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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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thinking mathile finding the cancer cell that's exactly it so you've had some pretty amazing results unless. you can get lucky ted no at this time all no disease. and this was different not said whether someone thing for someone is very rare it does matter we need to think it's how you approach an individual and if it is a certain way of doing it you can just buy an injection story and fly out. with the united states. launch highly provocative.
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also ahead. a. threat level to critical. london underground attack. the iraqi kurdish parliament wants to back an independence referendum despite international opposition and picking up the pieces residents return home and the damage inflicted by her. will begin with global reaction to north korea's latest ballistic missile test the international community is still scrambling to react but the north korean leader remains defiant in a statement says the final goal is to achieve an equilibrium of faults with the united states north korean media says kim personally oversaw the launch of the haas on twelve missile the un security council has condemned the missile test calling it
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highly provocative and a threat to all u.n. members while russia is pledging to implement the latest round of sanctions bottles being drawn by china and france and pushing for talks is the only way to resolve the crisis but u.s. president may have other ideas in his speech to troops he emphasized that military options are also available for mike hanna has this report from washington d.c. . the u.s. air force celebrates its seventieth anniversary and here to address the troops and their families president trump makes clear the air force may have a role to play in a christian ongoing north korea crisis after seeing your capabilities and commitment here today i am more confident than ever that our options in addressing this threat are both effective and overwhelming earlier speaking at the white house the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. emphasize that sanctions could still be an effective weapon if you look at the
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resolutions that have passed in the last month or two of them they cut thirty percent of the oil they banned all the labors they banned ninety percent of the exports they banned joint ventures we've basically taken and in the words of north korea we have strangled their economic situation at this point that's going to take a little bit of time but it has already started to take effect the national security adviser agreed but stressed diplomacy was not the only option these sanctions are just now taking effect what's really important is rigorous enforcement of those sanctions so that we can really let the economic actions and diplomacy progress as best we can but i think we ought to make clear what's different about this approach is is that we're out of time right is best for him he said before you know we've been kicking the can down the road and we're out of road and so for those who have said and it been commenting about the lack of a military option there is a military option following yet another north korean missile launch despite several
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rounds of sanctions the u.s. is clearly exploring other options and while the north korean leader may watch admiringly he could soon be facing u.s. action planned by the secretary of defense rather than the ambassador to the united nations mike hanna al-jazeera washington. well let's get more on all of this now with our correspondent andrew thomas is joining us live from seoul different voices from the united states at different times on this and different voices right now from the international community on how to deal with north korea and. a complete change from the south korean president after the latest test andrew. well the south korean president is being much more bullish about the need to stand up to north korea he used to be in opposition before he became president quite a talking about talks with north korea they are now impossible in the in the current circumstances he says they delight in the power expressed by the
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photographs that north korea released of kim jong un personally overseeing that rocket launch is real provocation as much as the rocket launch itself in many ways to the u.s. south korea and the others who are obviously concerned about what the north is doing because while he is projecting this image of confidence of power of the light overseeing a successful test the international community is clearly split splits on how long to let sanctions take their course and see if they bring the north korean regime to their senses as the u.s. would see it and how long before they give up on that option and go for something else in other words a military option and of course the sanctions passed by the united nations on monday were nowhere near as strong as the u.s. or indeed south korea would have liked they would have liked a total oil embargo on north korea they didn't get it all they got was a cap so you saw nikki haley and mike hanna as peace they're talking about letting sanctions take their course but it's quite clear that certain thinkers within the u.s. in administration not least the president himself don't believe that even if those
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sanctions are left to take their course they go far enough donald trump said earlier in the week that the sanctions don't go as far as what will ultimately need to happen what what does he mean by that so on the one hand you've got people in china and france and others saying they should let the sanctions take their course china said that they should do no more and no less than on the other hand you've got figures within the u.s. administration saying the time to let sanctions take their course is fast running out anyway the sanctions won't work and they're ovi asli figures within the u.s. administration pushing for action military action sooner andrea thank you very much for that f. analysis andrew thomas joining us live with all the very latest from seoul thank you. let's move on to other news now the british prime minister has raised the u.k.'s terror threat from severe to critical after an explosive device detonated on a london underground train on friday trees m a says she took a decision on advice from security officials twenty nine people were injured in
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that incident which happened during a busy morning rush hour bonnie phillips has the latest from london. it happened on london's underground which is a twenty in the morning the height of the rush hour if this was a deliberate attack and that's what the police believe it was time to cause maximum casualties. this is what we believe caused the explosion just as the train came into parsons green station in a bucket still in flames moments later when a passenger on the train filmed it on their camera. but the damage to the surrounding carriage is slight perhaps someone intended this to be a much more serious attack injured and frightened people fled the station some had burns there was panic several people rushed to hospital. arriving in the thirty. people shell shocked and when asked what happened they talked about an explosion in one of the carriages and five yeah but the big three one of the
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carriages we had a back and all of a sudden a fireball just came. and it was so hot and it just involves the whole. the fires just coming everybody screaming. and we run out and. we just we were right at the end of the cheap so we just we just jumped the fences and just ran. this is a leafy residential part of west london a long way from the city center so people who live around here are surprised and alarmed that something like this has happened and the police have sealed off a large area around parsons green tube station meaning an awful lot of disruption to people's lives we are treating the matter as a terrorist related incident and the metropolitan police counterterrorism command will take responsibility for that investigation the private a star held an emergency security beating the joint terrorism analysis center has
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now decided to raise the national threat level from severe to critical this means that their assessment is that further attack may be imminent for this period military personnel will replace police officers on guard. sites which are not accessible to the public public will see more peace on the transport network and on our streets providing extra protection recent attacks in london and in manchester have put the british authorities on heightened alert. around the world the choo train attacks back in two thousand and five the so-called seven seven attacks in which more than fifty people died but the advice from politicians and the police is for people to go about their daily lives and across this city today that's what most londoners are doing to be phillips al jazeera parsons street in london. the united states is in the kurdish regional government to call off an independence
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referendum expected to be held later this month the kurdish parliament approved the proposal in its first session and is it comes despite opposition from iraq iran and turkey the u.s. is calling on the kurds to enter into dialogue with the iraqi government warning that the referendum could spark more violence in the region and one can has more from the kurdish capital at a brain. it's already been described as a historic occasion because his palm and of voted yes on the referendum and so what happens now is that the independent high electoral commission will be tossed with running the referendum on the twenty fifth that it's been signed into law now let me just this is just politician mohamed ali. this is a story occasion for you yeah it is actually it is a historical session of the kurds in parliament since the start of this a parliament in ninety two today we supported the holding. referendum in the in the kurdistan region and also the disputed areas so we
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delegated the commission to the high commission independent commission of elections and referendum in kurdistan region to hold elections on the twenty fifth of september two thousand and seventeen let's just talk about the disputed region states going to happen. that's. federal iraqi territory the kurds have a claim on it as well you've already sent troops to the region one of the big share militias have said that any referendum there will be an act of aggression can you hold a referendum when there's that kind of tense atmosphere in kirkuk we try our best to avoid any act of dispute or any act of conflict but these areas are practically under control of kurdistan region and in those areas there were some there was supposed to we were supposed to have a referendum no later than december two thousand and seven that never happened that was according to the confusion so went back to that does not respect the constitution we have to come up with
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a solution referendum is the very democratic way of involving people in this session decision making this decision is going to be the decision of the people of disputed areas and people of for some reason. the same tough thank you very much so you heard it that it's going to take place encourage the kurds clearly very confident but let me just show you the sign here it says kurdistan parliament iraq what the kurds be looking for now is to remove iraq from that sign. still ahead on the. helping children left off and onto last month's deadly mudslides. and the price of freedom they have to cost many behind you have to pay to flee violence and. from a fresh breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. we've
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got a few showers in africa asked for the middle east over the next couple of days they will be few and far between having said that last may clear skies wanted to show was a possibility just around the black sea the caspian sea northern parts of iraq maybe northern areas of iran could also see wanted to rush i was as we go through the next couple of days no sign of any wet weather across the rayburn peninsula well as he settled in sunny here hard around forty one so just a little bit of cloud just around the gulf of aden southern end of the red sea. little spot or two of rainfall here but for the most part it will be settled mostly settled same across southern africa but for southern cape we could see some rather lively over the next day all season long spells of ripe easing over towards the eastern cape as we go through saturday at a low sweep its way through by sunday temperatures falling back to around seventeen . rather gray skies here further north the sun will break through nicely harari at
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thirty one degrees celsius so john and showers as per usual across much of central africa some lively showers there which was ethiopia big showers to just around cameron southern part of nigeria looking rather just gotta seeing some big showers and those showers stretch all the way into. the weather sponsored by cats. facing the realities of the air space that they have does not belong to them it belongs to the international community getting to the heart of the matter. which. is. the other story on talk to how does it at this time.
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good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories north korean leader kim jong un has vowed to continue his country's nuclear program despite u.n. sanctions he said the final balls to achieve an equilibrium of force with the united states can personally oversaw the launch of a ha song twelve. the united states is urging the kurdish regional government to call off an independence referendum expected to be held later this month the kurdish parliament approved the proposal in its first session into here is that comes despite opposition from iraq iran and turkey and versions terror threat level has been raised from severe to critical after an explosive device detonated on a london underground train twenty nine people were injured in the incident which happened during the busy morning rush hour u.k.
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prime minister tourism a is want to further attack may be imminent. now french president emmanuel necron has called for the saudi led blockade of qatar to be lifted and made the comments following the meeting with the emir of qatar who's on his first foreign trip sevens. diplomatic crisis began and china hall has more from past. beginning in lynn on his way to the u.n. general assembly in new york and opportunity for the emir of qatar to lobby european capitals for support in reaching a political solution to the gulf crisis what had definite and we talked about the readiness of qatar to sit down at the table and to discuss and solve the issue we think germany for its effort and also i think the chancellor of germany as well to solve the problems around the negotiating table we think you for your support of the kuwait initiative which got her supporters since the beginning and will continue supporting it until we get the solution to such fights all the parties and
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the emir took his offer of holding talks to paris where president emmanuel macron like chancellor merkel supports mediation efforts by kuwait and the united states and maybe even seek to join those efforts having appointed a special envoy in recent weeks in berlin earlier chancellor merkel spoke of the need for quiet diplomacy to run its course for both sides to find compromises allowing them to quote unquote save face well that's a sentiment that president macron here is unlikely to disagree with france has huge lucrative trade and investment deals with saudi arabia the u.a.e. and qatar it isn't going to take sides in this dispute but it's very interested in seeing it resolved. a statement attributed to mccrone has called for a lifting of the saudi led embargo on qatar discussions may well continue next week in new york journal al-jazeera paris. the human rights watch says saudi arabian
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authorities have arrested dozens of people including prominent clerics they arrest were made ahead of a call by exiled opposition leaders to hold demonstrations after friday prayers the u.s. based group condemned the arrests calling them a crackdown on dissent any criticism of the royal family carries a prison sentence in saudi arabia. to yemen now where three children have been killed and eleven people wounded during shelling in the city of thise local rights groups say they hope the militia was responsible for the shelling in a busy area of the city the hospitals treating the wounded have called for blood donations the u.n. says yemen's two and a half year conflict has killed more than ten thousand people. now thousands of people have gathered and in asia to protest the persecution of myanmar muslim minority and tunisia is home to the world's largest muslim population and they're urging me to allow u.n. monitors to investigate allegations of ethnic cleansing. well thousands of one
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hundred refugees continue to enter bangladesh every day they're fleeing myanmar from what the u.n. has called a textbook definition of ethnic cleansing but as my has sought the reports from shop the whip and southeastern bangladesh four weeks into the crisis authorities are still unprepared for the influx. waiting for the boats to come but for these rohingya refugees from myanmar there are still the not so small matter of haggling with the bangladeshi boatman not easy when you've got no local currency. in the plane because they're torturing and killing us on the other side we have to pay whatever the price of the protest no matter how. some boat men have been accused of charging exorbitant fees it's a touchy subject. if i was to take money from it would be saying i'm a muslim i'm not excusing anyone. the boatman say they're risking their lives to
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bring refugees across with little support. of the security forces here tell us that so kind for us to bring refugees in but we should do it discreetly if we do it openly i think it was trouble. this confusion is symptomatic of a dysfunctional relief effort this road on the very start east of bangladesh is right now the main entry point for the refugees coming into the country but looking around here we're seeing little to no sign of any official aid whether from the government international aid agencies or local ones. many of these people have been walking for days they finally crossed into the safety of bangladesh but they will have to keep on walking for another forty kilometers before they get any help local volunteers are trying to fill the gap. there i came from dhaka with a group of people to help out we're trying to get these people on the boats and tell them where they need to go and there is
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a man paid for the boat and this family can finally leave. they joined the almost half a million reindeer that's needed to have poured across the border in just the past four weeks marsar al-jazeera shopper the bangladesh. watch nigerian our more than one hundred schoolgirls who were freed from captivity and may have been reunited with their families on wednesday the government held what it called a send for for vent for the girls have a kidnapped by the group in two thousand and fourteen the girls went through months of rehabilitation before they were went back to their families are going to the west has more from the capital of. the decision to move the goes to a boarding school in the north of the country instead of going directly to chibok was influenced by such a decision sponsor of course is sensibilities of to parents who are yet to see or hear anything about their daughter's health bible koran and then the security situation in the north of the country over the past few months we've seen
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a spike in quantum attacks and will choose kidnappings and suicide bombings particularly in the state although there is substantial military presence in chibok and surrounding communities to keep those communities safe stakeholders decided to move them directly to a boarding school where they will continue and this is coming at a time when the nigerian military is having to do with so many crisis across the country for example in the south east of the country incidents between the security forces and a suspicion is group of members of assistance newsgroup independence peoples of the africa have erupted over the past few days we've seen videos imagine the line of engagement between the military and i pod members as well as members of the indigenous peoples of the africa attacking ethnic groups from other parts of the country in the south east this has resulted in counter action or reaction in the north of the country in north central nigeria on thursday there were clashes between locals and that you both were mostly from the south east of the country and
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the government had to intervene by imposing an indefinite curfew that dusk to dawn curfew and to the situation improves now sierra leone where more than a thousand people were killed last month after flooding and a landslide had the capital freetown the government says some four thousand children have been affected by the disaster many of them are now orphans left a few places to turn for help in rebuilding their lives nicholas hock reports from freetown. in the chaos of august this landslide came a few miracles. nineteen months old that is one of them. rescuers found him neck deep in mud much to his mother's relief. when i saw him alive my heart melted but when i heard his father had died in the mud my heart went. to. the recovery effort has stopped
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an eerie silence hangs over this vast terrain hundreds of bodies still lie buried deep in the mud among the buildings destroyed were an orphanage with sixty children inside the church with seventy students studying and hundreds of family home this is a country still in mourning trying to come to terms with the sheer scale of the destruction . and. are some of the hundreds of children that have lost their parents in the months like they are now under the care of the don bosco orphanage in downtown freetown. in mind for them. well you know they feel. listened to then many people for example going. but even some of them they have lost. nine members of the. children who suffered
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a brutal civil war and the recent bull the outbreak has found a place they call home here they receive counseling and attend school. volunteers say teenagers suffer the most too old to be called a child but too young to be considered an adult sixteen year old. fears for her future most young girls in sierra leone her age are married off i don't go to school i want. the others will stay here for another three months the government has promised to re house all of them by then. but you homes will not take away their trauma after so much loss and destruction these are orphans who are uncertain with what lies ahead because hawke al-jazeera freetown. to the philippines now where hundreds of protesters gathered outside the american embassy in manila expressing their anger
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over u.s. involvement in the conflict amended now president reagan that had there has imposed martial law on the island to deal with some linked fighters. protesters held placards condemning the government's use of america and the straightly and surveillance planes of the conflict and iran to please disperse the crowd without any arrests meanwhile an entire police force has been fired and the philippines after allegations they were involved in the death of a teenager twelve hundred offices in the city police force are to be replaced the department of justice has started an investigation into allegations that four policemen were linked to the murder of a seventeen year old student president that there's crackdown on drugs which has left thousands dead has come under renewed scrutiny and recent months. now there are been protests in the u.s. city of say after a police officer was acquitted of killing a black motorist people took to the streets after and as always state john found officer jason stalker a not guilty stating the prosecution failed to prove its case beyond reasonable
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doubt ma smith was shot five times fall on a car chase in two thousand and eleven prosecutors found evidence of a gun with stockings fingerprints planted in the victim's car. nearly a week after how can the u.s. state of florida tens of thousands of people are without electricity and many haven't been able to return to their homes rob reynolds traveled to the worst affected area to see how people are coping. big pine key is a study in desolation here on one of a chain of low lying islands that bore the brunt of hurricane earl trees are stripped bare debris is piled high houses are trashed boats lifelong onto the shore telephone poles are snapped into like rotten driftwood there's no electricity no running water and hardly any people except for a few die hards like in mccarty. the house boat where she's lived for ten years is
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now have sunk in the debris choked financial i was tied good. i came through it i and tell the tide went out yesterday and this boat right here i'm sitting on poked a hole in the bottom of my boat and her friend roxie gillespie have taken refuge in the house of a neighbor who fled before the storm hit i lived on a sailboat yeah. but it's not in the harbor we can't find my son been looking on satellite pictures for we haven't found it yet with most residents still evacuated and not able to return the only traffic on the keys streets highways and bridges consists of convoys of police national guardsmen in humvees and other emergency workers. tilla the crews from around florida and beyond are working long
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hours trying to get electricity flowing again according to the federal emergency management agency sixty five percent of all houses on the keys were damaged by erma and another twenty five percent were destroyed there have been reports of thieves stealing property in the wake of the storm. proven benami runs a maritime supply store in island morada key us night well somebody came in and stole the jet ski dock that i did tired up especially because i saw it sort of moving toward a street that put it back in i thought it would be cable in a big log and they still cut it off and took it away from here signs by the roadside bear a blunt warning. for the most part though people are taking the destruction and disruption in their stride without tears. i mean i
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could cry everything i own in the world was on that boat except and right here you don't think right. gone. what are you going to i'm here and a life time to clean up and make money clean up and i'll be able to start over again. with no intention of leaving oh no never. in the florida keys it seems human nature can handle whatever mother nature dishes out rob reynolds. big playing florida. and i mean the problem and the headlines on al-jazeera north korean leader kim jong un has vowed to continue his country's nuclear program despite u.n. sanctions he said the final goal is to achieve an equilibrium of force with my state campus may i oversaw the launch of the haas on twelve missile. while in
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a speech had an army base u.s. president donald trump emphasize that military options are available the regime of north korea which is once again shown its utter contempt for its neighbors and for the entire world community after seeing your capabilities and commitment here today i am more confident than ever that our options in addressing this thread are both effective and overwhelming and other you news the united states is urging the kurdish regional government to call off an independence referendum expected to be held later this month the kurdish parliament approve the proposal and that first session and to hear as it comes despite opposition from iraq iran and turkey. britain's terror threat level has been ways from severe to critical after an explosive device detonated on the london underground train on friday twenty nine
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people were injured in the incident which happened during the busy morning rush hour u.k. prime minister treason may is warning to further attack may be imminent. three children have been killed and eleven people wounded during shelling in the yemeni city of thought is local rights groups say the what the militia was responsible for the shelling in a busy area of the city hospitals treating the wounded have called for blood donations human rights watch says saudi arabia authorities have arrested dozens of people including prominent clerics the arrests were made ahead of a call by exiled opposition leaders to hold demonstrations after friday prayers a u.s. based group condemned the arrests calling them a crackdown on dissent any criticism of the royal family carries a prison sentence in saudi arabia thousands of people have gathered in indonesia to protest the persecution of one hundred muslim minority and a nation is home to the laws largest muslim population and they're urging myanmar to allow u.n. monitors to investigate allegations of ethnic cleansing. those are the headlines on
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al-jazeera do stay with us talk to al-jazeera is coming up next thank you for watching. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. you ben jules international airport january two thousand and seventeen stepping out of the black limousine is going to be as longtime president. as he walks down the tarmac on the presidential red carpet for the last time a small crowd of supporters gather unable to hold back their most.


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