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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2017 1:00am-1:34am AST

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europe's baltic borders tensions are increasing as nato strengthens us defenses and russia gears up for war games of its own of course we'll weren't really worried about unpredictability of russia we have to be prepared and we have to react if needed but will the conflict rehearsals ever translate into the real thing as they say if you don't want to work to pay for a war of people in power reports this story is going on a bear hunt at this time on a. officials raise the death toll from hurricane to twelve in florida bringing the overall total to fifty five killed al-jazeera has reached the hurricane caribbean island of cuba to witness the destruction left behind that.
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no i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming out though say nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. barring words from president plays down the new sanctions against north korea bangladesh's prime minister promises to shelter to the region just seeking refuge in a country. to take them back and human rights watch accuses the saudi light coalition of carrying out war crimes in yemen. well before us we begin in florida where officials have raised the death toll from hurricane to twelve the scope and scale of the misery caused by the storm is continuing to grow with millions of people left without power in the u.s. state and thousands of homes destroyed and he gallacher reports from the city of miami where floodwaters continue to hamper recovery efforts. for days the florida
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keys were cut off but as residents slowly begin to return they're being greeted by scenes of devastation basic amenities like water power and medical services unlimited and will remain so for weeks if not months millions of homes and businesses across the state remain without power restoration is now a priority for officials in people back home a lot normal life as fast as possible so we've got a lot of work to do. but you're going to come together we're going to you know get this say rebuilt. on florida's southeast coast the cleanup has begun in earnest along miami's iconic ocean drive sands being removed his business is prepared to open the doors and ports and ports a steadily reopening to allow visitors to leave because i mean this morning i think we get on a cruise this morning but just as it was all of the ships had to go out. and so that by the end we're going to have the weight around the next six hours until we
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can board basically it was a little hectic but we managed to get through it tourism remains the backbone of florida's economy hotel and business owners a keen to get the message out that that open for business horton for our guests that we had here that missed unfortunately due to hurricane arma to get them back here on the beach so with the help of our team our family were able to get all of our hotels restaurants back going and will be open tonight in florida's panhandle flood waters have yet to recede and in some parts of the state tidal surge is still a danger florida is used to clean ups and power cuts the state is hit by more hurricanes than any other and it was a large and powerful storm but thanks in part to accurate predictions well practiced emergency plans and a storm that quickly weakened the devastation wasn't as bad as some predicted that may be a problem next time officials tell people to leave but for now the state's focused on repairing and rebuilding. well id joins us live now and as he was saying earlier
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the death toll from hurricane in the u.s. has now climbed to twelve just take us through the challenges and i suppose the post hurricane process that is now unfolding that. you know i mean the challenges the state face really depend on where the storm hit i mean here in miami you can hear a plane going over that hasn't happened in a couple of days that's a sign of just how things are getting back to normal here in the southeast we have course didn't deal with the eye of the storm we did deal with those very strong winds on the dirty side of the storm but of course the florida keys is the place that really got slammed and they often do the problem down there is that lots of people have lived through hurricanes before they get a couple of times a year and many people stay in that death toll there may rise as rescue crews finally get in and start going through that debris up in the panhandle we've still got some flooding but as for lessons learned i think you can look at florida's emergency plans look at florida's officials and really at this point you could say
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their performance was exemplary they did get everyone readying in good time and technology plays into that as well storms in the past have hit places like miami and in florida in general back in the twenty's and thirty's and killed a couple of thousand people at a time and we take that technology for granted but it does play a large role but i think there's perhaps a bigger question here and that is the role that climate change may have played in both hurricane and hurricane harvey which was only a couple of weeks ago it feels like a long time ago now i was there but it was only a couple of weeks ago and we know that the waters for instance in the florida straits in the gulf of mexico were normally are warmer than they normally would be climate change deniers would say that isn't the case but there is a consensus among the scientific community that change is playing a big role in all of this it isn't making storms more frequent but it is making storms stronger and more and able to do
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a lot more damage than they've done in the past that's going to be a difficult subject to talk about in a state like florida where we have a governor who at one point banned the term climate change the similar problems in texas but i think it's a serious conversation that this country has to have. as to so as to have at the moment and of course across the world as well it's something that we really need to discuss. in miami thank you but before moving on to the u.s. hurricane emma left a trail of devastation across the caribbean even a total of fifty five people dead al-jazeera has managed to reach the island of bob you did to witness the destruction left behind john home and reports. you may be able to see in the oven you go home it's just like any of the other news here on bob you there completely sort of abandon this really is that there's an island right now there's no water there's little food and there's no inhabitants apart from a couple of ponies or horses and dogs and cats around here the only other things
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here us and a few people from the government officials that don't just come out just to check out at this stage what exactly the scale of the disaster is and if we pan a little bit to our left you can get some sort of idea going past a call that just someone left you see is an area of concrete that was. shot a shoe shop at a clothing shop before you see it not just time it's actually just completely gone all you've got there is the concrete floor we've seen other things and it's just the same in the other not everything is not damaged we've also seen houses just got the fronts ripped off of them like the old house and other structures are relatively ok but the government says that about ninety percent of the island has suffered severe structural damage here and of course it's not just about buildings that's people's homes and their lives as well things in homes like malta log watches that have just bought clothes toys that have had to be abandoned the whole population is about one thousand six hundred people have been evacuated to the
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island next door. and they're just waiting really to see how many months it's going to be before things go back to something approaching normality here so they can resume their lives we talking to some people from the government here and they just said listen this is too big for us to get hold of class cells we're going to need international aid there are some countries that apparently pitching in already venezuela which has close ties to the caribbean islands which of form the sort of bastion of support for them as apparently all been already been pitching in for help and they're looking for help from other sources the governments put a price tag on everything that has to be done through coup. operate the island of bob you know at about two hundred million dollars it's not just the things we already talked about there's also the electricity the telephone systems are down well the saying is that we want to try and remake this island but also remake it better so that the next hurricane that comes along we're more prepared to deal with it. meanwhile french president emanuel macron is in the hurricane battered
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caribbean island of st maarten eleven people died when hurricane on a tour through the island which is split between the netherlands and france it was one of the hardest hit islands in the caribbean macron says he'd like a fast recovery for its residents visit sent by telling me next. now u.s. president donald trump has played down the importance of the new u.n. sanctions against north korea over its nuclear and missile tests a security council unanimously approved a resolution on monday which restricts oil imports in bans textile exports but trump hinted that much stronger action will be needed against plant pyongyang in the future we had a vote yesterday on sanctions we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal rex and i were just discussing that they got
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a bill that has any impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen well the sanctions were significantly watered down to avoid a veto by russia and china but they still provoked a defiant reaction from north korea who warned the u.s. it could face the greatest pain it's ever experienced kathy novak has more from seoul. this was the result the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. wanted even though nikki haley had to weaken the resolution to get it a unanimous vote to punish north korea for its latest nuclear bomb test today the security council has acted in a different way today we're attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime. at a u.n. sponsored conference on disarmament in geneva north korea's ambassador said his country also known as the d.p. r. k. condemned the sanctions in the strongest terms the t.p.o.
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ticky is ready to use any form of art to me to me. the forthcoming measures by d.p. r. k. will make of the us so for the creates pain it's never experienced in its history before the vote in new york celebrations in pyongyang for the scientists developing the north's nuclear bomb and missile technology you wanted to feel moon the recent hydrogen bomb test which we conducted was the beacon of our great light demonstrating death to the u.s. and confidence of victory to the north koreans. the u.s. and its allies hope the added pressure on north korea's economy will force the government to stop its nuclear and missile testing and return to the negotiating table. and. it is important to put in our present a level of pressure on north korea to make a change is policy. county gyptian would be north korea should realize on its own
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that its reckless challenge against international peace would only result in more powerful sanctions from the international community. but the approved sanctions are not as stringent as those proposed in an earlier draft u.s. resolution obtained by al jazeera the original draft included a total ban of sale of oil petroleum and gas to north korea that was changed to some restrictions on sales it also had included a total ban on hiring and paying workers from north korea a measure that would have mainly affected china the original version also called for a travel ban and assets for use on the north korean leader kim jong un and freezing the finances of north korea's national airline choreo air the watered down version was a resolution china and russia could support sending a unified message from the international community the question now is what north
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korea will do next south korea's defense ministry says it's closely monitoring activity at the north's nuclear research center which is ready for another test at any time the government here also says the north could be preparing for another missile launch kathy novak al jazeera seoul. a meeting of the arab league in cairo descended into a shouting match as ministers from qatar in the four states blockade in the gulf nation traded insults. going to get a much. foreign minister said the blockade by his country saudi arabia right in egypt would stay in place until cattle stopped interfering in all the country's affairs cattles minister for state affairs said no evidence had been presented for the claims it supports terrorist organizations and called the blockade an assault on its sovereignty around on live television comes as the crisis and has its one hundredth day on wednesday. it watching out jazeera still ahead protests in france
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against president and manual micron's controversial labor reform. and millions of refugee children are missing out completely on schooling you know what it means for their future. hello there is a big change coming for us in the weather in sydney for the time being that we just had a fair amount of cloud down in the southeast corner of things here haven't got too hot force in sydney though the winds are all feeding in from the west and that's bringing in some very hot air thirty one degrees they in sydney on wednesday very very warm indeed but it all changes as we head through into thursday this time just seventeen through drought for us there's also going to be some strong winds on thursday as well and you can see that's also affecting us in melbourne where there's likely to be one or two showers now towards the west volcom
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a force in perth are temperatures getting to twenty three degrees over towards new zealand and here really quite unsettled currently has a lot of cloud on the satellite picture and plenty more heading towards us as well so some of that is going to be giving us some very heavy rains particularly to the west for wednesday and on thursday as well so very very wet to could be a little bit of flooding at times towards the east and generally a bit drier force here for clinton there on thursday we should have some sunshine as we make it up to seventeen degrees up towards japan it's been incredibly wet here recently thanks to vis system here that's all moving away though so things are calming down on wednesday will get to twenty nine degrees in tokyo this should be some sunshine to. can't accept a diagnosis that used to be little room for home the tourist cells and they means us them are battling what we're trying to do is really energize them insist that
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it's like a rocket that can recognize a cell says like a heat seeking missile finding the council power that's exactly you've had some pretty amazing results on this you know they're making it look you're of my own techno this time. watching out is there a quick recap the top stories this hour hurricane of a has left a trail of devastation across the caribbean and the u.s. state of florida with that that the death toll now raised to fifty five. north korea has denounced the latest u.n. sanctions against it and warned the u.s.
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it will face the greatest pain ever in response and a meeting of the arab league in cairo descended into a shouting match as ministers from qatar in the four states blockade in the gulf nation traded insults. now bangladesh's prime minister has visited ranjoor refugees from myanmar and promised the country will look after them so far three hundred seventy thousand range of muslims have crossed the border escaping what the united nations says amounts to ethnic cleansing from the could have long refugee camp in bangladesh and reports. some of the recently arrived at the prime minister who's giving them refuge sheikh hasina condemned the me and mark government for causing at least three hundred seventy thousand people to flee across the border in just three weeks but she says they don't belong here in our parliament that is the nation that. all the citizens back to
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back to this. day that go back and also we all. know and also. that this should work. so that they act accordingly or they should take them back. this is one of the camps she visited in. four families live in the shelter they exist on handouts from charities they have no clean water and their tent is always wet from the monsoon rains. we want to live here safely in bangladesh this is why we escaped but we need food and somewhere to live. and says they need medicine for a baby who was burnt as they escaped she worries that her children will not survive the camp we ask her if she would return to me and mar if the government provides a safe zone as requested by the butler there she prime minister has little ones who
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are where we go back to kill us how can i forget i've seen babies like this being thrown into the fire by the military. the un has denounced me in march military campaign as ethnic cleansing sweden and britain have requested a security council meeting on the crisis in rakhine state the united nations calls the range of the world's most persecuted people and aid workers say it is evident when they see the refugees entering the country they are in distress and now they have to face these conditions in the makeshift camps. aid workers say they're trying to increase the relief effort but thousands of refugees are arriving every day the needs a massive you know we are scaling up as fast as we can but it's never going to be enough we need international assistance to help these people. bangladesh is calling on the international community to find a resolution to me in march crackdown there are injuries few g.'s here hope the
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world spares a thought on how they will survive until then they go paul and cut to prolong the. well in reaction to what's happening there on supreme leader says the lack of action by me on mas de facto leader marks the death of the nobel peace prize unsung suchi was awarded the prize in one thousand nine hundred one i told ali harmonize calling for muslim nations to support their n.g.'s by pushing economic and political pressure on myanmar. myanmar's government is doing this is a political issue and on top of that government is a woman who was awarded a nobel prize this marks the death of the nobel peace prize. human rights watch has accused the saudi led coalition of carrying out war crimes in yemen the group says that since june the coalition has killed thirty nine civilians twenty six of them children in five apparently unlawful airstrikes it's branded them either deliberate or reckless for family homes and a grocery store were hit one astrakhan july eighteenth in
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a contested area of thais killed fourteen members of the same family including nine children a coalition has repeatedly denied allegations of war crimes and says its attacks are directed against the who see rebels and not civilians u.n. correspondent roslyn jordan has more on this from new york. human rights watch says that the saudi led coalition carried out more than six hundred air strikes in yemen between june and august of this year of those strikes five of them were fatal we killed thirty nine civilians twenty six of them children human rights watch says that's all the more reason why two things need to happen one the un's human rights council should immediately convene an international independent investigation during its meeting this month to look into alleged war atrocities the other thing is something which human rights watch and other n.g.o.s have called for in the past
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a relisting of the saudi led coalition on the un secretary general's report on children and armed conflict the so-called name and shame list in two thousand and sixteen the saudi government threatened to withhold funding to the un if any of the members of the coalition landed on that so-called blacklist under intense pressure the secretary general at the time bonn ki-moon relented and pulled the saudi led coalition and its members from that list he did and came under much criticism and he in turn criticized the saudis and their allies for putting the pressure and not taking responsibility for their conduct in the battlefield now there's a new secretary general antonio good dead ish and he is facing the same pressure to put the saudi led coalition on this blacklist one thing that isn't being discussed is whether the united states is lobbying on behalf of the saudis and the other coalition members to not be involved in this blacklist. now enrollment levels
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for refugee children are increasing in lebanon but the numbers a still no way and me a way to say they should and many children is still forced to work to support their families as mama june reports. for children who've seen too much war and struggled far too long singing about syria it seems to be an escape from all the poverty that's damaged their families from all the work they've endured. twelve year old syrian refugees is set off raps about issues most people twice her age couldn't begin to understand like the long days she used to ploy in a field collecting vegetables in order to support her family. happy to be learning again she demonstrates her newfound musical ability.
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i'm really happy that i'm singing here i met new friends and women gold and we started writing songs about child labor and children's rights and about peace until recently is sort of us fellow band member was also worked on a form in lebanon's bekaa valley now the fifteen year old isn't just back in the classroom she's decided she wants to become a journalist. generalism i can deliver the message i want highlighting the suffering of all the refugees whose voice is on tat and i can also express myself through my writing how many of the children attending this informal school also have a job coming to class on days off from their exhaustion is evident but their thirst for knowledge is far more apparent. he works with the beyond association and helps run the center she tells us life for these children has been extremely
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difficult. or not you would have the time they were deprived of their rights and they worked for a long time long hours and hard labor they had no rights at all and what we're trying to do is lessen the amount of suffering aid workers say programs like these also help ease trauma and act as a form of therapy. in elaborate on there are at least half a million syrian refugee children and to give you some idea of why there is so much concern about their futures according to the u.n.h.c.r. in the past school year less than half of those kids had enrolled in schools here. for the moment at least these youngsters are transported on this makeshift stage where dreams easier to obtain in this unofficial classroom where they hope an education will always be available and they can do it is either in the bekaa valley where the. saudi arabia says it's foiled an ice to blow up its defense ministry
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headquarters or would be bombers have been identified as two yemeni nationals living in the country a security source said authorities she's going aids and firearms during the operation and the plotters were training to use explosive belts several people have also been arrested on suspicion of carrying out as in the kingdom it's not clear if the arrests are related to the. iraq's parliament has voted to reject this month's referendum on independence by its semi autonomous kurdish region parliament also authorized the prime minister to take all measures to preserve iraq's unity neighboring turkey and iran also opposed the vote ferring it could destabilize an already volatile region campaigning is on the way to the non-binding poll on september twenty fifth. well now in france tens of thousands of people have taken part in nationwide protests against the president and his label or reforms and says
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they're essential to reenergize the french economy but critics are arguing now why power hard won protections for workers paul brennan was at the demonstration in paris. france's unemployment is at almost ten percent and economic growth is stubbornly low but where these union members and the president disagree is on the solution to that the c.g. t. unit is one of france's largest representing huge numbers of public sector workers and low paid staff the president says his plans to make it easier for bosses to hire and fire will turn the page on three decades of inefficiency but these people are deeply concerned when we are working that was. any time we can all work for five years or six years. you have to leave the job without pay you it's impossible because we do we need. we are protesting mr maher calls label
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it's a bad law against workers. but what these union members see as important protections and global financial institutions such as the i.m.f. see as deep rooted structural rigidities france's complex employment laws and tax regime often act as a disincentive for companies to expand present micron's proposals would for example allow companies with fewer than twenty staff to negotiate pay and conditions direct that the workers instead of having to involve the unions. jex parties is a small but successful french surveying company which checks buildings for structural movement its boss agrees that more streamlined employment laws are over due so. employers and employees want to talk to each other they want to decide their common future they no longer want to. one or two percent of the population telling them what we have to do and telling them that they know better what's best for them. the marches though are clear who they trust to do what's better for them
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a september showdown is looming here in france the president has described those who would oppose his plans i think either lazy or cynical or extremists but the unions who have mustered their forces out here on the streets of paris under elsewhere are determined they will oppose what they see as a to menu a ship of extensive powers a fringe group of around three hundred troublemakers started throwing project as a police responded with tear gas and water cannon rather the vast majority of the demonstrators were peaceful tensions are rising. the president is putting his political reputation on the line with these plans regardless of the protests he will sign the measure into law at the end of this month but at what cost to his standing in the country paul brennan al jazeera paris. apple is launching three brand new types of i phone to mark ten years since the original release of the groundbreaking smartphone apple c.e.o.
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tim cook is unveiling the i phone eight i phone eight plus and the new top of the range i phone x. it's predicted to become the first i phone to cost more than a thousand dollars apple hopes the new range will help address declining sales on his something a bit different that might make you think twice about what you flush down your drains this giant blob of waste known as a fact that was found clogging a london sewer is made up of nappies and white wipes and other household disposable products perhaps we've heard enough on that story. all right let's take you through the top stories this hour u.s. officials have raised the death toll from hurricane to twelve in florida bringing the overall number of people killed by the storm to fifty five the scope and scale
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of the misery caused by is continuing to grow with millions of people left without power in the u.s. state of florida and thousands of homes destroyed before moving on to the u.s. hurricane a left a trail of devastation across the caribbean a meeting of the arab league in cairo descended into shouting as ministers from catherine the four states blockade in the gulf nation traded insults. foreign ministers said the blockade by his country saudi arabia bahrain in egypt would stay in place until cattle stopped interfering in other countries affairs cattles minister for state affairs said no evidence had been presented for the claims it supports terrorist organizations. and our other top stories north korea has denounced the latest united nations sanctions against it and warn the us it will face the greatest pain it has ever experienced in response on monday the
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security council unanimously approved new sanctions on pyongyang restricting oil imports and banning textile exports to the ocean over soon generalization ogust my country is an extreme manifestation of yes and yes intention to eliminate at any cost to ideology so social system of d.p. r. k. and his people such effect constitute. don't infringement of the saw in tree of my country and grave. challenger to international peace and justice and bangladesh as prime minister is visited red to muslim refugees who come from myanmar and promised that our country will take care of them so far three hundred seventy thousand ranger across the border looking for refuge from what united nations says amounts to ethnic cleansing the prime minister shake us here also said myanmar will have to take them back one day techno is
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coming up next that's it for myself and the team here in london by now it's not just phones contributing to samsung's bumper profits if we look at the u.s. economy the moment it does seem to be in pretty good shape up until around two thousand and five greek debt levels were basically stable we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. like a cancer diagnosis that used to be of little room for hope. since the eighteen hundreds. to the body's immune system might talk to chill for this stuff and. no one could crack the complex code until this scientists did. now this is the new face of cancer patients who are living proof of a cure.


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