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tv   Reclaiming The Empire  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am AST

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the airspace that they have blocked does not belong to them it belongs to the international community getting to the heart of the matter they can understand that . on a talk to al-jazeera. this time. with the top stories on al-jazeera at least fifty two people have been killed in a suicide attack in the south of the country targeted a restaurant and a police checkpoint near the southern city of nasiriyah ninety others were injured has claimed responsibility. there were four buses of iranian pilgrims the gunman boarded the buses and sprayed those inside with bullets others in pickup trucks
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drove by and fired on people then they walked into the restaurant and opened fire on people inside the young the old they spared no one everyone was killed. while the future of a united iraq is looking ever more. continue over a controversial referendum on kurdish independence the iraqi parliament has voted to remove the governor of kirkuk from office of the province voted to take part in the september the twenty fifth referendum iraq's prime minister body has been authorized by to quote take all measures to preserve national unity. and has more on the day's events in iraq. southern iraq has been spared much of the violence that the rest of the country has seemed to in the west and in the north and now this attack took place just after lunchtime gunmen attacked the checkpoint which leads into southern iraq and then two suicide car bombs exploded outside a restaurant full of taurus the death toll currently stands at fifty we are
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expecting that to rise the health ministry said there are a number of people with very serious injuries now iraq as i say has been spared much of the violence and eisel have claimed responsibility for this particular attack now they do claim responsibility for a number of attacks not just here but abroad as well but it is likely to be an isolated attack this is a message really from the group saying that you may have beaten us into law for in mosul you may have surrounded us in the last remaining stronghold but we all still able to attack you in places that you wouldn't expect so now that's a real challenge for the iraqis do they move troops to the south or do they continue their battle up in and trying to take them out there now whilst all of this is going on the still political machinations occurring here in erbil in the last few hours brett mcgurk the special representative to the the u.s. special representative to the anti eisel coalition has been speaking he's been speaking about the referendum for the kurdish independence which is due to take
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place on the twenty fifth of september he says that they don't want the referendum to go ahead and he's presented a plan from the u.k. the u.s. and the u.n. to president was on it is only really one country in the world that wants to see this referendum go ahead it's israel everybody else would like to see this referendum be postponed they say it's bad for the region stability. twenty three people including twenty one teenage boys have died in a fire at an islamic boarding school in the malaysian capital kuala lumpur the via block the only exit to the dormitory which had its windows covered in metal girls rescuers couldn't reach the students and teachers who could be heard screaming for help un children's fund is calling for new safety procedures to be established and forced in all malaysian schools a baby was among two more range of muslims to have died making the crossing from miramar to bangladesh bringing the number who drowned since the start of the crisis to eighty eight they died when
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a refugee boat capsized almost four hundred thousand to fled since the military launched a crackdown three weeks ago after hinge of fighters at a number of police posts u.s. president donald trump has denied reports of a deal to protect undocumented young immigrants known as dream notes earlier democrats announced an agreement had been reached to protect nearly eight hundred thousand young immigrants under a program the president said last week he would scrap. no deal had been finalized but an agreement was close and it would include a provision for border security a senior russian negotiator says his country turkey and iran are close to finalizing an agreement on deescalation zones in syria they're discussing the details at a meeting in kazakstan capital starner it's the sixth round of talks to try to end more than six years of civil war. and those the latest headlines here on al-jazeera coming up next in search of putin's russia are back with more in twenty five
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minutes till there by.
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i'm andrea cross of a filmmaker and journalist and i've spent the past year traveling my country trying to understand. the soviet union was almost as large as the russian empire which spanned three continents in the nineteenth century. today's russia has lost many of the territories the towers conquered and the soviets regain but some are still part of russia. this is a no swedish finnish town of labor the soviet union invaded in one nine hundred thirty nine and finally and next this part of them in nineteen forty four. russia remains the largest country on earth even they only the ten most populous. it's still extremely diverse with about one hundred languages spoken by some hundred fifty ethnicities. the former soviet republics are now independent states. yet russia still holds sway economically and culturally in some parts of the former
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empire bordering on the russian federation. this is the famous gorky park muscovites are out celebrating the twenty fifth anniversary of the russian federation when the soviet union collapsed and russia's new life again. the mood is cheerful no sense of crisis in the air and these are average people representative of the great majority of the multi ethnic russian life.
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if you. think. that we have. the. top five yet that they count. not like. that. one. we're proud that would make others fear us in a song that might not sound serious but many russians actually do mean it quit dangerous it where. and this bullish sentiment is deeply rooted in a nine to only take in fact shared by russia's christian establishment.
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can eat eat it eat. father. is another spokesman for the russian orthodox church which lent spiritual justification to the power of the russian state. there through. your bruised. was moved to spread lead to sure. who is who reason. who is the full story. your suv was group of a new group we were it where you see them with the blue solution new proust was the reason commission's crew are getting these sure in the summer breeze sure the.
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drill school needs to remember suitable for new barrios or. school work more with some new school new pretty soon up to be a new building near to soon as possible which the computer world was observed we will reserve more sort of moose ability to sue would be the authorities or those to whom we were so true listen. it was the birth of those words the system was blue we should lose that sort of flu so those two or those new zoomer this was at the new era our new beautifully were you with with a most rightly. so polluted soup and we would lose was caused was useless consider the surface it was less because it was us of suzhou or the rules. it was a little too loose of course which killed luke or both musically it is a little susie there's louis who is really good in a blue certain. part of several it says peace is not something to be
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defended at all costs the russian orthodox church supports the state and its political and even its military objectors in response to the perceived external pressures on russia there's precious seem to have two main origins the west with its support for the ukraine and what russia perceives as a threat from radical islam. it's. just past six o'clock eight i think the morning. mosque and muslims are gathering for the festive. just. seeing big mosque is fun to small. compared to frank.
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i have a right to show three. set a morning when i'm going to like i want to get to either he thought. i was there she. was there already here globally most of us of us to live in europe because. i was there all day was the most complete human part was a. part of the most hearing is not just us. you're going to the point of saying my thesis is in the me your life is in the
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music already by forcing yourself or the way you've been sitting here only ever since in the summer months i guess. you're right it was a you come across number one but you still miss them is all right the same mistake the sun. is getting you should i or my space get someone on the horn here look up i want you you see i'm on my own for. me. i set off to the north caucasus where dozens of small muslim nations try to co-exist with russia. one of them the russian autonomous republic of
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dagestan is it so home to some thirty distinct ethnicity. their bent an ancient city in southern dug a stand once had an arabic name. the gateway. is through this city bordering on today's azerbaijan that islam started to spread into what is now russia as early as the seventh century. and millenium later russia now and powerful empire conquered august on after a long and brutal war. cook asian muslim culture survived in the russian empire listserv each union and putin's russia mixing with some customs from russia's norm.
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at the nineteenth century q my mom. told me about the legendary leader of douglas to a mom who fought the russians but then made peace but the talk. was not the story. which. is just. as a book or book. and. spoke when they go. and. i was very encouraged to hear. young muslim from their bent be so positive about our cold existence in the russian federation especially because i know that many ethnic russians are prejudiced against our muslim compactor it's from the caucasus . on the second day
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of the eagle fitter i was honored to be invited to a mountainous village known for its long tradition of silversmithing. the reading. i'm doing. alibek time himself a silver smith took me to his cousin's house with a large extended family have gathered for a lavish celebration. try something more good now quit that song choice award for those that others who thought this was a woman who were the only. sure to love him because of the road into the world. with nothing no. william for the students or for this was a new it only took a slow other symbol this is the. sum
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of. the whole summer it is the thirty four bottles in the park. this was a. good order to be teach. you . more but mostly you what is most to you when you're just over the news because most are serious if this is. just for just two weeks. or scorches consider just good luck tricia boyhood. point zero normal along with a quarter of the zapper your whole record since the first year but in the distance phone service orders go to go see this something for which you will.
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i believe is sincere in saying that there is no conflict between his darkest tiny identity and his russian citizenship. i wonder if everyone in this small but ethnically complex republic has as happy about the coexistence of their culture with the russian state. twice since the fall of communism twenty five years ago russia has mounted brutal military campaigns in chechnya dagestan immediate neighbor and a fellow muslim nation in the caucasus. darkest hour has its own chechen minority since putin defeated independence fighters in chechnya and installed a pro russian veto that pockets of resistance to moscow rule on may be active in dagestan.
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he said and you can use. hired you know i didn't want to. be on. your shoes and yet you. come to. the house you know and you know. for money. that. you have. things been ignoring the. british for six or more summer bringing michael mann who was in the armed resistance or as they say in the forest for a year agreed to talk to me. for the new show is in the movies to go see but the most is the one that is neutral and below me in the first person. to this is good i . think that it's not in the movie with daughter missing more in the problems of
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this there when i was a medic of the post there's a partial but the we were there the principal. just literacy on the perfect business system was a criminal stems the people we were most as idea of going with us to visit a desolate mood were the most in the story there was a thirst just. doesn't have to look so americans let us hear them and then we're going to do like i'm doing enough things a bit essence of stone or this thought it was just on. and it's not in the books just on the sort of mind of number this go on then you must remind on the more of a bust a move i mean what is the core of this causing trouble of us from each of us but you're watching those two blue actually if it's clear there's to put there by themed in the priest room williamson lives are being treated at the building should it means that the person at the store now should go to their nation to do they
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could go on with another where you were. what we wanted to do they could go to another unit with them. and shook up the rebels on the earth as the mission. units think of it. when we do the same thing was that it could be the people i think usually when there's cause others to spinsterhood between us and you know tissue is and it's in the. shop and more breath through and i don't want. or need commission one hundred for the book done. and i'm going to open the one that. was the first of the next month that's for sure that i don't. want to get the pretty much the sort of good. looks she is based on earth to exude
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a good. fortune movie that's for sure it was only after the first good the. name would approach the same crooked thing with the porch less risk to me is that it's like what i just thought or seeming a little bit yeah if you look this tonight if you don't like this don't get the destroy it just missed a good read. based mushing that this thing isn't. through little more launch ok sure those things. are the getting used but just getting there's no biggest end of that wisdom when i could think of doing it for thirty i would it could give the organ the global good food good thought which you can use for building new could the earth through the. shame to the horror that the boy is no. i still lost but the legal. age he chooses a little so now my youth. never got up but their mind their thoughts their
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bullshit is so almost a slump to get worse. i mean there's a reason that you're. a bit of a go at us way simmias service custom soil not just this my way is minute books are going to jump ship so those are. what would have been spit with the most that was all. he could suggest and this could go on with just this eternal that could become used to. work and it's because of the part that that's it remember isn't. just the will just. which it isn't. something which is the kindest and sure the cause of it and the origin of the cross last or the meaning if so just look at the put it. we're trying to get through to the village of gary the home of douglas town's nineteenth century leader. and today the epicenter of tensions between muslims and
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federal forces and a guest on. the recent leader of muslim resistance michael metzelder mana also known as the caucasus probably spawn is from here as well. we're stopped at the checkpoint the guard identifies as journalists and we're not allowed through. so we're told just missing from the embassy federal security service. but you're right if it was. my you mean yes you might make
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a home and. i mean yes he might last a lot less than that without the flu money and i'm one of the number somebody sophism best of words so they sent him on the list by super. fit that. bill was. that it was you as it was. and. said. i'm not allowed to get silage again because it's a danger i might be kidnapped by some salafist. terrorists according to the s.p. office i've just been talking. with
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might be able to. carry me on my last. checkpoint. for better or worse i don't pay attention to the at this bs warning i wonder if i was safety is the real reason for keeping us journalists away. after a few detours we managed to get through to the village of framing me which like
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gary has been subjected to several so-called anti-terrorist operation. the army and security forces are looking for seventeen resistance fighters including their leader. a year later the villagers are still grieving for what they feel is barbaric oppression. so mr bush enjoy existence you. know what unsubtle mr bush that's in class. but i took a book mr john and when the obama is a day about bush get you to do so and you will bring the annual cut to the islamic because at that moment it took a moment to napoleon on your watch the squid still. had to miss it so on purpose plus a parts supplier check your stuff the pup was. not
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supplying is still there. it will dissolve into those this plus looking pretty of the time by god the father was playing a book with it that's a planet that's a pretty big star scammell now that they'll become a good one then there are three shining that will be on the skills that use them to feel that they should really go on that i know that would do it well that's a. good sign i mean as i didn't. launch taking the time you could only think you would own dollars or what it. was like the money because then i said i'm going to see the bank. of them under oath so that's one of the still photos. this is just so mysteriously of work. yet.
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it was actually better me near is the near quarter kind of. virtue not perfectly there. but. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to do he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. knowing that here is the door. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families if i could just find if i could bury him hunter at this time on al-jazeera. most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square.
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if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we were able to cover this like no other news organization. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. out of that i'm going to stick with the top stories on al-jazeera at least fifty two people have been killed in two suicide attacks in southern iraq a restaurants and a police checkpoint near the southern city of nasiriya what targeted at least ninety others were injured many of them seriously and the number of dead is expected to rise suicide attacks in southern iraq already has claimed
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responsibility on its website. you are one in which you have the right there were four buses of iranian pilgrims the gunman boarded the buses and sprayed those inside with bullets others in pickup trucks drove by and fired on people then they walked into the restaurant and opened fire on people inside the young the old they spared no one everyone was killed or meanwhile tensions are rising over a controversial referendum on kurdish independence the iraqi parliament has voted to remove the governor of kirkuk from his office of the province voted to take part in the september the twenty fifth vote prime minister other body has been authorized by parliament to quote take all measures to preserve national unity but the governor of kirkuk insists he won't leave his post because president massoud barzani has also condemned his removal twenty three people including twenty one teenage boys have died in a fire at an islamic boarding school in the malaysian capital kuala lumpur the five blocks the only exit to the dormitory which had its windows covered in metal
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grilles the u.n. children's fund is calling for new fire safety procedures to be established and enforced in all malaysian schools to more engine muslims including a baby have died making the crossing from miramar to bangladesh bringing the number who drowned since the start of the crisis to eighty eight they died when a refugees those heading for the town of technique capsized thousands of minority ranger a still flooding into bangladesh almost four hundred thousand of flood since the military launched a crackdown three weeks ago of the range of fighters the tides and number of police places. u.s. president donald trump has denied reports of a deal to protect undocumented young immigrants known as dreamers earlier democrats announced an agreement had been reached to protect the elite eight hundred thousand young immigrants under a program the president said last week he would scrap. and those the latest headlines here on our desire in search of putin's russia continues next on back
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with news in twenty minutes i'll see that by. children's lives numbskull accomplish by at choice but if you're so dumb luck with that they did what you said much that i missed certainly the. church to my stomach a bit my list i'm training for. this year. well it's. just good mutual absolute let us try and you can be just one. yes imo if he didn't say i would know that. he is not alone i still don't like the man a book but said to just go ask if i'm in school because they deem them a kind of person just because with they are above some of us cousin i am now
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converted to some of the queer we did to as a coach as a customer to us because of them if i knew of course that he did lie to us being my . known tumble to. the sort of no but when you paid to build a straight did this man could not did not could not in that super dome i meant that in. this equipment i want to get an electric i'm not good enough either but for me just to disappear the snow leopard to america could be a shift come come i'm always sure i got nothing to cover another bush had to do it on your nails and i didn't hold back obama voted safely arning and i shot him and i thought no one told us but the woman who got the best in the world not the bloodletting.
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knew just that but it isn't true that. would result in. an additional only if. i said that i am. villa tankers are within the country should not i mean those at the ms go just on i'm going to go to the guys on time when you get down and you don't sneak in we did sufficient said which you can use uppish an overthrow of. the media you. is going to talk enable that you read. for the graph paper for now what's up. i missed it and that was on you. and us alone accordingly i mean a crew of my brats and they still. need to be done you go and you really
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believe. in that because it will be nice and deluded she said. in the off a lot of ok i just. said it indicated in. my faith and i have just. as i believe dismissed and i would hope that it just is simply click. on. that is that genuine there are chilling out belin. that suppressed anger that's fanciful in new york instead of america. but that just by just about this page of the news you should i guess this. is to still present a tread would. put it in with. the honest i don't you. views this with a gentle is
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a call in this area and often it only gets to me. notice to me no shame i will but i was for this i can do good with this i'll never too much so that i should have just. today in dagestan russian citizens of different cultures a free to follow their traditions and just. yet what is freedom for some is a moral challenge for others. that freedom may be seen as an imposition by bullies especially in regions once added to the empire by force. one
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occupies for some he read defenders for others in mainland russia on the settling of beds a sentiment of fervent loyalty and even though to. veterans fans like this one in the west in siberia if you need a guild very probably. mean. the same thing in the scene. you know that soon coming. this way and you know. what i believe in you know the good morning to. you that there are few. in the news you see you know. if. you know.
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that she's missing. a show. that's not what. you would do. in the center of it in board russia third largest city there's a monument to the local so to the fellow in the wars and conflicts witnessed by current generations of russian guns done the trick is done chechnya. and now they don't but in the eastern ukraine where russian volunteers fight alongside pro russian locals who want independence from the pro western ukraine.
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the west accuses the russian government of supporting these volunteers and possibly even of direct military involvement. i waiting to meet bloody mary a female a special forces officer from you're getting back to trains and sends volunteer fighters to the sink a crane. covering. the war supposable up on here i don't know mean you can you could you please. and i still thought she knew q.c. who ordered the. number of shots of those so when you dive shop with a musical those are really so true just for the good old singer and i might yeah because it doesn't. just go at it when your guys are less of the machine but you know what almost a year's leave with yourself. here though in the poem a girl
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a little earlier. was written up more sickness and years as done as well over as it worsened i use a p.v.c. in the blackness no. in the with the horrible was it she said yes caricatures of a person you're receiving. but there is an idea that in this budget the slob interest to. me could get done in the go appearing in the. mirror review and sammy doggedly when his lovely over a minute by minute there was i me telling. me a serious case i use torture when you stand between violet. yes and you not the bullet. you mean you can see he's. made you can still don't you but here's the thing when you put it as if it is your money john of his class i'm going it's. and you move them to some guns it doesn't as good as in there's a subway. usually in
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a dozen it wasn't as good as in the subway you. know more than still years. ago when the ceiling. limit or you're in a wished a store initially was the whole grain and glasgow was to buy jesuit a chance of the rowers oh my god has given us a generous new. scenes in the bloodshed over the moon. we russians are good at interpretive our wars because purely defensive when that becomes difficult to argue with claim that an act of aggression was the soviet not strictly russian initiative. the air rage in syria of course are the first probably russian military operations for
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a long time and i wonder how long of take before new names will be added to this monument. to conflict with the ukraine has dominated russia's political life for year and a half. russian the west accuse each other interfering in the craft. over a million refugees have already crossed into russia from the eastern ukraine. in an office where ukrainian refugees are helped with practice traced in russian i look for someone prepared to tell me their story. victoria kolesnikov it is a small entrepreneur from the don't pass despite the difficulties of life as a refugee his full of energy and has already found a job as a sales assistant when she becomes
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a russian citizen her career chances should improve. i was invited to victoria and sergey cliff because in your flat just do not present a voice that you were. promising my uncertainty. the it is a crazy i would not. the last time said not national have i seen the crane only need a new. some get it down economy going after you got a little more. business it's just me was motionless and yet me and i hope barca porch the first thing you. do if you are in the most polluted in the. music scene. it's going to come from my. musical prince into to cook some of. the other countries the government is that is covering everything i say is laid on
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the you're. not pushing people up a couple well you surprise me this is just to please a story not just. because you. really did a good thing. you know that. i know it don't go oh no that was too young i just google videos from you can i knew you can i could double to personal use your term but the oil will be here at the right but. it's of a piece which should have been a minute a shame your stomach than you do can stand usually when you business me but he didn't give much too much on black is a bright you missed you are off to dinner but because she's just some witchery going to stay all you would do you could go talk to them in shallow water to work on their boards you'd be very a dog real estate and then you must of just. like. all the grands here where you. live and. out of them are there some at all remember anything
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when you start your own is really more of a minute more tree problem. for me while using them maybe when you can with them willing to give them all to live with can you believe. that. really you know yet what the i'll show you. why. which is about this new year if you put your spin you give us the new formula over time from the scene the national convention something like what the war was going to speak english there at least you have it done by then you've been here for less than a year if you really want to go for a quick check in a row do you think your worst when you feel sure you will be was a chimp could have these two of them with you both i'm proud of me because. i need a crisis now that the knievel calls the yelling one utilized business the time when
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you. when you say you're doing one of these misname leslie but she had them so it would be new news alert people will understand you think you should get national get you are. working. for you right you are not what i knew or done boston that you said you were done by us and you push away what we heard you were going to you. have done must steer or then yes i do not want something out of the middle maybe now there's a push them then they have to push and you see but i guess the only units of our meeting on the most in you look at the. chance of by just looking and listening. because they're sure there's going to a different north because in fact what you thought is rather than the young use of those lies not because i should then there are the. frontal assault you know. this if i were fodder for your pistols movie september loves you as
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a corner you. are proud of. oh it did not be today is a very special day the life of a college make a family that you. missed but you didn't mean you. should the just. one fourth be said. they have an appointment at the local police station to become no more no less citizens of russia. some of us have traveled the world and have seen more comfortable places than central russia. some longed to leave pushes russia for the west.
11:49 pm
and the would think of what these are very late still longer stuff dos so what you're. asking it's make my list of those who are the core of the russian passport means hope and the challenge of athens that the demeanor was telegraphed. rather than. tension and violence continued in the ukraine. conflicting accounts of what's happening there i mean it's hard for me to form a clear picture of the conflict. i hear of someone who's recently returned from fighting for dumbass. it feels unsafe to me to
11:50 pm
ponder dos q since he no longer shares the government's version oh. event to be a great. question because we're sure got a good deal for when you meet michael do you what will. the group meeting in bilbo's of sitting here. with. you or should post just it's almost not by the oh that's it nick i just thought i was fit thanks to all those q some of you or so little skill or silly given. where you're going to pull the news to but other. accusers to view this landscape but then you. know was she was just doing a. good ensure that. this was would my station will struggle to.
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get through for the solution to a stroller but it was more when they can see any other home with all of us wish they built them think you might be the only do you know of the good old ladies thank you. for being so good to the senior. folks of your hole and we will the poetry choke people goes to the meeting hall don't there's a bonus to go for good morning is for middle door pushing out of your dose of though the news not putting you the words. for them when you had to pull the usual slaves sheelagh the bill of a quote of to which he took as the mulching and you're going to hear if you will get it if you close up of the blue with his initial thoughts to show you. where it is possible to build them do you being them was a disservice but the most of them for the middle of the city budget on top of what you could put over the us you want us all for your bullshit us but we should have done the most of the ships bullshit from critics who would wish to.
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some bootleg museum some would you. rather see janja legion that she chose and bush has just messed with almost all but on some bluster you just want to see young good looking and they are playing with a ball just think that's of that for the show you ten years have been able in your sleep but it's going to have a bushel that i'm sure. you've been opposing since library doing been over there but it's still with us michael moore numb to be snow stopped them sliced can see of choices for me what we are you know the grammys and the ability you know me just on a little stiff legged creature or the thumb of the cues or the bit of the cushion for the residuum i would move business from yes just cold to bush it was a duty even my own belittling of them took me a bit off the beautiful and all over the long suffering build according to what i'd of need to get needle.
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work. at this it more so. should. more years before the whole just going to get worked. up would look at the mothers' foremost key to duty and a little bitterness through one post but i think the signature that you tear into the course is all just.
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bonded out of ski first hand account of these war experiences maybe two troubling for the man of the street. many of my fellow russians prefer a more simplistic view of the world and its politics. because of the image for of them where there is a. need and i'm sure there is if i knew. i could ask the question of more than either of us we would neither of them would know that your memos are in the midst of. nearly as if in a given case the upper door at the national. oil there was no one else but i said there is a new good us the new one of them was one of. the grants and of course i'll go through. the way the books are here and then you know who the monster was but the most generous. i think. i see that my feeling is that.
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the military show is one of the favorite pastimes for ordinary russians. i test one of the latest rifles from the famous kalashnikov company that i want in the world. despite western sanctions russia remains the second largest arms exporter in the world it has the world's best and largest fleet of tanks and the most sophisticated anti-aircraft defenses but those second american might on many counts russia is a formidable military force and an extremely proud one at the same time it sees itself as a benign power that uses force only in defense it will never admit to being an empire it's in numerable nations are supposed to be equal and happy to be part of
11:56 pm
a great country someone i met here alan has here from a city in the north caucuses express that view with astounding directness. oh me option that's going that's not ok you made it out that i'm going to talk to. me about that is a male with. that. ring was would you like i usually don't worry does it just one. not only does the noble. cause i know it was more the other person the dealer. the number one sided in the media and. such because actuated praise for our state doesn't tell the whole story. in the next film of the series will deal with the culture of overlook even darker pages of history. as for the future it seems likely that the next
11:57 pm
generation will share the uncritically proud view of their homeland that prevails today. the sky they should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right football of us to go where we need to go to feel with things we want to fail. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be
11:58 pm
treated we do this because we know that travel goes beyond but what isn't part of this. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right to. remember that this world is full of us to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a pos. cats are always going places to get a. welcome back to some fairly chilly air across parts of australia as the winds continue to
11:59 pm
come in from the southwest much of the country those looking fine under this area of high pressure so look at the forecast fine conditions and springs but again melbourne it's quite windy some showers coming through sydney ten which is way way lower than they have been at twenty one when they have been up into the low thirty's as we had on through into saturday melbourne stuck at twelve meanwhile across western australia it's looking about to be fine for perth with a maximum of twenty two across into new zealand the rain keeps on coming some really heavy rain across the south on uncertain through much of friday that frontal system then will topple across the north lawn and during the course of friday night and into saturday but by saturday we should find that rain begins a clear way and the winds begin to ease some of those still plenty of showers around the south island up into northeastern parts of asia and here waiting for the arrival of typhoon time towards the southern islands of japan on the edge of your screen there as we head into the weekend starts to push further up across the
12:00 am
region into southern japan so a socket will see it later on saturday more central northern areas dry and fine in sapporo with highs of twenty. this is al-jazeera. hello everyone i'm. coming up in the next six.


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