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a new village committee has been elected and is grappling with the oddest tosca sustaining a community but residents of this chinese village have grown in patient and have one of us an inside. the reclamation of that land democracy is complicated hard to have a six part series by five years and china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm tutors and this is the news hour live from london coming up the u.n. demands an investigation after security forces in the democratic republic of congo
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opened fire on protesting refugees thirty six people are killed an eighteen year old is arrested in the u.k. following friday's bombing please say more people could be involved and as north korea remains defiant about its nuclear program there are still clear divisions over how best to deescalate the situation. i'm peter stammered with all your sports news sebastian vettel claims pole position for sunday's singapore grand prix better move later in the program. oh. the united nations refugee agency is calling for an investigation of the thirty six refugees from burundi were killed by soldiers and neighboring democratic republic of congo under. cover the story of burned as refugees extensively he reports from
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across the border in uganda. they came here to the democratic republic of congo for safety the u.n. says refugees died following a protest demonstrators clashed with soldiers and dozens were killed and injured. we were informed that the leaders around here they would not let the refugees stay here and even get into the camp as the only option was to go back to britain where we are afraid we could be killed by un says that straight ahead with the expulsion of two through an alien refugee a little man host community in the eastern town of come on your life. as an administrator i cannot accept the brothers and sisters die here in congress as you know the story is very clear that these people will cooperate with them even today we continue to cooperate with. these political crisis began in april twenty fifth and president and crew indeed are launched his bid for
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a third term in office opposition and rights groups say it was illegal and unconstitutional what started with street protests in the capital later became violent conflict across the country. the government accused of actually did issue killings and torture to silence critics things it denies. four hundred thousand people left the country because of the violence most of them live in camps like this one in tanzania both government agents and armed opposition have been accused of operating within the camp. about forty thousand refugees are in congo where the incident took place their circumstances are not clear we have heard about it just after it happened yesterday. seymour said and harkness is also had gone to the place also to treat the many injured including very severely injured this circumstances we heard that there was a confrontation with the armed forces and shooting on twitter these minister of
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external relations called for clarification about what happened but for those who already lost loved ones the answers will come too late. malcolm webb. uganda but they say they are keeping an open mind about whether more people were involved in friday's bomb attack and i wondered underground train searching homes southwest of london after arresting an eighteen year old man in the departure of the southern port of dover up a strong police presence remains in the capital in response to the attack which left thirty people injured. as the latest. a day after the attack on a london underground train armed police raid a home in the suburb of sunbury police call this a precautionary measure after the arrested an eighteen year old man in the port of dover where passenger ferries to france operate they called that a significant development in the search for the person or people who planted the
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device and we've got the full weight of the counterterrorist police network we've got our colleagues in the intelligence agencies and government helping in every way they possibly can we're making some very considerable progress you would have seen the announcement of an eye rest later on in relation to this and so we will continue to work as hard as we can add to make sure that we reduce the threat in this country and that we know exactly who it was who did this whether there's anybody else involved and just try to reduce the risk as possible fast as we possibly can police have again appealed for information and images that might help them and despite the arrest the threat level stated critical following a meeting of the government's emergency cabinet it means an attack could be imminent an indication police believe they could be suspects or possibly materials related to friday's rush hour bombings still at large the heightened threat level announced on friday night means hundreds of armed police are being replaced by
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military personnel so they can be deployed on the streets and on public transport across the u.k. and while the metropolitan police are urging people to carry on as normal they are also reminding them to stay vigilant based on previous attacks those measures are unlikely to last more than a few days but the debate over how to stop such random attacks in the future will surely go on much longer nadine barber al jazeera london. bangladesh is setting up camps to how is the more than four hundred thousand refugees who fled to the country from neighboring. the region jim muslim refugees are fleeing a violent military crackdown that has seen their villages burned down and hundreds killed and medeski prime minister shaikh has seen a full use a speech in next week's un general assembly to demand more international help to deal with the refugee crisis he's also expected to request more pressure it puts on the me among government hospitals in bangladesh are struggling to cope with the
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influx of people time to challenge reports. i mean cards was our government district hospital every day dozens of ruining our refuges are admitted here with various animals including bullet injury mine explosion injuries this hospital is only two hundred bad and it cannot cope with the influx of refugees patients coming here it is overflowed you can see patients out on the floor that made temporary arrangement with the government need to do is set up mobile emergency clinic within the refugee camp areas unless they do that the local hospital just are not capable of coping with the new refugees were four hundred thousand officers are crossed over so far within the last three weeks and more and more are coming there's two hundred thousand children among them who need lots of medical care at least two hundred in france where admitted within the local hospital system they are getting some sort of treat but not at a grid and the international donor agency also need to gear up to set up mobile
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clinics otherwise the local hospital just won't be able to cope with a number of rolling up patients admitted in the hospitals reports emerged last week that he has been planting landmines targeting with fleeing across the border cheap bangladesh since then several explosions have been reported among those dead and injured a number of bangladeshi citizens who live at the very edge of the border. some south east. on the bangladesh side of the nothing ever a rustic like shattered by events in a foreign land mohamed hashem remembers how proud his younger brother was when he bought his first house. so when the animal wandered off his brother went to find it. suddenly i heard this huge explosion and i saw people come running they were running away from something i went to see what happened and saw some people carrying him he was in pieces. brother had chased the cow over the
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poorest border into myanmar and stepped on a landmine he lost a leg and is in hospital fighting for his life just behind me beyond that dirt path is the enough river border between me and maher in bangladesh just a few thousand feet away from the home of mohammad hussian over there you can see several cows crossing back and forth between the river as they graze the myanmar army has been accused of planting the mines to stop growing your refugees fleeing what the united nations has called ethnic cleansing about half a million rohingya are estimated to have entered bangladesh in the past month some of them are fighting back and this bangladeshi man witnessed a strange sight in the head of the. i was walking along here for the border when i saw working a man with something in his hand or what it was he said. the developments
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across the border have caught many villagers here of guard once a setting that provided a scenic view from ahmed the mountains of myanmar are now a source of dread mars that are all dizzy or to prove bangladesh. north korea's leader kim jong un is vowing to complete pyongyang's nuclear program he says the final goal is to create aqua librium of real force with the united states kim's comments come just a day after the north find yet another missile over japan the u.n. was quick to condemn the launch but the international community appears split about how best to react andrew thomas reports. they are images designed to convey delight confidence and power the north korean regime says kim jong un personally guided friday's launching drill it was shown on north korean t.v. on saturday the presenter said the test to be
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a success on the force on twelve rocket was now operationally ready the regime says kim's final goal is a coup librium a real force with the u.s. on how to stop him there's a split u.s. president donald trump talking to troops on the seventieth anniversary of the u.s. air force suggests they could have a role. after she's here to take notice and keep living here today hey i want to ask you then to know that our options in existing just read our posts thank you. president donald trump already said sanctions passed by the united nations security council on monday were nothing compared to what will have to happen but others including his ambassador to the united nations stressed sanctions any time we have strangled their economic situation at this point that's going to take a little bit of time but it has already started to take effect the united nations
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security council met again on friday and condemned the latest launch but there was no suggestion in their statement of further sanctions and from china a renewed call for talks with the year of a delusion also calls for reopening dialogue every job in the issue of consultations the regulations should be implemented comprehensive lee but south korea no longer wants dialogue in a big change in its position its president now says talks are impossible in the current climate he did use quite exceptional language he said that there is no chance for dialogue and he said that south korea will be able to destroy north korea there's a sense that moon has been forced into this corner by north korea that he's made all these overtures to dialogue he said that. is willing to engage in military and humanitarian talks and north korea's. south korea is extremely wary of military action on kim jong un's regime it could provoke an attack on this city seoul in revenge but north korean mid and long range nuclear weapons threatening american
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cities might make the u.s. think twice in coming to south korea's defense if the young decided to make a first move you wouldn't know there was any threat in seoul it's a war some day and the atmosphere is completely calm you hear say they're particularly worried for behind the scenes the house being a subtle but important shift towards a more assertive position one closer to the president from when china's president should advertise how does it solve. the latest provocations from north korea have led to calls for stronger ties between the u.s. and japan and then the americans have opened the doors of its your car to air base in the hope of forging an alliance bride went along to find out what people think about the idea. opening the doors for a so-called friendship festival for many this event is one of the clearest signs of the alliance between japan and the u.s.
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especially given the heightened tensions with north korea when something exists for a long time we tend to forget about it and take it for granted it's not until we need it that we understand how important it is and i think that might be occurring right now people are remembering the importance of the purpose and strength of the u.s. japan alliance for most visitors it's a reminder of u.s. protection a day after another missile was fired over japanese territory with people living beneath its flight path powerless to do anything about it so this name out of the music i think it was very selfish act like not korea would soon and you know what you notice in japan we can't do much about the metals because i was soloing. pan and i don't feel safe. japan's prime minister shinzo of a has urged the full implementation of tougher u.n. sanctions while working more closely with the u.s.
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but not everyone in japan is happy with closer ties to washington critics of shinzo abbay say that inconsistency is in the u.s. policy towards north korea have increased the risk of confrontation and japan's close alliance with the us might mean it being dragged into a conflict whether it likes it or not. given the potential consequences for japan many believe it's never been more important to be working closely with the u.s. as it weighs up potential military options rob mcbride al jazeera tokyo. there's much more to come here on the al-jazeera news hour we'll have the latest from spain as tension mounts over catalonia as a referendum on independence plus cuba starts its mass cleanup operation after hurricane battered the caribbean island. and in sports france dominates the davis cup doubles.
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iraq's prime minister says he is prepared to use military force if a planned referendum on kurdish independence turns violent iraq's kurds have come under increasing pressure to call off the vote should rule for september the twenty fifth in a sign of escalating internal tensions about he said the leadership of the kurdish regional authority was playing with fire by holding the poll he's described the vote as illegal and unconstitutional imran khan reports from a bill. iraqi prime minister hydrilla body reacted with strong words the kurdish parliament's decision to hold an independence referendum on september twenty fifth if you challenge to push. and if you challenge the board cuts off the army on the border of the region then there will not be this is
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a public and began to countries in the region to violate iraq before the war which is very dangerous escalation. of bodies were met with a mixture of defiance and anger in the kurdish region of northern iraq the president of the kurdistan regional government masoud barzani spoke at a rally north of erbil in the city of. rejected our partnership not us if you have a look at the iraqi constitution it says the commitment to this constitution keeps the free unity of iraq we decided to live with baghdad but they didn't accept our partnership now they have to accept we will be good neighbors if they want to accept our partnership we won't be their servants one source of tension is the disputed territory of kirkuk which the kurds say belongs to them but is also claimed by iraq the kurds have been clear that the referendum will take place in kirkuk and have sent troops to the city but the local iraqi shia led militia says any ballot box will be seen as an act of aggression the international community
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also reacted brett mcgurk who is the u.s. special representative to the coalition said that this referendum would not be supported by the u.s. on the iraqis and the kurds needed to get together and concentrate on the fight against arsenal and that's also a view echoed by the british foreign office. across the kurdish region flags have been waving and nationalism amongst this distinct ethnic group is the fever pitch ordinary kurds and their leaders see this referendum as they migrant a charge for self-determination and their own nation state something they've been striving for the name a century however some party say the time is not now but they may back the popular movement that seems to be on track to hold the referendum despite the objections of iraq the united states and opposition across the region iran called out as it would be. the pentagon says russia bombed an area near the syrian city of daraa where eight new u.s. backed. six fighters from the syrian democratic forces which is
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a kurdish and arab coalition were wounded near the city in the east of the country s.d.f. on syrian forces which about by russia conducting parallel but separate offensives against a sum of binge of a tussle. more than seventy five thousand people need humanitarian aid in syria's oil rich there is or the city has been under control since two thousand and fourteen now u.s. backed fighters and syrian government forces are pushing out eisen from the city which is used as the gateway between iraq and syria. life was tough for us sixty percent of the people fled. only the elderly and the disabled were left behind we had to leave because the treatment of the difficulties there worsened. isis territory has significantly shrunk in the last few months but many areas along the iraqi syrian border including the countryside remain under its control the mainly
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kurdish syrian defense forces also supported by local fighters who form that there is door military council the latest push towards dissident began last week the munda say they have been able to make rapid progress against isis and take in large parts of the countryside of what i myself and our troops managed to advance more than sixty seven kilometers towards darragh zor we liberated many areas and after that we moved toward the city and the industrial area with full control of the industrial area and now our forces have cut the main road to has sucked from there as or. these advances bring the u.s. back fighters a few kilometers from the eastern bank of the euphrates river much feared russian backed syrian regime forces have been making gains against isis an advisor to president assad says government forces will confront all who stand in the way even u.s. backed troops local forces are doing most of the fighting but they are backed by many world powers including turkey iran russia and the united states but it's
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syrian civilians who are suffering the most. according to the syrian observatory for human rights at least eight hundred people have been killed in just the last four months. on the job in aid of visitor. well the iraqi military and shia militia have started an operation to retake areas of western anbar province from my sell off and forces are squeezing the group from the opposite direction i saw has held several towns along the iraqi syrian border since twenty fourteen but it's been losing ground in both countries in recent months and now controls less than seven percent of iraq compared to forty percent nearly three years ago. a quarter in egypt has upheld june as a life sentence issued to the country's former president mohamed morsy the ruling is final and cannot be appealed morsi was given a twenty five year sentence in twenty sixteen after being convicted of passing on
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state secrets to cats are he won the presidential election in twenty twelve after an uprising ended thirty years of hosni mubarak's rule morsi was removed in a military coup a year later more than seven hundred mayors from across the catalonia region of northeast spain took part in a protest in barcelona on saturday to confirm their support for a planned independence referendum they face arrests if they fail to show up to court for questioning after the spanish government declared the referendum vote illegal copy and hold reports from barcelona. we vote they chant a vote to break away from the rest of spain good people should the. more go see on freedom. as brandishing the staffs of office echoed their supporters. more than seven hundred man is gathered in barcelona state
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prosecutors are threatening to arrest them if they permit the independence referendum to be held in their towns. the central government has declared the ballot illegal. to cut still the real dr also is the central government regime we live under right now this regime simply did not do enough to erase the oath or terry and legacy of the franco dictatorship catalan regional police guarded the mayor's during saturday's protest within days the same police could get orders to detain them he never was out of those of those threatening to remove just to frighten us today's demonstration is to show we were not but. the cloud is firmly behind them. many of those here today say they will not hesitate to take the streets once again if forth ortiz try to make good on their threats and arrest any of catalonia mare's some of what we are peaceful we're not violent but
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they're provoking us catalonia is spain's wealthiest region bigger than belgium with an economy larger than greece or portugal it has its own language and culture you know the others you know we want to divorce from spain will be good neighbors but each one on their own patch the problem is spain doesn't that divorce and plans for the breakup are turning into an increasingly bitter fight. hall just zero barcelona spain. earlier we spoke to sebastian balfour who is a professor of contemporary spanish studies at the london school of economics he says the spanish government is going to great lengths to try to stop the referendum . if it's going to take place tall it will be despite the efforts of the of the spanish stage. it would be extremely difficult because the
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spanish state is now depriving the catalan government of the funds to be able to carry this out funds to be able to purchase ballot boxes the funds to be able to print off the paper the the ballot papers and so on and so forth it's very hard to visit how this will take place if it does each will be partial almost certainly and one little be disputed there are also a lot of doubts about independence i think the polls are revealed this that the thieves the vote would very much be split if everyone went to vote. well we're talking actually about a difference of several percent. you know opinion polls vary from months to months but so far those certainly not been a large majority in favor of independence far from it the diocese haps are
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greater than those who are convinced although i should add that the movement for independence is very powerful and very rank and file very popular based movement which extends throughout catalonia is the final week of campaigning in germany is general election before the country goes to the polls chancellor angela merkel and her rival martin shoals both held rallies on saturday john mccain was at the chancellor's rally in the northern town of. in rallies across germany angle america's message has been one of continuity urging voters to consider her record as chancellor of this country over the past four years indeed over the past twelve years and saying that germany cannot risk a change of government a change of policy a change of agenda from her agenda to those of her rivals here in beenz her message was very clear she spoke about the refugee crisis she spoke about the debt crisis in europe and the threats that germany and europe faces from what she considers the
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dangers of terrorism and she also spoke about the economy here in germany and why the vote for the c.d.u. was the only vote that could secure germany's economic future about their phones yes some of it does when it is going well for us we are more likely to avoid leaving further debt to our grandchildren and children and so they are better able to control their own future for that reason it is important not to create new debt in the next four years oh yes beenz is part of angular merkel's home state indeed this is her individual constituency so when she was asking for people's votes here it was a direct personal appeal vote for me she said the point she also made was that although the opinion polls suggest that her party is cruising towards victory voters should not take that for granted complacency was the enemy she said every vote counts and that therefore every vote given to the c.d.u. would strengthen her hand in
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a future government if the opinion polls are correct and as i say she is heading towards what might be considered to be a handsome victory and some analysts now say the question is not whether she will get elected as chancellor it's whether she will get to choose the party that she would prefer to govern in a coalition after september the twenty fourth. stay with us on the news hour still ahead victory women in june is the celebrate being allowed to marry no muslim the south from long standing law is overturned and. the report from freetown on the children left orphaned after last month's deadly landslide in sierra leone and in sports a wreck or victory for new zealand over their oldest rugby wyvil. hello
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there it's certainly feeling autumnal now in parts of europe the winds are all swinging down from the north bringing in some far fresh air and it's this system here that is the leading edge of that cold air is giving us a very lively downpours heavy rains out of this and slowly it's creeping its way a little bit further towards the south there are some places though where we're clinging on to the summery weather mostly over parts of spain and portugal look at that twenty six in madrid that's fairly pleasant and then that sunny weather is also extending down into the southeast corner of europe with bucharest all the way up at thirty three looks like is still going to stay hot down in the southeast corner even as we head through the day on monday but that system gradually breaks up as it works its way southwards and instead we're seeing this area of low pressure a bit further north and that's going to be giving us some rather wet and windy weather here meanwhile in the west still staying cool with london and paris both getting to around seventeen degrees now for the other side of the mediterranean here we're seeing some slightly cooler air now as well so for about no higher than
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around twenty two or twenty three degrees as we head through the next few days it is a little bit warmer in tunis but still our temperatures generally hovering around twenty eight to thirty for the central belt of africa there's been a very sharp showers recently the latest of those just working its way steadily towards the west. with. your journey with a free hotel stay in transit fees when you fly with qatar airways to any of our one hundred fifty destinations cattle and always going places together. germany's bavarian alps where stunning sceneries play host to europe's
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latest arrivals. separate in origin. and share a common room. and together dream of a german future. welcome to german café vald left a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back her mind of the top stories heralds as there are in one thousand ations refugee agency is calling for an investigation of the thirty six refugees from killed by soldiers and neighboring democratic republic of congo bangladesh is
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setting up camps to how is the more than four hundred thousand refugees who fled to the country from the country to neighboring mammal. iraq's prime minister says he is prepared to use military force if a planned referendum on kurdish independence turns of violent. cuba's government has released video of what it says is looting in the wake of hurricane. the video appears to show people carrying goods such as raman cigars from a government owned store which had catered to tech to tourists they got into the store through broken windows caused by a tidal surge during the storm. ten people died in cuba during hurricane fountains more lost their homes and their livelihoods but the long rebuilding process is under way judy galliano has the latest. the night hurricane hit a body in the town baker richard chavez kept making bread and through the storm became
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too strong to continue within hours your men had destroyed his baker and with it the only livelihood he's ever known. will be on the little bit we have to start slowly rebuilding now first i have to fix the oven which is the main part of the bakery now comes a lot of work and sacrifice so that we can start over. others lost even more. a few blocks away us money shows us where his house used to be the only thing salvaged before the roof blew away with fridge in a washing machine. is overwhelmed by the power of the storm the strongest on record to form in the atlantic thousands of homes here lost their roofs and several hundred collapsed entirely people fear their lives will never fully recover from the impact of this vast storm and given key was already struggling economy there are potentially more serious problems ahead and every day without doubt the tourism industry in this area is vital for the economy of the province and of the whole
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country there are already specialized teams working to start recovering and repairing and we hope to be ready to face the tourist high season very soon as we do every year how quickly the local economy and by body and is able to get back on its feet will depend largely on what happens here this road leads back to one of the most important tourist centers in cuba a range of pleas that dot the northern coast of the island no one except officials has been allowed back there since the whole area was evacuated before the storm hit in fact as you can see the road there is still closed but reports point to very serious damage in the tourism infrastructure there. are now the most urgent needs include securing you know food the agricultural sector was also hit hard prompting fears of food shortages in the months ahead. who may have seen those says he wants some. two thousand avocados nearly his entire crop. across the province hundreds of thousands of headquarters have been damaged or destroyed. the government has
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begun the recovery effort and local say they have done what they can to the last sort of you're not going to call one of my people it's just a matter of doing what we would be doing it we have nothing the solution has to come from the government. but a week on many body in are still without power and running water and the outlook in the small town is grim. most have little choice but to wait for the state to reach them when i point them out to you galliano al jazeera thai body in cuba. a mammoth cleanup operation is also underway in florida after hurricane but the going is slow tens of thousands of people are still without electricity a man aren't i pull to return home for. big pine key is a study in desolation here on one of a chain of low lying islands that bore the brunt of hurricane irma trees are
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stripped bare debris is piled high houses are trashed boats lifelong onto the shore telephone poles are snapped into like rotten driftwood there's no electricity no running water and hardly any people except for a few die hards like and mccarty by the house boat where she's lived for ten years is now have sunk in the debris choked canal i was tied good. i came through it i and tell the tide went out yesterday and this boat right here i'm sitting on poked a hole in the bottom of my boat and her friend roxie gillespie have taken refuge in the house of a neighbor who fled before the storm hit i lived on a sailboat yeah. but it's not in the harbor we can't find my son and looking on satellite pictures for we haven't found it yet with most residents still evacuated
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and not able to return the only traffic on the keys streets highways and bridges consists of convoys of police national guardsmen in humvees and other emergency workers. tilla the crews from around florida and beyond are working long hours trying to get electricity flowing again according to the federal emergency management agency sixty five percent of all houses on the keys were damaged by erma and another twenty five percent were destroyed there have been reports of thieves stealing property in the wake of the storm. proven benami runs a maritime supply store in island morada key as night well somebody came in and stole the jet ski dock that i did tired up especially because i saw it sort of moving toward a street that put it back in i thought it would be cable and
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a big log and they still cut it off and took it away from here signs by the roadside bear a blunt warning. for the most part though people are taking the destruction and disruption in their stride without tears or thirty second interior i mean i could cry everything i own in a warrant was on that boat except for a few little things right. on. but what are you going to i'm here and why time to clean up. make money clean up and i'll be able to start over again. with no intention of leaving oh no never. home in the florida keys it seems human nature can handle whatever mother nature dishes out rob reynolds. big pine key florida. at least fifty four people have now died during three months of torrential rain. the u.n.
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says more than eleven thousand homes have also been destroyed in the country's capital in the army which is one of the hardest hit areas the severe weather also left nearly twenty thousand people displaced which often faces food shortages and drought is now facing further insecurity after the floods destroyed crops and cattle. the scale of the humanitarian disaster following last month's flooding and landslides in sierra leone is overwhelming orphanages in the capital freetown more than a thousand people were killed leaving many children without parents nicholas hack reports the chaos of august is landslide came a few miracles. nineteen months old is one of them rescuers found him neck deep in mud much to his mother's relief. when i saw him alive my heart melted but when i heard his father had died his body
12:40 am
stuck in the mud my heart went cold in. the recovery effort has stopped. an eerie silence hangs over this vast terrain hundreds of bodies still lie buried deep in the mud. among the buildings destroyed were an orphanage with sixty children inside the church with seventy students studying and hundreds of family home this is a country still in mourning trying to come to terms with the sheer scale of the destruction. and. are some of the hundreds of children that have lost their parents in the mudslide they're now under the care of the don bosco orphanage in downtown freetown. in mind for them it was. well known that they feel. listened to then many people for example going.
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somewhere then they go back to. nine. children who suffered a brutal civil war and the recent bull the outbreak has found a place they call home here they receive counseling and attend school. volunteers say teenagers suffer the most too old to be called a child but too young to be considered an adult sixteen year old. fears for her future most young girls in sierra leone her age are married off i don't go to school i want. the others will stay here for another three months the government has promised to re house all of them by then but you homes will not take away their trauma after so much loss and destruction these are orphans who are uncertain with what lies ahead nicholas hawke al-jazeera freetown. can ecologists in indonesia are trying to teach
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birth attendants modern day practices to help save the lives of thousands of mothers and their newborn babies the world health organization estimates that one indonesian woman dies every hour while giving birth or from pregnancy complications and the second report in our series on maternal mortality our correspondent step rason has traveled to the pity province to find out more on the efforts to move away from traditional methods. sooty and nurse mother died when she was giving birth three years ago so jani had a history of complicated birth and high blood pressure the birth attended in the village insisted she could deliver the baby the baby girl died along with her mother hours after being rushed to hospital i. told my relative don't ever let your wife give birth at
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a local clinic go straight to the hospital because. you don't know what they are doing and don't have the right equipment. more than five million children are born in indonesia every year many of them at home around six thousand four hundred women and seventy thousand babies died during birth lack of professional medical care is one of the main reasons many indonesians use traditional birth attendants such as fatima who rely on rituals and have no formal medical training didn't prepare we use hot stones and charcoal sort of body recovers after giving birth and a belly will strength so the mother will get her figure back also her body will get stronger and she won't have to use contraception but obstetricians strongly warn against the practice which daisey increases the risks of internal bleeding one of the main reasons for maternity death. dr arika abu bakker is training local
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midwives so they can replace traditional birth attendants and use modern medical knowledge instead. it is very difficult because this has been happening for generations but with the help of community leaders we are trying to change their beliefs and practices were useful and they are to train them traditional midwives still have a lot of influence in indonesia especially in remote areas like here in r.j. they have been delivering babies from generations of families instead of banning what they regard as their dangerous practices government is losing the local knowledge and training them doctors say not only traditional birth attendants lack proper training midwives are also still insufficiently trained their education needs to be improved nationwide so mothers and their babies have a much higher chance of surviving childbirth step fasten al-jazeera b.d. . and the last installment of our series on maternal mortality continues on sunday
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john hendren reports from the us why deaths among new mothers are on the rise in fact the rate is higher than in any other major industrialized country that's right here. on sunday. she does he is president has overturned a longstanding law that bound women from marrying no muslim men women's rights activists have held it's a victory religious leaders say it's a violation of islamic law. report. this is to new zealand president. a subsea attending a gathering to commemorate national women's day he says he said he was committed to lifting a decades long ban all women marrying the muslims on thursday he fulfilled that promise and overturned in one nine hundred seventy three law paving the way for
12:46 am
women to choose whom they want to bury regardless of their partner's religion the decision is unprecedented in the muslim world we look at gender equality has been in trying in the constitution but when we call for you quality that doesn't mean we are against religion our constitution stipulates we are a secular state but our people are predominantly muslim. although to the most progressive country in the region conservatives have gained ground since this one thousand and eleven revolution clerics have stepped into the fray criticizing the president for what they consider to be a violation of islamic law biased groups hailed the decision as a landmark victory for women but insists women have a long way to go to get full rights. for months there have been protests to
12:47 am
ensure equal inheritance rights for women and the local laws where men can only get half the inheritance of what men receive a decision of reforming the inheritance laws has been met with strong opposition from religious leaders the president insists he is determined to strengthen women's rights and freedoms but many where we are today zia could see more confrontations between those who support a secular state and those that are not has a lot easier. of human rights watch gave us her assessment on the decision. i think the issue around the prohibition of marrying non muslim men was really considered as something discriminatory and something of a symbolic violence against women because this same prohibition does not exist for
12:48 am
men who can marry whomever they want so obviously it's a very significant move for women's rights it's something that a lot of human rights groups and women's groups fought for for a long time in order to rescind this. this bolton or this decree from the ministry of justice dating back to one nine hundred seventy three and i think it's symbolically very strong in terms of trying equality in tunisia. but also. really respecting several of the principles that the constitution and international standards came with such as the principle of the right to freedom of conscience which was also trampled by this kind of the queen is completely interfering with faith and of the freedom and the right to privacy which is also very important. coming up in just
12:49 am
a moment the thought that could cause brain injuries in children we hear from a doctor who's uncovered the long term effects of concussions in n.f.l. players. the world's primary curtained producing nation. is at the forefront of the war on drugs with them we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multibillion dollar industry both of them on this business will go on forever it for much change almost global policies do who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes at this time. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just
12:50 am
the places but it's one that gives us that gives us the ability to identify what the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. now let's get a sport with peter and oh ho. so thank you very much barcelona continued a one hundred percent winning start of the spanish legacies and on saturday they overcame a two one for a fourth straight win but they had to do with the hard way god. scored the first goal to put her in front in the second half so far is equalized at stenness not
12:51 am
lewis before power lenient netted the win. elsewhere in spain valencia and live until he drew one one in the local derby real betis defeated deportivo la coruna to one and atletico madrid ran out one of the winners against malaga that was in the late kick off over in the english premier league table toppers manchester city handed out a six no hiding to what food the visitors were aided by a surge of trick gabrielle jesu snicker last autumn n.d. and rhyme sterling also found the back of the net to complete the route for pep guardiola is team. really good especially. when we're just completely just a champions league game away. three years later and for a way again word for it we'll be able to. relate to a manager surely
12:52 am
a season who know how good he works in the early match former england manager roy hodgson began his crystal palace career with a one zero home loss to southampton liverpool drew one one with burnley newcastle moved into the top four with a win over stoke and taught them were held little at home by swanzy. europe and south america had matches in their continental club competitions earlier in the week on saturday and sunday it's africa's turn for the champions league quarter final first legs eight times winners are actually of egypt were held to two at home by two museums esperance in borg are all but in the early match mozambique's affair of rio de berra scored late to secure a one one draw against us same of algeria. new zealand have recorded their biggest ever rugby victory over traditional rival south africa in auckland the all blacks ran in eight tries to crush the springboks fifty seven mil in this rugby championship game seven different new zealanders cross the trial and well now he momus scott scored twice the all blacks recorded their previous biggest win against
12:53 am
the south africans in their previous encounter and of lost to just once to the box in the last six years there was a big win for australia as well although not quite as overwhelming they trailed argentina at half time in canberra but ended around two tries from israel folau and six overall helped the australians to a forty five twenty victory friday was the winner stay in the united states the campaign has been trying to get teammates to speak up and report symptoms to a coach or trainer brain injury is an issue that continues to plague some of the country's elite sportsmen dr bennett's amala who discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy or c.t.e. in top n.f.l. players is allowing children to play contact sports is child abuse. knowing what we know today there is no justifiable reason whatsoever that a child under the age of eighteen under the age of eighteen should play any of the
12:54 am
high impact high contact sports divac six football rugby ice hockey makes martial arts boxing and wrestling when you fled these gangs there's no question about it there is a one hundred percent risk exposure to brain damage which sometimes good money first twenty thirty forty years later their man in france with symptoms like diminish an intelligence source site at times psychiatry decided criminal behavior violent tendencies. in a bullet into our teen high levels of education a greater risk to drop out of high school greater risk to drop out of college good to risk to engage in addictive behavior drug abuse alcoholism which is not about concussions is about repeated blows to be had weight without concussions without
12:55 am
a helmet in soccer if you are not as many times run to children go for their body he adds so there should not be any adding and suck on below the age of eighteen and even if you watch soccer soccer is a high dexterity sport diving wired's high levels of visual spatial coordination children don't have such capacity so out soccer our street played today nor heard in before the age of eighteen any child under the age of twelve should not play soccer as we played today they should play less dribble soccer and less contact circle on today our brains become sufficiently developed to play soccer. ferrari sebastian vettel will start sunday's singapore grand prix in pole position vettel was fastest in saturday's qualifying at the marina bay street could he's miss a his rival and current championship leader lewis hamilton struggled on the day
12:56 am
qualifying in first the result gives vettel a good chance to retake their top spot in the standings red bulls next for stepan came in second. around forty million mexicans are expected to watch one of the biggest sporting stars boxers solar arrays when he takes on kazakhstan's going to go often in what many fans are calling the fight of the year that one is on saturday the love can is the unified w b a w b c b s and i b o middleweight champion he has knocked out that three of its thirty seven opponents to date whereas of r. is has won forty nine of his fifty one fights with just one defeat that was against a certain floyd mayweather. france have taken the lead in their davis cup semifinal against serbia. who beat philip. in the doubles on saturday to take a two one leave the reverse singles begin on sunday when joe wilford songs are well
12:57 am
aimed to wrap up the match for the fringe. thailand's moriya gun is the leader with one round ago at the fourth and final women's major of the year the ever yawn championship gitana gone carded three under par sixty eight on saturday she had five birdies and three bogeys to move to nine under over all the time has yet to win a major although her younger sister maria is a major champion herself south korea's so young park was the overnight leader she shot four bogeys on the day to slip down to four. the second longest unbeaten streak in major league baseball history has come to an end the cleveland indians were finally beaten up to twenty two wins by the kansas city royals cleveland fans had packed their home stadium to get a taste of this recall run the old man beaten knocking and i'll be used twenty six games hope of the nineteen sixteen new york giants and the indians looked to move one step closer as they race to an early three one lead but the royals made their
12:58 am
comeback winning four three. and that's all the sport for me. thank you peyton don't forget much money on our web site dot com but that's it from a certain time for this but i'll be back in a moment more of the day's news. arts
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. as. a new level of a kid. it really true that they too may get the very rich of the. day but if you look at. the sheer it. meets you don't just call it the. name or feel it's them.
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in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars join the medieval islamic period in the field of medicine. science tend to be a good subject to bring different people from all over the world together. to such like a magical and the more i learn about the more i respect science in a golden age with professor jim at this time. a call for help bangladesh is prime minister for past a loss for more support from the united nations as a country set up camps for the fleeing. citizen this is al jazeera from.


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