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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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in the central african republic through towards cameroon further towards the west looking fine for bamako in mali but across parts of west africa will see a circulation of low pressure developing so for likes of sierra leone also liberia there could be some heavy showers developing here. dozens are killed at a fire boarding school in kuala lumpur. hello again my name is peter w. watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up north
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korea provokes more tension by threatening to drop a nuclear bomb on japan. syrian troops advance underoos or more talks to end the civil war. and i think that we're going to see we're going to see a scale up of the emergency very quickly and the un guarantees more aid for wreckage of muslims fleeing the violence in me and my. top story more than twenty people have died in a fire at a malaysian boarding school most of them were teenagers police say the blaze started on the top floor dormitory of the school on the outskirts of the capital kuala lumpur running o.t. as a story. it took more than an hour for firefighters to put out the flames at the daughter ana to school in kuala lumpur by then many people mainly teenage boys had lost
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their lives the fire started near the dormitory on the top floor first thing in the morning it quickly ripped through the entire building and it was named by one of the interior of the building is one hundred percent destroyed the mattresses books and all other things in the room were damaged but the cause of the fire is still unclear we're still investigating. it would have been difficult for the boys to escape as the rooms had barred windows and the fire blocked the only exit a fire department representative says their bodies were found on top of each other suggesting there was a stampede to try and get out a community religious leader led prayers for the students but. he described the boys as cheerful when they held religious events with the community a happy group many of whom now have lost their lives under very sad circumstances renay odette al-jazeera ok let's get the latest on the people who escaped the building they've been describing what happened. they had to go and i was sleeping
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about five thirty a.m. i woke up because i thought i heard sounds like a thunderstorm i opened the window to check if it was a thunderstorm but i could only hear the voices of villagers screaming outside and when i got out from my room i realized the fire had ravaged a turd floor of the ashram. representatives of the syrian government and the opposition groups are meeting in the capital of kazakhstan for a sixth round of talks to end the civil war the discussions in our stana are being brokered by russia turkey and iran has charles stratford five rounds of trying so far in a stand i have had little success brokered by russia turkey and iran the focus of discussions is ending the fighting in syria and complementing un brokered talks in geneva on the political future of the country. is exactly. which help. to reach. technical
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agreements. details on the ground which basically lay the ground. a basic framework agreement on a stabber xing so-called deescalation zones in syria was signed by russia turkey and iran in may there's less fighting in some of the areas but syrians who have moved there expecting them to be safer say they continue to face and strikes and heavy gunfire. the opposition says the deescalation zone's initiative gives the syrian government forces an opportunity to make further military gains and they have refused any suggestion that russia or iranian soldiers could be part of any full monitoring the zones the northern syrian province of italy is potentially included in the plan but there are opposition groups in it that the international community and the syrian government say all terrorists and viable targets as well
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as the talks here in cannes axed on seven rounds of un brokered talks in geneva have also failed not once have opposition groups and syrian government representatives held face to face discussions the main syrian opposition insists president bashar al assad has no role in a future transitional government the u.n. envoy in syria says the syrian government has not budged in its unwillingness to discuss the political transition that report from charles stratford who joins us live now from asked on a child what's on the agenda today. well the delegations we understand have all arrived being told that the agenda today is very much a closed session bilateral talks at all not only happening here in this hotel in the stone about various al hotels and as we heard there in my report the big game
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persists of this meeting is trying to firm up this plan for these full escalation zones a plan that was signed by the brokers for that agreement to the iranians the turks and the russians in may there seems to be a lot of focus on the fourth deescalation zone that's the area of italy province in northern syria. serious problems issues in that area a lot of civilians that have moved there expecting safety and some of the groups in those areas in control of deems to be affiliated to al qaida not only by the international community but by the russians by the syrians also so there are concerns there for just how that plan for that force deescalation can be implemented there's also going to be focus here over the next couple of days on looking at the parameters of these deescalation zones themselves it still hasn't
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been truly established exactly where these areas are going to start and end we understand is going to be discussion of mapping these areas and as i mentioned again in that report there is serious focus also on just who is going to be responsible for monitoring these areas which countries are going to be offering troops soldiers to be down there policing the zones and making sure that violations don't happen now the russians have said that this is a six months plan they don't plan for these areas to become separate sections of the country if you like they are looking at trying to establish some sort of lasting so. in these areas to my staff and to restore the the un envoy for syria says to try and compliment on going talks that are being brokered by the un in geneva this is what charles the sixth round of these discussions in
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a stand what's of the in real terms what of the achieved so far. well it has to be saved very little certainly people on the ground in syria living in some of these areas say that although there has been a deescalation of fighting in these areas that certainly civilians and members of the opposition rebel forces there say that they still come under attack by artillery. they're also serious concerns over slee for how these areas are policed the rebels have categorically said that they do not want any role for iranian forces in these monitoring groups nor any role for the russians. and as i say italy province is mainly controlled by groups that are deemed to be terrorist organizations by everybody here and stalin and the wider international community
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and it's interesting today we heard some news coming out of syria from sources that we have in italy province these are very difficult to verify but we hear that the group tata sham which is the umbrella organization for a number of these groups is beginning to splinter up so there is factionalism within the rebel forces not only in in the three deescalation zones that are a little bit further forward in being established but in labor as well so there are massive different difficulties and challenges ahead in trying to implement this plan but it certainly seems certainly in the context of the kind of gains that the syrian government pro-government forces have made in the last year and the fact that we have observers here from america and from jordan this time that there does seem to be a concerted effort by all parties to try and establish to try and implement this plan in these deescalation zones and try and get a solid cessation of violence charles stay close we'll talk later i'm sure in the
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meantime thanks very much ok let's get more on the top story for you today twenty four twenty five. teenagers mainly teenagers killed by a fire at a boarding school in kuala lumpur we're going to talk live now to how to raise my homage he's a journalist with malaysia's new straits times he joins us from outside the school carries just walk us through what we think went wrong here. ok the fire started at about five am today. thirty six students really just students were sleeping inside the hospital after school in new car much for. the fire department only received a call about five forty one a.m. . by then by the time to arrive about three minutes later. they could only save a few while many ideas were found. dead inside are still at level three school here and what's going on at the scene as we speak
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at the scene now. investigators from a fire and rescue department and forensics units are working to identify the cause of the blaze. the total number of students killed now. stands at twenty two students aged between seven and sixteen seventeen and do teachers and twenty is what the details are still sketchy on the name. trying to identify each students who were there. during the incident so far twenty twenty three were killed on the scene while another. hospital while receiving treatment earlier today a building like this harry's must be covered surely by fire regulations and also i assume here people would be wanting to know why it took almost forty five minutes
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from the start of the fire to the fire men and women receiving the phone call saying we have a problem. initial investigations revealed that yes building it has not received any approval from the prettiest operate yet if not meet that application to have the building reviewed by fire and rescue department but has yet to be approved. fire and rescue department. officers also said that this building was not equipped we have for five year extinguishers and firefighting equipment while the hospital was around. permanent. grill doors and windows fixed that's why most of the victims who did f can't escape they were trapped and. killed maybe due to smoke briefly henri's do we know how many people survived the
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fire how many people are now in hospital so far according to the fire risk your department rescue five students by using a led. by first responder team of seven firemen who are right three minutes after they received the call but according to a student whom i managed to interview at least eight of them managed to climb out from one of the windows we've managed to break open. it all of them managed to. jump jump from the floor of that building including one or two of them were on fire when he jumped from the building. ok harry's thanks very much for talking to us. north korea has threatened to use a nuclear weapon against japan after being hit with more u.n. sanctions the state run korean central news agency said this japan is no longer
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needed to exist near us it went on to say before islands of the japanese archipelago should be sunk into the sea by the nuclear bomb. japan's cabinet secretary you are he has condemned the threat from north korea. you know. this announcement is extremely provocative and outrageous and raises the tension in the region and it is unacceptable ok let's talk about too quickly snow correspondent in tokyo so craig they must be taking this rhetoric really rather seriously where you are. well that's right it certainly on the street this news is starting to sink in and what we find is that it it really is a generational thing people who witness the second world war during the cold war tend to take these sorts of threats very seriously thirty years and younger been hearing these threats most of their lives so many have even tended to disengage from this sort of rhetoric but certainly given the recent testing that was seen
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from north korea two weekends ago with a hydrogen bomb a bomb that was ten times more powerful than the bomb dropped on hiroshima by the u.s. and the missile that was fired across northern tokyo then the authorities here are taking this very seriously indeed even though this rhetoric and this threat was to have been expected given the support japan gave to the united states following the push of further sanctions through the u.n. and when it comes to cooperation and military preparedness there's been something of a flip craig with the u.s. and the japanese ships the japanese are now helping to refuel japanese ships out at sea who are the very closely monitoring what's going on how does that work. well that's right they've actually been doing this since april and the new security
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laws here that allow them to do that they they move fuel out to american warships these are ages anti missile ships there are six american ships in the sea of japan there are four from japan's own flayed and what these ships container intercept is that intercept the missiles or potential missiles in space if they launch from north korea there is actually a very. complex defense system that has been set up by the americans and the south koreans and the japanese which include third missile systems in south korea in guam itself as well and a patriot battery here in japan and that's all gone added by these ships in the sea of japan and the u.s. says that there's less than one percent chance of a missile actually being able to penetrate this defense shield that they have set up so the japanese are supporting that shield and they announced today that they
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would continue to refuel the u.s. ships as part of the alliance agreement craig thanks very much last one you still to come for you here al-jazeera including these stories we look at the international aid that is desperately needed to help rebuild after hurricane plus. the ever increasing risk of losing your job to automation we'll meet the robots who are skilled in the art of conducting. hello and welcome to international weather forecast now we have a deep area of low pressure racing in across the u.k. and down through into some of the low countries and through the baltics so it's
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really looking autumnal at the moment across this region still fine across southeastern areas so that's what we're facing in the course of some really strong winds winds coming down from the north across the u.k. so temperatures way below average really strong winds up through the baltic you see that circulation there towards stockholm so really wet and windy conditions further towards the south and looking fine nice day in vienna twenty five but as we head on through into friday temperatures dropping back to eighteen as that system blows through and at that stage you can see attempts then london dropping back to fourteen but across the rest of the u.k. significantly lower than that is fine though on the other side of the mediterranean nice weather in car there with temperatures in the mid thirty's has been as high as thirty eight last couple of days which is easing back slightly into central parts of africa still looking plenty showers across size down central from the public and towards cameroon towards west africa the situation is looking somewhat better circulation we've had here so easy but still some showers are for guinea sierra leone and the like but otherwise looking fine for bamako mali with highs of thirty four germany fine across southern portions of africa with highs of nineteen
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expected in cape town.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour more than twenty people may need teenagers have died in a fire at a malaysian boarding school most of them under twenty the police say the blaze started on the top floor and there are reports that the building did not have the correct fire such occasion. north korea has threatened to use a nuclear weapon against japan after pyongyang was hit with more u.n. sanctions japan condemned the threat saying the announcement was extremely provocative outrageous and unacceptable. and representatives of the syrian government and opposition groups are meeting in the cancer capital stand off for a sixth round of talks to end the civil war the talks the brokered by the russians the turks and the iranians. the road to the talks in a stand has been a long one but many victims of the war in syria critical of the representatives at those discussions saying they are too far removed from what's going on on the
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ground caroline malone reports. this is the kind of violence that is standard talks on syria aimed at reducing the last round in july delegations from russia iran and turkey talked about creating four main deescalation. one of them is in the north of homs province where around one hundred eighty thousand civilians men women and children live under the control of a rebel alliance and. i'm the chief of police in a village that belongs to alcohol i feel sorry to say that the last talks gave us a negative impression they talked about ceasefire but we only saw the opposite yesterday there was an ongoing mission in the sky. another deescalation zone is in the north west of the country including north east latakia west and aleppo and northern hama is home to more than a million civilians people in some parts have suffered years of war and were glad
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to see some relief since july but it hasn't lasted long enough. laws and the previous talks gave us nothing except truce on warplane activities the average number of reconnaissance flights and the artillery shelling is the same i expect nothing but the same failure from the coming talks nothing is expected but force displacement of the last round of talks was aimed at getting rebel groups backed by turkey and government forces supported by iran and russia to stop fighting for six months and to get syrian president bashar al assad's government to allow humanitarian aid into rebel areas but moscow tehran and i'm correct failed to agree with the sun on well it was something we were hoping the last round of talks would let us see good results but in no way every day and alcohol or there is an escalation of violence we still hope the next round of talks will decrease the escalation here i expect a new era in syria that needs new faces and new leaders so as to sort the crisis
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out once and for all. the syrian opposition is being represented at separate un backed talks in geneva with damascus to cooperate in the fight against isis they want to see a political transition to remove president assad from power but that's the sticking point for the government delegation whose focus is on getting rid of those calls terrorists. syrian civilians still hope for real progress on talks whether in a standoff. to bring them security and peace after more than six years without caroline malone al-jazeera. turning our attention to the parliament has passed a controversial law granting amnesty to public officials accused of being corrupt before the arab spring back in twenty eleven the session was temporarily suspended before the vote when the opposition walked out in protest the bill has been the subject of months of demonstrations opponents say it's a setback for democracy. the u.n. high commissioner for refugees says they'll be an increase in aid relief for more
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than three hundred eighty thousand injured that have fled the violence in rakhine state aid agencies along the border with bangladesh have been overwhelmed with the number of entering the area since the military crackdown began late last month the u.n. says the scale of the emergency requires a swift response hugh many caring assistance in bangladesh has traditionally been quite complex and the government has. preferred to certain choices in terms of which agencies our presence on the ground and so forth this was before this big emergency i think that now that the emergency requires a very urgent response his presence would be scaled up very quickly we've had already an airlift of goods from the emirates other organizations are also sending goods and i think that we're going to see we're going to see a scale up of the emergency very quickly turned we're sorry with the latest from cox is bizarre. there's more stepped up activities of relief operation by local
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international and un agency within the last two days at least two plane loads of airlift of landed on bangladesh day before yesterday haven't reached into the camps yet because of the logistics most of the material but. it's still very inadequate considering the number of refugees in that camp a lot of the food and other essentials been. from across the country we know the situation on the ground is still very fluid and volatile just mad before. at least eighteen. while trying to cross from me and mine to bangladesh in the. among them ten bodies very cub out among them where mostly children and women at the same time within one week at least four rowing and one van where they should died in a mine explosion so this gives you an idea how how precarious and how sensitive the
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border area is and people are trickling down every day not in big numbers in the nation of spades but i place in groups of dozen or groups of fifties and some cases just one family trying to cross this is far from over it's a welcoming thing that the u.n. has condemned these and there is a stepped up diplomatic activities because this will hopefully defuse the situation on the ground. the u.s. president donald trump and democrat leaders in the congress have agreed to work together on legislation to protect young migrants without u.s. citizenship then known as dreamers now they've reached an agreement in principle which would enshrine protection for nearly eight hundred thousand undocumented people who live in the states they had benefited from the former president barack obama's program mr trump announced he would end it earlier this month he then gave congress six months to come up with an alternative for here in the caribbean islands looking for international help band aid to help them rebuild after hurricane some like the british and american virgin islands have mother countries
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to help the rebuilding operation but on independent islands like barbuda the recovery will be much more difficult as john holmes explains. prime minister gaston brown has brought other caribbean leaders to see what's left of the island. it was hit with the maximum force of hurricane brown says help is urgently needed aggravated today is what they considered to be a mangled wreck in order to restore it in order to rebuild and to ensure that we can relocate bad you didn't hear it will take an enormous amount of resources. electricity phone lines of people's homes at damaged or gone the situation so precarious the entire populations been evacuated twenty go which emerged unscathed brown who is prime minister of both islands says it will take more than two hundred million dollars to bring it back to life. the government's trying to take the
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positives out of the fact that more than ninety percent of buildings here damaged they want to implement an ambitious rebuilding program with high construction standards to guard against future hurricanes and one hundred percent green energy for the island the problem with that is cash they say they don't have anywhere near enough while other island nations devastated by the hurricane like martin in the virgin islands belong to receive help from developed countries doesn't have that support those islands are dependent territories they have them other countries to assist they have britain they have the netherlands france and a case of went again by a small independent country with very limited resources civil engineers have started work anyway assessing the damage house by house they're optimistic about the possibilities how long do you think three building of the. allotment depends on
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if i like depends india i believe within twelve months most of it could be that. not just homes but also jobs have been lost fisherman's boats lying ruins. really earned a living from his taxi that's gone now well right now i'm feeling that very very odd because what happened since that time the hurricane has passed this is the we. are right now and there's not much i can do right now until. i don't know how soon we going to get back to baghdad. that's the question all of the living in government shelters with relatives are asking the prime minister says hopefully in a few months but even then the rebuilding could take years john home and how does it. progress and technology maybe for the first time a robot has conducted
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a world class orchestra the swiss designed a unique let the look on a caucus try to open the first international festival of robotics in the italian city of peter humi managed to upstaged. but the orchestra's regular conductor isn't too concerned. we basically had to find time to understand he's movements then when we found the way everything was pretty easy and the flexibility of the arms of you me is absolutely unthinkable not even incredible unthinkable for a machine it is absolutely fantastic and the technician fantastic just to make everything perfect especially in the length and in the speed of the gesture which is very important. welcome if you're just joining us al jazeera live from doha today your top stories more than twenty people have died in a fire at
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a boarding school in malaysia most of them were teenagers police say the blaze started on the top floor dormitory of the school on the outskirts of the capital kuala lumpur the police are investigating whether an unapproved wall blocks the students from escaping six people are in hospital there all in a critical condition people who did manage to get out have been describing what happened. and i was sleeping about five thirty am i woke up because i thought i heard sounds like a killer storm i opened the window to check if it was a thunderstorm but i could only hear the voices of villagers screaming outside. and when i got out from my room i realized the fire had ravaged a turd floor of the ashram. north korea has threatened to use a nuclear weapon against japan after pyongyang was hit with more un sanctions the state run korean central news agency said the four islands on the japanese archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb japan condemned the
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threat saying the announcement was extremely provocative outrageous and unacceptable. representatives of the syrian government and opposition groups are meeting in the capital of kazakstan for a sixth round of talks to end the civil war they're aiming to implement a lasting cease fire in so-called deescalation zones but many victims of the war in syria a critical of the representatives at the discussions saying they are too far removed from the crisis on the ground the u.n. high commissioner for refugees says they'll be an increase in aid relief from more than three hundred eighty thousand injured but a flood violence and rakhine state aid agencies along the border with bangladesh have been overwhelmed with the number of ranger entering the area since the military crackdown began in late august geneses parliament has passed a controversial law granting amnesty to public officials accused of being corrupt before twenty eleven's power of spring recession was temporarily suspended before the vote when the opposition walked out in protest you are right up to date with
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all the top stories thirty minutes of al-jazeera world news when we come back in thirty minutes between now and then it's inside story with jane season. says all sorts in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera. the un has imposed another round of sanctions against north korea young young conducted its largest nuclear test and in this month the two sanctions likings work in north korea elsewhere in the world and is it the people who suffer the most this is inside story.


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