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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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saying. i think it's how you approach an individual and i think it is a certain way of doing it you can just. fly out. this is zero. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha for the back to go welcome to the news great we just want to vote the fight over independence referendum as thousands of people from the autonomy region take to the streets of boston and they have been supporting hundreds of pro independents who
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were summoned for questioning over a vote that the national government says is illegal will have a report from the demonstration. also on the grid life after the mudslides one month ago a thousand people were killed in san leone went to rent a disaster aid has made it into the country but many say they have been left out and thousands of displaced families still have nowhere to go when explore what the government's been doing to help the victims and a warning to parents whose children play football rugby or hockey the doctor who inspired the film concussion says kids who play contact sports face a lifetime of health consequences even combat is it to smoking we'll hear from dr bennett. a former police officer is acquitted of killing a black man in st louis leading to a night of protests it's seen by many as another example of america's broken judicial system so that your questions and comments throughout the show.
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you are the news great live on air. and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com the stories we just mentioned are coming up but we want to begin in the democratic republic of congo that's where at least eighteen refugees from neighboring burundi have been killed by security forces it happened in the town of come on your life in eastern d.r. see where many brule indians are living the interior ministry says trouble began when refugees overran a jail where four burundians were being held a u.n. team is trying to find out exactly what happened ends of thousands of refugees from burundi have fled to d.r. see to escape political violence in their homeland. we are simple people not bad persons this is genocide why are they killing us like this it's unacceptable. now burundi's minister of external relations has reacted to the killings tweeting vess
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clarifications are needed on the shootings and circumstances around at u.n.h.c.r. at my new school and the d r c authorities need to communicate but refers to the un peacekeeping mission in the democratic republic of congo al jazeera as malcolm webb is tracking the story from over the border in uganda he joins us now via skype from kampala markham first what do we know happened here. well u.n. says eighteen people were killed and they expect that number to rise but some eyewitnesses say they swore at least thirty bodies and ninety or one hundred people have been injured as well what we understand that this broke out following on rest and that two refugees have been detained by comedy the authorities at being freed by other refugee that's how it began other details are not entirely clear some people have said the refugees grab a gun from
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a soldier others said that's not true but will oakland out more in that yes you know as yeah the circumstances are this incident are still unclear give us some context now malcolm congo is of course home to thousands of or indian refugees what is it that led them to the d r c in the first place you're going to fifteen in april the president of burnley and prince the announced he is to run for a third presidential term which critics and opponents said long constitutional it was against the law so what we got on the street protests around then turned into violent conflicts around the country various state security agencies including the use wing of the ruling party. which is often described by rights groups and groups it's a militia they've been accused of actually killings targeting any opponents and critics the government denies it says it's not responsible for one thing that we do know is that in all of these camps in surrounding countries been reports of both government
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security agents acting within them targeting people right also reports of opposition factions that are realizing people within those camps so even at the best of times those camps aren't entirely safe places to be right yet the r.c. not exactly a safe place for refugees to go to in the first place especially the east of the democratic republic of congo markup. that's right one of the least they will pass the reasonable were only measures that the brain and probably. not the best of them to be a refugee in by any means the. conflict in more than twenty years or foreign interventions and local rebel groups the area itself is very stable the un peacekeeping mission there forty thousand of these refugees and there are many more in town than the one that in uganda well ok malcolm thank you very much for that
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malcolm webb live for us there in come palla let's now speak to andrea scare schaffel words for the un refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. in kinshasa he joins us on the line from the capital thank you very much for speaking to us can you tell us what you know as far as what happened with these burundian refugees are the circumstances surrounding their killing clear to you. the circumstances are not clear we have heard about it just after it happened yesterday. timor send partner staff is also has gone to the place also to treat the mentally injured including very severely injured circumstances we know we heard that there was a confrontation with the armed forces and shooting. apparently according to the latest figure seem to be over thirty dead and
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over one hundred injured but all this is still subject to final confirmation have you able to have you been able to send teams to the location to the area where this happened. the u.n.h.c.r. team was on its way but i haven't heard feedback from them yet as to where they are . we have. partners staff junichi our partners including the medical staff to support the efforts on the ground right. by the area where this incident happened this is in the east of the democratic republic of congo of course as we've mentioned but did the shooting see the killings happen at a refugee camp at a refugee site or was it was this in a completely different area we're just trying to ascertain here whether these refugees were attacked in their camp. well come on your small town
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along one of the main roads. many times it is a. generally a volatile to ration in in sea that we were not particularly concerned about this group of about two thousand refugees and asylum seekers in the town where are. they live with they live with the host community there they don't live in a camp ok i question briefly missed a question from one of our viewers here who wants to know you know why are these refugees in the democratic republic of congo so many of them of course not just from burundi why are they so vulnerable when the d.-r. c hosts the biggest un mission in the world. well the refugees in the didn't see because they started fleeing since two thousand and fifteen when the wrist started and especially these refugees in income and your lot
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there also this since two thousand and fifteen. over all the videos he has several very volatile zones. the the un peacekeeping mission which is separate from your knowledge in the u.n. system is trying in supporting efforts to stabilize the country but there are many many new outbreaks also of all is stability including in the qatari region and what we know is that they are stretched to their limits ok thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us andres crash off of the u.n. refugee agency speaking to us there from kinshasa in the democratic republic of congo and for more on the refugee crisis in africa's great lakes region as it's known take a look at this explainer on al-jazeera dot com as we've heard more than four hundred thousand people fled rwanda in twenty fifteen after violence there many of them fled to tanzania of course but also the democratic republic of congo and
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uganda more on that at al-jazeera dot com and if you have any more questions on this story and others we're covering on the news great today don't forget to connect with us on facebook life facebook dot com slash a.j. news great on twitter handle is that a.j. english you can also what's up with of course the number is on your screen hopefully right now at best one hundred four five zero one triple one four nine. moving on to spain now where people who support independence for the region of have been protesting in barcelona they're furious about threats from the national government in madrid which opposes an unsanctioned referendum on october first on whether catalonia should become its own country now let's take a look at the region where we're talking about right now it is hopefully you can see it here shaded in red the region of spain now federal authorities say have tightened control over the region spending to stop state cash from being used to pay for the ballot in earlier this week more than seven hundred castellan mayors
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were called for questioning over their backing for the vote. has been reporting from the protests in barcelona. thousands of people have crammed into government square in downtown barcelona chanting freedom and chanting we will vote some of them a carrying also the castle and independence flag this is a clear reflection of their determination to go ahead and vote in a referendum on october the first to decide whether the catalonia region will break away from the rest of thank you tom thank you thank you thank you thank you very much thank you thank you ok thank you thank you thank you thank you all rounder right of ok thank you for thank you thank you for giving us thank you thank you for the first thank you thank you thanks thanks thanks roger thank you mr mayor thank you thank you thank you
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for the record thank you thanks jr necessary that is total respect thank you thank you thank you for your answer gauge the central authority or make room for your great elected official. i list i'll bring in our social media producer and. the tensions over this referendum are not just on the streets that's right and you saw some of the passion and tension there well it's the same thing online that has tag catalonian referendum is all over twitter as people for and against have their say earlier we spoke to john ritter corby who works for the public diplomacy council of catalonia which advocates in favor of independence. it's only. a couple of referendum on independence on the. first of october and that's what the pension here on the ground at this point is that it is using. and even extreme measures in trying to prevent this referendum from taking place and in my opinion it is about
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to europe and the whole world should be paying attention to may change that about it the. beautiful democrat did as a broad used within a couple of society to hold a vote on the political. and that should be respected as you heard the government is being accused of unfairly stifling debate in the past week spanish police entered several newsrooms in catalonia and warned editors they'd face criminal charges for publishing pro-rate referendum ads the barcelona court also blocks last week the official website of the catalan government which was devoted to the independence referendum but then the regional government just turned around and launched a new website anyway now the catalan president said in an interview on wednesday that the world of electronic communications does not have any borders they can shut down one website but if you know in advance this might happen you automatically launch a new one meanwhile the european free alliance
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a european political coalition has launched a pro independence campaign as well with the hash tag hands off catalonia other people such as julian a sancia have weighed in offering their support here does everyone to support what he calls catalonia right to self determination while others have taken a different approach marie here tweeted the e.u. commission directly asking how long it will it will allow the spanish government to violate catalonia is civil rights now on the other side of this debate there's users such as this one who describes the referendum as an illegal vote that would deprive spaniards of their rights as citizens if you're in spain and following up ahead of the catalonia referendum on the first of october let us know what you think using the hash tag a j news grid. andrew thank you very much and a similar debate is going on right now in a very different part of the world in less than ten days iraq ie kurds will be voting in a referendum on whether their autonomy this region should become fully independent even though the vote isn't legally binding it has big regional implications the
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kurdish regional parliament approved the referendum on friday the votes will take place in the provinces of the hoaxer money and erbil areas that are officially under his control disputed areas outside its administration came by both the kurdish government and baghdad also voting that includes the oil rich province of kirkuk and this us further on get the national government in baghdad which along with iran turkey and syria is against a vote they fear an independent kurdish state in iraq could fuel further separatism among their own kurdish populations mocked in orange there at the u.s. is also opposed to describing the vote as provocative and the stabilizing now in the last hour iraq's prime minister spoke to reiterate his opposition to the referendum taken as we are within one year on this constitution has been voted. on it by all the iraqi people including the one of the iraqi population so i think
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to challenge the constitution in this manner there will be no. if you challenge the courts to show and if you challenge the borders of iraq on the border of the region then there will not be this is a public invitation to that countries in the region to violate your records which is very dangerous escalation. for less speak some more about this not to maria from top here in rome she joins us via skype she is a senior iraq analyst said the international crisis group a non-government organization that works to prevent and resolve conflicts maria welcome to the news great thank you very much for being with us a lot of opposition to this referendum the u.s. is asking that it be called off do you think they can convince the kurds massoud barzani not to go ahead with this vote will this happen well and they try to alongside with the u.k. and also the u.n.
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to propose an alternative to muscle behind him but until now and the president must win by designing a theory. is the will of to go ahead with the referendum so anything can happen until the twenty four and over all of a september as has been before there is a grand will be handsaw we can expect anything to happen but until now the president resigning has reaffirmed that he will go ahead with it and at this point we also don't know anymore if. actually the dance of the international community to prevent that the referendum will take place they are going to anyway. they're going to heaven and it. will read the referendum since it has been called is a really creating a lot of instability. and as the prime minister hi there are five years set tell us more about the international community's reaction to this idea of an
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independent kurdish state in iraq as you've said the americans are opposed every light alot on the kurds in the war against iceland even before that what about turkey though how do they feel about the idea of a kurdish state in iraq what is the current relations between turkey and erbil. well in the first place and i would have to say that with this referendum it emerges the contradictory policy of a western country is that the kurds some extent because they have as you rightly point out western countries that have relied on the kurds in the fight against isis and but they did not develop a political approach towards the kurdish issue in other words they did not confront and respond to the question of how the self this rumination of the kurds can and to some extent. exists also when they continue with your iraq's borders
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right. there the position has been rather that tunnel will spawning they're trying to. smallman to and the west will think it was it should also because there are other to put in other parts of europe and the world there are many other people who come up and i close up the definition as in what concerns the turkish position it has been developing in all hundred years as we know between two thousand and twelve the start of the student civil war on terror to date turkey has been a key ally of the kurdistan democratic party which is the party of the president and the masses by sign and therefore there is a sort of a political alliance which has. led turkey to have the sort of the official officially that it was the referendum but also they might have to larry to any rate as they might hope that there will be some sort of the continued independence of muscle by signing and his party on the right of the kurdish issue is
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a very complex one and i want to show our viewers this map on al-jazeera dot com now an estimated twenty five to thirty million kurds mostly live in iraq turkey syria and iran and they don't have an official homeland and continue to seek recognition. what are the different intentions of the different kurdish groups depending on where they are do they have the same objective. well i was it is a very difficult question but definitely and rule it is always that they want the ration of all kurds will be to have a state of their own that's obvious however in the different parts of the region where that in turkey is syria iraq and iran and there has been of course this isn't political movement different turkish political movement which i have also. see develop different strategies and different than years of national the
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self-determination for instance in that at this moment in syria and in turkey the main empire that we need it's actually another part. to some democratic but at goodison. workers party k.k. in turkey and in syria a local branch of it and they have a very different sort of political plan that they're trying although muscovites not only for them it's more important and it's. a state that it doesn't seem to. be any and state so let's say that while the iraqi kurdistan now the end goal of having a state it's very clear when other parts it's not clear how it will evolve but the south in munitions and the research for statehood it's in general aspirational that means really all kurds in the region of the middle east and also and the asker maria from toppy thank you so much for your insight on this story thank you for
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joining us on the news great. when i live here on the news great to taking a look at the different pictures the agencies are feeding us and i want to show you this one here because we're going to hear a bit more about this in just a moment this is sorry in the u.k. and police activity there after yesterday's incident on a train where there was an explosion and more than twenty people injured let's speak to london news center for more on this story mary i'm. yes as you're saying following the police investigation continues some progress has been made with the searching of a residential address south of london in connection with that explosion on the london underground on friday twenty nine people were injured early an eighteen year old man was arrested in the southern town of dover he was detained in the port area the main departure point for ships to the european mainland police are calling it a significant arrest and u.k.'s terror threat rival has now been raised from severe
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to critical and he joins us live now from london and tell us first about the raid on this residential property anything. it's been carried out on a residential property in the suburb if you like of greater london called sunbury on is not far from heathrow airport rather sedate part of the west. and residents have been speaking on local media here saying how surprised they were by that raid but it's been linked by police to the arrest early on saturday in the court of dover in kent of that eighteen year old man we don't know anything more about him police are saying that they're not releasing any details right now for investigative reasons people not to speculate alter or for the media to actually release any details that might emerge until they do so they are saying
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that they're going as fast as they can in the last couple of hours or so across an addict the head of the metropolitan police has been saying that her officers are working flat out to find out who planted the device during the rush hour on friday whether any other people were involved in helping that person whether in fact there are any other materials at large as well that has been talk in the media here of the chemical involved being the same as what was used in the. manchester bombing back in may although that hasn't been confirmed the threat level nationally was raised on friday to the highest level critical meaning that the or forty's expect an attack imminently and on saturday after a rather meeting of the government's emergency cabinet they said that they were keeping that level critical even though one person had been arrested so suggesting that there may well be more arrests to follow in the coming days that level usually
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then goes back down to what it was before severe and that's been the experience in previous attacks here in britain but of course people want to know how we can stop things like this happening again in future thanks very much nadine barber with all the latest in central london. and i'm moving to north korea where leader kim jong un says his nation will complete its nuclear program is about to achieve what he calls an echo librium a real force for the united states following the latest missile test and as andrew thomas reports the international community appears split about how best to react their image is designed to convey delight confidence and power the north korean regime says kim jong un personally guided friday's launching drill it was shown on north korean t.v. on saturday the presenter said the test to be a success in the force on twelve rocket was now operationally ready the regime says
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kim's final goal is a coup librium a real force with the u.s. on how to stop him there's a split u.s. president donald trump talking to troops on the seventieth anniversary of the u.s. air force suggests they could have a role. after seeing your capabilities and commitment here today i want us to them to know that our. minutes listing just read our posts thank you. president donald trump already said sanctions passed by the united nations security council on monday were nothing compared to what will have to happen but others including his ambassador to the united nations stressed sanctions any time we have strangled their economic situation at this point that's going to take a little bit of time but it has already started to take effect the united nations security council met again on friday and condemned the latest launch but there was no suggestion in their statement of further sanctions and from china
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a renewed call for talks with the year of age allusion also calls for reopening dialogue every job in the issue of consultations the regulations should be implemented comprehensive lee but south korea no longer wants dialogue in a big change in its position its president now says talks are impossible in the current climate he did use quite exceptional language he said that there is no chance for dialogue and he said that south korea will be able to destroy north korea there's a sense that moon has been forced into this corner by north korea that he's made all these overtures to dialogue he said that south korea's willing to engage in military and humanitarian talks and north korea. south korea is extremely wary of military action on kim jong un's regime it could provoke an attack on this city seoul in revenge but north korean mid and long range nuclear weapons threatening american cities might make the u.s.
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think twice in coming to south korea's defense if the young decided to make a first move you wouldn't know there was any threat in seoul it's a little more than a day and the atmosphere is completely calm here say they're particularly worried for behind the scenes the house being a subtle for. important shift towards a more assertive position the one closer to the president trumps in chinese president xi undertones how does it so. bangladesh's prime minister will demand more international help to deal with the range of crisis in a speech at the un general assembly four hundred thousand refugees have now crossed into bangladesh in the last three weeks playing a military crackdown in myanmar and hospitals in bangladesh is struggling to cope with the influx as tundra choudhry now reports i mean cards was our government district hospital every day dozens of rowing a refugees are admitted here with various animals including bullet injury mine explosion injuries this hospital has only to arm gets bad and it cannot cope with
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the influx of refugees patients coming here it is overflowed you can see patients out on the floor that made temporary arrangement with the government need to do is set up mobile emergency clinic within the refugee camp areas unless they do that the local hospital just are not capable of coping with the new refugees over four hundred thousand officers are crossed over so far within the last three weeks and more and more are coming there's two hundred thousand children among them who need lots of medical care at least two hundred in france right admitted within the local hospital system they are getting some sort of trade but but not at a grid and the international donor agency also need to gear up to set up mobile clinics otherwise the local hospital just won't be able to cope with a number of rolling up patients admitted in these oscar dolls. and a court in egypt has held the life sentence issued in june to the country's former president mohamed morsy the ruling is final and cannot be appealed is expected to
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say at least twenty five years in prison after being convicted of espionage or c. one presidential elections in two thousand and twelve after an uprising ended thirty years of rule by hosni mubarak he was removed in a military coup a year later. more from london a bit later on in about thirty minutes now back to ali thank you very much if you're watching us on facebook coming up next on the news grade a look at the apparently warming relations between saudi arabia and israel and still ahead on the grid police and protesters fight in the u.s. after a former police officer is acquitted of murdering a black man to stay with us. hello there the weather is generally quite quiet across the middle east at the moment on the satellite picture you can see a little bit of cloud there around parts of afghanistan and that's threatening to
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bring a few more showers around kabul but generally as we head through into sunday the showers are pulling away towards the north and kabul should be drawing at twenty seven degrees will be our maximum look at the temperatures in kuwait they have been incredibly high recently now they have eased finally down to forty one degrees and that's the way we're expecting them to stay as we head through monday so far more bearable here for the east coast the mediterranean well twenty nine degrees will be the maximum there in beirut but for the towards the south and here in doha no massive change for us really the winds still feeding in from the east bringing in that humidity and all temperatures topping at around thirty nine or forty degrees and that's the way they'll stay over the next few days before the towards the south when the winds are a little bit stronger there around the coast of oman salalah probably getting no high that around thirty or thirty one degrees even as we head into monday down towards the southern parts of africa and there's been a lot of cloud in the southern parts recently see it all on the satellite picture gradually edging its way eastwards trying to move away from cape town now and with
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a bit more sunshine the temperatures should recover twenty one degrees will be our maximum is actually higher than durban will only be getting to eighty. the philippines is asia's largest catholic nation priests are treated like gods but the church has a dark secret one on one east investigate sexual misconduct inside the most powerful institution in the philippines at this time on al-jazeera. sometimes pictures of the only way to truly to a story and i'll just you know so goes the extra mile to you some of the latest new camera gear and technology to make sure these images are innovative to be a little liturgy is the justice in behind the best bits of a given view. with the theme that i would need it. as a child of political refugees i've always been aware of different kinds of stories and different kinds of sensitivities al-jazeera is a space for the. on counting the cost how apple's i phone economics make it the
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most profitable company in the world. how the j. trade is influencing the prices in myanmar. plus one hundred days of the gulf crisis we look at how cost of the economy is very. counting the cost at this time on i just did a. memo . limited.
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minds on al-jazeera and the stories trending on al-jazeera dot com at number one there same story that was trending yesterday at number one five reasons like president donald trump the qatar gulf crisis at number two with all the latest updates on this crisis that's now and it's a third month and at number three the north korean nuclear tensions be on the brink of one interesting opinion on the north korean nuclear crisis it's all about. it is great on al-jazeera and we've got people watching today from rwanda somalia and india thank you so much for being with us remember you can have your say on today's news by sending your questions and comments for us and our correspondents all the different ways to do that on your screen right now don't forget to use the hash tag a great now to syria and u.s. back fighters are accusing regime and russian warplanes of bombing them in the east six fighters of the syrian democratic forces which is
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a kurdish an arab coalition were wounded near the city of dera zor the s.d.f. in syrian forces are conducting parallel but separate offensive against eisel osama bin jawad it explains what is yet another confusing battle in syria's complex war. isis been steadily losing territory if you remember on our website interactive page right here this portion that you see in the yellow and red used to be all black let me show you the eastern side of syria where we've been getting a lot of news lines from this is the their results are area on the right which is oil rich and has been the gateway between iraq and syria for iceland fighters and if you zoom in slightly here the yellow part is for the syrian defense forces which are u.s. backed in the red part is the russian and the iranian backed syrian government forces in these two areas these are the strikes which have been carried out in the azores which killed as the a fighters now know that the russians or the syrian
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government has confirmed if they carried out the attack and this blue line that you see is the euphrates river which is the dividing line between the two sides as they squeeze out eisel from the neighborhoods india as zoar now is unified to say that they will not let the government cross the river the euphrates river that is and the syrian regime is insisting that it will target all those who stand in its way including u.s. backed fighters it's also worth noting here that according to the syrian observatory for human rights nearly eight hundred people have been killed in the last four months the deaths have been attributed to iceland tax u.s. led coalition strikes and russian attacks. now if you're in the us and feel like protesting against or for something saturday could well be the best day for it's there more than fair to events planned for washington d.c. including approach demonstration called the mother of all rallies that also be a left leaning event called the mosque protect american democracy while the
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neighboring state of virginia is bracing for a new confederate states of america. is in richmond virginia for us to tell us what this is all about the organizers have said the extreme right isn't welcome at this rally well they be attracted to the event. what's interesting about introduction he said we're bracing for this rally we came we braced we saw they basically left actually there were about six or seven of these confederate neo confederate organizers rally is here why the statue robot leave here which is one of the main federal structures here in richmond richmond is locals once the capital of the confederacy and there's a huge debate underway in this city as to what to do with all the confederate started a boulevard of confederate statues here and like many other cities around the country there is a debate underway as to whether one should have in this day and age to those.
6:38 pm
who attempted to break apart the united states not only that we're attempting to defend the right to own slaves so these confederates came from tennessee and they said that they had been asked by people originally come to defend the statue because this debate is under way here as well they hung around for about maybe an hour or so then they were escorted away by the police and as we've seen since the violence in charlottesville that we saw in august when hundreds of new nazis outright for no confederates converged on that quiet city not too far away from here. you know then it was that you know most of the violence ensued in one person was killed since that whenever we hear prams confederacy or new nazis to gather they are immediately met by hundreds counter-protests that's exactly what happened here so there are about seven or so confederate folk here and hundreds of counter-protests surrounding this ring basically and then after a while they left that may sound all very well and good but and this is why this
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has so much attention is we're waiting for that those forces of the out right to resurface once again the same forces who organized violence charlottesville rally they we knew they weren't at least overtly planning on being here today and there was no plans are we understood but we're waiting for them to come and we're waiting for them to come to richmond perhaps because this was the start of the confederacy once so it's sort of a waiting game to see when they rio right now they seem to be scared off by all the counter protesters but they still have an enormous influence on policy in the united states will keep a close eye on those protests with thank you very much for the moment. richmond and some of the protests we've been watching in the united states have taken place in st noise after a very divisive verdict and to tell us more one hundred hundreds of people demonstrated throughout friday night after the acquittal of a white former police officer who shot and killed a black man in two thousand and eleven protesters chanted no justice no peace no racist police outside the courthouse in downtown st louis after the missouri judge
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read the verdicts on friday police later used tear gas to clear roadways of demonstrators after some protests turned violent the mayor's home was damaged and the governor said he needed to mobilize members of the national guard to support local law enforcement now anthony lamar smith fled from police in december two thousand and eleven after after an alleged drug deal outside a fast food restaurant shortly after the chase began an officer by the name of jason stokley was filmed saying this. so it took four years for charges to be brought in this particular case and members of the community have been outraged by so many aspects of it for them it was a clear case of first degree murder now the advancement project is a civil rights organization which has a very good thread on twitter on the particular details of this case including the fact that officer stokley was accused of planting a weapon in smith's car but testified that he acted in self-defense the weapon had
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the cops d.n.a. on it but not smith's members of the law enforcement community have been divided on this case as well at least one organization representing black police officers in the city believed that he was a murderer during the course of that investigation there were several things that we found a lorme that violated policy that or that led us to believe that his his actions were that of someone that had committed murder that he wasn't defending himself in the line of duty and we saw the videotape we were troubled by the multiple trips that officer starkly made back to his vehicle after he shot and leaving more smiting we know for sure he brought at least one extra good to work with him that day that he was not supposed to have and then go and has recovered from actually more smith only his d.n.a. is on underneath the screens where you assemble and disassemble it and his d.n.a. is under that that's a problem along with his statement that i'm going to kill this guy when you step.
6:42 pm
now the st louis area was rocked by protests three years ago when an unarmed black teenager michael brown was killed and ferguson the officer in that case was also acquitted and since then officers across the country have been acquitted or simply not charged in many other cases so this is another highly divisive and emotional case especially if you look on line now travis here says jason stokley got a trial and was found not guilty by a judge anthony lamar smith didn't get a trial and was sentenced to death by jason stokley while allison posted this message of a woman saying i'm a mother when will my black children matter so many people are expressing similar sentiment if you check out twitter that the u.s. hasn't made much progress since ferguson and that cops can still kill with impunity many others on twitter are angry that the protesters marched in the first place so i had to keep monitoring that situation and we also hear from you let us know what you think especially if you're in the st louis area you can get in touch with me directly i met in your ship oh or tissues that has tagged a.j.
6:43 pm
newsgroup and andrew a very interesting documentary on this issue on al-jazeera dot com awful line steen has investigated how the albuquerque police department in the state of new mexico became one of the most violent in the united states it's a fascinating documentary do check it out if you can't you can find it on al-jazeera dot com now spain one month since a devastating mudslide killed at least a thousand people in sierra leone and many olfa ages in the capital freetown are struggling to cope with the number of children who need a home algiers nicholas haq has this report from freetown. in the chaos of august his landslide came a few miracles. one thousand months old is one of them rescuers found him neck deep in mud much to his mother's relief. and i saw him alive my heart melted but when i heard his father had died in the mud my
6:44 pm
heart went cold. the recovery effort has stopped an eerie silence hangs over this vast terrain hundreds of bodies still lie buried deep in the mud. among the buildings destroyed were an orphanage with sixty children inside the church with seventy students studying and hundreds of family home this is a country still in mourning trying to come to terms with the sheer scale of the destruction. and. are some of the hundreds of children that have lost their parents in the months like they are now under the care of the don bosco orphanage in downtown freetown just like he had in mind for them. that well you know they feel. listened to then many people for example is going to give you the whole summer then they go back to. nine members will
6:45 pm
find its. children who suffered a brutal civil war and the recent bull the outbreak have found a place they call home here they receive counseling and attend school. volunteers say teenagers suffer the most too old to be called a child but too young to be considered an adult sixteen year old. fears for her future most young girls in sierra leone her age are married off i don't go to school i want. the kill and the others will stay here for another three months the government has promised to read house all of them by then but you homes will not take away their trauma after so much loss and destruction these are orphans who are uncertain with what lies ahead nicholas hawk al jazeera freetown
6:46 pm
a. very sad situation for those people not. as a program manager and he the international relief foundation and carrot us in freetown i hope to marry any said that while the government is doing its best with temporary shelter as conditions are dying for many survivors. well as it is right now the government be able to move people from the temporal immediate temporal shelters that they externalised. to different areas you know for those who are coming are mixed and shown and we ama and counting go you actually. to the august disaster to move into temporary shelters within schools schools and community services within the community and now those who are from that area have been relocated to a camp more temporarily and more shut accounts. so these are still not permanent resettlements right where are the people staying tell us more
6:47 pm
about that and how are they coping a month on from the disaster. well you know the people who actually first of all stayed in school was especially. but since school of already reopened some schools are actually delays they're reopening because. you know i did. the entire displaced people are still in those in the schools however all frantic efforts are being made by close of business to do it is expected that all those who are staying especially in korea my extension coming home in category areas will be moved into the shelter facility that they have accepted in dubai us and i'll sometimes those who are at the region side school in our schools within the regions community and one time around the sugarloaf zone are just been moved to the old school. is this young camp which is more dignified by by every standard you
6:48 pm
can see that's the place where they used to stay since it was an immediate some shots of provisions to make use of what was that there but now the constructed shelters you can see that's the standard of the route ok and it's much better than what's what where they were stayed ok i lot of aid has gone into san leon in the last month has people been benefiting from it it many of the people that i correspondent has spoken to said getting help right now is still very chaotic as a government been doing enough to help the people affected by the disaster. well it's a yes or no answer because the governments must be very skeptical they are very cautious this time around and always they've been indicated that at this particular time they don't want to fall into the same negative situation that they had during a bowl of and also of the the last twenty twenty fifteen flaw an incident that we
6:49 pm
experience the same very day that's we had a flaw instance two years ago and so they said go very conscious that you know phones were not well mismanaged were not properly used and so this time around they went ahead and i had a fiduciary company that is called b.t.o. and that's the company that is actually managing the disaster zones and all of the needed right since i know this was one of africa's worst flood disasters in living memory and some powerful photos on our web site al jazeera dot com workers digging graves family waiting to identify the bodies of their loved ones hot breaking pictures and for more on what happened and how the tragedy could have been prevented wait on al-jazeera dot com tatiana is here in a minute and we're going to hear from the man who inspired the film concussion what
6:50 pm
explain why your kid should never play contact sports sas after a snapshot of the wild west. we all have stories. some that enrich our memories. others that define our futures. in a breathtaking new season al jazeera staff members open their hearts i didn't find
6:51 pm
into that extraordinary lives al-jazeera correspondent coming soon. a new image to make to lisbon. and is grappling with the obvious tosca sustain a community but the residents of this chinese village have grown in a city and have one concern inside. the reclamation of. democracy is complicated. hot to have a six part series found out about five years we can china's democracy experiment at this time on mountains there.
6:52 pm
right tatiana is here now with sports story i'm very interested in today about contacts wars and how dangerous our children are absolutely that's exactly the topic we're talking about thank you folly it's an issue that remains a massive concern for anyone that's involved in contact sports across the globe and that is concussion friday with national concussion awareness day in the united states this really came into the public face in the u.s. in two thousand and twelve when a lawsuit was filed by a former n.f.l. player who claimed to be ignored the dangers of repeated blows to the head it resulted in a one a billion dollar thumb and the n.f.l. have a concussion. it's a cool now in place but it's let off a sports such as i thought and rugby launching their own investigations about the dangers why a study of the brains of one hundred on eleven deceased a former n.f.l. players found all but one had the degenerative brain condition called c.t.e.
6:53 pm
while the film concussions starring will smith to tell the story of dr bennett and molly who fast identified the condition in the brain of a former n.f.l. player in two thousand and two we spoke to dr morrow a short while ago and he's warning parents they should never let their kids play contact sports. i have never believed this sports industrial do so much about brain damage in sports because the n.f.l. is not in business to provide health care public out it occasionally on business to provide a productive football entertainment business to make money so i believe the decision on whether to play or not to play award rational plan each and every individual each and every parent unoiled what we know today i was justifiable of these awards so that a child under the age of eighteen under the age of eighteen should play any of the
6:54 pm
high impact high contact sports the big six football rugby i saw q. mixed martial arts boxing and wrestling when you pledge is games there's no question about it there was a one hundred percent list exposure to brain damage well what we are realizing now and if the child pledge this high impact high contact sports and software repeated blows to be had this suffer brain damage quit sometimes good money first twenty thirty forty years later money in first with symptoms like diminish an intel . agents suicide upturns psychiatric disorder criminal behavior violent tendencies. in a bullet into our teen high levels of education a greater risk to drop out of high school greater risk to drop out of college good
6:55 pm
to risk to engage in addictive behavior drug abuse alcoholism children should play the non-contact sports there are so many of them if you visited the website of the international olympic scummy tea non-contact sports like swimming track and field volleyball beers bar bar table tennis lawn tenent these are the healthy types of sports would give your child whatever rugby would give your child but would preserve your child's intelligence in soccer if you are not as many times run to children go for the body he ettes so there should not be any urging and suck on below the age of eighteen and even if you watch soccer soccer is a high dexterity sport of it while high levels of visual spatial coordination children don't have such capacity so soccer our street play today nor before the
6:56 pm
age of eighteen any child under the age of twelve should not play soccer as we played today day should play less dribble soccer and less contact soccer brains become selfish certainly deborah love to play soccer when i was talk to bennett and molly with a vague a warning for parents but quite a lot of lack of those being done online aiming to raise awareness of concussion in sport the hash tag team up to speak up was noticed by the concussion legacy foundation it's encouraging people.


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