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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 147  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2017 5:32pm-6:01pm AST

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in libya and the issue of north korea he met britain's foreign secretary boris johnson and prime minister to resign may early in the day the united nations will boost its aid relief for up to four hundred thousand the hinge of the flood violence a million miles rakhine state long lines of formed in neighboring bangladesh hundreds of people are queuing for hours to get rice and other essential items aid agencies say they're overwhelmed by the number of people in need of suppliers. the issue is literally space for distribution. and obviously space for them to live if they are fixed in one place it will be easier for us to mobilize them from their house in a quiet and efficient manner but these people are very mobile so i would say the problems are more operational or programatic north korea has threatened to use a nuclear weapon against japan after the u.n. imposed more sanctions against the regime in pyongyang japan condemned the threat saying the announcement was extremely provocative. and here with the news
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grid just over twenty five minutes here on al-jazeera right after day today's edition of the stream next. we understand the difference. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it. bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. hi anthony ok i really could be and welcome to a special stream master class with so much misinformation and force news circulating on social media how can you tell what's true or not well and together today on the story. i blog nation and i'm going to strain. a shark swimming down
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a highway post how i came so i would see businessmen richard branson robbed brutally beaten hiv contaminated blood discovered in pepsi products while these stories may seem real they always facts force but thousands of people on social media thought they were true so i believe the rise of social media has also brought a rise in false and misleading content so why do houses go viral and how can you tell the really incredible from the incredibly force here to teach us in boston we have to care wardle she's a director at first draft news which provides practical and ethical guidance in how to find verify and publish content sourced from social media and in london as to read a social media journalist with the press association he specializes in finding and verified newsworthy material on social media hello everybody so alison let us jump right in we're going to put you to work right away because we asked your community if they've fallen for if social media news hoax we got this response from that who
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says of course the bible image of the sharks swimming on a freeway in texas during hurricane r. b. i know you probably know what we're talking about tell us why that surface every time there's a hurricane. yes so that particular picture of a shark swimming and they either sport a much screen myself in fact a shark swimming in a road taken from a car of his pigeon harken katrina it's appeared in big weather events and it's just a very it gives that wow factor that's why online misinformation hoaxes that's why they do so well is cause it gives you a very strong emotional response that makes you go wow what makes you scared or it makes you angry it can be all kinds of different things and that's why it's so successful to get shot so much it because people response when that way now if you didn't want to look like an idiot on your social media fees and walk out is this
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actually happening in texas take us through our steps what you would do that picture ok so in this case what do is test which is is very straightforward a lot of journalists who work in the space do whenever they see a picture which gives us that strong response i'm going to share my screen so i can show you that exact juncture and then we can do it ourselves we can go through the actual steps. so hopefully on our way out see that picture we've all been talking about the shock on the freeway and the tweet says you know believe it or not this is a shark on the freeway in miami in florida now in these situations what we always do is what's called a reverse image search where basically checking to see if a picture has appeared online before and if you're using chrome on you know you can use all kinds of different browsers i normally use chrome because all it takes to check if there's images appeared online before is to right click go down to search google for image and then it will start to do that search it will check to see
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whether google has a record of the image appearing online before and if you scroll down to pages that include matching images first one hurricane harvey for fire service or shark swimming there are no sharks swimming fish and shark freeway photo goes viral again we stand still the different examples of where this picture has appeared online but for answers like this. yeah yeah that's all it is again very quickly just so everyone can see when you're right click search google for image that is it and this is all it takes if you go to images dokoupil dot com yeah you can do it there as well ok and that's why it is clicking on the little camera icon they say less search by image and then you can either upload an image or paste them into your oil it does exactly the same thing and this is the most common form of online are kind of misinformation i would say but it's also one of the easiest to spot. i'm going
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to give this to you jason michel i believe jason was the first person who said it that i can harvey and he has color of eighty thousand and we tweets and a hundred forty thousand likes why would somebody do this what is the psychology and why did we love to share it. so i was right when he talked about emotions and the psychology behind people who do this is they want to connect in these types of situations we want to connect with people and believe that we're the first to know some information so there are hoaxes out there who then not stay there just thinking wouldn't it be fun to see where this takes off and this particular example he was interviewed by craig silverman from buzz feed to said why would i take it down i'm never going to get that many release again which is really telling which is he really wanted to you know there was some fame here the glory even if it's you know twitter glory and so i think we have to understand people do this to connect with one another and sometimes it just starts off with let's see if i can get away
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with it and then it's like well why not i'm getting some attention so i'm glad to answer that because i was actually a question we just got in a minute ago from black physicist on twitter on why people do this but she went on to say this and i'll post you claire she says one could ask is the problem hoax generators or is it lazy information consumers and if you saw that in your timeline and you heard the news reports about how awful these hurricanes were it's not beyond the realm of doubt that you could believe that could happen. now and this is a really complex area and there are elements of this information that really are worrying their attempts to mislead and do harm i think if we're talking about shock photos like this if we have information consumers should be more critical of the information we consuming the problem is as allison said we're emotional creatures and actually i sometimes talk about if i have too many cookies i need to stop before i have my fifth cookie and i'd like to know my really hungry with information we should do the same we shouldn't click reach we immediately that we
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see something we should start and reflect and do these checks the problem is we don't work like have these are the last of what i want to tell writing because to just like just hold yourself back and not it isn't that's what we need to do really to be aware of how emotional we are and if we feel smart we feel angry or we feel fearful it's very likely that we actually aren't being as critical as we should be so i think there's a sort of going on that for me there's a big factor there and this is something which which closed as brought up before which is the kind of the social repercussions of sharing something which isn't true in the past if someone wants to just outright lie all the time there would be negative social repercussions people would be showing they wouldn't be talked to any. online and social media that doesn't really happen and people can actually get a lot of positive reinforcement by lying like that guy who got eighty thousand that is you know a lot of strong reinforcement for that behavior rather than i could say of one and that's something we really struggle as a society with now with this happening on social media and online so you just told
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us reverse image search tell us about geo location. so this is something that is a slightly more advanced part of a step that we need to do when we see a new picture or video additional information that we need to check that straw not especially as journalists but this is something that we should everybody should be thinking about when they're seeing a picture or video is simply does this particular thing this particular picture or video lose its with the location that it's reporting to be i've got an example from last year with some skin to share my screen for again so hopefully you will be able to see that now that we've got that one again so this was a tweet and an example shared by an excellent journalist called john and musashi was saying this picture that she's seen on telegram on the on encrypted networks that though i support this sharing pictures of themselves with messages looking forward to a message from one of the heads of of isis propaganda and this picture this person
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claimed that they are in paris and they are the ones people in amsterdam or in germany and london and elsewhere how do we know whether this is actually the just and on not and in these cases if that reverse image search doesn't work then we need to start looking at the visual information in the image itself like where is this what are the signs what does the road look like what does the what are the the architecture look like are there any road signs are there any building signs that we can search for and in this case in particular if you can see my cutter but just behind the paper as a shotgun yeah that's the eagle eyed will recognize that as a threat to peace time so if we were to go to google and this is an online map and say well this is paris it's meant to be authentic you sign on to zuki places in paris let's have a look you know suzuki goes to kenya paris. and it will show us there all these different zuki outlets in paris and what we can do is just voice comparing. what
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that picture says with what actually says on these maps on things like the satellite imagery and even down on street view like this example here if we drop a little street view man and so it. will land in the right place the perils of doing things live. welcome to. right we go down the road a little bit we can see well there's a suzuki sign and there's some scaffolding in the background and actually if we compare it to that tweet there's this is a key sign there's that scaffolding in the background here is that that shop sign there we can actually see well it's exactly the same there's the sign there's the scaffolding in the background and there's that shop sign and if we look around and just use some of that visual information the clues centrally they're given in in this picture and in all kinds of other pictures and videos which appear to be newsworthy we can trace them and such for that using things like satellite images
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things like street view to see if that is actually true or not. so clear i want to raise an example with you that some people may be familiar with if they spend any time at all on the internet take a look here this is from iran city bigots make up fake texas mosque claiming they refused to shelter non muslims not only that in a separate story people stormed that fake moscow here are the images of screenshots of some of those sites that proliferated this quote unquote news this is a brain hindi and he says that's me in that picture and i've never even been to texas before so the claim was that mosques weren't opening up their doors to survivors of the hurricane and in reality the pictures they took were of someone who one wasn't in houston and to the name of the mosque also questionable if it is a place in houston so is this a case of using geolocation to find out where that mosque is is this
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a reverse image search to find out who the person is how do you sort through this. so there are kind of three main checks that you need to look for the first one being kind of the source so when you see somebody tweet in a piece of information was on facebook looking at their digital footprint who are they would do they seem trustworthy would you expect them to be in that place double checking the date and then doing locations that ching but it really is thinking about kind of becoming a sherlock holmes you're looking for all the different clues the pieces of the puzzle and cross referencing and luckily now partly because of social media we have hoaxes but we also can very quickly find clues or information that kind of debunks that so in these situations you have people saying hang on i was never there or that doesn't make sense because actually you know i was here and here's the evidence so there are many clues online that you can use and that's why this is actually really fun but this is a classic example of people who are trying to so just information and kind of look at the divisions that exist already in society and use them as excuses for stopping this type of information and that's what's so worrying we have yet we get the shock
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pictures but actually examples like this we need to be really careful about and we become very good researches in terms of the information that we consume and learning what to trust and what not to trust so tell you one thing that might make it harder are these tweets we've got from community members this is frank he says i've received so many whatsapp broadcasts and i feel for those because i receive them from different contacts another person throws in another challenge this is kayla who says sometimes we trust information shared by a verified account and don't bother to fact check because it's who sharing it and if it's a verified account then it's not about what's being shared it's about who sharing it so clear the legitimacy of the source of course really plays into this a lot in the unfortunately sometimes it is journalists and checkmark verified people on twitter who are sharing some of this and even at the weekend we actually had somebody part of the president's communications team sharing information saying it was miami airport and you had miami airport having to tweet now it's not so we didn't even know now we're really if you if you see something that shared with by
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somebody the verify tick you still have to believe it yourself. now you have the sharing example there so then i'll just show you here miami international airport fact checking the white house this video is not from miami international airport what about if you're looking to see of the source so you are looking to see ok is that location the right location is the picture the right picture what about the source material how do you investigate that. yes they exactly as clear pointed out we want to start looking at some of the clues what information can we find out about an individual or an account that they're. telling us that we can see on that particular page just to show my screen again and i have an example from the u.k. election this was in june on june the eighth in fact when we had our general election here and as example this i spotted this account fairly early on that started to spread mr rumors basically and lies about what was happening on election
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day if you can see and that's wheat from the screen shot the account was eventually removed thank you twitter but in this case i did take a screenshot and it says you can e.t.l. type switch at the far right parties in the u.k. intimidating women and minorities outside the polling station and what still trying to confirm now is b.b.c. eliot meke he has a big b.b.c. background on there but what can we see about this account to see whether it is true or not well for one it says joined june twenty seventh seen now we want only one week into june when this general election day happened so it's a brand new account that is one big red flag if it was a legitimate journalist they wouldn't have got their first job or it's very rare unlikely that they get their first job at the b.b.c. let alone only just set up their twitter account days before the election number two he's posing as a reporter but you can find no other evidence of this person appearing online even
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the name eliot mecklenburg you know there is no evidence of an alien that can vote . firstly the profile picture doing a reverse image search on the profile picture so is this just a stop picture is just a model for someone who's you know searched for man and just took a picture from stock images and decided to use that as a profile picture if we look at the number of tweets six tweets that's all for apparently a journalist by his age maybe a senior journalist that. that is the big red flag because it's so low a member just looking for all the reports of the same thing and this is what we should be doing all the time anyway you know this is what we do as journalists we rarely if ever you know publish anything that we've only heard from one person we always always always look for other reports look for other sources telling us the same thing unless it's someone very trusted and not my first editor would say you know i don't care if your mom told you double for that but looking for all the
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reports which tell us the same thing. i like that i definitely learned that if your mother says she loves you check it out good advice for everyone i want to share some of the consequences of not checking it out and then what happens when it's shared so this is meanie he says there's an earthquake hoax in ghana majority of residents had to spend their night out on parks in schools fields and that's one that we've seen in other places as well as well as new zealand here's a news article out of ghana reaching as far back as two thousand and ten on that so that consequence was people sleeping outside because they feared an earthquake here's an easy though who says social media hoax are rife in nigeria pictures of armed south sudanese men are circulated as fulani herdsmen so the consequences of potential consequences there. claire are a lot more than simply sleeping on the street because you think the earthquake might happen and i know there are other examples of that can you talk about some of the impacts of this. yeah and i think it's so important to think about the global
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context of this issue because i think a lot of this conversation is being focused on the u.s. and the political aspect of what's happened since trumps election but anybody who lives anywhere else in the world is almost saying you know welcome to the party america we've been dealing with these issues for a long time and certainly if you look across the globe you've got attempts to really you know divide countries along nationalism lines or ethnic divisions or racial divisions and you know you contributors are absolutely right when we look at these examples you know we have seen things that we think right now in me and ma in terms of folks imagery circulating around the ring you know and with that we're seeing across the globe examples that really are kind of life and death situations that causing people to get out in the streets and protest and i really want to be much more focused on this type of disinformation more than sharks swimming down highways and i don't i don't think that's a recognition of the scale of this and also as your contributors talked about closed messaging apps things like whatsapp or you know price like asia we've got we chat and vibrant kickout talk and line where you're seeing
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a lot of this information speculating and we don't even know what those rumors are and i think that's something that as a society how do we even get a handle on that when rumors which as people we've always connected by rumors and gossip but what does it mean when it travels at speed through closed messaging apps by trusted peers claire you mentioned there were here and there was something you said share this with the master class students. come back here to my laptop and you'll see he was a power that lee is where he burning villages look at these two gentlemen here one has a cap on one doesn't and then just look this is what journalists already did they did the kind of investigation that claire and alice to have been telling us about then in another picture this gentleman is putting on his prayer cap and then keep going one more i want to show you this is again allegedly the hinge of burning their own village and then. one telltale sign that journalists were investigating
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this picture was what the women were wearing on their skulls he's not typical ted conference had skulls for him joe women so journalists are going through and saying no no these pictures fake alister what's the worst that can happen from this kind of misinformation created news that really has no substance or it can affect effects the way people treat each other reflects the way people understand each other or understand people who are different from them. we see occasionally in europe around refugees and around the refugee problem but people are sharing pictures of people there was one example people on a boat big big men on a boat in the south pacific saying that these are refugees coming to europe but they weren't doing that's kind of that kind of reverse image search is how we can spot that but what ends up happening in places like burma. is they
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affect how people understand each other and it can affect how people vote and it can affect how people in some cases treat the other people in our society and that can be dangerous i mean we rely on everyone treating each other fairly and based on truth if there's this kind of this information's being shared around and people misunderstanding who they're dealing with on a regular basis and that can be dangerous that this is the houston news and audience is the houston news and this looks like a valid website headline here british billionaire richard branson assaulted and robbed by gunmen in his neck island home some very disturbing pictures but there's a but here what's the bot. well i mean this is actually an older story which your grandson was involved in acts and about four years ago so the imagery is genuine i think sometimes when people talk about things that a fake or false this is genuine imagery it's just used in the wrong context but the eagle eyed amongst us might look at the u.r.l.
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and this is something that we should be much better at is that actually said houston chronicle hyphen t.v. dot com yes and so immediate you think well hang on that doesn't really make sense and this is this site here i can hear ways which allows you to check when a site was registered and if you check this particular and to domain you put the divine there and it will tell you just you just lumpy and paste from the from the u.r.l. box and it will tell you when the site was created and sometimes it will tell you who is behind that site sometimes people can pay extra money to hide their privacy but what's very useful is to say what on this site was created two weeks ago show and so you would know that houston chronicle hadn't been set up two weeks ago so i think a lot of these kind of fabricated news tech sites you know we know about the macedonian teenagers during the u.s. election many of them were created only in the last couple of months and that's a big sign that we shouldn't trust them. so i want to share this with you alastair on who is responsible for making sure that we put into this in the spreading of
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so-called fake and false news coverage here has an idea personally i think it's up to the individuals to use tools at their disposal to verify thank you try to master class teachers even search will be handy here but he goes on to say i also believe that the mediums twitter facebook etc should also watch out for hoax i count where do you put the onus out there yeah i think i very much agree that it's so it's on all of us to look into this and it's difficult to put responsibility particularly in the hands of say the networks or in the hands of the government or in terms of you know individual actors because giving one group or one group of people the power to say this is true and this is not it can actually be quite dangerous so it should actually be on everyone to check what information sharing is. some pride in telling the truth. yes there is there are things which facebook and twitter can do in terms of the accounts which is springing up i think that's a very good point i actually think that's better than a lot of the content is being shared because that there's
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a free speech issue that can come into that but in terms of hoax accounts which are regularly sharing misinformation looking into that and making sure that everyone has a handle on what is true and what is not and how to actually look out for them share something with me and it is fast draft news dot com have a look at my website so i can catch my breath. essential resources for reporting and sharing information that emerges online so if you found what alastair and claire been sharing with you really really fascinating like how do i do that again this is a really good place to go to you can also if you've been watching our saying hey you'll see their twitter handles just underneath their names ask them tweet them i know they will treat you back really. people are sharing what will happen if this is proliferated the worst that could happen is more violence really and we've seen that happen on online so if you have ideas youth twitter hash tag stream it's
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a big thank you to i guess claire wardle alice to read and we hope you found the show informative and you use actives the muscle class is dismissed. out. right now. right now it's happening so fast. you can barely keep up with it. right now we've got clouds protecting rhino. and mobile technology finding clean water not tomorrow not five years in the future . now. in a disaster the internet can be restored by a truck. in a mine this truck can drive itself and right now this child is being treated by
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a doctor from six thousand miles away this is science not fiction and cisco networks are making it happen now. because when everything is securely connected anything is possible and there's never been a better time to change the way. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of chemistry they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the science of chemistry. many of his chemical procedures and all those which most of the use today. all while. science in a golden age with professor jim a little at this time on al-jazeera. it's
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impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to buy a real piece. was . this is. live from studio headquarters in doha. welcome to the news malaysia's. twenty five people most of them teenagers have been killed at a boarding school in kuala lumpur.


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