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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm AST

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journey of love through adversity. over time progress should become our family. that would touch the hearts of the people around her forever i was excited when i saw the situation. on al-jazeera wild at this time. where al jazeera has eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for an audience that's incredibly diverse. north korea blast the latest u.n. sanctions against it warning the u.s. it will suffer the greatest pain in its history. and as al-jazeera live from london also coming up bangladesh as prime minister
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promises food and shelter to the three hundred seventy thousand injured who fled but they're just that government to take them by. human rights watch accuses the saudi like coalition of killing thirty nine yemeni civilians with deliberate or reckless strikes. and the french president flies to the caribbean to express solidarity with island just hit by hurricane. neatly avoiding the first big protests against the lead labor reforms he's pushing through to bring down unemployment. north korea has denounced the latest united nations sanctions and the only us it could face the greatest pain it's ever experience the security council unanimously approved a watered down with solution restricting oil imports and banning textile exports kathy novak has more from so. this was the result the u.s. ambassador to the u.n.
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wanted even though nikki haley had to weaken the resolution to get it a unanimous vote to punish north korea for its latest nuclear bomb test today the security council has acted in a different way today we're attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime. at a u.n. sponsored conference on disarmament in geneva north korea's ambassador said his country also known as the d.p. r. k. condemned the sanctions in the strongest terms the d.p. r. k. is ready to use any form of art to meet me. the forthcoming measures by d.p. r. k. will make the us suffer the greatest pain is never experienced in its history before the vote in new york celebrations in pyongyang for the scientists developing
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the north's nuclear bomb and missile technology you wanted to see among the recent hydrogen bomb test which we conducted was the beacon of our great might demonstrating death to the u.s. and confidence a victory to the north koreans. the u.s. and its allies hope the added pressure on north korea's economy will force the government to stop its nuclear and missile testing and return to the negotiating table. and. it is important to put in our present a level of pressure on north korea to make it change its policies. cunny gyptian way north korea should realize on its own that it's reckless challenge against international peace would only result in more powerful sanctions from the international community. but the approved sanctions are not as stringent as those proposed in an earlier draft u.s. resolution obtained by al-jazeera the original draft included a total ban of sale of oil petroleum and gas to north korea that was changed to
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some restrictions on sales it also had included a total ban on hiring and paying workers from north korea a measure that would have mainly affected china the original version also called for a travel ban and as its freeze on the north korean leader kim jong un and freezing the finances of north korea's national airline choreo air the watered down version was a resolution china and russia could support sending a unified message from the international community the question now is what north korea will do next south korea's defense ministry says it's closely monitoring activity at the north's nuclear research center which is ready for another test at any time the government here also says the north could be preparing for another missile launch kathy novak al-jazeera seoul in the last hour president trying to seem to play down the importance of the new sanctions and hinted at much stronger
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action against pyongyang in the future. we had a vote yesterday on sanctions we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal rex and i were just discussing not not big i don't know if it has any impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen the book burden of enforcing some of these sanctions falls on customs officials only chinese border with north korea well china correspondent jim brown has some done. hours before the u.n. vote it was business as usual in dandong a steady flow of empty lorries to north korea across the single lane friendship bridge a vital economic conduit for the north. nearby other trucks enter a customs yard before heading the other way there covered cargoes offering few
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clues of what might be inside. but some trucks appeared to be carrying building materials. experts say because north korea's government is now so hard up china is selling on credit. so the north needs hard cash from wherever it can get it the stirring patrie arctic songs are a feature of one of dandong most popular north korean restaurants in fieri new sanctions mean these performers can't be replaced by new musicians from the north the wages of the performers waitresses and cooks are collected directly by the regime a very lucrative source of hard currency what happens as well these restaurant is the people work there. basically all the money is going back on a pittance it's going to the people who are actually doing the business these are i would i don't say france because they offer real services analysts say that kim
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jong il knows that china's leaders will not allow his regime to collapse because of what could follow hundreds of thousands of refugees pouring across the border into china swimming across this very river and the prospect of a united and democratic south korea with the possibility of u.s. military bases right on china's doorstep in spite of that risk some chinese people think their government needs to be tougher with their neighbor and should all united together and punish them otherwise they would just do more damage to us not of course north korea should be punished it has a great impact on china north korea is right next door if there is radiation cast by a nuclear test or even a war breaks out it will have tremendous impact on china cutting off the oil that china pumps underground to north korea from this refinery would have had a big impact but that was a step too far for china's leaders for now they'll continue their push for
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a diplomatic solution to reign in their old ally adrian brown al jazeera dandong. and then isis prime minister has visited refugees from and promised that her country will look after them so far three hundred seventy thousand a hinge of muslims have crossed the border escaping what the united nations says amounts to ethnic cleansing but shaikh has seen also said we'll have to take them back one day from they could to palang the refugee camp in bangladesh. reports. some of the recently arrived the prime minister who's giving them refuge sheikh hasina condemned the me and my government for causing at least three hundred seventy thousand people to flee across the border in just three weeks but she says
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they don't belong here in our parliament there is a nation that man should. all this was a back to back to the shoot. for the days that go back and also we. know and also. that this should work. so that they act accordingly they should take them back. this is one of the camps she visited and long. for families live in the shelter they exist on handouts from charities they have no clean water and their tent is always wet from the monsoon rains. we want to live here safely in bangladesh this is why we escaped but we need food and somewhere to live. and says they need medicine for a baby who was burnt as they escaped she worries that her children will not survive
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the camp. we ask her if she would return to me in march if the government provides a safe zone as requested by the butler there she prime minister had little while we go back to kill us how can i forget i've seen babies like this being thrown into the fire by the military. the un has denounced me and marse military campaign as ethnic cleansing sweden and britain have requested a security council meeting on the crisis in rakhine state the united nations call for revenge of the world's most persecuted people and aid workers say it is avodah and when they see the refugees entering the country they are in distress and now they have to face these conditions in the makeshift camps. aid workers say they're trying to increase the relief effort but thousands of refugees are arriving every day the needs a massive you know we are scaling up as fast as we can but it's never going to be
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enough we need international assistance to help these people. bangladesh is calling on the international community to find a resolution to me in march crackdown there are injuries few g.'s here hope the world spares a thought on how they will survive until then they go pollen are cut to prolong their. human rights watch has accused the saudi led coalition of carrying out war crimes in yemen the group says that since june the coalition has killed thirty nine civilians twenty six of them children and five apparently unlawful last is branded them either deliberate or reckless for family homes and the grocery store were hit one strike on july eighteenth in a contested area of thais killed fourteen members of the same family including million children the coalition has repeatedly denied allegations of war crimes and says its attacks are directed against the hooty rebels and not civilians all u.n.
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correspondent in jordan has more now from new york. human rights watch says that the saudi led coalition carried out more than six hundred air strikes in yemen between june and august of this year of those strikes five of them were fatal we killed thirty nine civilians twenty six of them children human rights watch says that's all the more reason why two things need to happen one the un's human rights council should immediately convene an international independent investigation during its meeting this month to look into alleged war atrocities the other thing is something which human rights watch and other n.g.o.s have called for in the past a relisting of the saudi led coalition on the un secretary general's report on children and armed conflict the so-called name and shame list in two thousand and sixteen the saudi government threatened to withhold funding those who the un if any
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of the members of the coalition landed on that so-called black list under intense pressure the secretary general at the time ban ki moon relented and pulled the saudi led coalition and its members from that list he didn't came under much criticism and he in turn criticized the saudis and their allies for putting the pressure and not taking responsibility for their conduct in the battlefield now there's a new secretary general antonio good at it and he is facing the same pressure to put the saudi led coalition on this blacklist one thing that isn't being discussed is whether the united states is lobbying on behalf of the saudis and the other coalition members to not be involved in this blacklist. you're watching al-jazeera still to come on the program israel disputes a u.n. report blaming its occupation of palestine for the territories culturing equipment and hillary clinton opens up in a new memoir on why she thinks she lost last year's election.
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welcome back well of start off with a chart for the levant and western parts of asia and every time i show this chart i say the same thing namely the temperatures across parts of southern iraq into kuwait and probably southern iran away above what they should be it's been a very long hot summer in this area and certainly for kuwait temperatures are going to remain very high as we head through thursday thereafter i think would be a drop of about five degrees for the following few days so maybe that's a sign that summer is over around the side the mediterranean we're looking at fine conditions with thirty one there in beirut here in the arabian peninsula it is much as we'd expect with quiet conditions around the gulf and therefore humid temperatures of forty dryer heat across the other side potentially forty five as
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a high in mecca so head on through into thursday a slight drop in temperatures to forty one but still fine heading into southern portions of africa we've got variableness of cloud affecting cape town but otherwise it should be drawing for much the region is looking pretty fine lots of sunshine winter in the maybe coming in the temperatures of thirty three degrees celsius for the north that's where all the rain is missing some significant clouds across down the center of the republic and towards cameroon that's expected into the forecast lagos in nigeria could see one or two showers further west we're also seeing some heavy rain in parts of west africa.
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welcome back of the top stories here on al-jazeera north korea has denounced the latest u.n. sanctions against it and warned the u.s. it will face the greatest pain ever. on the desk as prime minister has visited a muslim refugee has come from and promised her country will look after the. human rights watch has accused the saudi led coalition of carrying out war crimes in yemen killing thirty nine civilians by deliberate or reckless strikes.
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it's fear the quarter of all homes in the florida keys have been destroyed after hurricane tore through the island chain some residents have been allowed back but thousands are still cut off from their homes as authorities struggle to assess the full damage further north the weakening storm is continuing to push through alabama and mississippi off to causing flooding in coastal towns across the state of georgia and south carolina before hitting the u.s. left a trail of devastation across the caribbean john heilemann has visited a shelter on the island and has more. this is just one of the shelters set up for a temporary house and feed the people of the caribbean island of. the whole population that's about one thousand six hundred people have to be evacuated after hurricane. here to the neighboring island and many of those people have lost
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everything they've left their house they've left their livelihoods they've left their possessions a behind them they haven't been back yet to see what's left it's been nice no no house. to house goodness ted bundy. two is no beds no rules and you have very little passport when everything. you have to be. here. thank you for when you are no. team in that. level. as you can see there's lots of clothes. and also food coming in from the government says it's going to take a lot more than to restore bob you to something approaching normality this saying that about two hundred million dollars is needed a months of work no government would have enough resources to deal with
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a situation like this when it happens and we we have to depend on the regional and international agencies to assist them because as you know as the prime minister said it's about the cost of this is only the region of two hundred million u.s. dollars that's a half a billion dollars just chatting to people here despite the shock of everything they've just gone through there keeping their spirits up those people playing. children playing basketball side but they're also really waiting to hear what's the next step what can they do how can they try to get back to the belongings the houses and the jobs for livelihoods. so they both left behind a power law. as john was just talking about those people who managed to get out of the island of barbuda to go to antigua he is now managed to get to that island and joins us live john give us an idea of the level of destruction you're seeing there
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you know we've just taken a tour around the whole island and the destruction is pretty much is pretty much entire to this i just want to tell you a little bit about where we are now i think on a very personal level obviously this is affecting people we're in a house that we're told was owned by a very elderly lady who lived in bob you know all of her life and then her family also living in this house apparently and we've just been walking around it's like adults house here the front of the house has just been ripped off entirely as you can see there's clothes rienzi some money on the floor there's even a waterlogged watch here that seems to have stopped at some point and it's just the remnants of a life really it's been that's been stopped or at least pause temporarily while she's been evacuated on to antigua with the rest of the people there's about one thousand six hundred people that live in wild youth and they will have to go to antigua and if you see the rest of this island there's there's houses some of them
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are in the condition that we're in now some of them are a bit better off some of them of completely gone we saw a shop that just been destroyed completely all you can see is the bit of concrete that was once it floor and talking to some of the residents that we took that we spoke to the returning on the ferry they just can believe that one man was saying to some just heartbroken looking at this. and john and you were just talking there about the level of destruction resource marial pictures what is it people really need to start reconstruction do they need still the basic aid or is it really much bigger picture than that. well the prime minister says that the bill for this is going to be about two hundred million dollars and that's for the cleanup and to start putting things to start putting things right here we've got as well as the houses and the shops also all of the telephone networks alive
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down i'm speaking to you want to satellite phone here it's the only way to speak out from the island with the electricity is down i said to you there about some of the shops the pharmacies the people were saying also a lot of people on this island were at the station and we've been past the coast and we were coming in and we just saw fishing boats lying damaged on the beach so people's livelihood in that way is much dummy's the authorities are saying that we're speaking about months here maybe three to six months locals are saying that they feel like it could be even longer than that because things are returned to normal just speaking to the governor general i think you heard the brief interview he was saying that we can't do this on our own we're going to need aid from other countries to try and fix this many thanks john john coleman there with the very latest on the cleanup. the french president is visiting the storm battered caribbean emanuel markram was briefed by disaster officials on the island of guadeloupe where aid efforts for simonton are being coordinated ten
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people died in the french part of the island and on the nearby island of st paul following. at home tens of thousands of people have held demonstrations in france protesting against president macklin's plans for labor reforms. with demonstrators at the edge of one of the protests in central kalai critics say there was forms will destroy hard won protections for workers and argue that being pushed through by the president in an undemocratic way maclin says the changes will encourage companies to create more jobs which will help cut the country's unemployment rate of almost ten percent. that's in two weeks now until a german election polls are giving angela merkel's christian democrats a huge lead over rivals but the baltar is still likely to need a coalition partner to help fall a government one possibility is the free democrats the party is holding a rally in hanover and al jazeera has done it cain is that and joins us live so
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don't what does the free democrats stand for and why do they matter. who they are economically liberal perhaps more socially conservative they say it's in the sense of the rights of the political spectrum here in germany and their leader to stand it never will be on the stage behind me in the next forty five minutes or so speaking to a whole packed with people several hundred people who've come to hear his message which is affectively about the importance germany must place on the digital economy on the revolution and digital isolation can bring to the economy he says he wants to bring more benefits of germany's prosperity to more people which is why people need to be voting for his party the reason this party mats is as you said in the introduction is that germany has an electoral system which basically encourages coalitions to form a nice thing stand and good americans party christian democrats look in pole position to be the largest possible they need to govern with somebody else now the
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natural allies of the spotty staging this rally here today the free democratic that historically has been the case so the question is can they spotted get enough votes and off seats in parliament to form a coalition they call in german the shots the black yellow the colors of the two parties the point to make here is that four years ago this party was punished by the electorate for its role in the previous coalition government and they were voted out of parliament entirely so i can kristin live in gauge the people of this rally infuse the people here and infuse the people of germany to turn it and hope for his party and enough ways in other words the put his party in. so prominent and into a coalition that would be and would prefer to make thank you dominick dunne that came. up. a highly critical u.n. report is highlighting the negative impact of the israeli occupation on the
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palestinian economy the paper says fifty years of occupation has denied palestinians the right of development and that they're also suffering as foreign donors support decreases our forces reports from hebron in the occupied west bank. the palestine tannery has been in business for nearly forty years supplying leather to the long established shoe industry in hebron the trade is on the slide twelve out of fifteen staff have been made redundant a new u.n. report detailing the cost of doing business under israeli occupation is hardly news here where restrictions on security grounds push up the costs of transporting animal skins from gaza and ban entirely the use of sulphuric acid to go down in their affected the quality of our products to substitute chemical doesn't give us the same result and cost us more than double. those costs are passed on to the shoe factories which is struggling their customers can buy cheap shoes from china and turkey brought in on the minimal poorly enforced import duties this is the other
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side of the equation of the un makes clear in its report not only did producers have artificially high costs they have to sell their goods in a market flooded with cheap competition imported from around the world with little control in. the report talks of a denied right to development and the suppression of human potential with unemployment running at twenty seven percent lord are still a flipper goes for an employment. factor is. incentives to invest more they are living. in the. atmosphere the israeli government says the report contains what it calls biased and unfounded conclusions and ignores economic obstacles stemming from the palestinian authorities with performers like as i'm sure tire preparing for the annual date harvest the main obstacles are israeli restrictions on fertiliser and transport to
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mediterranean ports and will. continue as cost the sutler's five hundred sixty dollars and the journey takes two hours for us it's. one thousand one hundred dollars and forty years hours' time is important in our business. the u.n. report says it's part of a wider picture of decline in the agriculture sector where israel controls sixty percent of the west bank's land and eighty five percent of its water while continuing to expand illegal settlements making it harder for any economic recovery to take root perry forsett al-jazeera hebron and the occupied west bank. in a new memoir hillary clinton has revealed who she thinks is to blame for last year's election loss to the trump what happened gives clinton's view of herd defeat than easterbrook as a support. tweet in her five hundred twelve page memoir hillary clinton is candid about losing the presidency to donald trump i felt like i had let everybody down
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clinton blames herself for using a private e-mail account when she was secretary of state that led to a government investigation but she also questions former f.b.i. director james comey motivations for reopening the investigation less than two weeks before the election just stopped my momentum now remember this too jane at the same time he does that about a closed investigation there's an open investigation into the trump campaign and their connections with russia clinton's loss to donald trump was one of the most stunning in u.s. political history the veteran washington insider versus the brash outsider although she won the popular vote she lost the electoral vote primarily because for large swing states and three traditional democratic states voted for trump clinton's critics say her failure to connect with working class voters is a lesson for the democratic party one of the main questions that democrats are
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asking themselves is how do we actually connect with with a huge part of the country that used to vote democratic and doesn't reliably do so anymore still some political scientists say clinton was a victim of bad timing so there is a reality that out of the six individuals who will run for a third term of their party only one of them has won so she had really thought about the odds the odds are more like that she had about a seventeen percent chance of actually succeeding president obama clinton's return to the spotlight is making some in her own party uneasy they fear her book could further alienate progressive democrats who favored vermont senator bernie sanders for the party's nominee. last year sanders seemed to agree in a recent talk show we need her help to go forward let's start keyboard doing about
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two thousand and sixteen clinton says she is closing the book on being a candidate but it isn't necessarily closing the book on politics still she won't say how she will write her next chapter dion estabrook al-jazeera washington. and none of the top stories on al-jazeera north korea has denounced the latest united nations sanctions against it and warned the u.s. it will face the greatest pain it has experienced in response on monday the security council unanimously approved new sanctions on pyongyang restricting oil imports and banning textile exports the measures follow pyongyang six the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile launch in early september. to the ocean of sin generalization against my country is an extreme manifestation
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of us in its intention to eliminate at any cost to our ideology so social says team of d.p. r. k. and his people such as constitute open entente infringement of the so wintry of my country and grave challenges to international peace and justice. aren't either she's prime minister has visited range of muslim refugees who've come from mammal and promised her country will look after them so far three hundred seventy thousand are hinge a have crossed the border looking for refuge from the united nations says amounts to ethnic cleansing promised to shake a scene also said we'll have to take them back on day. human rights watch has accused the sound of that coalition of carrying out war crimes in yemen killing thirty nine civilians in five pound strikes the coalition has repeatedly do.


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