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tv   Reclaiming The Empire  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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drastic and controversial energy reforms mexico's oil opened by the mexican people for seventy five years is being sold to private international companies. and as with the country's agricultural sector it's exposed to exploitation by profit driven multinational corporations crude harvest at this time on al-jazeera. and there's a problem in the headlines on al-jazeera first place according a blast on a london underground train as a terrorist incident the explosion happened on the district law in the city's southwest during the busy morning rush hour the british promised a one chair meeting of the country's emergency committee late on friday but on
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a honda ports. this is what's thought to have brought london's underground system to a halt that i got back from the film from the train platform what appears to be a bucket is burning inside the train like i said i just you know why it's a bit more than you know because now emergency units responded at eight twenty in the morning that seven twenty g.m.t. to reports of an explosion on a train at possum's green chub station in southwest london it was rush hour a time when london's underground is at its peak and commuter trains are often pay we are treating the matter as it so risk related incidents and the metropolitan police counts terrorism come on we'll take responsibility for that investigation witnesses described to panic his passengers realized what had happened and said people were trampled as they flayed it comes at a time of heightened tension in the city there have been four techs in britain this year which kill of. thirty six people and in two thousand and five suicide bomb
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attacks on three london underground trains and a bus killed fifty two people the station has been cordoned off as police continue their investigation made in honde al-jazeera. where the london metropolitan police says its investigation is being assisted by the british intelligence service m i five. we now assess that this was a detonation of an imprimatur improvised explosive device. i should have seen the reports of eighteen injuries and i understand most of those to be flash burns. the same current remains cordoned off and the investigation continues. in terms of the police response. i should expect well practiced command structures are coming to shape. an operation i'm led in calling nights by the machine was in place working with our colleagues from british transport police and others well us president all
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trump has been tweeting about the incident in london he said and lose the terrorists was behind the attack and that they were in the sights of london scotland yard police tains he went on to say that the travel ban stopping people from some was long majority countries travelling to the us should be far larger tougher and more specific. in other news covers a mayor has been discussing the gulf diplomatic crisis with german chancellor angela merkel and berlin shake the main bin hamad al pani is on his first foreign trip since stakes broke times with qatar in june he held a news conference with merkel before traveling to paris to meet with the french president on friday what had. we talked about the regina's of qatar to sit down at the table and to discuss and solve the issue we think germany for its effort and also i think the chancellor of germany to some of the problems around the negotiating table we think you for your support of the kuwait initiative which qatar has supported sense of the beginning
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and will continue supporting until we get the solution to such fights all the parties north korea has find a ballistic missile over japan to northern province and into the pacific ocean japan has condemned the launch of south korea's president warned that the north actions what result would result rather and more international pressure. in this situation having a dialogue with north korea isn't possible north korea will face even stronger sanctions and pressures from the international community that will force them to come to the path of dialogue we should be equipped to protect ourselves from north korea's growing nuclear and missile threats and to eliminate those threats by quickly punishing them in case of provocations against us now russia iran and turkey have agreed on the borders of the so-called deescalation zone and so on and the province the details were worked out of the sixth round of severe talks and because like capital astana. currently under the control of opposition groups those
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are the headlines on al-jazeera and search potence russia as the next.
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i'm fond drain across of a filmmaker and journalist and i've spent the past year traveling my country trying to understand. the soviet union was almost as large as the russian empire which spanned three continents in the nineteenth century. today's russia has lost many of the territories the towers conquered and the soviets regained but some are still part of russian business and no swedish finnish town of baber soviet union invaded in one thousand thirty nine and finally and next respond to them in nineteen forty four. russia remains the largest country on earth even they only the ten most populous. it's still extremely diverse with about one hundred languages spoken by some hundred fifty catholicity. the former soviet republics are now
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independent states. yet russia still holds sway economically and culturally in some parts of the former empire bordering on the russian federation. this is the famous gorky park muscovites are out celebrating the twenty fifth anniversary of the russian federation when the soviet union collapsed and russia's new life began. the mood is cheerful no sense of crisis in the air and these are average people representative
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of the great majority of the multi ethnic russian life. even to this day and they thought that way after. the. fight that they count the kitchen. knives like. that that. we're proud that would make others fear us in a song that might not sound serious but many russians actually do mean it which dangerous they wear. and this bullish sentiment is deeply rooted in
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a nine to only take in fact shared by russia's christian establishment. can eat eat it eat. father. is another spokesman for the russian orthodox church which lent spiritual justification to the power of the russian state. there through. the shoot was moved to spread lead to sure. who is who reason. who is moved from store. your suv was group of a new group we were it where you see them was to produce ocean new proust was the reason commission's crew are getting these sure in the summer breeze sure the.
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drill school room was suitable for new barrios or. school work more with some new school new but soon moved up to be a new building near to soon as possible to which the computer world was observed we will reserve more sort of moose ability to see would be the authorities are close to inward so true listen. it was the birth of those words the system was blue we should lose that sort of flu so those two are those we resume or this is it the new or our new beautifully were you with with a motion at least it was over those who doesn't suit them would lose was caused was islams considered unsafe as it was those kids who have to sure they're all still early it was worse than this of course which killed luke or both musically it is a little susie there's louis who is really mclean with blue certain.
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father several it says peace is not something to be defended at all costs the russian orthodox church supports the state and its political and even its military objectors in response to the perceived external pressures on russia there's precious seem to have two main origins the west with its support for the ukraine and what russia perceives as a threat from radical islam. it's . just past six o'clock eight i think the morning. mosque and muslims are gathering for the festive. this.
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is. a sleeve big mosque it's from a small. compared to france. right here right it shows three. said i want to see what i'm going to like when i get to either he thought. i was there if she did see was there already here globally most of us of us to live in europe because. i was there all day was the most complete human part was a. part of the most hearing is not just us.
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you're going to the same lines it's a lot and i mean you're not just in the middle or i mean by forcing yourself or doing you've been seen here and there but since in the month i guess. you're right it was a you come across number one that in the midst of his all right said mr stone. he's going to you should know you know my space get someone on your book i want you to see him on my home for. me. i set off to the north caucasus where dozens of small muslim nations try to co-exist with russia. one of them the russian autonomous republic of
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dagestan is it so home to some thirty distinct ethnicities. they're bent in ancient city in southern dagestan once had an arabic name. the gateway. is through this city bordering on today's azerbaijan that islam started to spread into what is now russia as early as the seventh century. and millenium later russia now a powerful empire conquered august on after a long and brutal war. caucasian muslim culture survived in the russian empire listserv each union and putin's russia mixing with some customs from russia's know.
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the nineteenth century q my mosque. told me about the legendary leader of dug a stone. who fought the russians but then made peace for the time. what was his story. which. is just. and. spoke when they for me. and. i was very encouraged to hear. young muslim from their bent be so positive about our coexistence in the russian federation especially because i know that many ethnic russians are prejudiced against our muslim competitors from the caucuses.
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on the second day of the either lafitte or i was honored to be invited to a mountainous village known for its long tradition of silversmithing. the regime. i'm going. alibek time himself a sober smith took me to his cousin's house where the large extended family have gathered for a lavish celebration. try something similar but in other words that song choice i would for those that other who thought this was a woman who were the only. sure to love him because of the road into the world with nothing no. william for the
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students or for this was renewal it only took a slow other symbol this is the. home of. the whole summer it is the third full bottles. of. christmas yet. what do you. say. more of a must to you what is must do when you're just over the moon for good measure serious if this is done just for just two weeks. or fortunes that are just good luck boys. ois you don't want to go along in the quarter after supper you're over the course in the first year but in the distance phone service orders go to go see this something for which you want to.
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believe is sincere in saying that there's no conflict between his darkest tiny identity and his russian citizenship. i wonder if everyone in this small but ethnically complex republic is as happy about the coexistence of their culture with the russian state. twice since the fall of communism twenty five years ago russia has mounted brutal military campaigns in chechnya dagestan immediate neighbor and a fellow muslim nation in the caucasus. dug a star has its own chechen minority since putin defeated independence fighters in chechnya and installed a pro russian veto that pockets of resistance to moscow rule on may be active in
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dagestan. also because each time. and you can use. hired you know i didn't want to. hear. your shoes and yet you. come to. the house you know and you know. for money. that. you have. things from the go ordering of the. british the sycamore summer bring in mark a man who was in the armed resistance or as they say in the forest for a year agreed to talk to me. for the new show is in the movies to go see but the
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most is the one that is neutral and below and then there was thirsty. make the mistake in the movie with daughter missing more in the produce of this there when i was a medic of the post there's a partial but the we were there the principal. just literacy on the bill for business systems or criminal stems are the people we were most as idea of going with us that was it who does a really good mood we're good at them or still in the store there was a boost just. doesn't have to look so americans let us hear them and then we're going to do like i'm doing enough things a business of stone or this phone it was just on. and it's not in the books just almost relying on them but this column in the muslim on the more of a bust a move i mean what is the core of this causing trouble of us for much of what's what you're watching those actually released it's clear this disappear by dimmed in the priest room where i'm sitting there to be sure that the building should have
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been so you know that it astonished that their nation to do that it could go on or another where you're going. through what we wanted to do they could go to another and they were still at the truck of the rebels and knew it because the. unions the brotherhood. the one who did the same thing was you know that could be the people we're going to show you this because it has to spinsterhood been it's not you know tissue is it it's in the. shuffle more breath through and i want. or need a commercial more than a hundred dollar book. and i'm going to get one that. was the first of the next month it's fortunate that i didn't. want to look at the
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pretty much the sort of good thing. the sheriff bestow on earth or exudate or. fortune movie that's wishing i was on there for the first good the. name would approach the same cricketing they would approach lesson is to me is that it's right but i just thought or seem in the loop of yeah if you look this tonight if you don't like this don't get the destroy it just missed the guidry. based mushing that this thing isn't. threw them a launch ok sure those things. are good it usually used to just be and there's no bigger standing that wisdom you know i could think of doing it for thirty i would it could give the organ the global good first good thought but you can use for building new could there were true then. shame to the poor that the boy is and . i still lost but the legal. age he chooses he lives now my
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youth. never got up but their mind their thoughts their bullshit is so the most loving because it was. merely measures that you're. going over go out of this way simmias still discussion so i am up just this my way is minute book from the potential solution. for the principle of the most that was all. he could suggest that this could go team is just. to become used to. work and it's because of that by the remember reason. if the will just. shit is an illusion. something which the guy just ensure that doesn't mean you're watching to get us lesser than if so just look at the photo. we're trying to get through to the village of gary the home of douglas town's
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nineteenth century leader. and today the epicenter of tensions between muslims and federal forces and august on. the recent leader of muslim resistance michael madsen a man of also known as the caucasus probably spawn is from here as well. we're stopped at a checkpoint the guards identifies as journalists and we're not allowed through. this. so we're told just missing from the embassy setting your service.
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but sure that every which. way you mean yes you might make a hole when. i mean yes you might last a lot less than that without the through line and i'm one of the numbers i'm pretty sophism best of words so they're showing him almost. by surprise. that it. was. that it was you as it was. and. said. i'm not allowed to get silage of gary because it's dangerous and i'd be kidnapped by some salafist. terrorists according to the s.p.
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office i've just been talking. with might be able to. carry me on my last. checkpoint. for better or worse i don't pay attention to the at this bs warning i wonder if a safety is the real reason for keeping us journalists away.
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after a few detours we managed to get through to the village of framing me which like gary has been subjected to several so-called anti-terrorist operation. the army and security forces are looking for seventeen resistance fighters including their leader who was. a year later the villagers are still grieving for what they feel is barbaric oppression. i thought so mr bush enjoy existence and you. know what unsubtle mr butcher took a class. but i took a look mr johnny and when no one is until but butch gets at it and so in the moment i knew what cuts in the islamic because at that moment that's what i'm up to napoleon on your watch the squid still. miss it so on purpose plus a parts
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a plot should stop the pub but. not supplying is still there. it will dissolve a quota though this idea of them done by god with. being able to do that supplying them that's a pretty big stars gamble now that they'll become a good one then there will be the skills that use them gives you that they should go on that i know that would do it well that's what. i did in the lords taking the time you could think you would own dollars or what it. was like the money to them was a very long time as you are something. of a minor with so little that still bothers you. this is just a bit so mysteriously worth. your. possession
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better me neither is the near me kind of. person to their. wealth or their. cats or a diagnosis that used to be a little bit of a home for terrorist cells and they manifest them are traveling what we're trying to do is really energize them insist that it's like a rocket that can recognize the cell. the penis finding the cancer problem that's exactly it you've had some pretty amazing results unless. you can get work you know you know techno at this time on all disease. deadly attack destroyed her family and left her badly wounded. a long time
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to california and little girl's journey of love through adversity. progress she became our family. that would touch the hearts of the people around her forever i was excited when i saw the situation. on al-jazeera world at this time. the headlines on al-jazeera british police are treating a blast on a london underground train as a terrorist incident the explosion happened on the district line in the city's southwest during the busy morning rush hour eighteen people have been hospitalized but in a serious condition the british prime minister will chair
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a meeting of the country's a merge and committee later on friday when the london metropolitan police says that its investigation is being assisted by the british intelligence service m i five. we now assess that this was a detonation of improvised explosive device. i should say in the reports of eighteen injuries and i understand most of those to be flash burns. the scene currently remains cordoned off and the investigation continues. in terms of the police response. i should expect well practiced command structures are coming to. an operation. force in place working with our colleagues from british transport police and others. as a mayor has been discussing the gulf diplomatic crisis with the german chancellor angela merkel and and then shake i mean bin hammam on his first trip stay broke
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times with copper in june he held a news conference with merkel before traveling to paris to meet the french president later on friday what had. we talked about the readiness of qatar to sit down at the table and to discuss and solve the issue we think germany for its effort and also i think the chancellor of germany to solve the problems around the negotiating table we think you for your support of the kuwait initiative which qatar has supported since the beginning and will continue supporting until we get the solution to such fights all the parties north korea has fought a ballistic missile over japan northern province and into the pacific ocean japan has condemned the launch the south korean president says dialogue with the north is now impossible at this point. russia iran and turkey have agreed on the borders of a so-called deescalation zone in syria's and northern edler province the details are worked out of the sixth round of syria talks and because the capital. in search
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of putin's russia continues next thank you for watching. children's lives numbskull or some such poachers but if you're so dumb as with death they did what you said much that i missed certainly the. church to my stomach a bit my list i'm training for a. civil as i did. this year. well it's. just good mutual absolute let us try and you can be just one. yes imo if he didn't say i would know that. he is lying on the side of my family in a book but that's just bullshit on your school because they deem them
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a cartoon person just look at who they are and are some of us cousin i am not converted to some of the queer we did to as a coach as a customer discussing them if i knew to be declared to us being my. known humble just. sort of now with the state of being paid to. lead this nation could not afford it not could not to not to continue on but mentoring. this equipment of what would be an electric and could not get enough either but for me just to disappear if no helping america could be should come come i'm always sure god know that i've another voice had to do it on your nails and i didn't hold back i could bump co-chaired face they are not shouting and i thought no one told us but the woman who got the question they were.
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oh. which is that but it is very true that. i mean if only. i said that i am. villa tankers are within the country should my middle aged woman is going just on i'm going to go to the guys on time when you get down and you don't sneak you read it's official said to which you can use operation over the. new. orleans currituck and able that you read. for the graph paper for now what's up. i missed the train that was on you. and you really i mean
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a crew of my brats and you are still. in the sun will be on you going you really believe. in that because it will be nice. when detroit in the awful lot of. said. people and i have to tell. you is i believe this myth and i would hope that it just has to be clicked. with on. the impetus that genuine there are chilling out belin. it's of us tango it's a fanciful and yet considered one of the times. but that just by just about this bigger than your nation ideas this. is to school to simply tread would i didn't put it in with. the honest i don't you
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. used to shit or judge or is this idea you're not familiar to me yet. notice to me no shame i will but i was for this i can do good with this i'll never let it i said i just. today in dagestan russian citizens of different cultures a free to follow their traditions and just. yet what is freedom for some is a moral challenge for others. that freedom may be seen as an imposition by building especially in regions once added to the empire by force. one proved
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to occupy as for sam he read defenders from others in mainland russia beyond the settling of beds a sentiment of fervent loyalty and even poetry. that turns fans like this one in the west in siberia if you need a guild very public. domain and. the more you have. the say in the scene. you know that's not the only one. this is. one of. the again when you. think that there are few.
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enough to know when you see you know. you know. that she's missing or. your name. was not. going to be. in the center of it in board russia's third largest city there's a monument to the local so to the fellow in the wars and conflicts witnessed by current generations of russian guns done the trick is done chechnya. and now they don't but in the eastern ukraine where russian volunteers fight alongside pro russian locals who want independence from the pro western ukraine.
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the west accuses the russian government of supporting these volunteers and possibly even of direct military involvement. i waiting to meet bloody mary a female a special forces officer from you're getting back to trains and sends volunteer fighters to the scene you create. everything. she wore supposable or when you're behind on them you can be just in a state of thought. where you have shots of those. with them usable those earlier so the road is just choose abortion and might. be the. just like go at it when your. but almost
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a year's leave with yourself. here though in the poem a girl a lid. on the words written up more sickness and years as done as well over as it worsen you c.p.d. this in the blackness no. toluca in the with the whole of or was it she said. as they were pushing your receiver. but that even led you to miss. your eyes here we could get there in the go appearing in the. mirror leave you and sammy doggy when his lovely over a minute by minute there was i me telling. me a serious case i use torture when you stand between violet. your shit those two and you not the bullet. you need you can see there's no you see were made you can still don't you but here's the thing when you put it as if it is your money john that is glass and bring its. and you move them to some guns it doesn't as good
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as in there's a subway. ritually in it doesn't it wasn't as good as in the subway you. know more than still years. ago when the ceiling. limit or you're in a. store initially was the whole grain and glasgow was to buy gerrard a chance of the rowers oh my god has given us a generous new. scenes in the blodgett over the moon. we russians are good at interpret our wars as purely defensive when that becomes difficult to argue with claim that an act of aggression was the soviet not strictly russian initiative. the air raids
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in syria of course are the first probably russian military operation for a long time and i wonder how long of take before new names will be added to this monument. to conflict with the ukraine has dominated russia's political life for year and a half. russian the west accuse each other interfering in the fray. over a million refugees have already crossed into russia from the eastern ukraine. in an office where ukrainian refugees are helped with registration in russia i look for someone prepared to tell me their story. victoria kolesnikov it is a small entrepreneur from the dawn boss despite the difficulties of life as a refugee she's full of energy and has already found a job as
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a sales assistant when she becomes a russian citizen her career chances should improve. i was invited to victoria and sergey cliff because in your flat just do not present a voice that you are. promising right so. the it is a crazy it would not. the last time said not national have ever seen mr crane only knew that you know. the most awesome get it down economy going after. more than any businesses just need as much and it's a mutiny and i hope you know what did porch the first thing you. do if you're in the most polluted in the. music so you just could not prize me it's going to come from my. musical put into to keep some of.
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the other countries the government is that is covering it all i seriously doubt you are not pushing to blow up a couple well you surprise me this is just you please do not. if you. really did a good thing. i know it don't go oh no that was too young i just google video streaming you can then you you can i could double to personal use your term but while we here like that like that but. it's of a piece richard caborn you might need a shane your stomach then you do continue with new business new banking didn't divulge too much on black so bright you missed you are off to dinner but they pushed on which are you going to stay all you would do you could go talk to them in shallow water to work on their boards and be very adult real second then you must of just. like. all the programs where you.
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call them. out of some of their some not all them anything but on your show i think is really more of the need more tree problem. for me well usually for me when you go with them when you can do you really truly love with you can you believe. that. somebody you know yet what the i'll tell you. why. which is about this near your birth you've been a previous been born you look over my shoulder i see my national convention nothing like what the war was going to speak english there already is you have to live your life again you've been here for less than a year and you can have more if you like a china road where you thank us and when you think as you hold it was a chimp do these two of them with you both the prince got to me because. i need
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a crisis now that the clinical calls to you enter one utilize business with them and use. what you say you're doing in one of the misnamed leslie but she had them so it would be new news alert people will understand you think you should cook gnashing teeth you are. works. for you right you are not what i knew that you said you were dumbass when you push away what we did. on you for should have done just study or then yes i do know where your head of the middle maybe now there's a push them then they have to push in you see but i guess the one results of our meeting the most even you look at their own chance of by just looking and listening him as different if they ask this i differ with north because in fact what. was there during years of those lies not because i should then there are the. frontals don't you know. this if i were thought of for your post else move your symptom to
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look to. a private. oh it's not the today is a very special day the life of the college make a family that you. missed but you didn't mean you. would just. be said. they have an appointment at the local police station to become no more no less citizens of russia. some of us have traveled the world and have seen more comfortable places than
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central russia. some longed to leave pushes russia for the west. and the with the but these are very lives still longest us dos so what you're. asking is make my list of those who are the core of the russian passport means hope and the challenge of athens that the demeanor was telegraphed. rather than. tension and violence continued in the ukraine. conflicting accounts of what's happening there i mean it's hard for me to form a clear picture of the conflict. i hear of someone who has recently returned from fighting for dumbass. it feels unsafe to me to
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ponder dos q since he no longer shares the government's version oh. event to be a great. question because we're so gosh good deals for me means more to you what will. the group one thing bill does of sitting here with. you. and your should post just it's almost nobody oh that's it because i just thought it was that the sure to skew the butte or so little skill or silly given. where you're going to pull the news to but other. accusers you do slansky but then you. know it was she was just doing a. good range. missiles would last
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a short skirt over to. give a little the solution to a stroller but it was more when they can see any of them would all of us wish to be up and think you might be the only do you know of the good will they doing. things to the senior. folks of your hole and we will pollute you choke little dust to me to hold them those reborn as the cloak of good morning is for middle door pushing out of your thoughts of the world the news not put on you the words the. good the more you who pull those you'll slay she'll the bull of the quote of the which she took as the mulching and you go to hear if you will get it if you close up of the blue is as difficult to show you. where it is but the still the boat m g of you being the miles the desert is for the most alone for the middle of the city budget on top of what you could get over the device you got us all from
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the bullshitters but we should look on the nose of the ships we should think what it. would wish to. from bootleg museum someone you know the one that i see janja mention that she chose some bushes just messed with almost all but on some blogs that interest this young good looking and they are playing with a ball just think that's out there for the show eighteen years have been able in your sleep but it's going to the bushel bottom. you've been opposing since library door been opened but it's over for us more people more numb to be snow stop them sliced kill or you'll see of choices for me or we're you know looking nice in your book at the moment is still a little stiff likely chip or the thumb or think usually bit of occlusion for them until we see two and then we'll. move business from the u.s.s. cole to boost it with the duty even while you belittling it on top of me a bit of the stumble through one of them over the long slim build according to what
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are the of nuclear needle. work. that they said. she. like years before the ball just going to be lifted on the. international school holds key to duty. true. but he says. if you tune in to courses or just.
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bonded out of skis first hand account of his war experiences may be too troubling for the man in the street many of my fellow russians prefer a more simplistic view of the world and its politics. we've got to do more just north of them we're going to. need a time here very soon i knew. i could ask the question of more of my we would need to get them to know that your memories are in the midst of a. given kind of. the natural are not always the worst when there is but i was there is a good us then you one of them was one of. the grants and of course ok. then you are part of the much the most but the most generous. i think. i see
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that my financial. and military show is one of the favorite pastimes for ordinary russians. i test one of the latest rifles from the famous kalashnikov company in the world. despite western sanctions russia remains this. second largest arms exporter in the world it has the world's best and largest fleet of tanks and the most sophisticated anti-aircraft defenses but the second american might on many counts russia is a formidable military force and an extremely proud one at the same time it sees itself as a benign power that uses force only in defense it will never admit to being an empire it's in numerable nations are supposed to be equal and happy to be part of
3:56 pm
a great country someone i met here alan has here from a city in the north caucasus express that view with astounding directness. that us is good. to me up to the sky national you made it out that i'm going sox and i'm going to sell you live on a journey and i will need a god that is on my or your problem is. that of your reward would you like i usually don't wear it as it is the one. that not only do they never. was more listed other words the dealer. in the middle of you now more on that side of it no media and. such because actuated praise for our multi ethnic state doesn't tell the whole story. in the next film of the series will deal with the culture of overlooking the darker pages of our history. as for
3:57 pm
the future it seems likely that the next generation will share uncritically proud view of their homeland that prevails today. russian filmmaker andrea christoph expose how putin's russia impacts the very values of the nation the russians are famous for their cultural legacy which can traditional and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian rule why does the assume aided by the police. ukraine six homosexuality is the significance of who to do occasionally is that he's like a fake you who controls the cobra in such
3:58 pm
a putin's russia at this time on al-jazeera. pink sky by the time. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. how i was saying some really heavy rain across parts of your require recently ninety millimeters of rain in just twenty four hours has led to some flooding that area cloud and rain will just not a little further north with sandy's was just pushing out into the south atlantic but you see have a long line of cloud which has been persisting across a similar area for some time stretches up across northern argentina into bolivia pushing across into that eastern side operate for much of his illest i want to the
3:59 pm
north and a few shows to into his way into guyana if you are anonymous well as a possibility to into colombia and panama quite a rash of showers meanwhile across the caribbean this mass of cloud here well that is a fright still signs of tropical storm jose having some impact on this particular region might just see some blustery conditions just pushing over towards the bahamas but plenty of wet weather there as you can see. just around the dominican republic through the lesser antilles and well russia showers to into the greater antilles as we go on through the next day or so that they stretch their way into parts of central america spend a little bit of wet weather the costa rica and the correct. the weather sponsored by cats and bass. with its economy stagnant mexico's president and implemented drastic and controversial energy reforms mexico's oil by the mexican people for
4:00 pm
seventy five years is being sold to private international companies. and as with the country's agricultural sector it's exposed to exploitation by profit driven multinational corporations crude harvest at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and on welcome to the al-jazeera news ally for my headquarters and the end is upon him coming up in the next sixty minutes on the front.


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