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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm AST

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a deadly attack destroyed her family and left her badly wounded. a long time from gaza to california and little girl's journey and. i was very timid that was she came over time progress should become our family gap. that would touch the hearts of the people around her and i was excited when i saw the situation. on al-jazeera wild at this time. large demonstrations happen in barcelona word and dependents referendum is just weeks away. and we shall carry this is al jazeera live and also coming up. sanctions or
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dialogue a divide in the international community's approach to a defiant north korea. bangladesh accuses the myanmar government of continually violating its airspace plus. the public will see more peace on the transport streets. raises its threat level to critical following an explosion on an underground train police have just arrested a man and relation to that incident. of the fight over head on yes and the pendants referendum is heating up as hundreds of mayors in the autonomous spanish region take to the streets in support of the vote more than seven hundred council on mayors have been summoned to court for questioning over their support for the referendum prosecutors have threatened to arrest people who don't come by. in the capital on capital r.
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so one of for us. what's happening now the mayors are having some sort of meeting as aright. rachele lot meeting by the macy's just concluding now an outside in this downtown square of barcelona thousands of people have come here in support of the mass seven hundred mayors from across the catalonian region the people here have been singing the catalonia international line they have been chanting we will find a sign and it finds that they intend to. vote for independence in the referendum on october the first saw them chanting freedom freedom and independence through this region catalonia. now the reason that the seven hundred mez have come here today is to register their protest because the prosecutor's office has said that seven
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hundred mayors are under threat of arrest simply because they have voiced support for the referendum on october the first and have said that they will allow public buildings to be. voted to go ahead now the central government has called the referendum on democratic and illegal the constitutional court has also come out and said it will try and block this referendum but the catalano authorities have said they will press ahead regardless and that is what to set the central government and regional government on a collision course and so now the prosecutor's office has opened investigations against move than seven hundred man on a said that they will have to come and also questions before the courts and if they refused to do so the prosecutor's office is threatening to send the police to arrest them so today that been meeting to try and decide what strategy they will adopt and what they have come up with is once again i firm message of defiance they
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say that they will not back down that they will still offer their support for this referendum vote on october the first and that clearly sets central government and regional government on a collision course with indeed it does. for us in barcelona karl thank you. international community is split on how to deal with the growing tensions around north korea's nuclear program kyung yang has vowed to achieve what it calls an equilibrium of force with washington as president donald trump says all options remain on the table andrew thomas reports from seoul. their image is designed to convey delight confidence and power the north korean regime says kim jong un personally guided friday's launching drill it was shown on north korean t.v. on saturday the presenter said the test to be a success on the force on twelve rocket was now operationally ready the regime says kim's final goal is a coup librium a real force with the u.s.
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on how to stop him there's a split u.s. president donald trump talking to troops on the seventieth anniversary of the u.s. air force suggests they could have a role. after seeing your capabilities and commitment here today i want to tell students in there that our. existing just read the posts thank you. for one president donald trump already said sanctions passed by the united nations security council on monday were nothing compared to what will have to happen but others including his ambassador to the united nations stressed sanctions time we have strangled their economic situation at this point that's going to take a little bit of time but it has already started to take effect the united nations security council met again on friday and condemned the latest launch but there was no suggestion in their statement of further sanctions and from china a renewed call for talks with the year of
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a delusion also calls for reopening dialogue every job in the issue of consultations the regulations should be implemented comprehensive lee but south korea no longer wants dialogue in a big change in its position its president now says talks are impossible in the current climate he did use quite exceptional language he said that there is no chance for dialogue and he said that south korea will be able to destroy north korea there's a sense that moon has been forced into this corner by north korea that he's made all these overtures to dialogue he said that. who is willing to engage in military and humanitarian talks and north korea. south korea is extremely wary of military action on kim jong un's regime it could provoke an attack on this city seoul in revenge but north korean mid and long range nuclear weapons threatening american cities might make the u.s. think twice in coming to south korea's defense if young decided to make a first move you wouldn't know there was any threat in so it's
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a war some day and the atmosphere is completely calm you cite that particularly worried for behind the scenes the has been a subtle but important shift towards a more assertive position one closer to the president from when china's president understands how does it solve. the latest provocations from north korea has led to calls for stronger ties between the u.s. and japan thousands of japanese people visited the u.s. air base on saturday. opening the doors for a so-called friendship festival for many this event is one of the clearest signs of the alliance between japan and the u.s. especially given the heightened tensions with north korea when something exists for a long time we tend to forget about it and take it for granted it's not until we need it that we understand how important it is and i think that might be occurring right now people are remembering the importance of the purpose and strength of the
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u.s. japan alliance for most visitors it's a reminder of u.s. protection a day after another missile was fired over japanese territory with people living beneath its flight path powerless to do anything about it to them and. i think it was very selfish like not korea. in japan we can't do much about the metal. because it was so worried it would in japan and i don't feel safe. japan's prime minister shinzo have a physio to the full implementation of tougher u.n. sanctions while working more closely with the u.s. but not everyone in japan is happy with closer ties to washington. critics. say that inconsistency is in the u.s. policy towards north korea have increased the risk of confrontation and japan's close alliance with the u.s.
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might mean it being dragged into a conflict whether it likes it or not. given the potential consequences for japan many believe it's never been more important to be working closely with the u.s. as it weighs up potential military options macbride al jazeera tokyo bangladesh has accused the n.r.a. for peddling violating its airspace further straining relations damaged by the ongoing crisis dhaka says helicopters and drones crossed into bangladesh three times in the last five days the military has been accused of attacking rihanna civilians attempting to flee over the border four hundred thousand have made the journey in the last three weeks man maher says it's attacking terrorists hospitals in bangladesh are struggling to cope with the influx of people needing help. he went to visit one. i mean karts was our government district hospital every day dozens of rowing a refugees are admitted here with various animals including bullet injury mine
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explosion injuries this hospital is only two hundred bad and it cannot cope with the influx of refugees patients coming here it is overflowed you can see patients out on the floor that made temporary arrangement with the government need to do is set up mobile emergency clinic within the refugee camp areas unless they do that the local hospital just are not capable of coping with the new refugees were four hundred thousand crossed over so far within the last three weeks and more and more are coming there's two hundred thousand children among them who need medical care at least two hundred infants right admitted within the local hospital system they are getting some sort of body but not at a great and the international donor agency also need to gear up to set up mobile clinics otherwise the local hospital just won't be able to call with a number of rolling up patients admitted in these hospitals british police have arrested an eighteen year old man in connection with the blast on
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a london underground train on friday police are calling it a significant arrest the terror threat level was raised from severe to critical after an explosive device partially detonated on the district line during the busy morning peak hour twenty nine people were injured. following the developments from london. well the police are not telling us much about who this eighteen year old man is we know that he was arrested in the port area of dover down in kent on saturday morning and he is being transferred to a police station in south london the police are calling it a significant arrest but saying they're not going to comment any further about this person for investigative reasons earlier on mark riley the nation's top antiterrorism police officer said that the police had been making really good progress and they were chasing down suspects the use of the plural they're suggesting in some people's minds that there could be more than one person who's
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being linked to the attack now we know that hundreds of officers have been going through c.c.t.v. footage from the train and from elsewhere trying to identify who planted the device which failed to detonate fully they've said clearly the aim was to create huge injury and huge panic it could have been a lot worse in other words it was headed for central london it was rush hour and over twenty nine people were injured most of them suffering burns none of those injuries were life threatening also on friday trees may announce that the national threat level was being raised to critical meaning that they believe an attack it was expected imminently that usually lasts for a few days giving the police extra powers of surveillance and also meaning that the military the army will be taking over from police in sites around the country freeing up armed police officers to patrol the streets and to be present on the transport networks in reassuring the public but also gathering information in the
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pub the police have still been appealing to the public for any information and any images either still photographs mobile phone photos or videos and they used those have started to be sent in to the police helping them with their search for the person or people who carried out the attack. there's been tension at the top tears of british and u.s. governments over president donald trump's comments about the to blast the us later launched a twitter tirade which was described as unhelpful by british police and by the prime minister tory gate and the reports. hours after the attack on a london underground train us president donald trump made a series of controversial comments on social media including the suggestion that the suspects were known to british police he tweeted another attack in london by a loser terrorist these are all sick and demented people who were in the sights of scotland yard must be proactive he went on to say the travel ban stopping people
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from some muslim majority countries travelling into the us should be followed tougher and more specific his comments made before police released any information about the attack is all the motives led some to accuse the president of jumping to conclusions but he reiterated them later when speaking outside the white house. knowing. we had to be very hard we've been very very. weak when i merely. british police described his comments as on helpful and tories in may was unimpressed i never think it's helpful for anybody to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation as i've just said the police and security services are working discover the full circumstances of this cowardly attack and if i will those responsible critics say trump's willingness to speak out about this
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attack and others where muslims are suspected to be involved is it all it's with his response to incidents such as the white supremacist rally in charlottesville last month where a woman was killed in a car attack when there are acts of terrorism that's where the perpetrators it is worldview. is almost in a knee jerk. you know. well. react to state but when it is not the people that he usually likes to condemn then he will be much more deliberate about his statements. it's not clear if trump's tweets were based on intelligence or speculation either way they irritated a close eye on a day that was difficult enough already victoria gay to be al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera the iraqi kurdish parliament votes to back an independence referendum despite international opposition. and germany is just over a week away from general elections hall taking to march as long knuckles holding
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a rally. tropical storm talon is continuing to creep its way towards japan look at the satellite picture we can see the system here but actually it's throwing plenty of cloud ahead of it so for many of us in japan it's already very wet the moment that system though isn't expected to reach our shores until around zero g.m.t. on sunday that's nine o'clock in the morning local time and then will sweep its way across us great gradually working a little bit faster as it does so so heavy downpours but it should be fairly short lived as this system actually works its way towards the northeast now a little bit further towards the south and we've seen another storm here this one worked its way into viet nam and as it does so it will to some very strong winds and some very heavy downpours here are some pictures from vietnam showing the damage that we've seen here system is now disintegrated because it's over land but
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it certainly gave us some very heavy downpours over two hundred millimeters in places it's gradually breaking up there so just a few showers there as we head through the day on sunday and then on monday it should be a little bit dry all together and elsewhere towards the northeast fine unsettled force in shanghai and for hong kong our temperatures in hong kong getting to around thirty three a bit further towards the south has also been plenty of what weather across this region recently more wet weather still to come as we head through sunday but further south the showers are more broken. a survivor of the genocide there are people who would like me to kill them to end their suffering but it didn't have the power to do who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. knowing the future is neutral. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving
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peace to the victims' families if i could just find if i could bury him. at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories this hour a large rally is underway and spain's catalonia region as the fight over a planned and dependence referendum continues the spanish government is trying to stop the vote in more than seven hundred cattle on mayors have been summoned to court for questioning over their support for the whole. north korea has released pictures of its most recent missile test a listing missile was launched over the japanese island of the cato on friday north
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korea says it's part of a plan to achieve military equilibrium with the united states. british police have arrested an eighteen year old man in connection with the blast off a london underground train on friday twenty nine people were injured when an explosive device partially detonated on the district line during the busy morning peak hour. the mammoth cleanup effort after hurricane arm ahead the u.s. state of florida is going slowly with tens of thousands still without electricity the largest atlantic storm on record hit almost a week ago now but many people still have not been able to return home as robin also reports. big pine key is a study in desolation here on one of a chain of low lying islands that bore the brunt of hurricane earl mouth trees are stripped bare debris is piled high houses are trashed boats lifelong onto the shore telephone poles are snapped into like rotten driftwood there's no
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electricity no running water and hardly any people except for a few die hards like and mccarty my baby the house boat where she's lived for ten years is now i have sunk in the debris choked financial i was tied good i came through and i and the tide went out yesterday and this boat right here i'm sitting on poked a hole in the bottom of my boat and her friend roxie gillespie have taken refuge in the house of a neighbor who fled before the storm hit i lived on a sailboat yeah. and it's not in the harbor we can't find my son's friend looking on satellite pictures for we haven't found it yet with most residents still evacuated and not able to return the only traffic on the keys streets highways and bridges consists of convoys of police national guardsmen and humvees and other
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emergency workers. tillett crews from around florida and beyond are working long hours trying to get electricity flowing again according to the federal emergency management agency sixty five percent of all houses on the keys were damaged by erma and another twenty five percent were destroyed there have been reports of thieves stealing property in the wake of the storm. proven benami runs a maritime supply store in island morada key us night well somebody came in and stole the jet ski dock that i did tired up especially because i saw it sort of moving toward a straight up put it back and i tied it with big cable and a big log and they still cut it off and took it away from here signs by the roadside bear
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a blunt warning. for the most part though people are taking the destruction and disruption in their stride without tears or. i mean i could cry everything i own in the world was on that boat except and right here you don't think right. gone what are you going to do i'm here and a life time to clean up i'll make money clean up and i'll be able to start over again. well you know and to julie that i don't know never. loses home in the florida keys it seems human nature can handle whatever mother nature dishes out rob reynolds a big player in florida a large protest has blocked streets in the u.s. city of st louis where a former policeman was acquitted of killing a black child demonstrators want to jason stokely to be convicted of the two thousand and eleven death of anthony remar smith but in the serious stage says the
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prosecution failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt smith was shot five times after a car chase and prosecutors had allege the officer planted the gun in this car after he shot him. to court has upheld the life sentence of the country's former president mohamed morsy the ruling is final and cannot be appealed morsi was convicted of espionage in june and is expected to serve at least twenty five years in prison and presidential elections in two thousand and twelve but was removed in a military coup a year later several people have been sentenced to death in egypt over links to the libyan branch of eisel accused of taking part in the beheadings of twenty one and gyptian coptic christians in two thousand and fifteen the seven apart of a group of twenty people on trial the court is set to issue a final verdict on the wider case in late november the united states wants the kurdish regional government in northern iraq to call off an independence referendum
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to be held later this month the kurdish parliament approved the proposal on friday despite opposition from iran iraq and turkey and the u.s. is calling on the kurds to enter into dialogue with the iraqi government warning the referendum could spark violence in the region iran khan has more from the kurdish capital. it's already been described as a historic occasion because his palm and of voted yes on the referendum and so what happens now is that the independent high electoral commission will be tossed with running the referendum on the twenty fifth and it's been signed into law now let me just this is a politician. this is a story occasion for you yeah it is actually it is a historical session of the kurds in parliament since the start of this a parliament in ninety two today we supported the holding of referendum in the in the kurdistan region and also the disputed areas so we
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delegated the commission to the high commission independent commission of elections and referendum in kurdistan region to hold elections on the twenty fifth of september two thousand and seventeen let's just talk about the disputed region states going to happen. that's baghdad is federal iraqi territory the kurds have a claim on it as well you've already sent troops to the region one of the big chair militias have said that any referendum there will be an act of aggression can you hold a referendum when there's that kind of tense atmosphere in kirkuk well we. try our best to avoid any act of dispute or any act of conflict but these areas are practically under control of kurdistan region and in those areas there were some there was supposed we were supposed to have a referendum no later than december two thousand and seven that never happened that was according to the confusion so went back to that does not respect the constitution we have to come up with a solution referendum is the very democratic way of involving people in this
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session decision making this decision is going to be the decision of the people of disputed areas and people of for some reason. the same tough thank you very much so you heard it there it's going to take place encourage the kurds clearly very confident but let me just show you the sign here it says the. still in parliament iraq wants the kid to be looking for now is to remove iraq from that so an air strikes have hit us back syrian opposition forces and ours or s.d.f. fighters have been fighting i saw in the area with the health of u.s. warplanes so have russian backed syrian government forces it is unclear if russian or syrian government planes targeted the u.s. backed fighters it's an asian government has lifted a ban on muslim women marrying non muslim men president veggies cited as seventy recommended the change saying tunisia needs to modernize muslim men were allowed to marry non muslim women but not the other way around the change has angered muslim
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carer clerics that is who consider marriage rules unquestionable under islamic sharia law on which had to nation legal system is based. it is the final week of campaigning in germany's general election ahead of the vote on september twenty fourth. merkel and her rival martin shells are holding rallies on saturday. at a merkel rally in the northern town of bands. i'm going to merkel's message to audiences across germany has been one of continuity stressing that she is the competent candidate for chancellor of the past twelve years she believes are evidence of why she needs another four years as chancellor here in the hers in my soup i see tourists. which people come to at this time of year to enjoy the baltic sea she's telling people they something of concern you would see is the idea that counts that she wants to time truth kaname for all the giants not just one part of
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society it has to be said there has been opposition to that visit him from supporters of the alternative. but by and large she was drowned out by the message with her message the point to make here of course is that the opinion polls suggest that she is cruising towards a fourth to move something between thirteen to fifteen points. over her nearest rivals and many analysts now say the question is not whether she will win this election but then who will she will govern with in the subsequent government follows from this election and certainly here in her state the suggestion is that very many people support her. the mayor of qatar is in new york ahead of the upcoming united nations general assembly a man been home at all funny is expected to meet with u.s. president donald trump on the sidelines of the u.n. it's his first foreign trip since the diplomatic crisis began back in june. more
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from paris. beginning in lynn on his way to the u.n. general assembly in new york and opportunity for the emir of qatar to lobby european capitals for support in reaching a political solution to the gulf crisis. and we talked about the readiness of catarrh to sit down at the table and discuss and solve the issue we tank germany for its efforts and also i tank the chancellor of germany for their role in trying to solve the problems around the negotiating table we take you for your support of the kuwait initiative which katter has supported since the beginning and will continue supporting until we get the solution that satisfies all parents and the emir took his offer of holding talks to paris where president emmanuel macron like chancellor merkel supports mediation efforts by kuwait and the united states and maybe even seek to join those efforts having appointed a special envoy in recent weeks in berlin earlier chancellor merkel spoke of the
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need for quiet diplomacy to run its course for both sides to find compromises allowing them to quote unquote save face well that's a sentiment that president macron here is unlikely to disagree with france has huge lucrative trade and investment deals with saudi arabia the u.a.e. and qatar it isn't going to take sides in this dispute but it's very interested in seeing it resolved. a statement attributed to. lifting of the saudi lead in. discussions may well continue next week in new york jonah how al-jazeera paris. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories a large rally is underway in spain's catalonia region as the fight over a planned and dependents referendum continues thousands of come out in support of more than seven hundred caps on mayors who have been summoned to court for
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questioning over their support for the poll spanish government is trying to block the vote. thousands of people have turned out to show their support for the mayors and that referendum. the people here have been saying because it's a long international and they have been chanting we will find that a sign of defiance that they intend to turn out and vote for independence in that way when done on october the first saw bench haunting freedom freedom and independence school this region all facts alone yeah north korea has released pictures of its most recent nuclear test the listing missile was launched over the japanese island after katoh on friday it's part of north korea's plan to achieve so-called military equilibrium with the united states. has accused me and mar of repeatedly violating its airspace further straining relations already damaged by the ongoing where hedger crisis almost four hundred thousand right hand to have now
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fled a man maher military crackdown that began more than three weeks ago says helicopters and drones crossed into bangladesh three times in the past five days. british police have arrested an eighteen year old man in connection with the blast on a london underground train on friday twenty nine people were injured when an explosive device partially detonated on the district line in the busy morning peak hour police are calling it a significant arrest and egyptian court has upheld a life sentence of the country's former president mohamed morsi the ruling is final and cannot be appealed morsi was convicted of espionage in june and is expected to serve at least twenty five years in prison he won presidential elections in two thousand and twelve but was removed in a military coup a year later the united states wants the kurdish regional government in northern iraq to call off an independence referendum to be held later this month the kurdish parliament approved the proposal on friday despite opposition from iraq iran and
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turkey as are the headlines news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story keep it here. north korea fawaz another misako across japan and the second in less than a month well the this have condemned the launch south korea says it's now impossible to talk to pyongyang so where is this crisis heading and how close are we to war this is inside story.


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