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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2017 5:00pm-5:33pm AST

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a survivor of the genocide there were people who begged me to kill them to end their suffering but i didn't have the heart to do who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. knowing them here is the door. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because if i could just find a finger i could bury him bone hunter at this time on al-jazeera. the d.p. r. k. is ready to use any form of ultimate means north korea rejects the latest u.n. sanctions and warns the u.s. will face what it calls the greatest pain ever.
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lived has a stake in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iraq's parliament says no to this month's kurdish referendum for independence plus. what is it because of the children. or don't you know some people in the bangladeshi prime minister promises to help arrange a muslims who fled the country but calls on me and ma to take them back. and on sea and land al-jazeera goes on a mission with one of the most elite units of the philippine army. north korea has rejected the latest united nations sanctions it condemned the measures saying the u.s. is fired up for a confrontation north korea's envoy to the u.n. accuse the year us of being obsessed with reversing its development of a nuclear weapon security council unanimously approved new sanctions on north korea
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to restrict oil imports and banned textile exports the resolution is in response to pyongyang six and strongest nuclear tests earlier this month kathy novak has more from seoul this was the result the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. wanted even though nikki haley had to weaken the resolution to get it a unanimous vote to punish north korea for its latest nuclear bomb test today the security council has acted in a different way today we're attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime. at a u.n. sponsored conference on disarmament in geneva north korea's ambassador said his country also known as the d.p. r. k. condemned the sanctions in the strongest terms the d.p. r. k. is ready to use any form of it to me to me. the
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forthcoming misuse by the pataky will make the us so full that creates pain is never experienced in its history. before the vote in new york celebrations in pyongyang for the scientists developing the north's nuclear bomb and missile technology you wanted to close your moon the recent hydrogen bomb test which we conducted was the beacon of our great light demonstrating death to the u.s. and confidence of victory to the north koreans. the u.s. and its allies hope the added pressure on north korea's economy will force the government to stop its nuclear and missile testing and return to the negotiating table. and. it is important to put in our present a level of pressure on north korea to make a change its policies the economy gyptian way north korea should realize on its own that its reckless challenge against international peace would only result in more powerful sanctions from the international community. but the approved sanctions are
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not as stringent as those proposed in an earlier draft u.s. resolution obtained by al jazeera the original draft included a total ban of sale of oil petroleum and gas to north korea that was changed to some restrictions on sales it also had included a total ban on hiring and paying workers from north korea a measure that would have mainly affected china the original version also called for a travel ban and as its freeze on the north korean leader kim jong un and freezing the finances of north korea's national airline choreo air the watered down version was a resolution china and russia could support sending a unified message from the international community the question now is what north korea will do next south korea's defense ministry says it's closely monitoring activity at the north's nuclear research center which is ready for another test at
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any time the government here also says the north could be preparing for another missile launch kathy novak al-jazeera seoul. well it's course not true kimberly how could who is in washington for so kimberly how is the u.s. responding to all of this have certainly had reaction from the treasury secretary steve minutia and who has a strong message for north korea if it continues to as it has stated continue down this path towards nuclear in terms of the contributions of china with regard to the sanctions he says that he feels this is historic but if north korea disregards those u.n. sanctions steve says that fact he has already got a draft prepared for a new financial sanctions that would cut north korea completely off from access in any way to the u.s. financial system so certainly there is this feeling from the united states that further action will happen if north korea continues down this path but the past
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seems to be from the eyes of the united states one of trying to avoid war but instead work on diplomacy through exerting economic pressure what we're seeing as well is out on capitol hill the u.s. congress the house foreign affairs committee is set to begin meeting holding a hearing on north korea that is imminent the chair of that committee saying that it's the hope that they will be able to figure out how to respond to north korea's tast the most recent one which is being recognized as the most powerful to date the desire is to try and sort of fully flex the economic muscle of the united states in terms of what further measures can be taken against north korea in the hopes that they will begin to resume talks or i can really how can live for us there in washington. iraq's parliament has rejected this month's referendum on independence by the semi autonomous kurdish region campaigns are already underway for
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a vote on september twenty fifth in iraq as well as neighboring turkey and iran opposes the non-binding referendum imran khan has more from a beer like capital of the kurdistan region in iraq. where we're all expecting baghdad to say no to the referendum promise to hide a body has been very clear he says he doesn't want this referendum to go ahead so this vote was expected by the baghdad parliament however the kurds members of that palm and they walked out of that vote so they didn't take part in the vote allowing the arab m.p.'s to vote and say no to the referendum so me who is the speaker of the house says this means that the baghdad parliament must now really negotiate with the kurds for a settlement to this issue president masoud barzani of the k r g has been very clear he wants this to go ahead this referendum to go ahead it's an interesting constitutional dilemma now though because backed out of voted and kurds are part of
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that it means that if they don't reconvene their own kurdish problem and somewhere around the fifteenth to take a vote on whether the referendum should go ahead on the twenty fifth fixedly puts them in challenge with the decision made by the baghdad polman so now all eyes are on the kurdistan regional government they need to reconvene polman they need to say that they want the referendum to go ahead if they don't do that then they're in violation of that decision made by the iraqi parliament now let's see what happens there all political factions here in the iraqi kurdish region they say they don't want the referendum to go ahead there is this campaign is called no for now meaning that they want the referendum to go ahead they will vote for an independent kurdistan but not right now they say that the kurdish regional politics and all the political parties need to come together so. really what we're seeing is a decision that we're always going to expect the back to say no however we are now
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saying a political constitutional dilemma for the kurds they need to reconvene their parliament bangladesh's prime minister has promised food and shelter to hundreds of thousands of ranger refugees escaping violence in myanmar she made the comments while visiting a refugee camp and i want she will not tolerate violence against rangers she asked me and to take back those who've been forced from their homes fighting began in myanmar two weeks ago more than three hundred seventy thousand fled since then. all against any kind of insurgency activities and you know our stand is very clear . that we will not. do. this. so we have very strong stand against any kind of activities so i also request to you. that you should
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also publish the. women children. and. also. you know i want to know why. i think. we did attend a charity has more from cox is bizarre. prime minister. visited the official register during a refugee camp and. she gave a speech there were a lot of rowing a refuge is old as well as a nearly a rival she was very conciliatory and sympathetic to their plight she also the local population to be kind to them and not to have them in any way as this is far cry from out of stand and about a year ago she was very rigid on allowing any refugees coming from the me on my
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side she was highly critical of the me on my to read. she warned them that and she also promised that she would bring this up in the united nations and she is. diplomatic activity is she is also going to press red china and india was a regional power with a lot of economic interest in myanmar to influence me on my own to stop this crackdown however she stopped short of directly criticizing. saying that she is highly influenced by the military government she probably doesn't have much to do with this she also handed out a lot of. relief to some of the newly arrived. in the stage to take those gifts and we'll have to see what comes down the road but the situation in the ground is very fluid and dynamic a lot of refugees are still coming in that need aid and aid and emergency medicine otherwise the situation is going to get critical down the road again lots more still ahead more criticism of the saudi led coalition for its role in the war in
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yemen human rights watch accused of war crimes will have the saudi response. of the future and it's not petrol diesel. we're. welcome back as we look at the weather across eastern parts of china and taiwan you can see this massive cloud begins about now this is a typhoon time which is going to become the equivalent of a category four hurricane and that could happen soon after it runs by the northern tip of taiwan though it should say slice the north of taiwan and then just turn and run run along the coast of eastern china know it could cause some real problems here because there will be ferocious winds pushing in so storm surges and coastal inundation could be an issue further south we've got this tropical depression which
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given some really heavy rain across the philippines some serious flooding and loss of life that system moves away and it will eventually move towards hong hong kong and eventually across towards northern parts of vietnam which could cause some flooding there into south asia we're still a fair few sharp bit of messy situation across this region really with some heavy showers the northern end of the bear bengal some showers also down through more western parts of india and so mumbai could pick up one or two showers for the north all looking fine warm in delhi and likely to get a little bit warmer with time as well fine in karate too much of pakistan sunny here in the arabian peninsula of course sunny with highs of forty expected in doha elsewhere not quite so humid one respect a maximum of forty five degrees over in mecca. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online and want to pollute to us citizens here and want polluted people of iraq by
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one and the same or if you join us on saturday i was never put a file been looked at differently because i'm darker than all the people that i'm a lot this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make a connection join the global conversation this time on al-jazeera. and again you're watching i just need a reminder of our top stories north korea has rejected a u.n. security council imposing new sanctions they restrict fuel supplies and block pyongyang's textile exports country envoy to the u.n. warned the u.s.
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will soon face what it calls the greatest pain it's ever experienced. the iraqi parliament has voted to reject the kurdistan regional governments push for in independence referendum neighboring turkey and iran are also opposed to the vote on september twenty fifth. she promised as promised to help arrange a muslims who fled to her country from myanmar last and i visited one of the camps housing refugees and said she would not tolerate any violence against them. other sally led coalition fighting in yemen is defending itself against accusations are war crimes human rights watch says recent airstrikes carried out by the coalition were unlawful and killed large numbers of children it says twenty six children among thirty nine civilians were killed in airstrikes since june they died when four family homes and a grocery shop were hit an air strike on ties in july killed fourteen members of the same family including nine children the rice body says these attacks show
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coalition promises have failed to protect yemen's children. the saudi government has been holding a press conference to respond to those and other allegations. associate professor in contemporary history of the middle east a cutter university joins me to talk more about that he's been listening to that press conference so what are the saudis been saying first of all on this yemen report actually the press conference was was looking at thirty one cases were coalition has been a criticized by different international bodies started with the united nation by criticized by. the previous victor of the. united nations and move on to other nations international organizations who basically it is not about specific the latest reports it's about thirty one cases and the spoke the spoke person was focusing on. the access into all of this by saying all the
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operation was done according to the international law and they have not targeted civilians and who tried to defend the case of saudi arabia on those cases and did they have what they have to say on the ongoing diplomatic dispute between cutter and other charges in actually the what i was watching or listening to was focusing on those thirty one cases and trying with details. going to try to cover them by more details it's very interesting to see this body because this body reduced to the media by saying this is a follow up team we're looking at all accidents and this is the first time we saw such a press conference usually we use the military spokesperson who used to come and comment on some of the nations but not necessarily with this details. so basically this is very interesting to see the coalition presenting all of the details to me it seems the latest international pressure from different organization has pressure
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the coalition to come up and give more details the. douglas how much of this information is convincing to the international bodies but they try to convince as much as they can you get the sense that saudi arabia and its partners in the region are kind of on the offensive with what's happening right now not just with the war in yemen but with the ongoing spat with qatar yes i mean as you see the. if you look at the yemen is actually one of the major issue in this dispute between qatar and the three blocks one the gulf states and egypt and i think. one of the main elements to see that fragmentation within the g.c.c. because there was different. assessment on the operation in yemen i think that is have you know have different experience in yemen different from the amount artes
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and different from so that i think how they look at it is contributing to this dispute and increasing us to the level of tension. good to get your thoughts on this very thanks very much. protests underway across france against president emanuel macross plans to change the french labor laws the turnout will be an indicator of how much opposition president faces from the country's influential workers' unions one of the main changes he wants is to make it easier for medium and small businesses to sack staff paul brennan has the latest from paris. labor reform was one of president manuel micron's key election promises and it is a promise he is determined to deliver on september seems to be a showdown months here in france a showdown between the police say the president's office and the unions who are out here on the streets in their tens of thousands. the policies the president wants to
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push through include for example the ability of companies with fewer than twenty staff to be able to negotiate paying conditions directly with those staff instead of having to go to a central union because if you boil it seems like common sense to many but the unions see it as an unacceptable infringement on diminuendo of that builds up in the heart for over so many years the other thing is that the sit today is one of the hardline unions and it is noticeable but two of the other large unions have chosen not to take part in this day of action so the support is split even among the unions that's the language that the president has used he said that those people who are opposed to his reforms are lazy or cynical or extremists that come on line which has a tag on eyes many people even moderate people opposed to his plans so it looks like it will be a hard fought campaign by the president to get these measures through. spain's
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top court has suspended a law outlining the legal framework for an independent state it comes one day after hundreds of thousands of catalans marched in favor of independence catalonia regional government wants to hold a referendum on it next month but the central government in madrid says the vote violates the constitution. kenyan president hu kenyatta has addressed parliament for the first time since last month's election kenyatta won that vote but a supreme court judge canceled the poll citing irregularities the electric commission has set new elections for october seventeenth but the opposition says it will boycott the ballot kenyatta says he will respect the verdict of the court. as you will. we still have to undertake a fresh presidential election. some. of the supreme court. even. try to disagree with
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that decision. i accepted because my respect for iraq institution. and its institutions stephanie decker has the details from nairobi. it has never happened before that a president addresses opens a new parliament this the twelve parliament not knowing whether he or she will be the president in thirty three days time that is when these new elections fresh elections will be held or kenyatta did refer to those elections when he addressed parliament saying that he strongly disagreed with the supreme court decision but that he would respect it because you respected the constitution and the institutions of this country he also referred to the fact that the three arms of government government must remain independent and want politicians to keep a lookout for any form of interference he mentioned foreign and local interference
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and also special interest groups and he was also keen to stress that this country regardless of all the sort of uncertainty that it's going through at the moment is functioning the government is functioning and that there is no void because of course these are unprecedented times here in kenya kenyans haven't been here before they will be going back to the polls in thirty three days time it is a short period of time to organize these elections but the electoral commission that is the body he was tossed with overseeing these elections is now said after a lot of back and forth and internal conflict that they will be united and independent when it comes to organizing these elections almost a quarter of the homes in the florida keys were destroyed by hurricane emma it says now weakened to a tropical depression but continues to cause damage it caused flooding in coastal towns across the state of south carolina and georgia in atlanta as main airport the world's busiest it's had to cancel hundreds of flights and about half of the state
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of florida is without power. now the french president emmanuel mccraw is in the caribbean which is also recovering from the destruction left by harken. he has been briefed by disaster officials on the island of guadalupe where aid efforts for st maartin are being coordinated the dutch french island suffered serious damage from the hurricane ten people died in the french part of the island and in a nearby island of sand bar tell me about alarmist guatemala's congress has protected president jimmy morales from facing trial over irregular finances from his election campaign lawmakers voted to keep his immunity from prosecution a congressional committee says it found evidence at least eight hundred thousand dollars he received wasn't registered last month guatemala began a corruption trial against the brother and son of president morales security forces fighting armed groups in the southern philippines are focusing their efforts on
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a strategic lake last month navy seals intercepted several boats carrying weapons ammunition and material to make bombs to miller in dugan was with the seals in action on lake menow on mindanao island. we've been given the rare access to join which is the elite forces of the libyan military. the navy seals they specialize in counterterrorism operations in guerrilla combat they've been fighting armed groups in the southern philippines like the door yes i would say yes an armed group known for its criminal activities the philippines the military has been warning for some time that the security threat to the philippines will only get worse as you have grown which is a departure from the heat and takes of the better of fifteen years. up occasion of a new teaching but it must have been italy and they must be prepared to defend at the die for. months later that did happen members of the
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merged with another local armed group called them out they took control of several parts of mirali city in the southern philippines the group raised its black flag in several key government buildings for a month over the work of the philippine navy special warfare group is seen to be a game changer here since the crisis began they were able to secure. the most critical part of this siege they had managed to intercept the reinforcement and this in a repartee they have also captured as k please call them out to group. this one from the target over i joined them on one of the reconnaissance but. we navigate through the dark waters of lake la no one of the most perilous areas in them in the now region. we are now in the enemy's line of fire just five
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hundred meters from the main battle area. and then suddenly the mouth to set several houses on fire we are now visible from the port controlled by the. the commander says we have to turn back. on the other night the seals take us to a different location the mouth they are under heavy bombardment from the philippine military. but they are fighting back and even the seals position is targeting. the seals are rarely seen and heard and they prefer it that way a small specialized unit that also admits that the fight against them out is already one of the hardest battles it has ever faced but they remain determined despite no sign that the fighting will and anytime soon. doug and al jazeera are we
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see the southern philippines the frankfurt motor show is underway and this year it's electric cars taking center stage volkswagen and say they are heading in that direction news comes exactly two years after a volkswagen scandal over fake emissions tests ballasts reports. faults wagon media nine thousand francs ahead of the world's biggest annual motor show two years after the company's emissions scandal faults wagons chief executives showing the product of some commercial soul searching business is a commitment this is a commitment by two thousand and thirty we will have electrified our entire range of vehicles i think we're on a road and progressive truck. the company paid out four point three billion dollars in criminal and civil fines after it admitted cheating on u.s. diesel emissions tastes no votes wagon which includes brands audi bentley
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lamborghini and poor fish will double its investment in zero emission vehicles to twenty four billion dollars eighty electric cars across the great by twenty twenty five. the emotional debate about driving bans in inner cities about the future of the diesel car and about electric mobility shows that the times when i went to st here in frankfurt celebrated itself and patted itself on the shoulder a rover business as usual is no longer enough. critics say german manufacturers are way behind in the electric. but the emissions scandal has raised public pressure to speed up the transition daimler announced on monday it would make an electric model of almost sadie's binns vehicles by twenty twenty two three years later b.m.w. which includes many and rolls royce brands well off a twenty five electric vehicles and it's running by twenty thirty votes wagon says all of its three hundred models will have an electric option there's
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a very popular and it's gotten very popular in the last you know four to six weeks is. predictions of twelve to twenty years out clearly. this country won't have any. internal combustion engines and or this car company all having internal combustion engines out campbell all these countries and companies won't be to it that's a long time out so it's hard to predict france and the united kingdom say they would ban the sale of fully gas or diesel cars from twenty china the world's largest car market just announced it is planning a similar. bellus al-jazeera. and hasn't take away the headlines now an agency or north korea has rejected a u.n. security council resolution imposing new sanctions they restrict fuel supplies and
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block pyongyang's text our exports countries envoy to the u.n. want the us will soon face what it calls the greatest pain it has ever experienced the iraqi parliament has voted against the kurdistan regional governments push for an independence referendum neighboring turkey and iran are also opposed to the vote on september twenty fifth bangladeshi prime minister sheikh hasler has promised to help arrange a muslims who fled to her country from myanmar has and visited one of the camps housing refugees and said she would not tolerate any violence against them the protests are underway across france against president emanuel macross plans to reform french labor laws one of the main changes he wants is to make it easier for medium and small businesses to sack stop the turnout will be an indicator of how much opposition president mccraw faces from the country's influential workers' unions. spain's top court has suspended a law outlining the legal framework for an independent catalonian state that's one
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day after hundreds of thousands of cattle lands marched in favor of independence the regional government there wants to hold a referendum on the issue next month but the central government in madrid says that violates the constitution. kenyan president hu kenyatta has addressed parliament for the first time since last month's elections kenyatta won that vote but the supremes court judge canceled the poll citing irregularities the electoral commission has set a new date a new elections for october seventeenth the opposition says it will boycott the ballots kenyatta says he will respect the verdict of the court in the u.s. nearly a quarter of the homes in the florida keys were destroyed by hurricane it's now we can to a tropical depression but continues to cause damage coastal towns in south carolina and georgia been left flooded atlanta's main airport the world's busiest has had to cancel hundreds of flights.


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