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tv   The Listening Post 2017 Ep 33  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2017 10:32pm-11:00pm AST

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nations from north korea have led to calls for stronger ties between the u.s. and japan and now the americans have open the doors of its yokota airbase in the hope of forging an alliance or look dr went along to find out what people think about this idea. opening the doors for a so-called friendship festival for many this event is one of the clearest signs of the alliance between japan and the u.s. especially given the heightened tensions with north korea when something exists for a long time we tend to forget about it and take it for granted it's not until we need it that we understand how important it is and i think that might be occurring right now people are remembering the importance of the purpose and strength of the u.s. japan alliance for most visitors it's a reminder of u.s. protection a day after another missile was fired over japanese territory with people living beneath its flight path powerless to do anything about it so this name out of the meeting i think it was very selfish act like not korea. and you know what you
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notice in japan we can't do much about the metals because soloing it really adds in japan and i don't feel safe. japan's prime minister shinzo our bank has urged the full implementation of tougher u.n. sanctions while working more closely with the u.s. but not everyone in japan is happy with closer ties to washington critics of shinzo abbay say that inconsistency is in the u.s. policy towards north korea have increased the risk of confrontation and japan's close alliance with the us might mean it being dragged into a conflict whether it likes it or not. given the potential consequences for japan many believe it's never been more important to be working closely with the u.s. as it weighs up potential military options rob mcbride al jazeera tokyo.
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much more to tell you about in this news hour we'll have the latest from spain as tensions mount over catalonia is referendum on independence. we're also reporting from freetown on the children left orphaned by last month's deadly landslide in sierra leone. and in sports france dominating davis cup doubles. bangladesh's prime minister will use her speech at next week's un general assembly to demand more international help to deal with the range of crisis four hundred thousand refugees of now crossed into bangladesh in the last three weeks fleeing a violent military crackdown in myanmar prime minister shake has seen or is also expected to request more pressure be put on the government in myanmar. will hospitals in bangladesh are struggling to cope with the influx of people needing help tanveer challenge we went to visit one. i mean karts was our government
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district hospital every day dozens of rowing a refugees are admitted here with various animals including bullet injury mine explosion injuries this hospital is only two hundred bad and it cannot cope with the influx of refugees patients coming here it is overflowed you can see patients out on the floor that made temporary arrangement what the government need to do is set up a mobile emergency clinic within the refugee camp areas unless they do that the local hospital just are not capable of coping with the new refugees over four hundred thousand officers are crossed over so far within the last three weeks and more and more are coming there's two hundred thousand children among them who need medical care at least two hundred in france right method within the local hospital system they are getting some sort of treat but not at a great and the international donor agencies also need to gear up to set up mobile clinics otherwise the local hospital just won't be able to cope with the number of
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rowing up patients admitted in these hospitals and anywhere fiji's are now living along roadsides in bangladesh without proper shelter or secure access to food and water. is in sharply do it and se. waiting for the boats to come but for these rohingya refugees from myanmar there's still the not so small matter of haggling with the bangladeshi boatman not easy when you've got no local currency. because they're torturing and killing us on the other side we have to pay whatever the price of the protest no matter how high. some boatman have been accused of charging exorbitant fees it's a touchy subject. if i was to take money from it would be. i mean listen i'm not excusing anyone. the boatman say they're risking their lives to bring refugees across with little support. of the security forces here to was the
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first to bring refugees in but we should do it discreetly if we do it openly i think it was trouble. this confusion is symptomatic of a dysfunctional relief effort this road on the very start east of bangladesh is right now the main entry point for refugees coming into the country but looking around here we're seeing little to no sign of any official aid whether from the government international aid agencies or local ones. many of these people have been walking for days they finally crossed into the safety of bangladesh but they will have to keep on walking for another forty kilometers before they get any help local volunteers are trying to fill the gap. they are still there i came from dhaka with a group of people to help out we're trying to get these people on the boats and tell them where they need to go and there is a man paid for the boat and this family can finally leave they join the almost half
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a million reindeer that's needed to have poured across the border in just the past four weeks marsar al-jazeera shop where the bangladesh. seven hundred mayors from across catalonia have gathered in barcelona to confirm their support for a planned in abundance referendum despite threats they'll be arrested thousands rallied in the city is an act of defiance against the spanish government which has declared october's voce illegal the mayors have been summoned to court for questioning and face arrest if they fail to show and also been warned that they face charges of civil disobedience abuse of office and misuse of public funds if they gauge in preparations for the vote call panel has more from barcelona. thousands of people have crammed into government square in downtown barcelona chanting and chanting we will vote some of them a carrying the castle an independence flag this is
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a clear reflection of their determination to go ahead and vote in a referendum on october the first to decide whether the catalonia region will break away from the rest of thank you tom thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you very much thank you thank you thank you thank you very much ok thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you we were under the weight of a great thank you for your future growth and growth rate over the past thank you thank you for the first thank you very much for your thanks roger thank you for your prayers thank you thank you thank you thank us for the record thank you thank you thank you necessary thank god is total respect thank you thank you the thank you for for jennifer gray thank you step through a forty four little breath and of breath and elected officials. well joining me now in the studio is sebastian balfour professor of contemporary spanish studies at
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the london school of economics thank you very much for coming in to speak to us can this referendum practically take place if you have the government to madrid and the spanish courts trying to block it. extremely difficult if it's going to take place tall it will be despite the efforts of the of the spanish state. it would be extremely difficult because the spanish state is now depriving the catalan government of the funds to be able to carry this out funds to be able to purchase ballot boxes the funds to be able to print off the pay the ballot papers and so on and so forth it's very hard to envision how this will take place if it does each will be partial almost certainly and one little be disputed and non-binding i suppose the logistics around the vote will impact the legitimacy
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of the result from what you're saying yes very much so i mean the catalans already held a non-binding consultation and that was one in which a majority of those who voted favored independence the problem was that it was a very low turnout in the first place. and this may be the case now except that the cattle and parliament has ruled that if the vote is for independence it doesn't matter what size the turnout was so yes there will be if it takes place at all there would be huge dispute about the results how much support is there for independents because we're looking at pictures here where we see many people out and we saw this same show of force on the national day a lot of patriotism there seems to be on the face of it a great deal of support for independence there is but there is also there are also
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a lot of doubts about independence i think what the polls are revealed this that the vote would very much be split if everyone went to vote how did i did would it be roughly fifty four we're talking actually about a difference of several percent. you know opinion polls very few months to months but so far those certainly not been a large majority in favor of independence far from it the doris's perhaps are greater than those who are convinced although i should add that the movement for independence is a very powerful and very rank and file very popular based movement which extends throughout catalonia and so why then are catalonia authorities persisting with this of course it is to do with culture and history and all of those historical things but i mean they also trying to use this to gain perhaps more control over their economic affairs as leverage with madrid certainly i mean what has happened is that
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a lot of the social economic grievances of catalans have been channeled through this narrative of national identity national victimization in other words there's a lot more behind it than simply achieving independence. that that i think is is pretty clear although the narrative is one that dominates and the terms that are used like liberty and so on give if you give the impression right catalonia would be able to handle affairs much better for it was true were independent there are huge problems with the nature of independence first of all the e.u. has made it pretty clear through drunk road drinker that you won't accept her catalonia catalonia would have to if it were independent would have to reapply to join the e.u. and this is not something that is discussed much in catalonia itself all right
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thank you very much professor sebastian balfour from the london school of economics thank you very much now malaysian police say they've arrested seven boys suspected of starting a fire at a school which killed twenty three people on thursday police say the suspects aged between eleven and eighteen were detained after officers obtained c.c.t.v. footage from a neighboring building most of those who died were students who were boarding at the school on the outskirts of kuala lumpur the fire block the only exit to the dormitory leaving those inside trapped. at least fifty four people have now died during three months of tarantula rain in asia the u.n. says more than eleven thousand homes have been destroyed in the country's capital niamey which is one of the hardest hit areas the severe weather also left nearly twenty thousand people displaced and which often faces food shortages and drought is now facing further insecurity after the floods destroyed crops and cattle.
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the scale of the humanitarian disaster after last month's fighting in landslides in sierra leone is overwhelming often edges in the capital freetown more than a thousand people were killed leaving many children without their parents nicholas haq reports. in the chaos of august his landslide came a few miracles. one thousand months old is one of them rescuers found him a neck deep in mud much to his mother's relief. when i saw him alive my heart melted but when i heard his father had died his body stuck in the mud my heart went cold. the recovery effort has stopped an eerie silence hangs over this vast terrain hundreds of bodies still lie buried deep in the mud. among the buildings destroyed were an orphanage with sixty children inside the church with seventy students studying and hundreds of family
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home this is a country still in mourning trying to come to terms with the sheer scale of the destruction. and. are some of the hundreds of children that have lost their parents in the mudslide they are now under the care of the don bosco orphanage in downtown freetown just like any other we kept in mind was to offer them a comedy that welcomes them not that they feel. listened to then many people for example are going to give you the fish but even some of them they have lost practically or that. nine members will fund it. on charges of spreading both news and being a member of the muslim brotherhood has now been in jail without trial for a year and a half it's my disk on the on the is the perfect example of how the regime is not tolerating any independent use the reason that he called the government's attention
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is that he was critical of the military's way of handling the insurgency it was really a treasure of knowledge that could have been used by the government to actually devise a strategy that works rather than use the hammer you know detaining journalists not only silences those individuals but it silences the press the media more generally when they see this kind of takedown of their colleagues on allegations such as you know spreading rumors false news this kind of thing well they tend to be very careful about what they say very often don't say anything the problem here is that it's not allowing for another independent voice that would humanize the people living in the region there's just jenna's on the wall it doesn't matter if they die it doesn't matter if they live nobody understands them and nobody wants to and that's the real tragedy. it's hard to say exactly when some
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t.v. exact came up with the idea that sending a reporter out to report live on a hurricane in a hurricane somehow amounts to journalists but it's become common practice in the u.s. and elsewhere hurricanes harvey erma and jose have all recently featured hapless reporters fighting through howling gales failing equipment and wardrobe malfunctions the key component in there is wardrobe because it's not what the reporters say that matters it's what they wear their jackets their baseball caps their microphones all of them bare the networks logo for what is essentially an on air exercise in marketing we'll see you next time here at the listening posts. right. place to look at some of the water now. right here i don't need to state the obvious here. and hurricane conditions i mean that right. now.
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if you get me. let me get you. our brother do me a favor get to safety other reporting is important your safety is essential. if. you see this.
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a new village committee has been elected and is grappling with the oddest tosca sustaining a community but residents of this chinese village have gone in. and have one concern inside. the reclamation of. democracy is complicated. hard to have a six part series of five years. china's democracy experiment at this time on mountains they're facing realities the airspace that they have blocked does not belong to them it belongs to the international community getting to the heart of the matter they can understand how the chinese leadership got it as an enemy a story the other story on and talk to how does it at this time i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page whether on line more to produce the u.s. citizens here than what puts people of iraq for one and the same or if you join us
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on say ours never put a file been looked at differently because i'm dacogen all the people that i'm a watch this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make the next show join the global conversation this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm susan in london the top stories on al-jazeera at least thirty six refugees from burundi have been shot dead by security forces in neighboring democratic republic of congo that's according to the united nations the interior ministry says violence broke out after a group stormed a jail in the east of the country where refugee.


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