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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2017 1:00am-1:34am AST

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muslim patriots and separatists i told the locals in the southeast room when i arrive i don't do something completely different someone to leave putin's russia but other russian passport means hope and the council happens in search of putin's russia at this time oh no jazeera. the us wrong pyongyang's latest provocation is pushing its patience to the limits as kim. overture.
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hello i'm citizen this is al jazeera live from london also coming up despite police just going over your head in everything three. prime minister raises the terror threat from severe to critical as for the suspects behind a london bombing. amnesty international says it has evidence mammo security forces burned the hinge of villages as part of an orchestrated campaign. and you ask me for the first time in two years as opposition to the independence plans mounts. we start with the korean crisis the white house national security adviser general. has warned that the united states was approaching the limits. on diplomacy can accomplish when it comes to reigning in north korea's weapons program. for those
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who have said and been commenting about the lack of a military option there is a military option now it's not what we would prefer to do so what we have to do is call on all nations call on everyone to do everything we can to address this global problem short of war so that is implementing now these significant sanctions that have just now gone into place and it is convincing everyone to do everything that they can and that it's in their interest to do it. his comments come after pyongyang find yet another missile over japan the second in less than a month the united nations security council has now concluded an emergency meeting and has condemned the launch well we'll have the latest from seoul and the united nations in a moment but first craig with this report from tokyo the missile launch followed a familiar pattern it came early morning two minutes before seven local time with japan in its path launched from the capital pyongyang the missile through three
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thousand seven hundred kilometers over the northern japanese island of hokkaido reaching a height of seven hundred seventy kilometers before crashing to the pacific ocean. just minutes after sirens sounded in her kind as a public alert was issued residents had mixed feelings. against the just doesn't feel real i really don't know what it will do it gives me the shivers i feel like telling them to stop it now the response from neighbors was swift south korea's national security council held an emergency meeting the country's new president ordered to counter fire with a missile test of its own the drill was pre-planned in preparation for another north korean test. not calling again fired a ballistic missile obviously disregarding international community's criticisms and warnings and the un security council resolutions such continuous provoking actions by not go to your serious threats the peace and stability the korean peninsula and
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the international community that our government sternly denounces the next president of the messiah launce moon also instructed the nation to analyze and ramp up preparations for new forms of threats from electromagnetic pulse and chemical attacks. north korea has trampled on the international society's strong desire for a peaceful solution it's reckless act is absolutely unacceptable the u.s. secretary of state is calling on all nations to take new measures against north korea specifically he said china and russia must indicate their intolerance for these reckless launches by taking direct actions of their own this is the second ballistic missile to cross japan in less than a month it comes within twenty four hours of north korea threatening to sink japan with nuclear weapons a threat japan takes seriously now that it believes north korea has the ability to miniaturize its nuclear weapons and place them on top of ballistic missiles like the one which crossed the country today craig leeson al-jazeera tokyo well we can
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go straight to cell where kathy novak is standing by for us and kathy it simmers i think in less less than an hour that the north korean president has made it clear just why he is carrying on with this test and. yes a couple of lines coming out of the north korean state news agency this morning saying north korea says the leader kim jong un guided the launching drill of the hawse on twelve rocket on friday the was on troll rocket is north korea's intermediate range missile the same kind of missile that flew over japan on august the twenty ninth and indeed the same kind of missile that north korea was using in its enveloping fire threats against one you'll recall that it made threats against saying that it was threatening to fire for twelve missiles over japan towards why so this is the kind of missile that it is saying it used in this latest launch
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and casey and it goes on to say kim jong un says the final goal is to establish quote equilibrium of real force with the united states this is similar language that we saw in the past couple of days through the case in a state news agency with north korea talking about establishing an equilibrium with the united states we often hear that the reason partially that north korea wants to develop its missile and nuclear program is because it feels a real existential threat from the united states and it feels that it must develop its a nuclear weapons and its missiles in order to protect itself and in order to deter an attack from the united states or here we're hearing it say that it is continuing these missile launches to establish peace through an equilibrium with the united states for its part of south korea swiftly reacted to the launch with a launch of its own it fired a missile off the coast of korea that traveled for about two hundred fifty kilometers and that is about the distance it would need to travel to hit the
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airport from which young young launched this latest missile so demonstrations from both sides of the peninsula here that each side says it has the capability to attack the other if necessary sue thank you kathy kathy know that with the perspective from both sides of the demarcations and well let's cross to. in new york and also in jordan he joins us now live from the united nations and all not point was the the the north korean president basically saying this is all about him wanting us all to see to the top nuclear and to be seen as an equal to the u.s. what kind of response would you think that would be getting across and the security council and indeed the white house will very quickly sue in the united states not to would not go over well at all in fact such a proto stations from kim jong il's father kim jong il were met with laughter or derisive laughter i should note that you simply can't tell
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a bully your way into the so-called nuclear club as for the security council there's a real concern that the government would not be responsible as a nuclear weapons holder and so there is a concerted purpose to try to stop north korea from further developing its nuclear weapons program of course the method has been increasing sanctions we've seen two sets of sanctions imposed in the past five weeks or so but is that enough given that there has been this latest missile launch in the last twenty four hours the ceiling events here is the russian ambassador to the u.n. we were discussing for a while that was it in a vicious circle where. it is a mission a provocation at all occasion that is addition that another publication and we were going to play to you as many people raised an issue that we have to think maybe out
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of the books both china russia talking about still carrying on with meaningful negotiations coming out of that meeting but we're hearing a different kind of mood coming out of the white house with the national security adviser saying we are pretty much running out of time on the diplomatic efforts. and not just h.r. mcmaster the national security adviser making that comment but the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley once again raising the specter of a possible military response but in her words that she would leave that up to the defense secretary jim mattis well that's the kind of language that has a large china has alarmed russia and we heard vassily tell reporters late on friday that you have to focus on discussions that this sort of language about using some sort of military option to try to stop north korea is aggressive is not helpful
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and they are suggesting that people really need to seriously consider perhaps direct talks with north korea people meaning the united states and south korea in an order to our recognize that this is not a one sided debate even though to be clear neither russia nor china want to see a nuclear armed north korea good to get your thoughts ross perot's that and told him that giving us the latest from the united nations. the british prime minister has. to critical after an explosive device detonated on the london underground train. took the decision on advice from security officials twenty nine people were injured in the incident before. it happened on london's underground. eight twenty in the morning the height of the
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rush hour if this was a deliberate attack and that's what the police believe it was time to cause maximum casualties. this is what we believe caused the explosion just as the train came into passenger screening station in a pocket still in flames moments later when a passenger on the train filmed it on camera but the damage to the surrounding carriage is slight perhaps someone intended this to be a much more serious attack injured and frightened people fled the station. there was panic several people rushed to hospital almost immediately. people shell shocked and when i asked what happened they talked about an explosion in one of the carriages. yeah that that ripped through one of the carriages we had a bag. just came. and it was so hot and it just the whole. just coming everybody screaming. but we just we were right at
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the end just we just jumped the fences and just ran. this is a leafy residential part of west london a long way from the city center so people who live around here are surprised and alarmed that something like this has happened and the police have sealed off a large area around parsons green tube station. an awful lot of disruption to people's lives and we are treating the matter as a terrorist related incident and the metropolitan police counterterrorism c'mon will take responsibility for that investigation the prime minister held an emergency security beating the joint terrorism analysis center has now decided to raise the national threat level from severe to critical this means that their assessment is that a further attack may be imminent for this period military personnel will replace
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police officers on guard duties at certain protected sites which are not accessible to the public public will see more armed police on the transport network and on our streets providing extra protection recent attacks in london and in manchester have put the british authorities on heightened alert on the world the choo train attacks back in two thousand and five the so-called seven seven attacks in which more than fifty people died but the advice from politicians and the police is for people to go about their daily lives and across this bar city today that's what most londoners are doing to be phillips al jazeera pass in the street in london. from the same. the cordon around parsons green station has now been relaxed there is still though a large police presence here that's likely to continue throughout the night on the platform itself there remains a forensic tent the site of
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a tremendous amount of activity for the specialists over the course of the day they've been pouring over a large amount of potential forensic evidence on the platform on the train and also focusing on the improvised explosive device they've also been looking at thousands of hours of c.c.t.v. footage closing the net on the possible suspect or suspects further afield the british prime minister to reason may has decided to increase the national threat level from severe to critical the implication of that is this an attack is viewed as being imminent rather than simply likely she's also put into force operation temperance meaning that there will be thousands of armed police and military personnel on the streets of the british capital and other towns and cities across the country some of those armed officers will be behind the scenes protecting key installations like nuclear plants electrical power stations and also military bases to. still to come round of talks on syria some progress.
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thanks. and after twenty years of groundbreaking exploration why not deliberately crush the crowd. however the australian alps of been enjoying the best snow for around twenty years that cold and when she weather will continue to drive its way through temperatures will pick up as we go on through the next few days here is our next weather system making its way through that will face some blustery showers and across the southeast in kona temperatures no higher than around twelve celsius in melbourne is a still a little on the disappointing side with highs of around twenty one left the path as
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we go on through the early part of the weekend similar values too as we go through sunday and by sunday we're hopefully those temperatures in melbourne getting up to around seventeen degrees so what about for sydney remember just a couple of days ago we got up to thirty three degrees so that's something of a change here may well we've got some rather blustery showers feeding the way in across new zealand sunny looking rather just here over the next day i would say temperatures no higher than thirteen in christchurch on sas day around sixty seventy degrees as we go on for something a fair amount of wet weather coming in across much of the country weather also making its way towards japan we have typhoon time in making its way across southern parts of japan as we go on through sas day moving further north which had these words. on counting the cost how apple's i phone economics make it the most profitable
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company in the world. how the j. trade is influencing the prices in myanmar. plus one hundred days of the gulf crisis we look at how the economy is very. counting the cost at this time. we al jazeera is our eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for in forty years that's incredibly. welcome back her mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera after the latest north korean missile test the white house national security adviser warns the u.s. is close to the limits of what sanctions and diplomacy can achieve. and i said
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nations security council concluded an emergency meeting by condemning what it described as a provocative launch is calling on pyongyang to begin denuclearizing the korean peninsula. u.k. prime minister raises the terror threat from severe to critical after a bomb attack on the london underground train injured twenty nine. amnesty international has use satellite imagery to highlight what it calls on orchestrated campaign to villages. the rights group has detected eighteen large fires in iraq states since august the twenty fifth when the minute you crackdown began mammals army says it's targeting armed groups in the area almost four hundred thousand most of them more of the hof of them are children have fled to bangladesh in the past. we documented through a number of different sources it's really clear campaign of the counseling by the
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mia more security forces. we're kind state it's on fire we document a least a to large scale burnings across the whole state. it's very very difficult to conclude there's anything else a deliberate effort by the mayor military to drive or hinge of their own country. by any means necessary of thousands more hendra muslim refugees continue to enter bangladesh every day they're fleeing ma'am from what the u.n. has called a textbook definition of ethnic cleansing but says maha subtle reports from shop trip in south east bangladesh four weeks into the crisis authorities are still not prepared for the influx. waiting for the boats to come but for these rohingya refugees from myanmar there's still the not so small matter of haggling with the bangladeshi boatman not easy when you've got no local currency
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. because they're torturing and killing us on the other side we have to pay whatever the price of the protest no matter how high. some boatmen have been accused of charging exorbitant fees it's a touchy subject. if i was to take money from it would be a great sin i mean listen i'm not excusing anyone. the boatman say they're risking their lives to bring refugees across with little support. of the no security forces here tell us that it's ok for us to bring refugees in but we should do it discreetly if we do it openly i think it was trouble. this confusion is symptomatic of a dysfunctional relief effort this road on the very southeast tip of bangladesh is right now the main entry point for refugees coming into the country but looking around here we're seeing little to no sign of any official aid whether from the government international aid agencies or local ones. many of these people have been
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walking for days they finally crossed into the safety of bangladesh but they will have to keep on walking for another forty kilometers before they get any help local volunteers are trying to fill the gap. i came from dhaka with a group of people to help out we're trying to get these people on the boats and told them where they need to go and there is a man paid through the boat and this family can finally leave. they joined the almost half a million reindeer that's needed to have poured across the border in just the past four weeks marsar al jazeera shop where the bangladesh three children have been killed and ten people wounded in the yemeni city of tire it happened during a bombardment by who similar in a report this month the united nations said air strikes finally somebody like coalition was a leading cause of civilian casualties russia iran and turkey have agreed i
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knew deescalation zone in syria's northern italy province the agreement was reached a sixth round of talks in kazakh science capital as starla a chance struck for reports. of the two days of talks in a storm or an agreement on a full so-called deescalation in syria. the united nations special envoy says consensus on ending the fighting was a final as a means of complimenting un brokered talks in geneva focused on the political future of syria we really welcome disagreement today because we have been always pushing forward this coalition that walk the people of here been asking and the fact of adding new areas to do. it will show but the escalation of fighting in italy presents a particular challenge the international community and the syrian government say
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many of the groups indeed labor affiliated to al qaida and remain viable targets the syrian opposition delegation agrees and says they are committees to fighting terrorist organizations but they are against the inclusion of iranian troops in monitoring the deescalation zones originally the interview under the pretext of keeping something shreyas then they got the million shares and now with their numbers in thousands and now russians turned them into getting tools and wind out in these posts monitoring was that what you said was and they are not for keeping and achieving through it as a pretext their plan the head of the russian delegation says exactly where the iranian russian and turkish monitors will be stationed needs to be discussed but iran has a right to be involved. says they're going to go to them iranians have aren't a country for that's not a process it's experts were invited to syria by the legitimate syrian government
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that's why they had the right to use their office service going to the situation to the escalations on. there has been a reduction in fighting in the deescalation zone since the plan began to be implemented for a half months ago now russia says that along with the u.s. and jordan that it will really representative as observers more countries may soon be involved more talks are scheduled here for october and it's hoped that in the interim conference room pledges are acted upon by all parties in a bid to try and end the violence in these deescalation zones where it's believed around two and a half million people have endured more than six years of war charles stratford al-jazeera a star of the parliament of iraq's kurdish region has voted to support plans to hold an independence referendum later this month the vote took place during the first session of parliament since it was suspended two years ago it comes despite
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opposition from iraq iran and turkey imran khan has more from a veil. it's already been described as a historic occasion because palm and of voted yes on the referendum and so what happens now is that the independent high electoral commission will be tossed with running the referendum on the twenty fifth and it's been signed into law now let me just this is a politician. this is a story occasion for you yeah it is actually it is a historical session of the kurds in parliament since the start of this a parliament in ninety two today we supported the holding. referendum in the in the kurdistan region and also the disputed areas so we delegated the commission to the high commission independent commission of elections and referendum in kurdistan region to hold elections on the twenty fifth of september two thousand and seventeen let's just talk about the disputed region
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states going to happen. that's. federal iraqi territory the kurds have a claim on it as well you've already sent troops to the region one of the big share militias have said that any referendum there will be an act of aggression can you hold a referendum when there's that kind of tense atmosphere in kirkuk we try our best to avoid any act of dispute or any act of conflict but these areas are practically under control of kurdistan region and in those areas there were some there was supposed to we were supposed to have a referendum no later than december two thousand and seven that never happened that was according to the confusion so went back to that does not respect the constitution we have to come up with a solution referendum is the very democratic way of involving people in this decision making this decision is going to be the decision of the people of disputed areas and people of for some reason. the same tough thank you very much so you
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heard it that it's going to take place encourage the kurds clearly very confident but let me just show you the sign here it says kurdistan parliament iraq what the kurds be looking for now is to remove iraq from that sign. the french president has called for the lifting of the saudi leg embargo on cattle and mineral markram made the comments in a statement released after his meeting with the shape to mean been her mother al falling in paris earlier them in met with the german chancellor angela merkel of what is his first trip abroad since the diplomatic crisis began four people have been killed and ten others injured after a typhoon slammed into central vietnam typhoon dock surrey made landfall in hartin province before pounding six coast of districts with its one hundred thirty five kilometer an hour winds the storm knocked off the roofs of over sixty thousand homes and damaged electricity poles causing widespread blackouts. now says
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cassini spacecraft has plunged into saturn after a twenty year journey the agency calls the grand finale it disintegrated in saturn's atmosphere and a plan descent she had polls we have. and just like that it was gone. the end of the mission. if you're that. tumbled into saturn that was no longer able to point its antenna towards earth to send back images in fact at this point cassini was already long gone its fatal plunge would be gone about an hour and a half earlier but such was the distance its final messages were only just reaching mission control and those in mission control knew cassini survived a minute maybe two after its last message before disintegrating eight. sr was launched in october of one thousand nine hundred seven and began orbiting saturn in june of two thousand and four it's a original four year mission was repeatedly extended although much of its on board
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equipment was already antiquated by the time it arrived at its destination the data transmitted was invaluable to astronomers investigating the origins of saturn its rings and moons it was on those moons some of cassini's greatest discoveries were made finding a vast ocean of water on and sell of us and to me thing see on titan both moons showing evidence of prebiotic chemical combinations that could support life that was one reason why nasa decided to destroy its beloved spacecraft to prevent it crashing into those moons for fear it could contaminate them with microbes from earth dr amy simon says because these findings also help us understand our own planet has that dance atmosphere it's very primordial it might be like a really early earth before we had oxygen and so these are the sorts of things we'd like to do because we can't study that here on earth we can't go back in time nasa says it knows exactly where cassini ended its mission this is an image put together biracial in for. mapping spectrometer team they did
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a spectacular job turning around this data set that just came down dr simon is one of those who's overseeing the spectrometer since nine hundred ninety nine and it was surprisingly more emotional than i expected i was actually you know just personally touched to watch the end of this you know this family that's been together for so long and some uncertain time for nasa there's hope that government funding for space exploration will continue the trumpet ministration has just picked a climate science denying a politician to run the agency whose goal has long been to end nasa as exploration of the earth and its upness we have to focus instead on the wider solar system beyond. the old zero space flight center in maryland. before we go let's take another look at the main stories making the news white house national security advisor general masta says the united states is approaching
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the limits of sanction and diplomacy can accomplish with north korea his comments come off to pyongyang fired another messiah over japan the second in less than a month the u.n. security council concluded an emergency meeting calling on pyongyang to begin denuclearizing the korean peninsula mostest said the military action was not his administration's preferred choice for those who have said and it been commenting about the lack of a military option there is a military option now it's not what we would prefer to do so what we have to do is call on all nations call on everyone to do everything we can to address this global problem short of war so that is implementing now these significant sanctions that have just now gone into place and it is convincing everyone to do everything that they can and that it's in their interest to do it. prime minister to reason may has
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raised the u.k.'s terror threat from severe to critical it follows an explosion on the district line in south west london during rush hour which injured twenty nine people. using satellite imagery to highlight what it calls an orchestrated campaign to burn the hinge of muslims in villages in myanmar the rights group has detected. the twenty fifth when the military crackdown began russia iran and turkey have agreed for the escalation zone in syria the greenman for province was reached the sixth round of talks in capital as. the parliament of iraq's kurdish region has supported plans to hold an independence referendum later this decision took place during the first session since parliament was suspended two years ago the french president has called for the lifting of the saudi led embargo on cats are made the comments in a statement released after his meeting with. in paris. that's all for now coming
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next concha the costs with reports on apple's price gamble and the economic factors in the crisis. facing the reality. is that they have not does not belong to them it belongs to the international community getting to the heart of the matter they can understand which. is not in the story here the story on top down just. this time. hello i'm housing seeker this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week. we'll look at how apple's i phone economics made it the most profitable company in the world. also this week me and mark how the j. trade land grabs invested into.


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