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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2017 2:00pm-2:33pm AST

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it's about unpredictability of russia we have to be prepared and we have to react if needed but will the conflict rehearsals ever translate into the real thing as they say if you don't want a war prepare for war and people in power reports is tonia going on a bear hunt at this time on a. north korea warns of retaliation after the un posies new sanctions. law again my name's peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also ahead iraq's
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parliament says nova's of this month's planned vote on a kurdish independence referendum plus. what is it. all done you know some people on the right hear the bangladeshi prime minister condemns me and for the violence against range of muslims. and on sea and land al-jazeera goes with a clandestine mission with one of the most elite units in the philippines military . the north korean envoy to the un has reacted with anger to the latest sanctions from the united nations against his country he said that pyongyang will now take measures that will inflict elicit the greatest pain on the u.s. u.s. allies in asia have welcomed the tougher sanctions approved by the u.n. security council on monday the new measures. restrict fuel supplies blocked textile
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exports and banned foreign countries from hiring north korean workers massacred into james bays. this was the result the us ambassador nikki haley wanted even though she had to weaken her resolution to get it a unanimous vote by the security council to punish north korea for its latest nuclear test today the security council has acted in a different way today we're attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime china and russia may have voted for the resolution but both said it was only part of the solution the u.s. and south korea they said should stop military exercises and remove the fired missile defense system and there should be new talks new that so it's a big mistake to underestimate this russia china initiative it remains on the table at the security council and we will insist on it being considered. it's pretty
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clear that the u.s. had wanted to push through a much tougher resolution this is the text that was voted on by the security council but out as zeros obtained an earlier version that was circulated last week by comparing the two you can see the items that the u.s. had to drop to get russian and chinese support the original draft included a total ban of sale of oil petroleum and gas to north korea that was changed to some restrictions on sales it also had included a total ban on hiring and paying workers from north korea the original version also called for a travel ban and assets freeze on the north korean leader and freezing the finances of north korea's national airline one of the u.s. is closest allies says despite the changes this was a strong resolution ambassador you say it's a robust. resolution yes it's watered down from the earlier draft and key elements
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be taken out of what's called negotiation and that's what we do here in the security council there is a significant prize in keeping the whole of the security council united and that is without doubt why the u.s. decided to withdraw items from its original draft the trumpet ministration has very few good options when it comes to north korea but a veto by russia and or china would have divided the international community making things even more difficult james pays out his area of the united nations well the japanese prime minister shinzo of a says the u.n. vote was the right thing to do. you see here we highly appreciate a swift unanimous vote on the resolution on sanctions against north korea at a significantly tough. it is important that we put the strongest pressure on north korea so that it changes its policy for this in the international community showed
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a clear will showing cooperation and solidarity with kathy novak is our correspondent in the south korean capital seoul kathy how is this being seen where you are. well the south korean government for its part has welcomed the saying sions it says that this is a strong message from the international community to north korea that if it continues these provocations that it will just receive more pressure from the international community and further sanctions of course sanctions make north korea extremely angry we've heard the in or the korean ambassador speaking at a u.n. sponsored conference on disarmament in geneva threatening great pain against the u.s. also going on to say the washington regime is fired up for political economic and military confrontation this is similar language that we heard from north korea the foreign ministry released a statement through the state news agency before the u.n. vote and threatening action if for their sanctions were implemented of course they
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are designed not only to punish north korea but as we heard from the japanese prime minister there to force it to change its policy but typically north korea reacts angrily and does exactly the opposite so all eyes will be now on what north korea actually north korea does to actually respond south korea says that north korea is preparing for another ballistic missile test at any time and the defense ministry says that it has been monitoring activity at north korea's nuclear research facility and says it is prepared for another nuclear test at any time is there another dynamic here where you are kathy and might it be this that if they go for the tougher sanctions are you the total. but potentially could have destabilized the regime north of the border and nobody wants a destabilized north korea with where we are today being the starting point. well the south korean foreign minister before the vote was saying that oil must be part of any sanctions and oil was in there but watered down as we know and that was
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to get russian and particularly chinese support china as you're referring to then disperses definitely does not want to see instability on its border it does not want to see a situation where the government is effectively brought to its knees and that might cause a flow of refugees across the border into china and indeed a unified korea that would have american troops on the chinese borders and that is in part why china would be pushing back against any strong action when it comes to cutting off the oil supply that would greatly damage north korea's ability to build up its military its missile program and its nuclear testing program so the united states and its allies had to come to some kind of compromise at the u.n. security council to reach an agreement that china and russia were happy with so at least there was a united front if not a stronger front as the united states and perhaps south korea would have wanted
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cathy thank you well the burden of it forcing some of those sanctions falls on customs officials on the border between south and north korea adrian brown reports from dandong in china hours before the u.n. vote it was business as usual in dandong a steady flow of empty lorries to north korea cross the single lane friendship bridge a vital economic conduit for the north. thereby other trucks enter a customs yard before hitting the other way. there covered cargoes offering few clues of what might be inside. but some trucks appeared to be carrying building materials. experts say because north korea's government is now so hard up china is selling on credit. so the north needs hard cash from wherever it can get it the stirring patrie arctic songs are
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a feature of one of dandong most popular north korean restaurants in fieri new sanctions mean these performers can't be replaced by new musicians from the north the wages of the performers waitresses and cooks are collected directly by the regime a very lucrative source of hard currency what happens as well these restaurant is the people work there. basically all the money is going back or only a pittance is going to the people who are actually doing the business these are i would i don't say france because they offer real services analysts say that kim jong un knows that china's leaders will not allow his regime to collapse because of what could follow hundreds of thousands of refugees pouring across the border into china swimming across this very river and the prospect of a united and democratic south korea with the possibility of u.s. military bases right on china's doorstep in spite of that risk some chinese people
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think the government needs to be tougher with a neighbor and should all united together and punish them otherwise they would just do more damage to us not of course north korea should be punished it has a great impact on china north korea is right next door if there is radiation cost by a nuclear test or even a war breaks out it will have tremendous impact on china cutting off the oil that china pumps underground to north korea from this refinery would have had a big impact but that was a step too far for china's leaders for now they'll continue their push for a diplomatic solution to reign in their old ally adrian brown al jazeera dandong in other news the iraqi parliament has just voted to reject this month's referendum on independence by the semi autonomous region of kurdistan campaigning is already underway for the vote it should take place on september the twenty fifth iraq as
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well as neighboring turkey and iran are opposed to the non-binding referendum imran khan joins us live from build the capital of the kurdistan region in iraq so emraan hardly a big surprise this news. the right rule always expecting the iraqi parliament to vote against the referendum promised the body is always maintained that he doesn't want this referendum to go ahead now the kurdish m.p.'s in baghdad actually walked out of the vote and the vote was passed almost unanimously by those and he's the left so to speak of the palm and was also very clear he says the iraqi government now needs to reach out to the kurdish regional government and negotiate over this referendum we've also had reaction from the kurds they've said that this vote is known binding on them but it is a very interesting interesting constitutional a dilemma the kurdish polman now needs to meet it needs to pass
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a law about the referendum and then it becomes binding however the kurds said that the iraqi parliament vite makes no difference to them so it's a very interesting kind of constitutional who is in the right here will both sides have their positions pro president. is adamant he wants this to go through will he convene a meeting of the palm and hasn't met for a number of months now so will he convene that meeting and will they pass that law so it's all eyes now on the k o g palm and whether they'll meet and whether the hospital but for now you can probably see very much in the distance that lot more kurdish flags than we've seen people are gearing up for this referendum they say it is going to go ahead but there's opposition also within the kurds themselves they say no finale movement saying that we need to get our act together in house and that includes the parliament before we go to a vote it's too soon. intense pressure from the international community not just as you say from syria from turkey from iran but also from america and the e.u.
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as well you have said that the referendum shouldn't go ahead is there a feeling there that the central government in baghdad is prepared to go further than it's gone to make sure this referendum doesn't happen. well there's certainly an idea from the kurds here that the baghdad government the central government does want to somehow hobble this referendum but there's not a huge amount that they can do other than go through the legal process is take it to the supreme court for example but time is running out and you know we're already of just many was eleven twelve days away from the referendum itself taking place and there's also another issue here is or which is one of kirkuk the kurds claim as their territory however that's claimed by the iraqi federal government as their territory the arab less than the turkmen shia and he's are opposed the referendum taking place within kurd cook itself the kurds there say it will take place so there's a number of issues to take place that need to be dealt with however we are running
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out of time the kurds are marching forward with this referendum they say it has to happen now imran thanks very much. the bangladeshi prime minister shaikh sina has promised food and shelter to thousands of ranger refugees escaping the violence and me in my comments while visiting refugee camps chikezie no one she will not tolerate violence against the ranger she asked me in march take back those who've been forced from their homes the fighting began in the northern rakhine state two weeks ago more than three hundred thirteen thousand have subsequently fled the violence. and you know.
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that. the common people have forty. three children. and. i also. you know i want to know why most of the. muslim people are becoming if you. will i think all the muslim. and i did. you still to come for you here on al-jazeera more criticism of the saudi led coalition for its role in the war in yemen. and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu makes a controversial visit to argentina.
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welcome back we'll take a look at weather conditions across asia and across northeastern areas we've had a pretty active frontal system this is this is that which gave a lot of rain across the korean peninsula it is clearing japan but his house given some very heavy rain in places you can see there the forecast suggest then that that system continues to push into the pacific wanted to the ripples on it may just give the old shower across the eastern side of honshu but otherwise it's getting better well for the rain clearing away from her cairo during the course of the day fine conditions across the korean peninsula and there's a head on through into thursday you see generally got to dry conditions for tokyo but further south as away from that front just bringing rain up from the south it should be dry in beijing and dry further south in shanghai now heading further towards societies around the supplementary just coming into the edge of the screen
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is what is typhoon time now this could well become the equivalent a category four hurricane as it just rushes by the northern tip of taiwan about eight hundred g.m.t. on thursday and then it runs along the coast up toward shanghai so really has got the potential to cause some significant flooding problems across this area this is tropical depression twenty one which continues to move away from the philippines elsewhere really see some showers in hong kong and eventually think this system will give some heavy rain across parts of vietnam. russian filmmaker andre neck result travels across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin the russian economy is in crisis tank and unstable oil prices fluctuating currents half of the country struggles to make ends meet so in times like those boring jobs economists calculate everything we don't want to think what will happen when the bank takes away our black. in search of putin's russia at
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this time on al-jazeera. welcome back here without us here i'm peter double your top stories north korea has rejected a u.n. security council resolution imposing sanctions that restrict fuel supplies and block pyongyang's textile exports north korea's envoy to the u.n. says the u.s. will soon face the greatest pain it has ever experienced. iraq's parliament has voted to reject this month's referendum on independence by the semi autonomous kurdish region campaigning is already underway for the vote which takes place on september the twenty fifth. and bangladeshis prime minister sheikh hasina has
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promised shelter and food to thousands of muslim or hindu refugees escaping the violence and me and she's been to refugee camps near the border and she warned she won't tolerate violence against the revenge of. the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen is being accused of war crimes human rights watch says recent airstrikes carried out by the coalition were unlawful and killed large numbers of children it says twenty six children among thirty nine civilians were killed in five airstrikes since june they died when four family homes and of course a shop. hit an airstrike on tiny's in july killed fourteen members of the same family including nine children the human rights body says those attacks show coalition promises to improve compliance with the laws of war have failed to protect the children of yemen rose jordan from the united nations. human rights watch says that the saudi led coalition carried out more than six hundred air
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strikes in yemen between june and august of this year of those strikes five of them were fatal we killed thirty nine civilians twenty six of them children human rights watch says that's all the more reason why two things need to happen one the un's human rights council should immediately convene an international independent investigation during its meeting this month to look into alleged war atrocities the other thing is something which human rights watch and other n.g.o.s have called for in the past a relisting of the saudi led coalition on the un secretary general's report on children and armed conflict the so-called name and shame list in two thousand and sixteen the saudi government threatened to withhold funding to the un if any of the members of the coalition landed on that so-called blacklist under intense pressure the secretary general at the time bonn ki-moon relented and pulled the saudi led
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coalition and its members from that list he didn't came under much criticism and he in turn criticize the saudis and their allies for putting the pressure and not taking responsibility for their conduct in the battlefield now there's a new secretary general antonio good data and he is facing the same pressure to put the saudi led coalition on this blacklist one thing that isn't being discussed is whether the united states is lobbying on behalf of the saudis and the other coalition members to not be involved in this blacklist however earlier this year when the u.s. president donald trump met with saudi leaders at the time there were promises made that they would be much more careful in their air war against the who these and others affiliated with them in the civil war in yemen will course. we'll have to wait to find out when the final report comes out whether antonio guterres gave in
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to this pressure from the saudis and their allies or whether he is listening to human rights organizations and trying to hold people accountable for their conduct during war time we can storm continues to cause damage that moves over the u.s. state of georgia atlanta's main airport council hundreds of flights and half of florida has no power to jocasta reports now from tampa where the people there in the process of assessing the damage. the search for survivors begins in the florida keys where officials fear a humanitarian crisis and untold number of people defied evacuation orders ahead of him as a rival despite warnings that staying would be suicide. was lifted by the storm surge and carried across the highway one and posited about one hundred meters from where originally came from as the florida death toll rises in other parts of the state had begun to clean up the storm a category four hurricane at its first u.s.
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landfall left a trail of destruction from miami to naples further to the north the city of tampa is breathing a huge sigh of relief the extent of irma's damage here some downed walls some trees and power lines now this was the best case scenario for this vulnerable region of bays and drainage that had originally been forecast to be in the bull's eye of the storm but instead east. but the sheer mass of the storm meant no florida city was safe police in orlando had to be evacuated some neighborhoods and life threatening flooding continues in jacksonville a disaster declaration covers the entire state of florida i use tell you that everybody is going to work hard think about it is we got to keep everybody safe we've got to get we've got to get our hospitals back open we got to get our fuel back here we've got to get our roads open. their electricity back and i can't tell
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you it's not working with the majority of the state still without power life in florida may not return to normal for days or weeks meanwhile continues to churn north causing flooding in south carolina and beyond castro al-jazeera tampa florida. now the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in argentina on the first visit by an israeli leader he's due to meet president korea in the coming hours and pay homage to victims of attacks on the israeli embassy and the jewish community center in the one nine hundred ninety s. reports from buenos aires. there was tight security in some disruption for the visit to argentina by benjamin netanyahu the first by a sitting israeli prime minister it was welcomed biology and seen as jewish community the largest in latin america. many israeli diplomats and
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ministers have visit dodging tina during the best moments of the jewish community that's why we have such strong ties with israel they've always been there to help. but there will also be protests including from within argentina's jewish community . which we believe these racists is. supporting the recordings. it's a government that. ok it's. very close to big government. who is also in the early word and they are a little conservative government and they are very good roads and they are going to make very good business i think. netanyahu is also criticized at home for escaping corruption investigations into himself and his family. the prime minister traveling with
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a delegation of thirty business leaders will meet arjun time president machree and pay homage to the victims of two attacks in one of cyrus on israeli and jewish sites in the one nine hundred ninety is the jewish communities relationship with argentina has been a long and sometimes troubled one it was at this site in one thousand nine hundred two that the bomb exploded in what was then the israeli embassy killing twenty nine two years later a similar attack at the jewish community center in one of cyrus killed eighty five the perpetrators have still not been found and tried. the political repercussions of that failure are still being felt here more than twenty years later the visit also marks the return of the israeli airline el-al which last touched down in one osiris in may nine hundred sixty that's when israeli agents angered the argentine authorities by bundling aboard an el al flight the fugitive nazi out of eichmann who had sought refuge in argentina they took him to israel where he was tried and hanged for war crimes netanyahu flies on to colombia or mexico on route to the
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united nations general assembly in new york and. one of cyrus. demonstrators a gathering in the french capital paris to protest over president emanuel macro's plans to reform the french labor laws france's biggest union that's the c g t is observing what it's calling a day of action but not all the unions are taking part and the turnout will be an indicator of how much opposition president michel faces from the country's influential unions. security forces fighting on groups in the southern philippines are focusing their efforts on one strategic lake last month navy seals intercepted several boats carrying weapons ammunition and materials to make bombs and was in the with the seals in action. on mindanao island. we've been given a rare access to join what is the elite forces of the local military. the navy
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seals they specialize in counterterrorism operations in guerrilla combat they've been fighting armed groups in the southern philippines like the door yes i would say yeah an armed group known for its criminal activities the philippines the military has been warning for some time that the security threat to the philippines will only get worse if you have ground which is a departure from the hit and takes of the past ten or fifteen years it is an application of a new teaching that the caliphate must have very thoroughly and they must be prepared to defend at the dye three. months later that did happen members of the merged with another local armed group called them out they took control of several parts of mirali city in the southern philippines the group raised its black flag in several key government buildings for a month over the work of the philippine navy vessel warfare group is
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a game changer here since the crisis began they were able to secure. the most critical part of the week they had managed to intercept the reinforcements and this in the repartee they have also captured as key pieces of them out a group. from the target over i joined them on one of the reconnaissance but sure. we navigate through the dark waters of lake line now one of the most perilous areas in the middle now. region. we are now in the enemy's line of fire just five hundred meters from the main battle area. and then suddenly the mouth has set several houses on fire we are now visible from the port controlled by the multi-group the commander says we have to turn back. and i wonder.
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on the other night this seals take us to a different location the mouth they are under heavy bombardment from the philippine military. but they are fighting back and even the seals position is targeting. the seals are rarely seen and heard and they prefer it that way a small specialized unit that also admits that the fight against them out is already one of the hardest battles it has ever faced but they remain determined despite no sign that the fighting will and anytime soon. doug and al jazeera the southern philippines. welcome if you just joining us you're watching al-jazeera we're coming to you live from i had quarters here in your headlines north korea has rejected a u.n. security council resolution imposing sanctions that restrict fuel supplies and
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block pyongyang's textile exports of north korea's envoy to the u.n. says the u.s. will soon face the greatest pain it has ever experienced the japanese prime minister shinzo up so the u.n. vote was the right thing to do. we highly appreciate a swift unanimous vote on the resolution on sanctions against north korea that is significantly. it is important that we put the strongest pressure on north korea so that it changes its policy for this in the international community showed a clear will showing cooperation and solidarity with. the iraqi parliament has voted to reject this month's referendum on independence by the semi autonomous kurdish region campaigning is already underway for the votes which takes place on september the twenty fifth. bangladesh's prime minister sheikh hasina has promised shelter and food to thousands of for hinge refugees escaping beilenson million mom
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she's been to refugee camps near the border and one she won't tolerate violence against the range of. recent airstrikes by the saudi led coalition in yemen are illegal and of kill big numbers of children according to human rights watch it says twenty six children are on thirty nine civilians killed in five air strikes in june they died when four homes in a shop were hit. and we can storm continues to cause damage as it moves over the u.s. state of georgia atlanta's main airport canceled hundreds of flights and half of florida is without power meanwhile a piece thirty eight people were killed by a in the caribbean that includes ten people in cuba which was badly battered by high winds and waves of eleven meters demonstrators are gathering in paris to protest the president emanuel micron's plans to reform the labor laws there france's biggest union that's the c.g. team is observing a day of action but not all unions are taking pot more news on the website now.


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