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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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taking across the actors in libya what needs to be done and i think there is i think is a very wide measure of support amongst the libyan people for getting on with an election by the way so i think that the the program that they got on salami has has sketched out certainly commanded support the softer noone in the in the p three plus three in the format that we put together today obviously what we are hoping is that that will gain further whiter support dunga the un general assembly next week thirdly on on burma and the tragedy that is unfolding in the that is unfolding in the the gross abuse of the human rights of the. population and nobody should underestimate what is happening now three hundred seventy thousand. have fled are estimated to have fled in desperation that's almost half the ring population in northern rakhine and to
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answer directly or your point about door sue state cancer when so suchi let's be clear she led. after a period of decades of repression by a military junta and. i used to no one in my admiration of what she stood for in the way she fought for democracy and i think many people around the world share that admiration. but i think it's not vital for her to use that moral capital not all thirty to make the point about the suffering of the people of recovery. and i think you know of nobody wants to see nobody wants to see a return to military rule in bum nobody wants to see a return of the generals but it's also vital that the civilian government
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and that indeed that is the will suit for whom as i say i have a great deal of it of admiration but it is vital for high now to make clear this is an abomination and that is people will be allowed back those people will be allowed back to burma and that preparation is being made and that the abuse of their human rights and the. killings hundreds perhaps even thousands the killings will stop well first with respect to the administration's view of the j.c. feel at the nuclear deal with iran the trouble ministration is continuing to review and develop its policy on iran it is underway there have been. several discussions internally among our n.s.a. along with discussions with the president. but so no decision has been made but i
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think it's worth noting that as the administration continues this review of the j.c. p.-o. i think president trump has made it clear to those of us who are helping him develop this policy that we must take into account the totality of iranian threats not just iran's nuclear capabilities that is one piece of our posture towards iran and i think of one revisits the preface to the j c p a way that preface reads that the participants quote anticipate that full implementation of this j c p o a will positively contribute to regional and international peace and security in quote that was one of the expectations of the j c p o and our viewer ron is clearly in default of these expectations of the j c p o wife through their actions to prop up the assad regime to engage in malicious
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activities in the region including cyber activity aggressively developing ballistic missiles and all of this is in defiance of u.n. security council resolution two two three one thereby threatening not insuring but threatening the security of those in the region as well as the united states itself so we have to consider the totality of iran's activities and not let our view be defined slowly by the nuclear agreement so it continues to be under review no final decisions been made with respect to the horrors that we are witnessing occurring environment i think it is a defining moment in many ways for this new emerging democracy although it is a power sharing arrangement we all clearly understand that and so we appreciate the difficult and complex situation nonsense you keep five yourself in and i think it
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is. and that the global community speak out in support of what we all know the expectation is towards the treatment of people regardless of their ethnicity and there we must you know this violence must stop this persecution must stop it's been characterized by many as ethnic cleansing that must stop and we need to support on santucci and her leadership but also be very clear and unequivocal to the military share power sharing in that government that this is unacceptable and this is going to in many ways i think define the direction that memorable tape we need they need our strong support we should give them our strong support. secretary to listen in on north korea president trump described the u.n. security council resolution that was possibly because
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a small step do you concur with that assessment and do you still seek a full or limbaugh go against north korea and. do you think china would ever agree to that and secretary. johnson only on iran the french have signaled a willingness to supplement the nuclear deal to extend sunset provisions. did that come up in today's conversations and is britain open to such a suggestion and secretary tell us would the us be open to that as well. with respect to the u.n. security council resolution and the president's view that it was a small step i share that view we had hoped for a much stronger resolution from the security council having said that i think it does it did accomplish a couple of things one
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a complete prohibition on textiles which does represent somewhere between seven and eight hundred million dollars of export revenue to the regime and i think importantly the successful conclusion of yet another unanimous u.n. security council resolution in and of itself i think does continue to send consistent message to the regime in north korea and importantly to those who continue to enable north korea's activities that the international community does have a common view on the seriousness of north korea's politicization program and the development of their weapons their nuclear weapons i think it's clear that with respect to oil and a complete. embargo on all from the u.n. security council that's going to be very difficult in effect that is directed to china alone because china supplies essentially all of north korea's all oil. i am
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hopeful that china as a as a great country a world power will decide on their own and will take it upon themselves to use that very powerful tool of oil supply to persuade north korea to reconsider its current path towards weapons development reconsider its approach to dialogue and negotiations in the future that is a very powerful tool that has been used in the past and we hope china will not reject that or discard that as a very powerful tool that they alone really have the the ability to assert so we're going to continue our efforts of the global campaign going to continue to call on all countries to fully implement the u.n. security council sanctions and resolutions and work countries have a sense that they can do more to put pressure on this regime to bring them to
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a point of dialogue with them in a very productive way we ask that everyone do that. i just on the north korea quickly forget i can just add that there was i think of a wide measure of support for the position the united both adopted that this is this is not the time when we're trying to get the chinese to exert the maximum possible pressure and by the way i think they i think the chinese have done more perhaps than we thought that they would but there is scope for them to do much much more particular in respect of of oil now is not the time to start setting other has running with other. attempts that engagement with the with the regime in pyongyang that the focus is going to be on what china can do as the country this response of ninety three percent of. north korea's external trade and that that was very struck by the strong support for that position particularly from from our
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french friends and the just to get your point about iran that the north korean crisis shows the importance of having arrangements such as the of the of the j c p a way and you ask about extending the having the sunset clause and i can't remember who raised it it did come up everybody could see that you know that was going to get tense or as we get towards the the deadline and that's why it's so important that we make it work and that we keep it alive and there are two aspects to this is as the secretary to listen has just said the iranians have got to behave and fulfill their side of the bargain and they've got to stop being a venturous and expansionist and causing trouble in the region whether it's in yemen or syria or anywhere else and of course on the other side we in the u.k.
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think it's very important that iran that country of eighty million people many of them. young potentially liberal. could be won over could be won over to a new way of thinking i think it's important that they should see that there are benefits economic benefits from the j c p a way as well so we in the u.k. i want to keep that alive and that's certainly a point that we've been making too to rex and others in the u.s. . thank you. even watching a news conference with foreign secretary boris johnson and johnson of the u.k. and rex tillerson the sector of state wide ranging news conference there touching on issues such as north korea libya me and maher and the effects of the hurrican on north korea us or state said he had discussed with the u.k. france how to increase the diplomatic pressure on north korea on libya the states
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said he does not want to see libya become a place where isis could reemerge on that note boris johnson said that he thought that the prize of a peaceful libya was wholly achievable and also they discussed the issue of me and my strong words there from boris johnson he said that and some sushi of the defacto leader of myanmar or burma as he was referring to the old name it was now vital for her to use her or thirty a to make the point about the suffering of the people of rakhine and she should make clear that this is an abomination as he put it as a crusade to listen said that it was a defining moment to describe what he called the horrors in may in mar on hurrican first johnson said that he was hoping to look at ways of using the u.k. aid budget to help the reconstruction effort i'm joined now by our senior political analyst. simone just to go back to the issue first of all of north korea has been one of the ones the international committee looking out to some are saying that he
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had hoped for a stronger resolution but at least there had been another unanimous resolution at the u.n. which made which makes a difference yes it does make a difference because simply when and if the united states wants to take a different route the words good thing grow the. north korea's nuclear weapons they can always go back and say look how many u.n. security council was and there is against north korea and they would not abide by any of them but. certainly there is a certain nuance if you will between the united states and britain on the one side and russia and china on the other where the latter to moscow and beijing don't think that stripping north korea of everything is productive and that it could push north korea to the war and how they react in a way that is not predictable so i think the fact that they are arrived at the u.n. security council resolution that's a middle way between moscow and washington is seen by tillerson as an
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accomplishment to a certain degree it is and it was interesting that to some is keen to stress that he thought and it's what the americans appear to be saying that they think china should be doing more yes i mean you know trump when he first walked into the white house he's speaking. you know in a very grand those term about his friends a new friend the chinese president and why the chinese president is trying to do everything he can and there's limits to what he couldn't sell so forth but then the expectations turn to disappointment and as of late we've heard president trump speak about disappointment from china and why it's not doing enough and why perhaps the u.s. has certain instruments not only against north korea but also against china i think all in all the use of threatening words or china is of course counterproductive and the end of the day everyone knows that the solution is diplomatic and you cannot have diplomatic solution without china and just move on to me and obama as they
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were referring to. i was lying lying by the way well in london. dismissed about a defining moment and that although the regime needs support in making essentially that's what he was describing the right decisions he was saying that it is unacceptable what's going on there and interesting us stronger language than we've heard from in the past me yes it's interesting that he said as some call it ethnic cleansing because u.n. secretary general refused to use the word ethnic cleansing. to our own reporter jim spacey said one of the use a different word because ethnic cleansing is not it here rex tillerson did not use of he said some people use it whatever it is whether it's ethnic cleansing all peoples transfer certainly i think it was interesting how rex tillerson put it in a way that on the one hand what is happening is reprehensible and must stop and on the other hand basically giving the benefit of the doubt and some c.g. in the sense that look she is in a in
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a bind she is in a and then and arrangement with the military and hence there is limits to what she can do and that's why he basically called for more pressure on the unity coalition whatever government in burma in order for them to stop the thing the are doing but he didn't go as far as condemning what she's doing or basically calling her a calling her for the kind of the standard if you will what she believed before and what she stands for now on libya first johnson was optimistic he was saying that he thought that it at the prize of a peaceful libya was wholly achievable mind boggling and mind boggling to me seriously because. we don't know what happened in that meeting hopefully some good things happen in the meeting actionable things happen in that meeting but all what we've heard this far was secretary of state directors and saying we are fully behind the u.n. special envoy to libya as
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a son salami while there were other you and envoys to libya and they have not really succeed in their jobs even when they succeeded incrementally as for example in achieving the agreement of december two thousand and fifteen leading to a national unity government arrangements so there's always been ways to resolve this things and people understand that the conciliation is first and that the east and the west must to come together and so on so forth i mean the solutions are out there but there is no will on the part of the international community to impose a. what's disturbing is that present in these sorts of meetings is egypt and the united arab emirates egypt and the united arab emirates stand vocally directly and clearly as they stated against the international consensus on libya meaning a national recall it look insulation between the tobruk parliament and the tripoli parliament as was agreed in two thousand and fifteen they are standing all
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heartedly in arms and in finance and sometimes fighting along the renegade call and after who is basically trying to impose his will through military means on the libyan people and against the international consensus so here you have a meeting in london whereby the egyptians and the a morality is are trying to put pressure on the americans and the british to accept hafter as the defacto future leader of libya and fortunately that will not happen unfortunately you cannot have elections under these circumstances unfortunately have to even with the support of egyptians would not be able to take control of entire libya unfortunately on the one hand benghazi and the other hand tripoli will remain divided unless there is the kind of pressure that the italians among others have pushed for along with the united nations where you say look the conciliation first bring back the various factions together break heads make sure that they come
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and they understand what what is at stake in libya and then prepare the way to worst constitution election center as it was of course chartered before but to say that i'm hopeful about the future of libya after the u.k. and the united states basically invaded that country to get rid of gadhafi but in the end of that they left it in shambles that's totally irresponsible on the part of the international community at this point in time thank you very much thank you . on some other news now and iraq where at least fifty people have been killed in an attack in the south of the country a gunman opened fire in a restaurant near the southern city of nasiriyah before getting in a car and blowing themselves up at a nearby security checkpoint at least eighty other people or injured many of them seriously imran khan has more from ebel. the death toll in the syria attack has risen to fifty but we are expecting that to rise even further health sources are
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saying that a number of serious injuries that they're seeing now this attack took place about four or five hours ago just after lunch time it was a very busy restaurant where two suicide bombs went off as those bombs were going off the checkpoint was also attacked as well that's one of the major checkpoints into the south of the country now the south has been spared from a lot of the violence that we've seen in the rest of the country particularly in the north where i am and towards the west ramadi fallujah when i still took over various parts of the country now the iraqis have been very confident over the last few months they've taken back mosul from eisel iraq's second largest city they've taken telefon another eisel stronghold they're surrounding whole week so this was this will come as a real blow to the iraqi security forces now i still have actually claimed responsibility for this attack on the america website which is a website that says speaks feisal they say they were behind the attack and there's
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likely to be a very clear message from the messages that you may be able to get rid of us in parts of iraq but we can strike you in places that you don't expect and like i say now syria at the south spent much of the violence of the rest of iraq has seen now this is going to be a real blow for the iraqi security forces like i say that we're very confident going in to mosul very confident going into telefon no we will happen in the next few days so really promise either other body will have to react whether he deploys more forces to the south which would put a stretch on everything that's going on here in the north particular that battle for whole region. the future of a united iraq is looking ever more uncertain as tensions continue over a controversial referendum on kurdish independence the iraqi parliament has voted to remove the governor of kirkuk from office after province voted to take part in the september twenty fifth vote iraq's prime minister hyderabadi has been authorized by parliament to take all measures to preserve national unity or an
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eyesore swept across northern and central iraq it was kurdish peshmerga forces who secured kirkuk this also gave them control of a place that's long been claimed as part of an independent kurdistan the population of kirkuk is diverse with a mix of kurds arabs turkmen and assyrians and the province is very rich in oil hence the tug of war over whether it remains part of iraq as the government in baghdad wants or becomes part of kurdistan as the leaders of the autonomous north are pushing for the kurdish president massoud barzani has condemned the removal of kickoffs governor and the man himself told our jazeera the vote was unlawful and he has no intention of leaving office. they can make whatever decision they want to make i'm staying in my course prime minister does not have the powers to ask the pardon or the movie. because kirk cook is run by the brim and all this is according to the law that was passed in the iraqi parliament in two thousand and eight. he
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has power with other governments but not with cockle therefore this is unlawful and illegal and we will not abide there is absolutely nothing that for the people from expressing your opinion with regard to their future which does not mean that an independent republic of kurdistan will be formed right on after that on the twenty sixth of september but. it's the will of the people to express their opinion and their will about what they want and then the of course it's all depends how he's going to go issue seems to me take a year to year and a half just like birds it is so i don't see why you know these people are so much against it and literally making it like as if the whole middle east is going to blow up which is not true.
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twenty three people including twenty one teenage boys have died in a fire at an islamic boarding school in malaysia students and teachers can be heard screaming for help as the five blocks the only exit to the dormitory which had its windows covered in metal grills to end up as what i am reports. it took more than an hour for firefighters to put out the flames that the. school in kuala lumpur by then many people mainly teenage boys had lost their lives. to such as you see we can see from a certain angle their hands waving out for help we had no choice but to ask them to jump out and we tried to catch them we did try to enter the house but the fire was too hot until certain point there was a blackout when that happened things started falling apart we withdrew after that. the fire started near the dormitory on the top floor first thing in the morning it quickly ripped through the entire building and it was a moment i went to the interior of the building is one hundred cause of the fire is
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still unclear we're still investigating it would have been difficult for the boys to escape as the rooms had barred windows and the fire blocked the only exit i could think of a escape through the window we dismantled the window grill opened the window and climbed down on a part we force a window grill open at the time we couldn't think much of a fire department representative says their bodies were found on top of one another suggesting there was a stampede to try and get out the fire chief says a school should have had to fire escapes but it appears a building codes were not properly followed the initial investigation done by all. issued by local government and by departments across investigation got some. men men and showed that. a community religious leader led prayers for the students he described the boys as cheerful when they
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held religious events in the community a happy group many of whom have now lost their lives under tragic circumstances. al-jazeera. two more ranger muslims have drowned making the crossing from ian martin bangladesh bringing the number since the start of the crisis to eighty eight they died when a refugee boat heading for the town of tech nothing capsized thousands of minority reinjure a still flooding into bangladesh almost four hundred thousand have fled since a surge in violence between one hundred fighters and me in the military three weeks ago. hugh many theran assistance in bangladesh has traditionally been quite complex the government has. preferred to certain choices in terms of which agencies our presence on the ground and so forth this was before this big emergency i think that now that the emergency requires
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a very urgent response these presents could be scaled up very quickly we've had already an airlift of goods from the emirates other organizations are also sending goods and they think that we're going to see we're going to see a scale up of emergency very quickly a senior russian negotiator says his country turkey and iran are close to finalizing an agreement on deescalation zones in syria but discussing the details of the meeting in kazakhstan capital as donna it's the sixth round of talks to end more than six years of civil war representatives of the syrian government and opposition groups are at the talks the emir of qatar is currently holding talks with the turkish president in ankara it's his first foreign trip since the blockade of cutter by other gulf states began in june so he is showing solidarity with cata by sending it food and other supplies and boosting military ties correspondent tamara cheryl is in ankara with more on this so john what have they been discussing . well initially the
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talk about this visit is the significance in that it is the first time they're made of qatar has left doha since the siege began as you mentioned there and that is a sign of two things number one he believes the country is stable enough and has banished to withstand the onslaught that has been coming at it through the. either the smear campaigns or the siege or as many qatari believe part of his body of the attempted coup is that of tried to be executed by countries like the united arab emirates saudi arabia egypt and bahrain so he believes that things are stable enough after one hundred days that he is able to do that the second thing is the fact that he has for us this the nation is turkey is a sign of the gratitude maybe that he wants to express towards chorale which as you mentioned there have been able to fill the void created by that embargo by supplying qatar with fresh goods as well as other dairy products and other basic materials that are needed just to keep life as normal there in terms of what's
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actually going to be discussed the president's spokesperson ibrahim cut in gave a short press conference a couple hours before the meeting began he said that they would be discussing ways to find a solution to the gulf crisis but he didn't delve into exactly what proposals there are it is significant to mention that the kuwaiti prime minister is in ankara as well his country through the mirror have been leading mediation efforts albeit unsuccessfully up until now and finally they would also be discussing proposed issues to put on the agenda of the upcoming u.n. general assembly which is due to take place in new york around that week's time. thank you very much as president donald trump has denied reports of a deal to protect undocumented young immigrants known as dream as. democrats announced an agreement had been reached to protect nearly eight hundred thousand young anythings on the program the president said last week he would scrap china later said no deal had been finalized we have a great it was close and it would include a provision for border security. now flown to florida on his third visit to
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a hurricane damaged state in less than three weeks after landing he was briefed on the situation there and is due to speak to people affected by more than one hundred nursing home residents in florida have been read ok change and thousands more are being monitored in an effort to protect older residents it follows the deaths of eight people at a rehabilitation center after it lost power and any time on our web site the address for that is al-jazeera dot com and of it you also watch us live by clicking on the live like on al-jazeera dot com. now the top stories on our visit at least fifty people have been killed in two suicide attacks in southern iraq a restaurant and a police checkpoint near the southern city of nasiriya were targeted at least eighty others were injured many of them seriously suicide attacks in southern iraq
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a rare i saw this claiming responsibility. the message is that you may be able to get rid of us in parts of iraq but we can strike you in places that you don't expect and like i say now syria at the south spread much of the violence of the rest of iraq has seen now this is going to be a real blow for the iraqi security forces like i say they were very confident going in to mosul very called the going into telephone which will happen in the next few days so really promise either of the body will have to react in northern iraq tensions are rising over a controversial referendum on kurdish independent iraqi parliament voted to remove the governor of kirkuk from his office on thursday after the province voted to take part in the september twenty fifth vote but the governor of kirkuk insists he won't leave his post and the kurdish president massoud barzani has also condemned his removal. trying to three people including twenty one teenage boys have died in a fire at an islamic boarding school in the malaysian capital kuala lumpur
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a fire broke the only exit to the dormitory which had its windows covered in metal grilles firefighters say to piers that building regulations were not properly followed two more one hundred muslims have drowned making the crossing from man law to bangladesh bring the number since the start of the crisis to eighty eight they died when a refugee boat capsized. researcher state rex tillerson is welcomed the recent sanctions imposed by the un security council on north korea he was speaking at a joint news conference in london with his british counterpart boris johnson it also says a full oil embargo is needed and that china would have to agree to that i think it's clear that with respect to all and a complete. embargo on all from the u.n. security council that's going to be very difficult in effect that is directed at china alone because china supplies essentially all of north korea's all oil. and
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those you have non-science in a golden age is up next to you after that. between the eighth and fourteenth centuries there was a golden age of science when scholars from the islamic world introduced the rigorous experimental approach that laid the foundations of the modern scientific method they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the science of chemistry the chemical industry has of course reshaped the modern world giving us new fuel drugs and new materials but the methodology and principles of chemistry go back over a thousand years. i'm jamal khalifa and i.


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