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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2017 8:00am-8:34am AST

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in the hash tag era when news coverage consists of a punk jihad line a five second sound bite and an easy solution. to delve deep and says challenge the status quo expose double standards and debate the contradictions join me mad the hot sun for a new season of the show the frank. up front. at this time i'll just erupt. north korea strikes again firing yet another ballistic missile over japan. hello i'm down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up reaction
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around the world has been swift and japan has condemned the launch the u.s. secretary of state's calling for new measures against pyongyang. satellite pictures claim to show the extent of the assault on me and my population. and deal or no deal confusion at the white house again over an agreement to protect the dream of. north korea has stepped up the tension again over its nuclear program firing another ballistic missile over japan the u.s. military said it was an intermediate range ballistic missile that can travel three thousand seven hundred kilometers well that range is long enough to reach the u.s. military base on guam this missiles was slightly further to the north when it launched from near the capital pyongyang flying over the japanese island of hokkaido before plunging into the pacific ocean well it's the second north korean missile to fly over japan in less than
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a month the prime minister condemned the launch and called for international action . now is the time for the international community to come together latest need to be imposed in full north korea needs to be made to understand that if it continues on this path there is no bright future for it the u.s. secretary of state is calling on all nations to take new measures against north korea specifically he said china and russia must indicate their intolerance for these reckless launches by taking direct actions of their own. well we have correspondent craig leeson in tokyo with reaction from japan but first let's cross live to hundred thomas he's in the south korean capital seoul and through. the south koreans have clearly been responding to this launch what they've been saying well it's national security council briefing that went on a meeting that went on chaired by the south korean president in that began an hour
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after the launch there really got on with that it went on for about two hours and a statement was released after that meeting i'll read you a little bit of that the president in that statement strongly condemn north korea's provocation despite the united nations unanimous decision on resolution two three seven five it warns in this statement north korea's continuous provocations will only aggravate north korea's isolation diplomatically and economically now at the end of that briefing the president himself gave a statement a bit about now. in this situation having a dialogue with north korea is impossible north korea will face even stronger sanctions and pressures from the international community that will force them to come to the path of dialogue we should be equipped to protect ourselves from north korea's growing nuclear and missile threats and to eliminate those threats by quickly punishing them in case of provocations against us and hundred terms of going forward i mean what sort of military response policy are we likely to see
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from the south koreans then. well the south koreans have an explicit three prong three pillar approach they call it they want to be able to preemptively attack a launch site before a missile is launched number one number two they want to intercept the missile before it lands and number three if a missile is launched on lands they want to be able to punish north korea retaliate three overwhelming force in reply to that that is their three pillar approach you have people on it was restated again at the end of that national security meeting importantly though the moment the north korean missile was launched or six minutes later this morning friday morning korean time south korea launched its own missile not in the direction of north korea but off out into the sea but they were demonstrating with that that they have the ability to see missile preparations in advance they have the capacity to launch their own missile at a launch site and if they believe that a missile is being fired in anger they will they are saying with that that they are
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prepared they are ready to respond and just a final thought from you i mean this is the second missile launch and a nuclear test in less than a month what ordinary people in south korea making of all this. it was a very strong question and i've been out on the streets of seoul asking people that very question because they've lived with the threat of annihilation really from north korea for decades with conventional weapons of course rather with nuclear weapons the truth is so is a perfectly normal functioning modern city and it is today just like it was yesterday just like it was last year you would not know walking around so that there was any new threat and so we went and spoke to some people we asked them whether they felt fear and indeed what they thought of donald trump because he is the unknown in all of this he is the new entity if you like quite apart from the advancements that north korea is making he's the new political entity and we asked them whether they were more fearful of kim jong un or donald trump and what he might do and to be fair we got a very mixed reaction about two thirds of people still said kim jong un is the number one concern but a good third of people we spoke to said they're real fear is donald trump and what
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he might do so interesting when you talk to people but you wouldn't know it walking around the streets of seoul is a perfectly functioning normal city andrew thank you are let's cross over now to craig leeson he's in tokyo for us the japanese prime minister shinzo abbay craig condemned this latest launch in the strongest possible terms what else has he been saying. yes well he got off the plane from india smalling and spoke to media straight away as you said condemning it and calling on an emergency session of the u.n. council to take a look at this he's that council the security council to immediately impose the toughest sanctions that were ratified at the council on choose day which was pushed through by the united states so he's very angry he wants the international community to provide a united front against north korea and what he says are increasing provocations and
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to that effect he's called on the allies to strengthen their resolve and also in china and russia to listen has to be more vocal against the north koreans and we did see china and russia of course agree to the sanctions the increased sanctions that we saw on choose day but this missile went across the north of the country was no straight really to civilian populations but within three minutes of its launch we saw sarin is going off and we saw a public alert go out on mobile phones the radios the t.v.'s and the reaction from people was one of concern as it always has been some people say they getting used to it but clearly they're feeling threatened and with good reason north korea said yesterday that it would sink japan with nuclear weapons so a very strong statement from north korea japan to some degree expected a response from north korea at some point in the future the fact that it backed the
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united states sanctions on tuesday and north korea said it would retaliate as a basis for any country that supported the united states in those sanctions that will past the resolution at the u.n. on tuesday credibly get a final thought from yemen you've been out and about in the japanese capital in japan says it will take all measures to protect the safety of its people but how is all of this playing out among ordinary japanese. well it depends what generation you talk to the older generation who remember the second world war and the korean war certainly feel threatened they have they have strong memories about the possibilities of war within the region but when i speak to people under the age of thirty generally then there seems to be some kind of resignation that this is just saber rattling and that this sort of activity has
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been going on for as long as they can remember but they don't have the memory of the wars that have a could here so for them it's just rhetoric and many of them have actually disengaged to some degree and don't even follow it when i spoke to some people just yesterday about the situation following the north korean threat to sink japan with a nuclear weapon they said they hadn't even heard of that threat and they hadn't been watching the news atoll in regards to what the latest situation was with the north korean crisis so very much a mixed response here amongst people in japan certainly though with the people who live in today and who have watched to me saul's go across the bow so to speak in the past month there is increasing concern that this is the fourth me saw that north korea has sent across japan the first two one in nine hundred ninety eight one in two thousand and nine both of those were rockets carrying satellites so these last two launches in the past month missiles and that is
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what is causing the greatest concern and the ability as japan now billie's north korea has to stick i mean each a nuclear weapons on the tops of those missiles are right to craig least in tokyo craig thank you well china correspondent adrian brown has more on what this latest test could mean for beijing. well it's getting harder for china to resist now the growing calls for even tougher sanctions against north korea china in the past has been reluctant to cut off the oil completely to north korea it has gone along with limiting exports of oil to north korea and of course it's no longer allowing north korean workers to come to china to work imported north korean labor is a very important source of hard currency for north korea now and next week at the united nations general assembly china will be sending a delegation led by the chinese foreign minister wang the north korea will also have its foreign minister there so it's possible the two men could meet given that
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in the past china has supposedly been the only country that has been able to exert any real influence over north korea the problem china has at the moment is this they don't really have a point man in north korea as they have done in the past someone they can talk to directly that person in the past was the uncle of kim jong un but three years ago he was executed so now china has no one to talk to and in fact no senior chinese leader has been to north korea for more than two years and that gives you a pretty clear indication of just how strained relations are now between pyongyang and beijing well let's talk to mike chinoy he's a senior fellow at the university of southern california's u.s. china institute he's been to north korea several times and joins me now via skype from hong kong mike good to have you with us some much does this latest missile launch show that north korea is simply not deterred by years of u.n. sanctions and diplomatic isolation. i think the latest missile launch shows without
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any doubt that un sanctions and the international condemnation are making no difference to kim jong un the north koreans have consistently ignored this pressure i think right now kim jong un is feeling very confident i think he feels to the extent that one sort of project from the outside that they're acting as if north korea is very much in the driver's seat here that they're driving events forcing everybody to react to them and when the north koreans look around the world they see the united states that's got all sorts of political dysfunction in tension and very mixed messages on how to deal with north korea they see japan constrained by its pacifist constitution they see south and south korea's new president torn between instinct for him gauger and the fact he's being pushed to what is for him an uncomfortable position of having to confront north korea and they see the chinese and the russians as basically not prepared to take really crushing
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sanctions measures so i think if you're kim jong un you look at this new say there's nothing to stop me from moving ahead and doing all the missile nuclear tests needed to ensure that the north has the capability it wants yeah i mean you talk about russia and china that mean this latest launch will undoubtedly put more pressure on them to act but it must be an embarrassment for them as well. i would think it would be a huge embarrassment the at the u.n. a few days ago the americans tabled a resolution that had some very very tough sanctions including regional american proposal calls to cut off all oil shipments to north korea calls to freeze the flights of the north korean national airline to go we have to or there have been banking counseling kim jong un and the chinese and the russians wouldn't go there and in the end much more watered down set of sanctions a little they were tougher than previous ones was passed so now having pushed for
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less stringent sanctions the north korean response to beijing was saying well you know thanks very much and now we're going to just carry on as if none of this ever happened i would think it be very embarrassing time mike let me get a final thought from you i mean does the world just have to accept now that despite u.n. sanctions and diplomatic and economic isolation for you as north korea is now in reality a fully armed nuclear state i think the reality is north korea is a fully armed nuclear state and short of going to war i think all the evidence suggests that sanctions alone are going to force a change when i think we're going to begin to see what i hope will see is a move towards a more robust kind of deterrence on the part of the u.s. south korea and japan but also some richer and to diplomacy and dialogue because without that the danger of a miscalculation an accident leading to a conflict because the juice the u.s. and north korea are just exchanging insults and not talking to each other will
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continue to grow up mike chinoy there in hong kong thank you mike. lots more to come here on al-jazeera new accusations of corruption leveled against brazil's embattled president more on that stay with us. welcome back come pleased to be able to report the temperatures in q a city are just beginning to drop wire little bit they've been in the wrong side of forty five they're now just starting to come down so hopefully the heat of summer is over and temperatures return to something like normal funny sort of still pretty warm across much of iraq is through kuwait and into the southern part of iran elsewhere fine around the caspian sea thirty two in back and i said by john fine around the eastern side of the mediterranean the temperatures there close to thirty degrees in beirut let's head into the arabian peninsula where we have the heat and humidity
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here in the gulf states elsewhere cooler for sun up because you got the elevation there twenty eight degrees and it's pretty warm but dry as far as the heat goes in medina and mecca with temperatures still into the low forty's so let's head across into southern portions of africa where it is also dry and fine as you would expect at this time of the year so ferment a cloud seventeen as the high elsewhere find in the eastern cape there durban at twenty one up through botswana namibia all looking fine thirty two the high winter so let's head up into central africa where we have some pretty heavy showers affecting so sudan the center for public and also towards cameroon and really around the gulf again it could be wet at times the real seeing some showers highs here of twenty eight. in the next episode of science in a golden age exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval
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islamic period in the field of chemistry they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the science of chemistry. many of. those which may still be used today. science in a golden age with professor jim miller this time. you want to remind us of our top stories here this hour north korea has fired another ballistic missile over japan it was launched from su not district in the capital city pyongyang south korea's military estimates that its maximum altitude was around seven hundred seventy kilometers and its flight distance was around
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three thousand seven hundred kilometers. what is the second time north korea has fought a missile over japan in less than a month officials there have condemned the launch and u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson issued a statement calling on all nations to take new measures against north. now amnesty international says satellite imagery shows burned rangar villages in myanmar they say they have detected up to eighty large fires in rakhine state since august but have been corroborated with photographs from the ground almost four hundred thousand range have fled me and since the military launched a crackdown in rakhine state the army says it's targeting armed groups in the region aid agencies say they are overwhelmed by the crisis what we documented through through a number of different sources is really a clear campaign of counseling by the me a more secure. the forces. were kind state fire. the large scale burning so across the whole state. it's very very difficult to
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conclude this anything else the deliberate effort by the me of the military to drive the hinge of the country by any means necessary well tanveer challenge he joins us live now from bangladesh's border with me and so what more can you tell us about these photos from amnesty that claim to show a number of villages on fire absolutely i mean the area called shop. on the back side is an icon which is that me on my side of the border in between is the not free but now you can see behind me actually does of people coming into bangladesh this is been going on for several days now we spoke during our refugee is that said that thousands of people have gathered across the border many of them from coming because they don't have any money that poor and the boatmen are charging them like eighty dollars two hundred dollars and they just kind of. fact that those are able to make it stuck in this part of technology and
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they can't go into the can. because they don't have money or transportation there's no presence of international aid agencies here some local people are bringing them food fresh water and what about basic essential they can provide now what the amnesty international say has been corroborated from our contacts on the myanmar side of the border that said there are thousands of people gathered there the army has been cracking down you can see it in the camera but i think actually. coming on from the me on my side of the border and thousands of people are gathered there to come into bangladesh this is also corroborated by the director mohammad. sorry excuse me i can't remember his last name that by the time amount of exit of the people coming in it could very well reach into one million not talking to these people pretty much says what amnesty shane and i are caught in myanmar saying the same thing that they're systematically burning villages throwing people out into
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bangladesh side lot of these people to be once all rowing us out into back have that's not going to fence on my side and they don't have any proof to go back into that site a very complex scenario indeed. just very quickly i mean you've been on the border now for some time a people still trying to come across in large numbers and what's happening to those refugees in the camps. ok mary have the people stuck and can those who nearly arrived actually i'm not getting the type of have the need we actually have monitored the. relief operation unfortunately many of the people who are getting relief for the. several years ago the newcomers are so spread out all across that agency saying that we need to get them into one place and organize a place where they can identify them and start distributing really there is no base . to many very famous for their side ministers diplomats and the road is congested
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every day it takes hours and hours to get there relief trucks cannot get there so the law just think is a nightmare now in this part of technology you can see people just coming every day every night and authorities don't even know about this the border guard knows about it but they're letting them in because they have any choice to go back there and there's going to still keep coming because thousands have gathered on the other side as amnesty and said as our informant have said this is very much a reality and this appears to continue down the road thank you now i still says it was behind coordinated attacks in southern iraq at least sixty people died and dozens were injured when fighters targeted a restaurant and a police checkpoint near the city of nasiriyah some of the victims were shia muslims visiting from iraq. you know the future of a united iraq is looking at a more uncertain as tensions continue over a referendum on kurdish independence the iraqi parliament voted to remove the governor of connecticut from office after the province decided to take part in the
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september twenty five vote when the parliament rejected the poll on tuesday it also gave prime minister. thora to take all measures to preserve national unity. a senior russian negotiator says his country together with turkey and iran is close to finalizing an agreement on deescalation zones in syria discussing the details of a meeting in kazakhstan the capital of starner is the sixth round of talks aimed at ending more than six years of civil war. skeleton was it you can last through it if you want to say that the main task of this international meeting on syria is to finalize in creative always ends of deescalation to draw a line under all the work which has been done in the last four to five months since the memorandum creating deescalation zones was signed on the fourth of may. has more now from a stunner. certainly a positive tone at the end of the first day of talks here in a star from the head of the russian delegation president putin special
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representative for syria alexander of saying he wanted to draw a line by the end of the top say under this plan the full of the four deescalation zones inside syria a plan that was signed by russia turkey and iran in may he said a lot of the focus of the talks today has been with respect to who could potentially monitor these areas he said that he presumed there would be a role for the iranians the turks and the russians in monitoring these areas and this flies in the face of what the opposition of thus far said demanding zero role for any arraigning forces on the ground in those areas is also so lever and ships a this been a lot of focus on the province of live which is included in this deescalation zone a plan problems there because a lot of the groups the opposition groups there are deemed to be terrorist organizations affiliated with al qaida. that's what the international community
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says it it's also what the syrian government says meaning that these rebel groups could well be viable targets and there are concerns of course for the hundreds of thousands of civilians that have fled to this area looking for security we also spoke to a member of the opposition delegation a source there who said that he was quietly confident that the opposition delegation could well sign at this agreement on the four deescalation zones by the end of tomorrow and that's when these talks are scheduled to end now having spring rainfall is threatening argentina's largest export farmers are concerned half of all soya and corn crops could be lost stuff to heavy flooding in the province of one as ira's numbers were already down not to flooding effect at the start of the season. brazilian president michel tema faces further corruption charges he's accused of taking bribes in exchange for political favors but denies any wrongdoing
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the lower house of congress will now vote on with the temple to face trial last month the house rejected a different corruption charge on the home of the agriculture minister blair maggie was also raided earlier on thursday over a separate corruption allegation reason has more than one desires. well brazilian president michel the matter is now being accused of leading a criminal organization in congress on of obstruction of justice prosecutor general for that you're not who's leaving office later this week is using a key bergan by end to printer with close link with politicians to press formal charges against the press and the federal police believe that every seed millions of dollars in kickbacks from companies in exchange of favors this is the second time that prosecutor general general tries to prosecute the the president last august he failed to get congressional approval to get ten men are on trial
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apparently tema distributed around a billion dollars in funds to fund projects by congress many in order to ensure their votes so what will happen now probably something very similar with support from the supreme court congress will have to decide again whether the president can stand trial or not and probably something similar will happen once again because results economy is slowly recovering and many in the country do not want to change presidents right now especially when there is elections next year and also many of those who vote in congress are being investigated themselves corruption has touched all sectors of brazilian society some of the country's most powerful politicians and businessmen are either in prison or being investigated on wednesday former president lula da silva had to appear in court he's already been accused and sentenced in one case to nine years in prison and he's currently appealing saying
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that he's a victim of political persecution because he's a key candidate for elections next year three female form of google employees a fall the lawsuit accusing the tech giant of discriminating against women in pay and promotions they say the company pays women less than men who perform similar work. the class action comes as google faces a gender bias investigation by the u.s. department of labor. now there's been confusion over reports u.s. president donald trump has struck a deal to protect undocumented young immigrants known as dreamers a white house correspondent can really help get us more from washington d.c. . confusion at the white house again what started out as president trump's attempt to make a bipartisan deal with congressional democrats has devolved into finger pointing about who said what to whom hoping to bridge the ideological gap with a compromise they arrived at the white house of wednesday evening democratic house
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leaders now see pelosi and senate leader chuck schumer a short time later they heralded a landmark deal they've made with the republican president to create a law allowing more than eight hundred thousand children of illegal immigrants to stay in the united states or did they the next morning on twitter donald trump said from his point of view there was no deal on the program known as dhaka. then a few hours later before leaving washington to inspect hurricane damage in florida donald trump changed his mind he claimed he agreed to dhaka but only if there is funding for border security and a wall with mexico in the future he robbed eight hundred thousand young people brought here don't fall for the wrong the wall will come later hours later after that trip to florida as trump reentered the white house he put that deal into further doubt issuing an ultimatum to the democrats with whom he had one day
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earlier attempted to negotiate a deal. with you would say. we don't want them but. hard right conservatives are furious accusing trump of granting amnesty establishment republicans seem equally irritated reminding the president any deal he makes on legislation must involve republicans currently holding a majority in the u.s. congress i think the president stands and he's. to work with the congressional majority to get any kind of legislation the president shifting positions an erratic approach to policy has only complicated matters in his heart of hearts may not know exactly what he is and he's sort of ideologically flexible and i think he just sort of goes for the thing that he thinks can basically get him the best headlines and the most credit that's why any deal and remains in doubt but this time it may not be the president's democratic political adversaries holding up any agreement but
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instead members of the president's own republican party kimberly help get al-jazeera washington. a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera north korea has fired another ballistic missile over japan the u.s. military said it was an intermediate range ballistic missile and traveled three thousand seven hundred kilometers but that range is long enough to reach the u.s. military base on guam though this missile its path was further to the north but u.s. sect of state rex tillerson has issued a statement calling on all nations to take new measures against north korea he said china and russia must indicate their intolerance for these reckless launches by taking direct actions of their own diplomatic editor james bays has more from the u.n. where the security council says will to discuss north korea on friday. this will be seen as an act of defiance by the u.n. security council and already they've called
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a close session on friday to discuss the situation and particularly the very provocative timing because this missile launch came just seventy two hours after the last security council meeting in which they imposed further sanctions on north korea and it comes just days before world leaders meet here in new york for the high level session of the u.n. general assembly president trump for example will be speaking here on chews day it means that there is a high level north korean delegation coming to new york including the north korean foreign minister will be speaking to the general assembly next friday no i don't think he's likely to have meetings with the u.s. or any of its western partners or with japan or south korea but in the past the north korean foreign minister has met with the u.n. secretary general so it's possible there could be a very important meeting with the new secretary general antonio good terrorists
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well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after science in a golden age stating that's what it by fire. a deadly attack destroyed her family and left her badly wounded. a long time from gaza to california and little girls journey of love. or family. that would touch the hearts of the people around her ever i was excited when i saw there. are now jazeera wild at this time between the eighth and fourteenth centuries there was a golden age of science when. world introduced the rigorous experimental approach that laid the foundation of the modern scientific method they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the science of chemistry.


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