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tv   The Colour Of The Chameleon  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2017 9:00am-10:01am AST

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says and russia gears up for war games over it so of course we'll weren't worried about unpredictability of russia we have to be prepared and we have to react if needed but will the conflict rehearsals ever translate into the real thing as they say if you don't want to work to pay for war people in power reports this story i'm going on a bear hunt at this time on it. and i have a problem and the headlines on al-jazeera the international community is scrambling to react to friday's ballistic missile test by north korea kim jong un says the final goal is to achieve an equilibrium of forth with the united states came over saw the launch of a hostile. mike hanna reports from washington d.c.
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. the u.s. air force celebrates its seventieth anniversary and here to address the troops and their families president trump makes clear the air force may have a role to play in a christian on going north korea crisis after seeing your capabilities and commitment here today i am more confident than ever that our options in addressing this threat are both effective and overwhelming. earlier speaking at the white house the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. emphasize that sanctions could still be an effective weapon if you look at the resolutions that have passed in the last month or two of them they cut thirty percent of the oil they banned all the labors they banned ninety percent of the exports they banned joint ventures we've basically taken in the words of north korea we have strangled their economic situation at this point that's going to take a little bit of time but it has already started to take effect the national
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security adviser agreed but stressed diplomacy was not the only option these sanctions are just now taking effect what's really important is rigorous enforcement of those sanctions so that we can really let the economic actions and diplomacy progress as best we can but i think we ought to make clear what's different about this approach is is that we're out of time right is best for him he said before you know we've been kicking the can down the road and we're out of road and so for those who have said and it been commenting about the lack of a military option there is a military option following yet another north korean missile launch despite several rounds of sanctions the u.s. is clearly exploring other options and while the north korean leader may watch admiringly he could soon be facing u.s. action planned by the secretary of defense rather than the ambassador to the united nations mike hanna al-jazeera washington now britain's terror threat level has been
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raised from severe to critical after an explosive device detonated on the london underground train on friday twenty nine people were injured in the incident which happened during the busy morning rush hour u.k. prime minister tourism a is one a further attack may be imminent. the united states is urging the kurdish regional government to call off an independence referendum expected to be held later this month the kurdish parliament approved the proposal in its first session and two years that comes despite opposition from iraq iran and turkey three people have been killed and eleven wounded in shelling in the yemeni city of thise local whites groups say the hooty militia was responsible for the shelling in a busy area of the city hospitals treating the wounded have called for blood donations the u.n. says yemen's two and a half year conflict has killed more than ten thousand people. human rights watch says saudi arabian authorities have arrested dozens of people including prominent clerics the arrests were made ahead of a call by exiled opposition leaders to hold demonstrations after friday prayers the
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u.s. based group condemned the arrests calling them a crackdown on dissent any criticism of the royal family carries a prison sentence in saudi arabia. thousands of people have gathered at indonesia to protest against the persecution of myanmar's range of muslim minority the nation is home to the world's largest muslim population it's urging myanmar to allow u.n. monitors to investigate allegations of ethnic cleansing up to four hundred thousand one hundred muslims have fled across the border into bangladesh and many more continue to flee the violence in myanmar of a kind state. now after twenty years exploring saturn and its moons at nasa's cassini spacecraft has disintegrated in the skies above the planet nasa carried out the destruction of the spacecraft as it dived through saturn's atmosphere it was the only spacecraft to ever all that the planet and capture images that showed the terrain up close. those are the headlines on al-jazeera the do stay
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with us witness as coming up next thank you for watching. but it got us to here.
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let's go to light i'm going to speak. you must not be back up on the bus. it's a value in a sort of i mean it. got me ok let me watch the commission go i want to know you know whether. or not. if they hear the thought that if they ever ever the press there go the cameras and go back.
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that there are a lot of the bus oh but if you see lens you. can see cars are going to. want the most i think of that was the public went. on the must be going to. go from the i'm going to. get bus will continue at the busiest on the island. by the east coast and you. see the sign you get a typical meter but i mean. you know let's tell this properly that the until she
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leaves a lot of anybody seem to realize that she was like you was and it's nice to. be booked up with a bus out of here i mean that in. free to know the laws of interest me to ask if an officer i was like that's why he's not that a human the been a chick with a bit in it and then instantly what's on that up the loans i get to go and get a feel for my note on the usa exit out that if you know i. to about there is he was only evil. it's only a few a few million of us are you going to.
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enjoy go enjoy a good record any of us who do in the near augusta in the name of the intent of us have any more hope here ya know and i guess on you you're going against any more good in his impulses. and is a guy you always hear on and my know it all going to work and to get variability in their own. i don't know for sure. where go to them is about i'm happiest. if when you let go it's a key you know those without are going to say you had our you know you know you know your demeanor you don't know any missile but he had to look at it by saw it and we get out of. there thing here to kill a while of us at a motel to cause him to make sure the way it all haven't got to know it out with a good boy lookin. development that is an uphill battle for ever found the man
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with a gun bellicose i go. out at night well that's when the real on the level. that away from a fire and help out of the never i'm not about to get cut that time i did the outlook and i have a get out of body don't know. yet but now listening for that body i don't. want it and it. goes that's a million that's what i'm still about i mean. you know they can think so and. give you my kind of them and those that i've been asking on the town. so i went to mature. the mother.
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so she can talk and about life. and i missed it so that you know that when this hobby it's. yours i'm conceive of as one of the shots you would want as keeps you up as when i knocked up or no in four months you wanted in under the law and so you have as one would if unions gun family as you don't even. know if that's your toughest you have as one i know i don't mind as one up lover i'm guilty for the inside home that's not afghans it's his business and that six officers is better than none. of that then nowhere to go thank. you this is ok. jeanette of the day in the game. is above into this it's all over the kitchen. and listen am i thinking i don't know
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this is just to see him to let him see it. look easy to look innocent on with a look at who's and thinking again i could tell it is a person a set of. the lab did a service and did that and i think they're you know ok i get over it as. you know they are but i don't care. who specially hummin does it's me under mr howard that you started your tea party i did she leave usually by the way all the members are not just rush to pass and we haven't yet flush how did you know it would stay in and look at district you'd see infiltration as a serious relation dom that's not really sure. i'm an object
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in siblings you don't you find him an object yeah yeah yeah so. it think they didn't know him and started dying throughout the whole let us know that you know you can click continue to go then for my son or other i'll go over to the left at the thought of the little. italian in the n.t. quite to visit him they said that they usually or chill the line at the living down a but. on the other it look like i sent my best translator. and my investors. know it to me he did it on me this is the. elect are you going to send me a kind of. a knee i wanted didn't cut it they can never have.
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i get that with the movement and yeah but to say they are not know that of a young coming under a million. but that's fotos and friends you know in astonishment you know as young as we should look tonight with what you shrift as you should i mean i have any. in a can look after a fault that is not the fault of the this is the man. does not know i buy it and now i go i go there. because i wasn't treated as i'm just as you might open out your fortune to expect to get back here tied down as a seasoned yup that's what i. say when last i see it doesn't i can tell if there is a secret at the end to. get us out of it going out into the grass or.
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spits out i'm done taking. it on the fisa lending act. sympathetic it just ahead and while it does i mean it's a loss and so you either want to now get an employer or you to go. get the story for and if he complained that impotent and then he took on a third of my comment is i. get i must leave it at that but i don't really. think i'm a mere little. bit annoying while the other a. lot of the. dynamic eat out you know i was already committed to tom. lehrer. before that either we were yeah it looks like everything. they would want i get. it i was really.
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going to need to tell us i'm going to lay it on the familia but i said understand them fully. i am already. put up and put it on the nose you had on. this you and i must i'm going to call you have used. chimp to what i want ice dancing. until it. gets in the but i must be. but i live in the know who's who deal.
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with us are you never given that they are here no give me a took to the front know they're a good deal to get the puppy love them not that i need a little thought if you thought i was a clever. well i know what i have lisa. if they like us i give you that allow me i think there seems a bit of softness in the se and i don't miss a minute lateral. you
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know when i thought. of a little bit of them a lot of them you know you're. getting. me on the top. and. not the house. but i want to.
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see both. of them. you know.
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your dad i go you added that he said again that it will move forward to begin to see before that in fact. they want to hit him with a muscle mass and. the eiffel is i'm with limited by me and it does say you will get. more that will get as you know in the coming didn't work isn't it see i think i'm going to because i flashed in my hour that i'm aware of this affection and the thing that i know village doohickey that would have the music give you a local scene was of what it was all flashing and so he took. it as momentum my space and i guess according to my when i go into the most intimate thing on us it's a seamless but on second high on my cousin i think idea and i'm interested. but
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imbecile inconclusive. nice aquatics and a comment i mean tentacles let him. in or no but i'm an adult woman i tend to turn to sentimental hypothermia. into next to nothing and i
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had better not have felt so good at that occupied. they were empty so. with a motorola listen to it then i know you. are yoko that i said i say never get over it but i know they're going to get somebody you know it's under the seats you do not get in i see no reason why this room will know i don't know what we do with the feet. and now you've got to see click click click let them see that you. yeah yeah. yeah. yeah yeah. yeah. i guess. it doesn't have us on.
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your computer and you don't on us in this moment but the man orlando a lot of people have visited. and we think they really call me where to start i think it was a way we can be of use only because again you get me within it and you lose weight . and there's this is going to have a little global society local more than the local elongate it's a slip where in line there for a good for me would offer a moment of reflection of the queue waiting. on the day you go in or the levels you want to. get out i mean may make them you know they're mad at me and i mean acquittal. in the law is clear galen. as was the last year alone will have given it up and as i said. i want to for my thomas i.
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mean you know you view the best person is difficult so you can do you. can only tell and i'll. bet that. you know sometimes you know i mean you know people to me. and i know that i get kind of that. keep laughing people get them up close and they don't know which i don't find i want. you know. if there were some you. know be your family then you. wouldn't. know that i went to the. so the high line of so that you know so you
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can look at and also that you know don't they can add a new sort of i don't plan you so you've got a leg up on you me and you don't get out of sorts. yeah and if you affect going hunting in the printing. i mean it's only bad in minutes on that man no i mean with and thank you. because you know i think my you know that you know this idea gets us i would i would like what i mean to add a little you know i must say with the way i was i could get close as you know you can audiences because that that meant that the length of the two of them that a lot of this you know my letter gave them and i some of them bought them a coffee from. i mean shit i'm going to thought of all yakking as an undersea dome only half a mile and see it. and it was you don't want to see this again you know if you must you know then you understand you you don't want them to mail a letter way. your feet might be good and quite and young and.
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the so eric.
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you know i don't think i you know my home and i you know i get a honest and. synod arguably a certain not that many going. to meet are going to me so nine jokes and certainly a tense you get in you but unless you're willing to do it like when you us you. and me and see him go we're going to need him to define it or not at the funny at the photo and i got both about them and. i'm going to get that signal with a corset and was also not i going to go for. the thumb telephonist on the going to go with a sort of mist to explode on the for mother so that you know from i think what they learned here. on the soledad and i don't miss you i would like them.
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on the way to picking you're going to call up what on the other hand i'm. not going to throw it then if. i tell you not to cut. him but then you have to me i think a lot of what. you've got to go through any contact to be like you have to. pick up it ourselves hinted at it all. ok mom again i'm already both things. in life but i'm on my own head at the sunny side up. on counting the cost how apple's i phone economics make it the most profitable company in the world. how the j.
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trade is influencing the prices in myanmar. plus one hundred days of the gulf crisis we'll look at how the economy is very. counting the cost at this time and i just. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to our real. russian filmmaker under a necklace of continues his journey across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin during his travels he meets christians and muslims patriots and separatists i told you the locals in the southeast were on our side when i arrived i don't do something completely different some long to leave russia but for others the russian passport means hope and the chance of happening in search of putin's russia at this time onal jazeera. a survivor of the genocide there are people who
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beg me to kill them when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to has dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. knowing them here is that all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because if i could just find a finger i could bury him bone hunter at this time on al-jazeera. the problem and of the headlines on al-jazeera north korean leader kim jong un has vowed to continue his country's nuclear program despite u.n. sanctions he said the final goal is to achieve an equilibrium force with the united states came over saw the launch of the hostile twelve missile that flew over japan on friday while in a speech at a u.s.
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army base president donald trump emphasize military options are available. the regime of north korea which is once again shown its utter contempt for its neighbors and for the entire world community. after seeing your capabilities and. i am more confident than ever that our options in addressing this threat are both effective and overwhelming. version's terror threat level has been raised from severe to critical after an explosive device detonated on a london underground train on friday twenty nine people were injured in the incident which happened during the busy morning rush hour british prime minister koizumi is warning a further attack may be imminent the united states is urging the kurdish regional government to call off an independence referendum expected to be held later this month the kurdish parliament approved the proposal in its first session and to here
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is kurdish independence is opposed by iraq iran and turkey. three children have been killed and eleven people injured in shelling in the yemeni city of thise local rights groups say what the fighters were responsible for the shelling in a busy area of the city hospitals treating the injured have called for blood donations the u.n. says more than ten thousand people have died in yemen in the two and a half years of conflict human rights watch says saudi arabian authorities have arrested dozens of people including prominent clerics the arrests were made ahead of a call by exiled opposition leaders to hold demonstrations after friday prayers the u.s. base condemned the arrests calling them a crackdown on dissent. thousands of people have gathered in indonesia to protest against the persecution of. a muslim minority indonesia is home to the world's largest muslim population and it's urging myanmar to allow u.n. monitors to investigate allegations of ethnic cleansing four hundred thousand have fled to bangladesh to escape violence. continues next thank you very much for
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watching. on the where you are you and i mean us you know that but i think they would own chair you know and well so often the people probably aren't the middle i don't get in them and to me that i don't limit i don't. even sing. and sing it on the bund duty day by the year be about either one miss we don't invade we're going to continue not to give us i but i don't we. and what i'm the only person a you can see. you know in my own you. say by you don't you don't want any and they're in the thing on the spot.
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he needed to has a purpose. and i've got three sisters. under his direction and who. you know to me includes memphis and caught up in one of the litany but he. had a lucky thing or live yet it was about this is the law yet if you've got a lot of stuff you saw there was a tactic and if you're still going to go it was only the only. local legend and i guess you could say it was the more i think you know and those who if i can tell us what you see. it the deal you see what i did for him that girl alone
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is who can do it legally single me with i mean like you i did i think i meet a man i don't know ago and i listened i guess it would be nice and simple danny. so that the deal i don't get here and there even. when we see. it it's a jolly. it's all your own uncle john. if they say it to me eg you know. he said with the photo. you just don't know that i'm not my god oh. my oh no says i will fall. and fall. i am at the of the my partly on governmental and get on with
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a full set. of the new joy of the night in which i am see as i am when i was in which i knew you were nationalising going into the psyche i went to the propeller left. but if they got it to compliment the. delay consider. it as you don't i mean to get around you are deaf and thick with the yeah yeah boobs i acknowledged thirty of. you thought are silly and of money but nobody would care like i said that was rather the sun and i said nothing but i'm going to have government on the security. to get in separate from me or. a critical mass that was about i was in his office at the familiar then you know
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what. he's saying yes it's all of these damned upon the letter. but i mustn't get to the last on the end you have to. take on going on in a topless. moment to end the day they say i mean for media they're going to monitor your. name to. better look died in me or them and you know i didn't sank in a city any more than humans i mean. yeah i do you know i think that i come out.
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of what i don't know. but i get an image of. yeah i get a fight here. or you feel why you feel. you know it's all i mean it's a nice if we could get what i can detect i thank you and i. don't know that but what if. it had a kind of do you know what i keep it in my d.n.a. are you. good for nothing it done no. good you know what other hand if you got. it. i keep pointing out i had no option d. y. . yeah it's it ahead of the front end and then they might look at it here you go again yeah go ahead jump or no no no don't you yeah yeah yeah. yeah.
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if you. really think best. i. think. it did i think yesterday i think class they want to argue they want to go at the end of a class if you look like. you know if you're a parent with a guy thinking be you know you got. so don't give on we have you know we know native and i'm telling all my one that they don't. and don't isolate and they're going to when they want to go in this side of you can what do you mean . if you're going to be three she nice of them one of the people you know. i soon to sort of better let them know you know that meant about you. it was a commie may call them you know but some best it out both about their. medicine the money you give it is going to cement the work you may have an issue
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and people may so i may create that when i would get any and each of them that i want if you want to set up a quick journey. in interment that i pass i mean i said can i get you know if i look at a young people. you know forty who me. getting a good. little who would like it there but it up at this woman's have that gotten to me until. i. couldn't quote the man we. living by that i don't even know the meaning of either one of the will to live there in the us or with. second with women who never. inform the tuna. of corn and use it in. some you might. want to look easy unless you know you
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played it over this. and you. ate the. gates of your months with a. group of. a dozen healthy for this year and. i'm going. with. jenny jim not ready to give me a look at your this something this is amazing are you. willing. to stay on your job your the noise and some of the fare like your like you like a million percent. this
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is day. to day so you know santa for love i mean how. can i give this is so he isn't going to do. you know get it. like you're going to. get us. and a new little home feel in love. with the city and the new little. better . but are you going to give. me a different than oh. are you out of yeah i get a call that i want to go so. it's
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you know you got into. it in the must put up with some. sort in the. way you know i mean you know i mean you know you. get your money. yeah. i see. it and. yes yes. yeah and. which of course and then we make them then they me and previous are now going to order because i think you see that in the every is you you see them in human eye one of these over. you know accounting veteran the other like a city you know around it. because of your film now is a movie for you know. better and i didn't manage.
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to get to that to get him a direct hit with any phone in the middle like the meat in the soap in that that went. you know getting up would go no we don't really think that would mean if i said look if. i went there guy and in the mind of this. guy. i am one thank you and. you miss i mean we're going to go yes in this. way i'm having a cute a hug and i'm someone i. miss and care would. go be so with. both of them for going to believe me. even if you've got your money who they admire give it all seal it go money will allow him to go myself
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in the new get them i'm not that's a good thirty dollars recently gave him any less you'll simply say isn't and not only way they get leverage to do all of this it will. be but i hinted that i might that. he had a month that is unanimous. in the about that life as a matter. yeah i mean this is going to. come out i mean you know where you are more than ever. because you don't know about it he doesn't really know who you know go yes for my.
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breakdown for the movie i'm sorry i'm going i mean that they were yeah not going to confess and they had the meeting with them with you know something. you know no see a classic movie for. me is when i'm not real but in the. name of some point in the medium. that i've been able to ban same piece when i believe it when you. get down with them since they are you know to me that my. go to my resume with a woman but if. you would use them with that that would. put. it that you've got to move yet is that he had to with h.l.a. go go go would obviate the need for me to do that. i said you. could do you know. with you know the need for that is you know people just the way i see i see joe.
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for a context or do many other i think you've got to get to where they're not going to try and i mean the north again and let it move with the ample a kind of a it's a mode where. you know what i am putting. your your heart who they will perceive in a hammock you have to let in there you know i would quote a book yet and hinting at. what guy. he may find i was thrown up with me and i thought that's a. little cuckoo. you know they don't you know it's a killer killer him thing to say but. i'm old really he was i was little and. then a little boy said. he was going to one of the what i mean he would do like.
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as an article saying about them i go but i know what the article and i mean to you and i meant if you got me to the door looking at michael and i hear. us you may do not even things mean i don't i might tell us a whole. lot of us here into. the room as he mused in paul that is he is sort of yeah you must. go and get him but then. i'm getting up and going to find a place if it is the house. so i mean to me not. into the about thank you. and post your calculations.
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and that. momentum is in me to. keep me the equant that you don't read. it when i say it but . i am going to learn it. you are going to but it was only by you but it was she who must only minor committing it. for then for see you out of the. slip. into her. i thought i learned how to you know your money. or your locality in your
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. medical. the good look on the no way to face your. head until you hear the click on the net i'm. not on the book too much. you know put it. simply to the. us this you tell us. that you know what i'm going to get out what about you of course i will get. it do you see this if you do fit the model make it i said about apollo in the bin in the you know no get up on them and they die you they cause a particular cause a lot is so yeah when i left you in my fourth year. toward took i'm going to look at the way they see the cut off. and decide that this is one day to get to know
9:51 am
that the city haven't performed. and i think you know them well it circles out there you know like and i want to. look at it when i thought. about it important to. look at i don't bet on it and i get better they would. kill a person to get one everything. and does this you know so michel. when you. come to sell or done that abundant they will do it alone and when they've been in the going to weapon of the never know weapon of the no c. . unit that is a little good think you know why i don't bother with. the visible in the legacy book of the novel.
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then let's. get. going to people but they're like i'm going to like i want to. you know see in the. room.
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to. say when. and well. i mean will. you go get. but i mean. you can. move on to do with. but it and then we are going to. which will i think that i will never go. to i mean this. but i intend that you know it is to look about and and. in this. day i thought in
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a normal going to do it i listen. to. a book but in the time in. and i when i go into. it and when he's gone not me. to it doesn't but i'm then there is a. look at the. you them didn't. they were. going to set that he. gave me. a gun or not but i mean i. didn't.
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i mean. when i was on my own yes. just letting the thanks i had our. better. console in concrete. thought. nobody to.
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me them in the community. me. losing. something. i mean gun your you mean to. bring. order to. this suman to. force me. to gavin i'm. forwarding the. phone to. whom for you to better than. born this morning. on
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line you're. going. germany's birth very analogous where stunning scenery is playing host to europe's latest arrivals. sampras in origin. a common room. and together dream of a german future. welcome to germany favored left eye witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. we all have stories. some that enrich our memories. others find all future. in a breathtaking new season al-jazeera staff members open their hearts and didn't
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fight us into their extraordinary life's al-jazeera correspondent. got a few showers an apple costs for the middle east over the next couple of days they will be few and far between having said that last a clear skies what it was a possibility just around the black sea the caspian sea northern part of iraq maybe northern areas of iran could also see want to row showers as we go through the next couple of days no sign of any wet weather across the raban peninsula well as he settled in sunny here hard around forty one so just a little bit of cloud just around the gulf of aden southern end of the red. spot or two of rainfall here but for the most part it will be settled mostly settled same across southern africa but. we could see some of the live over the next season long spells of right easing over towards the eastern cape as we go through sas they have
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a low sweep its way through by sunday tampa just falling back to have and seventeen . but rather gray skies for the north well breakthrough nicely harare one degrees. across much of central africa. which was ethiopia because i was to just around cameron southern part of nigeria looking rather just saying some big showers and the showers stretch all the way. says all sorts in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. facing the reality of the air space that they have not that's not belong to them it belongs to the international community getting to the heart of the matter they can understand how the chinese leadership because he is an enemy of the state here the story on top down just. this time. sanctions or dialogue dividing the international community's approach to a defiant north korea. richelle carey this is out with her live from doha also coming.


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