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tv   The Colour Of The Chameleon  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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you know one in the same or if you join us sunset i was never going to file been looked at differently because i'm dr that all before but i'm the one this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a day stream and one of your pitches might make the next shot join the global conversation. this time on al-jazeera. well again everyone for the going to hear the top stories this. at least twenty people have been killed in a fire at a malaysian boarding school most of them teenagers police say that it started on the top floor dormitory of a religious school on the outskirts of kuala lumpur as reports. it took more
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than an hour for firefighters to put out the flames that the. school in kuala lumpur by then many people mainly teenage boys had lost their lives you know by gangs that do such as. we can see from a certain angle their hands waving out for help we had no choice but to ask them to jump out and we tried to catch them we did try to enter the house but the fire was too hot until certain point there was a blackout when that happened things started falling apart we withdrew after that. the fire started near the dormitory on the top floor first thing in the morning it quickly ripped through the entire building. the interior of the building is one hundred percent destroyed the mattresses books and all other things in the very damaged but the cause of the fire is still unclear we're still investigating it would have been difficult for the boys to escape as the rooms had barred windows and the fire blocked the only exit. i escaped through the window we dismantled the window opened the window and climbed down up by the window grille open that we
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couldn't think much of fire department representatives says their bodies were found on top of one another suggesting there was a stampede to try and get out a community religious leader led prayers for the students who described the boys as cheerful when they held religious events in the community a happy group many of whom have now lost their lives under tragic circumstances. iraq's parliament has voted to remove the governor cook the vote comes after a council meeting which showed support for plans to hold a referendum on kurdish independence iraq's government and iraq's neighbors are opposed to that referendum and earlier this week parliament or the rise prime minister to take quote all measures to preserve national unity. i want to end child drowned when a boat carrying range of refugees capsized in
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a river between bangladesh and. united nations high commissioner for refugees says that aid relief for up to four hundred thousand range of muslims will soon be dispatched aid agencies along bangladeshis border has been overwhelmed by the number of people entering the area since a military crackdown in me and began last month. hugh many pattern assistance in bangladesh has traditionally been quite complex and the government has. preferred to certain choices in terms of agencies our presence on the ground and so forth this was before this big emergency i think that now that the emergency requires a very urgent response these presents would be scaled up very quickly we've had already an airlift of goods from the emirates other organizations are also sending goods and i think that we're going to see we're going to see a scale up of the emergency very quickly u.s. president donald trump has denied reports of a deal to protect undocumented young immigrants known as dreamers earlier democrats
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announced an agreement had been reached which would have protected the nearly eight hundred thousand immigrants they'd benefited from the former president barack obama's program but earlier this month trump announced that he would end that program and gave congress six months to come up with a replacement north korea has threatened to use a nuclear weapon against japan after the u.n. imposed more sanctions against the regime in pyongyang japan condemned the threat saying that the announcement was extremely provocative inquiry into a fire that killed eighty people in london has begun it began on the fourth floor of tower and spread through the twenty four story building in june this year the investigation is expected to look at several factors including building regulations and the response of local government india's prime minister narendra modi has met with japan's bad of talks in the city of ahmedabad. last india's first bullet train
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programme which will run between the western city of ahmedabad and bomb by more news right after witness next. done to him but he got us to here.
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let's got to like it i don't dispute. you must not be back up on. the bus up into the alley or in a sort of stuff i mean. help me ok let me walk let me. go i want to go away. and nothing done. the bickering if they hear the thought that if i were there for ever the place that they're going to come in and go back.
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that they have a lot of the bus oh but if you see lindsay. the circus is going to. want to must i think of that was the public went. on there must be going to process from the moment when they. get bus will continue to persist on the island. by the east coast and you. see the sign yes it's a typical meter but i mean. you know let's tell this properly that the word hello
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she lives is out of anybody seem to realize that she was like yeah it was as if he's telling. me book up at the bus out of here i'm really not in on. to know the laws of simplest need she ask if i'm for so i was like that's a by use you want of a human the you know to with a bit in it and then instant thoughts on that about the loans i get to go and get a few but my note on the usa exit out that if you i. to about there as he was only a few. it's only a few of two million of us are you going to. enjoy go enjoy a good winter the neighbors here you know in the near augusta in the name of the
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intent of us had any more hope here ya know and i got some new york in augusta i mean we're getting his impulses. he's a guy here and man all get up on the we're going to get variability in the old. i don't know for sure. one of them is that well i'm happiest yet in. akira those without are going to say you're doubting that i you know you know you're into me now you don't know any missile but he had to look at if i saw it and we get out of. there think you'd really have to kill a one of us at a motel to cause him to measure the way to know we haven't got to know it of course i did so i look in development. and hope for the latter i never found the man
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with a gun bellicose i go. out at night well that's when the real from a level. that away from a fire and help out of the never but not a bad thing to have that cut that down my brother they are going to have a bit i don't believe i'll go. yeah but i wasn't going to that area here. and there and. because that's a million and what i was didn't i mean. you know they can think so and. give you my kind of them and those that i've been asking on the town. so i meant to make you cool. a mother.
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so she can talk and about life when i missed it but when this hobby it's my home you know as i'm tossing it up as one of the shirts you would want as keeps you up as when i knocked up or no in four months you want in under the one dialogues you have as one would if unions gun family isn't a given. and if that's your toughest you have as one i know i don't mind as one up live i'm girly for the inside home that's not afghans it's business and that six officers is better than none. of the then no where do you think. your business of the. united of the day in the game. is about me to guess it's nobody could teach me. to listen am i think if i don't
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know this it is to see him to let him see it. look easy to look in a subtle mosaic of that commission thing again. i could tell it is a person a set of. the lab did a service and did the. and i think that you know ok again if it does. in am but i don't care. who specially come in does it's me mr howard that you started your deep i did she leave me like they are and i'm glad. that it's just them personally and your flesh how did you know it will stay in hand look at district you two infiltration has a serious relation down that's essentially shorn. him an object into brings you to find him an object yeah yeah yeah so.
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it think you didn't know he had been celibate day and throughout the whole world let us go down into the room no you can click continue goes then for myself or other i'll go over a trillion at the thought of the little. it doesn't eliminate the question is it the embassy that they usually or chill the line at the levee down a but i. don't know it like electricity may have asked that are. in my have yes yes. you know it to me he did it and miss it in the. elect are you going to listen he only of. an ear i wanted didn't call it a canary have. a good think i got it to move on and yeah but to say or not know that of a yo coming and
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a million. that's food isn't funny you know in astonishment you know young just look too high and you know what you should lift as you should i when i had any. in a can in gustafer that a lot of difficulties in this is the man. does not know i did buy it and she now go i go there. because i wasn't treated as i'm a head just as you might open out your fortune to respect you get back here tight yeah as easy as what i. say when last i see it doesn't i can tell if there is a secret i like the word until you. get us out of it going out to the grocery. store but i'm done taking. it on if you lend i am.
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sympathetic it is true it had a while and it is i mean it's a loss and so you are but it was not at the. mayo clinic it is today for and if he complained that impotent and then kill him to condone a thought about how many. again i must add that on the tempest i don't really. think the book i mean. but annoying what other of. us have a lot of the. dynamic. i was already committed to tom. then either with or yeah to get them to say. hey. i don't. think i'm coming.
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and going to need to do this i'm going to you can defy me but i said understand them fully. i am already. put up and put it on the most you had on. this you and i must i'm going to have used their. attempt at what i want ice dancing. on the to. be. doing it that's in the pilot but i must be. but i live in the know who's who deal.
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in the us are you never given that they are here no give me. a ticket no they're a good deal to get the puppy love them not that i need a loan for it that i lose it whether they have nothing whatever reason. then if they like us i give you that allow me i think they have seen i saw the se and i don't miss a minute i don't. like
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what they like it but out there but ok i'm going to echo that it doesn't happen all when i. in. the killing of a little bit of them a lot of them you know you. haven't lost anything. but generally on the top of your. body and not our house. i don't.
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think. you see. your normal. thing. for them if. you know.
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you're. going to see that. they will hit them with. you go get. nick i'm with the book it is you know if you think i mean you don't look it's only a c i suppose him to because i flashed him an hour that i'm aware of the full fledge of the thing that i know village doohickey thought would have the music if you will see it was in but it's all flesh and so if you took. it as momentum my space and because according to you when i go into the most intimate thing on the house it's a seamless but on second from the on because and i think idea and them interest this. groups.
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that's a common x. and a comic turn up i mean that if you go. in the normal but i'm. not into thunder sentimental type to me. into next to nothing i literally had
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better not have felt so good at that i keep at it. they were empty so when you with a motorola missing teeth and you know you. know where you go. i said i say never do over the world but i'm going to get somebody you know if the intimacy . you know get in i see no reason why this group will know i don't know where this is going to feel. and now you got to see click click click let them see that him. to me yeah. yeah. yeah yeah. i kind of. think about that. it doesn't assume.
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you know compete and he doesn't yes. in this moment but the man or london i look up email visit the boss. and we can play video call me up where to start i think it was a way we could be a. yes only because again you're going to me we're going to get up and you let it wait a minute and does this is. what i had a local process a local mall or lean out of the local elongate it's a slip where i'm in the line there for a good for me what offer a moment of reflection of the good it gets a lot of when they die you go in the levels you want to. get out of i mean may make them you know they're mad at me and i mean a quintal intern they love it leo gayla your. ass was and that's your call that you made it up as i see it as come see i would offer my the time i said i
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mean when tomic annoys me you know he. has put us in his difficulty up until. he took on a little and i'll bet that. you know sometimes you know i mean you know people like to me. like i said i don't want to get out of that book on my life i said look i think we'll get to my plan i think i will get my number which i don't think i want to thought of and. if there are some i mean you. know i'm an idiot. it will slander and i miss us economy me one for the u.n. . but i thought when they get us i want the. subject line so that you know so you.
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can look at and also. you know don't they get it and sort of like company. so you got a leg up and you know. and you don't get out of sorts. yeah unless you affect going to containing the printing. i mean it's only about him minutes on that man no commitment anything and thank you. because you know i think my you know that you know this and yet you see yourself i would i would like what i mentioned at the wall you know i must say with the way i was i could get close it is you know can audiences because that they meant that the length of it all of them that a lot of this you know my letter gave them and some i don't call them a whole freedom. i mean shit i'm going to thought of all yakking as an undersea dome only half a mile and see it. and it was you don't want to see them seeing you if you must you know then you understand you you don't want them to melbourne for. your feet. and quite is going on above and. the
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so air.
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you know like. my home and i and i get in unison. and arguably i said i'm not that many can. demeter going to nine talk sincerely but that's to get in you but i listen we're going to do is look we need us you know. and we'll see him though we're going to need him to definitely not let that funny if i don't i got both about them and. i'm going to get that signal which of course i can what i sort of i don't know if i'm going to go for. them to live on it on the going to go with a sort of mist to explode on the for mother so that you know from i think what they learned here. on this on soledad and i don't miss you i would love to extend.
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on the topic in your you're going to call up what on the other hand i'm. not going to throw a telephone. i tell you not to cut. him but then you don't i think a lot of what. i think that's about the only contact interview like you did with. his cup it ourselves hinted at it all. ok mom again i'm already both since. he left but i'm on my own head at the sunny side up. from the icy mountain steps of mongolia to the flooded lowlands of south america. the high stakes series returns. following the daring journey views
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of ordinary people from around the globe who take extraordinary risks to earn a living. risking it all coming soon on al-jazeera. russian filmmaker under a necker self continues his journey across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin during his travels he meets christians and muslims patriots and separatists i told you the locals in the southeast were on our side when i arrived i don't do something completely different some longed to leave potence russia but for others a russian passport means hope and the challenge of happened in search of putin's russia at this time on all jazeera a friend about here is that because we have to thank have not bore people with powerful lies and actually share the nation with the al-jazeera team into. a
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survivor of a genocide there are people who beg me to kill them to end the suffering but it didn't have the heart to who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. knowing them here is that all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because if i could just find a finger i could bury him bone hunter at this time on al-jazeera. hello again adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera iraq's parliament has voted to remove the government of kirkuk the vote comes after a council meeting which showed support for plans to hold a referendum on kurdish independence iraq's government of the country's neighbors are opposed to the referendum and earlier this week parliament or the rise of prime
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minister hired a body to take quote all measures to preserve national unity more than twenty people have been fire killed in a fire at a malaysian boarding school most of them teenagers the local fire chief says there were too many people in one room and the proper safety measures had yet to be approved a woman and child have drowned when a boat carrying refugees capsized in a river separating bangladesh and me and mine the united nations high commissioner for refugees says that aid relief for up to four hundred thousand range of muslims will soon be dispatched aid agencies along bangladeshis border have been overwhelmed by the number of people coming into the area since the military crackdown in me in ma began last month hugh many pattern assistance in bangladesh has traditionally been quite complex so the government has. preferred to certain choices in terms of which agencies our presence on the ground and so forth this was before this big emergency i think that now that the emergency
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requires a very urgent response these presents would be scaled up very quickly we've had already an airlift of goods from the emirates other organizations are also sending goods and i think that we're going to see we're going to see a scale up of the emergency very quickly. u.s. president donald trump has denied reports of a deal to protect on documented young immigrants the so-called dreamers earlier democrats announced an agreement had been reached which would have protected the nearly eight hundred thousand immigrants they benefited from former president barack obama's dock up program but earlier this month trump announced that he would end the program and give congress gave congress all the six months to come up with a replacement north korea's threatened to use a nuclear weapon against japan after the u.n. imposed more sanctions against the regime in pyongyang japan damn the threat saying that the announcement was extremely provocative plans now allowing its navy to supply fuel to u.s. ballistic missile defense ships and its territorial waters i'll be back with news
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out a little over twenty five but it's not just here but i let's get you back to with us. on the where you are you and me just you know that. i think you know well so one hundred people probably aren't the middle i don't deal in them and to me that i don't limit it i don't. even sing. and sing in the day about the year be about i mean this we don't invade we don't know and i don't give us a lesson when we. and when the only person you can see. you know in my own you. don't you don't want any unfairly in the thing on the phone.
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he needed to has a purpose. i think i heard her. on the news texan and. you know to me inclusive members. come in and they're listening. at a lucky thing or. this. is a law yet a lot of you saw that as a director and it has to go it to where only the only. local level and then i just. i think you know ok we can do those who is i can tell though as complicit. if the deal you say what we did is for him the nominees who handed
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even leak and seen coming with her i mean like you did i say let me remind you i don't land though and a lot and i guess money if you listen simply lanny. there to do you know how they get there and they're even. saying we see. it it's a julie. it's a you're on a good job. if they say it to me you know. you could say what the photo. is doing better and not my god oh. my oh no says i don't fall. and fall. i
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am at the of the my partly on governmental and gets a letter for the. you know the new jersey letter which i am saying that i had when i was in which i you know by now living in the us again i want to get the propeller . but if they get it to compliment the. delicacy do. it i see don't let them into the dugout around you i take on what will yeah yeah yeah golly thirty of. you thought that i said no you're not much good nobody would be like i said that was about the sun then if somebody would let me come when i got i'd move on the city give us a. ticket interpreted to mean. a critical mass that was about otherness authoress of i mean then you must want to
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do it out of him he's saying yes it's though he's done upon the letter yeah it looks like i'm nothing but i mustn't get to the last one d.n.a. you know. my son you know what you think wandering off into the black woman throwing in the yeah and saying that hey i'm from uganda i'm going to monitor your well that some day i will name to. look died in you or them and if you know given sank in a city any when humans i mean. yeah i do you know i think that in a comedy. of what i don't know.
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but if you don't then much. yeah i get that if i hear. where you feel i feel. your home your soul i mean everything i did if you could get on i can detect i thank you and i. think. that i love me like you know i thought what if. it had a kind of do you know what i gave it him idea i i mean i. don't i think the i don't know. i get you know what other hand if you go. into the bubble. i keep. once again i love how cops have the wide eyes. yeah they did a lot of stuff kind of deal with me on the nonviolent means that they might look at this here you know again yes i want to talk a lot a lot i don't know yet did on p.b.s. . here if you. really think that
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just. think. it did i think yesterday i think class one of the guardian yes i want to go at the end of a class. just like you know you sort of thing that i got thinking been all gunning . so i don't you go and we have you know we know native and i'm telling all my one that they don't. miss and don't isolate and they're going to know you're going to miss a you can tell him. and you're going to be pretty sure nice of them one of the people you know who. i assume to sort of better look the more you know that meant about you. he was a commie may call them noble some best get out both about them. and you're like a medicine the money you give it is going to see me and that with diminishing and
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people me so i may create that when i want that i need to accept and show them that i want if you want to set a good journey. in employment that i pass i mean i said can i get. you know to fight one leg at a young people. and go for whom you. getting a good job as a leader who would like it there but it up at this when he said that boston to me until. i. couldn't quite put my family. living by that i don't even know the meaning but i wanted to go to my village always talking with. women he never. knew from the tuna. corn and he said in. one of the look is yours you know you played it
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over the. new. york. will mess with. the. group of. a person who for this year. i'm going. ok. jim jim not really took him you feel this something he says i'm a sinner you. should follow you know this is the day of your job you're the noise and somebody said like you're going to get like a million percent. this
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is day. to day so you know standing for love i mean how do you know when something doesn't solve the celica trinity because it's so he's done today. you know get it. like you're going to. get it all out of. us. and in the middle of your feeling love. for the city and the little lick of your answer. but if you're going to get. north korea de mint to know. are you out of yeah i get a call that i want to go so. now
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you know where you got into. the mustard up with some. sort of. you know i mean you know i mean you know you. get your money. you get over there. i go. i see you. didn't. do my thing yet. yeah and. which of course and we met them in the previous and i'm going to order because i can see the city every is q.e. the minimal i want no reason. you know how new threat to the other like a city you know around the. course of your film out is when we fled because i feel
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. better i didn't manage. to get to that this new game addict but with a phone in the middle like the meet in the song in that that went. you know getting up would go no we don't really think that would i said i mean if i said look if. i went there guy and in the mind of this. i am one thank you and then. you miss me more than a boy yes in this. way i'm having a cute a hug and i'm someone i. miss and care with. obese and with. both men for going to believe me. even if you've got your money who they admire give it all seal it go many will i can think of myself
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in the new get them i'm not that's of course up to date those who recently gave a many will simply say yes and not only way they get leverage to do all of this it will. be but i hinted. by my that. he had a mother is he not a must see in the letter that life is a matter. yeah i mean this is going to. come out i mean you know where you are more than ever. because you don't know about it he doesn't really know who you know go yes for my.
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breakdown for the movie i'm sorry i'm going i mean that they were yeah not going to confess and they had no meeting with a movie or something. you know no see a classic my for. me is when i'm not real but in the. name of some point in the medium. that i've been able to ban same piece when i was you could learn when you. get that one and so it's you know to me that my. go to my resume is we want my dear. you wouldn't use them whether that would. put. it that you got and i saw him go yeah it's like he had to with h.l.a. go go go would obviate the need for me to do that. i said you. could do you know. with you know the neutral that it was going ok we'll just let
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you see i see joe. go and context or do many other people are going to get what i'm not going to try and i mean i know what you again and let it move with the ample a kind of a this is not where. you know what i am putting i see you your heart you do but see in a hammock you have to let in there you know i would quote a book yet than you can do with. what a guy in a funny name is that i love with me and i thought that's a. little cuckoo. you know they don't you know said. there's a separate case and of course i'm out here. give us a little. and then
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a woman was. his only one of the what i mean he would say i think he. is an article saying about them i go but i know what political and i mean to you and i meant if you got me to the door look him up and i go and i hear. us you me do not even things mean i don't know much tell us a whole. lot of us here into. the room is invested in paul that is he sort of yeah he must. be put in didn't but then say. i'm getting up and going to find a place that i don't think it is the house you know up with. so i mean to me that. it's in the good palliative i think he. opposed to calculate.
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and that this is. the moment to give mays and me that. he made the request that you don't read. it with me but. i think he. i commute on it. eloquent too but it was only by the by i didn't see boom only minor mithun it was tough. for them to see for see the end of the. flick like the movie hope is telling me. i feel with the interest of all. i said i learned how to you know your money. or your locality and you. at
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a community think on the thing about us you're. a good look on the no way to face your. head until you hear the click on the net i'm. not on the books so much. you know put it. simply to the left. in a bus this you know us. you know what i'm going to get out of that you know of course i will get a lesson made it good to keep this going to fit the model make it about said about apolo in the bin in the you know it's not that i want that money that year it was a popular cause a lot it's oh yeah when i left you on my for the year and went toward to i'm going
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to look at the way i see the cover of the tape. and to say the visible need to get to know it at the city i'm a performed. and i think you know it well it circles out there in effect and i want to. like it when i thought. about it important to. look at i don't bet on nike better than. kill a person to get one everything. and does this you know so mass will. continue. to sell more than an abundant or lower the tone when they've been in the going to weapon of the never no weapon of a no no i see. a unit that is a little good think in the bottom of the and the visible in the legacy book of the novel.
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written with. people but they're like i'm going to have one of. us in this.
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just. say when. and while. you will. get. but i mean. you can. move on to do with. but it and then we are going to. i think that i will never. win anything with evil i mean this. but i intend that you needed to look at that end and that. in this. day i thought it in normal going to get out of
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something or in. a book or going to them in an eye when i. was in a god is able to get any upper limit on his own no need thing so. i would say it wasn't but on the net it. take a look at the bottom. he then been. going to. eat. it or not but i mean i. didn't.
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think when i was on my own yes the rule of. just everything and i think second hour. you're. better. better. at it. so consoling concrete. thought. nobody to.
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be them in the community. says. me. janeen a loser. something wrong i mean young man. to man this man to. force me. to get in. the moment. to feel. the morning this
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morning. long. gemini's but varian alps where stunning scenery is playing host to europe's latest arrivals. separate in origin. they share a common roof and together dream of a german future. welcome to german café vald left a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera.
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from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. however got a very active weather system just around bolivia pushing down from power why they stay me down swardson all the parts and taina easing up across the river plate and this massive cloud has been produced it's a very heavy rainfall it will make his wife further north was so you're watching some really heavy rain as we go through the stable pushing to the fos out the east of brazil for friday we can see that long line a very wet weather pushing right up across bolivia into that western side of the amazon site producing some rather heavy right as is the case to into ecuador much of brazil will be fine and dry and in place say much of the caribbean will be fine and dry quite a large area cloud just around the western side of the cab in this was still remains of jose which you believe this is a long lived system is not too far from the bahamas maybe not too far from the
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meter as well russia just around the lesser antilles. on the west weather will feed in here as we go through friday so some really heavy rain coming into his banjara into jamaica and also into cuba as far as united states is concerned little area of cloud just around the appalachian mountains making its way further east was bright skies coming in behind the next few days. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page when they're on line what are u.s. citizens here and what puts people of iraq by one in the same or if you join a sunset i was never put a file been looked at differently because i'm dr ben all the people. is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make a connection join the global conversation this time on al-jazeera. a
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deadly attack destroyed her family and left her badly wounded. a long time from gaza to california and little girls journey of love through adversity is very timid or she came over time progress she became our family. that would touch the hearts of the people around her forever i was excited to come but when i saw the situation. on al-jazeera wild at this time. this is al-jazeera. i'm adrian for again this is the news live from al-jazeera headquarters and coming up in the next sixty minutes iraq's parliament votes to sack the governor of the
4:01 pm
contested province of cook also claimed by the.


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