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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2017 2:00am-3:00am AST

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from the icy mountain steps of mongolia to the flooded lowlands of south america. the high stakes series returns. following the daring journeys of ordinary people from around the globe who take extraordinary risks to earn a living. risking it all coming soon on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. and i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha and coming up in the next sixty minutes the death toll from hurricane rises as officials across the caribbean
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and florida struggle for a full assessment of the storm's toll. president calls the latest north korea sanctions a small step as pyongyang promises to make the u.s. suffer. i don't arab league meeting the gulf crisis wasn't on the agenda but that didn't stop a clash between qatar and nation's blockading it. what is it. that the bangladeshi prime minister promises to help will hinge on those limits who fled to her country but calls on me and to take them back. fifty five people are now confirmed dead in the united states in the caribbean from hurricane there are fears the death toll could rise further it killed thirty seven people in the caribbean when it barreled through as
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a category four storm destroyed much of the infrastructure in its path leaving nearly sixteen million people in the u.s. without power twelve people died in florida as well as four in south carolina and two in georgia has now weakened to a tropical depression but it continues to wreak havoc with torrential rain and flooding in the u.s. well and the gallic is live for us in miami first let's check in with john holmes and he's live in one of the islands hit hardest by hurricane and john the prime minister of antigua and barbuda says it's going to cost hundreds of millions of dollars to repair the damage. i should just of that you first of all we're no longer on the island of bobby the we passed back to the island of and t. guess now we're going to be spending the night we're going to be spending the night here because there's very little infrastructure left on the island of bob you know we were there for the day the telephone the electricity is down days houses in
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which there was a house as a forest tools after school and now there's nothing except for the foundations there's also some buildings that are still up right there in various different degrees various different states of disrepair at the moment what was interesting you were just talking there about miami and the efforts there with the electricity in the funding to get it working going all sort of manual not crawl and this is another of the islands very affected the french president martin and he was talking about getting electricity on the phone signal by the end of the week i can set tell you that involve you that's going to be very difficult the government are really only just they said to us today looking to see the scale of the disaster the scale of what they have to do and as you mentioned it's going to be they say about two hundred million dollars a many months before they get the island back to normality again and while they try and do that the entire population that's one thousand six hundred people has been
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evacuated there in antigua so it's a real ghost town the moment the islands there and bob you did they only things we saw wandering around the sort of dogs and goats in the streets john i i was reading that officials there are very concerned about the risks from mosquito borne diseases that might arise from this and the amount of flooding that's been on the islands diseases like zico for example. you're exactly right they all worried about that and just when we were going around the island there's so much salt to start water the island has to look good anyway so there's a lot of mosquitoes but around most of the building or many of the buildings that we were going to there were mosquitoes were being bitten consular hope that we're not the first victims of any of those water borne diseases but that is a real threat officials were also saying to us yesterday that thankfully so far involve you that you mentioned the death toll from the whole of the florida and
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also the caribbean in bob you did there was only one casualty and unfortunately it was a young child we were speaking to he's he's died yesterday and he was saying that he's obviously devastated what's happening but he said what's also important now is to rebuild our community to rebuild what we've lost for example on the island we went around the coast and there's so many fishing boats there that been overturned been badly damaged the island really lives of fishing especially lobster so while that's the case and they can't go that they can't go out to sea it's not just their homes and their possessions that they've lost it's also their livelihood and john you were talking earlier about the response the international response to the disaster that the islands have been facing and of course as you mentioned the french president emmanuel mccrone has been there is very any indication of how the french are going to be able to respond to this crisis and other international organizations as well. well the french president was
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saying in similar in that they've already got a handle on the problems of law and order there was looting and things like that going on in some martin and reported by our team there they said it was sort of a bit of a wild west sort of atmosphere at one point we haven't had those problems in bob you don't probably because there's no one on the island i'm really no one allowed on the island that doesn't have written permission by the government here it's really about trying to bring things back to speaking to the governor general as well yes they were a shelter for some of the people from bob you to hear nancy go and he was saying he's more of a ceremonial figure than them sort of a member of parliament here he was saying he was hoping for more support from the british government and he is an independent government but the floor it did belong to me said they hadn't read the law received a lot so far he said that they had received a lot of support from venezuela venezuela is a country that has a lot of problems of that its own but it really is banking on the caribbean
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countries to sort of to support it and to prop up the popularity of its government in its international standing so they have been supportive but they said really we can't do this when we are on our own they're going to need a lot more support from other countries around the world john homelife president to go thanks very much indeed let's go to andy gallagher he's now going to be talking to us from miami and he give us some indication of the situation in miami and also particularly in the florida keys because i understand that the rescue efforts and the emergency teams are now able to get to parts of the florida keys. well rob i think people in florida counting the cost and also counting their blessings because ultimately the devastation that was predicted didn't quite unfold that's clearly a different picture in the florida keys where the full force of hurricane was felt we've got one in four homes there that have been lost altogether residents are beginning to go back home but let's take
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a look at the picture across the entire state. for days the florida keys were cut off but as residents slowly begin to return they're being greeted by scenes of devastation basic amenities like water power and medical services unlimited and will remain so for weeks if not months millions of homes and businesses across the state remain without power restoration is now a priority for officials bring people back i too am a lot normal life as fast as possible so we've got a lot of work to do. but you're going to come together we're going to you know get this say rebuilt. on florida's southeast coast the cleanup has begun in earnest along miami's iconic ocean drive sands being removed his business is prepared to open the doors at ports and ports a steadily reopening to allow visitors to leave because i mean this morning i think we get on a cruise this morning but just as it was on the ship had to go out no i mean back until about five a.m. so we're going to have to wait around the next six hours until we can board
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basically it was a little hectic but we managed to get through it tourism remains the backbone of florida's economy hotel and business owners a keen to get the message out that that open for business horton for our guests that we had here that missed unfortunately due to hurricane arma to get them back here on the beach so with the help of our team our family were able to get all of our hotels restaurants back going and will be open tonight in florida's panhandle flood waters have yet to recede and in some parts of the state tidal surge is still a danger florida is used to clean ups and power cuts this state is hit by more hurricanes than any other and it was a large and powerful storm but thanks in part to accurate predictions well practiced emergency plans and a storm that quickly weakened the devastation wasn't as bad as some predicted that may be a problem next time officials tell people to leave but for now the state's focused on repairing and rebuilding. and as you just mentioned there of course getting people back into their homes and build rebuilding are the priorities but there
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however are senior u.s. officials and in the includes the governor of florida who have deny that incidents similar to this in the past are in any way linked to climate change do you think that there is a sense that that debate is going to be reopened as a result of hurricane. i mean look regarding covering hurricanes like this for fifteen years i think in states like florida it's highly unlikely that given our current governor will get that conversation even coming close to happening just last year this is a governor that banned the term climate change from official documents and in florida we're on the front line of rising ocean levels were on the front line of global warming and the scientific consensus is that climate change isn't just making these storms more frequent it's making them stronger remember as they came into the florida straits they were saying that the temperatures there were two degrees warmer than they would normally be and it's already like bathwater at this
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time of year same thing for what happened over in houston with hurricane harvey that conversation really does need to happen but it depends where you are if this was happening in a state like new york i think it's something they would take seriously but i have to say on a local level someone who is a resident here as i am the mayor of miami beach for instance is taking measurements lots of local officials don't listen to the government you know you've got president trump saying i'm a i'm an expert on this and i'm not sure about it but on a local level mayors here are taking action because they simply have to because we live with it when there's a full time here or a king tide which is a full moon and a high tide together the streets fill up with salt water so it's something that's being dealt with on a local level whether that conversation happens on a national level or even a global level is an entirely different thing and gallagher thanks very much in the . u.s. president donald trump has described the latest u.n. sanctions against north korea as only a very small step toward dealing with its nuclear program the sanctions approved by
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the security council on monday were weaker than the u.s. originally wanted the draft resolution was watered down to avoid a veto by either china or russia the new measures include restrictions on fuel supplies and a ban on textile exports from suggesting that much stronger action could be taken we had a vote yesterday on sanctions we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal rex and i were just discussing. not big i don't know if it has any impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen when north korea has also responded to the new sanctions threatening consequences for the u.s. the first coming. by. will make the u.s. so to create pain. experienced in its history when kathy
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novak joins us live from seoul in south korea kathy we're just hearing that there's been more defiant language from north korea. yes the foreign ministry of north korea has issued a statement on the sanctions calling them a heinous provocation aimed at depriving north korea of its legitimate right for self-defense and completely suffocating its state and people through full scale economic blockade and it goes on to say that it will ease the sanctions prove that the steps that it has been taking towards its nuclear program and its missile launch testing is the right way and it will redouble that the efforts that it has been taking to wards developing a nuclear tipped i.c.b.m. that it can deliver to the united states which we know is north korea's stated aim so we see a bit of this heightening of rhetoric between the united states and north korea now in the big question is what will north korea actually do next we've heard several times from the south korean government that it believes north korea is preparing
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for another missile launch and we also heard from the defense ministry that it has been monitoring the activities at its nuclear test facility and it believes it is ready for another test so the concern is what will north korea do in a retaliation against these sanctions that were unanimously passed at the united nations donald trump says the sanctions are a small step in south korea is there any sense that those sanctions are likely to have any effect. well what south korea had been saying before the vote was that oil had to be a part of any sanctions program and oil was included but as you mentioned the draft resolution that the u.s. originally wanted to vote on was significantly watered down what the u.s. and its allies had wanted was to cut off the oil supply to north korea the vast majority of that comes from china that would have been designed to greatly stifle its ability to continue its program of missile launches and nuclear tests but as we
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know china was against that plan and the u.s. had to soften that resolution in order to get chinese and russian support so the message from south korea has been that it is significant to have this unanimous vote to have the support of china and russia but of course we hear from donald trump there thing that it is just a small step it is supposed to punish north korea it is supposed to put economic pressure on it but it may indeed have the opposite effect when we hear this language coming out of north korea because we know that sanctions and make the government they're extremely angry and possibly likely to react retaliate with another missile launch perhaps or another nuclear test wrote a very very much in dood. plenty more ahead on the news hour including iraq's parliament says no to this month's kurdish referendum for independence plus. to form a peruvian ballerina convicted of sheltering
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a rebel leader is released after twenty five years. and in sport after eighteen years of cricketing exiled pakistan has finally been allowed to host some of the world's best players. i'm eating of the arab league in cairo has descended into shouting as ministers from qatar and the four states in the gulf nation traded insults. on minister said the blockade by his country. and egypt would stay in place until stop interfering in other countries affairs minister for state affairs said no evidence had been presented for the claims it supports terrorist organizations and called the blockade an assault on its sovereignty on live television comes as the crisis enters its one hundredth day on wednesday and went into the called us as
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a nonresident fellow at the institute for middle east politics i spoke to him a short time ago by skype from cairo and asked him what the outpost between them and it says about the dispute. i think it shows that despite the quiet we've seen on this issue lately it doesn't indicate that there's been any real progress made in terms of resolving the because if you cut that out of the satellite coalition. beyond that it also shows that there must be some sort of strain on the part of concept for them to go so far in the in the language they chose to use at the arab league what does it also tell us again the consequences of the conversation the phone conversation that took place between the emir of qatar and the crown prince of saudi a few days ago well i mean it suggests that it wasn't it wasn't that fruitful in terms of moving forward i mean clearly there's there's a lot that hasn't been worked out and and this reflects that how do you interpret
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the fact that cut to cut off foreign minister brought up the subject of the boycott despite the fact that it was not on the agenda of the meeting well like i mentioned at the beginning i think that there is that it shows that there's definitely some strain being felt like cuts and i think they're probably quite frustrated with the fact that they haven't been able to negotiate some sort of resolution that the united states hasn't really taken a firm position to support them despite. the fact that they host cent com and such a large base. and that there hasn't really been much pressure on those who have been isolating it to just stand down and they haven't really seen a way to. achieve an amicable resolution they haven't found concessions or or some sort of compromise that they would find satisfactory and so as a result there i think they're venting that frustration. what impact do you think that this meeting is going to have on the ongoing efforts to try to find some sort of solution to the crisis i mean i'm not sure there's been
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a lot of harsh things said before this from both parties it seems like it's there hasn't really been much movement in either direction in terms of finding any sort of way to do to bring this this crisis to an end. and i mean the thing is all parties involved. you know engage in behavior that's problematic in reality and even the people who are accusing concer of supporting unsavory groups have themselves done so and it's serve their purposes i mean this is obviously this is a political dispute in which saudi is trying to exercise its regional dominance and and in their view i think the culture in its place in qatar is resisting that understandably and there hasn't been a lot of clarity on where this where we can go to bring this to an end at the same time on the part of the saudis i don't think the picture shown that they really planned out all the implications or consequences of this action before it started which is kind of typical of what we've seen in this in this particular monarchy as
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of late and so we're in the situation where we kind of have an uncomfortable stalemate that's creating more tension in a region that frankly doesn't need it as you mentioned it appears to be a stalemate at the moment but is there a way that you can see that might move things forward i personally don't know if it really depends on the red lines for all the parties involved understandably doesn't want to come away from their sapping surrender to the saudis the same time they're not really in that position to force the saudi hand and even the allies that they that they've built up over the last several years don't seem willing to go to bat for them not the ones who have influence the saudis at least like the united states for example other allies have helped them ride this out like like turkey for example which has provided support and help them maintain all the supplies they need for the population but that isn't enough to move the pendulum in terms of bringing this crisis to closure so i don't really know what kind of resolution
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could be found that would that would be acceptable to the cut to be in that same time satisfy those who are taking issue. and i think that's that's the struggle and also there's there is a clear incentive for anyone to stand down the countries can survive this for a very long time and that same time there aren't any clearer or substantial costs to the saudis and iranians or egyptians for imposing this isolation and so as a result you have a situation that could go on for quite some time. saudi arabia says it's fault and i saw a plot to blow up its defense ministry headquarters there would be bombers have been identified as two yemeni nationals living in the country and security sources said thora seized grenades and firearms during the operation and the plotters were training to use explosive belts several people have also been arrested on suspicion of carrying out espionage in the kingdom. iraq's parliament has rejected this month's referendum on independence by the semi autonomous kurdish region
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campaigning is already underway for the vote on september the twenty fifth iraq as well as neighboring turkey and iran opposed the non-binding referendum imran khan has more from ever build the capital of the kurdistan region and iraq. well we're all expecting baghdad to say no to the referendum promise to hide a body has been very clear he says he doesn't want this referendum to go ahead so this vote was expected by the baghdad parliament however the kurds members of that palm and they walked out of that vote so they didn't take part in the vote allowing the arab m.p.'s to vote and say no to the referendum samee who is the speaker of the house says this means that the baghdad parliament must now really negotiate with the kurds for a settlement to this issue president masoud barzani all of the chaos has been very clear he wants this to go ahead this referendum to go ahead it's an interesting call a situational dilemma now though because backed out of kurds are part of that it
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means that if they don't reconvene their own kurdish problem and somewhere around the fifteenth to take a vote on whether the referendum should go ahead on the twenty fifth fixedly puts them in challenge with the decision made by the baghdad paula and so now all eyes are on the kurdistan regional government they need to reconvene polman they need to say that they want the referendum to go ahead if they don't do that then they're in violation of that decision made by the iraqi parliament now let's see what happens there all political factions here in the iraqi kurdish region they say they don't want the referendum to go ahead there is a campaign it's called no for now meaning that they want the referendum to go ahead they will vote for an independent kurdistan but not right now they say that the kurdish regional politics and all the political parties need to come together so really what we're seeing is a decision that we are always going to expect the baghdad parliament to say no however we are now seeing
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a political constitutional dilemma for the kurds they need to reconvene their palm and. opprobrium ballerina has been released from prison after serving twenty five years for hiding the country's most wanted man and her dance studio but it's a good deed that was caught in one thousand nine hundred ninety two with a male goetzman the leader of a rebellion movement accused of causing the deaths of nearly seventy thousand people on a son says the story. it's been twenty five years a former ballerina inspired a bestselling novel and the hollywood film spent nearly half of her life in prison . garrido he'd run leader of the maoist shining path movement on the second floor of her dance studio in lima before both were caught a man who had a rebellion in the one nine hundred eighty s. to overthrow the government almost seventy thousand peruvians were killed in the war completed her sentence on monday her brother drove her away from prison and
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peruvians believe she should have been punished much longer. i don't think it's right she caused a lot of harm to this country. i mean megan's man and his partner lived to get live for months a ballerina fed them brought the medicine and allowed other shining path members to visit on monday neighbors near her mother's home said they're nervous she will live nearby. i would have given her life in prison but it's not up to me the law's the law. several thousand former maoist fighters have completed their sentences and are free. to remain vigilant and. free from jail they say they haven't shown any remorse for supporting her participating in attacks. former policeman and now legislator malcolm yes she too was one of those
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captors and some would pull up and i mean by not showing any remorse she's effectively defending guzman's doctrine. however human rights defenders say the justice system should be praised there was a good little. the fact that something like a radio served her full sentence it's a remarkable sign of a democratic traditional system. i mean my guzman is serving a life sentence another members of the shining path leadership will soon be freed some fear former rebels could join more weather if a group with similar ideals to the nearly nonexistent shining path and though some analysts say it's not a threat to the stability of. the innocent is. still ahead and al jazeera the surprising results of a child refugee report what millions of children are missing out on and what it could mean for their future. germany's economically liberal free democratic party as a return to government under
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a charismatic young leader. and in sports the nation champions league tie that almost produced one of the competitions most famous comebacks. hello there the remains of a still showing up very clearly on the satellite picture it's this massive cloud here but as it works its way towards the north and spreads its way west with as well it is breaking up and so the rain is becoming less intense there's not a great deal left to it as we head through the day on wednesday just a few showers a few bits and pieces of cloud around that continues to break up as we head through on thursday as well meanwhile further west and generally find it settle for most of it a little bit messy there over parts of the rockies calgary only getting to around eighty
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degrees at best a bit further towards the south and this mass of cloud here this is jose it is just swirling around now are not causing a great deal of problem at all it's still going to be with us over the next few days but gradually it's filling and it's losing its intensity elsewhere showers around quite a few of them particularly over parts of haiti and unfortunately over parts of cuba as well for rather wet hair and also rather intense rains in the far western parts of mexico thanks to another developing system and that gradually should pull away in the next day or so but further towards the south and force here it's hot again force in asuncion thirty four degrees but the system's working its way towards us and it will make things a little bit cooler for thursday. with. the philippines is asia's largest catholic nation priests are treated like guards for the church has a dark secret one used investigate sexual misconduct inside the most powerful institution in the philippines at this time on al-jazeera.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it out of his ear and will bring in the news and current events that matter to. his iraq. a new image committee has been elected and is grappling with the arduous task of sustaining a community but the residents of this chinese village complaining they shoot and have wanted to stand inside. the reclamation of that. democracy is complicated. to have a six part series of them down but five yes any kind of chinese democracy experiment at this time on now to syria.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour fifty five people are now confirmed dead in the united states in the caribbean from hurricane and there are fears the death toll could rise further ravage through much of the caribbean causing mass evacuations. as president donald trump is a describing new u.n. sanctions and north korea as only a very small step he suggested a much stronger action will be taken against pyongyang in the future north korea has also promised painful consequences for the u.s. . a meeting of the arab league in cairo's descended into a shouting match as ministers from qatar in the four states blockade in the gulf nation traded insults the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt cut diplomatic ties with the top one hundred days ago. bangladesh's prime minister has made her first visit to
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a refugee camps and she's promised that our country will look after them three hundred seventy thousand two hundred muslims have crossed the border into bangladesh in the last three weeks escaping with the united nations says amounts to ethnic cleansing from the long refugee camp in bangladesh reports. some of the recently arrived at the prime minister who's giving them refuge sheikh hasina condemned the me and my government for causing at least three hundred seventy thousand people to flee across the border in just three weeks but she says they don't belong here. that should. all this isn't back to do this. go back and also. and also. that this
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should be. so that they. should take them back. this is one of the camps she visited and long for families live in the shelter they exist on handouts from charities they have no clean water and their tent is always wet from the monsoon rains. we want to live here safely in bangladesh this is why we escaped but we need food and somewhere to live. and says they need medicine for a baby who was burnt as they escaped she worries that her children will not survive the camp. we ask her if she would return to me in march if the government provides a safe zone as requested by the butler there she prime minister has a little while to go back to kill us how can i forget i've seen babies like this being thrown into the fire by the military. the un has denounced me in march
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military campaign as ethnic cleansing sweden and britain have requested a security council meeting on the crisis in rakhine state the united nations called the range of the world's most persecuted people and aid workers say it is evident when they see the refugees entering the country they are in distress and now they have to face these conditions in the makeshift camps. aid workers say they're trying to increase the relief effort but thousands of refugees are arriving every day the needs a massive you know we are scaling up as fast as we can but it's never going to be enough we need international assistance to help these people. calling on the international community to find a resolution to me in march crackdown there are injuries here hope the world spares a thought on how they will survive until then. cut to the long live the. human rights watch and amnesty international have joined forces to pressure the
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international community to do more for refugees comes ahead of a second close door united nations security council meeting on the crisis on weapon state diplomatic editor james bays has more from the u.n. . the security council has only held one meeting on the crisis in myanmar it was held behind closed doors and under any other business and that'll be the same format for this meeting human rights groups are happy reporters are being briefed by human rights watch and amnesty international they say this isn't any other business it should be the main business large scale human rights abuses and humanitarian emergency countries like the u.k. which is the pen holder the united states france we need them to pull out all stops to say hey the security council needs to deal with this and if they have to duke it out openly in public as they've done on other issues we've seen multiple open
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public debates on issues like ukraine and syria why is this one different why or why do we have to have the closed doors why walk on eggshells the situation is getting worse by the day and the human rights campaigners say that swi the security council needs to be seen publicly condemning what's going on only that will change the behavior of the authorities in myanmar. millions of child refugees around the world are missing out on an education according to you a u.n. report half of the world's refugees are school aged children but three point five million of them didn't get a single day of schooling in twenty sixteen just sixty one percent of child refugees go places in primary school compared to ninety one percent of children not living in war and famine zones and just twenty three percent of teenage refugees were rolled out a secondary school last year that's compared to eighty four percent elsewhere in the world well the wrong levels for refugee children are increasing in lebanon but
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the numbers a still nowhere near where aid workers say they should be many children are still forced to work to support their families as mohamed something reports. for children who've seen too much war and struggled for too long singing about syria it seems. from all the poverty that's damaged their families from all the work they've endured. twelve year old syrian refugee raps about issues most people twice her age couldn't begin to understand like the long days she used to toil in the field collecting vegetables in order to support her family. happy to be learning she demonstrates her newfound musical ability. i'm really happy that i'm
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singing here i met new friends and we men called and we started writing songs about child labor and children's rights and about peace until recently fellow band member was also worked on a form in lebanon's bekaa valley now the fifteen year old isn't just back in the classroom she's decided she wants to become a journalist. generalism i can deliver the message i want highlighting the suffering of all the refugees whose voice is on tad and i can also express myself through my writing how many of the children attending this informal school also have a job coming to class on days off from their exhaustion is evident but their thirst for knowledge is far more apparent. he works with the beyond association and helps run the center she tells us life for these children has been extremely difficult. or not you know what happened to tally and they were deprived of their
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rights and they were out for a long time long hours and hard labor they had no rights to tool and what we're trying to do is lessen the amount of suffering aid workers say programs like these also help ease trauma and act as a form of therapy in elaborate on there are at least half a million syrian refugee children and to give you some idea of why there is so much concern about their futures according to the u.n. h.c.r. in the past school year less than half of those kids had enrolled in schools here. for the moment at least these youngsters are transported on this makeshift stage where dreams easier to obtain in this unofficial classroom where they hope an education will always be available and the gentleman does either in the bekaa valley lebanon. kenya's president or her kenyatta has addressed parliament for the first time since last month's election the supreme court
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a nod his victory citing irregularities the electoral commission has set a new election this photo of the seventeenth but the opposition is threatening a boycott unless that are guaranteed news against intellectual fraud says he respects the court's verdict. as you well know. we still have to undertake a fresh presidential election. for knowing the verdict of the supreme court. even. i strongly disagreed with the decision. i accepted. because of my respect for our constitution with the. its institutions and stephanie has more from nairobi. it has never happened before that a president addresses opens a new parliament this the twelve parliament not knowing whether he or she will be
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the president in thirty three days time that is when these new elections fresh elections will be held in your opinion to did refer to those elections when he addressed parliament saying that he strongly disagreed with the supreme court decision but that he would respect it because you respected the constitution and the institutions of this country he also referred to the fact the three arms of government government must remain independent and want politicians to keep a lookout for any form of interference he mentioned foreign and local interference and also special interest groups and he was also keen to stress that this country regardless of the sort of uncertainty that it's going through at the moment is functioning the government is functioning and that there is no void because of course these are unprecedented times here in kenya kenyans haven't been here before they will be going back to the polls in thirty three days time it is a short period of time to organize these elections but the electoral commission
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that is the body he was tossed with overseeing these elections is now said dokken forth an internal conflict that they will be united and independent when it comes to organizing these elections the trial of a leading zimbabwean political activist has been postponed having nobody that is on trial for inciting violence during a student protest for state witness has failed to turn up not having known as the protest pastor rose to prominence after organizing the largest anti-government rally in a decade in july last year as incitement trial is now delayed until next tuesday. tens of thousands of people in france have joined a nationwide protests against labor law reforms president emanuel mccrone says there is sensual to energize the french economy critics say the wipe out hard won protections for workers one of the name changes my home wants is to make it easier for medium and. small businesses to sack staff paul brennan was at the demonstration in paris. france's unemployment is at almost ten percent
2:42 am
and economic growth is stubbornly low but where these union members and the president disagree is on the solution to that the c g t union is one of france's largest representing huge numbers of public sector workers and low paid staff the president says his plans to make it easier for bosses to hire and fire will turn the page on three decades of inefficiency but these people are deeply concerned when we are working that was contact any time we can all work for five years or six years not a year and then. you have to leave the job without pay you will be impossible because we do we know. that yes we are protesting mr micawber's label it's a battle against workers. but what these union members see as important protections and global financial institutions such as the i.m.f.
2:43 am
see as deep rooted structural rigidities france's complex employment laws and tax regime often act as a disincentive for companies to expand president micron's proposals would for example allow companies with fewer than twenty staff to negotiate pay and conditions direct with the workers instead of having to involve the unions. jex parties is a small but successful french surveying company which checks buildings for structural movement its boss agrees that more streamlined employment laws are over due. to problems on employers and employees want to talk to each other they want to decide their common future they no longer want one or two percent of the population telling them what we have to do and telling them that they know better what's best for them. the marches though are clear who they trust to do what's better for them the september showdown is. living here in france the president has described those who would oppose his plans as being either lazy or cynical or extremists but the
2:44 am
unions who have mustered their forces out here on the streets of paris and elsewhere are determined they will oppose what they see as it did when you ration of that extensive power a fringe group of around three hundred troublemakers started throwing project downs of police who responded with tear gas and water cannon rather the vast majority of the demonstrators were peaceful tensions are rising. the president is putting his political reputation on the line with these plans regardless of the protests he will sign the measures into law at the end of this month but at what cost to his standing in the country paul brennan al-jazeera paris. german chancellor angela merkel christian democrats are likely to remain the country's largest party after elections two weeks from now that's according to the latest opinion polls but it's the rise of the economically liberal free democrats that's making news dominic cain he explains. in just over
2:45 am
a week christiane lin may be the king maker of the next government for now his party hopes he's the comeback king because at the last election the f.d.p. was voted out of office and out of parliament for its perceived failings and its then leaders poor performance in the previous coalition government now the f.d.p. is back on the campaign trail with a message of change and an appeal to young voters. that may be just the problem with our politics that many things are being discussed but the real important issues are just added to the closing words the mission of the free democrats is to change that. this will be one of. the standard for the party back into its a rating a plan polls can bring up voters to propel the party back into it. because to do that the free democrats will need to win around ten or eleven percent
2:46 am
a glance at the opinion polls shows angela merkel's christian democrats are far ahead of their nearest rivals the social democrats but the race for third place is much closer one analyst says there's little question which party is merkel's preferred partner and well the answer is quite clear if the liberals make it into the parliament with official seats then what we'll have. if not they will share this big bad with a grain party just four months ago christiane lintner let the f.t.p. to its best ever result in germany's most populous state that election allowed him to bring his party into a coalition with the christian democrats will soon know if he can repeat it on the federal level dominic came. down. apple is launching three brand new types of i phone to mark ten years since the original release of the
2:47 am
groundbreaking smartphone apple c.e.o. tim cook is unveiling the i phone eight the i phone eight plus the new top of the range i phone x. it's predicted to become the first i phone to cost more than one thousand dollars hope the new range will help address declining sales. the theater world is mourning the death of so peter hall hall is widely regarded as one of the most important figures in the english language theatre since world war two in the nineteen fifties and sixties he led a movement to modernize the way shakespeare's plays were staged over a career spanning more than fifty years he founded the royal shakespeare company run britain's national theatre and was also a key figure in bringing the works of samuel beckett's to public notice peter hall was eighty six and every clinton has revealed who she thinks is to blame for last year's election loss to donald trump in a new memoir it's called what happened and it gives clinton's view of her defeat
2:48 am
some of her democratic colleagues say rather than looking back it's time to move on diane estabrook has more from washington. in her five hundred twelve page memoir hillary clinton is candid about losing the presidency to donald trump i felt like i had let everybody down clinton blames herself for using a private e-mail account when she was secretary of state that led to a government investigation but she also questions former f.b.i. director james comey motivations for reopening the investigation less than two weeks before the election just stopped my momentum now remember this too jane at the same time he does that about a closed investigation there's an open investigation into the trump campaign and their connections with russia clinton's loss to donald trump was one of the most stunning in u.s. political history the veteran washington insider versus the brash outsider although
2:49 am
she won the popular vote she lost the electoral vote primarily because for large swing states and three traditional democratic states voted for trump clinton's critics say her failure to connect with working class voters is a lesson for the democratic party one of the main questions that democrats are asking themselves is how do we actually connect with with a huge part of the country that used to vote democratic and doesn't reliably do so anymore still some political scientists say clinton was a victim of bad timing so there is a reality that out of the six individuals who have run for a third term of their party only one of them has won so she had really thought about the odds the odds are more like that she had about a seventeen percent chance of actually succeeding president obama clinton's return
2:50 am
to the spotlight is making some in her own party an easy they fear her book could further alienate progressive democrats who favored vermont senator bernie sanders for the park. these nomination last year sanders seemed to agree in a recent talk show. her help to go forward let's lock key blogging about two thousand and sixteen clinton says she is closing the book on being a candidate but isn't necessarily closing the book on politics still she won't say how she will write her next chapter dion estabrook al-jazeera washington still ahead in sports the world's most expensive strikeforce makes it any impact in the european champions league.
2:51 am
2:52 am
time is time for sport here's andy thank you very much well big time international cricket has returned to pakistan a world eleven seen have been taking on the house in a pivotal events in the country's sporting history a huge security operation was in place around a sold out gadhafi stadium in lahore no major site has told the country since gunmen attacked sri lanka's team bus in the same city in two thousand and nine in this series of t twenty games is seen as a crucial step in bringing the international game back to pakistan on a full time basis the visiting team is made up of players from sevens has nations really excited to see international get back in pakistan really will bring more a good contest and we are supporting the beams especially the eleven because they
2:53 am
have come all the way it was going to be and we welcome them with open arms as a pakistani yeah it's a dream come true up to ten years the team dubai style you want to be in the building with the support board of getting the game itself so pakistan winning by twenty runs cricket's world governing body the i.c.c. has contributed more than a million dollars towards the security operation for the series for the games we played on wednesday and friday with all the matches taking place in the whole well earlier i spoke to richard mahmood sports editor of pakistan's dawn newspaper he believes if this tour goes smoothly and the upcoming visits of sri lanka and the west indies also go well more international cricket will follow. it seemed pakistan would be isolated for ever but these are great efforts from the i.c.c. the bog standard board and of course the players than the national player the pakistan after eight and a half years ideally the conditions would be that if this. goes
2:54 am
incident free and more beans come in like. said you would come in the next month then the best of these the city would also common. for three matches so if those. go into them free will be definitely in that with a good doors will be opening for pakistan and i'm sure that this kind of extraordinary security will also be reduced or to be quite a normal situation barcelona have kicked off their champions league campaign with a win beating the team that knocked them out west season scoring twice that help our city with three eventis in the group d. even rockets also on the scoresheet at the nou camp the wind continues bosses impressive start of the season they've won three out of three. piers g.'s expensively assembled strike force help them beat celtic five nil neymar and killing them back getting the first champions league goals for the club with alison covenant also scoring twice it was celtic's worst ever home defeat in europe
2:55 am
manchester united were three no winners against basel on their return to the competition fellaini lukaku in a rush for the score as their five sign champions byron munich beating and elect three no goals between roma and athletico madrid while chelsea put six past karabakh of azerbaijan. south africa have accepted the first decision that their world cup qualifier with senegal should be replied issued the order after match referee joseph lamptey of ghana was banned from manipulating the game south africa one of the original fixture that supplies last year to warn the country's football association say the lonely appeal if the referees ban is overturned. now shanghai s. i.p.g. are through to the semifinals of the asian champions league for the first time in their history they reached the last four in dramatic fashion as i.p.g. had a fall advantage going into the second leg of their quota final with one zero ever ground when joe were at home for this game to full advantage in this all chinese tie they won all in normal time to level the side and take it in extra time
2:56 am
for the two teams both schooled in that extra time and that meant a penalty shoot outs the psychology finally regaining their composure to win five four one spot get us. and take their place in the semi's. only slightly less tension in the days of the quarterfinal between the cyclists of iran and the u.a.e. our early this task that suits you after the first leg is the away team that prevailed in abu dhabi with persepolis winning three want to go through five three on aggregate they'll play hell out of saudi arabia in the last for. a limb pick president thomas back has admitted his organization isn't immune to credibility issues last week brazilian police started an investigation into claims rio bought votes to secure the twenty sixteen games back is in peru for a meeting that will confirm paris is the twenty twenty four summer hosts and l.a. is the location for the twenty twenty eight games he says strong action will be
2:57 am
taken if any allegations are proven. i cannot tell you that this morning. i will know you. have already been in contact with the. brazilian. authorities thing nobody wants to have credibility issues in his or her. organization. but we have been we have to be realistic no organization in the world is immune to raid ability shoes and rafa nadal is back in spain after his u.s. open triumph and says his next big challenge is to get the better of roger federer on the court that i was won two grand slam titles this year and reclined the number one ranking but federal all three of them actually in twenty seven say it's now targeting another win at the a.t.p. world tour finals to finish off a memorable year. after they have been a habit of it back in my. days of now i'm just trying to be
2:58 am
a little bit with my paper friends family a little bit and this couple of days and right away as soon as possible for the next couple of things ok that is always sport for not more lighter and that's it for me rob matheson the first news i'm going to be back in a couple of minutes with some more see them public. we've now reached one hundred days i was placed on the one hundred days of diplomatic social and economic adversity and as the crisis continues we're looking at the battles to influence opinion both on and offline share your views with the
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hash tag aging is read from the heart of the story here in doha gulf crisis special on news. of. a new level of a cage me just get they do to me it is surely surely true that they too may get a very. nice guy but he feel it is not the believe that libya should it be meaty don't just go to the fat usually. but but. but he gun bullets that maybe don't need it like a shell or feel that some people have this good at least that i did at a shit. victim
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. being his past as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for answers reveals there are often two sides to even the darkest of stories witness the color of the chameleon at this time on al-jazeera. the death toll from hurricane armor rises as officials across the caribbean and florida struggle for a full assessment of the storm's toll.


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