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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2017 12:00am-1:00am AST

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pushed further up across the region into southern japan so soccer will see it. more central north than areas drawn in sapporo with highs of twenty. al-jazeera. hello everyone i'm. coming up in the next sixty minutes. suicide bombers launch a rare attack in iraq killing at least sixty at checkpoints and restaurant.
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kills twenty three as a boarding school most of them teenagers trapped in their dormitory. north korea and iran dominate the agenda at a meeting between the u.s. secretary of state and his british counterpart in london. and white independents is not a blessing for bob as it faces the enormous task of rebuilding after her. with all the sports news former united nations secretary-general ban ki moon has a new job heading up the i.o.c. is ethics commission more later in the program. in iraq where at least sixty people have been killed in a suicide attack in the south of the country the attackers targeted a restaurant and a police checkpoint near the city of nasiriyah at least ninety others were injured
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as claimed responsibility. there were for buses of iranian pilgrims the gunman boarded the buses and sprayed those inside with bullets others in pickup trucks drove by and fired on people then they walked into the restaurant and opened fire on people inside the young the old one everyone was killed or meanwhile the future of a united iraq is looking ever more uncertain as tensions continue over a controversial referendum on kurdish independence the iraqi parliament has voted to remove the governor of. cook from office after the province voted to take part in the september the twenty fifth referendum on iraq's prime minister hyderabadi has been authorized by parliament to quote take all measures to preserve national unity out of syria's imran khan is in erbil and has more on the day's events in iraq. southern iraq has been spared much of the violence that the rest of the country has seemed to in the west and in the north and now this attack took place
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just after lunchtime gunmen attacked the checkpoint which leads into southern iraq and then two suicide car bombs exploded outside a restaurant full of taurus the death toll currently stands at fifty we are expecting that to rise the health ministry said there are a number of people with very serious injuries now iraq as i say has been spared much of the violence and i still have claimed responsibility for this particular attack now they do claim responsibility for a number of attacks not just here but abroad as well but it is likely to be an isolated attack this is a message really from the group saying that you may have beaten us. in mosul you may have surrounded us in the last remaining stronghold but we all still able to attack you in places that you wouldn't expect so now that's a real challenge for the iraqis do they move troops to the south or do they continue their battle up in and trying to take them out there now whilst all of
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this is going on the still political machinations occurring here in erbil in the last few hours brett mcgurk the special representative to the the u.s. special representative to the anti eisel coalition has been speaking he's been speaking about the referendum for the kurdish independence which is due to take place on the twenty fifth of september he says that they don't want the referendum to go ahead and he's presented a plan from the u.k. the u.s. and the u.n. to president was on it is only really one country in the world that wants to see this referendum go ahead it's israel everybody else would like to see this referendum be postponed they say it's bad for the region stability. twenty three people including twenty one teenage boys have died in a fire at an islamic boarding school in malaysia students and teachers could be heard screaming for help as the fire blocked the only exit to the dormitory which had its windows covered in metal grills. and reports. it took more than an hour for firefighters to put out the flames at the. school in kuala
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lumpur by then many people mainly teenage boys had lost their lives nobody to such as. we can see from a certain angle their hands waving out for help we had no choice but to ask them to jump out and we tried to catch them we did try to enter the house but the fire was too hot until certain point there was a blackout when that happened things started falling apart we withdrew after that. the fire started near the dormitory on the top floor first thing in the morning it quickly ripped through the entire building opposite me by one of the interior of the building is one hundred percent destroyed the mattresses books and all other things in the very were damaged but the cause of the fire is still unclear we're still investigating it would have been difficult for the boys to escape as the rooms had barred windows and the fire blocked the only exit i could think of i escaped through the window we dismantled the window group opened the window and
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climb down on a part we force a window grill open at the time we couldn't think much of a fire department representative says their bodies were found on top of one another suggesting there was a stampede to try and get out the fire chief says a school should have had to fire escapes but it appears a building codes were not properly followed the initial investigation done by all. issued by local government and also by departments across investigation got some. men when they showed that. a community religious leader led prayers for the students he described the boys as cheerful when they held religious events in the community a happy group many of whom have now lost their lives under tragic circumstances.
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al-jazeera. well the united nations children's fund is calling for new fire safety procedures to be established and enforced in all malaysian schools islamic tough is where children study the qur'an a very common in the country there are five hundred nineteen registered nationwide but many more i'm not registered these are often exempt from state inspections according to malaysia's star newspaper the fire department has recorded two hundred and eleven fires in islamic schools since twenty fifteen but malaysia's deputy prime minister says fire department records show there have only been thirty one since twenty eleven the worst of those was in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine when twenty seven female students died in a fire at of his school in kandahar state two more range of muslims have died making the crossing from mere marts of bangladesh bringing the number who drowned since the start of the crisis to eighty eight baby abdul masood was one of those who drowned when the wooden boat he was on capsized on africa with four hundred
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thousand minority ranger have fled me a massive the military launched a crackdown there three weeks ago after ranger fighters attacked a number of police posts humanitarian assistance in bangladesh has traditionally been quite complex so the government has. no preferred to certain choices in terms of which agencies our presence on the ground and so forth this was before this big emergency i think that now that the emergency requires a very urgent response his presence will be scaled up very quickly we've had already an airlift of goods from the emirates other organizations are also sending goods and they think that they are going to say we're going to see a scale up of emergency very quickly. i doubt a serious hundred chattery has more now from. bangladesh's border with. international local agencies have been stepped up you can say thousands of people
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have lined up here to get rice provided by that. family this is far better than what we saw two weeks ago however the border areas are very still tense and fluid and volatile at least. eighteen people drowned while trying to cross the border into bangladesh two days back at least four died trying to cross into bangladesh in a mine explosion things are still very volatile in the border area the u.k. foreign secretary says leader aung sun suu chain needs to be more to help the region. nobody wants to see a return to military rule in burma nobody wants to see a return of the generals but it's also vital the civilian government and that is. as i say i have a great vibration but it is vital. to make clear this is an
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abomination and the. people will be allowed back. or boris johnson made those comments at a press conference with his u.s. counterpart rex tillerson in long north korea and iran dominated the agenda at those talks reports. but a busy day of diplomacy here in london the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson in town and strong words on both iran and north korea talks began early in the morning with a visit to ten downing street to resume a the prime minister affirming the u.k.'s belief in the importance of the nuclear deal that iran struck with world powers as the best way of assuring that iran does not achieve nuclear weapons will rex tillerson in a press conference later was a little more circumspect about that he said that the nuclear deal was still under review by the trumpet ministration that you had to take into account the totality
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of threats posed by iran in terms of its adherence to the full spirit of that deal and that as long as for instance it continued to support bashar assad in syria will that make give rise to questions about its head here and to the spirit of the deal this is what boris johnson the u.k. foreign secretary had to say about that the iranians have got to behave and fulfill their side of the bargain and they've got to stop being a venturous and expansionist and causing trouble in the region whether it's in yemen or syria or anywhere else and on north korea the talk was about boosting pressure on pyongyang following on from those u.n. security council sanctions the eight set of sanctions imposed on the country the strongest sanctions ever imposed on any country according to boris johnson how to implement them importantly how to bring china in to encourage china to do more there was none of the fire and fury rhetoric that we've heard from the trumpet
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ministration in the past this was a call towards engagement towards dialogue. along with representatives from france we had a very substantial meeting to discuss our increased that diplomatic and economic pressure on the r.k. and also how we can work together to relate messages to the regime in north korea that we need to stand down your program and gauge and. to find a way to a peaceful resolution or i still had. survived as constants over whether their concerns will be listened to as the party begins into london's devastating towers. zimbabwe starts registering voters using biometric technology but some fear it will increase the chances of a break in. the elements get the better of the final women's golf major of the season details of what.
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it was president trump has just left florida and in his third visit to the heart of condemn his state in less than three weeks before leaving the president first lady and vice president handed out sandwiches and banal those to people living in a mobile home community they've been affected by the harken more than one hundred nursing home residents have now been relocated thousands more being monitored on as the deaths of eight people at a rehabilitation center on wednesday to its power. well the caribbean island is appealing for help to rebuild after the devastation caused by hurricane some of the other affected islands territories which receive financial assistance from wealthier mother countries like the u.k. but bob you there is a tiny independent island on this says it needs outside help as john heilemann reports. prime minister gaston brown has brought other caribbean leaders to see
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what's left of the island. it was hit with the maximum force of hurricane brown says help is urgently needed by me that today is what i considered to be a mangled wreck in order to restore it in order to rebuild and to ensure that we can relocate babbit and it will take any normative out of resources. electricity phone lines of people's homes at damaged or gone the situation so precarious the entire populations been evacuated turn which emerged unscathed brown who is prime minister of both islands says it will take more than two hundred million dollars to bring back to life. the government's trying to take the positives out of the fact that more than ninety percent of buildings here damaged they want to implement an ambitious rebuilding program with high construction standards to guard against future hurricanes and one hundred percent green energy for the island the problem
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with that is cash they say they don't have anywhere near enough while other island nations devastated by the hurricane like martin and the virgin islands belong to receive help from developed countries doesn't have that support those islands are dependent territories they have them other countries to assist they have britain they have the netherlands france and a case of ns again by a small independent country with very limited resources. civil engineers have started work anyway assessing the damage house by house they're optimistic about the possibilities how long do you think three building of the. depends on if i look depends and if i believe within twelve months. most of it could be but. not just homes but also jobs have been lost fisherman's boats lying ruins.
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really earned a living from his taxi that's gone now well right now i'm feeling it very very bad because what happened since that time the hurricane has this is the we. don't bust right now and there's not much i can do right now until. i don't know how soon we going to get back to bob you would. that's the question all of the living in government shelters with relatives you know are asking the prime minister says hopefully in a few months but even then the rebuilding could take years john home and how does it. there's been confusion i've reports the president donald trump has struck a deal to protect undocumented young immigrants known as dreamers democrats announced an agreement had been reached which would have protected nearly eight hundred thousand young immigrants on the program the president wanted to scrap a white house correspondent how could has more now from washington. confusion at
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the white house again what started out as president trump's attempt to make a bipartisan deal with congressional democrats has devolved into finger pointing about who said what to whom hoping to bridge the ideological gap with a compromise they arrived at the white house of wednesday evening democratic house leaders now see pelosi and senate leader chuck schumer a short time later they heralded a landmark deal they've made with the republican president to create a law allowing more than eight hundred thousand children of illegal immigrants to stay in the united states or did they the next morning on twitter donald trump said from his point of view there was no deal on the program known as dhaka. then a few hours later before leaving washington to inspect hurricane damage in florida donald trump changed his mind he claimed he agreed to dhaka but only if there is
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funding for border security and a wall with mexico in the future you have eight hundred thousand young people brought here don't fall for the wrong the wall will come later landing in florida after a short flight from washington then put that deal in further doubt he insisted an agreement with democrats must include funding to build a border wall a key campaign pledge ok mentally we have to have a wall if we don't have a war we're doing nothing hard right conservatives are furious accusing tromp of granting amnesty establishment republicans seem equally irritated reminding the president any deal he makes on legislation must involve. republicans currently holding a majority in the u.s. congress i think the president stands and he's going to work with the congressional majority to get any kind of legislation the president shifting positions and erratic approach to policy has only complicated matters it is heart of hearts trump may not know exactly what he is and he's sort of ideologically flexible and i think
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he just sort of goes for the saying that he thinks can basically get him the best headlines and the most credit that's why any deal on doctor remains in doubt but this time it may not be the president's democratic political adversaries holding up any agreement but instead members of the president's own republican party can really help get al-jazeera washington or let's stay with the story because we're joined now from washington by diana play a go she's a policy associate at the national immigration law center thanks for being with us on the program i mean it's really confusing right now isn't it as to whether some sort of deal has been done between president trump and the democrats what do you make of the situation as it stands you know i mean i think we know just about as much as you do i think what we do know is that democratic leadership did meet with trump and there was some agreement that was made essentially what we know is that
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there was a deal made to make a deal there are no details and we all know that the devil's in the details and so we're waiting for that to be worked out as well we heard that there will be some sort of border enforcement funds in that deal that's something that we're not supporting we're supporting a clean dream act but that's really all we know and that we're going to continue to push for a clean dream act for these young immigrants how optimistic are you that the so-called dreamers and you all one of them will be protected in the way that you want to be protected. i'm hopeful that right now there are so many supporters of my community there so many people who have come out of war that didn't support us before and so with all this new momentum and people realizing who we are and realizing our stories and that there's not just one or one of us and there's so many of us were affected by this policy i am hopeful the members of congress will listen to us and listen to the american people who
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have stepped up and said that they stand with us and that they will actually take action now the past pass a clean dream act that will provide protections for me and the hundreds of thousands of others that are in my same situation you're saying you've got support how much support do you think you have across the united states i'm sorry are you saying that you are supported in the united states for the so-called clean acts but how much support do you think you do have because you do know that there are people out there who say that you shouldn't be in the country and they want you to go how does that make you feel. well you know i think what i do know is that when dhaka was so in place that over seventy five percent of both republicans and democrats supported that program and supported the decision to allow us to allow us to stay in for that program to continue so i think there i have seen support from people from all walks of life all parties coming together to
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support people like myself who are in this situation and that's what i know and so that's the kind of support that i've seen you come across in the past two weeks as well if a deal is actually agreed what is that going to mean do you think the donald trump's relationship with the ultra conservatives in his republican party many of them of come out today and condemned him when it looked like he was saying that some sort of deal had been done to continue daca. i mean i think it's going to upset some of his base but we do have to realize he's by rescinding back by ship in these protections from these young immigrants is really appealing to this white supremacist base that no president should be trying to appeal to so he may be upsetting them but this isn't the base that he should be trying to appeal to as the president of the united states of america really great to talk to you that's diana player joining us there from washington d.c. thanks so much thank you so much. every spring rain fall is threatening argentina's largest export farm is
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a concern that health of all soil and corn crops could be lost to heavy flooding in the province of wind as artists numbers were already down to flooding affected the start of the season. well as it has done in trying to joins us now from about two hundred seventy five kilometers south of the capital side us and just how bad is the situation don you will feel this across so many parts of argentina. and behind me is prime cattle grazing ground it's been covered in water for about seven months there's not only the fact that they've had heavier than normal rainfall several hundred millimeters falling in a very short period it's the fact that the rainwater sits there for so long doesn't drain away is not the proper rating that's partly because the rains simply keep coming and also because the water based is all the rivers are overflowing so really
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the farmers have very little time on a clear day like today to start recovering to start rebuilding rain is forecast again for tomorrow so before they've got themselves together they're having to deal with more rainfall what's happening here is the cattle are dying they're not getting access to their food which lies below this water they're also suffering from a shortage of sunlight a shortage of magnesium and we've seen through a cow carcasses lying on the land around here some some farmers of lost up to one apologies that we do seem to have lost our lynette to daniel why now he's reporting on the heavy spring rainfall that is threatening the crops of corn and soy in argentina and again apologies for losing his line there. nineteen people have drowned when a boat capsized in northern india such as continuing for more people still believed to be missing the boat was filled with construction workers when it capsized in the
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human or river into pradesh state authorities have been criticized for their slow response to the capsizing they believe overcrowding was the likely course. leaders of india and japan have agreed to strengthen defense ties as they seek to counter chinese influence in the region the japanese prime minister shinzo abyei is on a two day visit to india where he helped launch india's first bullet train project made possible by a huge japanese loan craig leeson reports. a world cup fit for royalty india's prime minister narendra modi blessing japanese prime minister shinzo and his wife for their friendship and the economic gifts they bring with them it's an important visit preparations in modi's home state of gujarat been going on for months. no trip to india would be complete without a visit to its famous tourist locations but eventually it was down to business
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tokyo is now india's third largest foreign direct investment helping it develop everything from its roads and buildings to its automotive industry and the scope has become even bigger with the launch of a new bullet train project japan is a pioneer of high speed rail networks and the project at the center of this collaboration with india is a high speed link between i made a bet and mumbai india's first high speed train and one which will significantly reduce the travel time between the two cities japan is providing eighty one percent of the money for the seventeen billion dollar project through a fifty year low interest loan. there have been no fatal accidents since the launch of japan's bullet train service and i am proud to say that this is the safe. just rail service on the world this year japan send safety experts to india three times japan will share the knowledge of our high level rail safety with india and through
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this it will help ensure safety in all railway services in india. this project gives japan the lead in a sick to china has also been competing in. next generation and growth will happen only in places where there are high speed corridors friends the transport system plays a very significant role in the development of any country. but the two day visit comes just days after new delhi ended a military confrontation with china a visit to the gandhi museum perhaps providing a message of peace in a time of crisis many see the growing economic and political partnership between india and japan as a way to counter china's assertive influence across the region craig leeson al-jazeera tokyo i still has a. page reporting from south africa where the government is being taken to court to block it from putting thirty percent of mines into black south
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africans hands on the cassini spacecraft sends back its lost images assassin before it and its twenty year mission by diving into the planet's. past the title of a one world champion is reaching crossroads in his career find out what it is in a couple of minutes. hello and welcome to international weather forecasts it's looking pretty stormy across more northern parts of europe deep area of low pressure has rushed across the north sea through up into the baltic into the gulf in the region and some pretty cold air digging down behind it we're going to have northerly winds coming in for the next few days so i think the summer is well and truly disappeared for many western areas fifteen degrees at best across the u.k.
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further south pretty chilly across much of france to coming to their employer temperatures not to banish me but we have got some pretty heavy showers right at the base of the trough meanwhile more eastern areas looking fine there thirty one in bucharest and still looking bright in kiev in ukraine heading on through into software front moves further in we've got to have that low pressure clearing away across the baltic region and still across western areas it remains pretty chilly with the risk of some fairly heavy showers coming down from time to time with some hail mixed in on the other side of the mediterranean so relatively fine thirty two inch eunice should be a decent day in car little bit cooler has been thirty four we keep those sort of temperatures during saturday central parts of africa we still have plenty of showers shelf across so sit down towards the center for public and also cameroon further towards the west about unsubtle across parts of west africa you may pick up one or two showers in bamako in mali.
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the philippines is asia's largest catholic priests are treated like gods but the church has a dark secret when used investigate sexual misconduct inside the most powerful institution in the philippines at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are. a deadly attack destroyed her family and left her badly wounded. a long time from gaza to california and little girls journey of love through adversity. over time progress should become our family. that would touch the hearts of the people around her forever i was excited when i saw the situation. on
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al-jazeera wild at this time. my counter mind at the top stories here on al-jazeera at least sixty people have been killed in two suicide attacks in southern iraq a restaurant and a police checkpoint in astoria were targeted. twenty three people including twenty one teenage boys have died in a fire at an islamic boarding school in the malaysian capital on the pole. and the baby was among two more range of muslims to have died in the crossing from bangladesh from the number who drowned since the start of the crisis to eighty eight. now a senior russian negotiator says his country to get. with turkey and iran is close
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to finalizing an agreement on deescalation zones in syria they're discussing the details at a meeting in kazakstan capital a starner it is the sixth round of talks aimed at ending more than six years of civil war representatives of the syrian government and opposition groups are also attending. skeleton was it you can muster. i want to say that the main task of this international meeting on syria is to formalize uncreative always zones of deescalation to draw a line under all the work which has been done in the last four to five months since a memorandum creating deescalation zones was signed on the fourth of may the emir of cat as been holding talks with the turkish president in ankara it is his first foreign trip since the blockade of castor by other gulf states began in june turkey has shown solidarity with cassar by sending it food and other supplies and boosting military ties. an official inquiry has opened into a fire at
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a london tower block that killed at least eighty people. many of the residents of grenfell town were from poor backgrounds leading to accusations that government negligence was responsible for the disaster our u.k. correspondent bobby phillips reports we want to know the truth they argue it's a cover up before it's even begun but some martin mull big says he is determined to find out the truth his inquiry began with a minute's silence an acknowledgement of how much suffering the grenfell tower fire has caused. cannot undo and. provide answers to the pressing questions of. this kind could occur twenty first century london. and provide a small measure of. going to some martin more basic will investigate the specifics how the fire started how it spread how the emergency services responded
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but also the background did the refurbishment of the tower make it more dangerous where safety regulations observed how did the local and national governments react after the fire no one in this part of london can forget what happened how could they with this reminder looming about them so martin mobic will face a great deal of suspicion from the community here many people feel he's too much part of the british establishment and they wanted an inquiry with a broader remit that would have looked at questions of social housing even wealth inequality in london at a neighboring church a special screening of the opening of the inquiry it's going to be long it's not going to be a short short. process but yes i'm glad that we start and i do feel fairly positive i don't think we can have our forces heard see the justice we want
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smarted more because disappointed residents by not including advisors who represent the local community he says he has to be impartial but he offered words of reassurance we share a common goal we are all searching after the truth about the cause of the fire and the massive loss of life caused and we owe it to those who died and to those whose homes have been destroyed to work together to achieve that goal the inquiry has no power to punish or compensate there are likely to be separate criminal trials to do that establishing the truth won't console everyone it might just prevent similar disasters in the future bobby phillips al jazeera in west london. castle and pro independence leaders have launched their campaign for a yes vote in a referendum planned for october first they say if they win the vote they will
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declare independence from spain within days spain's central government says the referendum is illegal and must not go ahead the parties opposed to independence aren't campaigning and of course the cost of the vote. zimbabwe's bringing in a new register ahead of next year's presidential and parliamentary elections biometric technology will be used for the first time but some people say it will increase the chances of vote. reports from harare. president robert mugabe's fingerprints and personal details are captured and stored using biometric voter registration equipment the commission is compiling a new voter using the new technology the old manually compiled register dating back to one nine hundred eighty will not be used next year is the first time by metric technology is being used to register voters.
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despite having less than a quarter registration needed the literal commission says it plans to register nearly seven million people by january. sixteenth district. but it is get tical he says registering seven million people in four months. because. the ground to to educate. even the television. much some first time voters hope the new technology will reduce ford. know that.
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understanding's the presidential and parliamentary elections and mixture in the past opposition leaders have a. party of men. the old register prison denies the accusations he said repeated. rigged and election no system any way in the world is perfect for millions preparing to register the credibility of the new voters role could help avoid another disputed election. al-jazeera. kenyan police have fired tear gas at men trying to break into a hotel to attack women attending an election meeting local media reports suggest the incident happened following allegations of vote by the city is in an opposition stronghold and most voters there are expected to support reiner he's running against the incumbent a hurricane yet or in a rerun of the presidential election on october seventeenth. the south african
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government is delaying the implementation of a controversial new mining charter the legislation would force all mines to hand over more of their business to black south africans but new rules are on hold after they were challenged by the country's powerful mining industry body tanya page reports. gold was the backbone of south africa's economy for decades since the end of apartheid blacks had gained a foothold in the industry through government policies meant to share the country's mineral wealth but a revised mining charter that will force mining companies to insure thirty percent of their businesses owned by black south africans has prompted a scathing criticism from some is still largely call it's unethical it's immoral it's unconstitutional you don't have to read two paragraphs on the first page to say this is insane it's not workable it's not going to benefit anybody the revised
12:40 am
charter increases the proportion of black ownership from twenty six to thirty percent it also makes that requirement continuous so if a black owner sold their sheers the mining company would have to give more of their business away to ensure its still mitt the thirty percent black ownership role the chamber of mines which represents most of the industry has just won a promise from the government that it won't implement the changes until the high court makes a ruling on its legality the industry is warning the charter is already putting investors off and cause. jobs like that of timber into lee he's still putting his skills to use after being laid off but he says he can't get another job is very very bad because. i've been down i mean a lot of mine because of looking back. but unfortunately i didn't get that you know the charter is part of the government's plan to implement what it calls radical economic transformation timber may have paid the price for the uncertainty and cost
12:41 am
cutting in the industry but in the long term the government says its new mining charter will benefit more black south africans because they'll have a bigger stake in the industry that's disputed by critics who argue only a few wealthy black south africans will benefit the mining industry says increasing inequality is not its fault and so it seems to be winning the argument in court tanya page al-jazeera rustenburg a south africa one one hundred girls who were kidnapped by boko haram fighters in nigeria and twenty fourteen are due to be reunited with their families debacle have been in state care since they were released in the way they were five returned home to travel on friday and are now celebrating their freedom forty eight of the schoolgirls are still being held by a car on. now after spending twenty years exploring sasson and its moons the cassini space mission is coming to an end nasa is preparing to destroy the
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spacecraft by sending it plunging into saturn's atmosphere but a smith takes a look at what it's achieved over here. to. see the spacecraft what it took to see me seven years flying through space to reach saturn as it settled into war with around the ringed planet cassini launched the horgan's lander onto the surface of titan suddens biggest. over thirteen years the mission has sent back spectacular images from the other side of the solar system it will feel in some sense like a death in the family you know something you've devoted your life to for twenty seven years and then it will be gone. but we certainly i will feel triumphant because it has been a magnificent and profoundly successful exploration and i'm so proud to have been a part of it covered in snow and ice this is another such moon and solid us it has
12:43 am
powerful ice blasting gazes under here scientists believe there's water and so a chance to look for traces of life and on titan cassini revealed a climate similar to primordial earth it's why cassini can land on saturn it may still carry microbes some earth could affect an alien ecosystem because of the importance of in solid us that cassini has shown us and of titan another potential world that could be habitable for life for ups not like we know it but perhaps completely different than ours. we had to make decisions on how to dispose of the spacecraft. and that led us inevitably to the plan of taking cassini and plunging it into saturn. so
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after the last of twenty two farewell dives between saturn's rings and surface because seaney will fly into the planet's burning atmosphere. bernard smith al-jazeera let's now speak to fred young son astrophysicist and planetary scientists at the european space agency he's joining us from little in the netherlands thanks for being with us on the program why does cassini's mission have to end in this sort of blaze of glory. well first of all the mission is to contact them on fuel so at some stage it's done but as it was just a little little before we have something called planetary protection which means that spacecraft which haven't been cleaned the hundred percent of microbes and earth material should not crash into worlds where you later all go to try and search for life so this spacecraft is not one hundred percent clean and if they
12:45 am
leave it circling around this is really insistent the chances of it crashing into our car or on some of those are not small and they have decided we're going to plunge into sharp turn and then it's risky school what it is going to be like the members of the cassini team have works well if a so-long to see this mission finally come to an end well i've seen it myself on the road at a spacecraft a year or two ago where i worked on for quite some time and it's i think jim green. boss of this program said last night i'm not good at for well so he sees it as a new starts or analyzing science that's cassini hearkens s. which are security issues so this is more or start of something new and then.
12:46 am
what do you think that the things biggest achievements have been over the past well more than a decade. well when we when they went to shirley insisting your original are these or were. these were frozen who deep throat and versions possibly of the foreign are billion year old earth because it's very far away from the sun it's very cold but when they got there the landing of hearkens on tightening already showed you know that there is more to this than we thought than there was european . magnetic experiments showed there isn't a model and so there's a later on the other experiments show and some of this actually has fruit with what part not too far below shortens this is not that moon these things are fairly active there are geysers berries they have shown the connection even ring up
12:47 am
the system they find say lines to harder stuff so i think if you ask the average predator we find peace which bullion the solar system would you like to go to next everybody would say some of the stories sounds like a pretty great if you separate johnson joining us there from the netherlands thanks so much. well i still ahead all this out as they were news up putting the fear into fashion east is why new york city's plans to move its government district is worrying the designers. and there's a new world champion in cardboard it action final round the world tour coming up in sponge. business update brought to you by chance are they always going places together.
12:48 am
business update brought to you by chance are they always going places together.
12:49 am
fashion week has wraps up with the usual glitz and glamour that makes it one of the world's premier industry events but some in that industry are worried that new york city could lose its status if its iconic garment district is relocated our city officials are pushing for. the reports now from new york. it's one of the most anticipated events in the apparel industry new york fashion week designers from around the world revealed their clothing lines for the next season the week long event generates more than nine hundred million dollars for the city. but this year there are concerns about the future of where all the high end
12:50 am
fashion clothes are made city officials are trying to relocate the famous garment district out of manhattan and convert the prime real estate that is now manufacturing space into housing and offices gabrielle ferrara hopes run one of the largest luxury manufacturers in new york they've made clothing for designers like calvin klein donna karan and vera wang she says moving the district would ruin the fashion ecosystem in new york the garment district is here for a reason manufacturing owners in the workers are here because they need to be close to clients things to be close to the source of strength and they need to be close to their workers if you go anywhere else in the world she will not find the ability to create a luxury garment the way we do here over the years the number of garment workers in new york has fallen drastically from about three hundred thirty thousand at the peak in the one nine hundred fifty s. to about sixteen thousand today but while cheap mass produced clothing was shipped
12:51 am
overseas to china. new york still dominates high end luxury manufacturing that requires specialized workers only rivaled being italy. this industrial area in brooklyn is where the city wants to move the garment district it's called sunset park while most clothing manufacturers are against moving new york city's garment district here there are a few people that see opportunity just ramona is a seamstress in the garment district and she supports the move trying to open and clean. as a post because it's just more feasible and believe it or not the business that biased they will come to. the city is still reviewing the rezoning plan manufacturers uncertain about weirdo and many are holding on to hope new york's garment district won't go out of style any time soon. your
12:52 am
conference for his piece. thank you very much former united nations secretary general ban ki moon has a new job at the international olympic committee the south korean will be the new chair of the i.o.c. effects commission the decision was taken in the peruvian capital of lima with the i.o.c. are currently gathering will have to deal with the i.o.c. has damaged public reputation following a vote buying scandal among other issues of corruption. what is important is that in principle. very closely with the i.o.c. members. sports organisations to make that you'll see. has a trust and confidence from international community the i.o.c. have a lot of work to do with fewer takers these days one thing to host the games not to
12:53 am
mention ban having to deal with the recent legacy of bribery and corruption that is according to the author of power games a political history of the olympics jules boyd cough. banki moon has his hands full there's no question about it it be great if one of the first things that ban ki moon did was to try to create a little bit of autonomy right now the ethics commission still reports to the executive board of the international olympic committee so in order to be more effective it seems to me that the first order of business for ban ki-moon is try to get some kind of autonomy and separation from the people overseeing him on the short term they need to figure out what's going on with this vote buying scandal just the other week there been revelations that down in brazil in the apartment of carlos newsman the head of the brazilian olympic committee they found a russian passport one hundred fifty five thousand dollars in cash in number of different currencies and so we've got an ongoing scandal there that also spreads to
12:54 am
tokyo's that are going to have to deal with that in the short term we're seeing more and more recognition from the general population that they don't really want to host the games in their city the olympics are tremendously popular as long as they happen somewhere else. are on course to win their first ever match in the europa league the london club failed to qualify for the champions league last season they were playing in europe security a competition for the first time they've beaten cologne three one with just a few minutes left in that one earlier the new look ac milan kicked off their campaign with a big win a silver was the star of the show you scored a hat trick as the city are giants thrashed austria vienna five one may learn are looking for their first european trophy since two thousand and seven. here's a look now at some selected europa league group stage results from thursday they were home wins for vieira el dynamo kiev and moscow all former clubs more familiar with champions league everton were crushed three nil at atalanta and former italian
12:55 am
champions lots of themselves in a way when they're going to be tests of the netherlands and you have begun disciplinary proceedings against spartak moscow during their champions league one one draw against marable on wednesday a flare from the stands of the visiting fans nearly hit the referee fernando alonso has refused to rule of leaving mclaren next season the two time world champion has not challenge for the title since joining in twenty fifteen and says he's future depends on mclaren ending its disastrous relationship with engine suppliers honda. i want to give time to my team you know after the last three years with some struggles that we went through together to half time for them to to make it through to see the future of the next year's car and after the big decisions i would take mine you know i want to stay loyal to that you know and not make any decisions
12:56 am
without them making first their decisions so you know. we see what's going on in x. weeks italy's air. is the new strapless kitesurfing world champion you see all the title by finishing fourth in lemoore and that in mauritius in the final metre of the tour it's the telly and second world title in the women's event muna white claim the world title. is theirs ours a lot of pressure but i did my job you know. they've. been working for us for more than the six years. then a really fun of and we had really great conditions and get away. super happy to come out on top and also become the world champion here in the final women's golf major of the season has been reduced to just fifty four holes heavy rain hit the every arm championship in france and despite there being some play on thursday the
12:57 am
first round was scrapped and the tournament will start afresh on friday. and we'll just leave it there for now more sport later by so much peter now the u.s. company space x. has posted a blueprint video on its facebook page called how not to land an orbital rocket found that you know moscow has previously said that even though space x. has launched a number of successful rockets he isn't proud that it isn't afraid to fail.
12:58 am
self deprecation is a wonderful thing for the new join us again in a couple of minutes time.
12:59 am
from the icy mountain steps of mongolia to the flooded lowlands of south america. the high stakes series returns. following the daring journey of ordinary people from around the globe who take extraordinary risks to earn a living. risking it all coming soon on al-jazeera. with its economy stagnant mexico's president and implemented drastic and controversial energy reforms mexico's oil oh and by the mexican people for seventy five years is being sold to private international
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companies. and as with the country's agricultural sector it's exposed to exploitation by profit driven multinational corporations crude harvest at this time on al jazeera. suicide bombers launched a rare attack in southern iraq killing at least sixty at a checkpoint and restaurant. hello again i'm going to see this is al jazeera life.


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