed to hand power to ministers to be able to change e.u. laws into british ones without consulting parliaments many opposition politicians say that is a threat to democracy but a notable number who support breck's it voted not with their party but with the government's they said be made to happen i knew would become the guys and i knew it would be difficult so i knew we would say something of what we're saying now. which is a rear guard reaction from those people who prefer the european union to make our laws rather than the people of the united kingdom will be i find i'm sure turn this bill into one the ruling conservatives ordered every single m.p. to toe the line even the most passionate pro europeans for me there's no two more fundamental british values than democracy and the rule of law and this bill strikes at the heart of both democracy and the rule of law because it prevents parliament
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from scrutinizing laws and it prevents the courts from ensuring that ministers only use their powers. for question is that the government lost the vote it probably would have collapsed it didn't so the process moves on it's all enormously difficult. for supporters of the whole point is to make the country more democratic to increase parliamentary sovereignty and yet the complaints is they're doing something profoundly anti democratic to get there and that's very uncomfortable for many m.p.'s it's also procedural as of yet there is nobody in there offering any clear vision as to what britain is supposed to look like after bricks it in twenty nine seen. the al-jazeera in london. recent airstrikes carried out by the saudi led coalition in yemen are unlawful and have killed many children that's according to human rights watch says thirty nine civilians were killed in five air strikes in
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the month of june twenty six of them young people they died when four family homes and a grocers was hit an airstrike antonis in july killed fourteen members of the same family including nine children human rights watch says those attacks show coalition promises to improve compliance with the laws of war have failed to protect the children of yemen jordan from the un. human rights watch says that the saudi led coalition carried out more than six hundred air strikes in yemen between . soon and august of this year of those strikes five of them were fatal we killed thirty nine civilians twenty six of them children human rights watch says that's all the more reason why two things need to happen one the un's human rights council should immediately convene an international independent investigation during its meeting this month to look into alleged war atrocities the other thing is something which human rights watch and other n.g.o.s have called for in the past
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a relisting of the saudi led coalition on the un secretary general's report on children and armed conflict the so-called name and shame list in two thousand and sixteen the saudi government threatened to withhold funding to the un if any of the members of the coalition landed on that so-called blacklist under intense pressure the secretary general at the time bonn ki-moon relented and pulled the saudi led coalition and its members from that list he didn't came under much criticism and he in turn criticized the saudis and their allies for putting the pressure and not taking responsibility for their conduct in the battlefield now there's a new secretary general antonio good debt ish and he is facing the same pressure to put the saudi led coalition on this blacklist one thing that isn't being discussed is whether the united states is lobbying on behalf of the saudis and the other
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coalition members to not be involved in this blacklist however earlier this year when the u.s. president donald trump met with saudi leaders at the time there were promises made that they would be much more careful in their air war against the who these and others affiliated with them in the civil war in yemen will course we'll have to wait to find out when the final report comes out whether antonio guterres gave in to this pressure from the. saudis and their allies or whether he is listening to human rights organizations and trying to hold people accountable for their conduct during wartime at least thirty eight people have been killed by a hurricane in the caribbean and that includes ten in cuba which was badly battered by high winds and waves most of the deaths were caused by collapsing buildings and electric shocks was the strongest hurricane made landfall in cuba since nineteen thirty two. florida is without power ripped through their causing
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a path of destruction at least nine people died in the u.s. heidi jocasta reports now from tampa where people are starting just to assess the damage. the search for survivors begins in the florida keys where officials fear a humanitarian crisis and untold number of people defied evacuation orders ahead of arm as a rival despite warnings that staying would be suicide. was lifted by the storm surge and carried across the highway one and posited about one hundred meters from where originally came from as the florida death toll rises in other parts of the state have begun to clean up the storm a category four hurricane at its first u.s. landfall left a trail of destruction from miami to naples further to the north the city of tampa is breathing a huge sigh of relief the extent of our most damage here some downed walls some
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trees and power lines now this is the best case scenario for this vulnerable region of bays and more drainage that had originally been forecast to be in the bull's eye of the storm but instead east but the sheer mass of the storm meant no florida city was safe police in orlando had to be evacuated some neighborhoods and life threatening flooding continues in jacksonville a disaster declaration covers the entire state. to florida i use tell you that everybody is going to work hard the way i think about it is we got to keep everybody safe we've got to get we've got to get our hospitals back open we've got to get our fuel back here we've got to get our roads open we got to get everybody their literacy back and i can't tell you it's not working with the majority of the states still without power life in florida may not return to normal for days or weeks meanwhile still a powerful tropical storm continues to churn north causing flooding in south
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carolina and beyond i do castro al jazeera tampa florida. the congress in guatemala has protected the president jimmy marla's from facing trial over irregular financing during his election campaign m.p.'s voted to keep his immunity from prosecution a congressional committee says it found evidence that at least eight hundred thousand dollars he received was not registered last month guatemala began a corruption trial against the brother and son president morales. hundreds of thousands of people in spain's catalonia region have celebrated their national day comes less than a month before the regional government is she told a referendum on independence from spain the central government says that is a legal council only as national day commemorates the fall of barcelona in the war of spanish a session back in seventeen fourteen the anniversary is often used by activists to voice their demands for an independent state. security forces fighting armed groups
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in the southern philippines are focusing their efforts on one strategic league last month navy seals intercepted several boats carrying weapons ammunition and material to make bombs jamila an indoor gun was given exclusive access to see the seals in action on lake la now on mindanao island. we've been given the rare access to join what is the elite forces of good local militia. the need to feel they specialize in counterterrorism operations in guerrilla combat they have been fighting armed groups in the southern philippines like the door yes i would say yeah an armed group known for its criminal activities the philippines the military has been warning for some time that the security threat to the philippines will only get worse if you have ground which is a departure from the hit and takes of the past ten or fifteen years it is an application of a new teaching that the caliphate must have very thoroughly and they must be
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prepared to defend at the diaper. months later that did happen members of the abu sayyaf merged with another local armed group called them out they took control of several parts of mirali city in the southern philippines the group raised its black flag in several key government buildings. over the work of the philippine maybe bessel warfare group is going to be a game changer here since the crisis began they were able to secure. the most critical part of this week they have managed to intercept the reinforcements and this is the repartee they have also captured as k please call them out a group. from the target i joined them on one of the reconnaissance but. we navigate through the dark waters of lake la now one of the most perilous areas in the mid the now region. we are now in the enemy's line of fire just
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five hundred meters from the main battle area. and then suddenly the mouth has said several houses on fire we are now visible from the port controlled by the multi-group the commander says we have to turn back. to wander. over on the other night the seals take us to a different location the mouth they are under heavy bombardment from the philippine military. but they are fighting back and even the seals position is targeting. the seals are rarely seen and heard and they prefer it that way a small specialized unit that also admits that the fight against them out is already one of the hardest battles it has ever faced but they remain determined
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despite no sign that the fighting will and anytime soon. al-jazeera but are we see the southern philippines. one of lebanon's most prominent film directors was detained and ordered to appear before a military court just days before the release of his latest film french lebanese directors. whose most recent film won a prize at the venice film festival was briefly sustained after arriving at beirut airport. from beirut. when acclaimed film directors do it again. was ordered to appear before a military tribunal in lebanon it was for him a severe shock said i could see him out of his latest film the insult a courtroom drama filmed in lebanon that explores simmering tensions throughout lebanese society hasn't just garnered raves it has also been selected by lebanon's ministry of culture as its official entry for this year's best foreign language film oscar race was so hard that only i was so upset i was so humiliated not by the
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authorities that have been his authority whether yesterday at the checkpoint or whether today in court there were fantastic they behaved in a very calm way very suspect for way i felt humiliated by those who are trying to stop the from makers from doing his work i want to do it a dual lebanese french citizen it says he was detained due to a complaint being launched against him for filming part of his previous film two thousand and twelve the attack in israel lebanon bars its citizens from travel to israel so when news emerged that do it he had filmed there the attack was banned from release in lebanon and many conservative citizens demanded the director apologize while the lebanese government has not commented on the complaint that landed him in court the director says the case against him has now been dropped and he's ready to move on we're happy when we make movies that gets to be seen everywhere and then suddenly people they people who do not like what i do or
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people who feel threatened by the subject that i talk about they don't want to come up but it's coming out. do it the supporters however are outraged by how he's been treated were a lemon are right that i will count those would have been a lot more we have freedom of expression or we'll have our rights because lebanon is one of the most permissive and liberal countries in this region it can come as a surprise to outside observers when works of art are censored here now sometimes it's the content that's to blame books or movies that contain scenes considered to be too adult in nature but when it comes to one particular type of work there are no questions anything coming from israel a country that lebanon is still at war with is banned. just last week while the n.t. his cast and crew were being celebrated at the venice film festival an israeli film foxtrot was also being awarded it has since been slammed by israeli officials for
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what they consider to be a negative portrayal of the israeli army another indication of just how sensitive the job of an artist can be in the middle east one of the sodomite with the big question now the reaction of lebanese audiences to the insult upon its release later this week. not just how many people will see it but perhaps more importantly how they will view it how much. they don't but. you're watching al-jazeera these are the top stories the united nations security council has agreed to impose new sanctions on north korea they restrict fuel supplies and block textile exports the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said the new sanctions malcolm major increase in the pressure on north korea and japan's prime minister shinzo of a so the u.n. vote was the right thing to do. you can you see his face say we highly appreciate
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a swift unanimous vote on the resolution on sanctions against north korea at a significantly tough. in fact it is important that we put the strongest pressure on north korea so that it changes its policy for this in the international community showed a clear will showing cooperation and solidarity with. previous efforts to bring north korea to the negotiating table have failed they have repeatedly walked back every commitment they have made today the security council has acted in a different way today we are attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime we are done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing we are now acting to stop them from having the ability to continue doing the wrong thing the bangladeshi prime minister sheikh hasina has visited ranger refugee camps for the first time since thousands began
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arriving into bangladesh from me in ma two weeks ago she said she won't tolerate injustice towards ranger and demanded that me and ma take steps to take the nationals back recent airstrikes by the saudi led coalition in yemen are illegal and have killed large numbers of children according to human rights watch it says twenty six children are among thirty nine civilians killed in five s. strikes since the month of june they died when four family homes in the shop were hit british m.p.'s have given their first approval to a bill that would give ministers power to bypass parliament and create new laws the government says that's essential to allow the u.k. to leave the european union smoothly. at least thirty eight people were killed by a hurricane in the caribbean now that includes ten people in cuba which was badly battered by high winds and very big waves was the strongest hurrican to make landfall in cuba.


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