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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2017 11:00am-11:33am AST

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breaks the top of the twenty one blanket coverage follows experts and politicians often have to sound bytes strong and stable leadership trying to play the media and shape the message in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today is the two hundredth day of this administration exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera. people in japan wake to warning sirens out for north korea fires another missile over japanese territory and days after the un impose new sanctions on world leaders are condemning the launch the security council will meet again on friday.
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and i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up human rights group says it has documented a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the right hand and me and mark. i'm done you why i'm there in the flood hit region of what i saw as provence where the woods has never seemed to subside. but again with breaking news coming to us from london there has been an incident at one of the city's underground train stations it's believed that several people are injured this says at parsons a crane that's in southwest london again and sit in there people are injured and we are gathering much more information for you so to keep it here on al-jazeera and north korea has launched another ballistic missile crossed japan the second time in
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less than a month that's prompted an emergency un security council meeting later on friday the latest launch comes a day after threatening to sink japan with nuclear weapons cregg leeson reports from tokyo. the missile launch followed a familiar pattern it came early morning two minutes before seven local time with japan in its path launched from the capital pyongyang the missile flew three thousand seven hundred kilometers over the northern japanese island of hokkaido reaching a height of seven hundred seventy kilometers before crashing to the pacific ocean. just minutes after sirens sounded in her as a public alert was issued residents had mixed feelings. against me just doesn't feel real i really don't know what it'll do it gives me the shivers i feel like telling them to stop it now the response from neighbors was swift south korea's national security council held an emergency meeting the country's new president
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ordered to counter fire with a missile test of its own the drill was pre-planned in preparation for another north korean test. just not calling again fired a ballistic missile obviously disregarding the international community's criticisms and warnings and the un security council resolutions such continuous provoking actions by not go to your c.d.'s that's the peace and stability of korean peninsula and the international community that our government sternly denounced us and express anger over the missile launch made also instructed the nation to analyze and ramp up preparations for new forms of threats from electromagnetic pulse and chemical attacks arriving in tokyo from an economic summit in india japan's prime minister immediately called for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. north korea has trampled on the international society's strong desire for a peaceful solution it's reckless act is absolutely unacceptable we will request the security council to hold an emergency meeting. he's urging the international
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community to act as one against north korea and wants the u.n. security council to implement the latest sanctions against the country the u.s. secretary of state is calling on all nations to take new measures against north korea specifically he said china and russia must indicate their intolerance for these riklis launches by taking direct actions of their own this is the second ballistic missile to cross japan in less than a month it comes within twenty four hours of north korea threatening to sink japan with nuclear weapons a threat japan takes seriously now that it believes north korea has the ability to miniaturize its nuclear weapons and place them on top of ballistic missiles like the one which crossed the country today craig leeson al-jazeera tokyo and enter thomas joins us live now from seoul so. north korea generally telegraphs these types of things the world knows that they're coming so what's expected but
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having said that what is the reaction out of seoul. well the missile launch certainly was expected north korea made no secret of the fact that the u.n. resolution passed in new york on monday was not going to put them off their ambitions they said explicitly that they were going to push on at a faster rate than ever and that seems to be what they are doing so this missile launch that took place at six fifty seven local time here on the korean peninsula and straight away within an hour south korea's national security council had met chaired by the president president moon and they looked at what their political and the military response will be they put out a statement condemning the missile launch shortly after that meeting president moon himself gave some comments as well doing the same and interestingly importantly south korea made clear that they had launched their own mix oil immediately after north korea had they were trying to demonstrate that they already watching the site
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where they already knew a missile was likely to be launched from they were watching it they were ready for it and to demonstrate that six minutes after north korea launched its missile south korea had launched a missile which flew for two hundred fifty kilometers the same distance between it and the north korean missile site launch spot it didn't get far towards north korea they knew that this missile was a test by north korea not aimed in anger at another country but they are making the point that they're watching and ready to respond and that's what they did so it not interested in being an away or trying to make. north korea you know i rather that they're aware might there be a more more show of force more drills. certainly well there's already a drill but with south korean soldiers and u.s. soldiers in the diary already planned for next tuesday just outside of seoul these exercises will continue over the coming days and weeks by the americans in the
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south koreans have said there's no suggestion whatsoever that they're going to let up on these joint military exercises those of course north korea sees as provocative it says it needs its nuclear missile capability to defend itself from those two countries because it feels threatened by the exercises that are going on here they are not going to stop clearly rex tillerson has spoken to his south korean counterpart since the missile launch on friday he has assured her that the u.s. is unwavering in its commitment to helping to protect south korea south korea has long had a three pillars strategy when it comes to. trying to dissuade north korea from further nuclear missile launches and further rather tests number one preemptive attack the sites of a nuclear launch spot that was partly what the missile launch from south korea was all about on friday demonstrating that they have the ability to do that number to intercept a missile in flight that is partly what is all about the u.s.
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deployed third system here in south korea president moon was anti third before he was elected he's now come full circle he now supports that we may in time see more third to deploy here in south korea and third the third pillar the south koreans have is an overwhelming retaliates sure punishment response if north korea were to launch an attack again that missile launch problem south korea earlier on friday was a little demonstration about that they have the ability to fire a missile at a loss like if needs be so those three pillars they've been long talks about but we're now seeing the rhetoric here increasing when they are seeing those pillars put into action ok and are thomas live for us this whole enter thank you let's go now to our china correspondent adrian brown who is covering more reaction from beijing so what are we hearing from the government fair. well pretty much what we've heard after every missile or nuclear test carried out by north korea on friday the foreign ministry held their daily briefing for the
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foreign media and the foreign ministry spokesman said once more the china condemns north korea's actions he urged all parties to continue to show restraint and to avoid actions that could intensify still further the situation on the korean peninsula he said the situation on the peninsula was complicated an understatement to say the least he also said that china would continue to fully implement all u.n. security council resolutions against north korea of course the question now is what will china do will it go along perhaps now with the call for tougher sanctions against north korea which may come of that u.n. security council meeting later on friday the united states will certainly be hoping so rex tillerson as you heard earlier has said that the current sanctions on the table against north korea represent the floor rather than the ceiling the united states will be hoping that this you u.n. security council meeting will lead to tougher action against north korea i think
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i'm noticing detecting here in china richelle that the attitude amongst ordinary chinese people is starting to harden and i was in dandong on the china north korea border just a few days ago and a lot of people we spoke to there said they wanted their government to take much tougher action against north korea people living in the border areas. where north korea carries out nuclear tests the last test that detonation was felt across the border in china and people are very worried about the possible spread of radiation if something goes wrong with one of north korea's tests the other problem the china's leaders have right now is this they don't have anyone in pyongyang they can really talk to as they have done in the past in the past they've been able to talk to kim jong un's uncle kim jong un had him. us unaided three years ago so china doesn't have anybody with whom it can have contact at times like this it's it's sad
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to say that in many ways the only person that kim jong seen for appeared to talk to or has done in the past is dennis rodman as opposed to you know the leader of china . ok and on that note adrian for our life in beijing thank you. and as you mentioned the u.n. security council will meet later on friday to interest this issue our washington editor james spader's has more from the u.n. this will be seen as an act of defiance by the u.n. security council and already they've called a closed session on friday to discuss the situation and particularly the very provocative timing because this missile launch came just seventy two hours after the last security council meeting in which they imposed further sanctions on north korea and it comes just days before world leaders meet here in new york for the high level session of the u.n.
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general assembly president trump for example will be speaking here on chews day it means that there is a high level north korean delegation coming to new york including the north korean foreign minister who will be speaking to the general assembly next friday no i don't think he's likely to have meetings with the u.s. or any of its western partners or with japan or south korea but in the past the north korean foreign minister has met with the u.n. secretary general so it's possible there could be a very important meeting with the new secretary general antonio good terrace. amnesty international has use satellite imagery to highlight what it calls an orchestrated campaign to burn or henge of villages in me and mark the rights group has detected eighty large fires in rakhine state since august twenty fifth but a military crackdown began almost four hundred thousand or a hand to have fled to bangladesh in just the past three weeks in lara's army says it is targeting armed groups in the area but we've documented through it through
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a number of different sources it's really clear campaign of the consing by the mia more security forces. rakhine state is on fire we looking at least eighty large scale burnings across the whole states. but it's very very difficult to conclude it was anything else by the liberal effort by the me of a military to to drive a hinge of their own country. by any means necessary. various at bangladesh's border with me and mark i'm in shop. on my backside on the other myanmar side of the border in between is the now free bar now you can see behind me smoke rising is our village has been banned by the myanmar security forces within the last several days thousands of people are trying to cross into buying of those through this river crossing many of them are unable to cross because the boat men are charging them exuberant prices ranging from eighty dollars two hundred dollars this people
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are poor that cannot afford to cross because the prices are so high and a lot of these people need to be transferred into the official camp or in the long area where this presence of international donor agency right now they're in the marcy of the local donors people from local community are providing them fresh water and food most of these people are a woman and children some elderly people that desperately need aids and they need to be mobilized and moved from this area into the official area of cooper long otherwise they won't get the kind of how the need now the amnesty international latest report corroborates what we are saying and i would contacts and man maher are saying the same thing the messes up people have gathered and they're trying to cross into bangladesh the where the flow is going within some time that number could very well rich into one million. trying to the breaking news now from london an incident at one of the city's underground train stations we understand there are injuries this is a parson's green and southwest london trying to get more information in our.
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army phillips joins us on the phone from london as we're seeing some pictures from outside of where this happened barbie what do we know so far. we know that police and ambulances on the scene they are not giving any information or told a local london newspaper the metric newspaper is reporting that a white contain a exploded. i believe on an on the ground train neapolitan scream station is saying that some witnesses reported that there were people who suffered injuries facial but i repeat that is not coming from the north or cheese in the last few moments. the district line that the chewed line goes through just southwest of london it's the line that's green on the famous chu map that is just being
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suspended in between school when both of bronze which goes down to the screen i'm afraid that's pretty much all we have at the moment ok so i understand you're trying to gather more information and again we're just kind of seeing a little bit of the scene outside that your understanding is there were some sort of injuries at this particular underground station we don't know but we don't know for sure what caused them and as of now the green line is the line you're saying is shut down as obviously authorities try to assess the situation is that about about where we are right now barnaby. that's about where we are yes and to be even more specific it's a branch of the district in which we spoke softly in different directions and in russia on the beach the branch that goes down to. flames a call to the time is told him and. it's got bronze that has been suspended and
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that is pretty much on the freighter we know the moment ok well then what we're going to do is we're going to let you go gather more information menace an issue has something get back to get you on air. but we're turning now to the crisis toronto hossam is a crisis response to rector at anniston international she just got back from the bangladesh me and maher border and joins us now from geneva so i thank you very much for your time what did you see there at the border. and what we've seen at the border is essentially a humanitarian crisis unfolding. it's hundreds of thousands of people that have been pouring across the border as a result of a systematic campaign by me and my security forces to essentially drive. people out of northern rakhine state we've seen large scale burning we've heard consistent testimonies which demonstrate
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a sort of systematic and planned attack throughout northern rakhine state with security forces have gone in shot randomly into crowds shot at fleeing civilians who are running away and have been losing and burning at a massive scale this is scorched earth policy so is this why you all here have to have chosen the term ethnic cleansing. there is absolutely no doubt that this is ethnic cleansing. the people are being targeted on the basis of religion and their ethnicity. this was a planned campaign our satellite imagery shows a t.v. lead as. fired shows eighty images of fires burning since the twenty fifth and they're still burning today you can see it from the border the smoke billows up. but you know this was coordinated to
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a point that we have not seen before and we have spoken to eyewitnesses who have witnessed the burning but also to demonstrate how organized and planned this was we have also spoken to witnesses who were given notice the day before the burning started by their so the village administrator to warn them that their villages might be burnt they should leave. and we're hearing a lot about nobel prize winner on sand sochi and what she can do in this situation and obviously she does not control the military but having said that could she be should she be more of a voice and what do you make of some of the things she said that there is actually just misinformation about this situation. well i think her that has been a very disappointing result for months and suki good as the defector leader of the civilian government we would expect and it is her responsibility to deescalate this
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problem this is not a new problem this this has been something that has been brewing for some time now and we have heard we have not heard any sort of strong statements from san suu kyi to recognize the real injured people we have not heard anything to deescalate this it is in a very big rhetoric that is really see the pitch inside me on my right now and we have heard no condemnation of the security forces and that is certainly their responsibility as is her responsibility to be able to address the root causes which are driving this which is essentially you know this terrible disparity between various minority groups the remainder in particular within the society she has a responsibility to address the structural issues such as the discriminatory citizenship law which essentially deprives the people of of citizenship of being recognized and of their rights in terms of the idea that
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this is a campaign of misinformation that is absolutely untrue there have been a lot of fake fake images that have been rendered been swirling around social media and that is highly problematic but the evidence that we have collected speaks for itself there is a large scale there's a widespread and systematic campaign that is ongoing in me and that requires immediate attention and if we want to stop the killings it will not only require uncensored tease involvement but it will require accountability from the security forces each is security force personnel who are undertaking this campaign and they are work in concert with vigilantes and good down the rakhine state at a rate that we have never seen before tirana haasan with amnesty international trying to thank you. thank you for having me. on al-jazeera
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they can see any spacecraft sent back it's the last images of saturn before ending its twenty year mission. from long flowing island when it's to an enchanting desert breeze you're. also has well and truly a stain across northern parts so if you're further south we're just about on to summer lots of clear skies down towards the black sea across a good part of the mediterranean this weather system we have here this cold front well this is the boundary between also and solid ice on the temperatures thirty three celsius in ankara thirty one there in book arrest twenty one celsius in moscow about what it should be but the cooler is behind that cold front the temperature is at around sixteen or seventeen degrees or missing more blustery showers streaming in it's a northerly wind that for the british isles coming down across the low countries
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into france is just sixteen celsius there for london then past that cold air that cold air right down is the eastern parts of spain still seeing some rather blustery showers you go on into sas day and no great improvement if the truth be known in the west the weather will start to push its way back in the cross the alps pushing us in all the piles of italy central areas rome seeing some rather lively as i get on to that heat for book arrest and fattens temperatures here again getting up to around thirty two degrees celsius mostly warm sunshine continuing across much of northern africa temperatures in cairo getting up to around thirty four degrees celsius but a little more clout there across the northwest of the continent. the weather sponsored by cats on race. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online and want to produce to us citizens here and what puts people of iraq going one in the same or if you join us on saturday i was never
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put a file been looked at differently because i'm dacogen all the people that i'm alive is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make the next show join the global conversation this time on al-jazeera. they're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now police in u.k. are attending an incident this happened at the underground station after reports of an explosion it's understood that there are injuries this is a parson's green station in south west london. north korea has fired
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a ballistic missile over japan singapore the kaito province and into the pacific ocean japan condemned the launch the south korean president when she had echo that view and said dialogue with the north was impossible at this point amnesty international has used satellite imagery to highlight the extent of damage to burn the hands of villages and me and mark the rights group says it's detected up to eighty large fires in rakhine state since violence flared up in august to get back to the breaking news that we're following out of the u.k. joins us live now from london as she's a gathering more information about what exactly happened at the end of ground sonia what do you know. was still piecing together information but from what we understand this and explosion has been reported by eyewitnesses their. services are still evaluating what the initial. priority is over there on the scene
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there are said to be several people who are injured in the aftermath of that incident but it's still unclear whether it's actually to do with the actual incident itself that alleged explosion or whether it's to do with the stampede don't forget of course that this is a rush hour time in london all the modes of transport are usually filled to the brim with people going about starting their work days so really it would have been quite a very chaotic scene there as well so there are also reports of people being injured on the way trying to struggling to get out of of parsons green station a station which is located southwest of the center but still close enough to the center itself what they also understand or all the witnesses are saying that there seems to be some kind of of crude device in a plastic bag but still of course that is being a bally waited emergency services are still evaluating what the situation is on the
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ground but of course this does bring back and incident like this memories of what happened in london all those years ago of the two bombings there that would immediately leave the police to go into a critical situation there and of course even coming into work here there is already a noticeable police presence which has been bumped up in the major. underground stations here into london so new what and talk about that just a little bit more what do you know about what stations are closed and the types of precautions that are being taken right now because sometimes when the. things happen there's another there's something else you know a trailing incident they can happen you know afterwards so what do we know about precautions. hopefully that that situation is one that people obviously would brace themselves for given that it has happened in the capital before so far what we know is that the the part of the underground on which
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parsons green station is the district line there that seems to be so far closed down as a precaution and as i mentioned before there is already going into place already noticeable bumped up police presence at major train underground stations as well because this is going completely on the reese not too recent experience sigs own recent experience rather as to what happened here in london a decade ago and the fact that police. are going into this kind of of not necessary prevention but certainly a kind of situation to try and gather as much information as possible what they do understand is that there seems to be some kind of crude device what we know from reports so far nothing of it confirmed at the moment but of course the fear is
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always is that it's not just one isolated attack that it could be as as you mentioned as well another possibility of another attack in another part of of london and certainly on the two network as we have seen before that kind of attack is absolutely devastating. in an enclosed space you know and of course you know these underground train stations also are quite a lot of them are still very sort of quite old fashioned still they haven't had to refer bushman's all of them to bring them up to modern standards so narrow tunnels like this is some. think of a nightmare scenario for emergency services to go into and also. talk of this type to happen ok we're going to let you go gather more information on what it is that's happening there. at the tube in london and we will get right back to you
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thank you sonia. i so says it was behind a coordinated attack in southern iraq at least sixty people were killed and dozens injured and fighters targeted a restaurant in a police checkpoint near their city. some of the victims were visitors from iran and iran khan has more from our bill. so than the rock has been spared much of the violence that the rest of the country has seemed to be in the west and in the north and now this attack took place just after lunchtime gunmen attacked the fun the checkpoint which leads into southern iraq and then two suicide car bombs exploded outside of. iraq as i say has been spared much of the violence and i still have claimed responsibility for this particular attack now they do claim responsibility for a number attacks not just here but abroad as well but it is likely to be an isolated attack this is a message really from the group saying that you may have beaten us into law for in mosul you may have surrounded us in how we get the last remaining stronghold but we
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all still able to attack you in places that you wouldn't expect so now that's a real challenge for the iraqis do they move troops to the south or do they continue their battle up in hawaii. and all the future of a united iraq is looking ever more uncertain as tensions continue over a referendum on kurdish independence the iraqi parliament has voted to remove the governor of cricket from office after the province decided to take part in a september twenty fifth vote the parliament rejected the poll on tuesday and also prime minister hyder all of the already to take all measures to preserve national unity. the sixth round of talks aimed at ending the syrian war is expected to wrap up on friday in the cosmic capital astonishment the negotiations between the syrian government and opposition groups are being brokered by iran russia and turkey representatives have been discussing creating more safe so in syria and also
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prisoner swaps so that was it you can look through it and see if you want to say that the main toss this international meeting on syria is to finalize and create deescalation to draw a line under all the work which has been in the last five months since a memorandum creating deescalation zones which saw it on the fools of my. they afghan air force has received its first black hawk helicopters from the u.s. and the latest steps towards modernizing its fleet afghanistan still relies heavily on u.s. airpower but afghans are beginning to carry out some operations themselves but it will take months before the aircraft can be used before the air force can operate entirely on its own for glass supports in kandahar the afghan air force says it can change the shape of the fight against the taliban and other groups especially here in kandahar southern afghanistan this is one of afghanistan's few fighter pilots he and his family have been threatened by the taliban so we're protecting his identity
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. this. year. he told me the people he's bombing aren't just the enemies of afghanistan they're the enemies of humanity he said that he's proud his country now has air power to stand up to them for decades afghanistan relied on these soviet helicopters but a lack of spare parts means these seventeen's will eventually be replaced with u.s. blackhawks captain has been an air force mechanic for more than thirty years. about new aircraft the only really will get peace in this country that the new technology. but the afghans still need a lot of help they can't maintain and fly all the aircraft they have themselves so us advisors and international contractors fill the gaps to build a an air force in peace time is difficult it is a multi-year process to try to do it during wartime is.


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